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Greece: Three trolley buses incinerated in downtown Athens

During the night of Monday December 19th 2016, a group of comrades decided to slightly heat up the urban winter by setting fire to social peace and apathy.

With just 5 liters of flammable material and infinite hatred of all Power, we took to Patission Street, stopped passing trolley buses and torched them after taking down all passengers and drivers.

Three burned trolley buses, one for each pretrial detention imposed on those arrested during clashes of December 6th 2016 in Athens.

Strength to the anarchist prisoner (CCF member) Panagiotis Argirou, who was recently sentenced by the State to 7 more years of captivity, this time for attempted arson on a bus in 2009.

Fire to the machines and the civilization!

Greek | Spanish | French | Italian

Zaragoza, Spain: Solidarity with the fighters of Hambach forest

From Zaragoza we want to show our support to the comrades recently arrested in Hambach forest (Germany) for the struggle that is happening to save the forests, against an open-pit mine.

More specifically, we send warm greetings to the two comrades from the Spanish State who are incarcerated in Cologne’s prison (Germany), accused of possessing explosives and attacking authority.

We don’t care if they are innocent or guilty; all we want is their freedom and their conviction of being fighters against the destructive machine of progress.


in German

Czech prisons: Solidarity message to US prison rebels from anarchist Lukáš Borl (Sept. 10th)

Anarchist prisoner Lukáš Borl, currently held in a remand prison in the Czech Republic, has expressed his solidarity with all oppressed and exploited people around the world regardless their origin, sexual orientation or gender. From this perspective, he decided to send a few words of solidarity to every striking person in prisons across the US.

On September 10th 2016, the comrade wrote:

“I wish for you and for myself also that the strike will grow and resist the repression. I wish for you and for myself also to be able to connect it with other important struggles in prisons and outside of them. I wish for you and for myself also that the strike is not misled to fall into the mud of social-democratic politics and the social peace with the exploiters. Because the way to freedom is not through reforming exploitation but only through abolishing it. I wish for you and for myself also that the strike will go further than reformist demands for changing the prison regime and for better working conditions. All the prisons of the world, and all the paid and unpaid work in those prisons and outside them, are all part of the dictatorship of capital. Let’s struggle to abolish it, not to reform these prisons and forms of exploitation. Let’s not ask for anything. Let’s take what belongs to us. Our lives and human dignity. Prisons, states, and capitalism—all must fall.”

You may read his open letter in English on ANTIFÉNIX.cz.

Czech Republic: A statement of anarchist Lukáš Borl captured and imprisoned

barbwireStatement to my arrest

On Sunday, September 4th, 2016, I was arrested by the police in Most and then taken to the remand prison in Litomerice. Unfortunately it happened what I did not want to, but knew all along that this may occur at any time. Fortunately, I have mentally prepared myself for such situation so it allows me to deal calmly with this kind of unpleasant reality, which I’m and apparently people close to me are exposed to now.

I was captured by those who defend the rule of capital over our lives. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change anything on my will to continue along the path that I have chosen. I will continue to destroy and create. To fight and love. I remain an anarchist with everything that belongs to it. I decided for now to write a few paragraphs about my imprisonment. Surely I will soon express my opinion about other issues that I consider important.

Before the arrest

It’s no secret that at a certain moment I decided to “disappear”, in worry that the police was planning my arrest. I have expressed my reasons in the text “Disappearance of supervision of state power”, which is published various sites of the anarchist movement. The choice I made, allowed me to live hidden and quite happily for months. I freely moved and ate a good food. Whole world became home for me, and I was able to find havens for cultural and social existence in it. Because of emotional and material support I had enough energy to keep fighting for emancipation. I knew about the risks associated with it, but I have never thought about to finish with that and I do not think of it even now. To break free from dictatorship of the state and capitalism is an enough attractive aim, that it is impossible to turn away my attention from it. Even the fact that the power is threatening me with finger, baton or prison… Being an anarchist means to me to understand such threats as an inevitable consequence of my expressed desire for freedom. It is connected with daily rebel life. Fact that I can not avoided, but I can defy it. What I do and I will keep doing.

The circumstances of my arrest

Police arrested me in Most, a small city where I was born and lived for a long time. I have part of my family and many friends there. In Most with some people we run a community center “Ateneo” and organized a long series of events associated with the anarchist movement. In short, in this city I’m quite known person, both to the population and the police and bureaucrats.

For some people it will be a manifestation of “stupidity” that I had decided to come into the city, where in the same time I was the subject of a European arrest warrant. Even if my closest people would think so, I will not blame them. Because they look at the matter from a different position than I do. So I do understand that some people don’t find a comprehension for the thoughts and actions of a person who is in the underground for longer time. The life of person on the run is connected with the separation from the people who he/she loves and whom previously had been in close and frequent contact with. It’s one of the hardest thing, that a person in such a situation has to deal with. Fundraising, food, shelter or providing security in contrast, are relatively easy tasks. There are two ways how to deal with such separation. Either accept it passively, which also means expose yourself to the suffering and unending frustration. Or try to overcome the separation with occasional contacts, which of course greatly increases the risk of getting caught by the police. I “instinctively” chose the second option. I knew what I was risking and what I could lose. But, I also knew, that in isolation I can lose something, what is very important to me – contacts with people I care about and who care about me. That’s why I decided to come to Most, knowing the risks.

Everything could go smoothly and soon I would move to a safer place, it was not a difficult task, and I had carefully prepared for it. But as everyone surely knows, into our lives, sometimes enter unexpected events, which can not be predicted, nor reversed. In such cases does not help the preparation nor the will or abilities. We are dragged by events without being able to prevent them or change them. That’s exactly what happened in my case. As a result, I not only failed to make contact, but also I was arrested. I will not explain now, why and how it happened. Perhaps I will do so later.

Police resolution

Shortly after the arrest, was presented to me a resolution to initiate criminal prosecution. During the whole process, I decided to exercise the right to remain silent. The case is investigated by the police department for Combating Organized Crime (ÚOOZ). They accuse me for the foundation, supporting and promoting a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms. According ÚOOZ I founded a Network of revolutionary cells (SRB), participated in some SRB’s events and I wrote some SRB’s communiqués and published  them on the “Asociace Alerta” website. Further they claim that I have committed violation of possession, damaging property of another, 4 times. Twice during an arson attack on a police car. Once during an arson attack on a shop door. And once by spraying on the wall of Prague prison Ruzyne. Finally I am also accused by ÚOOZ for blackmailing the owner of steak restaurant “Řízkárna”.

I carefully studied all accusations to find out on what bases ÚOOZ beliefs that I committed those acts. Honestly, it really calmed me down, because those “proofs” are a mixture of speculation and evaluation of the “trails”, which in fact doesn’t prove my involvement in those acts.


As is known, I have  no sympathies for judicial system. I consider it as part of the repressive instruments of capitalism, of which I am an opponent. Nevertheless, I decided to try to defend myself in court regarding the weak “evidences” that the ÚOOZ presents against me. I realize that this election means fight on the enemy’s territory with limited resources. That’s the reason why I don’t have exaggerated expectations or illusions that the court would be an independent institution that could serve to emancipation struggle.

I will defend myself in court, but I still stand behind that the anarchist struggle must be based primarily on the subversive logic of direct action rather than relying on institutional instruments of  the state and indirect (representatives mediated) forms of action. From what I have been saying and doing since years, it’s clear what kind of struggle I prefer. I will  keep acting according to that and I want the same from the people who is in solidarity with me.

Still armed and dangerous

During my hiding period, the police and the media denominated me as dangerous and armed. I confirmed it in a text -Lukáš Borl v hledáčku policie. (Lukas Borl in viewfinder of the police.) After the arrest, the police take away from me my defensive pepper spray, knuckleduster, a gas pistol with two magazines and 23 rounds (ed. These weapons are in the Czech Republic legally available without a gun license). Now they keep me in jail. I stand by the fact that I’m still armed and dangerous. Dangerous (to capitalism), because, even behind the bars I refuse to adapt to the conditions of exploitation and encourages the others to rebel against them. I’m still armed because of my willingness to be solidary. Up to this moment they weren’t able to take it away from me and recorded it as a matter of importance for criminal proceedings. Solidarity and rebelliousness are weapons that I still have on me and I’m ready to use it. I have done that already, I do that now and I will keep doing it.

Ground of fighting

As an anarchist, I was always aware of the possibility to be arrest. Every regime after all, suppress its opposition in such a manner. Now I am in pre-trial detention jail, but do not consider it as the end of the anarchist path. Jail is just one of many phases of that revolutionary may (but need not) go through. It’s not the end. Only a change of circumstances and ground where I will now struggle against the perpetrators of oppression. I am pleased that It can keep fighting together with other anarchists. With those, who understand that collective struggle is the only way out of capitalist mud.

Solidarity actions

Anyone who feels the need to support me can choose own way and timing according to own considerations. I will not tell anyone what to do and how. But I explicitly don’t want to see anyone, without my consent, to disclaim direct actions done in my support. If I don’t agree with any action, I will express that by myself, if I consider it important.

An advice for those who doubt about what action would be welcome: get information about my past, to understand what ideological positions I stand for. If this is understandable for you. Then it will make you lose any doubts about what action I would welcome and which not. No time to lose.

No social peace with those who oppress and exploit us. The struggle continues!

Anarchist greetings from prison!

Your brother, friend, comrade Lukáš Borl – 11.9.2016, Litoměřice

Lukáš Borl 1.3.1982
Vazební věznice Litoměřice
Veitova 1
412 81 Litoměřice

Updates here.

London: Free the Warsaw 3 Banner drop and upcoming events

Last weekend, individuals handed out zines and dropped a banner at TRESPASS (DIY Punk show) to raise awareness and support for the Warsaw 3; three anarchist arrested and charged under new anti-terror laws. Donations were also collected to go towards their legal costs. banner-drop_censored On the 28th September 7pm, there’s an info night being held in Decentre to discuss the Warsaw 3 and how their case is part of a growing pattern of state repression of anarchists and those involved in social movements and struggles. There will be a talk with a comrade from ROD collective based in Warsaw, short movie screening and bar and food for donation.w31-page-001On the 7th October 8pm, come along to the solidarity SQUAT gig & party with London based bands and musicians to help raise funds for the Warsaw 3!

Free the Warsaw 3 and all hostages of the State !

Links for events: Info Night / Gig


Warsaw: Judge posts bail for the Warsaw 3. A week to collect funds

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-19-16-09The Warsaw 3 have been arrested in May and kept since then in a high security jail with very limited contact to the outside and are facing severe sentences under the new anti-terrorist and anti-anarchist laws. They are still awaiting trial.

Today during a court hearing concerning the filed complaint for the prolonged arrest of the 3 anarchists, a decision was made to release them on bail. A fee of 20 thousand PLN (4600 euro) of bail was set for each of them. If the money is transferred in a weeks time (7 days from today, until 21st of september), the arrested will be released and kept under police surveillance instead.

60 thousands PLN (13 800 euro) is a fortune for the families and friends of the arrested. Gathering these funds in one week time seems barely possible. If you can – show your support, either financially or by forwarding the call for collecting funds. Every euro brings us closer to getting them out.

Leaving the arrest would mean for the arrested anarchists the end of everyday tortures they suffer after more than 3 months in solitary confinement. We cannot let this chance slip out of our hands!

Support here:

Account Holder: VpKK e.V.
IBAN: DE 4085 0205 0000 0361 5700
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Note: Donation ABC Warsaw \ ACK Warszawa

IMPORTANT: Do not forget about the note “Donation ABC Warsaw” or “ACK Warszawa”. Without it nobody will know that your donation is specially for three anarchists from Warsaw.

More info: wawa3.noblogs.org

Xanthi, Northern Greece: Solidarity with comrades suspected of participation in FAI (Italy)

We dropped a banner from the main entrance of the Polytechnic School in the city centre of Xanthi, reading: “Respect and solidarity to the arrested comrades of FAI”. Our thoughts go out to the comrades arrested for FAI attacks in Italy and all incarcerated comrades everywhere.

Italy [Op. Scripta Manent]: Current addresses of anarchists captured on September 6th

On September 6th 2016, Torino’s section of the DIGOS antiterrorist unit unleashed an anti-anarchist operation under the name “Scripta Manent”. House searches were conducted in various regions of Italy. Anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, incarcerated since September 2012 for kneecapping Adinolfi (Olga Cell FAI/FRI), received a new arrest notification in prison. Additionally, six arrests were made on the outside (five in the context of this operation; one as outcome of a house search).

Operation Scripta Manent seeks to attribute to the accused a series of actions claimed by FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation) in Italy. Therefore, the comrades Marco, Sandrone, Anna, Danilo and Valentina, alongside Alfredo and Nicola, are likely to face charges of “subversive association with terrorist intent”.

Below are their mailing addresses (that may change at any time):

Marco Bisesti
Alessandro Mercogliano

C.R. Rebibbia, Via Raffaele Majetti 70, 00156 Roma, Italia

Anna Beniamino
C.C. Via Aurelia nord km 79,500 n. snc 00053 Civitavecchia, Italia

Emiliano Danilo Cremonese
C.C. Via San Donato 2, 65129 Pescara, Italia

Valentina Speziale
C.C. Via Ettore Ianni 30, 66100 Chieti, Italia

Nicola and Alfredo are held in the AS2 wing of Ferrara prison:

Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito

C.C. Via dell’Arginone 327, 44122 Ferrara, Italia

Daniele, an editor of Croce Nera Anarchica, was captured that same day in the context of another arrest proceeding, after police found some batteries and an electrician’s manual in his apartment. He is likely to face charges of “possession of materials for the manufacture of explosive devices”.

The comrade can be contacted at:

Daniele Cortelli
C.C. Regina Coeli, Via della Lungara 29, 00165 Roma, Italia

Sources in Italian: Informa-azione & CNA; in English: ActForFreedomNow

Switzerland: About the arrests following wild demonstration in Basel

On Friday, 24 June 2016 there was a small, but wild demonstration against racism, repression, and gentrification in Basel, Switzerland that attacked various buildings and the police. Basel’s criminal court, a private security company, the party office of the right-wing SVP, and an insurance company were among the buildings attacked. 14 people were subsequently arrested, accused of taking part. 2 people were injured during the arrests.

They were originally accused of disturbing the peace, property damage, violence and threats against authorities and officers, and assault.

That weekend, there were various house searches in multiple cities across Switzerland in the context of this case.

7 people were released on Sunday, 26 June, and the following seven were sentenced to between 2 and 6 weeks of pre-trial detention. Some of the imprisoned would have already been released by now, but have been sentenced to more time in pre-trial detention. The others may face a longer detention, as well.

A communique about the demonstration said: “Let us come together and organize in order to ravage the cage and break through the bars that contain various forms of coercion and repression, in order to open new ways in the future.”

Also from the communique, “Whether they took part in the demonstration or not, whether they attacked the police or not, we are in solidarity with all of the prisoners and we wish them a lot of strength and the ability to persevere. Even when they try to isolate you – you are not alone!”

The state and its cops, courts, and prison wardens think that repression will hold us down and destroy our desires, but it only gives us more reason to resist. Our solidarity goes to all those, inside or outside, that are fighting against the existing order.

We send our greetings to those resisting for Rigaer94 in Berlin. Your actions and solidarity also warm our hearts! Also, the attack on a police station in Zurich on 27 July brought smiles to our faces.

[Thessaloniki] Solidarity with anarchists accused in Aachen bank robbery cases + Update

In Thessaloniki, Greece, posters and flyers were spread with a callout for solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused in bank robbery cases in Germany. Stencils were spray-painted around the city, and a banner was hung at Kamara reading: ‘Solidarity with the anarchist comrades in jail accused of bank robbery in Germany’. The text of the flyer that was spread in Greek and English can be found on Athens IMC & Indymedia.nl.

Update via Solidariteit.noblogs.org: The comrade in Netherlands has been released under restrictive conditions. However, she’s still threatened with extradition to Germany. The extradition hearing will take place on September 1st 2016, when it will be decided if the Netherlands will comply with handing her over to the German State, where she faces charges for an expropriation that happened in Aachen in 2013.

The other compañera, who was arrested in Barcelona in April 2016, has already been extradited to Germany awaiting trial. She is incarcerated in Cologne’s prison, accused of an expropriation that took place in Aachen in 2014.

The Hague: ATMs destroyed in solidarity with anarchists accused of expropriating banks in Aachen, Germany

“Solid(A)rity is not just a word; it’s the way we live”; July 7th demonstration from the centre of Amsterdam to the police headquarters where the comrade accused in 2013 Aachen bank robbery case is currently held

Received July 9th 2016:

Last night we demolished 8 ATM machines in The Hague, the Netherlands in solidarity with the anarchist comrades accused of expropriation in Aachen, Germany.*

On July 6th, a comrade was arrested in Amsterdam and is now in jail awaiting extradition to Germany.

The week before, on June 30th, another comrade from Spain was extradited to Germany.

We call out to anybody to take action in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades! We are fucking angry!

We are not interested in knowing whether the comrades are actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically just and politically legitimate practice, a method of struggle that is part of the history of all revolutionary movements. Indeed, despite the constant attempts by Power to reduce this method to within the scope of a ‘common crime’ motivated by individual greed, the fact is that the expropriation of places of accumulation of capital is a constant in our history: from the anarcho-syndicalist groups in the early twentieth century who robbed banks to support strikes or help the families of imprisoned comrades, to the various autonomous groups of the 70s and 80s.

Immediate freedom for our comrades! Burn all prisons! Destroy all banks!

via Indymedia NL & Autonomen Den Haag

* Note of Contra Info:

In July 2015, a comrade was arrested at the Greek-Bulgarian border, accused of a bank expropriation that took place in Aachen in 2013. After spending 5 months in pretrial detention in Germany, she was released with charges dropped. However, the prosecution appealed that decision. The comrade was rearrested in Amsterdam a few days ago, pending trial. She’s threatened with extradition to Germany. Updates: Solidariteit.noblogs.org

In April 2016, another comrade was arrested in Barcelona, accused of a bank expropriation that took place in Aachen in 2014. She has already been extradited to Germany awaiting trial. She’s incarcerated in Cologne’s prison, held in isolation, allowed out to the prison yard only for an hour per day, and her communications with the outside world are highly restricted. Updates: Solidaritatrebel.noblogs.org

in italian

[Greece] ABC Solidarity Cell: Strength to the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák

Update by AntiFénix: Martin has suspended his hunger strike.

Action at the embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens; the banner reads: “Solidarity with the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák – ABC Solidarity Cell”
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens spray-painted: “Freedom to Martin Ignačák – Anarchist Black Cross”
Czech embassy’s entrance spray-painted; flyers thrown in support of incarcerated anarchist Martin Ignačák

In April 2015, the Czech State launched a repressive campaign under the name “Operation Fénix” targeting the anarchist movement that’s active on its territory.

Raids on fighters’ homes, arrests, personal belongings confiscated, relatives and friends of the arrestees harassed, and accusatory dossiers cooked up in police offices. Eleven fighters were arrested as a result of this operation, of whom four were sent to remand prisons of the Czech Republic, while the rest were given restrictive bail conditions. All this has been portrayed in the media as a coordinated effort towards dismantling “terrorist networks”, such as the Network of revolutionary cells (SRB) who’ve claimed responsibility for dozens of incendiary attacks against statist and capitalist targets. Also one of the comrades is charged with participating in another attack that, according to the media, was carried out with Molotov cocktails against the house of the Minister of National Defence.

Martin Ignačák, who is accused of plotting attack on a train transporting military equipment, was in fact trapped by government agents who had infiltrated anarchist circles and indicated the target to Martin along with plans about how to carry out such an attack.

The specific repressive tactic is a strategic doctrine in US counterterrorism policies, which are well known to be basic guidelines on the formation of repressive policies on a global level.

Secret services take on the role of thought police, penetrate in subversive movements, single out comrades who support practices of direct action and suggest targets and plans for attacks, only to capture them later, without any action having taken place at all. In the US, there are many such examples of prosecution and imprisonment of fighters from the wider radical movement (from anarchists to activists of ALF and ELF).

Operation Fénix unleashed by the Czech State is its first organised attempt to apply the specific repressive doctrine in order to paralyse a combative anarchist current that has been developed in the Czech Republic in recent years.

Martin has already spent nearly 14 months in prison awaiting trial; nevertheless, the vindictiveness of the state apparatus against the comrade continues, with constant harassment of his relatives, his motions for replacement of pretrial detention with bail conditions denied, and debilitating conditions of imprisonment.

To resist, Martin has undertaken hunger strike since June 9th 2016, using his body as a barricade against the exemption status he’s subjected to.

From our side we stand next to Martin, overcoming the artificial polarity between innocence and guilt, and demand that his requests be met.

International solidarity is an integral part of our processes, as it breaks down the borders that separate us and sends out messages of rebellion and defiance from every location where these are manifested, in every corner of the world, thus diffusing the cracks opened in the authoritarian edifice.

On Friday June 24th 2016, Anarchist Black Cross carried out a solidarity action outside the embassy of the Czech Republic in Palaio Psychiko [one of the wealthiest northern suburbs of Athens]. We hung a banner, spray-painted slogans at the embassy’s entrance, and threw flyers to make evident that we know who will be accountable if our comrade’s health condition deteriorates.

The same day, on Lesvos Island, a banner was hung in the city of Mytilini as a minimum display of solidarity with comrade Martin Ignačák.

PS. In Athens, after leaving the Czech embassy in Palaio Psychiko, cops of DIAS motorcycle police force followed a bus which individuals from the action were aboard. They stopped and stormed the bus on Kifissias Avenue, forced people out, and took them to GADA police headquarters. After two hours, all were released but one, who was released several hours later.

Solidarity isn’t going to become an inward-looking process; our actions won’t be constrained by repression.

Repression doesn’t hold us back.



Anarchist Black Cross – Anarchist Solidarity Cell

Banner in Mytilini (Lesvos Island): “Freedom for the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák – ABC Solidarity Cell”

Athens: Banner action in solidarity with the three comrades arrested in Warsaw, Poland

On May 23rd 2016, three comrades were arrested in Poland, accused of attempted arson attack on a police car. They will be held for three months on remand, awaiting trial, and face up to 8 years imprisonment. The comrades denied involvement in the action; one of them was seriously beaten by cops.

The Polish State has spoken of terrorists – as expected from every authoritarian mechanism seeking to maintain its power – and subjected the comrades to public pillorying through the media, wanting to pass a new anti-terror law undisturbedly and “justifiably”, with the aim of increasing repression and surveillance.

In their attempt to impose the “Order and Security” doctrine, cops have raided the occupied Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe (ROD – Radical Allotment Gardens) twice already (on May 23rd and June 2nd), investigating the area, searching comrades’ homes, asking them questions, and doing ID checks.

We want to send the message that the comrades in Poland are not alone; that’s why we hung a solidarity banner at the Athens Polytechnic School (on Stournari Street in Exarchia), which reads: “Strength to the 3 arrested anarchists in Poland, who as of 23/5 are accused of attempted arson of a police car – Brothers, you’re not alone – When solidarity arms itself, it crushes borders, States, prisons”.




Initiative of individuals from Ochetos (‘Gutter’) anarchist art group

in Greek & Polish

Warsaw, Poland: Three anarchists remanded on charges of attempted explosive attack

In the early hours of May 23rd 2016, three anarchists were arrested near a parking lot in the Warsaw district of Włochy for allegedly placing a homemade explosive device under a cop car in an attempt to attack the local police station. The three comrades – aged 17, 31 and 35 years – refused to testify and denied all charges brought against them. At least one of them was beaten while in custody.

On the same day, the squatted area of Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe (Radical Allotment Gardens) was raided, searched, and repeatedly ‘visited’ by cops, who took IDs from all persons present and tried to interrogate the gardeners. (On June 2nd, cops paid another ‘visit’ to ROD.)

A media frenzy broke out over the arrests. The three anarchists were portrayed as terrorists, and their images were published from the outset. They were sent to a remand prison, where they are to be held for three months awaiting trial. They face up to 8 years imprisonment.

All three squats operating in Warsaw – Syrena, Przychodnia and ROD – and several other collectives of the anarchist and wider social justice community in Poland (see signatures here) released an open letter in solidarity with the three arrestees – stating, among others, that all this occurs at a time when the Polish authorities are pushing for the enactment of a new anti-terror law advocated by the ruling PiS (Law and Justice) party.

Another statement was issued by Łukasz Bukowski, anarchist imprisoned in Poznań, who urged his comrades to stand in solidarity with the three arrestees.

The prisoners have also the support of Grecja w Ogniu counter-information portal.

On June 1st, a banner drop in the city of Poznań was accompanied by these words:

“At one of Poznań’s overpasses we hung a banner in solidarity with the three anarchists imprisoned in Warsaw.

Our solidarity goes out to the arrested. We don’t agree either with the manipulation of the media and the police, or with the attitude of parts of the milieu, that in the case of real repression cut off and criticise those imprisoned, even though they declare SOLIDARITY OUR WEAPON in every picket.

We will always support those who are affected by police violence and those who are firmly opposed to it!”

[German prisons] Our comrade is free

Received January 5th 2016:

Here is something we wrote about the arrest, detention and release of our friend and comrade.

Long months have passed since the hot summer day at the beginning of July when our friend and comrade got arrested at a passport control at the Greek-Bulgarian border. The Europe-wide arrest warrant against her had been issued by the prosecution office of Aachen, Germany, on the 24th of June 2015. After having spent three weeks in Bulgarian cells she got handed over to the German cops at the airport of Sofia.

In Germany she got locked up under the ‘U-haft‘ (Untersuchungshaft) regime in Cologne because of a presumed involvement in an armed bank robbery that had taken place two years earlier (2013). Under this regime prisoners awaiting trial are locked up, officially for a maximum of six months, which in reality very often is extended up to a period of over a year. In her case the restrictions put in place meant that at each visit (2 hours per month) there were two cops, a guard and a translator present, that she was not allowed to make any phone calls and that all post was first directed to the prosecutor’s office where it was read and then given to her after one month delay.

Her detention was based on a single piece of evidence: a DNA trace found on two gas pistols discovered in a closet of the bank by an employee 11 days later. A few weeks ago, on the 2nd December, after months of investigation the prosecution formally charged her with bank robbery, hostage taking and weapon possession. These charges were brought in front of three judges, who had to decide whether to pursue them in court or not. On the 16th of December, the court called the prison instructing them to release our comrade because all charges were to be dropped, since the “evidence” that five months of investigation produced was not sufficient for this case to be brought to court.

Now, our comrade is back with us. However, the joy that this brings us does not replace, nor lets us forget our anger towards the isolating restrictions, towards the ridiculousness of the uniform circus, and towards any authoritarian system that plays with people’s lives in such a way. The biggest source of strength came from the uncompromising and uncooperative stand our comrade took: she always kept her head up and her defiant spirits alive.

As most rebels and anarchists know, repression can hit us at any moment, because the State will go to very far extents to maintain its law and order and to prevent our ideas from spreading. In these moments it is easy to feel lured and trapped in a game of strategy and fear, the exact essence of our enemies.

In these moments we have to remember that we have other tools and practices to fight this asphyxiation. Only by facing their strategy with our own rebellious intelligence and grounded ethics, and fear with confidence in our complicities, affinities and struggles, can these moments become something more than just resigning ourselves to the technical and juridical aspects of the State imprisoning one of us.

Precisely in these moments of stress, anger and sadness it is crucial to not to let ourselves be intimidated or be tempted to doubt our ideas, our relationships and our struggles. Although keeping our feet on the ground, our mind sharp and our heart burning can be challenging during these moments, we are the ones who let them take from us much more than the freedom of a comrade, we are the only ones who can fight against their logics nesting inside of us.

Our ideas and struggles are forged in the hatred against prisons and the world that needs them. The fight against these structures and those who make them possible involves to express and extend our desire to open all their doors and destroy these pillars of this authoritarian and capitalist society. Confronted with any repressive attack it is crucial to not forget these ideas, nor to put them aside; we can only build a perspective through active solidarity, in the continuation of our projects of struggle against all the manifestations of this prison-society.

We agree with the words of our comrade and refuse to speak in terms of ‘innocence’ and ‘guilt’. These words belong to the language of prosecutors and judges in service of politicians and bosses. Words that support their system of exploitation and control. As anarchists it is a language we refuse to speak, we spit on it.

The reason we did not and are not publishing her name is to not fuel the often distracting and distorted role of hero or victim that anarchist prisoners are sometimes subjected to. She was an imprisoned anarchist comrade among many others, who will neither be forgotten nor exulted, but who are present in the continuation of our struggles and projects and in our acts of subversion towards this established order.

Solidarity with all those fighting against prisons, inside and out.

Solidarity to those who faced with repressive blows still feel the need and courage to keep living and fighting for their ideas and projects.

Iquique, Northern Chile: Barricades and clashes outside the UNAP campus on December 21st

Camila Sanhueza out onto the streets!

Against every authority, with the fallen comrades in our memory;
freedom for all comrades kidnapped in the prisons.

For a Black December – Camila de Pompeya out onto the streets!

Note from Contra Info: On April 28th 2015, compañera Camila de Pompeya Sanhueza Olivares (21) was arrested in the city of Iquique together with another compañera (17), both accused of an incendiary attack against the Intendancy building of Tarapacá Region. Camila is currently held in pretrial detention, while the other juvenile comrade is under house arrest.

Spanish | Greek

Spanish prisons: Contact address of anarchist prisoners Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

On October 28th 2015, the Spanish justice decided to extend the period of pretrial detention for anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar for two more years. They were arrested on November 13th 2013, accused of participation in a terrorist organisation, of havoc and conspiracy. Though the Spanish penal code sets a limit of two years of incarceration without a trial, the State can in fact impose an extra remand period of two years on the ground of “special reasons”.

The comrades have been transferred to the prisons in Asturias:

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
Francisco Solar Domínguez
C.P Villabona-Asturias
Finca Tabladiello s/n
33422 Villabona-Llanera
(Asturias) España/Spain

Strength to Mónica and Francisco!

German prisons: Anonymous letter from inside

Received November 24th 2015:

Our friend and comrade has been in prison for over 4 months now and is currently being held in “Untersuchungshaft” in Germany. Here are a few words that reached us from the dungeons.

With midnight always in one’s heart,

And twilight in one’s cell,

We turn the crank, or tear the rope,

Each in his separate Hell,

And the silence is more awful far

Than the sound of a brazen bell.

After having been arrested and taken to prison in a small border town somewhere in South-Eastern Europe, and having had the “pleasure” of spending three weeks in its state-hotels, I now find myself in the claws of the German state. At the moment of writing I still do not know when I will be free again; no “official” accusation has been sent, no court date has been set. In theory, “U-haft” can take up to six months- depending on the wishes and whims of prosecutors and judges however this period can be extended. So far i have not been wrecking my head over it too much. The insecurity of not knowing what will happen next, or when, is one of the more difficult things in this situation, but i refuse to torture myself with questions that for now remain unanswerable. Whatever is to come, I will face it with my head held high.

The circumstances under which i am held here I suppose could be pronounced “harsh” (no phone calls, all communication with the outside world subjected to voyeuristic interference- the prosecutor reading all letters to and fro, visits always in the presence of a screw and overzealous criminal police) but then again, i would not expect any different from those i consider my enemies. For that they are, and among them the friendlier faces of oppression: the priests, the therapists, the social workers, … (someone once rightly remarked how only two kinds of people enter prison: those who can leave again voluntarily, and those who cannot.) And when the incessant imposed control, discipline, and “re-socialisation” fail to succeed, self-flagellation is never far. No need for pacification or control when all possible critique is transformed into a mea culpa, when the prevailing idea among those locked up is that one is in prison because one did something “wrong”, is “guilty” of something and now has to pay the price for it.

I do not want to enter a discourse that speaks in terms of innocence and guilt, for the juxtaposition at stake is not between these two “categories” formulated in the language of domination, the language of law; a language absolutely antagonistic to my own. It is, simplistic put, between those who desire freedom and those who steal it from them. And this has little to do with the double row of bars blocking my window, with the triple layer of walls and gates surrounding this place. As one of the philosophical cadavers of the university has written in a not too distant history, “prison continues, on those who are entrusted to it, a work begun elsewhere, which the whole of society pursues on each individual through innumerable mechanisms of discipline”. This work however simultaneously continues inside and outside of prison; prison is not “external” to society, it is simply another one of the many expressions of domination.

And in this pan-optical world every act of rebellion, whether it is robbing a bank or stealing a loaf of bread, is a negation of the omnipresent control imposed upon us, a deafening or barely audible No in the face of domination. Expropriation is merely one of the means in the vast array of those available to take back what is stolen from us on a daily basis – our self-determination, the freedom and possibility to construct our lives according to our own wishes and desires. With every act of rebellion we reappropiate our lives and dignity, with every act of rebellion we simultaneously negate the existing relations of power and oppression and affirm the ability to decide over our own existence. And although my existence is temporarily on hold – for this is not life – my heart beats far beyond these walls.

Love and solidarity to those in struggle everywhere,
be it a deafening or a barely audible one.

november 2015

Berlin: Banner drop in solidarity with Evi Statiri, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

The banner reads: “In solidarity with all anarchist prisoners – Salute to Evi, Monica and Francisco – Long Live Anarchy”

On October 13th 2015, we dropped a banner from the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin. We want to show our solidarity with Evi Statiri, who was finally released – under shitty restrictive conditions – from pretrial detention in Greece. We also send warm greetings to Monica and Francisco, who are held in preventive detention by the Spanish State since November 13th 2013.

This is just a small symbolic gesture, to greet all the rebels who are in prison, all those from inside still betting on a life of confrontation with this democratic and rotten system.

We’ll see you on the street; the struggle continues!

Death to the State, for Anarchy!

Some anarchists in Berlin

in German, Spanish, Greek

Athens: Update on Evi Statiri’s struggle

According to our latest information, Evi Statiri suspended hunger strike on October 2nd 2015, when the competent judicial council decided to grant her a conditional release from preventive detention. In the coming period she is expected to file a motion for the lifting of restrictive conditions imposed on her, which include the following: ban on exiting the country; obligation to report to her nearest police station 3 times a month; prohibition on communicating or meeting with her husband (CCF imprisoned member Gerasimos Tsakalos) and any other of her co-accused; obligation to reside only in the home she has declared as permanent residence; and ban on moving outside a perimeter of 1 kilometer around her home.

Volos, Greece: Flyposting in solidarity with hunger striker Evi Statiri

The ‘Assembly of anarchists for the solidarity Inside and Outside the walls’ pasted posters on two central buildings of Volos (central Greece), reading:

When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they target their close and supportive environment, seeking to punish what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

A couple more photos & Spanish here.

Greek prisons: CCF member Gerasimos Tsakalos has been on hunger strike since 14/9, in solidarity with the struggle of Evi Statiri

On Tuesday, September 29th, it became known that anarchist prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos has undertaken a hunger strike since September 14th 2015, standing by the side of his life companion Evi Statiri from the very first moment she initiated her hunger strike. For reasons of his own, Gerasimos chose not to publicise this fact earlier. It must be reminded that his body has not had time to fully recover from the exhaustive hunger strike that he recently carried out along with the rest of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire imprisoned members and anarchist captive Angeliki Spyropoulou.

Below is his open letter from Koridallos prison (Spanish translation here).

‘For, if we don’t die for each other, we are already dead’
[verse adapted from a poem by Tasos Livaditis]

Gerasimos Tsakalos — To Evi’s struggle

It’s been 7 months since the imprisonment of my companion Evi Statiri in the cells of democracy. The only ‘offence’ she ever committed is her personal relationship with me. At the same time, my mother Athena Tsakalou lives as an exile on Salamis Island by decision of the judicial junta.

It’s been 7 months since the Power’s experimentations that have widened the circle of repression against friends and relatives of political prisoners, aiming to disseminate fear among people who stand in solidarity with the latter, and to impose a peculiar quarantine regime on captive urban guerrillas. Through the criminalisation of family-friendly relationships, the Power seeks to amputate every bond of solidarity that permeates the prison walls and fuels the struggle for freedom. Right at this moment, the endurances of our own world — a world that has never learned to bow its head — are being put to the test by the police-judiciary machinery of the Power, who are simultaneously taking the pulse of its reactions. With every step we take backwards, the totalitarianism of the statist beast gains ground.

Fear has expansionist tendencies… If that which is being tested today against political prisoners is not slaughtered at birth, it will spread like a plague, striking everyone who wants to live rebelliously without accepting orders or commanders in his/her life. There are many things that I would like to say but, in such moments, actions speak louder than words. Since September 14th Evi has launched a hunger strike fighting for her liberation. Since September 14th I have stood by her side, just like over recent years she has stood by my side, and I have since that date been on hunger strike myself, despite the contrary opinion of doctors, who have outright disagreed with me because it’s only been a short while since the previous hunger strike in which I participated came to an end. My only request is Evi’s liberation. My hunger strike is the only weapon I now have as a prisoner so as to stand in solidarity with Evi. It is part of a polymorphous solidarity that has already begun to manifest itself across Greece within the space of struggle and anarchy. So, there’s really no need to lose focus of the very purpose of the struggle for Evi’s liberation by making mention of my hunger strike or me personally. As I stated before, my hunger strike is my way of declaring myself present at mobilisations of people who stand in solidarity with Evi’s struggle. It is my contribution to solidarity actions that are being accelerated in order to derail — by means of anarchy — the history that we have never recognised as our own as is written by laws, judges, cops and the Power.

That the struggle for Evi’s liberation and for the cessation of prosecution against relatives-friends of political prisoners be the detonator for restarting anarchist offensive, reclaiming the streets, igniting barricades, intensifying desires, waging urban guerrilla warfare, and wagering on total liberation.


‘For, if we don’t die for each other, we are already dead’


Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Piraeus: Evi Statiri, on hunger strike since 14/9, currently hospitalised

Anarchist gathering in solidarity with Evi Statiri, who has undertaken hunger strike since September 14th against fear and injustice: Wednesday, September 30th 2015, at 18:00 outside the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus. —Assembly in solidarity with Evi Statiri (in Athens).

In the early hours of Sunday, September 27th 2015, when Evi Statiri entered the 14th day of her hunger strike, she suffered severe hypoglycemia and presented with symptoms such as intense pallor, orthostatic hypotension and tachycardia on exertion. Additionally, she has experienced malaise, palpitations when making the slightest effort and when standing, and cold intolerance, often accompanied by chills. Later that day, she was urgently transferred from Koridallos prison to the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus, having lost 11% of her initial body weight.

Evi Statiri is now awaiting response from a judicial council, having filed a new request for her release three weeks ago.

Greek prisons: Text of Revolutionary Struggle prisoner Kostas Gournas about the hunger strike undertaken by Evi Statiri

(banner in Thessaloniki: Let’s combat states of exception with factual solidarity – Freedom for Evi Statiri)

September 15th 2015:

It is a longstanding as well as an infamous tactic of the State — particularly of the police-judicial mechanism — to use fabricated charges against relatives so as to hold them hostage and put pressure on fighters and political prisoners. It was done in 2002 [against Angeliki Sotiropoulou, wife of 17N prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas], it was done in 2010 [against Marie Beraha, wife of Revolutionary Struggle prisoner Kostas Gournas], and it was done again in March 2015 [against Evi Statiri, wife of CCF prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos, but also against Athena Tsakalou, mother of the Tsakalos brothers]. This is because the repressive policy applied against imprisoned members of armed organisations is an ongoing process of political extermination by any means.

After its capitulation on February 20th, the SYRIZA-led government was faced with the first class confrontation — that is, the hunger strike of political prisoners during Spring — and was compelled to vote favorably — among others – on an amendment that theoretically opened the way for the relatives of CCF members to be released. Today, after being refused her liberation six times by judicial councils, Evi Statiri, companion of an imprisoned member of the organisation, is still in prison. Her case is the clearest proof, not only of the acceptance of a state of emergency surrounding the memorandum by the government of the Left, but also of the strict application of a state of exception for political prisoners.

For those in society who had the clarity and determination to approach the ‘no’ vote in the referendum in a class manner and to oppose every memorandum, though without being able to take the next step forward, the question of an alternative way other than the one of delegation or relinquishment, which all the bourgeois parliamentary forces are charting, is more pressing than ever. And this is no other way than struggle and solidarity. Evi’s way…

on hunger strike since September 14th 2015

Nicosia, Cyprus: Banner in solidarity with Evi Statiri

“No State will halt the passion for freedom – Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

On September 19th, within a small and rotten city, we hung a banner as a small gesture of love and solidarity with the prisoner in struggle Evi Statiri, contributing our part so that her voice resonates in every corner of the earth.



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