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Zurich, Switzerland: Presentation of the (electronical) archive

Sonday 9th of September

Presentation of the (electronical) archive

At this afternoon there’s gonna be a introduction into the archive of the anarchist library. Mainly there’s gonna be presented the extensive electronical archive, which provides among other things the possibility of full text research in thousands of anarchist and concerning publications – and is open to everyone that is interested in anarchist history beyond relying on so-called experts of anarchism.


Anarchistische Bibliothek Fermento

Zweierstrasse 42

8004 Zürich


Zurich, Switzerland: Reopening of “Anarchistische Bibliothek FERMENTO”

poster for the opening

received 6/6/18

We are happy to tell you that the anarchist library “Fermento” in Zurich has found a new location and will be regularly open again starting from 16th of June.

Anarchistische Bibliothek “Fermento”
Zweierstr 42,
8004 Zürich

Opening Hours (from 16 June 2018):
Wednesday: 15:00-20:00
Thursday: 16:00-21:00
Saturday: 15:00-20:00
Sunday: 15:00-20:00

[Zurich 2016] Radio Silence: A collection of texts about sabotage, repression and smoke signals from clandestinity

In mid-July 2016, a cell tower was set on fire in Zurich, sabotaging the city for several days (causing 100 000 francs of damages). This cell-tower was used as an emergency radio antenna for the city police of Zurich, an essential infrastructure, guaranteeing both its internal communication and contributing to maintain its control and authority externally.

The day after this sabotage, the police carried out different house searches in different swiss cities. According to the warrants, an “a person specifically suspected” was being searched, because “some objects which personally belonged to him had been found”. However the cops left the houses with empty hands. Since then, the internationally searched individual, an anarchist comrade, is not to be found.

With the present pamphlet, Radio Silence, we have wanted to assemble in chronological order different articles already published about the above-mentioned situation, which are for the most part taken from the anarchist newspaper Dissonanz from Zurich. During these intense times and with the over-saturation of information that has been given to us, it is not rare that radical events are re-absorbed by the rhythm of the times. Radio Silence intends to make us stop for a moment, to avoid the omnipresent flux of different facts, and to look back, understand, reflect.

Click here to download the cover, and here for the English pdf of the pamphlet Funktstille.

Bern, Switzerland: Local jail and police van attacked with paint bombs

On Saturday January 21st 2017, we paint-bombed the regional jail in Bern in a complete denial of all prisons. On the way back from our action, a cop van made the mistake of pursuing us and had to retreat after our determined intervention. This action was taken in solidarity with the global action day for trans prisoners and the call for support of the group Revolutionary Struggle in Greece.

Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity

January 22nd marks the second annual global Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity. Scrutinizing glances, abomination, isolation, harassment and sexualized violence are double for trans persons in prisons, owing to the physical and emotional restraints of the literal cage that leaves them no way out. This event is organized at worldwide level by trans prisoners and their supporters. It enables those on the outside to remember those behind bars, show solidarity and increase awareness about issues faced by trans prisoners. It also enables those on the inside to raise their voice and organize together.

Action Day in Solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle

A global day of action in solidarity with the prisoners of Revolutionary Struggle was called for January 21st. No matter how strongly the authorities may believe that by imprisoning anarchists they can eliminate the (armed) struggle, they’re wrong. In complete complicity, whether inside or outside prison walls, we stand for a world free of domination. In doing so, we do not hope for leftist parties such as Syriza, that’s only interested in social pacification, and has yet again revealed its true face through the arrest of Pola Roupa and her son, as well as with its treatment of anarchist prisoners.

Solidarity with all anarchists and other political prisoners, who’ve been kidnapped and incarcerated.

in German | Greek

A prison-solidarity-tour through Germany and Switzerland

tour poster
Biel (1)
Biel (2)
Biel (3)

In November and December of 2016, we – a group of anarchist street musicians – played concerts in front of prisons in Switzerland and Germany. We wanted to let at least some prisoners feel that they’re not forgotten. We wanted to bring down the isolation for some moments and send our messages beyond those barbed fire fences and iron bars.

After all, we played 15 shows in front of 14 different prisons accompanied by benefit gigs at various places. The reactions we got from inside were – if existing at all – quite different. Sometimes, our songs were immediately answered with cheers and e.g. antifa chants while at 9 shows, we didn’t receive any direct response from the other side so we couldn’t be sure if people could hear us. But for two of these concerts, we later heard about reports from prisoners who were actually able to hear us, the acoustic of the prisons just didn’t allow reactions to find their way to the outside (one of them described the reaction from the inside as a “little uprising” as the majority of the prisoners were shouting, making noises with bars etc, leaving the wardens pretty unsettled).

Always when we noticed or heard about any of these reactions, this left us quite touched and gave us some sort of confidence that what we were doing was something important and made perfect sense. It is something that can mean a lot to people and that takes only a low amount of effort. We hope this idea will spread as a form of solidarity and inspire more people to fill prisons with live music (or other noisy things) in the future – not only on New Year’s Eve.

At this point, we also want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that supported us along the way. To the people that borrowed us equipment, that set up sound systems, that let us sleep on their couches, that organized benefit gigs, that gave us money, that came to the prison concerts, that broadcasted one of our shows live on the radio letting prisoners know about it in advance (how cool is that?!), that mobilized to the prison concerts in their hometown, that dealt with cops when it became necessary, that cooked for us, that helped us printing zines and mobilization material and of course a really, really big thank you to the person whose truck we could use for five weeks. You are awesome, all of you!

Freedom for all prisoners!

Fire to all prisons!

Write letters!

contact: prisontour [ät] riseup [dot] net (this won’t have been the last prison tour, that’s for sure :))

in German

Berlin: Let us destroy the prison system – inside or outside – until all are free!

On 16th of October a banner was dropped on a house at Hermannplatz in Berlin: „Let us destroy the Prison System – inside or outside – until all are free!”1000 fliers were spread at Hermannplatz and the metro-entrances.

On the fliers was written:

The rebellious prisoners need our solidarity. In a call of US-prisoners we can read: „If we fight against the power, they will fight back and the only protection we have, is the solidarity from outside.”

Against the prison slavery! Solidarity with the resistance of the imprisoned in the USA and everywhere!

Freedom for the imprisoned people who where arrested, because of bank robberies in Aachen.

Every act of expropriation of the rich and the banks is desirable.

Solidarity with the people from Switzerland who are hit by repression! Blamed for crippling of the metropolis traffic and angry demonstrations through the city of the rich.

No security for the rich and the rulers, until all are free.

Freedom for Aaron and Balu! Caught because they shall have demonstrated for a solidarity life, against the destruction of the neighbourhood and the police state.

Peace to the hovels, war to the palaces – against all institutions and prisons!

School – Clinic – Prison – Factory

Disciplined at school, brainwashed at university, exploited at the job, broken in the prison – against the Prison Society!

Hello Neighbour! In the prison of Plötzensee in Berlin in Germany nearly every third prisoner is imprisoned because of fare-dodge.

Prisons to empty sits!

Burn all prisons – until all are free!

Freedom for all!

Do you still believe in law and order? It works also without!

For a society without prisons!

Our passion for freedom is stronger than every authority!

Italy: The attorney of Turin appealed the sentence in the trial against Silvia, Billy and Costa

The state attorney of Turin, represented by Arnaldi Di Balme, was not pleased with the sentence of nonsuit due to the “ne bis in idem”, that because of lack of jurisdiction the case was not allowed to proceed. Now they are getting back on track appealing against all the jurisprudence and asking for a new process. Once again the persecutor is insisting on claiming that the transport of explosive material and the attempted attack to target IBM in Switzerland was planned in Italy.

The attorney is trying to proof this based upon the participation of Silvia, Billy and Costa in the Coalizione contro le nocivitá / Coalition against nocivity (toxicity/harmfulness). An experience of struggle against harmfulness that during its active years has created an active projectuality against bio- and nanotechnologies.

These attempts of repression should come as no surprise; the law is built specifically to repress critical and struggling environments that go against this exploitive system.

For us it remains clear that it is a necessity to get rid of this ecocidal system that uses science and research as their executive branch.

For those who would like to deepen their understanding we suggest the reading of the publication “Solidarity and Complicity – A collection of texts around the attempted sabotage of the IBM nanotech labs in Switzerland and on the expression of solidarity when the repression got the upper hand” (at the moment only in Italian).

(August 26th 2016)

Switzerland [July 2016]: House searches in Zürich and St. Gallen

Received August 4th 2016:

Ding Dong – It’s the State

On Sunday July 10th 2016, it came for another time to house searches in Zürich and St. Gallen. This time it was 3 of these raids. The reason stated on the search warrant that had been authorized through Zürich’s prosecution was “arson, etc.”, as we came to know. In a more detailed explanation of the search warrant it became evident that it was about an alleged incendiary attack on a telecommunication antenna in Waidberg, 8037 Zürich that happened in the night between Saturday and the same Sunday.

While in Zürich the house searches were performed by cops in plain clothing and in uniform, the special forces of St. Gallen used this moment to turn it into a training session: battering ram, balaclavas and machine guns, dozens of wannabe Hollywood-cops, forcing the residents of the raided house to lay on the floor, while rifling every room from top to bottom. Beside their unsatisfying result – in all 3 cases they had to leave with unused handcuffs – they show for another time with this action what the police effectively stand for: the repressive arm of the State, equipped with all means, in order to defend it and to neutralize potential enemies. And in this category fall all those who do not accept an unfailing authority above oneself; those who do not accept to be cut off from society’s wealth, those who do not accept to be alienated, isolated and put under surveillance by technology, while day by day the illusion of unity, happiness and unlimited possibilities are being flaunted.

Should the justification of the search warrant prove itself as factual event, it is essential to defend this attack, which directed against those structures contributing to the transformation of our autonomy into radio signal irradiated slavery. Because every spreading fire needs a spark…

Article translated from the anarchist newspaper of Zürich
„Dissonanz“, n°32, July 20th 2016.

Additional note: In the context of the house searches the police were looking for a specific person, without success. Until July 29th, there was no further news of this person being arrested. We wish to the comrade a lot of strength for his path outside of the clutches of the State.

Italian & German

Switzerland: About the arrests following wild demonstration in Basel

On Friday, 24 June 2016 there was a small, but wild demonstration against racism, repression, and gentrification in Basel, Switzerland that attacked various buildings and the police. Basel’s criminal court, a private security company, the party office of the right-wing SVP, and an insurance company were among the buildings attacked. 14 people were subsequently arrested, accused of taking part. 2 people were injured during the arrests.

They were originally accused of disturbing the peace, property damage, violence and threats against authorities and officers, and assault.

That weekend, there were various house searches in multiple cities across Switzerland in the context of this case.

7 people were released on Sunday, 26 June, and the following seven were sentenced to between 2 and 6 weeks of pre-trial detention. Some of the imprisoned would have already been released by now, but have been sentenced to more time in pre-trial detention. The others may face a longer detention, as well.

A communique about the demonstration said: “Let us come together and organize in order to ravage the cage and break through the bars that contain various forms of coercion and repression, in order to open new ways in the future.”

Also from the communique, “Whether they took part in the demonstration or not, whether they attacked the police or not, we are in solidarity with all of the prisoners and we wish them a lot of strength and the ability to persevere. Even when they try to isolate you – you are not alone!”

The state and its cops, courts, and prison wardens think that repression will hold us down and destroy our desires, but it only gives us more reason to resist. Our solidarity goes to all those, inside or outside, that are fighting against the existing order.

We send our greetings to those resisting for Rigaer94 in Berlin. Your actions and solidarity also warm our hearts! Also, the attack on a police station in Zurich on 27 July brought smiles to our faces.

Action for political prisoners at mass street protest in Paris on June 14th

During the June 14th demonstration in Paris, comrades of AGB (Anarchist Group from Bern) carried a banner in solidarity with political prisoners in Greece, Switzerland and elsewhere, reading: “Whoever forgets the prisoners of social war has forgotten the war! Freedom for Nikos Maziotis, Marco Camenisch & members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. ”

Received June 26th along with the images:

Unions and revolutionary groups called for a mass street protest on June 14th 2016 in France. Hundreds of thousands participated in the demonstration against new reforms to labor laws, capitalism and state oppression. In addition, many people from all over Europe went to Paris to show solidarity with the movement.

Reacting to the dynamic protest of the people the police governed by the left government attacked with tear gas, flash bangs, baton charges and water cannons. Hundreds were injured; in one case a person nearly died because he was hit by a tear gas shell.

With our banner we wanted to draw attention to all the prisoners who couldn’t fight by our side that day. For example, in Greece there is currently a trial going on against 22 Anarchists. Nikos Maziotis, another Anarchist and Member of the group Revolutionary Struggle, was sentenced to life because he participated in armed struggle.

Since the protests in France started, three months ago, nearly 500 people were arrested by now.

There are thousands of revolutionaries all over the world who are jailed because they fought for a free society.

Whoever forgets the prisoners of social war has forgotten the war!

Greece: June 11th actions at the consulates of Italy and Switzerland in Thessaloniki

In the early hours of Saturday, we carried out interventions with paints and flyers at the entrances of the consulates of Italy and Switzerland on the occasion of June 11th, day of international solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners.

Freedom for anarchist prisoners of war. Arson and fire to every cell.

via Athens IMC

Zurich: Greek consulate attacked in solidarity with comrades who stand 2nd instance trial in Greece

attack // solidarity greetings

In the night between the 23rd and 24th April, the Greek consulate was attacked in Zurich (Bellerivestrasse 67). The facade was embellished with paint and a waste container burst into flames.

Fire to the prisons and a society that needs them!

If freedom is a crime, let us all turn to crime…

solidarity with all prisoners

German | Greek

Bern, Switzerland: Direct action against research on GMOs in solidarity with Billy, Silvia and Costa

On February 25th just passed, a branch of the Federal Department for the Environment in Bern was attacked with paint.

From February 22nd until 28th, a callout was made for an international week of action against technological nuisances and the world that produces them. It’s in this context that, on February 25th, we went and poured out a massive amount of paint on the walls of the Federal Office for the Environment in Bern.

For several years this Office issues the permissions to conduct research on genetically modified (GM) plants in the open-air “Protected Site” laboratory, in Reckenholz, Zurich. At this very moment a new request, concerning “Gala” apple trees, is being processed.

This attack against research and development of GMOs was carried out in solidarity with everyone in struggle against industrial society.

Solidarity with Billy, Silvia and Costa = silviabillycostaliberi.noblogs.org

some anarchists

via Renverse.ch from Switzerland Indymedia (currently not available)

UK: “Smarter Prison? – call for war on the technology multinationals” publication from Return Fire

Submitted to Return Fire in the last month of 2015, as part of the challenge to create diverse Black December activities. Return Fire take full responsibility for delaying publication while we awaited corrections, which we now amended into the text and formated for release. Big love from our trench to the comrades standing proud in the Turin courts around this very time. Shouts to the fighters who carry on beyond the Black December timeframe and harry the dominators in all corners of our lives. Freedom. R.F.

– solidarity with Silvia, Costa & Billy

August 2015: anonymous arson damages to the nano-technology research centre of the Université Catholique in Louvain, Belgium

Note from Return Fire: We transcribed the following essay, submitted by ‘Radical Interference’, which unfortunately cannot fit into our upcoming Volume 3 (Winter 2015-2016). We are happy to see that the invitation from the Greek dungeons for a Black December campaign (to re-intensify our insurrectionary fervour while not forgetting to exchange experiences and rationales around various topics of struggle) was taken up in this form, so as to broaden and develop the offensive against modern domination. Solidarity and strength to Silvia, Costa, Billy, Marco, Adrián, Nicola and Alfredo, and to the rest of the comrades in our struggle. In the spirit of ‘Avalon’; always present in our memories and active hands. Let’s extend the energy of Black December beyond the New Year, through the trial that starts in January and the proposed week of mobilisation, and onwards on the path of total liberation. Winter Solstice, 2015


At this time, as the wheels of this monstrous society continue to grind on, and the scattered insurgents make to throw what they can beneath the tracks to slow it down in whatever way, we are left with some questions. These are questions that, in our opinion, deserve more thought and provocation than they usually assume in the circles of anarchists, rebels and land-defenders. Namely; it is clear that mobilisations (independent of any timeframe), such as those for our imprisoned or fallen, are a practical necessity in order to constitute diverse forces that are ready to face and understand the consequences of any struggle that materially contests the ruling order; in other words, so that repression lessens in its power to stop us in our own tracks.

However, before the usual propaganda and agitation that takes aim at agents or facades of the state, at the prison-industrial complex and its readily-identifiable mercenaries, the bigger question is: what exactly is captivity, today? What is domination, in its most contemporary sense? What facilitates these abominable things, which naturally our passions are also fully inclined to assault?

Scratch the surface of everyday life in the (especially Northern-)European metropolis and the territories that feed them, and the material gears that form that ‘Great Cage’ can still be plainly seen if you know where to look; CCTV cameras being only the tip of the technological iceberg. But already, works are underway to make the chains that bind us less immediately perceivable; yet all the more comprehensive.

In this essay, we will be speaking about a project, a threat, that, it must be remembered, has not yet come to pass in its depicted scope. This carries not a few problems; the techno-critical sphere is already frequently wracked by morbid fascination with the most fantastic projections from the mouthpieces of those developers of domination. A potential fault of this over-activity of the imagination is a kind of self-paralysis, and the needless spread of debilitating fear among those with whom we are reaching for through our publications and communiques. Basically, falling for the hype of techno-science, and acting as if the worst were already here, we terrorise ourselves and those who would like to act – often at the expense of adequately assessing the technologies that are already with us, and studying their flaws and openings for disabling. This detrimental habit is augmented by a deleterious hostility towards the critiques of technological-industrial society, that is still sadly shown by many sectors of the more-or-less radical oppositional tendencies of the world.

With this in mind, throughout what follows, the strongest impression we would like to impart would be – cracks still exist in the walls that surround us, and will continue to…. if we seek them out and force them open. As the glut of action from all across the world in this month alone shows, and from a wealth of perspectives and targeting, the attack is not only feasible, but ever-present. The reason we find it important to dedicate this amount of words to the topic in hand is, simply, that these spaces for insurrection and creation are however diminishing, and it is (understandable fear of) the technological apparatus of modernity and its powers of surveillance, regulation and investigation that is largely responsible. In fact, history regularly teaches us that once designed and perfected, it is usually a matter of time before any given innovation in the hands of the ruling order is deployed to its full and repressive potential; to the degree that the rulers can afford and believe they can get away with. The question is when, not if. Continue reading UK: “Smarter Prison? – call for war on the technology multinationals” publication from Return Fire

Geneva, Switzerland: Burying the airport of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes

In these days of celebrations, we wanted to also extend our wishes to the French government. Death wishes where the Notre-Dame-Des-Landes project is buried once and for all.

Faced with the growing ZAD eviction threats, a small team of artist-apprentices in the night of December 25th to 26th went to decorate the French consulate in Geneva, to thereby also mark down the resistance in Switzerland.

Since 2008, the prospective airport land has been occupied by several hundred inhabitants. Thousands of people line the streets in every support demonstration. Hundreds of defence committees exist in France and elsewhere. But the French government, with [Manuel] Valls leading, insists on passing the project by force, ignoring popular request demanding the airport’s abandonment.

Nevertheless we are determined and the airport won’t happen. The resistance is organising, in Switzerland as in Nantes, like everywhere opposing any projects aimed at perpetuating an alienating and iniquitous capitalist system. And if they use force, we, the militants, will reduplicate creativity.

So go on then, Merry Christmas and choke yourself in your caviare.

PS: More information about Notre-Dame-Des-Landes, the call-out for decentralised actions on January 9th and eviction threats on zad.nadir.org.

Italy: Billy, Costa and Silvia sent to trial again

On July 17th 2015, the preliminary hearing against Silvia Guerini, Costantino ‘Costa’ Ragusa and Luca ‘Billy’ Bernasconi took place in Turin, Italy. The three have been previously arrested and jailed for several years in Switzerland, accused of having organised an act of sabotage against a nanotechnology research centre of IBM, under construction at the time. On April 15th 2010, they were stopped and arrested by Swiss police who searched their car and found explosives, as well as leaflets claiming the imminent action under the name ‘Earth Liberation Front Switzerland’.

They have now been indicted according to the article 110 of the Italian penal code, which is used to punish offenses of criminal association. Particularly they’re accused of having conspired together to plan the action in Italy, of having illegally obtained the materials needed to assemble and prepare explosive devices, and of having smuggled such devices between the Italian and Swiss border. All charges include the aggravating circumstance of the ‘purpose of terrorism’, historically used in political trials in Italy to obtain long pretrial detention, and longer prison sentence if found guilty.

The judge at the preliminary hearing accepted the thesis proposed by the deputy prosecutor Enrico Arnaldi Di Balme and found irrelevant that Billy, Costa and Silvia have already been tried and convicted in the Swiss Confederation.

The trial will commence on January 13th 2016 in Turin. Let’s use it as an occasion to relaunch the struggle against environmental destruction.

In view of the trial, the three comrades are facing a hard time and need to cover several legal expenses, so they’ve shared a call for support. Any help is much appreciated. Donations can be made to: conto corrente postale intestato a (postal current account payable to) Marta Cattaneo, IBAN: IT11A0760111100001022596116, BIC: BPPIITRRXXX. Please specify donation reason: solidarietà a Silvia Billy Costa (solidarity with Silvia Billy Costa).

More info on the case and updates (in Italian):

Basel: Demonstration against militarization, deportations, nations and borders

On the evening of friday September 18th, around 400 people walked from Claraplatz to the deportation prison “Bässlergut” in a demonstration against the military exercise “Conex15” and to show our solidarity to the prisoners. When the demonstration arrived there, about 60 riot-cops were waiting to protect the prison. From the outside we could hear the prisoners banging on the bars and shouting slogans, amongst others against the cops.

As the demonstration tried to get closer to the prison and the cops were attacked to drive them away, they responded with teargas and rubber bullets. There were a lot of slogans shouted and the attacks on the cops continued, but unfortunately we didn’t succeed to get closer to the fences. After these confrontations, which lasted for about half an hour, the demonstration continued to walk into the direction of the harbour, where originally a part of the military exercise was supposed to take place. On the way buildings of a local newspaper (Basler Zeitung), of the ISS and the border police were attacked and one ISS car was set afire. Several public transport ticket-machines were smashed.

The “Basler Zeitung” takes part in the racist campaigns against the migrants, the ISS participates in the facility management in prisons Europe-wide and the reasons for the attacks against the border police are self-explanatory. After the demonstration 8 people got arrested, but all of them are free again.

This demonstration was a sign of solidarity to the people who are imprisoned and deported and shows our anger against this society which is accepting this situation. And it is an expression of our rage against the cops, the military and the border guards, who are protecting these structures of power like prisons and borders.

Fire and Flames to the (Deportation-)Prisons!!!

Basel, Switzerland: Call for a “NoBorder – NoNation – NoConex” demonstration

Friday, 18th of September 2015
19:00, Claraplatz / Basel, Switzerland

Neither borders, nor nations. Sabotage Conex15.

More information on NoConex15!

From the 16th-25th of September 2015, a Swiss military training called “CONEX15” will take place in Northwestern Switzerland and formulates the threat scenario as follows: “In a fictional Europe of the future, with new countries and borders, there is an economic crisis. The following consequences also have an impact on Switzerland: supply shortages, a black market, and criminal organizations. Big oil, gas and grain stocks are the target of sabotage and looting. Moreover, ethnic tensions lead to larger refugee flows to Switzerland.

In today’s Europe, the economic crisis is driving more and more people into poverty and in part, the most basic necessities of life can not be satisfied. For millions of people there’s only one reality: an empty wallet and daily struggles to somehow keep afloat.

In presentday Europe, as well as in Switzerland, the borders are already militarized. Migrants fleeing war, repression and misery to search for a better life in Europe, are met with fortified border protection systems, are hindered from crossing the borders with aircraft, drones, ships and monitoring satellites. This is even more grotesque when you look at how European countries are involved in the exploitation and “destabilization” of other countries.

For the people who manage the dangerous entry, a life in the camps and prisons of the democracies of Europe is waiting for them: a life under surveillance and control, at the mercy of the mills of asylum laws and subjected to the constant threat of being deported again. At the same time, a profit is again reaped from the people, either while they are exploited as cheap labor or by their administration, which makes an independent life an inpossibility. This is how Switzerland and many companies also benefit, such as ORS (a Swiss asylum company), Securitas etc., in the management of the administration of the camp, the control of migrants, etc.
The questions, the scenarios, which seek to be answered in the scope of this military exercise, are for us the questions of the rulers and those who have power in this capitalist system and/or adhere to its continued existence: it is the question of how the worldwide social and political positions of power are maintained and how capital profits can be secured; how the people are brought to let themselves be exploited more and more; how the “unwanted” migrants are prevented from coming to Europe, or to come to Switzerland, resp. And finally, how one silences those that fight against it or simply strive for self-empowerment.
Their answers are always the same: strengthening of the laws, expansion of the repressive apparatus with its cops and prisons and when it appears necessary, the use of the military.
The military exercise, Conex 15, is an example of what such an answer looks like and only a visualization of the strategies and goals of the rulers.

In addition, the psychological effect that the military exercise should have on the population: a threatening scenario from the “outside” is evoked while insisting that one must “protect stable democracy and economy.” Militarization and repression should be legitimized, whereby people should get used to the presence of soldiers on the streets, as well as the fact that people are imprisoned in camps.
We do not ask for more democracy or a fairer capitalism. Even democracy is just a form of government that is used in a capitalist system to control, manage, and prevent people from thinking for themselves in which they’re deluded into thinking they have a say in things. Democracy, the nation-state and capitalism serve the same logic: The usability and control of the people. In this logic, borders, prisons, deportations, etc. will always exist.

We have no answer to these questions within this order and this system. Our only answer is the anger over this world with its borders and walls, and solidarity with all those who disappear in the camps and prisons of this system, because they allegedly do not belong here.

For a world without borders and nations! For a world without camps and prisons!

This is a call to disrupt and sabotage Conex15 and the entire migration system!

Melbourne: Solidarity banner for Marco Camenisch

Melbourne, Australia, 23.06.15: A banner was placed on fencing near Richmond railway station as a slightly belated small contribution to the June 20-22 International Days of Action for Marco Camenisch.

Marco Libero!

Solidarity with Marco Camenisch and all revolutionary prisoners held hostage by the state worldwide!

Basel, Switzerland: Demonstration against Frontex and attack on prosecutor’s office/pretrial prison

On May 22nd, about 200-250 people took to the streets in Basel in a demonstration against Frontex and the European migration-regime on the occasion of the international action days against the 10 year anniversary of Frontex.

The demonstration went in front of the deportation prison “Bässlergut”, where a big unit of anti-riot cops prevented people from getting to the fence of the prison. There were slogans and speeches against borders and prisons and in solidarity with those held captive. The reaction from the prisoners was loud and strong, with slogans against the cops and lots of noise with banging on the iron bars, for example.

Later that night, a bigger group of people attacked the Waaghof with stones and paint. In this building the prosecutor’s office and a pretrial prison are located, as well as certain units of the police.

Fire to the prisons!
Down with all borders!

Swiss prisons: Marco Camenisch denied conditional release (update)

ROS – Psychiatry assumes the power to define the execution of probation and correctional law

The office for probation and corrections services of the cantonal Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice sabotages all efforts aiming at easing the situation of imprisonment of Marco or to grant parole for him. The office for enforcement 3 (SMV3) uses a clearly political argumentation: As an unbroken anarchist he cannot be released from prison, and by drawing up an ROS report (risk-oriented sanctions enforcement), a kind of “Materials Testing Institution”, they acquire new arguments.

For some time the penal system is being aggressively colonized by psychiatry and psychology in Zurich as in prisons elsewhere. The report of the forensic psychiatric department from 31.3.2015 provides a “risk-oriented sanctions enforcement” assessment, a new evaluating development, since the report explicitly uses psychiatric argumentation only and for the first time formulates specific “recommendations”. Urbaniok’s psychiatry distributes contact prohibitions – defines political distancing or rather political renunciation as a requirement for conditional release. The big word is and remains the “crime-promoting ideology”!

We cite from the report’s controversial points:

• The legal prognosis is supposedly bad, since “he continuously strongly and actively delves in his ideology and is in contact with relevant comrades” which “can be seen in his statements as well as in his networking with the scene”.

• “It has been observed that MC’s attitude is solidified and imprisonment has not initiated a process of change.”

• “It may very well be required from a person like MC that he reflects on his statements – knowing of his influence and possible consequences – and that he is able to recognize statements of a more or less inciting content. To reduce the risk MC would have to distance himself from his conviction for which currently no evidence can be found” since he “is not willing to do any work concerning his crimes”.

And on “recommendations for intervention” we read:

• “Support for the establishment of a social environment distant from delinquency, in the context of relief measures.”

• “Control for information on contacts with violent sympathizers.”

• “Prerequisite for relief would be that MC declares his willingness to allow control of his activities and collaborates with the judiciary on common goals with respect to resocialization (focus: build a new delinquency distant environment).”

And for the umpteenth time:

• “MC would be willing to establish a social environment distant from delinquency.” and regarding the need for control “only makes sense if these areas actually turn out to be well controllable and a reaction could follow” and more “MC himself should actively collaborate in this control. Further on he would have to credibly demonstrate that he distances himself both actively in a leading position, as well as passively in a planning or supportive role, of possible criminal actions and will also not be in endangering company.”

In plain language: Marco must renounce his many and international comrades, friends and acquaintances of many years, and with the help and under control of the executive authorities, build a “delinquency-free” environment, so that an “enforcement plan with a realistic relief perspective” would be considered.

Looking back: In December 2014 it became public that the Federal Court in Lausanne denied conditional release for Marco, to which he would be entitled after having been imprisoned for more than two thirds of his sentence. The court based its verdict on the usual phrases, which it copied from previous court decisions. The verdict was that Marco was not to be released due to the lack of distancing himself from his political identity. At the same time the supreme court pointed out that relief measures should be seriously considered due to the approaching end of his imprisonment in 2018.

The Cantonal Office for the Execution of Penal Sentences responded to the broad hint and started investigations. In a lengthy report, the aforementioned ROS investigation resulted in detailed explanations, why firstly Marco was not to be released and secondly imprisonment relaxations were not to be considered. The report was compiled by the forensic psychiatric service of the Cantonal Penal Office, which is headed by Frank Urbaniok. As it was to be expected, this service once again primarily aimed at the political identity of Marco. How should it be otherwise, since Marco denies cooperation with this service, that under the guise of psychiatry ultimately is an actor that drives toward a zero tolerance society in favor of absolute security (while at the same time, capitalism produces the greatest risks and conflicts).

In addition, it is clear that Marco’s political identity can certainly not be the subject of psychiatric investigation. What the Office writes ultimately means: Whoever after all these years remains “strong and active in his ideology” has a mental disorder. It is understandable that Marco does not deign to this depoliticising and defamatory level.

Accordingly despite its length, the report’s content is fairly meager and it is clearly apparent that the Office is handing over the power of definition to forensic psychiatry, doing everything it can to not have to grant Marco conditional release. Cowardly, they prevent any form of enforcement relief.

As long as the office repeats its mantra of “delinquency-promoting ideology with a strong propensity to violence” and wants Marco to pathologize his identity and distance himself from his comrades and friends, the reports of this office will be negative and thus any steps towards the implementation of relief will be sabotaged. Marco writes that these recommendations (which have been made for the first time), to break with his previous environment, represent “a social and existential death sentence by a virtually total break with the entire long-standing own life-environment, by breaking-up with all the important, close and loved ones”.

2018 will be the year when Marco’s imprisonment ends. Their political attack against him and what he stands for is constant and obvious. Again and again they are aiming at his political identity, now using forensic psychiatry trying to pathologize him and impose requirements representing demonstrations of power of the state. It is the power of the state, that defines, gives orders and uses its repressive forces trying to monitor who will be observed, evicted, or locked up. In Marco’s case, it will remain like this until he renounces his political position, his identity, estranges himself from his base and having become a broken man, falls into the lap of the bourgeois social order.

The extortionate demonstration of power by the state has many facets, we know quite a few of them from our own struggle, for example the struggle in public places like on May 1st, the struggle against profit-oriented urban development, labor struggles, against migration policies, etc.

The State’s demonstration of power against Marco is one that affects us all!

His struggle to finally leave the jail in an upright posture in order to lead a life of self-determined dignity, is our struggle!

International solidarity is an important weapon in this – let us use it.

Marco libero!

Red Aid Switzerland

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