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[Hambach Forest] A forest friend fell from a tree and died during a police attempt to evict the tree house village


“A friend who has accompanied us as a journalist for a long time in the forest, fell today from a suspension bridge over 20 meters high in Beechtown and died. At that time police and RWE tried to evict the tree house village. The SEK was in the process of arresting an activist near the suspension bridge. Our friend was apparently on the way there when he fell.

We are deeply shaken. All our thoughts and desires are with him. Our compassion goes to all the relatives, friends and people who feel concerned.

We urge the police and RWE to leave the forest immediately and stop this dangerous operation. No further lives may be endangered.

What is needed now is a moment of rest.

Even if this is difficult for you at the moment, just as it is difficult for us to give such a factual hint: We recommend, in order to protect all activists, do not give any statements, nor even make any testimonies at the police. The accident must and will be reappraised, but the police are not the place to do that. Their interest is to blame activists.”

Update: The deceased was a photographer and longtime friend of the occupants ande he was doing a report on the eviction of tree houses. He fell on his back from a height of about 20 meters, not having resisted his injuries. The police invasion is over for now.

More information: https://hambacherforst.org

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Russia: Support anarchist and antifa prisoners in St.Petersburg and Penza!

received on 31.01.18

Fundraising for lawyers working on cases about police raids and arrests of anarchists and antifascists in St. Petersburg and Penza, Russia has begun. At the moment two persons in St. Petersburg and five in Penza are arrested, more are connected to the case as witnesses. Raids and repressions are likely to continue. Arrested are charged with part 2 of rticle 205.4 of russian Criminal Code (participation in terrorist organisation) at the request of court from Penza.

On January 23, on the way to Pulkovo Airport the Federal Security Service (FSB) detained Victor Filinkov. In order to get the testimony he was beaten up and tortured with electric shocks in the woods. Signs of torture were confirmed by the Filinkov’s lawyer and members of the Public Monitoring Commission (ONK) who have visited him in the pre-trial detention center. Filinkov is arrested for two months.

On January 25 the FSB came unexpectedly with a raid to Igor Shishkin’s apartment. After the raid neither his lawyer, nor members of Public Monitoring Commission were unable to find Igor for more than a day. On January 27 Igor with signs of a beating was brought to a court session where he was arrested in Pre-trial Detention Center for two months.
Journalists were not allowed to attend the hearing and evenmore two of them were arrested.

Tortures were also applied to witnesses. Ilya Kapustin was beaten up and tortured with electric shock while police demanded him to give testimony that some of his acquantances are up to “something dangerous”. Numerous
traces of the stun gun usage were recorded later by health service.

In Penza, arrests began already in October of 2017. Local FSB arrested six young persons, five of whom are currently in a pre-trial detention.
All of the arrested were brutally tortured. One may read in detail about the Penza events from this article.

Legal help is necessary for prisoners (whose number can increase) and witnesses. So far it is early to speak about the certain amount of money, but it will be at least 200 thousand rubles for work of lawyers in the next months.

Anarchist Black Cross St.Petersburg

PayPal: abc-msk@riseup.net ABC Moscow

In case you want to support a particular prisoner, add a note about that. In case you want to donate to St. Petersburg and Penza case, write a note For “St. Petersburg and Penza”. We recommend to send euros or dollars, as other currencies are automatically converted to euro according to PayPal rates.

Yandex-wallet of Anarchist Black Cross St. Petersburg  41001160378989


In case you need another option for money transfer, please contact the Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow:

All material on the case can be found on this section:
Case of anti-fascists of St. Petersburg and Penza.

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Berlin: A comrade in prison

Received the 09th of November 2017

On october 18th 2017, the trial against our friend and comrade Nero took place at the Amtsgericht in Moabit. He was charged with blinding a police helicopter with a laser pointer. On that same night, a concert was taking place in Rigaerstraße, which led to riots in the streets.
Nero was arrested in the Südkiez in Friedrichshain, assaulted in the police station and let go again the next morning. A month later, civil cops where waiting at his work place and arrested him upon his arrival.
Since then, it has been three months, where he has been in custody in the JVA Moabit.

Cops where already waiting in front of the court house in the Turmstraße and civil cops where snooping around the neighbourhood, to harass visitors. Press and police witnesses had gathered in front of the court room. The trial was supposed to start at 9:20 AM, though it took over an hour before the press and visitors where allowed inside. After having read out the charges, the judge declared, that a deal had been agreed upon, stating that the sentence should not be over 20 months, should the defended admit to the charges that is. The confession included the blinding of the helicopter with the intention to support the riots in the Rigaerstraße. These charges can legally be met with 1-15 years in prison. With a simple “yes” under pressure, the sentence was set between 16 and 20 months.

Afterwards the pilot was called to the stand. Angelo Koepp is not only a pilot but also a great actor. Obviously, he had practiced his performance many times, to create dramatic scenes, in order for our friend to receive a harsh punishment. Without naming any sources, he talked about a long term disabled colleague, who allegedly after a similar attack still requires a reading aid. He also explains, that usually the helicopters are only equipped with one pilot. But as chance might have it, during all the laser pointer attacks, two pilots where on board to prevent a crash. Angelo was not shy about imagining catastrophic scenes in case of a helicopter crash by explaining how the 330 liters of kerosene, that where still in the tank could have created a monstrous fire ball. Strange, how when two helicopters collided at the Olympic stadium, no such fire ball could be seen, even though a lot more kerosene was in play then. Only the steep corner, with which the laser was pointed at the helicopter, prevented such a disastrous fire ball.

This way the pilots were able to follow Nero, arrest him and afterwards return to Rigaerstraße. Already before the shift that night, they had been told to expect attacks with laser pointers in the rigaerstraße. Just as well, since the helicopters have been terrorizing the neigbourhood for decades and it‘s not just the squatters who are fed up with it. Coming to an end, the witness was asked to name the number of operations carried out in the rigaerstraße. Relaying on a missing permission to testify, he refused an answer. After finishing his performance, Angelo joined the irritated visitors, to follow the rest of the trial. After that everyone agreed, that it was unnecessary to hear any more witnesses. Only one friend was heard from the judge. He stated
that Nero was staying at his place and was in fact not homeless but just one of the many people in this city in trouble of finding an apartment and being a worker has limited time to stand in an endless line at the Bürgeramt to officially register. Apart from a couple of stupid questions from the jury, there was nothing left to say and the judge retreated until the proclamation of sentence.

When the doors to room 101 opened again, all the cop witnesses had occupied the visitors seats, even though they were no longer needed. The three cops who had been in the helicopter and Mister Habedank, the director of LKA 5, who did not mind to show several visitors, that he knows exactly who they were. Everyone was excitingly awaiting the sentence. During the proclamation of sentence, the judge did not miss the chance to give a seemingly endless moral speech towards the audience. He integrated all the horror scenarios, that had been brought up by the pilot in his sentence. He agreed with the prosecutors demand of 18 months in prison, without parole, since that would only give Nero the chance to continue his fight against the police. We hope that he will fight this struggle in there, just as successfully as he did it out here. Lastly the judge decided against letting Nero out for a while before his sentence started. He also held another long moral speech before he proclaimed his decision, saying that since our friend did not apologize for his actions, there was danger for repetition and his missing rent contract was taken as a flight risk.
Therefore our friend is and will stay in prison.

Blow up the prisons, blow up the palaces, blow up the pigs!

G20 in Hamburg: These were days of revolt

During the days of the summit of the G20, thousands of people flooded the streets of Hamburg with their anger about the cops` violence and the world that they protect. Already during the week before, there was no uncertainty around the cops’ will to confront every sign of protest or resistance with zero tolerance. During the demo on Thursday evening, they made their position clear once again, attacking the front of the demo from the first minute it started. The cops obviously and viciously embraced the possibility of potentially even lethal injuries, when they pushed and kettled the front block of the demo into a very narrow, canyon-like part of the Hafenstraße, bordered on the sides by brick
walls. They caused panic, hitting, kicking, pepper-spraying, firing tear gas and shooting water canons from the front and the sides. Many people sought to flee over the walls on the sides, a lot of people got hurt – but you could also see impressive moments of solidarity, people helping each other up the wall, whilst others attacked the cops from above and brave and calm front rows defended the demo from the cops attacks, taking a serious beating.

The baton in the face, the knee in your neck, the pepper in the eye are there to remind you who is in charge in this world. During these days, the representatives and leaders of the 20 richest countries of this world met to discuss the mainteneance of this order of misery. Tens of thousands of cops were supposed to protect this spectacle from those who seek to show their open rage, hatred and resistance to those arrogant authorities.

On the night of Friday a lot of people chose to get back a part of the dignity that is being stolen from us on a daily basis, attacking the cops in a lot of different places in the city. Barricades were built and with hammers, stones and fire people put numerous cracks in the facades of a society in which only those who function, consume and obey find their place. The barricades of the night were not yet fully extinguished, as the first cars went up in flames early on Friday morning. At different places across the city, groups were teaming up to make clear that these days are about much more than just an attack on a meeting of state leaders. Amongst other targets, real estate agencies, wealthy cars, the juvenile court, banks and the shiny fassades of the shopping-halls were attacked and also the first cops had to flee under pelting stones and bottles. In a lot of different areas of the city, groups blocked with sit-ins and demonstrations, without people choosing different means got in each others way.

On Friday, the anger erupted with disruptive force that unfortunately is very rare in this context.

To conquer the deadly tranquility of civil life, to break the normality and disrupt the functioning city of the rich and consumerism and to show clearly, that the police state can’t keep us from living is a really strengthening experience.

On Friday, a part of the space, that the authorities have taken with brute force, in order to perform this spectacle of power, has been taken back for a few hours. With burning barricades and steady attacks on the police, people created a space, in which they could finally decide, what they want to do for a few hours, without the states force having any control of influence. A few shops and supermarkets got looted, individuals taking what they need or want, others deciding to destroy symbols of this deadly world of consumption that mortifies every sense of a wild and free life were burned on the streets. The diversity of individuals sharing the streets this day, attacking the police, looting and building barricades was impressive – involving a large number of individuals that probably aren’t part of some kind of protest milieu.

When some self-proclaimed spokesperson for whoever says, that the riot was out of joint, unresponsible and unpolitical, one has to agree. Despite the deep disgust about his fawning opportunism, one has to say, he is right: To wrest a space that is not controlled by the cops is an inevitably violent act and a clear disruption of what is being imposed on us day after day. It indeed hassn’t got anything to do with any political agenda or program of whatever movement or organization – but with the individual, total reappropriation of our lives.

If these moments of disruption create a certain discomfort and even fear of a situation, in which the order that we got used to is indeed out of joint, this is no wonder – these feelings are an enevitable and inherent part of breaking with this reality. In addition to the recognition of this, we have to ask ourselves, whose fear of what or whom we are talking about.

If it is about such a sated and rich society like the one present in this city of consumerism and trade, scared about its property and that finds the looting of goods and the rampaging of shopping districts the most dreadful moments of these days, this society needs to be destroyed. Their fear is a clear sign, that we are hitting at the right spot.

Our domestification in this world of authority is very extensive. The cop in our head is very persistent.

Only a few can imagine, what the absence of authorities actutally means – thats why we have to create moments, in which we can experience their absence. That individuals make decisions, that in the aftermath might seem not right or irresponsible, is no surprise, not in these situations and not in any other situation in life. We will have to talk about these things, no doubt, if we want to come closer to an idea of freedom. But it has to be clear, that there is no objectivity – especially not in revolt. Individual responsibility and initiative of those who want to maintain it are inherent parts of the revolt.

It`s really easy to fall for the imposed discourse of authorities and preservers of this order. Those, that were viciously risking peoples lifes these days were the cops – no doubt about that. Falling for this propaganda and rabble-rousing and letting it control the strengthening and liberating momentum of these days would be a big mistake.

During this weekend, resistance has left the field of politically orchestrated protest – and again it`s getting clear, that in revolt it is about chosing sides. Either you are with those who seek to see this society, this order, this system in ruins – with the idea of a life in freedom and dignity, embracing all the mistakes and triumphs, that are imherent to the revolt.

Or you are with those who recognize, that they feel more comfortable with a tame and calculable protest milieu, that takes place in the safe frame of the totalitarian system – scared of taking steps that might actually lead towards the cold and vast fields of freedom.

anarchists for social revolt
Hamburg, Summer 2017

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A call for solidarity actions on May 31st 2017

Dear Friends,

We have been waiting for over a year for the trial of the Warsaw 3. Today, we send this call out for solidarity actions on the first court sitting – the 31st of May 2017.

There is also a demonstration ‘WE ARE ALL TERRORISTS’ planned for that day in front of the court in Warsaw (adress: Marszałkowska 82).

The Polish government follows the international trend to see terrorist threat everywhere. There is no better reason to fuel war economy, enhance policing tools and prepare the ground for autocracy than the figure of the enemy. Either external threat – migrants (including kids ready to commit acts of terror), or the inside threat in the form of the domestic terrorism category is at this point commonly used in the whole EU to scare the population into obedience.

As it is for other countries in the EU, terrorist attacks have been the justification to introduce new security regulations that grant states greater powers and significantly limit those of the peoples. Polish authorities also want to seize their chance to secure their own position riding on the European anti-terror wave. In the wake of the introduction of the new anti-terrorist law in Poland, mainstream media were first reporting the wave of false bomb alarms across the country, when finally they have got what they were waiting for. In the night of the 23rd three anarchists were caught on a parking lot of a police station in an attempt to set a police car on fire.

For the authorities and their media the arrest posed a long awaited proof that there actually is a terrorist threat in Poland! The arrested three, after being beaten and tortured were thrown into the isolation cells for the most dangerous criminals to be held there for the next 4 months.

Media theater had begun and the introduction of the new anti-terrorist law was presented to the public as justified.

The word ‘terrorist’ was abused by the media to the point of ridiculousness. Since this category is so vague that two individuals labeled as ‘terrorists’ can have almost nothing in common, the authorities have quickly understood it’s usefulness in eliminating potential threat to the their power.

The polish state has imprisoned the Warsaw 3, but it wasn’t enough. It has passed 3 new anti-freedom bills, but it wasn’t enough. Then it’s thugs brutally deported a PhD student who didn’t agree to spy for them – we all remember Ameer – but that still was not enough. They also feel the need to keep blackmailing activists, deporting foreigners and criminalize anyone who dares to resist.

We are calling you to take solidarity action on that day.

We are calling you to come to your nearest polish embassy, and show the republic of Poland what you think of it!

Fire to prisons, courts and copshops!

(Here you will find a leaflet for the call for solidarity actions with wawa3 update)

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The Hague, The Netherland: Fight Repression! Stop repression against anti-fascists and anarchists!

cropped-headerfightrepression-1On Saturday November 19th, there will be a demonstration in The Hague, The Netherlands, against the wave of repression that Hague anti-fascists and anarchists have been facing in the last year. One who attacks one of us, attacks all of us. Solidarity through struggle!

Within the last year, repression against anti-fascists and anarchists has greatly increased, with The Hague in the middle of it. An area ban for anarchists was issued for the Schilderswijk, in an attempt to break the struggle against the racist, violent, and murderous police. After that, another area ban was issued, this time against anti-fascists who have been resisting against the extreme right wing Pegida demonstrations. Damage claims of 50,000 euro were demanded from several anarchists who resisted against the eviction of social center De Vloek, which had been squatted for 13 years. The mayor also tried to shutter the local Autonomous Center. Furthermore, subsequent demonstrations were forbidden, people were intimidated by the police at home and on the street, numerous preventative arrests were made, and attempts were made to recruit informants.

But these are not just attacks against individual anarchists and anti-fascists. This is an attack against all who fight  against racism, this is an attack against all who stand for a world without exploitation and discrimination, this is an attack on all of us. And this attack cannot go unanswered! This is a call for solidarity, because solidarity is our weapon against the isolation being forced on us by the police and the mayor. We must defend our autonomous spaces and structures!

Come to The Hague on November 19th. Because the chains of the state dripping with racism and oppression must be broken! Because one who doesn’t fight has already lost.

Fight repression!

More information you find on:


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[The Netherlands] Another area-ban for Hague anarchist


received 6th of october, 2016

Yesterday, an antifascist and anarchist from The Hague received another area-ban imposed upon them, five days after the expiration of the previous area-ban for several Hague anarchists.

This time, the area-ban applies to the center of The Hague and the Haagse Hout neighborhood during the coming Pegida demonstrations, and is accompanied by the requirement to report to the police station.

The police showed up yesterday at the house of an anarchist in The Hague to issue another area-ban. This time in the context of actions that were taken against the extreme-right wing group Pegida, which has announced that it will demonstrate every month in the Hague from now on. The area-ban is in force during the coming three Pegida demonstrations in The Hague and applies to The Hague city center and the Haagse Hout neighborhood. On three dates, October 9th, November 13th, and December 11th, the anarchist and antifascist may not come into this area and they must report to the police station twice a day.

The previous area-ban was issued in the name of the mayor and aimed against resistance against police brutality in the Schilderswijk. This time, it is the Public Prosecutor’s office issuing the area ban, with the intention of breaking resistance against fascism. This is the latest step in a series of repressive measures against anarchists and anti-fascists in The Hague. Several Hague anarchists previously wrote about this in the article ‘The area-ban against anarchists in a broader context of repression in The Hague’*.

The Public Prosecutor, the police and the mayor of The Hague are committed to crushing the anarchist struggle and resistance against fascism. But if they think that we will let repression hold us back, then they’ve got another thing coming. The struggle against fascism and for a better world does not need to be legitimized by the state which is saturated with racism and discrimination. The struggle against fascism is always legitimate; then, now, and in the future.

Stop repression against anarchists and antifascists.

Switzerland [July 2016]: House searches in Zürich and St. Gallen

Received August 4th 2016:

Ding Dong – It’s the State

On Sunday July 10th 2016, it came for another time to house searches in Zürich and St. Gallen. This time it was 3 of these raids. The reason stated on the search warrant that had been authorized through Zürich’s prosecution was “arson, etc.”, as we came to know. In a more detailed explanation of the search warrant it became evident that it was about an alleged incendiary attack on a telecommunication antenna in Waidberg, 8037 Zürich that happened in the night between Saturday and the same Sunday.

While in Zürich the house searches were performed by cops in plain clothing and in uniform, the special forces of St. Gallen used this moment to turn it into a training session: battering ram, balaclavas and machine guns, dozens of wannabe Hollywood-cops, forcing the residents of the raided house to lay on the floor, while rifling every room from top to bottom. Beside their unsatisfying result – in all 3 cases they had to leave with unused handcuffs – they show for another time with this action what the police effectively stand for: the repressive arm of the State, equipped with all means, in order to defend it and to neutralize potential enemies. And in this category fall all those who do not accept an unfailing authority above oneself; those who do not accept to be cut off from society’s wealth, those who do not accept to be alienated, isolated and put under surveillance by technology, while day by day the illusion of unity, happiness and unlimited possibilities are being flaunted.

Should the justification of the search warrant prove itself as factual event, it is essential to defend this attack, which directed against those structures contributing to the transformation of our autonomy into radio signal irradiated slavery. Because every spreading fire needs a spark…

Article translated from the anarchist newspaper of Zürich
„Dissonanz“, n°32, July 20th 2016.

Additional note: In the context of the house searches the police were looking for a specific person, without success. Until July 29th, there was no further news of this person being arrested. We wish to the comrade a lot of strength for his path outside of the clutches of the State.

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Berlin: Call out for demonstration on 9th of July

Call out from housing projects of Nordkiez in Friedrichshain, Berlin:

Defend Rigaer94! Destroy the Investor’s Paradise!

On the 17th of June, we published the first call out for the 9th July neighbourhood demo “Destroy the Investor’s Paradise, Stop Carré Sama-Riga!” 5 days later the landlord, cops, and Senate cooperated in the storming of the house project Rigaer94. The cops, private security and labourers evicted the autonomous collective space Kadterschmiede, the rest of the ground floor, including a workshop and garden, the attic in the back house and also the squatted attic in the front house.

John Dehwurst, who bought the house at the end of 2014, took the responsibility for this attack through a hypocritical press release from the fictitious building management. It was claimed that the evicted parts of the house would be used as living space for refugees. This would mean that the people moving in would find themselves under constant surveillance by the cops and security. At the moment such people are able to live in Rigaer94 in self determined and supportive structures. We take this propaganda as an attempt to destroy structures of resistance by cynically playing different groups off against each other. The AfD, NPD and Co. are rubbing their hands in glee at the argumentation from the South African apartheid-regime lawyer Dehwurst and the ‘Law and Order’ politics of justice minister Frank Henkel.

The dangerzone, which has operated continuously since the end of October 2015, has permitted the countless underhanded actions of police, and the direct assaults on self-organised projects which pose an unceasing threat for all of the inhabitants of Rigaer street. The partial eviction of Rigaer94 and especially the momentary loss of Kadterschmiede are attempts to displace structures of solidarity and rebellion and to replace them with capitalist city politics. Regardless we will continue to fight for self-determined spaces everywhere and for everyone!

We need places where we can come together, and organise without the need for legitimisation from the state. Rigaer Street is one of the only places in this city where people can meet on the street, discuss, argue, get to know each other and organise in solidarity and resistance. We will not just stand back and watch, as these structures are destroyed and replaced by the shiny glass facades of luxury apartments such as the new Carré Sama-Riga. The future is not yet written – The struggle continues!

The attack on the Nordkiez of Friedrichshain is an example of the inhuman politics of displacement, development and strict compartmentalisation of areas for “rich and poor” people in the cities, small states and provinces. Everywhere people are divided between useless or profitable, valuable or worthless. In the background of a society which is lurching increasingly to the right, it is important to defend the last remaining self-determined spaces, show solidarity and withstand state repression. Therefore, this is not just about our personal struggle to defend our scene spaces, but a united struggle on many fronts against exclusion, displacement and a city for the rich.

On the 9th of August, M99, the “Shop for Revolutionary Materials”, which has survived for 30 years in the heart of Kreuzberg, is due to be evicted. We should do everything in our power to keep and build the pressure leading up to and following this date. The countless actions of the last days and nights give us the strength, sharpen our hope and strengthen us in our resolve to never give up without a fight. Our solidarity against their repression!

We repeat our call for the demo of the 9th of July, now more than ever; we call out to you to struggle together with us against social cleansing, capitalist city politics, repression and the state-terror of the last months. Come to the streets and express our rage!

How we want the demonstration to be: We wish to show a decisive and powerful sign, exactly as in the demo of the 6th of February. In order to be realistic in the general political situation we have decided it was preferable to register the demonstration. Outside of this we would like to create space for different forms of action, and make it possible for people coming from outside of Berlin to take part. For these reasons we have decided to change the time of the demonstration to 9pm.

Nothing is over yet!

Demo: Saturday 9th July
First speeches 20:30
Demo starts 21:00 punctually
Wismarplatz (near the train station U-Samariterstrasse), Berlin

Berlin: Protest against the European Police Congress, 23/24 February

Against the World of Borders and Control…

On 23/24 February, the European police congress will again be held in the Berlin Congress Center. Enterprises from the armament and surveillance industry will meet on this occasion with international politicians, security agencies and military staff to develop common strategies for the defence of the ruling conditions; for the defence of a world that is falling apart.

The relentless struggle over resources has caused war, poverty and ecological catastrophes in many parts of the world. As a result, millions of people are fleeing. Tragedies with fatal consequences happen daily at the external borders of Europe. Borders are being closed, fences erected, police and military deployed to keep away the “undesirables”.

This is the result of the ignorance of the western society. The crisis is inherent in the system and the conflicts will further intensify. The social control and the state of emergency on behalf of democracy are not glimpses from the future anymore. They become normality that surrounds us.

A normality that we do not want to accept. Let’s fight for a life in solidarity and freedom at the side of those who move on in the quest for a better life and all those who decided themselves for the revolt to topple the existing order. Against the state and its defenders, against every kind of authority!

For Freedom!

Let’s disturb, sabotage, attack the European police congress

Brazil: Aftermath of the 1st Autonomous and Feminist Book Fair in Porto Alegre

Originally received November 2nd:

Since the beginning of FLIFEA [the 1st Autonomous and Feminist Book Fair in Porto Alegre], we suffered machist and fascist persecutions and aggressions, with threats, provocations and hostile presences, which were noticed and addressed at all time. But what happened this Sunday night (November 1st 2015) deserves a specific denunciation to point to the state violence that expresses the institutional misogyny, which violates women systematically.

On Sunday night an artistic workshop was taking place, attended by around 20 women, when a vehicle arrived with two policemen who supposedly came due to noise. They filmed and intimidated the women present who were talking to them, which generated protective reactions among the women, who tried to walk away and film the situation. Shortly afterwards, more vehicles arrived with more cops, who were extremely aggressive and markedly racist from the beginning, and tried to deter one of us in a violent manner, what triggered a series of physical assaults by the police, in which nine women were injured, four of them seriously and requiring medical attention.

Many aggressions occurred simultaneously, there were cops who even drew firearms – one of them pulled out a gun and threatened several of us saying “I’ll burn you.” Among the threatened in this situation, one of the women warned that she is pregnant, but this was not relevant to cops. Two [male] residents who were in the square at the time of the incident were also beaten with batons by the police. Women who were holding cell phones were particularly attacked, and two cell phones were stolen by the cops. Some of the women who attempted to flee were chased and knocked down, and could not escape the police aggressions, beaten with batons and kicks on the ground, while other women rushed to use their bodies as shields, trying to protect them and take them away. This scene was successively repeated, and amid beatings with batons the women made it to the vicinity of the nearest hospital, when the cops finally dispersed.

At no time were comrades left behind; we got safely together to write this report and call for solidarity from all people who are able to support us at this time. The fair is scheduled to continue its activities on Monday (November 2nd 2015), at the same place where these attacks occurred. Considering that women may arrive unaware of what happened, we have to be present and we’ll need all possible support. We’ll start the day with a round of conversation about this situation. We need the presence of as many people as possible to ensure the continuity of the fair this last day.* This is how people fight back, we will not keep silent and we’ll jointly resist not only in the dispute for the street and public space, but also against a system that does not accept the self-organisation of women and feels threatened by our unsubmissive existence. This incident has revealed a maximum of hatred that lies behind misogyny, and we feel that we need to confront all of this for the sake of our survival, for all of us who live the war of this world against women.

* Translation note: The last day of the event turned into a large protest march.

Public announcement about the police violence that occurred during the 1st Autonomous and Feminist Book Fair of Porto Alegre; originally published November 6th:

We are a collective of people formed through affections, friendships, affinities and moments and life experiences before, during and after the 1st Autonomous and Feminist Book Fair of Porto Alegre (I FLIFEA POA). The Fair had as its principal objective to exchange materials, life instances and experiences that could collectively incite discussion about feminisms and women’s autonomy in the face of institutions and in relation to their bodies. This objective was concretisised over the two days of activities, in which we were empowered among one another, we discussed, learned, laughed, and new ideas were able to emerge from the gathering. Then, together, many of us suffered police violence on the first night of November 2015. Among the battered were some of those who made up the organisative crew of FLIFEA, but not only. After the latest developments, we have lived a new form of self-management of shared experience where “the fair’s organisers” dissolved into the new collective writing this text, composed of those who were directly affected by the repression experienced on Sunday night.

That said, we express ourselves through this public announcement on the I FLIFEA POA blog, in a manner agreed between us as the only public expression of the group mentioned above. In accordance with this, none of us has granted nor will grant interviews to any communication vehicle [media outlet] and, although we receive legal assistance from feminist lawyers who work on a voluntary basis, they also do not represent us in the media. It is also important to note that we did not organise or marched alone during the act of November 2nd 2015, but instead we had the spontaneous support of many people who were sensitised by our situation, and that we have no relation whatsoever with the act the following day, November 3rd 2015. It gave us much strength and we’re very grateful for the support of people and organisations that have mobilised autonomously in relation to what occurred, and for us the large network of solidarity created is touching; however, it seems important to us that this network goes beyond our organisational dimension and, therefore, it is impossible that we be responsible for all the events triggered by the incident. We ask those who stand in solidarity with us not to speak in our name, and also, we ask respect in not making use of this fact for appropriation related to partisan political agendas, or individual ones.

We understand that the situation of police aggression we went through falls into a social context of mobilisation in the face of setbacks that have happened in policies for women and the growth of patriarchal conservatism in the public debate about the rights already conquered and yet to conquer by women and other minority groups. Both in discussions of institutional policies and in spaces of opinion formation, such as social networks [social media], various feminist agendas are being mobilised at this time, like the daily harassments we experience since childhood, our autonomy to decide on our bodies, the violence experienced in domestic spaces, and the possibility that women speak for themselves. At the same time, we realise that the repression we lived last Sunday generates commotion for different reasons, which we want to point out. First, the brutal violence exercised against women by cops, men, making abuse of authority through apparatuses of force (batons were used and guns were aimed right at our unarmed bodies), highlights the militarised and misogynistic logic that drives the action of this corporation. What happened to us also contributed to the recognition of everyday violence that women suffer, mobilising those already working to combat the causes of such violence, and also sensitising those who live or have lived this reality in their lives. Finally, we consider that what was also remarkable is the fact we were proposing to build a debate about feminisms in a cultural event in which our weapon was the construction of political ideas and complicity, and this process was brutally trampled by police aggression.

However, we want to stress important issues that contributed to the commotion generated by this incident. We realised it was mainly the fact that the assault occurred in a central neighbourhood of the city, against mostly white women, feminist activists, many of them university students. These labels of our social position were what made it possible for a police aggression to turn into a political fact of this size, and reflect the privilege we have in relation to many other cases invisible to the media, as the struggle of those who mobilise against police violence in the country (black people, trans, peripheral, peasants, indigenous, in a street situation, in a situation of prostitution). So, we have a responsibility to remember that, while for many of us this is an eventual fact in our lives, for many others it is part of a daily routine marked by police violence – among many others forms of violence – in which the death threats are actually fulfilled. We know that this happens because, in our society, there is a differentiated valorisation of the lives and dignity of persons, where there are lives that are worth more than others, lives that deserve to be lived, while others are understood as disposable, mainly by the State that uses its armed wing to act violently in various different ways. This police conduct that happens daily in peripheral contexts, and promotes the genocide of the black population, could be observed during the incident on Sunday night, since it was clear that the target chosen for the first physical assault was one of the few black women who were present at the time, confirming the practices and the racist character of the institution.

The repercussion of police violence we suffered has affected us in various different ways. We have felt coerced to proceed in a specific way within the legal system to establish publicly the legitimacy of our report. We see some legal procedures within all this as violent to us, but we also understand the necessity to make use of these channels of denunciation, even though we are aware of their limitations. We claim, once again, that our temporality and our liberty to decide how we will conduct the situation be respected. We want to emphasise, however, that what makes a fact publicly legitimate need not only be the procedures of the law provided by the State (that often vulnerabilise and expose the victims rather than protect them), but also the strength of our story, the marks we recognize on one another’s bodies and our capability of articulating with an extensive network of solidarity that has given us so much support. Those who experience such kind of violence in their daily lives know the truth of facts, know that pictures of the bruises do not sufficiently illustrate what it means to suffer such violence in all spaces, which is what was being tested in the square when the cops arrived, a matter we wanted to address in the theatrical intervention that day. This intervention was, furthermore, meant to denounce and visualise the systematic and constant murder of women that occurs at the hands of men – feminicide – both in the domestic-family sphere and the institutional, statist and military context. The discussion of this concept – feminicide – is very recent and is the result of exhaustive work of denunciation by women who strive to demonstrate the violence that is often masked. However, we deny the institution of the State and its laws as the only legitimising source of facts. We believe that the construction of legitimacy can occur from other ethical consensuses based on mutual identification and life experiences shared among people.

We also inform that we do not draw satisfaction from our motions in the juridical/institutional framework. We remind ourselves that even legally this case goes beyond our individual action, and that other instances can mobilise to denounce aspects of (in)justice independently of our volition. Still, in relation to the Press and the media, we deny the urgency of being in accordance with a temporality imposed by social networks and other media of communication. We cannot trample internal processes to meet external demands, we have a responsibility to one another and, especially, by no means do we let ourselves be guided by opportunistic and tendentious media. The fact that we delayed in presenting information became an argument for questioning the truth of our story. We recognize this as a way to manipulate facts and individuals within an alienating logic and a dehumanizing pace belonging to a mode of life hooked on immediatism. That’s not the life we want to share with one another and we will not have it imposed on us. This supposed delay in responding to such requests is directly related to the need we have to listen to each other and shelter one another, now that we find ourselves bruised, in the face of the real situation of aggression that we went through. We believe that this mediatic time is cruel, transforming the wounds of people into products and audience, and thus violates them once more. We are mainly motivated to reach an outcome that does not go through these paths, and organise ourselves horizontally so as to consolidate this fact as political, and factually transform the wounds into struggle.

We are autonomous and organise on the basis of libertarian practices. We know that practices which challenge the institutions and the State were and are historically persecuted. Because of this, we fear that what happened may have been part of actions politically motivated by hate speech, and not just the result of an approach that went bad. Faced with this, we hope the expressions of solidarity, that have helped us so much until now, are maintained.

We must also remind that since even before the Fair’s date, our security measures were violated with the creation of the Autonomous and Feminist Book Fair event on Facebook by the Porto Alegre Cultura page; even though they had been advised that we did not want to expose the Fair and the women involved in FLIFEA at this network, they ignored our protests. We believe that the creator of that page bears responsibility for the threats we received during the Fair and for the police aggression, and therefore has our blood on their hands. We were overly exposed against our own will by this event, which had almost 6,000 people confirmed and more than 11,000 guests.

Finally, we thank everyone who came to show solidarity at this time, regardless of their political alignment. The space of I FLIFEA POA has established itself as a moment of rupture with the logics of segregation and estrangement between feminisms that were being experienced in our city. The moment lived has reinforced this rupture; we have trusted and experienced the welcoming of each other, we have strengthened both our personal and political relations. We value the commitment of those who choose to struggle from different fronts and all those who rebel fighting not to be crushed by this system, which oppresses initiatives and (r)existences in freedom and self-organisation. A set of strategies are more efficient than either one by itself. We know very well what drives us.

We thank those more experienced in their paths of struggle and resistance for the support they have shown. Women who share their knowledge and insight, enabling us to depart from an accumulation so that each generation of women do not have to start from scratch in every battle waged in this constant war against us all. Maximum respect to the old witches who came to look after us.

We will keep making art on the streets, occupying spaces, communicating our positions and continuing the fight, because our blow force has the same intensity with the one we’ve experienced. Witches resist!

Hamburg: 3 to 9 August 2015 – Week of mobilisation and agitation in solidarity with the accused of the “Breite Straße” case

Let’s break the law!
Solidarity with the accused of the “Breite Strasse” case in Hamburg!

On the 27.08.2014 a house was squatted in Breite Straße in Hamburg. When the cops came to evict they were heavily attacked by the squatters with fireworks, colour, and a lot of other projectiles.

Later people got arrested outside the house accused of participation in the action. Some of them where in custody for some months but are now out. End of august 2015 the courtcase will start against 6 persons. The accusations are heavy, some of them are accused with attempted homicide because of the attacks on cops.

Let’s show solidarity with the action because it was an attack against this oppressive normality!
Solidarity with the accused because there should be no rebel in the hands of the state!

03.-09. August 2015 Week of mobilisation and agitation in solidarity with the accused of the “Breite Straße” case!
Show your solidarity with the accused rebels no matter where and how!

Flyer (original)

Mexico City: Police harassment of members of Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

In the last few years, we have seen how the escalation of repression has intensified around the libertarian and anarchist movement through the strategies used here in Mexico City: Setting very high bond amounts, and applying the same package of charges, always aggravated, without giving much importance to the specific situation, but rather to what the State dictates. Persecution and finger-pointing in the media as a basic element of their set-up: Noting the names of groups of people or spaces (whether they exist or not), making up relationships that really don’t exist, comparing everyone and everything from a vertical point of view, trying fit us into a schematic of leadership. Of course, this demonstrates a deep ignorance and/or contempt for anarchist ideas, which have nothing to do with this kind of hierarchical logic.

On the other hand, we have the government’s efforts to qualify anarchism or “anarchic conduct” under the judicial classification of terrorism, applying severe charges and operating under maximum security parameters, only to withdraw the charges, with the argument that they lack sufficient evidence – but always leaving the open threat that “investigations continue.” Nonsensical investigations, plagued with arbitrary references to groups and individuals that exist in very different spaces.

This is all paralleled by police monitoring and surveillance of certain individuals in an attempt to intimidate them, as well as provocations against certain autonomous spaces.

Framed by this strategy, and alongside many other comrades, groups, and collectives, the name of Cruz Negra Anarquista México [Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico] has come to stand out among the notes, “investigations” and political or police declarations.

We believe it is important to make it publicly known that in the past few weeks, individuals who seem to be part of the Mexico City police “investigation” have shown up outside of some of our houses and workplaces, threatening our neighbors and family members and arguing that they are doing security and surveillance work.

Beyond calling for an end to this persecution, we are making this public report as a wake-up call: We know that repression is intrinsic to the state that we have declared as our enemy. We know that its jails and its police are the foundation of its power and its domination. And we know that our work around anti-prison thinking, support, and accompaniment of imprisoned comrades is directly contradictory to this power and domination.


In this context, we ask individuals, collectives, and affinity groups, the comrades we have worked with in the last few years, to be attentive, and to continue to provide the same solidarity that we have received up to this point.

Down with prison walls!

Freedom for everyone!

Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

original in Spanish (June 16, 2015); in Greek

Czech Republic – Operation Fenix: Anarchists charged with ‘preparation of terrorist acts’

On April 28th 2015, the anti-extremist police unit commanded Operation Fenix across the Czech Republic, in an attempt to frighten the anarchist and antiauthoritarian scene, and collect information in a fishing expedition. The police have arrested or interrogated over thirty people so far, with the intention of investigating activities which they later labeled as ‘terrorist’. Individuals were harassed by undercover cops, others taken from one city to another for immediate interrogations, private flats and social centres were raided, and servers confiscated.

According to updates until May 26th, three individuals remain in police custody for further investigations, and a number of individuals have been interrogated for second time.

On Saturday, June 6th, comrades gathered outside Prague’s remand prisons where Operation Fenix prisoners are currently being held.

Below is an open letter from Petr S., one of the imprisoned since Op. Fenix was launched:

“Dear friends,
thank you for all your support and solidarity. It means a lot to me, especially in this situation. I have always regarded my life as a mere fraction of all life on Earth. That has not changed. Even when I was not in custody, the thought of all those whose freedom has been taken, not only behind bars, has made me feel not free myself. My journey in life has always been a journey towards equality and a truly free society for all. Your kind words assure me that I will never be alone on this journey.
With sincere gratitude and fraternal greetings,

For financial support (to cover legal expenses):

IBAN CZ98 0100 0000 0087 6019 0237

More info: antifenix.noblogs.org
Contact: antifenix(at)riseup.net

Stockholm: Concerning the Rågsved riots

(smashed windows of cop station)

Saturday the 6th of December 2014, a group of individuals attacked the existing order. In Rågsved and Hagsätra, in the south of Stockholm, the dogs of the State were attacked with molotovs, stones and firecrackers. Following this event, the local cop station got smashed and several cars were burned. Of the present troublemakers ten were unfortunately arrested the same night and one only shortly thereafter.*

The cops are eagerly searching for the rest of the participants. The cops are also making their greatest efforts into understanding why someone planned such a deed; for planned it was, according to everybody who so far allowed themselves to make a statement about the occurrences.

Why shouldn’t be so hard to understand, even for a bigoted constable. As soon as someone tries to take back their freedom, which belongs to every living being, the uniforms are building lines, ready to harm, lock up and even kill, just to keep us all enslaved.

If we take a look back at our normality, we see that direct violence from the State and its institutions is not the most freedom-killing one, but rather carries with it a catalytic potential for revolt. No, the worst of all, and what could make the most freedom-committed of individuals rot away in a concrete landscape, is the bureaucratically administrated power: the Job centre, the Tax office, the Social insurance authority, the Social security administration, the Migration authority, the Prison institution, the Juvenile office, the Bailiffs and all of their capitalist collaborators (career coaching firms, asylum entrepreneurs, debt collectors, “children entrepreneurs”, etc.). Together with the morals enforced by society, telling us how to act and what our obligations are as slaves; religious and patriarchal structures in families and local communities… You should want to work, but no one wants to hire you. You get a job, but you’re not paid any money. You are promised asylum, but in the end you still have to go underground. You are supposed to be eager to learn, but your intelligence is defamed. It should come as no surprise that, because of all this, a hatred towards the existent is formulated, and conscious steps are taken to attack it. Rather it is worrying that so many keep submitting to these social relations.

They who chose to act in conflict with society this Saturday did so with still unknown intentions. It is also not of great importance. The important thing is to state that they attacked power relations which keep us all in place, and that eleven people are currently locked up accused of these events.

So many of us carry these committed actions in our visions and on a small scale in our everyday lives, but so often let convenience keep us away from carrying them out… No matter their motives, they did not choose convenience…

We don’t care whether they’re guilty or not; eleven individuals are locked up accused of attacking authorities. The least we can do is show our solidarity as anti-authoritarian freedom fighters. And solidarity is best expressed through actions…

For burning institutions and bruised up cops!

Anarchists in solidarity

* On the 9th of December the eleven arrested individuals were released but still suspected of arson, rioting, violence against officials among other things. Most of the accused were under 18.

Messolonghi, Greece: Police station attacked twice after two plainclothes cops punched and kicked two comrades

October 29, 2014 – Repression without limits in Messolonghi.

The police state has no limits in the town of Messolonghi. In their attempt to hang a banner near the central square, two comrades were physically assaulted by two plainclothes cops. The comrades strongly resisted the brutal assault and were taken to the Messolonghi police station. Shortly afterwards there was a double attack on the police station, and cop cars were smashed. There will be more updates soon.

Solidarity with the arrested comrades.

The coming winter will fall heavily upon you, scumbags.

France: Protester killed in clashes with police at the ZAD of Testet

Background info on the struggle against the dam in Testet: 1, 2

According to a statement from squatters in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, during the night between Saturday and Sunday the 26th of October 2014 a protester named Remi was killed in clashes that broke out after a rally against the construction of a dam along the Sivens forest in the wetland of Testet in the Tarn department (southern France).

Around 7000 people gathered in the ZAD (zone to be defended) of Testet, after months of police attacks and destruction of the wetland and habitations of those who defend the area. In the late evening and overnight, dozens of people attacked the forces of order that were protecting the dam construction site. Activists expressed their anger trying to delay the resumption of works, originally scheduled for Monday the 27th of October.

The cops fired rubber bullets (known as flash-balls), distraction devices such as stun hand grenades and fragmentation grenades, and tear gases. According to testimonies of protesters from the Testet wetland area, Remi must have collapsed after being hit with a grenade; then his body was reportedly taken by the repressive forces.

Prefectural authorities stated they did not want to comment on the matter before the official autopsy was made public on Monday. The government has already begun to stigmatize the protesters, in addition to trying to divide them in order to cover up what happened. But they know very well that, whatever they do, this death will have explosive consequences.

Footage from protest in the evening of October 26th in the town of Gaillac in the Tarn department:

Calls against state violence and updates on planned actions in Nantes and elsewhere at: zad.nadir.org & nantes.indymedia.org

Arcadia, Greece: Stella Antoniou tortured at the hands of police

On October 23rd, 2014, anarchist Stella Antoniou was arrested in the village of Dimitsana in Arcadia, Peloponnese, for allegedly violating a restrictive condition related to permanent residence in Athens. Antiterrorist cops pounced on her, throwing her to the ground. She was taken to the local police station, where she firmly refused to give a DNA sample and suffered beatings from the cops. Under the eyes of the Dimitsana police director, Papazafeiropoulos, five thugs of the antiterrorist squad repeatedly attempted but failed to obtain her genetic sample. Initially she was choked and had her nose blocked so that she would forcibly open the mouth and have her DNA sample taken with a cotton swab. Then police violently pulled her hair and threw her to the ground once again. Blood vessels under her eye were broken, resulting in bleeding (recall that Stella experiences serious health problems with her eye).

On October 24th, the comrade was moved to the courthouse in a nearby town, Tripoli, to undergo proceeding for alleged violation of her restrictive conditions, even though she is not banned from exiting Attica. Besides, she has already been acquitted by a court on a similar occasion in Thessaloniki. Cops did not allow comrades to enter the courthouse of Tripoli, so people in solidarity remained outside the building (in the rain) awaiting the outcome of the hearing.

Stella stays strong despite what she suffered by officers of the anti-terrorist squad. According to her personal physician, who visited her along with her relatives and lawyer while the comrade was still in temporary custody, she sustained not only retinal hemorrhage but also mandibular, cervical spine and right shoulder injuries. Because of her pre-existing health condition, the doctor requested her emergency evacuation to a general hospital for examination.

Later the same day, solidarians reported that Stella Antoniou was finally released after the court hearing was postponed to the 6th of November 2014.

Athens: Polykarpos Georgiadis sentenced for allegedly violating his conditions of parole

In September 2013, antiauthoritarian communist Polykarpos Georgiadis was released on parole under specific conditions, such as the obligation to report to his nearest police department the first five days of each month, but he was never banned from leaving the country, so he should have been allowed to travel abroad for a short period of time.

Nevertheless, in the early morning of October 21st, 2014, cops arrested him at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, just before boarding an airplane along with another comrade to Brussels, where they would participate in a scheduled event of the International Red Aid. The “violation” of the imaginary prohibition on Polykarpos Georgiadis to exit Greece was the official reason for his arrest.

He was eventually released, but only after being brought to the Evelpidon courts in Athens, where he received a six-month sentence (wholly suspended) for allegedly violating the terms of his permanent residency. The prosecutor argued that a parolee, who has established a permanent residence, is under a quasi-house arrest. Of course, the presiding judge of the court did not hesitate to endorse this sort of argument and sentenced the comrade to six-month suspended prison term (which means that if an appellate court upholds the conviction, he will also be forced to serve a five-year term suspended in an earlier case).

[Besançon, France] In the face of JCDecaux and its minions… the best solidarity is attack!

Below is a text about the repressive waves following the destruction of JCDecaux advertising boards in the city of Besançon.

On November 18th, 2013 two people were charged with destruction of billboards which took place in Besançon between 2011 and 2013.

After 24 hours of detention and search of their homes, they were placed under investigation and judicial supervision (prohibited from leaving the national territory and getting in contact, and obliged to go at the central police station of Besançon once a month).

Both of these charges followed the arrest of a person for destruction of two advertising boards (“sucettes”) on the evening of June 21st, 2013. The cops were able to rely on the call of a citizen, who dialed the 17 emergency number from the top of his building. During his 48-hour detention, and besides the fact that he snitched on himself by admitting 50 incidents of destruction, he ended up spitting out two names before the cops. The snitch Nouma Friaisse facilitated the work of the police. This is to warn those who might run into him sooner or later, knowing that he’s made several travels on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, particularly during the police assaults in April 2012. This collaboration with the police has evidently not permitted him to dodge the judicial machine, as he got the same judicial examination order as the others.

Of the three accused, only B. remained silent in the face of the police. The inquiry, initiated by the investigating judge Meyer, is ongoing, and at present no case file has been sent to his lawyer. Not confessing anything and keeping silent in the face of the enemy remains the best weapon of all those who may be caught in its clutches.

Over the last few years the local and then the national media, as good watchdogs of the State and capitalism, relayed these sabotages that were carried out in a scattered manner by marginalizing them, psychiatrising the “breakers” (who, in the words of the dominant daily L’Est Républicain, would be “sick megalo-maniacs that are picking personally on Jean-Claude Decaux,” the owner of the firm), and minimizing the damages – which amount to several hundred thousands of euros since 2008 (and continue to climb up after these three charges were pressed, especially during the detention night between the 18th and 19th of November 2013): the company has never put out a statement on this subject, although internally it has attempted to counter these attacks by changing the infrastructure of the billboards (passing from glass to plexiglass), and also by exploiting its agents in the middle of the night, then by putting pressure on police forces, as evidenced by interrogations of police toward persons arrested for possession of narcotics, or the evening patrols of the BAC (anti-criminality brigade) near billboards on major intersections of the city…

Of course, over the past few years in Besançon, the repressive forces haven’t remained passive with regard to these multiple attacks. On October 11th, 2011 the homes of anarchist comrades were raided: no judicial action was taken, but the willingness to step up surveillance and harassment on those who combat this world of money and authority was clearly manifested.

Advertising is one of the many instruments of domination to maintain the oppression of money on our lives and keep the population on a leash by mass consumption alongside work. It is the showcase of the Capital in the urban space and transportation.

The attacks against publicity are anonymous and diffuse according to the possibilities of the moment: during riots in demonstrations such as the one on February 22nd, 2014 in Nantes against the Vinci airport project and its world, in Paris after Clément Méric’s murder by fascists, in Turkey during the insurrection of Istanbul’s Taksim Square in the summer of 2013, and throughout the world, when urban revolts break out against Power and its servants. Oftentimes, the communication organs of Power relay these nocturnal attacks when they start to do great damage to the company; this was the case some time ago in La Rochelle, Niort, Angers, or in Liège (Belgium)… These blows to the wallets of the rich can be made in various ways: by destroying the glass panels and their internal mechanisms (lighting and rotating systems), or by fire when it comes to plexiglass facades. Anyone remembers the attack with Molotov cocktails and a jerry can filled with gasoline that targeted the Decaux enterprise in late March 2005.

Everyone knows that this company has expanded through advertising in collaboration with the local councils and the State, which have provided it with spaces and granted subsidies to spread these small or large billboards everywhere in France (and then, in exchange, undertake the task to provide bus shelters). It operates in over 56 countries worldwide, including Belgium since 1967, Portugal since 1972, Germany since 1978, the United Kingdom since 1982, Sweden since 1989, Spain since 1990, Russia since 1995, Australia since 1997, Brazil since 1998, Italy since 1999 and recently in Israel, Chile and China… (All contacts with JCDecaux per country where it operates can be found on their official site: Le groupe JCDecaux > Implantations.)

However, this rotten Decaux doesn’t limit its activities to publicity but rather operates in the entire field of urban furniture. The communication company has thus embarked on the “self-service” bicycle scheme by creating the Cyclocity subsidiary, primarily based in France: the first city to be equipped was that of Lyon in 2005 (with Vélo’v), Paris in July 2007 (Vélib’), then Toulouse (Vélô Toulouse), Nantes (Bicloo), Amiens (Vélam), Rouen (Cy’clic), Besançon and Mulhouse (Vélocité), Nancy (Vélostan’lib), Cergy-Pontoise (Vélo2), Créteil (Cristolib), Marseille (Le Vélo). These means of transport, considered as eco-trendy, allow yuppies to go to work while being policed when moving. These toys of green capitalism perfectly match the gentrification processes led by the State and the city councils – the locations of Cyclocity terminals are not chosen at random: affluent neighbourhoods, commercial zones, districts deemed “cultural for trendy yuppies” or areas in the process of being gentrified…

For those who do not already know it, the Decaux enterprise – through its subsidiary Cyclocity, whose headquarters are located in 29, allée du Mens in Villeurbanne (69100) – also profits on the backs of prisoners, exploiting them in its repair workshops without pay. The slave driver Decaux benefits from the collaboration of the State to get workforce straight from the courts, particularly those sentenced for theft and/or damage. But this information, released in the mainstream press, didn’t go unanswered: hundreds of Vélib’ were sabotaged in Paris in April and May 2014.

These attacks are simple, reproducible, and can be carried out everywhere because Cyclocity manages bike parks worldwide: in Belgium (Brussels and Namur), Spain (Córdoba, Valencia, Seville, Santander, Gijón), Austria (Vienna), Luxembourg, Australia (Brisbane), etc.

Decaux is far from being untouchable, and the targets abound.

Let us strike Decaux, and the city councils that make it rich, at every moment and in every place!

We cannot sit idly by, because in the face of repression, attack remains the best solidarity!

In french and italian

Dortmund, Germany: Summary of the fight for the social center Avanti

graffiti in the evicted church

Church squatted
In the evening of Friday the 22nd of August 2014, activists occupied the former St. Albertus Magnus church in Dortmund which was unused for over 7 years. Only minutes after the occupation was made public, nearly 40 supporters came to the area and held a gathering in front of the church in solidarity with the project and the squatters. Of course, it didn’t take long before the cops also arrived at the location, but they didn’t attempt to raid the building, and instead controlled the supporters outside. The next day, a priest in charge of matters of the church building spoke to the squatters and stated he will tolerate the occupation for one week. Immediately activists began to form work groups, trying to renovate the building to establish a social center.

Attack by neo-Nazis
Dortmund has a big neo-Nazi problem, so it was expected that the squat would be faced with fascists sooner or later. Already during the first night of the occupation people saw Nazis driving by in the surrounding streets. This was definitely not a coincidence, because that part of the city is heavily populated by people with a migrant background. On Saturday the 23rd, Nazis held a rally in the city of Dortmund to protest against the ban on their former organization Nationaler Widerstand Dortmund (National Resistance Dortmund), but were soon blocked by hundreds of antifascists. Soon afterwards, around 40 Nazis appeared in front of the new squat in Enscheder Street and shouted “we will get all of you.” At first there was no police presence, and the squatters resisted the attack by throwing a couple of stones from the circa 17-meter-high rooftop of the building. However nobody was injured. Then police arrived and told Nazis to go 30 meters down the street, where they held a protest against the squat. This manifestation had been authorized by police the night before, at 3am, and nobody knew about it (not even the media). This fact raised criticism against the police even in bourgeois parts of the Press and the public, but a few days later all criticism was addressed against the squatters for throwing stones at fascists and the cops. Many of the hundreds of antifascists who had blocked the Nazis earlier in the city came to the squat as soon as they heard it was attacked by Nazis. On the same day the Nazis posted a video on their facebook page with footage showing the moments when stones were thrown at them, and they said they’d pay 1500€ for anyone willing to give them names of the squatters.

art action in front of the squat

Short week of anarchy
Despite the Nazi attack and constant intimidation, activists kept working and really started to build up a social center in the squatted church. Every day there was an open assembly, where neighbours were able to participate. A few neighbours became involved in the squatting project or helped by giving water or even electricity supply. There were daily events, like concerts, readings, art exhibitions or jam sessions. Hundreds of interested people visited the squat, participated and helped in organizing new events. Ideas of what could be done in the social center Avanti were almost endless. Catering was also made possible, and of course everything was free. The priest, who had spoken about toleration towards the squatters, was stunned by what the activists had accomplished in such a short time. Even after he had a meeting with other authorities of the church, and they decided that they would not allow activists to stay after the week of toleration, the mood was still good at the squat and many people were confident that the social center Avanti would live on. In the meantime rumors were spread publicly, also in the Press, that the “nice and cooperative activists could be infiltrated by militants, who would take the lead should an eviction take place.” On Thursday the 28th a family festivity was carried out in the squat, when an inflatable castle was built inside, and new visitors were given tours through the building. Nobody knew this would be the last action in the squatted Avanti.

Eviction, repression and resistance
In the morning of Friday the 29th the church building was evicted by police, even before the official termination of the toleration period. It seems the cops didn’t want to wait for the squatters to get prepared. The official reason for the eviction was the stone-throwing almost one week before, when neo-Nazis had attacked the squat. Police said they wanted to search for evidence and suspects. Almost 38 people were in the squat during the raid, and all of them are now treated as witnesses. One was even treated as the main suspect of police investigation. The charge: “attempted homicide.” After a few hours of detention, the main suspect was released due to “lack of suspicion.”

In the evening, activists organized a demonstration in solidarity with Avanti and people affected by repression. The fact that over 350 protesters took part in the demonstration shows the big interest in Avanti; normally, the large autonomous demonstrations in Dortmund (against fascists, for example) consist of around 200-250 people. It was a loud demo with lots of slogans chanted against cops.

demonstration for Avanti

Over the past few days, repression has escalated. Several of the people who were in the squat during the raid were visited by cops at their homes and asked to tell who threw the stones at the fascists. The police offered everyone a 3000€ reward for snitching, and published photos of squatters who were on the rooftop of the building when the Nazis attacked the squat. It is highly likely that the cops will also try to harass the rest of the people and maybe even search their homes.

Participants in Avanti organized a concert on Friday the 5th of September to show that they are still active. This fight isn’t over yet, as the activists said they will neither be intimidated nor divided by the cops, the Press, or the neo-Nazis. The slogan that keeps getting shouted is: Avanti lives! Avanti fights!

more info, in german, on avantizentrum.noblogs.org

Berlin: Gürtelstraße 39 update

On Sunday evening, August 31st, a large demo started from Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain and reached the Gürtelstraße and Scharnweberstraße junction, at one of the police blockades around the besieged former hostel, where refugees are threatened with eviction and deportation process since the morning of the 26th. The participation of people in solidarity in the demonstration was good enough, but lots of protesters left the spot soon after. Before the arrival of the demo, cops had already tried to disperse the gathering near the hostel in Gürtelstraße, claiming that the number of people present was not enough to be considered a legitimate protest. In other words, apart from solidarity demos, what is needed the most is constant and mass presence of protesters at the barriers.

Meanwhile, there are still refugees on the hostel roof. There is not a live connection with them anymore, because the batteries of their cell phones are empty. They have gotten only 6 liters of water since Wednesday the 27th. On Sunday it was raining, and the refugees managed to collect some water. While starving them, cops have spread the lie (also through the mainstream media) that the 9 refugees are on hunger strike.

After the protest march reached Gürtelstraße, refugees on the street held emotional speeches. Some of them pointed out that they had no choice but to migrate after capitalism and the wars destroyed their homes. There was also a band with instruments playing live music. In terms of neighbourhood solidarity, there are now more banners hanging from the surrounding balconies, showing support and demanding the right to stay for everyone (from time to time, cops steal the solidarity banners on the sidewalks). Moreover, two groups of residents attempted to pass through the police barriers to give food supplies to the refugees resisting on the rooftop of the building, but with no success. The first group was blocked. Some of them had their IDs taken and were escorted by cops to their flats, where they got their IDs back. They also had to endure racist remarks from the cops (for example, they were told that if they care so much for these “dirty ones” they should take them home and feed them there). The other group was reportedly able to leave food items at the entrance of the building in Gürtelstraße, which were taken by the cops but were never delivered to the refugees.

At least two times a cop-lover pacifist (not someone from the refugees) called the crowd to remain non-violent and to not throw anything at the cops because “they are also humans and have kids and families.” A part of the crowd expressed their disapproval through whistles and shouts, and some protesters left after this repulsing call. Truth be told, it is practically impossible to raise a violent clash against the repression forces on the spot, mainly because there is no critical mass of people to support this case. In fact, anybody who shows support gets harassed, yet there is some civil disobedience from neighbours against the police-state measures inside the militarised zone.

Below are some pictures from the junction of Scharnweberstraße and Gürtelstraße.

“cops’ terror, restricted area; this is german asylum policy”
“right to stay for all!”

“every flag is a border… every border kills [people]”
“right of asylum = human right”
“we are here, we will not move away”

While the state authorities are rigorously trying to silence the refugee protest, direct actions in solidarity with the refugee protesters took place the last days: for example, “autonomous groups” carried out an arson attack on the cable shaft of the Berlin S-Bahn between Treptower Park and Ostkreuz stations on the 28th, causing considerable damage and a temporary halt to that part of the transport network, and the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit was symbolically attacked on the 30th.

Berlin: Raw news from the refugee protest in Friedrichshain

on the 28th of August there was an evening demo from Frankfurter Tor with around 500 people. cops tried to break it two times. they beat up people. one arrest was confirmed. the demo was crumbling after the arab group (antiimperialist communist group, which also organised the ‘revolutionary may 1st demo’) announced that the cops attempt to storm the hostel roof. people with bicycles left and rushed to the junction in Gürtelstraße. it caused an alarm also at the junction where protesters were because nobody, apart from the arab group, had heard anything about it.

at around 9.30pm, after the demo arrived at the location, same as usual, speeches, slogans, marginalised political groups presenting their banners, etc. there was lot of free food, which people also took well, but soon afterwards they started leaving again, and before midnight only few people remained. a sign of solidarity was expressed by a neighbour who made kind of a laser show beaming the slogan “no human being is illegal” on his balcony. he later came down when he saw that refugees who tried to get some sleep at the junction had not enough blankets, and went through the barriers giving them two thick ones. then, when he wanted to pass through the barriers, the cops hindered him and prompted him to show his ID, which he had not on him. they made a fuss until his wife shouted: “could you let my husband inside again?…” they let him pass but he was forced to get inside home, get his ID, go down again and show it to the cops. meanwhile the refugees on the roof started continuously drumming (probably on pots), gave light signals and also shouted from the rooftop. protesters replied by shouting back slogans, blowing whistles and there was also one megaphone. but soon cops disallowed all of that.

also, a couple of nazis showed up. comrades recognized at least four. three of them appeared in the middle of the road in the Scharnweberstraße standing there and shouting a nazi slogan, while one passed by in a car, but was recognized too late. for sure, there were far more of them who went unrecognized (the protest is directly at the border of their stronghold district Lichtenberg).

during the 29th and the 30th of August, the situation remained relatively unchanged. authorities still starve refugee protesters on the hostel roof in Gürtelstraße, and support of demonstrators is still low.

there’s a call for a demo tomorrow, Sunday the 31st at 5pm in Warschauer Straße, Friedrichshain.

Berlin: Gürtelstraße 39 solidarity group update

Translators’ note: Below is an update from August 27th, 2014 retrieved from linksunten.indymedia.org. We may not share all of the views expressed, but we feel it offers a good overview of the situation. The German original text is also spread in the streets.

Refugees are still protesting on the roof of the hostel on Gürtelstraße 39 in Friedrichshain, Berlin. They are protesting because the promises, which have been made to them at Oranienplatz in spring, have not been implemented. They are protesting because they demand the right to stay for everybody.

In April this year individual negotiations between a group of the refugees and the senator Delik Kolat took place at Oranienplatz. The agreement included that the group should remove the tents at Oranienplatz. In return they should get accommodations and their legal requests for the right of residence should be fully examined. Already at this time conflicts emerged between those who accepted the offer and those who considered the whole procedure as nothing else but empty words and wanted to stay at Oranienplatz to struggle for their demands for the right to stay, against accommodation in migration camps and mandatory residence.

In the beginning of this week the deadline for the accommodations, where the refugees who took part in the agreement have been living, ceased. The majority of them were informed verbally about it first on Monday, August 25th. From Tuesday, most of them have been thrown out on the streets without means. A couple of refugees got on the roof of their accommodation in Gürtelstraße 39 before they would be kicked out, and stayed there in order to protest. They demand to speak with the senator Kolat and a right to stay for all. They say they will not leave the roof so long as these demands are ignored; if the cops should break the protest by force they are prepared to jump.

Meanwhile the cops have blocked the surrounding streets of this accommodation. Since Tuesday morning not only the Gürtelstraße, but also the Dossestraße is occupied by repression forces. Residents are forced to show their IDs in order to reach their homes and are escorted there by cops. All this reminds of the blockades some weeks ago in Ohlauer Street (in Kreuzberg). It is unclear for how long the exclusion zones are scheduled. At this moment the cops have not begun to evict the roof in Gürtelstraße, but they remain inside the accommodation.

Throughout Tuesday, lawyers, doctors and supporters tried to get a permission to reach the people on the roof. But the director of the police operation did not give them permission. Thus, the refugees are deprived of their basic rights on legal aid, food and drinks. One person on the roof is in urgent need of vital medication. It is also not permitted to hand medication over to the refugees. Meanwhile electricity and water have been cut. The hostel operator issued a complaint for the breach of domestic peace against the refugees. Both the Senate and the cops are acting illicitly and misanthropically.

Since Tuesday, there is a permanent gathering at the junction of Scharnweberstraße and Gürtelstraße. From 9am to 10pm there is a sound system which is also used as ‘info-point’. Regular food and drinks are required for the gathering. Repeatedly people who got thrown out of their accommodations are coming to the ‘info-point’ in urgent need of sleeping places. We still need people who can overtake shifts or can simply stay there and support the protests vocally. If you like to help you can come to the ‘info-point’.

Since Tuesday, there have been frequent hostilities by racists against participants in the gathering and refugees. On Tuesday it went so far that a pub guest (visitor of the bar “Zum Igel”) in Scharnweberstraße cut the cables of the sound system. You should be careful when coming to the gathering.

Take care of each other! Be creative, plan some actions, and support the protests of the people on the roof! Any support is urgently needed, also in the nighttime!

Statement from August 27th of the refugees on the roof in Gürtelstraße 39:

“From our point of view, the requests have not been thoroughly examined.

We currently demand access to food and drinks, access to medication, electricity and water.

We call upon the representatives of the Social Administration, the Commissioners for Integration, the Migration Office, and the senator Kolat to initiate negotiations. For this, we need assured access to our lawyers.

In principle, we demand that the requests be reexamined. According to the agreement, we demand the transfer of all cases from other German Federal States to Berlin.

We demand basic assistance as provided by law, including accommodation and the ensuring of health care, which has been completely denied contrary to law.

We call all media to not look away but to report on the situation.

We are desperate and angry!!!”