To contribute translations, editing-corrections and/or original material for publication, such as updates from the streets, reportbacks from actions, responsibility claims, texts of imprisoned or persecuted comrades, calls, brochures, opinion articles, etc.: contrainfo(at)


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Terms of publication

Priority is given to translations and publications:

– of the anarchist/ anti-authoritarian/ libertarian movement, from all over the world,

– coming from oppressed social groups,

– coming from individuals and collectives that fight for social liberation.

We do not translate/post texts, comments or any material:

– from corporate media or people that work for the media and express the dominant ideology,

– from political parties, political mediators or institutions that support the policy of representation,

– that have direct or indirect commercial/profit-making intentions,

– that exceed the limits of decency and respect towards human dignity, sensitive personal data, gender equality, equality for all,

– that directly or indirectly clash with the principles and the aims of this undertaking, as stated in the editorials, the counter-information bulletins and the decisions of our assemblies.