$hile: Propaganda on the walls of Santiago

From Santiago, with lots of love, we send these propaganda images which were done in different places in Santiago this month (6th to 10th August).

“No one will ever be forgotten; from our imprisoned cities we, the comrades being out of Prison of torture and solitary confinement, will be everywhere, fighting, attacking and destroying every symbol of Capital that wants to oppress us; our weapons, solidarity and memory, are already loaded and it’s time for shooting”.

To our comrades kidnapped in this war in the $hilean territory:  Carla, Ivan, Freddy, Marcelo, Juan and Luciano, and the fallen, Mauricio Morales, present comrade; and all those comrades who fight in this war worldwide. Strength and supportive resistance with the Mapuche people!

Comrades, you are not alone. We are many and that is why our enemies call us rats, and that is why we are everywhere, no one can ever stop us, they will have to die first, only then will we stop.

Health and long live to the revolt!

The terrorist State: prosecutes, imprisons and murders. [Unreadable]. Freedom to all the political prisoners!
Let Tortuga out on to the streets!
The Mapuche struggle will not be stopped by your bullets, nor your bars or your raids!

Freedom to the prisoners
Solidarity is a weapon. Now, Freddy, Marcelo and Juan are being prosecuted. Tomorrow it can be you! Freedom to the “Security Case” prisoners. While misery exists, there will be rebellion!!!
Solidarity stops being a word when it comes to be rebel actions. Solidarity with Luciano [unreadable]
Today, we witches go out hunting! The hunter will be hunted! Break the wheels. Let Luciano out on to the streets!
Active solidarity with all the prisoners of State Capital. [unreadable] Freedom to all the political prisoners in Chile and worldwide.
Let Tortuga out on to the streets
Fire to the prison. Let Adrian* out on to the streets.
Freedom for Tortuga
Let Luciano out on to the streets
Mauricio Morales, you live in the revolt. Mauricio Morales, anarchist comrade who died in the night of May 22nd, 2009, after the explosion of a device that he was carrying to the area of the School of jailers and torturers of the Gendarmerie (prison guards in Chile). Three years after your death, we join the ideas you were carrying that night, ideas of freedom against all kinds of authority. Because you brandished in your life many forms of struggle against Power (libraries, workshops, forums and direct action), we remember you by keeping up that anti-authoritarian struggle. With Punky Mauri and all the fallen comrades in combat against authority. We keep the flame of revolt alive!
Solidarity among anarchists is not just a written word.
Luciano Pitronello, we want you free and wild. Freedom to the political prisoners worldwide.

* Adrián Díaz Cayuqueo is a comrade arrested in $hile on June, 28th after the riots of the students’ march. That day, a truck of the Gendarmerie crossed the riots area and in the confusion crashed against a light post. Some hooded demonstrators saw the jailers and attacked those who left the truck, then 2 molotov cocktails were thrown at the truck, making no big damage. Adrián is now under pretrial detention (80 days until the trial) after being charged with “carrying incendiary device” and “arson”, accused of throwing the molotovs which touched the back wheel.