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BEK Social Centre in Zagreb: Call for solidarity

received 9 / 22 / 18

We are BEK collective that started the BEK social centre which opened this spring in Zagreb, Croatia. Our squat/social center is completely DIY, based on non-hierarchical structure and our acts are inspired with the idea of anarchism.

All our programs are free (based on donations) and our goal is to include all the people from the community that want to participate so we could truly make our squat a social center, open for everyone to come and be a part of it!

The building we are in was built in 1950 and until recently it was an educational center for blind and visually impaired children. In the March of 2015 long needed renovation works  were halted and it was  permanently closed as an educational institution. The government did not provide adequate solutions for a new building that could satisfy the children’s needs nor to stop the further decay of the closed building.

Now we have a chance to make an open space for people and animals, but the building requires a lot of work, materials and time. To collect the money necessary, we have started a crowdfunding campaign, so what we need from you is your support.

If you think this idea and project is worthy of your help, we would be very thankful if you could promote our campaign in any way, like sharing, donating, posting  about us and talking to your friends, families, colleagues, pets, plants etc. :)

In solidarity,

BEK kolektiv

Hambach Forest, Germany: Cutting Season ’17


The start of October also marks the start of the annual cutting season – the time between October and February during which RWE has permission to clear the forest. The company cuts 70-80ha every year. But not much is left of the Hambach Forest, and the occupied trees are again very close to the clear-cut edge. In order to prevent that the majority of the remaining forest will be cut in the coming months, and the occupation from being evicted, we have to be many. That’s why we hope that as many people as possible can join us this Autumn and Winter – protecting the forest and actively working against climate change and the exploitation of people and the environment.

We have put together a call to action and translated it into different languages. Please help us spread it!

We do not only want people to come, but we want everyone to be able to be active in the best way possible. That’s why we put together a plan and hope we’ll be able to realise it together with you

October onwards

Beginning in October and continuing to the end of the cutting season, we will bring life to the area designated for deforestation to such an extent that RWE won’t be able to cut. To achieve this, we want to occupy as many trees as possible, so that they first have to evict the entire area before starting to cut. We will accompany any evictions with our own media channels. We will show the world that RWE wants to profit from destruction at every price. Our strongest weapon is, that we take care of each other. Everyone should only do actions with which they feel comfortable. The large tree houses should be accessible for everyone and be used as spaces for relax and take a break. We will try to carry repressions communally. We have organised out of action spaces throughout Germany.

We believe that we can stop deforestation as a group! Turn theory into praxis and live a life of resistance! In Hambach and everywhere else.

Pack list

If you want to come by during the cutting season, the following things might come in handy:

  • Any medicine you need to take
  • Water tight shoes, even better if you’ve got two pairs, in case one needs to dry…
  • Rain clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • (Air) matress
  • Camouflage clothing (trousers, jacket, balaclava)
  • Knife
  • Head torch
  • Lighter
  • Toothbrush 🙂
  • If you’ve got one, a tent, otherwise we’ll find a place for you to sleep
  • If you have allergies, food that is suitable for you
  • small book for personal notes
  • sturdy, robust clothing
  • harness, if you’ve got one. There are some communal ones in the forest
  • Working gloves

in German

Book: Anarchy in a Cold War

Book description:

Anarchy in a Cold War is a novel by Kurtis Sunday set in the West Berlin alternative-squatter-Punk scene during the latter part of the Cold War. The city, a focal point in the conflict between East and West, was a capitalist enclave smack in the middle of Communist East Germany. It was entirely surrounded by the Berlin Wall, complete with razor wire and machine gun posts. There is much that is familiar and much that is not. The Cold War is raging and the missiles are armed and waiting in their silos. If nuclear war breaks out there will be a four minute warning. There is no internet and perhaps NO FUTURE. Reality? Sur-reality? Or hyper-reality?

There is a also a free (Creative Commons) the ebook version (PDF, epub and mobi) of Anarchy in a Cold War now available. Click here for download.

Greece: Termita squat in Volos signals solidarity with Vancouver Apartman squat in Athens, which is under threat of eviction


Sender: Termita squat

Recipients: Government, MPs, cops, judges, university rectors, snitches and other interested parties



[Greece, 2012] ‘Burnt Brain’ by The Miasma

I turn the page…

Burnt brain made up of burnt cells
I heard that tomorrow will come more violent than today
Everything around me gets narrow
Shackles and circles, compromises, friends and individuals every day

I work like a dog in the mornings and I get crumbs
My mom always told me not to be anxious about anything
my future is carved exquisite on the horizon
I don’t know why, but she always told me this calmly

My skin is already broken because of the sun
I look at my first labour wrinkles and I feel like a rag

I don’t know what the fuck’s going on
and apparently no one will tell me anything
Nobody ever explained anything to me
I haven’t even been born; I’ve been sown and sprouted along

I live and breathe; I embrace chaos and survive
having a chronic and serious relationship with loneliness

Winter to summer, summer to winter, and a couple of in-between
months that I don’t know where to integrate

Tonight I stopped trying… and I simply…
turn the page…

Tonight I throw all of my toys out the window
And that’s just because they’ve never filled me up
so I’ve decided to be honest for once with myself

Anyone who can’t stand me is absolutely right
and they ought to kill twice whomever I like
If I see someone having something in common with me, they’re in trouble

Something’s not right, and the first step in solving the problem
is recognising there is one. That’s me, obviously

Every day I lose myself in the ruins
I try to find serenity, but in vain. Everything around me is spoilt
and first and foremost I. Am rotten to the bone
I lean in and carve a pathway; wherever I march to, I give away dust

Tonight I stopped walking… and I simply…
turn the page…

What’s the purpose?
I’m supposed to strive to make my life better – is it not?

Before I can move upward I must first learn to tread on heads
Someone else’s treading on mine and it hurts; now, am I to do the same?

I don’t have a good sense of balance, I’ll fall down
and I must learn to sleep dirtier at nights

Is class advancement the purpose?
Am I still too young to know – is that why I complain loudly?
Will I still be able to speak out if I make money tomorrow?

The road to success is one-way, and a synonym for exploitation
I used to be beaten by bosses; now, am I to become one who exploits?

But I, too, want to live; I’m tired of not being able to dream

Go find me a solution. Tomorrow I’ll march even dirtier into the future
No one was ever there to stop me

Tonight I stopped hoping… and I simply…
turn the page…

I turn the page…


A poem for Mauricio Morales

Received May 23rd along with the image:

A poem for our insurrectionary comrade Mauri:

by Tsakalaki

for Punky Mauri

…in continuation

Mauricio I don’t profess to know you
either your moment of pain
in Santiago that night
amongst stillness
just before the storm returns
in the eye of the conflict
we are both blown within
your poems exposed the wound
once more
opening the emotions covered for too long
realising the eternal burning sun inside
the melting of glaciers from the heart
somewhere, somewhere
amongst another burning barricade
I embraced existence
once again along with you
not in memory
in continuation

UK: Nights Against Borders in South London, starting 17 April

No Border Nights
Films and discussion on struggles against the borders.

3rd Sunday of each month starting 17 April @ The Field, New Cross. 385 Queens Road SE14 5HD.

discussion – music – vegan food – film – reports from the borders

The first in a series of monthly South London socials against borders. Come, share and learn about what’s going on at the borders & find out about inspiring struggles against Fortress Europe.

Every month will have a different focus – from local struggles against detention centres, deportations, and immigration raids in our neighbourhoods – to migrant squats in Greece, solidarity convoys in the Balkans, and anti border protests in Hungary.

The topic of this month’s event will be migrant resistance & solidarity in Greece, and the effects of the EU-Turkey deal. We’ll hear from a speaker recently back from Greece and have a live-link with people currently out there. Plus we’ll also hear about what’s been going on more locally and how you can get involved.

6.30pm: Food
7pm: Talk, film & discussion
9pm-10pm: Music

via Rabble | in German

Germany: Ongoing eviction in the Hambach forest – Support needed!

Yesterday morning [March 14th] the meadow occupation was surrounded by cops. This turned into a huge police operation: All main paths in the forest were cleared, fixed and broadened, all barricades and triprods destroyed. Until today four unoccupied platforms were evicted. Police forces are still present all around, chasing people who try to build new barricades…

This is an urgent call-out for all kinds of support! What has happened the last two days is a massive attack! Because all the roads are cleared and passable for big machinery, it is important to protect the forest occupations NOW!
Come to the Hambach forest, we need food, water, blankets and most of all more people with fresh energy!

For more information:

Thanks and greets to all comrades

German | Italian | Portuguese

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Traffic at and to the Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuke plant construction site blocked – again

Received January 24th:

In mid-January Fennovoima-Rosatom announced that their geopolitically and environmentally funky plan to build this Putin’s own little western nuclear power plant is running and sticking with set timetables ”just as planned”. Well. How to put this nicely and in a constructive manner? (And on second thought: why should we even bother to try?)

It’s naturally easy for one to say that things and timetables are advancing ”just as planned” – when every single time something fails, delays and in general fucks itself up this creative conglomerate simply deletes the original date and copy pastes in a new one. (I mean, it isn’t strictly lying, isn’t it: to promise that one will stick with a timetable?) Everybody’s happy – and especially those Finnish tax payers, that’s for sure!

Let’s give you guys a couple of examples. During spring 2015 Fennovoima-Rosatom announced that the fencing surrounding and locking up the area of this planned nuke plant of doom would be perfectly finished on May 2015. Well, despite the hard working of the Lithuanian cheap labour shipped in they had almost finished erecting it on September 2015. On a similar tone the work for the planned harbour of this plant of doom – deep enough to offer nesting space for any given Russian warship, believe me – was declared to start on June 2015. Some brave words about ”hundreds of workers” earning their bucks around the site during that summer were also mentioned.

Well, they almost got that one right, too. Almost. In that June 2015 Fennovoima-Rosatom did not even have the needed permissions to start even the dredging works – with that one they only could move on at September 2015. The harbour work itself is still just words on a paper, as are the mentioned brave words about ”hundreds of workers” – I bet we all know how they like to pretend these projects are always just about ”creating jobs”.

What is now been done at the Hanhikivi Peninsula are the infamous ”preliminary” or ”preparing works”, groundlaying and stone setting that, unlike the nuke plant of doom itself, do have a permission to proceed – thanks to a certain Minister wined and dined well in Moscow (try asking him about these trips in an interview and oh man, there’s a blush) and a few carefully commissioned municipality characters. Building permit for the plant itself, then again, is another story: Fennovoima-Rosatom has not even filed for it yet. The application for the permit is still work under construction. (Yes, I repeat: they are laying the ”preparing works” before anyone’s even bothered to apply for a building permit for that nucleat power plant – but surely there’s no corruption in Finland and everything’s done by the book, as always?)

The beauty of the current situation is the vulnerability of the construction site itself. What’s been done there now is a big-scale landfill operation – and there’s only one road sturdy enough to carry those big-ass vehicles in and out of the site. So imagine what happens when someone by some mens brings that road to a halt? Well. The whole shit stops from rolling.

And that’s what we did on 22th of January. Some concerned citizens climbed on to trucks doing the deliveries, putting it all to a total halt. And we think we’re gonna keep on doing this for a bit longer. More info coming in later, as per usual.


10:30 AM police had detained both of our photographers from the scene. One was following the unrolling event from the forest side of things and another about 50 metres away from the event site, standing at a side of a public bicycling road. Conclusion: they do like censorship in here, and they do not like to end up in social media.

11:30 AM more police cars and another cherry picker were brought in. Soon after the protestor sitting on top of a truck was taken down and detained.

12:30 PM one protestor is still at it. He has lingered into the structures of the crane vehicle and refuses to come out. Around 11 AM police gave an ultimatum: “come out voluntarily or we will have to hurt you”. They started driving the vehicle on walking speed to a parking spot at the roadside and killed the engine. Police has grabbed gloves and some other pieces of clothing from the protestor, trying to literally freeze him out. it’s currently -5C out here, plus the lovely sea breeze.

1 PM  The police arrived to the site from 10 AM on. Approximately 10.15 AM a selection of more high-ranking Fennovoima-Rosatom boss representatives arrived: white helmets and sparkling clean high-vis clothes that haven’t seen a day of work gathered to have a pow-wow with the police. At 10.30 AM a humly saying expensive looking SUV arrived, spitting out a grumpy and confusing fella with civi clothes and a big “ROSATOM” -text at the back of his jacket: maybe he was just confused that protestors are not simply being shot or taken out by proper OMON troops?

Summary in German

Thoughts from somewhere

Received December 20th:

From the hands, to the legs, to the neck-
lets break the stability of the authority of the State!
Solidarity means to attack!

We see the recent operations against anarchists in Spain as a continuation of the States’ authoritarian blow against anarchist and anti-authoritarian individuals and structures. This repression, however, doesn’t exist in isolation. There have been attacks against anti-authoritarian structures and individuals during last years in a wider European and worldwide context.

This wave of repression no longer exists simply to persecute and punish specific acts or attacks, but also aims to destroy dynamics of struggle, attack the personal relationships between individuals and prevent revolutionary processes from being developed.

The institutions of authority are experimenting with terms like defensive/aggressive democracy. Within this discourse they attempt to attack, paralyse and create long-term harm to the relationships of rebels and revolutionaries in accordance to the level of conflict and tension. An effective attempt of this strategy can be seen as comrades are being accused for incitement of terrorism; the authorities try to use these cases to send comrades and rebels to jail, even if only for the spreading of propaganda and ideas. Another aspect of these operations is to spread a clear message within society that everything is under control whilst also sending a warning to other rebels to beware. We understand these repressive operations, thus, not simply to be reactions of the State towards rebellious struggles and dynamics, but also as a long-term tool to be used against every rebellious and/or critical individual.

The rebellion we desire is one which destroys the entire system and its social order, destroying a system based on domination and oppression. Our perspective demands nothing less than freedom for everyone. This is what we are fighting for, although we know that the enemy of our freedom will do everything in its power to prevent our struggle, in an attempt to protect itself and maintain the current existing social order. We have, however, strong relationships with our comrades, relationships based on solidarity. We will never abandon our comrades and we will always continue to fight. One problem existing within our struggle against repression is that we are constantly one step behind the authorities, reacting to their efforts and are often bound into a disempowering dynamic. When it comes to specific blows against revolutionaries, their struggles and the repression of their ideas, there is also an attempt to normalise oppression and provide a sense of stability. It is precisely this stability that we need to attack. It is precisely this normality which needs to be challenged. A normality in which everyone and everything works, where everything is in the right order and nothing and no one can break the noise or silence, or the monotony of life.

It is precisely in these moments of difficulty, when the authorities take hostage of individuals in struggle and shatter their projects to protect the stability of their system, that we can attack the very stability which they are trying to preserve and consequently give a meaningful expression of our revolutionary understanding.

Whether traffic lights or important transport routes, bomb threats, fire alarm or the glueing of locks in buildings belonging to big companies or public authorities, important train tracks or electricity lines…. The flow of goods, of manpower and money, the running fluidity of production and consumption, of exploitation and oppression…. Attack is possible. And the system is vulnerable.

This society depends upon the flow of goods and information. So for us as anarchists it is important to understand the context we are living in, we need to understand the structures of society and its authority in order to attack it effectively and to open space for rebellion.

The authority and its instruments of repression are well coordinated within a vast international network.

Let’s hit it and attack it everywhere to destroy step by step the stability of this rotten system and the boring monotony of daily life.

German & Spanish versions here.

Mexico: Black December poem from Tijuana

Black December of individualities with the cry of solidarity
of new, anarchic, black and direct solidarity
solidarity by flaming barricades, Molotov cocktails, bullets, daggers
expropriations, explosions, arsons, acts of sabotage
pamphlets, banners, verses, texts
actions claimed or not
multiple anti-hierarchical gestures
and an infinity of attacks

Comrade Sebastian Angry Oversluij
those bullets that entered your body will be avenged
Banks, police stations, transnational corporations, churches
courts, laboratories, institutes, and offices, whichever they are
burned down by the flames of the insurrect December

December of new anarchy’s permanent danger
Black December for the freedom of all anarchist prisoners
December for the solidarity with dignified fugitives
December for the memory of comrades fallen in combat
December for the complicity of individuals and indomitable cells
December by all means against domination

The kidnapped, fugitive and fallen comrades will feel
we accompany them with every blow against passivity.

Anarchist prisoners out to the streets!
We want them free and wild!

Some Solidarian Individuality.

Spanish | Greek

Nicosia, Cyprus: Banner in solidarity with Evi Statiri

“No State will halt the passion for freedom – Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

On September 19th, within a small and rotten city, we hung a banner as a small gesture of love and solidarity with the prisoner in struggle Evi Statiri, contributing our part so that her voice resonates in every corner of the earth.



in Greek | Spanish


looking around i see misery and hate
public thugs and their parastate
neo-nazi terror with blunt state support
make no headlines in their media of distort

migrants get murdered in the street
a result of the nation’s deadly seed
‘the people’ alerted by mass migration
cries for fascist laws for the national salvation

hierarchical unions’ are busy to propagate
social peace for the nation’s and bosses’ sake
working until death and working poor
that’s the bosses’, the unions’ and the nation’s lure

all parties and their lulling campaign pledges
cheap confidence tricks and capitalist patches
corrupted and fat thanks to each voice
becoming their toy is the voter’s own choice

together they tighten the belt around your neck
let their national boat suffer a shipwreck
no fatherland, no bosses and no state
join the struggle for freedom and terminate

[Greece] “Proper Is Theft”, from the 4th issue of the Barbarian review

Wondering about “anarcho-tourism”, and my (A)-experience of Greece, I’d like to focus on a non-glamourous part of it. Not that I am not interested in the demonstration techniques, or conspiracy theories, or terrorists’ accusations, nor that I want to be the boring one either. Moreover, it is a complicated task to get some knowledge about what is really going on politically here concerning the different groups and places of our little anarchist world. So, I find it easier to talk about everyday experiences and practices. Individual practices, but shared practices in the milieu. To be clearer: this article is about the current way of living that I used to have in France and that I am trying to go on with here, in Athens.

Take a ticket, let’s say, for Larissa or another station on the way for Athens… It will be half of the price. But it is very risky to take the train from Thessaloniki without a ticket.

So, as a newly-settled barbarian, I have to say that my first conversations with friendly people I met here were about taking the train for free. I was in Thessaloniki, and after being kept in the police station for 3 and half hours because I was on my way to a demonstration, I asked my co-captives how they handle going to Athens for free, or for less money. This way of travelling, a condition of going back and forth to places for political reasons – demonstrations, gatherings, seminars, etc. – is also a way of living, a kind of everyday practice that makes me part of the community I belong to.

~ Ways and means: Improvisation, preparation, equipment, etc. ~

First, let’s talk about the practice itself. As to sneaking on the train, experience says that there is no rule. To me, everything’s played out once the doors are closed, and I don’t have a ticket. Afterwards, it is all about improvisation.

This first time, I found allies. I recognized them from a political event – not really anarchist – and told them straight away my condition. They helped me. One of them just dropped his ticket close to me after the controller followed me while coming back to my seat from the toilets. We felt kind of forced to socialize after that. I gave them a lot of cigarettes.

The second time, the train was so full of servicemen that I just crossed the controller’s way. In France, we enjoyed those kinds of extraordinary occasions like a crazy guy who gave his “crazy-guy-certificate” as a ticket and ran all over the place – I had the information from the controller himself! – or a guy dying in a wagon…

Also, in regards to the state of exception, the position of the foreigner helps: if you get a fine, you don’t care. That’s what my roommate told me when we talked about controls in the metro. “In Greece, if you are a young man, you can go to prison during your military service if it appears that you are a compulsive ticket-skipper. And of course you get a big fine.”

I would prefer not to be caught anyway. And it never gets that easy, though, like buying something at the supermarket. In France, we have those expressions about stealing when you have to admit that you felt uncomfortable: either you piss on yourself, or you shit on yourself (se pisser dessus/ se chier dessus). The first means you stole the thing, and the second means you put it back, or worst, you bought it. Here, I piss on myself every time. But every time I go to the supermarket, I have to get something for free, most of the time feta cheese. Even if I am obviously followed – in three months, it happened to me twice…

To the happy few: En bref, je suis tricarde.

When you decide to be a compulsive thief, you have to be organized. Hence, you need some preparation, knowledge, techniques, strategies. At first, when I came to Greece, I had this joyful feeling of being in a country of cheaters. Everybody is kind of an outlaw: locking the electric counter, or not wearing a helmet, or smoking just next to the sign that forbids it, or writing whatever you want on the walls, etc. This is the state of mind, then comes the preparation like wearing the right clothes, especially the shoes (those grown-up shoes you use only to go to weddings, burials and… the supermarket). Continue reading [Greece] “Proper Is Theft”, from the 4th issue of the Barbarian review

To Whom It May Concern

In August 2014, [“RadioAzione | controinformazione anarchica in diretta”] translated and transmitted in Italian one of the latest letters of comrade Pola Roupa (Revolutionary Struggle member who is currently on the run, always with a huge bounty on her head). The source of their translation – titled “Grecia: Scritto di Pola Roupa dalla latitanza sull’arresto di Maziotis” on – is omitted precisely because it is the English translation effort made by Contra Info that, in this case, also happens to bear the responsibility for the text’s first dissemination to non-Greek speakers: “Greece: Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity”. In fact, to never use material spread by Contra Info makes it all the easier to never mention any effort produced within our multi-language translation and counter-information project. However, to use/consume Contra Info’s work repeatedly being determined to silence its existence altogether, is a filthy practice by (not only) RadioAzione – who once again did not miss out on signing their own translation effort: on this occasion as “Tradotto da [Translated by] Erika”.

Non-Italian speakers may have no time to waste to really know about the crap transmitted online against comrade Pola Roupa (who, among other things, is indirectly characterized as fascist-minded in RadioAzione’s introductory note to that Italian translation). Below is a rough translation of their blurb:

« Note of Radioazione: What follows is the last writing, in chronological terms, of Pola Roupa that comes in the aftermath of the arrest of anarchist comrade Maziotis, and it is the last writing of Pola Roupa herself that appears on this site.
The reason is obvious.
This site does not want to divulge concepts that not only aren’t affine, but cannot be shared even in the tiniest part.
The “Courts of the people” or the “jails of the people” are concepts that should not belong to an anarchist, and reek of Marxist-Leninist theories, whose history differs from that of fascists only in colour.
This is also a point of reflection for the anarchists that go hand in hand with the reds and define themselves as antifascists.
To return to the main topic, the labour is labour, well paid or poorly paid it is slavery, it is the submission of human by human, the elimination of one’s own dignity.
Obviously in an existent like this one, in which we live, all those who do not have the courage to expropriate a bank are “compelled” to work, but still our main objective should always be that of arriving at the total destruction of labour and not the improvement of wages.
Similarly, our objective is to raze all courts and all prisons to the ground covering with their rubble those who have maintained the survival of these structures of death for centuries, and if one day the courts or the prisons will be of the people, our objective will always be the same.
Now the text; it was decided to publish it to make one understand even better why nothing from Pola Roupa will ever be published again; and since nothing of the same tenor has ever been said, or written, solidarity and complicity will continue to be given to the comrades Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas:

Needless to say that RadioAzione’s arrogance of releasing a fugitive’s letter only to denounce the views expressed by her, does not offer anything whatsoever to counter-information but rather distorts any notion of anarchic solidarity. Instead of not bothering to work on a text that they obviously dislike so much and finally zipping up their mouths, these idiots once again assumed the role of ultimate judges of blog posts relevant to purposes of counter-information, going as far as to make “solidarity and complicity” distinctions between self-admitted members of the same urban guerrilla group: the Revolutionary Struggle.

We can only imagine that RadioAzione don’t mind the fact that a great many of the trial updates from Greece, eagerly transcribed and transmitted also by them, actually come from original coverage by (after all, the latter communists/reds are hardly ever mentioned as source on various webpages; so, you might ask, how can the poor RadioAzione be aware of the lengths of their hypocrisy?). Incidentally, they decided to take down this blog post – RHI-SRI interview with Kostas Gournas, imprisoned member of the Revolutionary Struggle, which was retrieved from (and, by the way, is full of serious translation mistakes). But how would they actually define self-admitted 17N member Dimitris Koufontinas, prisoner in Greece (see “Atene [Grecia]: Lettera di K. Gournas e D. Koufodinas” on, a text which originally derives from the Press, and is also published on as a good consumption item corresponding to their notion of “controinformazione anarchica in diretta”?

Full support to our comrades in clandestinity!
Freedom for all imprisoned comrades!

Athens: LK37 Squat solidarity event

On Sunday, October 5th, 2014, the collective of Lelas Karagianni 37 squat organized a concert at the Polytechnic School in Exarchia as a means to financial support of the squat, and as part of a wider campaign against the repressive machinations of the State and the bosses that are targeting squats, self-managed spaces and social/class struggle resisters. The event was attended by thousands of people, and was realized with the invaluable help of many supporters and comrades, as well as diy bands that performed live. The collective dedicated this evening in memory of Vaggelis M., a sometime LK37 squatter who died in his 50s.

Chile: A brief reflection on the September 8th bombing and its media consequences

“(…) Human strike, today, means
refusing to play the role of the victim.
Attacking it.
Reappropriating violence.
Arrogating impunity to ourselves.
Making the paralyzed citizens understand
that whether or not they go to war they are at war anyway.
That when people tell us it’s either you do this or you die, it’s always
do this and die.”
Tiqqun, “How Is It To Be Done?

Having read the Responsibility claim for bombings in Los Dominicos metro station and the Escuela Militar Subcentro underground gallery, we can reflect the following.

We had already suspected it from the official information, that’s why we didn’t want to join the social trial and construction of the persecutory media spectacle, despite the taunts and insults to which we were subjected; we lament the fact that various anarchists have blindly and voluntarily become a part of it, based on what they watched on their television—not for nothing did some amigas call them tele-anarchists—and only ended up showing desperation.

There have already been cases in other countries where people sustained injuries in attacks that were previously warned, something that the authorized channels of information do not say (even if some expect something different), for obvious reasons. This may be something to lament, but to negate it, pass judgment on it, or raise infantile theories so rapidly is a complete mistake; it just shows how mediatized the Chilean anarchism(s) has become.

The executants of various actions of war against the state of things are not worried beforehand—in relation to the actions themselves—about the subsequent improvement of control mechanisms that are typical of panopticism; not because war is not declared on vigilant institutions and agents, but because violent action is perceived to be fully justified and the only thing that makes the deployments of the forces of Power tremble, thus the repressive aggravation of the latter is not at all surprising.

We salute the persecuted and the kidnapped.
Solidarity in the social war.

Source: El Amanecer (September 18th, 2014)

[Netherlands] Impressions from Pinksterlanddagen 2014

Over the bar in the main building of the camp: “First a cup of tea, then the revolution”
Inside the main building: “Drinking workers don’t think. Thinking workers don’t drink” [picture and quote of socialist Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, who sympathized with anarchism in the late 1890s]

From the 6th to 9th of June 2014, the yearly anarchist camp Pinksterlanddagen took place in Appelscha, the Netherlands. The camp is a long tradition; it was now organized for the 80th time. Under the motto “Do it yourself, no freedom without responsibility,” hundreds of anarchists gathered on the camping terrain tot Vrijheidsbezinning (“to freedom-consciousness”) which is managed by comrades since the 1930s.

There were broad topics in the program, like presentations about anarchist resistance in the Netherlands during World War Ι, fight of refugees in Calais (France), debate in the Netherlands over the racist popular character Zwarte Piet (“Black Peter”), as well as an introduction to anarchism. For a Non-Dutch speaker, it was no problem to participate in these presentations and discussions, because most of them could be held entirely in English on request, or there was a live translation. Even though several comrades could speak German pretty well, we encourage people who wish to participate in Pinksterlanddagen to practice English a little bit. Besides presentations, discussions and workshops, there were also screenings of films in a small gym.

The events were held in the grote zaal (“big hall”) or at a half-open large tent. The big hall is part of the house at the entrance of the campsite, where you could buy snacks, breakfast and something to drink. In the evenings various artists performed there. Next to the house there were lots of bookstands (also with editions in English) and info-material. The cooking collective Rampenplan (which may translate to “contingency plan”) provided tasty vegan food. Considering that fact that the camp was organized to host 500 people, the prices were pretty okay (the entrance fee for the festival was 12.50 euros, and dinner was 4.50 every day).

It was nice that people were accustomed to no consuming of drugs at the campsite. Every night, at around 10pm just outside the camp, there was a campfire in the nearby forest where some people would consume drugs, but the consumption was limited in our opinion. The big program for children was also very positive. There were many activities for kids all day long, like a puppet theatre or an animal-amulet workshop.

It’s no wonder that the Pinksterlanddagen has been held for several decades, and hundreds of people travel to the small town of Appelscha every year. As we drove up the way to the entrance, which was decorated with black-red and black-white flags, we knew we’d found something special.

anarchistischer Funke (“anarchist spark”, from Germany)

Can endemics migrate?

bamMigration poses a high cost in incarceration and mortality exacerbated, inter alia, by outright hunting on the part of opportunistic predators or casual consumers. Migration is most often driven by search of survival resources, but there also exist other reasons why it occurs. Migration has evolved per minority to varying degrees, undertaken by numerous organisms along flyways and several alternate routes. Organisms are supposed to have distinct migration patterns, nevertheless one thing is relatively certain: an immense number of them acquired migratory habits since the last glacial period on the planet called Earth. Various endemics are said to winter on islands, others tend to migrate toward gateways to landmass, while the vast majority moves wherever edible food and potable waters are likely available. However endemic habits sometimes threaten to dominate those of migratory ones. In point of fact, it seems fair to consider the entirety of organisms, that appear to be willing to migrate at any given moment, as endemic to the entirety of dying Earth.

Athens: Banner action in solidarity with captive Babis Tsilianidis

May 18th, 2014

Freedom for anarchist Babis Tsilianidis and every imprisoned being
No peace with the State; freedom for Babis Tsilianidis
Freedom for anarchist Babis Tsilianidis
Freedom for anarchist Babis Tsilianidis

Appeal hearing: June 5th, 2014 – Thessaloniki courts


Ten bread rolls
four red apples
a green apple
a banana
dozens of sandwiches
rolled in aluminum foil

We try to save
what can be saved
from this crooked world
scavenging your garbage cans
scavenging your tourist life

Do you need any towels?
Do you need any toilet paper?
we ask while diving
deep into consumers’ leftovers

My feet are killing me
but I cannot stop questioning
When the fuck will we stand up?
against you-know-who
against you-know-what