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Ecotopia Biketour: Summer 2017

Ecotopia Biketour is a self-organized, international community that has been organizing a yearly bicycle tour in different regions of Europe since 1990. During the tour we visit environmental and social projects and practice forms of activism and sustainable living. We follow a vegan diet, practice consensus decision making, and share skills by doing workshops. Ecotopia Biketour is for anyone interested in travelling by bike, community life, DIY, environmentalism, and learning by experience.

Usually 20–40 people cycle with us at the same time. Most people join for somewhere between 2 weeks and 2 months and participate in the tour for the first or second time. We rarely cycle all together, usually some people go ahead in the morning and mark the route with arrows on the road. People then follow in small groups in their own speed and rhythm. We keep distances at a level where no particular fitness or experience is necessary.

We try to create a non-hierarchical environment by rotating responsibilities, sharing skills and respecting personal needs. People can sign up for daily tasks (cooking, pulling a trailer, marking the route, etc.), but everyone can decide individually how much they want to do. We meet up every couple of days to talk about how it is going and to collectively make decisions. It is one of our core values to create a non-discriminatory environment.

We cook communally with wood, carry all our equipment ourselves and try to buy local and organic food and to dumpster-dive where possible. Participants are asked to donate 3–5 € per day to cover the food costs, but people who cannot give this donation are also welcome to join.

This year we will focus on skill-sharing and other forms of alternative education. We will have workshops regularly where we want to share abilities and knowledge within our group and with the projects we are going to visit. We will start at the end of June in Strasbourg in France and will cycle for 3 months via Nancy (Vélorution Universelle), Bure, Freiburg, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, Grenoble, Toulouse to Barcelona and end near Tarragona. The exact route and dates are being announced on our website.

If you have some recommendations for projects, groups and events for us to visit on the way or would like to help preparing the tour, write to 2017@ecotopiabiketour.net these principles – to make the Biketour experience an example of the social and political values we all share.

Turin: Call for three days of discussion and struggle against borders and concentration system

via Macerie



From Idomeni to Calais, images of people trying to pass borders more and more insuperable get to us. At the same time the European states are reorganising the internal management of immigration through new sorting facilities, and heightening control in administrative detention centres.

For these reasons it’s necessary to gather and discuss about latest evolutions.

These meetings want to raise critical points, both theoretical and practical, and focus on difficulties that came up during the latest struggles, in Italy but not only, with migrants and immigrants. Although we are aware of the difficulty and complexity of this purpose, we think it’s indispensable to have an open debate not dictated by movement commitments and due dates. Essentially, we feel the urge to restart a discussion about these specific matters, without the obligation to reach a conclusion on analysis and propositions, but rather a prolific playing field where to find ourselves in the coming months.

Aim of the first two days:

– Have a debate with several militants regarding international migration politics related to flow of migrants and closure of the borders.

– Take stock of evolution of reception and rejection system implemented in Italy starting from Hotspot, the so called “secondary care” (accoglienza secondaria), to sectioning in CIE.

– Have a debate with militants involved in various activities against immigration management, as struggle against CIE and against borders.

– Have a debate with militants coming from abroad who stood by refugees and asylum-seekers in struggles.

We would like to concentrate the discussion on the following points:

– The arrival of large groups of immigrants foreseen in the next months can produce again a situation like the one occurred last year in Ventimiglia, where hundreds of displaced people are gathering. The closure of Austrian border is blocking the path toward Northern-Europe, probably redirecting people coming from Balkans and Southern-Europe to the north-west border. How to plan an intervention that takes into account practical circumstances that happen in these situations? How to carry on an active solidarity with migrants without falling in aid mechanism but rather restarting the course of struggle and complicity? What limits and what possibilities are these situations of emergency offering?

– The enormous flow of migrants goes through newly-opened Hotspot, that acts like filters from which the destination of each migrants is decided, and then sorted, in “secondary care” structures, as Sprar, Cas and Cara. Many years have passed since these places were created but lately they are spreading in order to face a bigger number of asylum-seekers. The excuse of giving shelter, used to justify the existence of these structures, covers up a complex net of tenders where companies and cooperatives cash in huge profits in supplying services. The “parking lot” offered to asylum-seekers forces many of them to undergo a course of integration, real or less real, built on educational activities and exploitation of labour. Besides these official courses, secondary care structures represent in many cases a source of low-cost workers employed in agriculture, construction or restaurant industry, where gang-master system has considerable scope for making money. What are the possibilities to take actions against cooperatives, NGOs, associations or institutions that manage these structures? How to intercept moment of conflict provoked by migrants and which ways to take part in them? How to stand against welcoming propaganda, highlighting its inconsistencies and its purpose of control?

– CIE is the last transit place for immigrants waiting rejection, captured during police raids or coming from prisons, going ashore or crossing borders. Even if the management of CIEs changes depending on their location and supervisors, in the last years such structures tend to become more similar to prisons: the internal repression exhibited with intense control, isolation cells, requisition of cell phones used to communicate with the outside world, prove this theory. Yet still, uprising and escaping of prisoners show a clear example of how to get rid of those places. Management of services is a stable source of profit for companies and institutions, that sometimes work both in CIE and secondary care structures. How to support uprisings of prisoners from outside and how to carry on the struggle against CIEs autonomously?

Event calendar:

Friday, May 20th

19:00, debate on management and control systems of immigration. From rejection to welcoming.

Saturday, May 21st

10:00, meeting in Piazza della Repubblica, on Corso Giulio Cesare side.

14:30, description of various experiences in the struggle beside sans-papiers. There will be a speech by militants from France.

19:30, discussion on borders locking and experiences from the last year.

Sunday, May 22nd

16:00, meeting in front of CIE, Corso Brunelleschi.

In order to make anyone aware of the different situations we will speak about, you can send to us, before the events, some contribution to the e-mail address:

The contributions will be published on Macerie

Debates will take place at Asilo occupato in via Alessandria 12, Torino.
Bring your sleeping bag.

Berlin: Protest against the European Police Congress, 23/24 February

Against the World of Borders and Control…

On 23/24 February, the European police congress will again be held in the Berlin Congress Center. Enterprises from the armament and surveillance industry will meet on this occasion with international politicians, security agencies and military staff to develop common strategies for the defence of the ruling conditions; for the defence of a world that is falling apart.

The relentless struggle over resources has caused war, poverty and ecological catastrophes in many parts of the world. As a result, millions of people are fleeing. Tragedies with fatal consequences happen daily at the external borders of Europe. Borders are being closed, fences erected, police and military deployed to keep away the “undesirables”.

This is the result of the ignorance of the western society. The crisis is inherent in the system and the conflicts will further intensify. The social control and the state of emergency on behalf of democracy are not glimpses from the future anymore. They become normality that surrounds us.

A normality that we do not want to accept. Let’s fight for a life in solidarity and freedom at the side of those who move on in the quest for a better life and all those who decided themselves for the revolt to topple the existing order. Against the state and its defenders, against every kind of authority!

For Freedom!

Let’s disturb, sabotage, attack the European police congress

Thoughts from somewhere

Received December 20th:

From the hands, to the legs, to the neck-
lets break the stability of the authority of the State!
Solidarity means to attack!

We see the recent operations against anarchists in Spain as a continuation of the States’ authoritarian blow against anarchist and anti-authoritarian individuals and structures. This repression, however, doesn’t exist in isolation. There have been attacks against anti-authoritarian structures and individuals during last years in a wider European and worldwide context.

This wave of repression no longer exists simply to persecute and punish specific acts or attacks, but also aims to destroy dynamics of struggle, attack the personal relationships between individuals and prevent revolutionary processes from being developed.

The institutions of authority are experimenting with terms like defensive/aggressive democracy. Within this discourse they attempt to attack, paralyse and create long-term harm to the relationships of rebels and revolutionaries in accordance to the level of conflict and tension. An effective attempt of this strategy can be seen as comrades are being accused for incitement of terrorism; the authorities try to use these cases to send comrades and rebels to jail, even if only for the spreading of propaganda and ideas. Another aspect of these operations is to spread a clear message within society that everything is under control whilst also sending a warning to other rebels to beware. We understand these repressive operations, thus, not simply to be reactions of the State towards rebellious struggles and dynamics, but also as a long-term tool to be used against every rebellious and/or critical individual.

The rebellion we desire is one which destroys the entire system and its social order, destroying a system based on domination and oppression. Our perspective demands nothing less than freedom for everyone. This is what we are fighting for, although we know that the enemy of our freedom will do everything in its power to prevent our struggle, in an attempt to protect itself and maintain the current existing social order. We have, however, strong relationships with our comrades, relationships based on solidarity. We will never abandon our comrades and we will always continue to fight. One problem existing within our struggle against repression is that we are constantly one step behind the authorities, reacting to their efforts and are often bound into a disempowering dynamic. When it comes to specific blows against revolutionaries, their struggles and the repression of their ideas, there is also an attempt to normalise oppression and provide a sense of stability. It is precisely this stability that we need to attack. It is precisely this normality which needs to be challenged. A normality in which everyone and everything works, where everything is in the right order and nothing and no one can break the noise or silence, or the monotony of life.

It is precisely in these moments of difficulty, when the authorities take hostage of individuals in struggle and shatter their projects to protect the stability of their system, that we can attack the very stability which they are trying to preserve and consequently give a meaningful expression of our revolutionary understanding.

Whether traffic lights or important transport routes, bomb threats, fire alarm or the glueing of locks in buildings belonging to big companies or public authorities, important train tracks or electricity lines…. The flow of goods, of manpower and money, the running fluidity of production and consumption, of exploitation and oppression…. Attack is possible. And the system is vulnerable.

This society depends upon the flow of goods and information. So for us as anarchists it is important to understand the context we are living in, we need to understand the structures of society and its authority in order to attack it effectively and to open space for rebellion.

The authority and its instruments of repression are well coordinated within a vast international network.

Let’s hit it and attack it everywhere to destroy step by step the stability of this rotten system and the boring monotony of daily life.

German & Spanish versions here.

Greece: Anarchist walk in central Athens

On November 7th 2015 at noon, amid Saturday crowds, a handful of us carried out an intervention from Exarchia neighbourhood and streets in the city centre, to Monastiraki and Thissio, wanting to express our solidarity with comrades who are under repression in different corners of the world, and specifically the territories of Brazil, Uruguay and the Spanish State.

“Solidarity with «La Solidaria» squat, Montevideo – From Uruguay to Greece, we are a same resistance”
“Strength to the repressed comrades – Always with the head held high”
“Not a step back in the feminist struggle – Solidarity with comrades in Porto Alegre, Brazil”
“No misogynistic attack without a response – Solidarity with comrades in Porto Alegre, Brazil”
“No misogynistic and racist attack left unanswered – Death to the State – Long live anarchy”

We placed banners in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Greek at the gates of the Athens Polytechnic School on the streets of Patission and Stournari, in Exarchia Square, and opposite the metro station in Thissio.

“Beware, patriarch, beware, sexist… feminisms are shaking the whole wide earth”
“We experience violence every day here, with every machismo, with every racism”
“I was a young girl, and there was unemployment… I became a rufiana [female snitch] who joined the police”
“Neither sexism nor transphobia, shit on every uniformed thug and patriarchy”
“International and libertarian struggle, let’s break misogyny in the streets”
“Liberation will be total, slaps and kicks for every rapist”
“We are many and we are everywhere, we’re going to storm the cities-prisons”
“From Greece to Brazil, down with statism, long live anarchy”

On our way, we also threw flyers (1, 2) in solidarity with the libertarian feminists in Brazil who responded with dignity and continuity of their action in the face of the brutal attack they suffered from cops during the 1st Autonomous and Feminist Book Fair in Porto Alegre.

We hung three banners for the same case; in Patission Street: “Not a step back in the feminist struggle – Solidarity with comrades in Porto Alegre, Brazil”; in Exarchia Square: “No misogynistic attack without a response – Solidarity with comrades in Porto Alegre, Brazil”; and in Thissio: “No misogynistic and racist attack left unanswered – Death to the State – Long live anarchy.”

The other banner in Patission Street was placed in solidarity with those raided, arrested or sent to pretrial detention in the recent prosecutorial operations of the Spanish State: “Strength to the repressed comrades – Always with the head held high.”

At the entrance gate in Stournari Street we hung a banner in solidarity with the autonomous social centre La Solidaria in Montevideo, Uruguay, currently threatened with eviction by the new owner because, according to the eviction notice, the building is “precariously occupied by an anarchist group.” The space, which is liberated since February 2012, has once again been targeted by repression, as the project – among others – resists urbanisation plans and real estate speculation in the district. The banner reads: “Solidarity with «La Solidaria» squat, Montevideo – From Uruguay to Greece, we are a same resistance.”

In Greek, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

International coordinated actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri (on hunger strike since 14/9)

Between the 12th and 17th of September 2015, some participants in the network of Contra Info carried out a series of actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri, prisoner in struggle in Greece, who has undergone hunger strike since September 14th, demanding an end to the preventive detention that was imposed on her six months ago.

Evi Statiri is incarcerated as a result of the vengeful mania that the repressive apparatuses of Greek democracy unleashed, after the failed escape plan of the imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in early 2015, targeting relatives and friends of members of the organisation. When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they lay their hands on their close and supportive environment, seeking to sow fear and punish what does not fit into their heavy bibles of legislature, what transcends the prison walls, what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

Following the decision of Evi Statiri to choose hunger strike as a means of struggle, we’re calling out to comrades worldwide to strengthen this cry for freedom through multifaceted anarchist action. So that it resonates in the streets: EVI STATIRI OUT ONTO THE STREETS!

Below are a few photos from actions that took place in the territories controlled by the states of Bolivia, France, Greece, Portugal, Chile and Spain. We look forward to receiving your contributions at contrainfo[at]espiv.net

A banner was hung in La Paz (Bolivia), reading: “From Bolivia we salute you, compañera Evi Statiri, abducted by the Greek state”; flyers were also distributed: “From Bolivia to Greece, freedom for Evi Statiri – Your struggle from inside the prison is a sign of indomitable ferocity in the face of the Power and repression”

Leaflets and flyposting in Toulouse (France): “Solidarity with Evi Statiri, political prisoner in Greece – Evi Statiri is detained on remand at Koridallos prison, in Greece, since the 2nd of March 2015, arrested for being the life companion of Gerasimos Tsakalos, imprisoned member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (international anarchist revolutionary organisation). After being refused her liberation once again, she commences a hunger strike on the 14th of September. Fire to the borders – Fire to the prisons”

Banners at the Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia (Greece): “Neither innocent, nor guilty – Solidarity with Evi Statiri” / “Evi Statiri, hold strong – We are all family of the Cells of Fire – Death to the judges!”

A banner was placed in one of Lisbon’s most central and tourist locations (Portugal): “Freedom for Evi Statiri”; leaflets signed by Some Anarchists were also handed out, providing an update on Evi’s situation: “Internationalist and anarchist solidarity with Evi Statiri – After 6 months in preventive detention, an act of pure vengeance and arbitrariness of the Power, Evi Statiri initiated a hunger strike on September 14th 2015, in the dungeons of Greek democracy, until her unconditional release. (…) Freedom for those who are in prison cells – Immediate release of Evi Statiri – Lifting of the restrictive measures against Athena Tsakalou!” (PDF in Portuguese)

Banner in Santiago (Chile): “«Fear may rule, but it cannot reign in the hearts and minds of free human beings» – Evi Statiri out onto the streets!”

Slogans were spray-painted in the streets of Iruña/Pamplona, Navarre (Spain) — Evi askatu! (“Free Evi!” in Basque) and more…

“Until the total destruction of all the prisons – Evi free”
“Freedom for Evi Statiri”
“Freedom for Evi Statiri, compañera in Greece”
“Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

Spanish, Greek

Europe: Solidarity gestures with Diego Ríos and Tamara Sol Farías Vergara

Some participants in the network of Contra Info decided to coordinate our strengths to make visible the cases of two anarchist comrades, who were recently retaliated by the executioners of the Chilean state: Diego Ríos, who was arrested on February 7th, after five and a half years on the run, and is currently held in preventive detention charged with illegal possession of explosive materials found in the summer of 2009 – and Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, who, after a year on remand, was sentenced on February 4th to a little over seven years in prison for the shooting of a BancoEstado security guard in Santiago in January 2014.

Between the 24th and 26th of February 2015, we carried out the following propaganda actions in the territories controlled by the states of Greece, Portugal, Spain and France:

– A banner was placed in Exarchia Square, downtown Athens, which reads: “Strength to Diego Ríos, anarchist prisoner in Chile (A) Always on a war footing.”

– Another banner was hung on the side of the Athens Polytechnic School, on Stournari Street, which reads: “From Athens to Santiago, freedom for Tamara Sol (A).”

– Fliers (1, 2) were thrown in the city of Lisbon with the following slogans: “Active solidarity with Diego Ríos, anarchist prisoner in Chile / The path to freedom is born of the ruins of the prison society // Freedom for Tamara Sol, anarchist prisoner in Chile / Revenge for our dead, revenge for our prisoners // Strength to Diego Ríos, anarchist captured by the Chilean state / Fire to the borders, fire to the prisons // Complicity with Tamara Sol, anarchist kidnapped by the Chilean state / Death to the state and long live anarchy.”

– Stencils were painted on the walls of Oeiras, Lisbon District, reading: “Solidarity Tamara & Diego (A).”

– A banner drop was made on a bridge at one of the exit roads of Barcelona, which reads: “Strength to Diego and Tamara! Prison will not halt our desire for freedom.”

– Two banners were hung in central Marseille (unfortunately we didn’t manage to take pictures). The first one reads: “Solidarity with anarchists in prison or in clandestinity”, and the other: “Freedom Diego Ríos & Tamara Sol (A).”

With these symbolic gestures crossing the borders we show our support with Diego and Tamara Sol, while we seek to strengthen internationalist solidarity with our incarcerated sisters and brothers. We do not forget the rest of combative prisoners, in Chile and the whole world.

Onward, compas – take courage and fight until we destroy all the walls of Power!

A dead end – Gaza is theatre of war, the world is watching

In Gaza the dead are being counted after yet another aggression of the Israeli State. The siege and suffocation of this plot of land, which is the Gaza strip, are accomplished facts since a long time ago. The bloody military incursions are simply their horrible confirmation.

The arrogance with which the Israeli army is waging its operations under the camera lenses of the entire world press is striking. But it could only still surprise those who naively believed that politics and international interests are directed by codes of moral conduct. World politics are as pragmatic as they are opportunistic.

The cynical conclusion of this military action is that there are two victors: Hamas and the Israeli State. Hamas can brag about itself simply because it still exists tout court, after yet another aggression by one of the most impressive military powers in the world. And even more, since this military power has not completely occupied the Gaza strip – according to Hamas, undoubtedly also a consequence of its “resistance”; a resistance which mainly consisted of launching rockets in the direction of Israeli territory, striking completely random targets (and in the vast majority of cases not striking anything at all). The power position of Hamas has hardly been disrupted – because who else could claim to be able to protect the inhabitants of the Gaza strip from total elimination?

The Israeli State has once again legitimized the necessity of an operation by the operation itself. Dozens of tunnels escaping its control have been destroyed, “terrorist bases” directly threatening its security have been wiped off the face of the earth. What obedient citizen could then still question the necessity of this operation? Meanwhile, the rhetoric of war and militarization dominate the Israeli society. The real contradictions in this society (racist discriminations and class conflicts) are covered up by the “threat of a common enemy”. And the more brutalities the Israeli State commits in the name of the Israeli population, the more this population becomes dependent on that same State to protect themselves against possible attempts at vengeance. The less people with an Israeli passport in their pockets resist against the terror of the Israeli State, the more the arbitrary actions of vengeance get favorable reception.

The myth of the “two-state solution”

The Palestinian flag may well be waved everywhere as a symbol of resistance against the Israeli colonization, yet the existence of the Palestinian Authority has above all benefitted the Israeli State. The Gaza strip which officially contains no more Israeli settlers (since Sharon forced all of them in 2005 to leave the Gaza strip) is totally monitored by the Israeli State. The inhabitants of Gaza are totally dependent for their daily survival on the power games of Hamas and the Israeli State. On the West Bank, space of movement is progressively limited by the Israeli army (often also with the collaboration of the Palestinian Authority) and the settlers. Economical survival largely depends on the “neighbouring country”. The Israeli army can do whatever it likes to “protect the security and integrity of its territory and population,” without having to bear any responsibility for the fate of the inhabitants of Palestinian territories (at least, not for those who aren’t settlers). A Palestinian State which would put a halt to the daily humiliations of its subjects is nothing more than an illusion. In reality the Palestinian Authority, this embryo of a future State, contributes to the oppression of the population on its own initiative or on demand of the Israeli State. The “two-state solution” is therefore not only a dead end, it is also to the benefit of the Israeli State without anyone realizing it.

And yes, nowadays in Israel voices are pleading for more steps in the direction of a full recognition of a Palestinian State. These voices are afraid of an implosion of the Palestinian Authority, which would oblige the Israeli State to recognize all inhabitants of Palestinian territories as Israeli citizens. And that would complicate the maintaining and legitimating of the apartheid system. In short: an implosion of the Palestinian Authority would damage the Zionist project of an Israel as “Jewish State”.

Even if the scenario of the two States would become reality, this would therefore not at all mark a step on the road towards a “just society” for the whole population. Without a doubt, this new State would find other ways to feed and exploit the racist and sectarian demarcations amongst its subjects, as all States do. The military occupation and the daily humiliation would only change face.

Two States or one State, neither of these perspectives are means of emancipation for the inhabitants of the Israeli and Palestinian territories. Continue reading A dead end – Gaza is theatre of war, the world is watching

EU joint police operation against migrants


An EU-wide police operation with the name “mos maiorum” is taking place from Monday the 13th to Sunday the 26th of October 2014. During these two weeks 18,000 police forces will chase people without papers. They want to find out about our migration routes and arrest as many of us as possible.

Please warn all people without papers! Increased controls are expected in trains, train stations, on airports, on highways and on inner-European borders.

Against fortress Europe!
No one is illegal!

More here. If you know people without valid papers, please spread the information also in Arabic, French, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Serbo-Croatian and Dutch.

Greece: Revolutionary Struggle claims responsibility for car bomb explosion in Athens city centre

In the early morning hours of Thursday, April 10th, 2014 —after two warning phone calls to the media— a car bomb with 75kg of explosives was detonated outside one of Bank of Greece’s offices, located at Amerikis Street in Athens, causing extensive material damages in the surrounding area (but no injuries).

Fifteen days later, the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) claimed responsibility for the bombing. Below are just a few excerpts from their lengthy articulate communiqué (a complete translation is always welcome!).

As many of you may recall, three anarchists revealed their membership in the group four years ago, in April 2010: Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, who have gone underground since the summer of 2012 (recently, the government placed a huge bounty on their heads), and Kostas Gournas, who is currently held captive in Koridallos prison.

Responsibility claim by the organization Revolutionary Struggle [25.4.2014]

On the 10th of April 2014, Revolutionary Struggle carried out a bombing attack against the Supervision Directorate of the Bank of Greece at Amerikis Street [Athens], a building which also houses the IMF’s resident representative in Greece, Wes McGrew. Although the blow targeted the Bank of Greece, the head office of Piraeus Bank which is located exactly on the opposite side of the street also suffered damage, what makes the hit even more successful, because the Piraeus Bank has evolved in one of the largest systemic Greek banking institutions after the acquisition of ATEbank, it has benefited from the predatory memorandum-policy applied against the Greek people in recent years, and is one of the financial factors that are jointly responsible for people’s woes.

The attack was carried out with a car bomb containing 75kg of ANFO explosive. Exactly four years after the crackdown against the organization, and while the State alongside many enemies of armed struggle were cheering for the “success of dismantling” the Revolutionary Struggle, this action came to prove them wrong. The bombing against the Bank of Greece is dedicated to anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, a member of the Revolutionary Struggle who was killed in an armed clash with police officers in Dafni on March 10th, 2010, during a preparatory action of the organization. The comrade lost his life during an attempt to expropriate a car which would be used in an action of the Revolutionary Struggle, in the context of the organization’s strategy of that period —a period which marked the beginning of the economic crisis. This strategy was intended to strike and sabotage structures, institutions and persons that hold a central role in the largest, historically, antipopular assault that was to take place with the signing of the first memorandum in May 2010. Lambros Foundas fought and gave his life so that the contemporary junta of economic and political elites would not pass —the junta of the IMF/ECB/EU troika. He fought and gave his life so that the contemporary junta of the Capital and the State would not pass. So that the new totalitarianism imposed all over the planet, on the pretext of the global financial crisis, would not pass. Lambros Foundas gave his life fighting to turn the crisis into an opportunity for social Revolution. The Bank of Greece bombing is to some extent a continuation of that strategy which included the attacks against Citibank, Eurobank and the Athens stock exchange.

Thus, in honor of our comrade, the action against the Bank of Greece bears the signature Commando Lambros Foundas. Besides, the best homage to a comrade who gave his life in struggle is to continue the struggle itself, for which he fell in combat. And this struggle has never had, or will ever have, any other direction but the overthrow of capitalism and the State —social Revolution.

A blow in response to Greece’s return to the markets

As everyone figured out —from the government, the parties, to the Greek and international media— we chose the 10th of April for our attack because this date marks the exit of the Greek State to international financial markets in search of the first long-term loan after four years; the next day, April 11th, the leader of the most powerful European State, protagonist in the enforcement of extreme neoliberal policies and austerity across Europe, and one of the most ideal exponents of the interests of European economic elites, the archi-terrorist German chancellor, Angela Merkel, was scheduled to arrive in Greece for the political and economic capitalization of this “Greek success”. (…)

The “salvation of the country” concerns the big capital, the transnational ruling class and the powerful lenders of the country. It concerns the structures and institutions of globalized capitalism. It is linked to the States, the political staff in Greece and Europe; to all sorts of political lackeys of the establishment, who support this regime at any price. It concerns a disgraceful minority of the Greek society.

Those whom this “salvation” does not concern —and instead they have paid and still pay with their own blood to save the system from the crisis— are the vast majority of people. The 5 million people who are living in conditions of poverty. The 2.5 million people who are living in absolute destitution. The 700,000 poor children who do not even have the basics, who are undernourished, who feel cold, suffer from fainting spells, and end up in institutions for a plate of food. Those who get sick, those who go mad. The ones who lose their home over debts to the banks and the State, those who live without electricity, those who lack the basic survival necessities. The 4,000 people who committed suicide because they were financially ruined. The thousands of homeless people, the ones who are depended on soup kitchens, who are digging through garbage to feed themselves, those who are slowly dying on the sidelines. All of these wretched that went financially and socially bankrupt, and pay the “salvation of the country” with their lives and the lives of their children. All these people have come to understand what it means to see your life go bankrupt, what it means to see your life not worth anything anymore. They have come to understand that the “avoidance of Greece’s bankruptcy” means war against society, social euthanasia. (…)

Social revolution cannot be postponed to an indefinite future, nor be limited to an indistinct projectuality. It requires constant revolutionary action in the present time, and involves the organization and formation of a ground-breaking revolutionary movement that will elaborate and define its strategic steps, and clash with the establishment’s centralized policies. It involves the political process and willingness to put specific revolutionary proposals into practice.

In the present circumstances, a revolutionary platform could be summarized as follows:

-Unilateral termination of payment of the Greek debt.
-Exit from the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the European Union (EU).
-Expropriation of assets of the Capital, large companies, multinational corporations, of all movable and immovable property of the capitalists.
-Abolition of the banking system, erasure of all debts to banks, handover of small possessions that were seized by banks, and socialization of bank assets.
-Expropriation of state property and utilities companies; expropriation of church property.
-Socialization of the means of production, industry, ports, means of transfer and communication, transportation, utilities, hospitals and educational institutions; the workers will engage in their managing.
-Abolition of the State and the bourgeois parliament of professional politicians, to be replaced by a confederal system of popular assemblies and workers’ councils, whose coordination, communication and decision-implementation will be achieved through delegates elected and immediately recallable. At national level, in place of the old representative bourgeois parliament there will be a supreme Confederal People’s Assembly, whose members will be authorized members-delegates elected and immediately recallable by the local popular assemblies and workers’ councils.
-Abolition of the police and the army, to be replaced by an armed popular militia, not a mercenary one.

A discussion and agreement upon a revolutionary platform is a prerequisite for the creation of a revolutionary anticapitalist movement, and as Revolutionary Struggle we wish to see a well-intentioned dialogue opening on this issue. It is necessary that a Revolution overcomes national borders. It is unrealistic to believe that a Revolution will be viable if confined within the national borders of a small country like Greece. However let us make a beginning here, in Greece, for the demolition of the eurozone and the European Union, for the abolition of capitalism and the State. Let us put the armed proletarian counterattack into practice. Let us make a beginning here, in Greece, for an international social Revolution.


Commando Lambros Foundas

Kiev, Ukraine: Good night macho pride 2014

From the 24th to the 28th of April 2014, the 3rd ‘Good night macho pride’ anarcha-feminist festival will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.

During the gathering, there will be theoretical and practical discussions related to anarchist and feminist topics such as relations and ways of talking to each other, interaction in groups, how to deal with insults or assaults, awareness regarding sexist behaviour, and prevention of activists’ burnout. Besides, it will be a good opportunity to get in touch with anarcha-feminist groups and activists from different European countries.

One important point will be presentations about anarcha-feminism and gender related topics in the anarchist movement of the former USSR. Another is the exchange of experiences and strategies to overcome patriarchy.

Contact email: gnmp@riseup.net / More info: svobodna via a3yo

France: Communiqué by GADI – Call for antifascist counter-protests on April 5th, 2014

On January 26th, the fascist organizers of the “Day of Anger” march gathered many of their militants in Paris.

They paraded with clearly anti-Semitic slogans and Nazi salutes. Neo-Nazi groups (such as the Petainists youth) were alongside the National Front (FN) politicians, as well as many representatives of clearly fascist movements: royalists, religious extremists, negationists, anti-Semitists, homophobes…

Almost the entirety of antifa militants were taken off guard, since this event and its organizers had not shown their real face before D-Day.

These same fascists renewed their call, and organize demonstrations on April 5th, 2014 in the major cities of France.

We plainly call for organizing counter-protests on the same day, to block fascism.

Fascist groups are armed, organized and extremely violent, and they have proven this on numerous occasions; the recent best-known example in France is the assassination of comrade Clément Méric, who unfortunately has not been the only victim.

Here’s a list of antifascist comrades who were assassinated over the past several years:

Silvio Meier: November 1992, Germany
Lin Newborn / Daniel Shersty: July 1998, USA
Carlo Giuliani: July 2001, Italy
Davide Cesare: March 2003, Italy
Nikolai Girenko: June 2004, Russia
Timur Kacharava: November 2005, Russia
Alexander Ryukhin: April 2006, Russia
Ian Kucira: January 2007, Poland
Ilya Bondarenko: July 2007, Russia
Carlos Palomino: November 2007, Spain
Jan Kucera: January 2008, Czech Republic
Aleksey Krylov: March 2008, Russia
Fyodor Filatov: October 2008, Russia
Ivan Khutorskoi: November 2009, Russia
Ilya Dzhaparidze: June 2009, Russia
Kostja Lunkin: May 2010, Russia
Clément Méric: June 2013, France
Pavlos Fyssas: September 2013, Greece

Furthermore, fascist groups have links to police and military services, and evident backing from them. In most cases when a few arrests take place they’re nothing but a theatre scene for the good people’s amusement through the means of mass communication. The reality is quite different: while our anarchist comrades are subjected to extreme repression at the hands of the capitalist States, the fascists are speedily released with no worries. For example, the neo-Nazi Martial Roudier, president of the CEPE (support committee for Esteban Morillo, assassin of Clément Méric), was sentenced to 4 years in prison for stabbing comrade Thomas in the city of Nîmes in 2008. Do the same standards for conviction apply to comrades Mónica and Francisco, who are facing prison time?

It goes without saying that fascism is a degenerative extension of capitalism, that’s always inclined to protect its best buddies.

This fascist degeneration in France, as well as in all of Europe, began long ago. In France, while the liberal Right of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) clearly manifests extreme right-wing opinions and forges alliances, more or less hidden, with the National Front far-right party, the liberal Left of the Socialist Party (PS) in power, which no longer has anything socialist, combats the National Front with words alone, insofar as it encourages them with deeds for pitiful electoral purposes.

Under these conditions and for all these reasons, we affirm that a pacifist struggle against fascist groups would not only be doomed to fail but would also be completely nonproductive since it is politically recuperable by the parties in power.

Let us add to this that Marine Le Pen, president of the National Front, has asked the French Interior minister Manuel Valls to dissolute antifascist groups. This reinforces our belief that only direct action groups can truly frighten fascists, and that they represent the only possible and credible resistance.

The history of the 30s has already shown us that pacifism is nothing but a sign of weakness, and that electioneering leads to worse. It’s high time we responded in an organized and radical manner.

More than ever before, Durruti’s voice must make itself heard:
“There are only two roads, victory for the working class, Freedom, or victory for the fascists, which means Tyranny. Both combatants know what’s in store for the loser. We are ready to end fascism once and for all, even in spite of the Republican government.”

GADI. International Direct Action Group.

(February 12th, 2014)

Madrid: Solidarity event for long-term anarchist prisoners

On Saturday, January 11th, the squatted social centre La Gatonera, located on 9, Amistad Street in the district of Carabanchel, Madrid, hosts an info event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners facing long sentences worldwide.

We meet at 18:30 and begin counter-information talk, with the aim to publicize some of the cases of brothers and sisters who are incarcerated in the democratic dungeons of different States for many years already. Following a presentation of the cases of Claudio Lavazza and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (prisoners in the Spanish State), Marco Camenisch (imprisoned in Switzerland), Thomas Meyer-Falk (captive in Germany), Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (imprisoned in the United States), and José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez (prisoner in Chile), we freely discuss ways to strengthen and extend solidarity ties, also through structures of counter-information and factual support, with prisoners of social war.

The evening includes solidarity cafeta, with vegan sandwiches to kill hunger.

We want to make this meeting an opportunity to break the silence in which they try to bury anarchist prisoners, to diffuse their words, and propagate the fight with all means possible against the prison society and those who sustain it.

By the way, this is a self-organized event so we hope we can count on your support, both in terms of physical presence and active participation, as well as free donation for imprisoned comrades.

Prisoners to the streets! Streets for the insurrection!

Contra Info

Helsinki, Finland: New Year’s Eve solidarity demo at Metsälä migrant prison

On New Year’s Eve, a group of 40 visited the Metsälä detention unit in Helsinki. We wanted to let the migrants, imprisoned because of their descent, know that we have not forgotten them in the midst of New Year’s celebration.

We sent greetings from behind a fence with shouts of encouragement, drumming, rockets and a banner reading: “No Borders – Solidarity with prisoners!” The prisoners were able to rush into the cage that vaguely resembled a balcony to hear our message, but after a while the guards of the detention unit forced them back indoors. After that, we continued making noise under their windows.

Coppers joined the demonstration at a local train station and followed our route through the side alleys to the prison. On site the police awaited us in riot gear, torturing their dogs by forcing them near the squad, the noise and the rockets, but failed to block access to the fence surrounding the prison. From the beginning the cops behaved aggressively, threatening us with violence, dogs and pepper gas and pushing people to the ground. When the time came to retreat from the fence the cops attacked the crowd and managed to take two protesters with them, while another two managed to get away. The arrested protesters were set free the next day.

The detention unit is a closed facility for up to 40 migrants, persons detained by the police or border control under the Finnish aliens act — not because of any offence.

The imprisonment generally lasts for weeks, at worst up to six months or longer. Metsälä migrant prison is currently the only one in Finland, and it is constantly full of “customers” ageing from children to adults. Typically, the migrants imprisoned in Metsälä are waiting for the police to deport them in cooperation with immigration authorities and, for example, the airlines companies.

By showing our solidarity we are also criticizing the nation-states and their border policies that generate racism and economic inequality. By destroying the freedom of movement, borders allow exploitation of cheap labor and drive people to compete against one another. The borders are a business that kills people just like the Lampedusa “incident” on the 3rd of October 2013 showed us, when 363 migrants drowned on the Italian coast, on the borders of the European union.

This deadly business doesn’t stop at national borders: it is cross-cutting control politics, aiming to monitor, identify and govern everyone in the name of security threats.

Solidarity with the imprisoned migrants!

We will attack
the reasons of our sorrows
there will be
no borders tomorrow!

Source: Takku

Frankfurt: Solidarity action for “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

Solidarity with refugees

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday 17.10.2013 we attacked an office of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) in the Nordend district of Frankfrut, and destroyed its windows and doors.

Party functionaries like the SPD mayor Olaf Scholz are responsible for the policy against refugees in Hamburg, a policy that excludes and criminalizes people because of their background, history or skin colour. We know that, as far as these matters are concerned, the SPD in Hamburg is no different than Frankfurt’s SPD. Therefore, this attack does not apply to the SPD in Frankfurt alone; it is instead directed against the entire party and anyone who supports this policy.

Refugees’ passage to Europe is the consequence of a capitalist word order, which make it impossible for a large part of humanity to lead self-determined lives. A flight to the affluent ghettos of Europe seems to be the last chance to escape from persecution and threat of economic existence. The political elites respond with discriminatory laws; the European Union with military foreclosure. In Germany, the ever-present resentments increasingly express themselves with active opposition to the refugees.

We stand up against such an exploitative system, against this policy, and against everyday racism of the societal “middle,” and instead promote our solidarity with refugees and our fight against capital, state and nation.

With this action we show solidarity with illegalized humans in Hamburg and everywhere. We support the claim for a right to stay for all.

We also send solidarity greetings to all activists who, in Hamburg and elsewhere, put up a fight against this racist policy.

No Border, No Nation!


Helsinki, Finland: Greek embassy vandalized

(Athens, Greece 25.9.2013)

During the night between the 23rd and 24th of September 2013 the facade of the Greek embassy in Helsinki was vandalized.

“In memoriam of Pavlos Fyssas, the fight continues!” was sprayed on the outer wall. In addition the embassy’s wall was decorated with anarchist symbols and windows of the staircase were paint-bombed, too.

With this act we remember Pavlos Fyssas, murdered by a member of the neofascist Golden Dawn party. Every day, nation states and the European Union are fomenting war against poor and insurgents. Nazis do the dirty work on behalf of the policy makers. Every oppressor is our enemy.

We do not forget our comrades who’ve been targets of attacks and repression. For this kind of action you need only a spray can and willingness to act.

The continuation of struggle is the best way to remember our comrades!

Belgium: Second wave of raids for the “Operation Ashes”

Saturday, September 28, 2013

As a reminder, on May 22, 2013, in the morning, the antiterrorist section of the Belgian federal police conducted a first wave of raids on houses where anarchists and anti-authoritarian comrades live among other people; the anarchist library Acrata was searched as well. The eleven persons present were arrested and led to the offices of the federal police. They were released without having to appear in front of a judge.

As part of this investigation, conducted by the judge Isabelle Panou and called “Opération Cendres” (Operation Ashes), the charges are: membership of a terrorist organization, conspiracy and volunteer arson(s).

During the hearings, it appeared that the investigation focuses on struggles, revolts and activities from 2008 to present days, concerning prisons, the construction of the new detention center for migrants in Steenokkerzeel, public transports (STIB/MIVB), the European institutions and the eurocrats, the development of a regional train network, the NATO, the deportation machine, the bailiffs, and finally the construction of a new maxi-prison in Brussels. Publications such as Hors-Service (“Out-of-Service”) are also targeted, and more generally writings, posters and so on, distributed by anarchists and anti-authoritarians.

This Wednesday, September 25, 2013 the judge strikes back by ordering new searches in 5 houses in Brussels, Leuven and Ghent. At around 6am, the anti-terrorist branch of the federal police seized computers, hard drives, USB sticks, notebooks, leaflets, posters and personal documents. In three out of five places, the persons concerned by the search warrant were absent, and three other persons were arrested for questioning. They were released a few hours later after they refused to cooperate in the hearings.

Netherlands: Detention centre contractors attacked in Rotterdam

On 10th August under cover of darkness we targeted the construction contractors Van Omme & De Groot for their involvement in the building of Rotterdam detention centre. The slogan “Fuck Deportation!” was sprayed upon the shutters covering the windows and paint bombs filled with generous amounts of bright paint were thrown ruining the ever so posh wooden door of the arrogant planners of incarceration.

This action was an autonomous action taken upon ourselves separate from the planned No Borders camp during the same week. It is one thing to shout “no borders, no nations, stop deportation” but an entirely more effective act to physically attack those who make such a hell for migrants exist. We are also aware that our action alone will not bring an end to the detention/deportation profiteers, but it is a retaliation to those involved in such torturous places that think they can operate with impunity.

Our action is in solidarity with all those dwelling in detention centres in fortress Europe, be it Rotterdam, Calais, UK, Italy or Greece. You are never forgotten. To those who make such places of violence possible, you are not forgotten either, we know of you and what you do.


Destructors of Borders

Anarchist prisoner Francesco Puglisi extradited to Italy and locked up in Rebibbia prison

Since Friday the 5th of July, Francesco Puglisi was in the transit section of Rebibbia prison in Rome, “waiting until the dogs of the administration or the Department of Penitentiary Administration decide in which section to put me.” On the 18th of July it was disclosed that the comrade was moved to a wing in the same prison.

If you’d like to send him letters or postal money orders, you may write to this address:
Francesco Puglisi (Braccio G9 / 2° Piano)
Casa Circondariale di Roma Rebibbia, Via Raffaele Majetti, 70, IT-00156 Roma

$hile: Greetings from Santiago to the rebels in Turkey

This evening (14/6), at around 6pm, we held a rally in front of the Turkish Embassy. The banner displayed read: “For the expansion of Revolt. Dayanışma bir silahtır – Solidarity is a weapon.” Flyers were distributed with the following text:

Santiago’dan Türkiye’deki isyancılara selam

Fourteen days ago in Istanbul a social crisis exploded, caused by the construction of a shopping centre on top of the last park in the city. After brutal repressive measures were taken against the peaceful movement that opposed the construction of this emblem of capitalism, thousands of people have taken to the streets to both support that movement and take back the park from the hands of the police.

As the days went by, the situation intensified. Night after night the city has been taken over by protesters who have resisted constant police attacks. On the 3rd and 4th days, this repression took the lives of 4 people: all shot by the police, all clearly visible on video. The country’s president gave a speech where he accused the protesters of being terrorists.

As days passed, following the deaths of members of the resistance at Taksim Square, the main square of Istanbul, social tension began to grow, this time spreading through Turkey’s major cities, where the goal was converted from stopping the construction of a shopping centre, to the resignation both president and prime minister of Turkey. Meanwhile those on the streets lived a totally different reality than which was shown on television. The most despicable moment occurred when CNN-Turkey cut short the live transmission from downtown Istanbul during the heaviest moments of the street clashes in order to show a documentary about penguins.

Thousands of people have been arrested, thousands are wounded, and the number of victims is more than 4; the government is hiding the real number of those killed by the cops.

Anarchist comrades are an active part of the demonstrations, and they, as well the courage of all of those who riot, provide us with bravery to continue what we choose to call the struggle for freedom. Therefore we extend our immediate solidarity to all combatants who fight for freedom.

Down with nations and long live anarchy!
Dayanışma bir silahtır / Solidarity is a weapon.

Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

This is a revolt

Urban transformation projects have long been threatening living spaces of Istanbul residents. First slum demolitions, and then 63 million square meters of forests to be pillaged for the third bridge, shopping malls built one after another, luxury hotels, and while the pedestrianization project continued, next was Gezi Park. Istanbul residents continued to resist all of these projects that threatened life. Until excavators came to Gezi Park and uprooted the trees; until ‘a handful of marginals’ that claimed the trees and their shadows and said ‘Do not uproot trees, do not build a shopping mall into Gezi Park.’ This demonstration was introduced as an ‘ecological and peaceful’ action; until the police unleashed an early morning operation and smothered the park area with gas. The State must have ‘a lot’ to profit since they’re trying to bring this peaceful protest down as hard as they can. Police violence was climbing up in the last few months, and protesters were unexpectedly exposed to it. Deputies of opposition parties and artists came to Gezi Park to protest this and to support resisters, but they also had their share of state terror.

In the first day of demolition, the State could not get what they wanted because of this situation. Protesters stayed in Gezi Park for the night. It’s unknown if they were expecting an attack the next morning, but all protesters were thrown out of the park during the police raid at dawn. The police burned protesters’ tents, blankets and belongings. The videos of protesters exposed to continuous tear gas bombs and violently taken in custody invoked rage in everyone who watched.

Of course, this rage was not a rage for a single demonstration. This rage had been accumulated; accumulated because of the increasing police violence.

It was the attacks with gas bombs, batons and firearms that created this rage. It was the forbidden May 1st, the assault on Dilan Alp, and the deaths of Şerzan Krut, Metin Lokumcu, Aydin Erdem… What created this rage were more than a couple of days. It was the ever-increasing oppression, restrictions, censorship, economic exploitation… What created this rage was the State exercising its power on the people recklessly, relentlessly and without questioning legitimacy.

Those who ascribe ‘People’s Uprising’ as a form of post-modern action should take clear-eyed look at this fact. People came to the streets spontaneously because they felt the social, political and economic oppression heavily. The events are neither about tackling few days’ issues as the blind-deaf mainstream media say, nor are influenced by ‘marginal’ groups as the heads of state power claim.

It is time to raise the curtain thrown over the eyes. This is a revolt. It is the response of people against state terrorism, police violence and capitalist exploitation. This is the end of legitimacy of the new state power that had gained the love of other States, international institutions and global corporations. Continue reading Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

İstanbul: Cops stormed Taksim on June 11th

Announcement by the Revolutionary Anarchist Action
(Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet, DAF):

Against the State and police terror: Our rage is growing, so does our struggle!

The ongoing occupation of Taksim Square and Gezi Park was attacked by the police this morning (June 11th, 2013). After the meeting of the council of ministers yesterday, the police came to the square early in the morning, at about 7 o’ clock, and while shooting tear gas the repression forces made announcements that they are not going to attack the park. Hundreds of police officers entered Taksim Square pleading that there will be no attack to the park and saying that only banners will be removed. While the banners on the Atatürk Cultural Centre were moved away, another group of police wanted to remove the tents in the square. People tried to stop this, and police attacked the protesters with tear gas.

While the police attack was underway, many people started to come to the square against this fascist attack. To prevent people from coming, the police fired tear gas into the subway, and Taksim metro station was closed for transportation. Continue reading İstanbul: Cops stormed Taksim on June 11th

Turkey: Fans of three major football teams marched as İstanbul United


On June 8th, in İstanbul, Çarşı group gathered at approximately 7pm in the district of Beşiktaş and marched to Taksim Square.

They have also hanged this banner from the Atatürk Cultural Centre, in Taksim (Optik, pictured on the banner, is a man that formed Çarşı and gave Beşiktaş sport club’s supporters a political perspective). Çarşı group have been very brave and effective during the clashes, and have enormous support from people. Continue reading Turkey: Fans of three major football teams marched as İstanbul United