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Berlin, Germany: Courtdate in the eviction case against the groundfloor of Rigaer 94

“OUR IDEAS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE” – Courtdate in the eviction case against the groundfloor of Rigaer 94

In Court

On the 14th of May 09:00 AM, the doors of the court will open up again to enforce German law.
The discussion will revolve around paragraphs that were created to protect and perpetuate the capitalist system,
paragraphs that value property the highest of all. On this date of course, judiciary, the senate and the owner will try anything to leave the courtroom with an eviction title. This letterbox company will try to enforce the claim, that stones put on top of each other are their property. Little later they will try to take our spaces violently, breaking in with hundreds of their uniformed bandogs.They will think themselves victorious.

When we oppose them in the courtroom we are not hoping for any kind of „justice“. Whoever believes that despite countless examples of counter evidence, the dignity and freedom of people plays any role at all in capitalism, only shuts their eyes, ignores reality and stagnates in submission to the authorities that oppress us violently everyday. It should be clear to all of us, that our ideas
can not be judged at the bar. Yes, its about our house, places to connect, an infrastructure, the „Kadterschmiede“ and the youth club. But what’s determining those places are our ideas, and those are about the whole picture. We don’t want a piece of the cake, we want the whole bakery. Its about adopting a strong stance on the question who can make decisions about other peoples lives, be it by property claims, with the baton in their hand or with law and order. For us it’s about the fight for a self-led life, living together in solidarity. The fight against ostracism and individualizations, against being forced to work and consume here in the capitalist City. Its about organizing the resistance against gentrification and state-control, to be a part of this resistance and to push the various struggles happening in this city.

A short retrospective..
During the three weeks when our house was besieged in the summer of 2016, after the eviction of the whole ground floor on the 22.06., we primarily felt the broad solidarity and the numerous actions empowering us, besides all the harassment and the violence from the police. Those weeks showed that the term „solidarity“ is not getting its strong meaning from pitty, but by intertwining our ideas and encouraging our own desire to carry the struggle to the outside. After we shared emotive moments of counterattack on the streets, it was finally also a court decision on the13.07.2016 to withdraw the cops from our house. One day later we took our rooms back and reopened the Kadterschmiede for you.

..into the next round
It’s going into the next round. On 14.05.2018, one day after the four days of chaos and discussion that will take place here in the Rigaerstraße and in other places in Berlin. Mark Robert Burton filed for ejectment, represented by the traffic lawyer Markus Bernau. Burton is the now third director of the dubios letterbox company Lafone Investment Limited since the purchase of the
house in 2014. If they will get a title of eviction, there can already be an attack on our house in the following weeks. Whether this attack will be initiated by the owner or by the cops is irrelevant. We wont leave an attack on autonomous structures unanswered, we won’t let maggots weasel into our house. These are not calm times and concerning this we cannot lie back or draw back. Let’s use the chaos and discussion days from the 10th to the 13th of may for an exchange on our perspectives, to learn from each other, break open rusted structures of the city and gather ourselves. Oppression and the capitalist order is everywhere in this city, but so is our resistance. And its churning everywhere in this city. A yearning for confrontation can be heard coming from all kinds of corners Let’s discuss possible answers but above all let’s discuss our daily antagonisms to the ruling paradigm. Because an answer is not only a reaction, a short moment, its ongoing and permanent.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Our groundfloor is an will stay squatted!

Love and Strength to our two imprisoned friends from march 29th !

Rigaer 94

Lafone vs. Rigaer94 – The Chronicles


•December 2014: Purchase of the House by Lavone Investment Limited, letterbox company based on the Virgin Island. Head of Association: John Dewhurst

22.06.2017 Eviction of the groundfloor by 300 cops, construction workers and securities, start of a three-weeks siege and noumerous direct actions at night and day

13.07.2016 Judgement by default from the regional court of Berlin, lawyer of Lafone, André Tessmer, doesn’t appear, rooms are given back to our association

02.02.2017 Confirmation of the judgement by default by the regional court of Berlin, Lafone is without leadership, because Dewhurst resigned already on the 08.07.2016, the lawyer Markus Bernau is missing the triable authorization

29.06.2017 Lafone unfit to plead because of sudden death of the busdriver and head of association Colin Francis John Guille from Sark Islands in may, trial is adjourned indefinetly

22.08.2017 Mark Robert Burton takes over the job of the director. He is also head of association and dummy for three more letterbox companies in the northern english ConsettBusiness Park. “

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Berlin, Germany: Intersquat Block at the chaos and discussion days, 10.5. -13.5.2018

You’re invited to an Intersquat Block at the Chaos and Discussion days in May in Berlin. We want to offer the space for an exchange on our tactics and techniques, discussions and information within the Chaos and Discussion days at Rigaerstrasse.

Structurally we don’t plan on this being an equal replacement for the past Intersquat meetings, unless you want to make it such. We do think this is a good opportunity to connect the general discussions on the sense and future of urban struggles with questions that come up when considering squatting as more than a tool to satisfy basic housing needs. We hope for a discussion on the importance of squatting for other liberatory struggles, houses as political tools, questions on working within and with neighbourhoods and more.

Evictions, Repression, Surveillance, Prisons, the maggots using and supporting oppressive structures are everywhere let’s get together to support each other and smash the ball not just into their court but through its heart.

If you personally or as a group are interested, have workshops, stuff to discuss, an info event or anything else in mind for the intersquat block or the whole weekend, just write us @ rigaerstrasse [at] riseup [dot] net PGP-Key-ID 0x3971B260E4B15B69

You can find more info about the weekend on gegenstadt.blackblogs.org some informations are updated in german first and translated a bit later though

To arrange sleeping places you can write to sleepingchaos [at] riseup [dot] net with PGP-Key-ID 0xA9DE538A73306A20

Rigaerstraße Assembly

Feel free to send this message on to groups, people and houses you know! And please send us your PGP-Key if you have one

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Berlin: We are all terrorists – solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Russia

received on 15.02.18

From Rigaer Street, we send signs of solidarity and rage to anarchist prisoners in Russia, responding to the call from Russia for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Political Prisoners.

These days we heard from the arrests of antifascists and anarchists in Russia. Already before, in the months of October and November 2017, in the city of Penza, six people got arrested and brutally tortured by the federal secret service FSB. In January this year, in the city of St. Petersburg, a second wave of arrests followed with two persons first being kidnapped by the FSB for one day and only the day after being officially registered in remand prison. The secret services‘ offensive, led by Putins regime, was accompanied by house raids in different cities of the country. As a reason for the repression the FSB constructed an anarchist terrorist group, named „Net“, planning a series of attacks on the presidential elections in March 2018 as well as on the World Cup in June / July 2018 in Russia leading to armed insurrection and which is supposed to exist in several cities of Russia and Belarus. There is no evidence proofing the real existence of the group. The only evidences used are the statements of the arrested, which the FSB extorted from the prisoners using torture and the threat of further acts of torture. In Penza, the group got constructed by the statements of the first arrested person. The link between the „members“ of the group is having played airsoft games together. Except of this first person, who got released beginning of the year into house arrest, all the others are still kept in the remand prison.

The experiences of intimidation and physical violence in the remand prison which the prisoners were subjected to, reveal the cruelty of the state apparatus. While democracy in Germany is still trying to veil the brutality of state power, the accounts from Russia affirm us, that the watchdogs of the system – the wretched trash of the executive – are capable of maintaining their authority only by the threat and implementation of physical violence.

Repression is meant to discourage us, to defeat movements and strain us individually into the controlled system or even destroy us. It‘s anything but easy to not feel powerless, to not feel incapable of opposing their massivity. But if we listen to the messages of rage and anarchist struggle from exactly these places, the lines and images encourage us. They show us, that in every place where there is a human heart beating to the rhythm of rebellion, moments of resistance are likely to occur. They show us, that no matter how fierce the repression may be, there will be people who do not surrender to fight for their ideas. The resonance of solidarity is our weapon.

From the G20-prisoners in Hamburg to the prisoners in Penza or St. Petersburg to Berlin – the stronger their repression, the more furious and passionate our resistance.

Info about the current situation:
avtonom.org and abc-belarus

via Rigaer 94 l German l Portuguese

Berlin: Rigaer 94. A call to resistance.

The police state unleashes its full range of possibilities: early this Monday, presumably 100 faces of people, who took part in the events of Hamburg, got published. The state campaign yielded completely its disguise of prosecution and started a smear, that should break any kind of resistance. Let’s not be silent towards these incidents, this general attack on the last social and resistant elements remaining. To burn this society of snitches and murderers and fascism at the stake is a still unaccomplished duty.

It is clear to every reasonable human being, that the episode of Hamburg was absolutely necessary. The lies and fake debates of the repression authorities and the system conformant and right wing media did not achieve to rewrite the successful resistance against the G20. In one of the most self-confident democratic regimes of the whole world with a differentiated apparatus of power and the image of invincibility, ten thousands of people dared to upraise, taking great risks and partly serious consequences for their own lives. A composition of protests, resistant and offensive actions transformed the summit of the ruling powers into a disaster. A disaster for the brand of Hamburg, Germany and the most powerful themselves, whose most important meeting now has an unpredictable future.

A disaster is what the summit was also for the police. This institution that has, in the German empire as in fascist Germany and that of democracy never just been the executive but first and foremost the legitimating power of this nation of murderers and losers. We all know how deeply ingrained the ideology of the police-state is in our society.
A society that threw a dead Rosa Luxemburg into the Landwehrkanal, even behind a bookshelf chased Anne Frank and sent her, with millions of other “subhumans” to Death-camps; this society which in the end declares a German-national military(1) as the “resistance”, is fascist. The security-apparatus of the BRD, formed by the same butchers that hunted partisans and antifascists for the german nation all over europe without mercy , is fascist. The wider society and the executive powers reunited in the hunt on communists and brought the machinery against the guerilla groups that fortunately shot the bullet at the german embodied fascist Hans-Martin Schleyer to a till then never seen perfection, just a few years after the “liberation”.

The faces of the resistance were pasted up on wanted-posters on every corner, on every intersection one had to expect to be controlled by heavily armed police, the reintroduction of death-sentence was taken into consideration and put into practice through police work. The discourse in society, directed by the staff of media, politics and police set the course for countless fatal shootings , white torture and special laws against large parts of society. The police state, still in its infancy at the time of the murder of Benno Ohnesorg and under permanent threat of an uprising, has throughout the years developed into a state within the state. With the end of the urban guerilla and the new social movements we are faced with a society unable to bring forth a relevant opposition against this system. Not even when people are cruelly tortured and murdered in the bunkers of police stations like Oury Jalloh from Dessau, who was burnt alive by a fascist pig.

The only retarding factor in the perfection of the totalitarian police state seems to be the careful proceeding of the head-strategists, as to not raise too much concerns with conservative civil rights activists. Like us, they have less and less means and backing in a civil society that has decided, what the state does can not be wrong; what the press says is right, resistance is senseless.

The times of comfort zone protests have definitely passed. To this regard the German society got to the point again, where it has not been since 80 years. These are the key innovations and challenges for the resistance:

The mere participation on a demonstration can mean longtime prison.
The police can define areas, where their own law are in force.
The police can classify anyone as potential offender (“Gefährder”)(2), to be able to imprison people without a court decision and watch over them completely.

Already before the G20 summit, measures against the people of the resistance have been taken. Persons, who are classified by the police as potential offenders, received bans to not come to Hamburg. Obligations to register with the police have been issued and enforced under threat to be punished by a fine and imprisonment. Furthermore visible observations with the purpose of intimidation and for sure area-wide undercover surveillance have been made.
There is no need for further explanation that during the summit the complete city of Hamburg has been under control by the police, which lead to “adaptation” of civil rights and massive violence by the heavily-armed police troops.
The police activities before and during the summit did not show a new quality. Every major event of the past was accompanied by attacks by the security apparatus on societal conventions. But the mass of attacks and their implicitness with which they were exercised against formerly self-evident forms of protests in Hamburg were remarkable.

What’s been started after the summit is a qualitative leap. There are those claiming the riots were started by the state to smash resistance structures in a final campaign. This line of thought is bullshit as we know we all politically wanted the state disaster in Hamburg. To put an end to these conspiracy theories once and for all we take the political responsibility for everything that happened in Hamburg: from civil protests to the last stone that was thrown at cops. As a part of the rebellious structures we called for a demonstration in solidarity with all those facing repression shortly after the summit, in the future we will also not hide from the responsibility to further the revolt. Those that only see a state conspiracy behind everything are incapacitating the resistance in all its properties and have no legitimization to speak in its name.

It’s clear now, that the state is fighting for its power of definition concerning this event in the same way as it seeks to rule over everything. Over our lives and social structures, the nature and the techniques. In this battle for the capitalist and national idea the state will always use the means of fascism. It’s always the same methods being used again and again to denounce the resistance as criminal, non-political and unsocial(3). Doing so, the German state can rely on its police, its media and its people with their representatives. It’s hard to say, who is the most disgusting one of these creatures. Is it the chief of the special investigation group “Black Block”, who would hunt down anyone and everyone held in front of his fangs? Or is it Brechmittel-Scholz(4), who’s representing the dirty Bourgeoisie of Hamburg with their luxury limousines? Or the newspapermen being the executive
power of the police’s propaganda. Or the collaborators with their smartphone footage handing over thousands of people to the hands of repression because they are cowards that fear to take control over their own lives and would love to march behind every Hitler.

Some of us were laughing about the last wave of raids, which was leaked before. Or about the fact that Fabio, the sympathetic boy, is becoming a problem for the strategy of repression. Nevertheless the police strategy should not be underestimated. An important part of the strategy involves a long term propaganda to gain back the power of definition about the events of Hamburg. Who could believe that several months later, the G20 would still be on the daily agenda thanks to frequent press conferences organized by the police? And who could believe that the professional propaganda with almost endless resources would fail without our contribution?

That’s why we – at this point of extensive manhunt – renew our confession to the struggle against the state, the fascist organizations like the police, the secret services and right-wing structures as well as collaborators and snitches within the population and the press. Fabio and all those, who even in court keep their straight stance, are our role-models to defy fear and send greetings of freedom and solidarity to all those who face the repression, and the world of the G20.

On the occasion of the manhunt and because of the calls for denunciation of 100 people we decided to publish pictures of 54 police officers, who were part of last years eviction of Rigaer94. We would be happy to receive hints of their private addresses. They can be held responsible for the eviction as well as for the violence of the three weeks of occupation.

It’s important now, to put an end to our waiting attitude and empower the mobilization and solidarity of active structures. The demonstration after the wave of raids was a starting point(5). But with the next raids we have to grow in numbers. If we don’t have any other means, we at least have to take to the streets to take responsibility for our friends who are hunted by the state.

Everyone to the streets! Resolute and angry we fight the ruling order and stay strong in the face of repression!

(1) Stauffenberg was a high ranking general who tried to kill Hitler. He was member of the aristocracy, who basically criticized Hitler for a bad strategy
(2) “Gefährder” is a term created by the german police and widely used in public debate to stigmatize and criminalize muslim people. The use against leftists and anarchists is quite likely to be more widely adopted.
(3) originally “asozial”, something between antisocial and unsocial
(4) Brechmittel-Scholz: Major of Hamburg, who is renowned for ordering the use of poison (Brechmittel) by the police that would make people vomit in order to find out if they swallowed drugs
(5) On December 5th police cracked down on several homes of people that were identified as participants of a block that was attacked by the police in the Rondenbarg street during the attempt to block the summit. As a reaction there were demonstrations in major cities all over germany.

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They call it „Dangerzone“* – but it is just an ungovernable neigbourhood

Greetings from Berlin to Athens

We, individuals and groups from the Rigaer Street, welcome the initiative to start a discussion about an insurrection and fill it with experiences from the past, current theories and practical possibilities.
This is how we understood the call for the insurrection festival (insurrectionfestival.noblogs.org) in Athens.

In the program, we discovered several aspects, that we in the Nordkiez of Friedrichshain are engaged in. There is no anarchist, anti authoritarian or left radical movement in Berlin, there is just a scene.
The dullness of the majority of a fascist society makes it complicated to get moving. In order to destroy overall power structures, we need to search for the confrontation in our local communities. A concentration of people, ideas and structures working against the state, are necessary to be able to protect oneself from outside aggression and be able to actually develop.

Over the last couple of years, because of the intensity of our actions and the repression of the cops, this process has been started in the Rigaer street. Our actions do not simply concentrate on material violence, they are trying to destroy the social norm and values. In that sense, to change the meaning of property, safety and fear, as well as work and competition.
In Berlin it is forbidden to organize a flee market, where everything can be given away for free, it is forbidden to play music in public spaces or just gather in the street with many people. It might be allowed if one requests a permission with the police. We did all of these things without having a permission and every time we did, the police came and attacked us. As a response, many stones were thrown towards the cops and their cars.

Maybe the Police occupation in Exarchia is more violent, but in Friedrichshain they are more close – the occupation force is waiting in front of your door.

Another way of preventive counterinsurgency in Berlin is, next to repression, the integration. By using various politicians and “good” cops, the administrations are always coming up with round tables. The idea is to bring inhabitants from the Friedrichshainer Nordkiez together with representatives from the administration offices, An image should be created in which the politicians listen to the concerns of the public and all parties involved come up with a solution together. This way there is no need for real resistance anymore, and “social peace” can be
restored. We must fight the integration like the repression.

Due to gentrification, the population in our part of the city, is being slowly replaced. If you don‘t have the money, you can‘t pay the rent anymore an you have to move. This is why several luxury cars and new investors are being attacked in our neighbourhoods. Controversial questions within our circles are for example the relationship to the neighbours. Some people are sympathetic with us and hate the cops. But how do we interact with those who do not want to have any position in this conflict or who just want to keep on living their capitalist life without any disturbances?

We are only a few in this city, very few. When the state attacks us, like last year, when the cops raided the Rigaer 94 twice and once occupied the house for over three weeks, while destroying large parts of it, it becomes possible for us to mobilize many people from outside our circles. For weeks over the summer 2016, cars all over the city were burning and during a bigger demonstration many people attacked the cops.
But an insurrection can not be planned, it arises from social tensions, where radical tendencies are integrated in a larger social resistance.
Another question would be if we should look for people in this individualised and estranged society or if it would be better just to put an utopia out there, that speaks for itself ?

On the 16th of June this year, an utopia was a hip hop concert in the streets. As expected the cops soon attacked and it lead to riots, which would only be worth a little note in Athens, but became a headline story in Berlin. Press and politicians compared the Rigaer street with the war in Syria. Should we escalate the situation even more, even though we are few people?

The autonomous mouvement was fueled in the 80s by the difficult housing situation and the many squats, that existed all over the city. The experiences since then, show us that as soon as we take one step backwards the enemy moves up right behind us. In the cases, where squatters negotiated with the state, they always lost. In the cases, where we did not negotiate, we may have also lost, but by fighting the struggle we won new activists for our structures.

As a realistic stop over, we are trying to make one part of the city impossible to control, a process which should be expanded chronologically and spatially. Maybe the cops will attack our spaces in Friedrichshain again in the near future. Then we will ask you for help, by attacking authority, no matter where you are. Just like we in Berlin are trying to react to the state organised operations against the resistance in Athens and elsewhere.

Comrades and friends of Rigaer 94 and the resistance in Friedrichshain

* the Police uses the label Dangerzone for a kind of martial law which allows them stop-and-search from people without reason, breaking in homes without search warrant or confiscating everything.

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Berlin: A comrade in prison

Received the 09th of November 2017

On october 18th 2017, the trial against our friend and comrade Nero took place at the Amtsgericht in Moabit. He was charged with blinding a police helicopter with a laser pointer. On that same night, a concert was taking place in Rigaerstraße, which led to riots in the streets.
Nero was arrested in the Südkiez in Friedrichshain, assaulted in the police station and let go again the next morning. A month later, civil cops where waiting at his work place and arrested him upon his arrival.
Since then, it has been three months, where he has been in custody in the JVA Moabit.

Cops where already waiting in front of the court house in the Turmstraße and civil cops where snooping around the neighbourhood, to harass visitors. Press and police witnesses had gathered in front of the court room. The trial was supposed to start at 9:20 AM, though it took over an hour before the press and visitors where allowed inside. After having read out the charges, the judge declared, that a deal had been agreed upon, stating that the sentence should not be over 20 months, should the defended admit to the charges that is. The confession included the blinding of the helicopter with the intention to support the riots in the Rigaerstraße. These charges can legally be met with 1-15 years in prison. With a simple “yes” under pressure, the sentence was set between 16 and 20 months.

Afterwards the pilot was called to the stand. Angelo Koepp is not only a pilot but also a great actor. Obviously, he had practiced his performance many times, to create dramatic scenes, in order for our friend to receive a harsh punishment. Without naming any sources, he talked about a long term disabled colleague, who allegedly after a similar attack still requires a reading aid. He also explains, that usually the helicopters are only equipped with one pilot. But as chance might have it, during all the laser pointer attacks, two pilots where on board to prevent a crash. Angelo was not shy about imagining catastrophic scenes in case of a helicopter crash by explaining how the 330 liters of kerosene, that where still in the tank could have created a monstrous fire ball. Strange, how when two helicopters collided at the Olympic stadium, no such fire ball could be seen, even though a lot more kerosene was in play then. Only the steep corner, with which the laser was pointed at the helicopter, prevented such a disastrous fire ball.

This way the pilots were able to follow Nero, arrest him and afterwards return to Rigaerstraße. Already before the shift that night, they had been told to expect attacks with laser pointers in the rigaerstraße. Just as well, since the helicopters have been terrorizing the neigbourhood for decades and it‘s not just the squatters who are fed up with it. Coming to an end, the witness was asked to name the number of operations carried out in the rigaerstraße. Relaying on a missing permission to testify, he refused an answer. After finishing his performance, Angelo joined the irritated visitors, to follow the rest of the trial. After that everyone agreed, that it was unnecessary to hear any more witnesses. Only one friend was heard from the judge. He stated
that Nero was staying at his place and was in fact not homeless but just one of the many people in this city in trouble of finding an apartment and being a worker has limited time to stand in an endless line at the Bürgeramt to officially register. Apart from a couple of stupid questions from the jury, there was nothing left to say and the judge retreated until the proclamation of sentence.

When the doors to room 101 opened again, all the cop witnesses had occupied the visitors seats, even though they were no longer needed. The three cops who had been in the helicopter and Mister Habedank, the director of LKA 5, who did not mind to show several visitors, that he knows exactly who they were. Everyone was excitingly awaiting the sentence. During the proclamation of sentence, the judge did not miss the chance to give a seemingly endless moral speech towards the audience. He integrated all the horror scenarios, that had been brought up by the pilot in his sentence. He agreed with the prosecutors demand of 18 months in prison, without parole, since that would only give Nero the chance to continue his fight against the police. We hope that he will fight this struggle in there, just as successfully as he did it out here. Lastly the judge decided against letting Nero out for a while before his sentence started. He also held another long moral speech before he proclaimed his decision, saying that since our friend did not apologize for his actions, there was danger for repetition and his missing rent contract was taken as a flight risk.
Therefore our friend is and will stay in prison.

Blow up the prisons, blow up the palaces, blow up the pigs!

Book: Anarchy in a Cold War

Book description:

Anarchy in a Cold War is a novel by Kurtis Sunday set in the West Berlin alternative-squatter-Punk scene during the latter part of the Cold War. The city, a focal point in the conflict between East and West, was a capitalist enclave smack in the middle of Communist East Germany. It was entirely surrounded by the Berlin Wall, complete with razor wire and machine gun posts. There is much that is familiar and much that is not. The Cold War is raging and the missiles are armed and waiting in their silos. If nuclear war breaks out there will be a four minute warning. There is no internet and perhaps NO FUTURE. Reality? Sur-reality? Or hyper-reality?

There is a also a free (Creative Commons) the ebook version (PDF, epub and mobi) of Anarchy in a Cold War now available. Click here for download.

Berlin, Germany: The project ‘Tempest Multilingual, Anarchist Library’ has been brought to an end

In 2009 a group of anarchists from different countries joined together and came up with a proposal for a multi-lingual anarchist distro and library. Ideas turned into action and the project began. Its first home was in a house project in Friedrichshain, later moving to Reichenbergerstr. in Kreuzberg where the project remained until now. In the last 8 years there have been many positive experiences and of course some things that have not gone so well.

The desire of the original group, and also of those who joined the project later, was to encourage the discussion and dissemination of anarchist theory and praxis in various languages across the city of Berlin and beyond. The project placed its emphasis on an insurrectionist anarchist perspective.

In keeping with the founding group’s understanding of the project as a piece of impermanent infrastructure, and to prevent it from sliding away from its intended projectuality, the current administrative group has decided to end the project.

The room has been handed over to a new group who will begin their own new project. We welcome this and are already looking forward to the ideas and fresh wind that this will hopefully bring.

We look back over the last 8 years with joy and tears and would like to thank all those comrades who have participated in and supported the project.

See you all on the streets!

….we need a little time and space right now but hope to give a more detailed analysis of the past years in the coming months.

Vienna, Austria: Solidarity with Thunfisch

We are sending greetings of solidarity from Vienna/Austria to Thunfisch, who was arrested on November 21st 2016 in relation to the protests in solidarity with R94 on July 7th. She is beeing held captive since November 29th in the women prison JVA Lichtenberg in Berlin.

On Saturday, 4th of February we gathered in order to show a gesture of solidarity. For this we made a picture with a banner, that says „Free Thun – Love R94 – Hate Cops“.

The action happened relating to an event for anarchist prisoners. It was an evening of information about repression and a party to support anarchists financially, that are having trials at the moment. With the label „Feierabendsoli“ it was already the second event like this for anarchist solidarity. The event also aimed at showing that there are other forms of actions in solidarity than simply visiting a benefit party.
Therefore we used this evening to support our comrade Thunfisch.

We send strength and power of endurance to her and to all our comrades in prison!

Fire to all prisons!
Freedom for all prisoners!


in German

Germany: ‘In Spite Of Their Separation’ – Call for international solidarity and action to defend R94 in Berlin

Defend Rigaer 94 and Kadterschmiede

We are writing to you from the threatened houseproject Rigaer 94 in one of Berlins once notorious squatting neighbourhoods.
Our contexts might be worlds apart or really close but the reality we lived last year bears the prints of the same systematically oppressive system.
In solidarity with all threatened projects, individuals and emancipatory struggles, we would like to better connect our structures and work on a closer link based on support, in our struggles.

Let’s keep walking this path together, but first a short summary of the recent past and our situation.

Last year saw us, the neighbourhood and people around, on the receiving end of much police repression, starting with the declaration by the state that our street and neighbourhood was a danger zone (Gefahrengebiet), giving the police extra search and detain powers and a green light for constant street harassment of anyone fitting their vision of a ‘leftist’, not white or somehow not normative person (this evolved into almost anyone being controlled, no matter how they presented).
This saw a massive rise in police riot vans cruising the streets, meaning constant conflicts for the neighbourhood, and in our efforts to fight for a autonomous and cop free area.
Rigaer 94 was at the centre of these conflicts, as the state and its cops declared it the crux of militant struggle.
This tactic can be seen in the wider context of reactionary imposed controls and intimidation, such as states of emergency and curfews, employed as constant stress factors (and datamining) to those against the aggressive progression of gentrification and public control.

In the beginning of the year, a traffic cop was confronted on the street while trying to give out parking tickets, seven hours later, 500 or more cops were used to raid our house.
Some days later we were raided again, this time after a bag of rubbish was thrown from a window, as cops were going through the nearby house dumpsters (this was a ‘life threatening attack’).
In response to these attacks, we made a call for 1 million euros of damage to the state and its structures to meet any attack on left radical spaces. This was consistently met.
The state was set on trying to destroy our structures and continued to put on pressure, but we never let them get on top of us.
The last attempt by them to crush our spirit was in the summer. A massive police operation was organised to evict the bottom story („Kadterschmiede“ bar and Workshop) of our project. This plan was concocted by the police chief and the interior minister, who then approached the owner for the final ok.
The house was surrounded 24/7 by cops, who fenced off the front entrance and occupied the attic, stairways and yards. They protected private contractors who started a process of clearing and gutting the bottom story and attic. They were then helped by private security to control the coming and going of people from our house. The narrative given to the media was that the bottom story was going to be renovated and rented as housing for refugees. This was of course proven to be a lie and a divisive tactic by the state, who was trying to manipulate the public opinion and crush left struggle with some of its own pitfalls.
This occupation lasted three weeks.

(This is a more detailed text from the time.)

In the summer we saw the occupation of our home and project come to an end from the combination of inspirational street actions and a court process.
The court hearing concluded that the police action was ‘illegal’ and we had some sort of squatters rights to the contested areas of the house. Whether or not this action was ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ in the eyes of the courts was and is of no concern to us, but in that moment it meant the state had to eat its own laws and go home.
Of course it would not let go so easily, and there has now been an appeal by the house owner to obtain an eviction order. In their legal way.
This court process will happens today,Thursday Febuary 2nd, and we do not expect to ‘win’.
Once the owner has this eviction paper, the earliest they could evict with due notice is two weeks after the court decision.If their first attempt fails they can theoretically try again at anytime in the future with no prior warning.

The solidarity in response to the past attacks on Rigaer 94 was incredibly powerful.
To read everyday of the actions that had happened in the night before, filled us with the strength and fire that we needed to continue this fight. The forms of resistance within the „Day X“concept were as diverse as the people showing it. The streets were full of action, but not only for us, as the struggle against gentrification is international and these and other actions have inspired and been inspired by movements from all over.
This is our strength against the repressive state and its structures – decentralized actions and autonomous organising that the state cannot even come close to keeping watered down and sated.
This is the pressure we can excert on the apparatus of capital and state.

Selforganized spaces such as Kadterschmiede in Rigaer 94 have to be defended!

We want to keep fighting not just for our housing project but for all those threatened by state violence and oppression- all those fighting for living spaces, all those sitting in prisons, all those fighting for their own autonomous futures, all those who are fighting just to live.

All evictions are Day X.
Day X will only bring us together again and strengthen and extend our networks of rebellion.

Day X means Chaos

Teilt unsere Wut!
Every heart is a revolutionary cell.
See you on the streets.


Berlin: Info and discussion event about anarchist struggle in Exarchia and Rigaer Straße

On the 6th of december, again a massive confrontation between anarchists and the police took place in the Athens district of Exarchia. Today, the area around the central square, the „platia“, is a no-go-area for state-servants in uniform. We want to present and discuss some waypoints of this developement. How do people handle that vacuum of power?
The situation in Exarchia can for sure be compared with the situation in Rigaer Straße, to realize the things in common and the differences. Until now, unfortunately mostly our enemies are talking about the lawless area Rigaer Straße. Our task is to create that space to come from the defensive single-issue-conflicts towards an open attack in the context of an international anarchist offensive.

Thursday, December 22nd at 21:00, Kadterschmiede
Rigaer Straße 94, Berlin Friedrichshain

[Athens Polytechnic, December 10th] Discussion with comrades from Berlin

From the struggle at Rigaer Strasse (Berlin)
to the mobilizations against the G20 (Hamburg)

This summer Berlin was the center of a showdown between the police and the remaining parts of what once was a squatting movement. The reason behind was the attempted eviction of the squatted parts of the housing project Rigaer94. Rigaer94 is located in the northern part of Friedrichshain, which has a long history of struggle against state influence. The three weeks of siege of the 94 immediately became a crystallization point for a joint counterattack by anarchists that culminated in the call for a Black July, expressing the ideas of the polymorphous anarchist struggle in action. Strengthened by the battle which led to a small victory by successfully defending the Rigaer94 against the eviction, the offensive carries on in the upcoming mobilization against the G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017. There are already international calls for decentralized actions in order to create a dynamic that invites all the rebellious fighters that are able and willing to attack to Hamburg.

Comrades from Berlin will report about the struggle against gentrification in Berlin and the role of the Rigaer94, as well as about ongoing projects of anarchists.

Saturday December 10th at 19:00, Gini building
Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari St.), Exarchia

Comrades from Zaimi 11 Polymorphous Action Space of Anarchists
Themistokleous 58 Squat
& Contra Info translation counter-information network

Berlin: Let us destroy the prison system – inside or outside – until all are free!

On 16th of October a banner was dropped on a house at Hermannplatz in Berlin: „Let us destroy the Prison System – inside or outside – until all are free!”1000 fliers were spread at Hermannplatz and the metro-entrances.

On the fliers was written:

The rebellious prisoners need our solidarity. In a call of US-prisoners we can read: „If we fight against the power, they will fight back and the only protection we have, is the solidarity from outside.”

Against the prison slavery! Solidarity with the resistance of the imprisoned in the USA and everywhere!

Freedom for the imprisoned people who where arrested, because of bank robberies in Aachen.

Every act of expropriation of the rich and the banks is desirable.

Solidarity with the people from Switzerland who are hit by repression! Blamed for crippling of the metropolis traffic and angry demonstrations through the city of the rich.

No security for the rich and the rulers, until all are free.

Freedom for Aaron and Balu! Caught because they shall have demonstrated for a solidarity life, against the destruction of the neighbourhood and the police state.

Peace to the hovels, war to the palaces – against all institutions and prisons!

School – Clinic – Prison – Factory

Disciplined at school, brainwashed at university, exploited at the job, broken in the prison – against the Prison Society!

Hello Neighbour! In the prison of Plötzensee in Berlin in Germany nearly every third prisoner is imprisoned because of fare-dodge.

Prisons to empty sits!

Burn all prisons – until all are free!

Freedom for all!

Do you still believe in law and order? It works also without!

For a society without prisons!

Our passion for freedom is stronger than every authority!

Frankfurt, Germany: Smoke signals to Rigaer94; for a Black July

Black July of Rigaer-Street is coming.*

Cops have besieged the R94 project for nearly three weeks. Your message has been heard, and we respond as best we can. And it will go on. Tonight [July 7th 2016] a car of the local energy supplier Mainova was targeted.

Being too expensive already, Mainova plays an important role in suppression of the destitute. Those who can no longer pay their bills, have their power immediately shut off. If they like to regain access to electricity, they must raise an absurdly large amount of money. Perhaps the burnt car gives Mainova something to think about.

We’re pleased about the many big and small actions everywhere – a worthy reaction to the spectacle staged by [Berlin’s Senator of the Interior] Henkel. See this as a small support of the fight in Friedrichshain. Let Berlin plunge into chaos, and let us join in everywhere!

Solidarity greetings to the comrades imprisoned for a sauvage** in Basel, Switzerland.

We also wish lots of strength and nothing but the best to those accused of bank expropriation in Aachen.

Autonomous Energy Giants

* see callout for a Black July, by Rigaer94 & friends, ahead of Saturday’s demonstration in Berlin

** it often means ‘wild’ (i.e. unlicensed) party at an occupied space, where street fighting can sometimes occur; here, the authors refer to a ‘wild’ anti-racist and anti-repressive demonstration in Basel on June 24th 2016, where buildings were attacked, clashes with police forces ensued, and 14 people were arrested

in Greek

Berlin: Call out for demonstration on 9th of July

Call out from housing projects of Nordkiez in Friedrichshain, Berlin:

Defend Rigaer94! Destroy the Investor’s Paradise!

On the 17th of June, we published the first call out for the 9th July neighbourhood demo “Destroy the Investor’s Paradise, Stop Carré Sama-Riga!” 5 days later the landlord, cops, and Senate cooperated in the storming of the house project Rigaer94. The cops, private security and labourers evicted the autonomous collective space Kadterschmiede, the rest of the ground floor, including a workshop and garden, the attic in the back house and also the squatted attic in the front house.

John Dehwurst, who bought the house at the end of 2014, took the responsibility for this attack through a hypocritical press release from the fictitious building management. It was claimed that the evicted parts of the house would be used as living space for refugees. This would mean that the people moving in would find themselves under constant surveillance by the cops and security. At the moment such people are able to live in Rigaer94 in self determined and supportive structures. We take this propaganda as an attempt to destroy structures of resistance by cynically playing different groups off against each other. The AfD, NPD and Co. are rubbing their hands in glee at the argumentation from the South African apartheid-regime lawyer Dehwurst and the ‘Law and Order’ politics of justice minister Frank Henkel.

The dangerzone, which has operated continuously since the end of October 2015, has permitted the countless underhanded actions of police, and the direct assaults on self-organised projects which pose an unceasing threat for all of the inhabitants of Rigaer street. The partial eviction of Rigaer94 and especially the momentary loss of Kadterschmiede are attempts to displace structures of solidarity and rebellion and to replace them with capitalist city politics. Regardless we will continue to fight for self-determined spaces everywhere and for everyone!

We need places where we can come together, and organise without the need for legitimisation from the state. Rigaer Street is one of the only places in this city where people can meet on the street, discuss, argue, get to know each other and organise in solidarity and resistance. We will not just stand back and watch, as these structures are destroyed and replaced by the shiny glass facades of luxury apartments such as the new Carré Sama-Riga. The future is not yet written – The struggle continues!

The attack on the Nordkiez of Friedrichshain is an example of the inhuman politics of displacement, development and strict compartmentalisation of areas for “rich and poor” people in the cities, small states and provinces. Everywhere people are divided between useless or profitable, valuable or worthless. In the background of a society which is lurching increasingly to the right, it is important to defend the last remaining self-determined spaces, show solidarity and withstand state repression. Therefore, this is not just about our personal struggle to defend our scene spaces, but a united struggle on many fronts against exclusion, displacement and a city for the rich.

On the 9th of August, M99, the “Shop for Revolutionary Materials”, which has survived for 30 years in the heart of Kreuzberg, is due to be evicted. We should do everything in our power to keep and build the pressure leading up to and following this date. The countless actions of the last days and nights give us the strength, sharpen our hope and strengthen us in our resolve to never give up without a fight. Our solidarity against their repression!

We repeat our call for the demo of the 9th of July, now more than ever; we call out to you to struggle together with us against social cleansing, capitalist city politics, repression and the state-terror of the last months. Come to the streets and express our rage!

How we want the demonstration to be: We wish to show a decisive and powerful sign, exactly as in the demo of the 6th of February. In order to be realistic in the general political situation we have decided it was preferable to register the demonstration. Outside of this we would like to create space for different forms of action, and make it possible for people coming from outside of Berlin to take part. For these reasons we have decided to change the time of the demonstration to 9pm.

Nothing is over yet!

Demo: Saturday 9th July
First speeches 20:30
Demo starts 21:00 punctually
Wismarplatz (near the train station U-Samariterstrasse), Berlin

International Call Out for Solidarity with Rigaer 94

Dispatches from occupied Rigaer94 (Berlin)

It has now been over a week since our doors were first cut off, cops and security intruded into our housing project, installing themselves in our stairways and other previously collective spaces. From then, the speedy and aggressive eviction and destruction of the ground level of our home began. Our social space, the Kadterschmiede, along with our workshop, laundry, attic and garden were stripped of all recognition in clouds of dust and mortar, while rubbish skips were filled with our belongings and collective histories.

Our rebellious, emancipatory project has been overrun by empty headed lackeys in uniform and we are pissed – not the least because we are used to better company than this. Whether these unwelcome wardens wear uniforms issued by the state or private security companies makes little difference to us. They both show their petty allegiance to the logic of domination and control not only via their presence but also through daily acts of physical violence, harassment, degrading comments and leers – not only directed towards us, but our visitors, friends and neighbours including young children. The police have set up a restricted area, closing off the entrance to the building and its surrounds, with anyone wanting to enter their home or visit us having to pass a gauntlet of beefed up aggressive cops and security, often needing to present identification. This process can take hours.

Further it has just been exposed that the police have been recording the details and compiling a database of people that have been identified coming into the house. At least part of this list has been passed on to and published by organised Nazi groups.

The pretext of this eviction is that the owner John Richard Dewhurst, a taxation lawyer, millionaire mega investor with companies implicated in the Panama papers, and previously an attorney for the South African Supreme court during the apartheid era, wishes to house refugees in these spaces. If of course they can pay market rate rent in the newly renovated spaces, an amount too high for most people and above what refugee housing organisations can afford to fund. The irony of this claim doesn’t bypass us.

The clear instrumentalisation of refugees as an excuse to attack a space that has shown political and practical solidarity with refugees and other people in precarious positions does not surprise us. For those in the most precarious positions are frequently pitched against each other under this current system that is set up to exploit us for the benefit of people like Dewhurst. To add salt to the wound, in this violent and invasive process three refugees who had found a home with us in the 94, can now no longer live here for fear of extra repression and police stress. The state and its most wealthy have once again moved to destroy safer solidarity spaces for those in our community whose struggles intensify on a daily basis.

The area around Rigaerstrasse has been heavily gentrified in the past decade and skyrocketing rents have seen many residents pushed out, displaced and evicted in order to make room for new developments. These are unaffordable to most existing long term residents but bring in more profit for investors. As part of a larger neighbourhood coalition of projects and individuals we have struggled against this process of gentrification, fighting to keep our neighbourhood a place for all, not just the rich. Over the past year or so we have seen the relationships of warmth and solidarity between people in our neighbourhood growing and people increasingly sharing daily life. Neighbours from both the projects and private living spaces have met and organised on the streets, in our garden and at the peoples kitchen in Kadterschmiede.

We understand the aggressive, overbloated attack on our collective spaces as part of the wider repressive conditions under capitalism. Conditions that see all elements of collective life and resistance attacked, commodified, co-opted and as a last resort destroyed and replaced by more controllable and consumptable forms of life. We also recognise the power of collective spaces, campaigns, actions and initiatives in the face of the increasing pressure placed on all of us under a rotten and collapsing system that tightens the noose around all of our necks as it slowly drowns under the weight of its own bloated corpse. It is clear to us that the effectiveness and potentiality of these liberatory collective forms, including our own project, poses an increasing threat to this system and all those who benefit from it.

We will continue to fight for all projects, initiatives and spaces that provide space and opportunities to experiment with alternative ways of living under these shitful conditions, across all divisive borders imposed from above.

We invite you to join us in expressing our resistance and rage in three major public displays of rebellion:

5th July – Court case to decide who can occupy these evicted spaces (10:00 Landgericht Berlin, Littenstr. 12-17, Berlin)

9th July – Demo to show our anger and solidarity with all threatened autonomous spaces (20:30 Wismarplatz, Berlin)

And fulfilling our promise of at least ten million euros in damage to the state and its structures – every eviction has its price.

If you need somewhere to stay you can email: schlafboerserigaer@inbox.tv

Your solidarity, however expressed, gives us strength and warms our hearts.

See you in the streets of Berlin!

Yours in struggle, R94


Berlin: Rigaer94 under siege; Kadterschmiede evicted; hot days ahead…

Comrades are currently mobilising in the streets to make the eviction as expensive as possible for the cops and the Berlin Senate. Below is today’s announcement by Rigaer94.This morning, June 22nd 2016, at around 7.30am, approximately 300 cops, private security and construction workers came to our house in Rigaerstrasse 94. First, the construction workers cut out our doors and removed them. After securing their place in the house, the cops, construction workers and security, took position in the garden, the yard and on the roof, as well as in the staircases. Construction workers and cops joined together to carry out all movable objects they could find in the yard – bicycles, a bike shed, fridges, trailers etc. Our doors were removed and the frames knocked out, the phone and internet connection was cut. Only after our lawyer got access to the house, we were informed about the reason for the police action.

According to a press release of the caretaker group for the building, Pawel Kapica, the ground floor including the workshop, the garden, the washing room, the entrance and Kadterschmiede bar should be rebuilt as flats for refugees. These should be “rented out with regular rental contracts within the conditions of Berlin’s normal rent capping as living spaces” (Friedrichshain hilft e.V.i.G. and Moabit hilft e.V. have confirmed in a press release that these rents wouldn’t be covered by the responsible agencies like LAGeSo and Jobcenter, which is the norm in Berlin for refugee housing).

The attic in the front house was evicted as well. After discussions with the cops, inhabitants saved all the things they could still save from the ground level. Everything else was removed and trashed by the construction workers. During this, many objects where stolen by the construction workers and the security. Only a few bikes that people could prove ownership of were returned. Inhabitants of the front house were controlled and one person was taken into custody.

The entire ground floor including Kadterschmiede is now evicted. This means we are losing our communal space; a major part in our communal life is being destroyed. Security is supposed to stay in the house until the completion of the construction work, which would certainly mean regular controls for the inhabitants. We perceive the security in our house as an acute threat for us and for Rigaer Street.

At the moment, only inhabitants that are registered at the house can leave it and come back, which means getting controlled by the cops that are still lingering in the staircases and entrances. The street around the house is blocked off with fences. We cannot see an end of the action yet.

House owners using living spaces for refugees as an argument to evict us is more than cynical. The eviction threat of the queer-feminist wagon-place Kanal is also being justified by the building of a refugee camp. The Senate wants to establish controllable spaces dominated by racist attacks together with house owners and/or caretakers like Kapica, that make a self-organized life impossible for refugees. We won’t let them play us; we are in solidarity with all refugees and will fight for self-organized spaces for everyone, everywhere.

This eviction is the most delirious police action we have seen in a long time. The danger zone we’ve been enduring since October 2015 is a constant threat to the self-organized projects in Rigaerstrasse and the whole Northkiez. The constant attack by the cops and the State have now reached their peak for our project with the eviction of Kadterschmiede.

We are fucking angry, it’s time to explode, make everywhere a danger zone, throw Berlin into Chaos!

Rigaer94 stays untamable!

We will never give up – One struggle, one fight!

German: Rigaer94.squat.net | English translation via Linksunten

Read also: Statement from Liebig 34

Berlin: Days of anarchist ideas and publications


We are living in times of social isolation: if we still have space in our lives for something else other than work and consuming, routine and entertainment, apathy and distraction, we are trying to flee our isolation through escaping into virtual communities and digital parallel universes. However, we are offered several seemingly different opinions, media and protest groups, upon which we can decide as allegedly free individuals. But to find a way, not only to “like” someone and to let ourselves be represented by others, seems not to be something graspable for most people. When we instead think, write, speak on our own and relate with other people, we are able to self-define the “Why” and “How” of all this. This means as a consequence to act also according to that.

Different anarchist initiatives developing in german speaking areas, are creating their own ways and possibilities and are communicating their ideas through various methods, being in offensive conflict with those in Power. Despite all existing difficulties, communication is the basis for every controversy and discussion, every critique and vitality. To take the spreading of ideas into one’s own hands and to organize this, without loosing our own autonomy, has always been a basis of anarchist projects and fights. We are convinced, that only in this way are we able to find out, in what kind of reality we find ourselves and where possible focuses are located.

We invite everyone, who is interested to discuss and argue about ideas and perspectives of a life without domination, about means and methods in our struggles, about consequences, problems and obstacles. Everyone, who shares the rejection of delegation and centralisation, bureaucracy and technological dependence, of every personality cult and every cooperation with formal organizations and parties. Everyone, whose horizon embraces a world of self organized solidarity and self determination.

Instead of providing a service and consumable events we want to exchange and spread printed publications and make them accessible. We want to get to know each other, talk about experiences and discuss without the fear of conflicts. Bring your publications and your proposals for the program! Represent your publication(s) and the thoughts behind, let’s bring life into the world of letters and put ideas into practice!

internet: ausloeser.blackblogs.org

in German

Berlin: Protest against the European Police Congress, 23/24 February

Against the World of Borders and Control…

On 23/24 February, the European police congress will again be held in the Berlin Congress Center. Enterprises from the armament and surveillance industry will meet on this occasion with international politicians, security agencies and military staff to develop common strategies for the defence of the ruling conditions; for the defence of a world that is falling apart.

The relentless struggle over resources has caused war, poverty and ecological catastrophes in many parts of the world. As a result, millions of people are fleeing. Tragedies with fatal consequences happen daily at the external borders of Europe. Borders are being closed, fences erected, police and military deployed to keep away the “undesirables”.

This is the result of the ignorance of the western society. The crisis is inherent in the system and the conflicts will further intensify. The social control and the state of emergency on behalf of democracy are not glimpses from the future anymore. They become normality that surrounds us.

A normality that we do not want to accept. Let’s fight for a life in solidarity and freedom at the side of those who move on in the quest for a better life and all those who decided themselves for the revolt to topple the existing order. Against the state and its defenders, against every kind of authority!

For Freedom!

Let’s disturb, sabotage, attack the European police congress

Berlin: Political projects of Friedrichshain’s northKiez call for a demonstration on 6/2

After the major offensive on Rigaer 94 by 500 cops, SEK, a K-9 unit and a helicopter, the northKiez of Friedrichshain is still under siege. There are constant controls all around Rigaerstraße and the streets are patrolled by massive swathes of cops.

We take the attack on the night of 13.01.2016 on Rigaer 94 and the assault on Liebig34 on the same evening as an attack on all of us! It is an affront to all of us that resist, organise, plan, act and network every day; against all those that cannot pay their rents anymore and get displaced.

To the cops and politicians speculation to be able to force us into capitulation and resignation by repression we respond: Forget it! We will not yield a centimeter! Now more than ever!

We are calling everyone, to go out on the streets with us on February 6th to fight against ‘danger zones’, police terror and displacement.

Call to action:
Defend rebellious structures, create solidary neighbourhoods!

Saturday 6th February 2016 | Berlin

Gathering at 16:00 in front of Wagenplatz Rummelplatz, Gürtelstrasse 26

Demonstration at 17:00 (be on time!)

Berlin: Vehicle belonging to ThyssenKrupp torched by Informal Pyromaniac Conspiracy

Black December burns in Berlin’s ThyssenKrupp

«We are in the process of a qualitative upgrade of the “civilised warfare,” where one’s happiness coexists with the torment of another . . . Within this environment, anarchy acquires a strategic possibility to set fire to all forms of political representation, to become a front of open unorthodox war with domination, which will turn the diversity and pluralism of viewpoints within the anarchist community into an advantage and bring the oppressed – those who decide to break the chains of their submission – together at centres of struggle created. . . .
A month of coordinated actions in order to know one another, take to the streets and smash the displays of department stores, occupy schools, universities and city halls, distribute texts that will spread the message of rebellion, place incendiary devices against fascists and bosses, hang banners on air-bridges and main avenues, flood the cities with posters and flyers, blow up houses of politicians, throw Molotov cocktails at cops, tag the walls with slogans, sabotage the smooth flow of merchandise amid Christmas, loot the displays of abundance, carry out public activities, and exchange experiences and rationales around various topics of struggle.
To meet one another in narrow urban streets, and paint on the ugly buildings of banks, police stations, multinationals, military camps, television studios, courts, churches, charitable corporate groups with ashes. . . .
B l a c k  D e c e m b e r  does not seek merely to become some days of rioting; instead, what we want is to create – through multiform and multilevel anarchist action – an informal coordination platform on the basis of which the subversive impulse will be brought together; a primary attempt for an informal coordination of anarchy, beyond the predetermined frameworks, which aspires to build on this particular experience of struggle so as to set both subversive proposals and fighting strategies in motion. . . .»

wrote Nikos Romanos and Panagiotis Argirou weeks ago from the prisons where they are being held.

The balance sheets of 2015 look shiny for the big armaments corporations; a win-win situation has arisen for the industry, with the participation of the German Federal Navy in the EUNAVFOR Med and the entry into the war in Syria. They will get earnings from military goods wear and tear and consumption in a civil war, and simultaneously profit from combating refugees.

To restrain the unhindered expansion of these (armaments) corporations may constitute a strategic component of calls such as that of Black December; this is why, in the early hours of December 29th, we destroyed a ThyssenKrupp vehicle by fire in Berlin’s neighbourhood of Friedrichshain.

This action, framed in the context of Black December, is dedicated to fighters of words whose texts may contribute to arsons all over the world, solidarity circles who are fighting for the survival of prisoners, and refugees with whom we’ll jointly smoke out the minions of the European Union in the Mediterranean Sea, along the fences of Calais or the Spanish enclaves, and in their air-conditioned offices in metropolises.

Informal pyromaniac conspiracy

German | Greek

Berlin: Act of destruction – December 6th

Alexis, you live – 06/12/2008

Αn anarchist rebellion started 7 years ago in Greece, which gained international resonance and continued. Despite the numerous efforts at torturing and killing our comrades worldwide, we don’t let ourselves be intimidated, and no matter how much repression they sow, we’ll only come out of it stronger.

In the frame of Black December, we torched two vehicles of the Suzuki firm at a car dealership, in the hope that the flames illuminate the building.

Suzuki has regularly supplied the Greek executioners with new vehicles, which they use for counterinsurgency purposes, or to equip the DELTA motorised police units so they can torture better.

The Greek regime just recently ordered again dozens of motorcycles from Suzuki in order for its minions to ride them and line up against the population.

We specially dedicate our action to Alexandros, who was murdered on the evening of December 6th 2008 in Exarchia.

We are aware of the pure symbolic nature of our action, which will hardly reach like-minded ones in a metropolis of millions, but we hope that the few who have noticed these smoke signals imitate us and reveal their destructive intents by destroying parts of operational units in this system.

There are enough reasons to display destructive intent at any time and attack (non-)state institutions, their subordinates and those hating us.

We should have used the year-long lethargy to regroup ourselves, to have discussed new ideas and be able to attack directly.

For a Black December

Freedom for the prisoners of rebellions worldwide

in German and Italian | translated in Greek by Black International

Berlin: Banner drop in solidarity with Evi Statiri, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

The banner reads: “In solidarity with all anarchist prisoners – Salute to Evi, Monica and Francisco – Long Live Anarchy”

On October 13th 2015, we dropped a banner from the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin. We want to show our solidarity with Evi Statiri, who was finally released – under shitty restrictive conditions – from pretrial detention in Greece. We also send warm greetings to Monica and Francisco, who are held in preventive detention by the Spanish State since November 13th 2013.

This is just a small symbolic gesture, to greet all the rebels who are in prison, all those from inside still betting on a life of confrontation with this democratic and rotten system.

We’ll see you on the street; the struggle continues!

Death to the State, for Anarchy!

Some anarchists in Berlin

in German, Spanish, Greek

About some car fires in recent weeks in Berlin…

For Mónica Caballero, Nikos Romanos, Francisco Solar, Nikos Maziotis and all upright prisoners, for those who burn the vehicles of the prison-construction company Vinci in the streets of Paris and have celebrated the 14 July national holiday in their own way, for the untouchables that throw once again μολότοφ [Molotov cocktails] and stones through the streets of Athens and not let themselves be deceived by Syriza… and for ourselves.

That’s why we torched a vehicle of the surveillance company Deutsche Telekom in the Wedding district of Berlin on 11/6/2015; we burned a van of the armaments company Siemens on the Stralau half-island on 13/7/2015; and caused a vehicle of the security company WISAG in the Paul-Junius-Straße to burst into flames on 17/7/2015.

Fortress Europe will collapse only when the storm on the outer boundaries connects itself with the local, inner subversions, and these struggles correlate with each other.

in German / Greek, French

Germany: News in brief of sabotages in the framework of Destroika

February 2015

Bremen: In the night between the 24th and 25th February, a service vehicle of the German army was burnt out in the Hemmstrasse in the neighbourhood of Findorff.

“(…) The Bundeswehr is an instrument to protect the wealth of a few. Wars are led in order to secure resources for the already existing supremacy, to export the authoritarian capitalist system and to establish this system for their own benefit. For a long time, Germany has been leading wars again or providing material support.

It is intentionally accepted that many people’s means of subsistence are destroyed by the exploitation of natural resources, the selling of land and the obligation of dependence on the neoliberal world market.

That these politics function on dead bodies without scruples becomes especially visible at the European borders. To most people who try to come into Europe a legal entry is refused because they don’t have papers, or they have the wrong papers. Thus they become illegal, which serves as a pretext to open up the hunt after them for the police, border guards and military within Europe, at its borders and in the sea. For many, this means detention pending deportation or death.

For passionate moments of insurrection the 18th March at Frankfurt!
For a militant antiracism!
War starts here – lets stop it here!
Autonomous Groups”

Berlin: During the night of the 24th February, “four ATMs were smashed or rendered inoperable with expanding foam in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. This is not the first action against banks in Berlin as a callout for Destroika, and we are looking forward to more actions! (…)

Come to Frankfurt the 18th March! In the morning for the blockade, 5pm for the large demonstration!”

Frankfurt: “(…) in the night between the 18th and 19th February, we attacked the Deutsche Annington in the neighbourhood of Sachsenhausen. Three vehicles were burnt out and the back windows of the building complex were smashed. Other damages were purposely avoided. (…)

The Deutsche Annington is grossly profiteering off the rental sector of the former social and low-price housing market. Between 2001 and their introduction to the stock market in 2010, they have bought and increased the price of over 210,000 houses that formerly belonged to the British armed forces, various housing associations of railroad workers, the large companies RWE and E.ON, but also to social housing associations. (…)

Our action is thus also a sign of solidarity with the numerous tenants initiatives and the struggles of the workforce. (…)

We have identified another potential target to go along with banks and insurance companies.”

Excerpts collated by Le Chat Noir Emeutier