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Santiago, $hile: Clashes in memory of Alex Lemún

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012, in the former pedagogical faculty of Santiago, while a cultural commemorative act was coming to an end — in remembrance of the combatant Alex Lemún, who was murdered at the age of 17 exactly ten years ago, in 2002, by the dogs of democracy and Capital, and at the same time that two Mapuche political prisoners began another hunger strike (see communiqué in English here) — a group of 30–35 hooded youths stormed into the university campus, setting up burning barricades in the corner of the Macul and Grecia avenues to halt the circulation of indifferent people, aka living merchandise.

They made way for direct action and confrontation, throwing Molotov cocktails at the cops who guarded the consumption centres in the area. Soon thereafter, the arsonists retracted since the air was stifling at the gate located closer to the Grecia Avenue.

However, they returned to street fighting with more petrol bombs, this time through the main entrance of the campus. The clashes lasted for over one and a half hours, before the hooded youths withdrew after their last ammunition.

It is worth remembering that nothing more than murder is committed in the name of the Capital. Therefore, the assassination of Alex Lemún must not be seen only in the context of the Mapuche people’s struggle for their autonomy. The truth of the conflict lies in the accumulation of the Capital generated in seized territories. The capitalists seek to fully exploit these lands. We thus need to put this idea into tension, in order to unify ways of battle and develop them against a common enemy, beyond any particular demands. We can extract the worldview of the Mapuche fighters to feed the anticapitalist forces.

Alex Lemún lives!
Freedom for all political prisoners!
Death to the Capital and the State!



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