$hile: Bombing attack against Agrosuper factory’s headquarters in downtown Santiago


We claim responsibility for the explosive attack at the offices of Agrosuper on January 2nd, 2013 at 23.30pm on the corner of 18 and 10 de Julio streets in the commune of Santiago Centro. Frontal attack on the bourgeoisie and its supporters.

We chose this target because it is the holding company that controls the Chilean agrifood industry, belonging to Gonzalo Vial, a businessman who amassed much of his fortune during the Pinochet dictatorship. We salute the decisive and combative attitude of the people of Freirina, who resist Vial’s capricious pig-city (cerdopolis).

The blast and its splinters are a clear message for you, Vial: “We are watching you closely.”

Five years after the assassination of the Mapuche warrior, weichafe Matías Catrileo; your death is not in vain: Hatred and revenge against the cop murderers!

Freedom for the Caso Security prisoners!

Mauricio Morales Incendiary Brigades