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[Chilean prisons] Letter from comrade Marcelo Villarroel concerning the case of Santiago Maldonado

Received and revised at 05/09/17

This is a letter from the libertarian prisoner Marcelo Villarroel concerning the case of Santiago Maldonado who is still missing. It also has a call for action. His words are welcome by us!!! Fire to the prisons!!! We want our comrade Santiago Maldonado alive now!!!

translated by tormentas de fogo


[Portugal] Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism

[International solidarity week with anarchist prisoners – August 23 to 30, 2017]

Multiform combat against global tyranny, irreducibility to the advance of state terrorism

In Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Greece, Turkey, Syria, USA, Venezuela, Germany, Poland, Russia, India or China – as in Portugal or any other part of the world – the […]

Panaji, India: 25 posters in solidarity to comrade Santiago Maldonado

Received on August 17

25 posters were placed in Panagi, capital of Goa, in solidarity to Santiago Maldonado (in the area where Benneton shops are located).

The text that can be read on the posters, based on information transmitted by Contra Info, is available in pdf here.

In Spanish l Portuguese l Germain


$hile: Solidarity with the comrades arrested in Temuco on March 28th

Click on image to get the details of yet another police frame-up.

Read more: a, b, c ~ Solidarity blog in Spanish here


Santiago, $hile: Responsibility claim for incendiary action against the jailers

Door with minor damage (unfortunately not the whole of the device was ignited)

The days of this hot summer go on and on, and most people are still withdrawn, thinking about where they’ll go for a vacation. Meanwhile, Power and authority don’t rest, incarcerating Mapuche brothers and warriors in southern Chile, perfecting repressive […]

$hile: Bombing attack against Agrosuper factory’s headquarters in downtown Santiago

We claim responsibility for the explosive attack at the offices of Agrosuper on January 2nd, 2013 at 23.30pm on the corner of 18 and 10 de Julio streets in the commune of Santiago Centro. Frontal attack on the bourgeoisie and its supporters.

We chose this target because it is the holding company that controls the Chilean […]

Santiago, $hile: Clashes in memory of Alex Lemún

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012, in the former pedagogical faculty of Santiago, while a cultural commemorative act was coming to an end — in remembrance of the combatant Alex Lemún, who was murdered at the age of 17 exactly ten years ago, in 2002, by the dogs of democracy and Capital, and at the same […]

Galicia, Spain: Solidarity from Pontevedra in answer to the 10 propaganda days against repression

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.

Spread the Revolt.

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.

Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.

Strength to the Mapuche Struggle in Chile.

“Those who want to understand will understand. Now is the time to break the invisible cells that […]

$hile: Propaganda on the walls of Santiago

From Santiago, with lots of love, we send these propaganda images which were done in different places in Santiago this month (6th to 10th August).

“No one will ever be forgotten; from our imprisoned cities we, the comrades being out of Prison of torture and solitary confinement, will be everywhere, fighting, attacking and destroying every symbol […]

Tirúa, $hile: Incendiary attack against tourist resort

We, organs of Lafkenche Territorial Resistance of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, declare before the national and international public opinion the following:

Kiñe: On October 6th, at dawn, we attacked and destroyed the tourist resort of the businessman Pedro Durán Faundez, husband of the governor of Arauco Flor Waisse, located by the shores of Butako Lake.

Epu: We […]

BLACK SEPTEMBER: A view of anarchy’s past and present in $hile

In Villa Francia, Santiago, in the early hours of September 11th one person was shot dead. The victim has been identified as 22-year-old Cristopher Ramos Contreras. The shooting took place amid unrest over the night which was fraught with gunfire, while there were barricades and clashes with the forces of state repression at […]

$hile: Transcending dictatorship

Manuel Gutiérrez Reinoso, murdered by police in Santiago

Info about the 48hour general strike in Chile (in English)

In the night of August 26th, in Jaime Eyzaguirre neighbourhood of Manuel Gutiérrez Reinoso who was shot dead by police, his relatives and friends held a candle ceremony in the memory of the deceased […]

Stop the press! Pinochet is uncomfortable in his grave

Announcement of the Translation Counter-Information Network in solidarity with all the politically persecuted by the regime of Chile, for the demonstration of the 24th of September out of the Embassy of Chile, on the occasion of the international solidarity day with the political prisoners in Chile.

In 2009, the chilean state commenced an intensive campaign […]