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[After G20 in Hamburg] Solidarity call

In a time of open hunt against anti-G20 protesters by the cops, the media and “the public” (including demands for a lynch law circulating on the internet), it is essential to remember those who were injured during protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg and the dozens who are still under investigation and caged by […]

Moving towards the next ‘Fire On The Horizon’

To begin with we are not interested in long introductions, we are against over worded texts that reek of posturing and not enough praxis!

The project ‘Fire on the Horizon’ will speak for itself, disseminating counter-info that is about & related to the conflict against the prison island. To incite, to open eyes, to reach out […]

[Communication] Contra Info has a new pgp key

For cryptographic privacy and authentication with encrypted data

We now have a pgp key to use for encrypted communication, for those of you who may wish to use it or require it.

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Obviously, we still receive unencrypted emails at contrainfo[at] You can also submit texts […]

“North America”: Help Launch The It’s Going Down Magazine!

Click image to read all about it on

Contact: info [at]

Chronik: A new blog documenting social war from Germany

More than two years have passed since Til Schweiger obtained the closure of Since that time, it’s been more difficult to create an overview – and to definitively give some courage. Indymedia Linksunten is used and considered by many as a platform, but texts published on it soon become archived on back pages. Chronics […]

Contra Info: Translation Counter-Information Network

Contra Info is an international multi-language counter-information and translation node, an infrastructure maintained by anarchists, anti-authoritarians and libertarians who are active in different parts of the globe.


To Whom It May Concern

In August 2014, [“RadioAzione | controinformazione anarchica in diretta”] translated and transmitted in Italian one of the latest letters of comrade Pola Roupa (Revolutionary Struggle member who is currently on the run, always with a huge bounty on her head). The source of their translation – titled “Grecia: Scritto di Pola Roupa dalla latitanza […]

Bad news from Mexico: “Paulina”, your death had a lot of Likes

Or: Why misinformation should concern us all, in our attempt to produce counter-information…

Finally on January 25th, 2014 the infamous by now “” released a text claiming that they (but who are they really?) are sorry to inform everyone they made a mistake by revealing that Maria Paulina Inefavel Lorandi had brutally died; they are sorry […]

Thessaloniki, Greece: Anarchist “Radio Revolt” broadcasts again

You will be pleased to know that, since the 26th of September 2013, the Radio Revolt in Thessaloniki has been relaunched, available on a new webpage. This anarchist radio project was previously hosted in Delta squat, and was heavily repressed along with other antagonistic infrastructure after the police crackdown of September 12th, 2012, which resulted […]

Brazil: Cumplicidade, new counter-information project against Power and toward Total Liberation



We invite you to visit and share information via the new counter-information blog from the region controlled by the Brazilian State: Cumplicidade (‘Complicity’).

This initiative is emerging in the actual context where social war is intensifying day by day, and the accumulated rage of those who are being oppressed […]

Athens: Counter-information is a weapon


Solidarity gathering for the 6 arrested during the anarchist intervention at Propylaea (24.4.2013) against the gagging of counter-information media:

Thursday, June 20th, at 10am in Evelpidon courts, Athens

Update, June 20th: The 6 comrades who stood trial were acquitted of all charges. ‘The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons,’ was chanted by […]

From Santiago to Athens – ‘Beyond borders’ radio broadcast

Monday, June 17th, by 6pm (GMT+2) on Radiofragmata

A free talk with our comrades from Chile and Brazil about various different topics of interest to anarchists, glimpses of the situation in Latin America, Greece, etc. The recording was made by Contra Info on the 13th of May 2013 and the audio processing was completed […]

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: Immediate release of the 5 anarchist prisoners!

Italy – ‘Operation Boldness’: The Milan prosecutor asked for further extension of the precautionary measures against 5 imprisoned anarchists

The public prosecutor of Milan has requested another six months of pretrial incarceration for Alessandro, Stefano, Sergio, Elisa and Peppe [all incarcerated since June 13th, 2012]. In the prosecutor’s request it is specified that, despite their imprisonment, the comrades continue to communicate with members of the same space outside the prison, and promote ‘solidarity campaigns’ […]

Amsterdam: Public wall reclaimed for public information over Oosterparkstraat

“Silence is complicity” —in solidarity with and

Squatters and anti-system warriors throughout Europe realize that inactivity among us will be the best opportunity for the capitalists to wait until the crisis explodes, and for the fascists to rise.

This is 2013, bad luck. The only way to make a change in society is […]

Gothenburg, Sweden: Mayday banner for counter-information media that are still under repression in Greece

‘Hands off Indymedia Athens – Combat censorship,’ banner in Kungsparken, Gothenburg

At noon on May 1st, this banner was raised at a central location in the city: it was the least we could do as solidarity action for Indymedia Athens, 98FM and ‘Entasi FM’.


Greece: Communiqué by Athens IMC administration assembly, 18.4.2013

We continue to respond in a political manner to the political decision toward censorship that all of the minions of Capital and totalitarianism undertook silently

On Thursday noon, April 11th, 2013 the rector of the National Technical University of Athens (Athens Polytechnic School), Simos Simopoulos, took the political decision to repress counter-information media by cutting off […]

Lausanne: Short interview with the Loc(A)motive collective


Below is an interview with participants in the Loc(A)motive squat that was made possible on the occasion of counter-information gatherings in Lausanne. Since April 8th, Loc(A)motive is in danger of eviction, and the squatters are organizing a defense of the house. So, this would be the time to […]

Athens: Our voices can neither be repressed, nor silenced

Footage from the anti-repression demo on April 25th in downtown Athens, in solidarity with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station


A few slogans chanted during the protest march:

‘From Athens to Mexico, create thousands of indymedia sites so that repressors get wiser’

‘Indymedia is a voice from the streets; not one step back in the face of […]

Athens: Cops detained comrades during solidarity action with Athens IMC and 98FM radio station

In the morning of April 24th, as part of solidarity actions with counter-information media that were recently gagged by the Greek State with the aid of the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Simos Simopoulos, a large banner was placed at Propylaea on Panepistimiou street in downtown Athens, that reads: “Raise your voice […]

Volos, Greece: Counter-information is a weapon

Solidarity to Athens Indymedia and 98FM

Contra Info banner-action at the University (Tholos) on the coastal street of Volos –Sunday, April 21st.

Greece: Counter-information cannot be gagged or stifled…

No matter what state power does to stifle our voice, no matter how hard they try to suppress and silence counter-information, they will not succeed… We will continue to fight for a world without borders, without fatherlands, without national flags, without any prisons, without cops, without judges, without gods or demons, and we shall become […]

Copenhagen, Denmark: “Hands of Athens Indymedia – Fight censorship!”

Banner-action at Blågårdsplads, Nørrebro in the city of Copenhagen. Click image to read the solidarity statement.

Athens: “Radio 98fm – Athens Indymedia – Voices of Freedom”

Contra Info banner-action at Merkouri square, Petralona, in solidarity with the comrades from Athens IMC and 98FM radio station that call for international anti-repression actions. Join their call with your own subversive imagination, and embrace the fight for free movement of ideas.Against the State and the media of domination! Counter-information now and forever!


Indiana, USA: Solidarity with self-organized radio station 98FM and web project Athens IMC (Athens Polytechnic School)

Click here to read a solidarity statement released in conjunction with the end of the campus strike at IU, in Bloomington, Indiana.