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Chile: November of Vengeance

On the morning of November 19, 2015, Kevin, 18 years old, in complicity with the night, rode his bicycle to the perimeter of the Gendarmerie School of San Bernardo, armed with a bomb, a lighter and a blade. After the detonation, the police bastard who came after his steps after a long investigation, captures him a few meters from the place, and simultaneously the comrade Joaquín García is kidnapped at his home, both being held captive in the disgusting High Security Jail(CAS), specifically in the section of maximum security (MAS).

Both are accused of the explosive attack on the 12th San Miguel police station on October 29, a bomb composed of a 6 kilogram extinguisher filled with more than 3 kilos of black powder, about 100 4-inch nails and 50 1-inch nails inside to work as shrapnel, a 1-liter bottle of sulfuric acid and two 1-liter bottle with gasoline, all this activated by a remote control, consisting of a cell phone connected to a 2.5 volt light bulb modified as a detonator , claimed by the “ Gerasimos Tsakalos Deflagrant Cell – International Conspiracy for Vengeance ”, Kevin is also accused of the explosive attack against the Gendarmerie School and an explosive attack on the Chilectra electricity company, on October 16, claimed by the ”Karrkarri Cell”, these last two attacks linked only to Kevin.

After 7 months in captivity, Kevin request to be transferred to the jail/slaughterhouse Santiago 1. On June 15, 2018, the inquisitor trial towards the comrades begins, declaring them guilty on August 15, to Joaquin for carrying a gun and ammunition, those he carried at the time will be captured while He was a fugitive for break a measure of total house arrest, also the attack on the 12th San Miguel police station, together with Kevin, who also He was declared guilty of the explosive attack on the School of Gendarmeria of El Bosque-San Bernardo. On September 5, 2018; they are sentenced to a total of 13 years in jail for Joaquin and 17 years for Kevin.

On November 2, when he goes down to the jail yard Kevin is involved in a fight with another prisoner, who seemed to be one of the many daily conflicts that are lived in that place, being wounded in a lethal way, without receiving timely medical assistance, is transferred dead from Santiago 1, an hour and fiveteen minutes later to the Barros Luco external hospital.

” I know what I was facing, from the moment I consciously decided to live my life in constant action and not vague wordiness, and I don’t regret anything ”

A year after his murder, an international call to action is made in vengeance for Kevin’s murder while he was held captive in the jail/slaughterhouse Santiago 1. The call extends to realize multiform vengeance actions, betting on the chaotic praxis of violence throughout November. Leaving aside the utilitarian distortions that have arisen around Kevin, which contradict his words and actions.

” That solidarity is not just a groped word, that the solidarity be an wrathful action that gives injections of strength and energy to the heart of each sister in captivity ”

Vengeance for Kevin, complicity with Joaquin

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Santiago, Chile: 1st public communiqué from the “Anti-Prison Solidarity Network with Juan and Marcelo”

The “A.S.N” was presented during the “Solidarity Rap” activity (14.07.2018)

received 08.08.2018

What is a prison?

Prison is a material structure through which it is intended to inhibit the acts of any person who transgresses the conduct imposed by the State. Thus, punishment and the imposition of socially accepted discipline are the regime in which the captives have to live, by this seeking to annul their actions, ideas and beliefs. These acts may constitute crimes and like the ones that challenge order, be of revolutionary politics. It is with these that we again take a stand – either by supporting or having solidarity with those companions who presently are encarcerated for having carried out subversive actions for a political idea of liberation. The commitment of these companions makes us want to support them in real ways, concretely because we share goals.

We, autonomous comrades and anarchists, have been carrying out libertarian initiatives and projects for some time – from different places and contexts – seeking to generate a break with the order, the norms and eveything that tries to impose the Capital and the State. It is under this light that several people have converged to collectively create the “Anti-Prison Solidarity Network with Juan and Marcelo”.

Who are Juan and Marcelo?

Juan Aliste Vega and Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda are subversive, autonomous and libertarian prisoners who are in the high security prison of Santiago, Chile, since July 2010 (Juan) and December 2009 (Marcelo).

Since very young these comrades have engaged in revolutionary struggles – during military dictatorship and after it – developing offensive actions against Capital and State. Attacks that were both to material structures and subjects that were part of the state apparatus. The times required positioning and determination, so they reasoned, trying to achieve this by joining Mapu-Lautaro, one of several political-military groups that existed in that period.

Their challange to the established order led to their arrest in 1991 and 1992, respectively. Prison was a circumstance – neither wanted nor sought by the life they chose – as one of them said in an old interview; during more than a decade they had to face confinement, the repression of the jailer and the own logic of that dreary institution.

Free again and, in the following years, a new situation causes impact on public opinion, police, state policy and the State. October 18th, 2007. A bank robbery, in the heart of the capital Santiago, against Security Bank. The assailants take the money, flee in different directions, two of them run into two police drivers, there is an exhange of shots and one is shot down, the policeman Luís Moyano. Defending capital cost him a great price: the death.

Those were the facts and the hunt would be unleashed: Juan, Marcelo, Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo* and Freddy Fuentevilla Saa** are exposed on television and flagged as the assailants and murderers of the policeman. They decide to become into clandestinity, one of them breaking an intra-penitentiary benefit, with which he had agreed to in 2003***.

On March 15th, 2008, Marcelo and Freddy are detained in San Martin de los Andes, Argentinian territory. Accused of illegal possession of weapons of war, they were later convicted to 3 years and 6 months. When they reached half of the sentence, on December 16th, 2009, they were expelled to Chile and taken to the high security prison. Juan is arrested on July 10th, 2010, at the Retiro bus terminal in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is immediately expelled to Chile and is also taken to the high security prison.

In Santiago de Chile – after 4 years of preventive detention – the trial took place in July 2014, condemning them respectively to 42 years (Juan), 14 years (Marcelo), 15 years (Freddy) in jail in what was known as “Security Case” and/or “Moyano Case”.

Meanwhile more than a decade has gone by since those events in the heart of Santigo – just like what they had to face later, like the harrassment of their families and close ones. Clandestinity, beatings, arrests, defamations, exposure to public opinion, prison, transfers to various units, condemnations. A process accompanied by the solidarity of anonymous comrades, groups, collectives, political organizations, through material and symbolical support – various activities were carried out, press notes, forums, lectures, musical shows, gatherings, street agitation by propaganda, posters, publications, online dissemination and, in an illegal fashion, a wide multiformity of subversive actions in Chile and several other places in the world.

What will we develop, as “Solidarity Network”?

Support and solidarity (in its multiple forms) is what we want to develop and project – in a practical, public and systematic way – the essential for us will be to stir up and inform about the situation of the mentioned comrades, through posters, propaganda and activities, concrete gestures that aim to “build a bridge” from the prison, between them and the ones “outside the walls”.

This type of open instances – occupying streets, diverse spaces, electronic media, associating with other groups and individuals, etc – are important because they provide knowledge about the situation of the comrades, their political ideas and practices, who exist and resist in spite of many adversities. Another important factor is to allow more people to inquire and take an interest in these anti-prison perspectives – a struggle amongst many against Capital and State. We intend to agitate and inform to create and join, to potentiate theory and practice, because when there is in conscience a radical idea clearly something must be done.




Anti-Prison Solidarity Network with Juan and Marcelo
July 2018
Santiago de Chile

* Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo, Libertarian Weychafe (“fighter” in Mapuche language). The subversive history of the comrade goes back to the 80s, when he was part of the urban guerilla of the Youth Movement Lautaro (MJL). He was detained in January 1995, accused of illicit terrorist association, being released on bail in October 1998. He was then arrested in 2003, accused of robbing a Santander bank in Nuñoa, Santiago. He was released on bail in 2005 and sentenced to prison in 2006 for 5 years and 1 day. Later he is accused of participation in the assault on the Security Bank in Santiago. He was arrested in November 28th 2013 in Angol, in the region of La Araucanía, by the PDI team, after 6 years in clandestinity, being swiftly transfered to the maximum security section of the high security prison in Santiago. Got out of prison in September 10th, 2015.

** Freddy Fuentevilla Saa (autonomous subversive). The subversive history of the comrade goes back to the 90s, when he was part of the urban guerilla of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR). After being flagged as a participant in the Security Bank robbery in Santiago, he went underground, being arrested in argentinian territory, then expelled to Chile and convicted (facts reported in the text). Got out of prison in June 18th 2018.

*** Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda (subversive libertarian). He is the comrade who broke the intra-penitentiary benefit, to which he had accessed in December 28th 2003. His sentence goes until February 26th, 2056.

We can make abrief summary of the sentences: illegal terrorist association, 10 years and 1 day for its participation in the urban guerrilla Mapu-Lautaro. Damage to fiscal vehicles with serious injury to carbinieri, 3 years and 541 days, due to armed attacks on police vehicles in communes of Cerro Navia and Conchalí. Co-author of a qualified terrorist murder, 15 years and 1 day, for the armed confrontation with the escort of Intendente Luis Pareto, where 3 detectives died in the commune of Las Condes. Theft with intimidation (Law 18.314), 10 years and 1 day, for the expropriation of a state bank and a truck of chickens, which were distributed in a town in commune of Renca. Finally, an attack with explosives against the home of the spanish ambassador, 8 years and 1 day, during the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the massacre of the ancestral people in this territory. All these actions were carried out in Santiago de Chile.

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Santiago, Chile: “Javier Recabarren present in Combatant Youth – March 29 and every day…out in the street!”

Javier Recabarren present in Combatant Youth – March 29 and every day …out in the street! (A)

Banner in memory of comrade Javier Recabarren


During the “Day of the Young Combatant” we have made a banner in memory of the anarchist Javier Recabarren who died three years ago, run over by a transantiago bus.

His action mode, relative to street battle and anti-speciesism calls, or anti-prison – in short, his participation on the broad anti-authoritarian struggle – continues present in our memory.  He was a comrade, a affine brother that we bring to the street, by means this minimal propaganda gesture, from somewhere in Santiago.

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Portugal: Viva Javier Recabarren, anarchist!

received on 15.03.18

[black and insurrect memory] Viva Javier Recabarren,


He roamed the streets of Santiago do Chile with full conviction of  what  he  felt, against a terrorist police, against a society that mistreatsand tortures human beings and other animals. His deep revolt against thegrids of cages and prisons arose directly from his heart. Wild and free, he wandered his brief anarchist life like a comet, bright with love andrebellion. The comrade Javier Recabarren dies, ran over by a killing machine in the same street where he fought so many times (18 mars 2015). An indomitable wisdomof the acracy ran through his veins, in a young 11-years-old body!

Viva Javier! Honor to your memory.
You live in us, we live with you by our side. With the black and insurrect memory of all those who fight and give us strength, like you, Javier Recabarren!

Venceremos!!! (A)

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[September 11, Chile] No one is forgotten, nothing is settled, memory to the f@llen

Eve of 11 September. We threw pamphlets and put a banner – to steps away from where our library project works – where could read: ” NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN – NOTHING IS SETTLED – MEMORY TO THE F@LLEN”

From somewhere in the Chilean territory
Anti-authoritarian Library Libertad
Winter, 2017

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[Chilean prisons] Letter from comrade Marcelo Villarroel concerning the case of Santiago Maldonado

Received and revised at 05/09/17

This is a letter from the libertarian prisoner Marcelo Villarroel concerning the case of Santiago Maldonado who is still missing. It also has a call for action. His words are welcome by us!!!
Fire to the prisons!!! We want our comrade Santiago Maldonado alive now!!!

translated by tormentas de fogo


These words are born and become necessary at the same time when it is necessary to embrace all those who give themselves without limits when seeking encounter with total liberation.

For the expansion of the revolt, for the unequivocal confrontation with power, for the extension of autonomous practices to deny domination and everything that makes possible its existence.

As I write, hatred and anger guide me… While each person realizes his life, there is a dear friend missing…

SANTIAGO MALDONADO – el “Lechu”, el “Brujo”, disappeared.
And I can not stay silent or ignore his physical absence.

Since we had to live prison in the region dominated by the Argentine state, our steps crossed. There were us, the prisioners in the province of Newken and there was Santiago, in the city of La Plata, next to a universe of active comrades, sharing complicity and standing in solidarity…

It’s been more than 9 years since our footsteps have crossed the continuous path of the brotherhood, this path that sets both of us on the same side of the trench.

Because we have to say clearly: We are at war against oppression and misery! Against all the police, states, countries and cowards that accommodate their speeches and lives to make it harmless and integrated.

There is no way to forget that we who have decided to continue the offensive take permanent risk. We are not passive victims of circumstance nor mere spectators.

Just like Santiago, a person in complete coherence with his anarchic feelings, who is missing since August 1st, when he was kidnapped by the Gendarmería (intermediate force between the Police and the Army), while actively supporting the Mapuche struggle in Cushamen, province of Chubut, in the south of Argentina and near the Chilean border.

It’s been a month already and Lechuga did not show up. And although Santiago is among all of us who do not forget or abandon the daily struggle, his physical presence is lacking.

We will bring him back by striking blow by blow, multiplying his gestures and actions throughout the planet against the miserable ones responsible for his disappearance.

From prison, today, my call is to deepen the attack against amnesia and fear. Because those who say they believe in anarchy must act in accordance with this conviction.

Hundreds of revolutionary prisoners around the world united by similar convictions, we are the living expression of a struggle with no nations and no borders that seeks the total destruction of all the chains, cages and prisons where most of the people on this planet are living.

These are times of combat, we can not hide the obvious.

The rebellious and ancestral fire is incinerating the machines of predatory capital, the insurrectionist blood spilled from our fallen comrades is among our war rituals, our silent conspiracies seek the only possible justice: vengeance becomes urgent and necessary.





Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, libertarian prisoner.

High security level prison.

Santiago, Chile.

August 30, 2017.

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Chile: Banner by the apparition with life of the anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado

Apparition with life of Santiago Maldonado –
Made disappear by the police, in Argentina on August 1st.

09.08.2017. The anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado has disappeared after the raid of the Argentine police to the Mapuche community in resistance, where he was in solidarity on 1 of August. From the other side of the mountain range, we send a minimal gesture of support to those who strive for the apparition of Santiago, our consciences are there with all of you.

From somewhere in the Chilean territory
Libertad Anti-authoritarian Library
Winter, 2017

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Santiago, Chile: Sealed the padlocks of a Teletrak

Members of the Anonymous Band for Sabotage in the early hours of June 18 made a sealing of two padlocks from a Teletrak betting office located in Santiago. Earlier we harassed their customers with an undesirable noise, this time we went by their locks.

“…We will continue breaking your windows, we will continue painting your walls, we will continue fucking your locks, we will continue shouting in front of faces… We will continue in foot of war!” –Ekkaía.

Anonymous Band for Sabotage
Animal Liberation Front / Earth Liberation Front

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[Spanish State] Prison sentence against Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero reduced to four and a half years

On December 16th 2016, the Supreme Court announced its decision on the appeal filed by the defense of anarchists Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero, who were each sentenced to 12 years in prison at first instance.

Their sentence was reduced to 4½ years of imprisonment, in addition to 143,317 euros as compensation for damages caused by the explosion at the Basilica of the Pillar in Zaragoza in October 2013.

The two comrades have already served three years, so they have to spend a year and a half more in state cages. But there’s a possibility that, being foreigners, they’ll be released before the completion of the full term and get deported to Chile, since their sentence is now less than six years.


Athens: ATM of Piraeus Bank destroyed

In the evening of Friday December 16th, shortly before 20:00, we decided to pay a visit to the Piraeus Bank branch located at Canningos Sq. After smashing the ATM screen and the windows next to it with a hammer, we poured gasoline on the machine and torched it. Before leaving, we also threw a molotov to the ex ministry of commerce located opposite the bank.

This action is dedicated to the memory of anarchist-nihilist Sebastian Oversluij, who was shot dead by a security guard while attempting to expropriate a BancoEstado branch in Santiago, Chile, on December 11th 2013.

This is also an act of complicity in solidarity with anarchist Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, who is held captive in the Chilean dungeons for taking revenge for the loss of Sebastián by opening fire against another private security guard of the same bank on January 21st 2014.


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Athens: Bulldozer of DEI electricity company torched in Exarchia

In the early hours of December 2nd 2016, on the corner of Akadimias and Themistokleous St. a bulldozer at the service of DEI electricity company couldn’t take it anymore and decided to give an end to its automatized routine. Before its self-immolation the poor machine reportedly said:

“Solidarity with the comrades Siao, Hodey and Maya, recently arrested in Germany for defending the Hambach forest!

Strength to the anarchist Natalia Collado, imprisoned in Chile because she liberated a Transantiago bus with fire!”

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Chile: In memory of Javier Recabarren; about the protest against McDonald’s on Oct. 18th 2014

McDonald’s attacked during the protest of October 18th 2014

On October 18th 2014, from 2pm, an animalistic protest against McDonald’s was held from Plaza Italia to Los Héroes in Santiago.

We calmly marched as a small bloc of punks and anarchists, who joined together with the desire to participate in that protest generating a spontaneous destructive revolt against the industry of plastic food and death of animals. When the crowd (alongside the bloc) reached the corner of Santa Rosa with Alameda St. (where a McDonald’s is located), animalists began shouting at the salaried slaves of that place, who ended up lowering the security shutters. That’s when a few hooded youths and others with faces uncovered (among them the compa Javier Recabarren) started kicking and hitting the shutters with sticks and whatever else they could get their hands on, until they managed to bend a shutter to make their way in through a hole. However, this action was prevented by cops who arrived at that moment, making the comrades disperse among the crowd.

The police, who outnumbered the protesters, began to chase the hooded ones, until two cops caught Javier. Several people tried to de-arrest him, but the cops pushed them away with baton charges, injuring several comrades. This action generated more hatred among the hooded ones towards the disgusting cops, so we rushed to the police checkpoint (where Javier was) and the cop bus, where more compas were detained. In a moment of despair, the cops were unable to control the revolt, and that’s when Javier opened the door and got off the cop car running and mocking the authority, leaving the bastards totally humiliated.

Javier rushed towards the crowd, disappearing in it (most people cowardly advanced without giving aid to what was happening behind; which is typical), while all of the comrades of the small bloc who remained un-arrested scattered. I personally noticed that the cops were desperately searching for someone among the protesters, and that’s when I was approached by Javier and a punk comrade. Javier told me: “sibling, I escaped from the patrol car” and upon saying those words the compa let out a laugh. Then he told me: “… but I’m being followed; they’re still looking for me; cover for me.” When I realized that the comrade was being followed, I immediately told him: “Compa, put yourself next to me to pass unnoticed, and split from your comrade; you’ll meet later in a little square.” And so we walked among the crowd, and as he was small, Javier hid himself between my clothes and the mass. The cops didn’t manage to catch him.

Javier laughed because he told me it was easy to escape from the cops, who idiotically left the door of the car unlocked, but he was a bit anxious as they were looking for him. Shortly afterwards we arrived at the agreed little square and saw that his punk comrade was also able to get away from the cops, as he was there waiting for him.

The grinning smile of Javier Recabarren, having escaped arrest, turns out to be a good subversive memory of revolt against all forms of Power and authority.

… in the living memory and action for Total Liberation!

Javier Recabarren, an 11-year-old anarchist comrade, vegan and staunch defender of the struggle for animal liberation, fell dead on March 18th 2015 after being hit by a Transantiago bus on Radal with Alameda St. in Santiago, Chile. To find out more about the comrade’s life, you may read the “Publication in the rebellious and insurgent memory of Javier Recabarren” in Spanish; a fanzine which includes a compilation of words and actions in response to a callout one year after his death.

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Santiago: Action for World Vegan Day

Other brothers and sisters already said it a couple of years ago, today we reaffirm it. November 1st should be a day of action for animal liberation, hostility towards the enemy, propaganda against domination in all its forms; not a day of festivity for veganism.

In the early morning of November 1st 2016, we put a noise bomb inside a butcher shop in Santiago. We had checked its infrastructure long ago; that place of death of thousands of animals destined for consumption by disgusting humans. A perfect hole served to place our little din of Revenge.

These useless ones know very well why we harass them. The pact between comrades in affinity is already a fact; from here on, the attack won’t stop.


Animal Liberation Front.

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Athens: Incendiary solidarity with the comrades of the PDI case in Chile

The night between Friday and Saturday 15th of October 2016, some chaotic individualities joined the crowd of rebels that attacked with Molotov cocktails against the scumbags of the anti-riot police (MAT) outside the headquarters of PASOK party on Charilaou Trikoupi St. in Exarchia.

With this small gesture of violence we send our strength to Manuel, Maria Paz, Natalia, Amaru and Felipe, who are in pretrial detention accused for the incendiary attack against a department of the Investigation Police (PDI) in Santiago in November 2014. We support the international call for a week of action with the 5 comrades, from the 16th to the 21st of October.

Alongside anarchist individuals and street groups that don’t take a step back.


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Greece: June 11th action at Chile’s consulate in Thessaloniki

Today, June 13th 2016, we threw paints and flyers and spray-painted Chile’s consulate on Karolou Diehl Street in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the June 11th callout, day of international solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. As a small gesture, we also dedicate our action to the memory of comrade Mauricio Morales.

“Before Ι go to sleep I embrace chaos as an idea that liberates my body and mind because, after all’s said and done, it makes me feel alive. I don’t want to go in search of the grail that gives off freedom in future societies. My fingers seek the bloody flight towards the destruction of chains, towards the rhythmic fire, towards the near arson of Power and its masters. And my actions upon falling asleep are headed towards breaking with the routine upon waking up tomorrow, towards individual action with my chest like a stone, swollen by the destruction of this and every other society.
Do me a favor: make sure anarchy lives forever.”

[Punky Mauri, Antes de dormir abrazo el caos…]

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June 11, 2016: Against Maximum Security Prisons – Against Every Prison

PDF versions versions of the call-out: for reading | imposed

June 11th 2016: International Day of Action

For June 11th, 2015, we emphasized transition in the struggle and in the lives of the prisoners we support. This year we’re focusing on a different kind of transition: the restructuring of the prison system and thus doubling down on opposition to Maximum Security, isolation, and `s. High-security facilities are not new: for example, Communications Management Units isolated Daniel McGowan and Andy Stepanian for years. But now we are at a new juncture: there is both a fresh focus on the part of the authorities reorganizing prisons to maximize repression against long-term and combative prisoners, while simultaneously cutting costs. In response there has been a wave of resistance and revolt–in the streets and in the prisons. As this wave spreads organically, we feel impelled to contribute in support of our imprisoned friends and comrades.

Around the world, repression intensifies against anarchists, their comrades, and their families. The left-wing SYRIZA government in Greece continues the isolation of rebellious prisoners in the C-type maximum security prisons. The Spanish state attempts to criminalize anarchist solidarity through an “anti-terrorist” spectacle of raids, arrests, and show trials. Anarchists from Santiago to Kansas City face decades in prison for choosing the path of revolt and for their refusal to bow before pressure from the state. Everywhere we look: the state’s jaws clamp down on rebellion.

But all this cannot break our comrades or the spirit of our struggle. As Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar are sentenced to twelve years in prison, anarchists respond to their persecution with smoke and shattered glass. As the Greek state levels its force against the families of the imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and condemns Nikos Maziotis to life in prison, fugitive comrade Pola Roupa attempts to hijack a helicopter to free the imprisoned fighters. As Osman Evcan and Eric King both fight the state’s attempts to starve them for their refusal to consume flesh, comrades mobilize to ensure that their demands are backed with acts of solidarity. As the Chilean state continues to arrest and imprison anarchists, an intransigent minority strikes back in vengeance. As the State of Ohio continues to restrict Sean Swain’s communications, those holding the controls find their names and addresses spread online. As the state constructs an “anti-terrorism” roundup in Belgium, the multiform struggle against prison society there continues, unflinching and defiant. As the United States prison system continues its brutal enforcement of white supremacy and the social liquidation of undesirables, prisons from Alabama to Nebraska face the flames of rebellion. Everywhere we look, the revolt against prison society deepens and spreads.

Click here to continuing reading the text from June11.org

Athens: Banner action in the city centre

On March 26th 2016, we gathered in the yard of the Athens Polytechnic School, beside the squatted Gini building where migrant families are currently housed, and we made a few banners of anarchist remembrance and internationalist solidarity.

On Stournari Street, we placed a banner in solidarity with migrants reading: “We are migratory birds – Down with barbed wire – Long live freedom – Fire to the borders”.

In Exarchia Square, we dropped a banner in memory of Javier Recabarren also ahead of the 29th March, Day of the Combatant Youth in Chile: “Eleven-year-old dead: 18th March 2015 – Javier Recabarren present in every street battle!!! 29th March out in the street”.

Last year (18-3-2015), the rebellious comrade Javier Recabarren died at age 11 in Santiago, Chile, when he was hit by a bus of Transantiago. At such a young age he was very active in animal liberation struggles, being a member of Colectivo Animalista Alza Tu Voz (Animal-Rights Collective “Raise Your Voice”). He often participated in street riots, but also in activities and events in support of incarcerated comrades.

“With all the subversive love for the rebellious and beautiful little kid Javier Recabarren… Vegan/Anarko/Anti-cages, immensely conscious of his uncontainable desires for freedom… We carry you in the indomitable hearts, little brother!!!” —words of the libertarian comrade (Security case prisoner) Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda in November 2015

On Koletti Street, Exarchia, we hung a banner reading: “Ever since we were children we’ve hated this society – Shit on the State and the police – Chaoten”.

At the old building of the Chemistry Faculty, we left a message of incendiary solidarity: “A bottle filled with petrol at every cop’s head – Solidarity with Andrea and Errol – Antigolders”.

The two anarchist comrades Errol and Andrea, who reside in Thessaloniki, are currently threatened with administrative deportation, accused of participation in clashes with cops that had broken out on August 23rd 2015 during a demonstration against gold mining in Skouries in the Halkidiki Peninsula (northern Greece).

A wall nearby, on Charilaou Trikoupi Street, was tagged with “FIRE TO THE PRISONS (A)” in Farsi.

At the opposite corner, on Solonos Street, we dropped a banner against every terror law: “Out in street is where we break the terror and the law – Breakin’ the Law”.

We placed one last banner on Soultani Street, back in Exarchia, reading: “Fire to the prisons / FTTP”.

Montevideo, Uruguay: Graffiti in remembrance of Javier Recabarren


As of Friday 11th March there’s an international call-out from the Chilean region for agitation in memory of Javier Recabarren, who was sadly hit by a city bus of Transantiago on March 18th last year.

We don’t want to remember him only the day of his death; we want to remember him in every step that we take, in every action that brings us closer to our common ideals – animal liberation, among others.

He was an 11-year-old compa whose vegan nutrition practices and various different motivations for the closure of the Zoo in Santiago de Chile gave strength to many to remain standing!

From the Uruguayan region we send warm hugs to his family, his friends and comrades who continue the fight!

Neither walls nor borders will stop our yearning for freedom!
Until every cage in the entire world is empty!

Santiago, Chile: Flyers at the place where 11-year-old comrade Javier Recabarren was killed

On March 15th 2016, we went to the place where the anarchist comrade Javier Recabarren fell dead [on March 18th 2015] and threw dozens of flyers in his memory with the intention of actively remembering him, of bringing him out in the street during this week of agitation – the street where he was active, anonymously attacking the forces of order and insulting them; where he propagandised ideas and practices antagonistic to this rotten society on public occasions as well. This is our way to remember him, as a small rebel who contributed to the struggle against domination, and total liberation, in multiple forms.

Athens, 08.03: Action outside the embassy of Spain in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco

On Tuesday evening, March 8th 2016, we went with banners, flyers and sprays outside the Spanish Embassy in Athens (on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, in the Makrygianni district) in a minimum display of solidarity with captive comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who stand trial in Madrid.

The banners read: “All laws are terrorism – Freedom for Mónica and Francisco”; and: “A life of combat – Prisoners to the streets – Freedom for our bodies – Madrid, 8-9-10/3/16”. Walls of the embassy building were tagged with: MONICA Y FRANCISCO LIBRES (“Mónica and Francisco free”). Among the slogans shouted (mostly in Spanish) were the words “Mateo Morral: Presente” – as well as “Javier Recabarren: Presente” in view of the week of actions in Chile in memory of the 11-year-old comrade.

“Against repression, multiform action and internationalist solidarity! Madrid, 8, 9, 10 March 2016: Trial against anarchist prisoners Francisco Solar & Mónica Caballero // So long as misery exists, there will be rebellion! // Freedom for anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, hostages of the Spanish State // No terror-law can stop us – Liberation of those who are in prison cells/cages”

Also, the following text was handed out in Greek and English:

| On the occasion of this year’s 8th March

8th March is widely known to us as women’s day, internationally established as such in the early 20th century.

The same date may remind us the 1921 execution of the Spanish Prime Minister Eduardo Dato by shots of Catalan anarchists in Madrid.

Back to Madrid, in the year 2016:

The 8th of March marks the beginning of the trial against two anarchists from Chile, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who are currently held in the prisons of the Spanish State.

Back in time, in Chile:

In August 2010, following police raids in squatted spaces and houses in Santiago and Valparaíso, Mónica and Francisco were among comrades captured under the anti-terrorism law, in the so-called “bombs case” (caso bombas). Both were remanded for more than 9 months. Then, together with other co-accused, they faced one of the longest trials with their convictions intact.

It’s probably worth mentioning that earlier, in December 2009, the Chilean police had raided squatted spaces to “prevent” an anarchist attack against the then electoral process. One of the houses raided was the squat La Crota, where Mónica Caballero was also living at the time. During the trial of the “bombs case”, the prosecution demonstrated “findings” of that raid, such as posters against the Church, trying to connect Mónica with the placement of an incendiary device against a catholic church in Santiago.

“Each time I sit in the dock I feel dirty being part of this democratic process; I have nothing to prove to any judge; the only opinion that matters to me is that of my accomplices to the crime of fighting for freedom and anarchy; they want to incarcerate me for not kissing the cross of repentance, for not lowering my head…”

| words from Mónica in November 2011

Eventually the sensational trial of the “bombs case” ended in a fiasco, and in June 2012 all of the prosecuted were acquitted of all charges.

About one and a half year later, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Mónica and Francisco were captured again – this time in Barcelona. In November 2013, they were remanded under the anti-terrorism law for actions against the ecclesiastical institution in Spain.

From the first moment of their arrest, the media scum contributed greatly to the anti-anarchist propaganda of cops and judges, while it became clear that Spanish and Chilean repressive mechanisms were in good cooperation.

From the first moment of their arrest, the two comrades – once again – made their stance crystal clear: neither innocent nor guilty.

Mónica and Francisco are charged with placing an explosive device that went off in a cathedral of Zaragoza in October 2013, as well as conspiracy to prepare another attack which was supposed to take place in a monastery of Barcelona. They are accused of alleged membership in ‘Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral’ (a group that has claimed responsibility for the placement of two devices: one at a cathedral in Madrid and another in the aforementioned church of Zaragoza). According to the accusatory dossier, both are also prosecuted for participation in FAI-FRI (Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front) and GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups), although the responsibility claims by ‘Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral’ make no reference to the specific acronyms.

“We understand solidarity as constantly putting our anarchist ideas into practice, in all their forms, making the enemy understand that nothing ends here, everything continues in the prison or the streets.”

| words from Francisco & Mónica in December 2013

The trial against Francisco and Mónica takes place on 8th, 9th and 10th March 2016 at Audiencia Nacional in Madrid, the highest judicial body that predominantly carries out “terrorism cases.”

The prosecution has already requested a sentence of 44 years in prison for each comrade, namely: 9 years for membership in a terrorist organisation, 18 years for causing serious damage with terrorist intent, 12 years for causing injuries, and 5 years for conspiracy.

This year’s 8th March, date of the scheduled start of the trial against Francisco and Mónica, we send a signal of internationalist complicity to the two anarchist comrades, who remain unrepentant in the Spanish dungeons.


Anarchafeminist initiative in solidarity with Mónica & Francisco

(reportback in Greek)

Iquique, Northern Chile: Barricades and clashes outside the UNAP campus on December 21st

Camila Sanhueza out onto the streets!

Against every authority, with the fallen comrades in our memory;
freedom for all comrades kidnapped in the prisons.

For a Black December – Camila de Pompeya out onto the streets!

Note from Contra Info: On April 28th 2015, compañera Camila de Pompeya Sanhueza Olivares (21) was arrested in the city of Iquique together with another compañera (17), both accused of an incendiary attack against the Intendancy building of Tarapacá Region. Camila is currently held in pretrial detention, while the other juvenile comrade is under house arrest.

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