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[Spanish prisons] First of October: Prisioners Hunger Strike

received 01.10.2018


Some prisioners from diferent spanish jails are going to start a new hunger strike. In the last hunger strike the 1th of May,  they didn’t get attention from  media or  society so they are going to make theirselves in danger again to get the rights that  they legally have. Their objective is having a less hard diary life and prove that jail is not the solution: It’s just a place to shut in people that are not agree with the system or these who are not productive for it.

These are the demands of the prisioners:

1-Stop  tortures
2-Abolish FIES,  punishment “special regime” and  isolating departments
3-Stop dispersion
4-Separate medical services from Penitential Institution to avoid deals between doctors and warders
5-Application of the articles 104.4 and 196 RP to all chronic sick prisioners
6-Let people with mental sickness be out of jails, specially of closed  and isolating regimes
7-Provide support groups and  psychologist and not just methadone and medical drugs. The psychologist have to be independent from the Penitential Institution to not promote passivity and State’s dependance
8.-Acknowledgement of killed people in spanish jails from the beginning of the democracy until today and admit the warder’s responsability
9-Open classrooms, workshops, gyms, and formative and cultural activities for prisioners that supposed to be “unrecoverable”
10-Stop using  “módulos de respeto” to blackmail prisioners
11-Stop body searches to prisioner’s families and visits,stop using X-rays and let prisioners communicate without limits or bureaucratic requirements.
12-Stop criminalize  solidarity between prisioners and prisioners’ support groups. We all are together and if you attack them, you are attacking all of us!

More information in www.tokata.info


Brazil: Against “Operation Erebo”

received 10/26/17

Police started the so called “Operation Erebo” aiming to prosecute anarchists in Porto Alegre city, south region of the territory under domain of bra$silian state. This operation is an attempt to arrest anarchists that supposedly took part in informal activities since 2013.

About this case, we don’t have nothing to say but the necessary:


It doesn’t matter if they are “guilty” or “innocent”, much less if they were “right” or “wrong”. Morality is the language of trials. We fight against laws, because its oppressive nature exists only for maintaining “order and progress”, both responsible for human misery. We stand against prisons and therefore we do not cooperate to fill this human warehouse. So we strongly support the 10 anarchists prosecuted by the state’s genocidal machine.


As always, the media takes advantage from this recent episode to form its spectacle. The news tries to paint anarchists as part of one single group as a way to give deputy Paulo César Jardim and his dogs from the Civil Police some credits. The moment of the rotten nation we live in is very fragile and therefore it is clear for us that media has only political interests which we despise.


Neither one nor a thousand police operations will be capable to, as they say, “demobilize” our fight for freedom. Anarchy rises from the gaps of authority and technological domain, and that is why the powerful won’t stop us. Our passion for freedom is stronger than every cell.


Argentina: Death to the murderous state, Santiago is present!


The murder of Santiago Maldonado has triggered a series of actions in Argentina. Santiago disappeared on August 1st, kidnapped by the gendarmerie, and on October 20th, it was confirmed that a dead body found in the Chubut river belonged to our compañero Santiago Maldonado. We hope that the guilty will suffer the worst possible vengeance.

Death to the murderous state, Santiago is present!

Today like last night we continue in the streets – SANTIAGO IS PRESENT!


Sad are the hours that we are living. On October 20th, Sergio Maldonado (brother of Santiago) confirmed what we were all so afraid of. The body planted by the gendarmerie in the Chubut river is the comrade Santiago Maldonado.

The gendarmerie are responsible. The State is responsible. Because it was them who took him from the rebel territory of Cushamen on the first of August.

Santiago Maldonado is no longer one of the disappeared, now he is one of the murdered. But we must never forget the most important thing. Santiago Maldonado was killed for fighting, for showing solidarity, for confronting the gendarmerie alongside the weichafes (warriors) of MAP, the Autonomous Mapuche Movement of Puel Mapu, to demand the freedom of Facundo Jones Huala. (Translation note: Facundo is the spokesperson for RAM – Mapuche Ancestral Resistance, and is currently being held prisoner by the Argentine State in Esquel, Chubut province on ‘terrorism’ charges).

Santiago Maldonado was killed by private property. Not content to disappear and murder him, they even tried to misrepresent him. And many who claim to honor his memory as well.

We must always keep him in our hearts as a fighter, as somebody who struggled alongside others to change this society of shit that prioritizes commodities over life.

The best way we can pay tribute to him is to continue fighting, to continue defying the State and Capital just like he did. Santiago Maldonado who fought on the barricades of Chiloé, defending the sea.

Translation note: Refers to the struggle on Chiloé Island, in southern Chile, in response to an environmental disaster in 2016 that caused mass die-offs of fish and other marine life. Santiago Maldonado who fought for the immense southern land.

Every time the strong Patagonian wind blows, he will be there.

Whenever the rebels of the world try to storm the heavens, he will be there.

Rest comrade, the sea, the land and the forests for which you gave your life are waiting to provide you shelter.

Text written by the comrades from Biblioteca Ghiraldo

via 325nostate, portuguese

[Belarus] Brutal repression against anarchists; Pyotr Ryabov, anarchist philosopher imprisoned for 6 days, declared a hunger strike

Received 10/14/17

[Information provided by anarchist group Pramen]

– To 9 th of October, the police attacked the lecture of Pyotr Ryabov

Around 16.30 it became known that in Grodno, Belarus police broke into a lecture from Pyotr Vladimirovich Ryabov, which was going on in “Tsentr Garadskogo Zhytsia” (Belarusian – “The center of the city life”).

Two lectures of the senior lecturer of the Department of Philosophy of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, candidate of philosophical sciences Pyotr Ryabov (well-known anarchist) were supposed to take place in Grodno today and in Baranoichi tomorrow. The topic of today’s lecture was “Libertarian social thought of the last third of the twentieth and early twenty-first century.”

Cops arrested all those present: around 20 people, including Ryabov himself. Now they are taken to the police department.

This is the 3rd act of a brutal repression against Belarusian anarchists in last 2,5 month. In August local police broke into the lecture of Russian anarchist and ex-political prisoner Alexey Sutuga. In September, 28th, cops searched 2 houses of Minsk anarchists and confiscated printing facilities and electronics.

-To 11th of October, the city court of Baranovichi, Belarus, sentenced Russian anarchist Pyotr Ryabov

Pyotr Ryabov, anarchist philosopher, lecturer of department of Philosophy in Moscow State Pedagogical University was sentenced to 6 days of prison for “small hooliganism” and “distribution of extremist materials (statute 17.1 and 17.11 of codex of misdemeanors of Belarus).

The Court considered Belarusian anarchist journal “Svoboda ili Smert №6”, published in 2007, as extremist material. However these were trumped up charges, real reason of the arrest was lecture on anarchist movement, for which Ryabov came to Baranovichi. Ryabov was arrested on his way back to Moscow in Baranovichi train station, he was supposed to talk in another event in Moscow.

– After sentence, Pyotr Ryabov declared a hunger strike.

In Portuguese, German

Italy: News from Florence

received 10/05/17

[This text explains the recent police operation against anarchists in Florence, Italy]

On the 1st of January 2017, following the explosion of home-made bomb in front of the fascist bookshop in which a policeman from the bomb disposal unit lost a hand and an eye, several homes of comrades were searched. The police were hoping to find firearms and/or explosives. The searches didn’t lead to nothing except for the seizure of pamphlets, computers, clothing and other generic objects ( or can say materials). An investigation against persons unknown  was launched with intention to charge with the offences “manufacturing, possession, and transportation of an explosive or incendiary device to a public place”  and “ attempted murder”.

The police began a separate operation called  “Operazione Panico”  (Operation Panic) on January 31st . At 12:30am the police knocked at the door of several comrade’s houses to notify them of the enforcement of ten provisional measures. These consisted of 3 people confined to house arrest, 4 people given orders to prevent them from leaving the city also forcing them to return by evening to their houses  and to sign on a daily basis at the police station. And lastly 3 people were given bail conditions of signing on at the police station everyday.

During the course of Operazione Panico 35 people were directly targeted. It also lead to the eviction of Villa Panico,one of Florence’s historic squats which had been occupied for the past 10 years. In total 12 peopl were charged with the offence of “ membership of a criminal organisation”. The suspects of this repressive operation are all under investigation for a series of contested events which happened in the city in 2016. These events include an attack with clubs and bricks on the fascist bookshop, an explosion at the same bookshop and distribution  of anti-militarist leaflets at a local market which resulted in a handful of people being brought to the police station and charged with “ resistance and refusal to provide evidence of identity”. Other events were a fight with police in April following one to many of ntheir usual provocations which ended up in the arrest of 3 comrades (Michele, Francesca and Alessio), a sit in and solidarity demostration/march with those arrested.

Two months following the end of the operation two comrades were imposed a series of repressive measures constantly escalating in their severity from daily signature at the pig station to house arrest. A 3rd comrade was also bailed to sign on daily at the police station. This new wave of repression and arrests were linked to the simple appearance of militant graffiti across the city.

On the 3rd of August, a joint nation-wide operation between the DIGOS (the police special operations unit) , the ROS ( the Carabiniri’s special operations unit) and the counter-terrorism police ended up in 8 further arrests: 6 in Florence, 1 in Rome and 1 in Lecce.  Five comrades were charged with attempted homicide for the New-eve bombing .The others with the  offence of “manufacturing, possession, and transportation of an explosive or incendiary device to a public place”. The second charge relates to a molotov attack against a Carabinieri barracks which happened on the night of the fight against police mentioned earlier.

On Augusts 5th, 6 arrestees were released by the GIP (judge for the
preliminary investigation) due to lack of evidence against them. One
comrade, Salvatore Vespertino, is still in jail because the authorities
claimed to have found traces of his DNA on components used to build the bomb. Paska, another comrade, who should have been released for lack of evidence for the events New Years eve, is still being held in prison for alleged “ membership of a criminal organisation” based on evidence gathered during Operation Panico.

As Paska’s case shows, the investigation against persons unknown  has therefore been incorporated with Operation Panico. This means that they have adopted the same line of inquiry be it for those charged with “membership of a criminal organisation” or for the several specific offences.


Salvatore Vespertino
casa circondariale Sollicciano
Via Minervini 2/r
50142- Firenze

Pierloreto Fallanca
Casa circondariale
Via Paolo Perrone, 4
73100 – Lecce

To support the comrades and the legal costs:

Youssra Ramadan
Card Number: 5333 1710 3998 6134
IBAN: IT81R0760105138290113490114

in portuguese, spanish

[Argentina] Destroy Sergeant(ina)

Headquarters of the GEO (special group of anti terrorist operations) in Argentina.

received 08/09/17

Destroy Sergeantina!!!

Those are not just words: we reached the “level” of direct action and they lie about us because they fear us. Not everything that happens hits the system’s newspapers! Even ours! And everything runs really fast, comrades. Revolutionary vertigo, which shakes up the heart: it was what we wanted and finally what we’ve got. Let’s not flatter ourselves. As our beutiful comrades from Portugal warn us, let’s be intelligent: neither “library anarchism” nor “self destructive punk”, fine? We don’t make up anything. We met el Lechu and better listen to us very well those who now claim he is a public figure… He is, to say, one of us: ANARCHIST! Enemy of the state, the capital and the shitty “social peace” of those who now (…and may a lightning fall in the head of those who call him “ayahuasca junkie”) whip his missing doing politics with our ideals. We are not “infiltrated”, as those people conniving with the spectacle cluck every time it burns passion for the anarchic revolt.

In August 31, the building of GEOF was torched… the “anti terrorist” Federal Operations Special Group building in the middle of the burgeosie neighborhood of Palermo… plenty Buenos Aires downtown, and the shitty media has hidden; they did the same thing with a lot of offensives that, did not even go through their heads, could strike their power structures.

After the demonstration, on September 1, the 35th Gendarmerie Battalion was almost torched with Molotovs (were they “infiltrated”, too?).

In La Plata, we torched a part of the senate, and then there was an attack on the security ministry, with a wounded gendarme and burned cars, with no arrests.

After the demo in Buenos Aires, where 31 people were arrested, without even being at the barricade of Avenida de Mayo, the media again said that everything was calm until about twenty hooded ones attacked the government building and were, by little, near to burn his filthy office.

It did not end there: the headquarters of the gendarmerie were destroyed in a coordinated action of great risk and great bravery…

We can not fail to mention the repression in Cordoba! Police officers entered several anarchist spaces (information about that are circulating in the networks), in the provincial capital, and took drums and banners.
The fascist newspaper “La Nación” now aims at the former FLA (Argentinean anarchist federation), which has now become an anarchist cultural center, let us stay alert… If they touch one @, they touch all @ and even if the repression become stronger, we will make their worst nightmares turn into reality.

We thank the Contra Info for its work and also to all those who (everywhere) support our struggle until death against all authority.

M@K (i), Anarchic. Kosmic. informal Movement


translated by tormentas de fogo

Translators note:
This made us give a smile of complicity to our comrades fighting in the territory under domain of the argentinian state. This one text is claiming responsibility of some actoins on the agitation month for Santiago Maldonado. It has also a statement about some lies thrown against them by the masses. For example, in august 1st demos they were accused of being “infiltrated” just because they chose to disrupt normality instead of behave peacefully. This is what happens when the state attacks us. We hit them back with all our strength!!! WE WANT OUR COMRADE BACK NOW!!!

In Spanish l Portuguese  l German

Argentina: Actions by the appearance with life of Santiago Maldonado in Buenos Aires and La Plata (videos)

Received on 1/09/17

Actions by the appearance of Santiago Maldonado, kidnapped by the Argentine state:

Buenos Aires (10/08/17)  (English/Spanish)

[vsw id=”229325045″ source=”vimeo” width=”544″ height=”399″ autoplay=”no”]

La Plata (24/08/17) (Spanish)

[vsw id=”231455713″ source=”vimeo” width=”544″ height=”399″ autoplay=”no”]

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Paris: Neither their War, nor their Peace

Neither their War, nor their Peace!

We must annihilate the enemies of the Republic… and strip those who besmirch the French spirit of their nationality.”
Manuels Valls, Prime Minister, 14th of November 2015

If one has to recognize a certain continuity of the French Republic, its for sure the continuity of mass murder. From the State Terror of 1793-1794 which gave birth to the word terrorism to the slaughter of the insurgents of 1848 and those of the Commune of 1871; from the colonisation or the deportation of Jews made possible by prior screening and filing to the massacres of Algerian demonstrators in 1961 in the heart of Paris, all French Republics have massacred without counting so that the powerful might continue to dominate and exploit everyone. The French Republic is a mountain of corpses of which the filth that composes the summit has only be able to stay in place by crushing its true enemies, the rebels and revolutionaries who fought for a world of justice and freedom. The “French spirit”, if this enormous stupidity would ever exist, would be a closet filled up until the point of bursting with voices crying for vengeance against the bourgeois, the politicians, the cops, the soldiers and the priests who have trampled them to establish their power.

Ah, but that’s all rubbish from the past, isn’t it? Do the decades of civil participation, commodity integration and generalised dispossessing really made forget those who still preserved a slightest touch of sensibility that firing randomly into the crowd is not an exclusivity of remote terrorists? That since several years the French State is making its great return on the international scene of state terrorism by multiplying its military attacks in the four corners of the globe (Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Central Africa, Iraq, Syria)? The pretext changes each time, but the reasons stay the same: to maintain control of strategic resources, to win new markets and influence zones, to preserve its interests against competitors, to avoid that insurrections are transformed into experiments of freedom. And if it was still needed, warnings have been given also to avert the indolent that this war logic will not know any territorial limit: the death of a demonstrator last year in Sivens or the bodies riddled with shrapnel in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and in Montabot recall that the offensive grenades in khaki do not hesitate, also not here, to be launched against crowds as to sow terror.

Because what else is terrorism than randomly hitting the crowd with the aim of preserving or conquering power? A bit like the rich do by killing and mutilating daily millions of people on the job in name of the money generated by their exploitation. A bit like the industrialists and their white collar lackeys do by poisoning durably all life on earth. A bit like all the States do who lock up behind four walls and slowly torture those excluded from their commodity paradises and those who rebelled against their laws. A bit like the grrreat democracies who turned the Mediterranean Sea into a cemetery of thousands of undesirables who did wrong by not having the right piece of paper in their pockets. But the peace of the State and of capitalism comes at this price. The peace of the powerful is war against the dominated, on the inside as well on the outside of their borders.

The 13th of November 2015 in Paris, the rule of the game has been respected. They may call themselves Islamic or Republican, Caliphate or Democracy, a State is a State: an authoritarian power whose mass violence applies to all those who do not bow for their sovereign order. One of the principles of all States is to only recognize subjects. Subjects who have to obey the laws dictated from above, it is to say, the exact contrary of free individuals who can self-organize without being commanded and without commanders. From the bombardments of Dresden and Hiroshima to the villages of Vietnam wiped out with napalm or the cities of Syria wrecked by barrels of TNT, States never hesitated in their dirty wars to sacrifice a part of their own population, or of their competitors. By randomly killing Parisian passersby to punish their State, the small soldiers of Daech did nothing else but reproducing the implacable logic of their adversaries. A terrible logic, as terrible as any state power can be.

The state of emergency is declared in France since yesterday, a measure of internal war of a government who places the country in conformity with its politics of international terrorism, is just a step further in the basic practices of any government, aiming to forcibly normalize life, to its institution codification, to its technological standardization. Because what is the State seeing when looking to the future? Economical cracks, mass unemployment, exhaustion of resources, international military conflicts, civil wars, ecological disasters, exodus of populations… In short, he see an ever more unstable world where the poor are ever more numerous and concentrated, a world sweating despair which is becoming a gigantic powder keg, engulfed by tensions of all kinds (social, identitarian, religious). A world in which the lighting of the smallest spark, whatever it might be, should not be tolerated by an ever more totalitarian democracy. So, just as “civil” is another word for “cop”, the “war on terrorism” means above all the war against all those who are breaking away from the ranks of power. To all the deserters of social pacification, to all the deserters of the wars between the powerful and the authoritarians, lets sabotage the National Unity…

A bad subject,
enemy of the Republic and of all States
Paris, 14th of November 2015

Pamphlet spread in Paris, originally published on November 15th 2015.
PDF in French here.

Maldonado, Uruguay: Graffiti in solidarity with comrades abducted during Operation Pandora

“If they touch one of us, they touch all of us – Immediate release of the 7 comrades abducted by the Spanish terror state – Prisoners to the streets”

A mural in the centre of Maldonado, Uruguay, in solidarity with the comrades recently arrested in the Spanish State; it should be clear that we extend solidarity with all prisoners in struggle in any region of the world.

Bern, Switzerland: Solidarity with the NO TAV struggle (February 22, 2014)

In solidarity with the NO TAV movement we hung a banner at the Italian embassy in Bern.

Terrorists are those who ravage and destroy our lives and spaces in which we live.

War on Capital! War on the State!

Freedom for Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia!
Freedom for Marco!

Terrorist is the State.

source: ch.indymedia

Rio de Janeiro: Cops beat to death an 18 year old boy

In the early hours of October 17th, 2013 Paulo Roberto Pinho de Menezes, 18, was beaten to death by officers of the ‘Police Pacification Unit’ (UPP) in the Manguinhos favela of Rio de Janeiro. The cops immobilized the teenager and took him in a dark back-alley, where they fiercely beat him to death. The exact circumstances of his assassination are not yet clarified. However, his mother and other residents have verified that Paulo Roberto was among a group of youths when cops of the local UPP conducted a control in the favela.

In the late afternoon of October 17th revolted youths attacked cops with stones, enraged by the assassination of Paulo Roberto. The brute violence of repression forces escalated even further, when cops used live ammunition causing injuries to various individuals. A 17-years-old girl was hit on her leg by police bullet and evacuated to the hospital. The pigs did not hesitate to threaten even the sister of Paulo Roberto, pointing a gun at her.

The funeral for the boy was scheduled for Friday the 18th of October, day when a morning protest was also called to denounce the umpteenth murder at the hands of police.

You may read some facts about the exact role of the ‘Police Pacification Unit’ in the cleansing of the favelas, in the name of Brazil’s preparations for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, here. A video with English subtitles concerning another killing in the Manguinhos favela, in March 2013, can be viewed here.

Lesvos Island, Greece: Anarchist banner for Sonja Suder’s liberation

The banner reads: “The States are the only terrorists. Release the 80-year-old Sonja Suder”

On September 14th, within the context of international solidarity and antistatist/dissident struggle that knows no boundaries, we responded to the call for Sonja Suder’s liberation. So we made a small intervention at the university building (former ATEbank) in the town of Mytilini, unfolding our banner on its facade as a minimum token of solidarity. We wanted to remind that each and every state repression and regime’s scheme against the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement, in any part of the Earth, affects us all always and everywhere. What’s more, the struggle for life and freedom does not know (and should not know) any borders.

Not one step back. Faced with state terrorism, we build mounds against whatever wants us enslaved or attempts to commercialize our lives and shatter our dreams. We will not give up without a fight.

Until the night when the last frontier and the last prison will collapse. Until the day when no one will dominate, nor anybody will be dominated. And do not make the mistake to say that we are few, because we are not; but even if we were… we are definitely determined. We are coming…

Informal Anarchist Organization-Lesvos Cell

Athens: Bus fare evader dead after scuffle with ticket inspector

In the night of August 13th, a ticker inspector inside a moving trolley bus pressured a 19-year-old to hand over his identity card and pay a fine for not having a ticket, threatening to take him to the nearest police station should he not comply with his authority. After some moments, the bus driver intervened in the argument in favor of the inspector. The passenger resisted the bullying, and there was a scuffle. Then suddenly, the bus door was opened and the young man either jumped off, or (more likely) was shoved out of the vehicle. He was fatally injured from the fall on a sidewalk. Despite the teen’s body lying on the ground covered in blood, the ticket collector went on threatening other passengers who were furious at what just happened, and he even demanded a woman be arrested by the cops.

The following is a communiqué by the open popular assembly in Peristeri district, where the deadly incident occurred:

Monday, 19 August 2013

The State, SS, cops, inspectors take someone’s life for a ticket.

On 14 August 2013, news of the death of Thanassis Kanaoutis caused a spontaneous gathering in Peristeri, where the tragic incident took place. The 19-year-old lost his life during inspection on a trolley bus of route 12, after he was bullied from a ticket inspector because he had no valid ticket —what resulted in the passenger’s fatal leap from the moving vehicle. People who gathered nearby, at Dimarchiou Square, decided to call for a protest march on the same day.

On 16 August 2013, the 19-year-old’s funeral took place at the Peristeri cemetery, and the ceremony soon became a protest in the neighbourhood. More than 2,000 people took to the streets shouting slogans, and factually showed their opposition to the plans of Domination seeking to turn the whole of society into an inspection camp, a jungle where even the loss of human life is treated as collateral damage.

After the burial ceremony, the gathered crowd returned to the place of the fatal incident. When the demonstration arrived in Dimarchiou Square, large numbers of protesters remained there. Approximately 200 people (most of them school students) continued to march toward the Aghios Antonios metro station, expressing their anger with direct actions, erecting barricades and setting dumpsters on fire. Continue reading Athens: Bus fare evader dead after scuffle with ticket inspector

Frankfurt – ‘Revolutionary Cells’ trial: Sibylle S. free at last

Sibylle S. (witness not cooperating with authorities) stayed four months in prison under ‘coercive detention’ because she had repeatedly refused to testify as a witness against Sonja Suder. On August 6th, 2013 it finally became evident that her continued detention would not change her unyielding stance, so Sibylle walked out free.

On the other hand, Sonja is still in custody.


sources/updates: i, ii

Few aspects of the ongoing struggle on the streets of Brazil

Finally the Brazilian metropolises are living the moments that they haven’t seen since long ago. Since the beginning of June 2013, hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of dozens of cities in the context of a struggle against a fare hike for public transit, as well as the devastating consequences of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

The protests did not just emerge spontaneously, but are the fruit of a struggle that is nearly ten years old, from the massive demonstrations by the student movement against the fare hike in the bus system in the city of Salvador (in Bahia) in August and September of 2003 (also known as the Buzu Revolt) and the June 2004 protests, with the same goals, in the city of Florianópolis (known as the Tourniquet Revolt).

These 21st century revolts also have historical antecedents, assembled in the end of the 19th century with the popular revolt in Rio de Janeiro between 1879 and 1880 (the Vintém Revolt), when mules still powered the streetcars, or the Boats Revolt that took place on May 22nd, 1959, when the populace burned down buildings attached to the locks that allowed boats passage in the city of Niterói in Rio de Janeiro state, or the student strike of Fall 1979 in the city of São Luís (Maranhão state), which won a 50% reduction in tuition for the students.

This year’s protests confronted police repression from the beginning and, little by little, month by month, they multiplied and intensified, up to the explosion of the last few weeks. Continue reading Few aspects of the ongoing struggle on the streets of Brazil

Athens: Update on the situation of anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas, on hunger strike since the 4th of June

On the 25th of June, the council of appellate judges rejected the motion of Kostas Sakkas. At the same time that judges ratified his prolonged pretrial incarceration for another 6 months, a treating physician from the general hospital of Nikaia reported that the anarchist hunger striker has lost 10kg of weight.

A demonstration for the immediate release of Kostas Sakkas has been called for Saturday the 29th of June, by 11.30am, at Monastiraki Square in Athens. The solidarity assembly’s poster reads: ‘2.5 years imprisoned without trial. The comrade puts his body on the line to resist the modern totalitarianism of the State and Capital. His struggle is a struggle of the whole movement, a struggle of all the oppressed.’

Catalonia: Demonstration for freedom for the Barcelona 5

Freedom is the prosecuted crime. Yolanda, Silvia, Juan, Xabier, Jose: Freedom.

Yesterday, June 21st, there was a call for a demonstration in Barcelona demanding the release of the 5 who were arrested in Catalonia. The arrestees have been in custody under FIES3 isolation regime for more than a month in Madrid accused of being members of  an armed group, use of explosive and aggrandizement of terrorism… a police investigation that started with mapping the comrades’ Facebook profiles and tracking their participation in demos that resulted in riots, a part of the latest reform of the Penal Code, which gives the State the ability to oppress and intimidate dissent in the most effective way.

200 people gathered in the Font de Canaletes then marched through the center of Barcelona shouting for the release of the comrades, against the State that kidnapped them, and against capitalism, democracy and the prisons that support them. The demo was closely followed by the bastards of the ABM (the riot police of Catalonia) as well as plain clothes cops, but there were no direct clashes. Texts were read at several points during the march, which lasted 2 hours:

Some of the slogans chanted were:

Freedom for anarchists.
Freedom for our comrades, they are held prisoners by the State
Down with the prison walls.
Death to the State and long live anarchy.
Prison is democracy
Social war, against the State and the Capital.


After being transferred, the comrades are still under custody and FIES3 regime in the following prisons:
Yolanda -> C.P. Madrid V, Soto del Real
Silvia -> C.P. Madrid VII,  Estremera
Juan -> C.P. Madrid II, Alcalá Meco
José Carlos -> C.P. Madrid VI, Aranjuez
Xabier -> C.P. Madrid IV, Navalcarnero

in Spanish

Spain: Update on the situation of the 5 prisoners of Sabadell (Barcelona)


Last week, the 5 anarchists arrested in the province of Barcelona were dispersed to various prisons. Up to this point, they were held in the prison of Soto del Real (Madrid) under pre-trial detention due to “flight risk” and within the FIES3 isolation regime, as ordered by judge Pedraz, who is presiding over the case.

During the last few days, they were transferred to the following prisons:
Yolanda to C.P. Madrid V, Soto del Real
Silvia to C.P. Madrid VII, Estremera
Juan to C.P. Madrid II, Alcalá Meco
José Carlos to C.P. Madrid VI, Aranjuez
Xavier to C. P. Madrid IV, Navalcarnero.

All are still being held under FIES3 regime.

In regards to the judicial procedure, the lawyers (chosen by the accused) made an appeal against the order for pre-trial detention and are waiting for the results. Visits from their close ones, who have already begun to travel to the various locations, have helped greatly to improve the prisoners’ state of mind. Additionally, parcels with clothes and personal goods are being sent, as well as weekly deposits to help with the expenses of the prisoners (the prison imposes a maximum of weekly expenses of 30 euros).

If you want and can contribute economically, to allow the support group to provide for the expenses required for the care of prisoners and their families (e.g. expenses inside, clothing packages, trips for visitations, etc.), you can make a deposit to the following account number: 2038 9252 63 3000365109 (Bankia). This bank account was opened for these purposes, and its management is completely trustworthy (the bank statements will be published; it was opened in Bankia since this met the needs of being a bank with plenty of branches, where there are no commissions for both national and international deposits).

There are various events being held to gather funds in different cities, as well as many support actions taking place.

Additionally, there is a call for a solidarity demo on Friday, June 21st in the evening, and we request as much circulation of this information as possible. Our intention is that actions will take place simultaneously in several cities, both inside of the Spanish State and outside of it.


Greek prisons: Anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas admitted to hospital on June 17th

Solidarity banner in Agrinio: “Immediate release of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, who is on hunger strike since 4.6.2013”

On the morning of June 17th, Kostas Sakkas was evacuated from the Koridallos prison’s hospital to the general hospital of Nikaia, in Piraeus. The comrade is in critical condition.

Message from a fellow prisoner in struggle, on Corfu Island, in solidarity with Kostas Sakkas:

I stand in solidarity with the struggle of hunger striker Kostas Sakkas, and as a minimal display of my solidarity, I stop receiving prison meals as of today, June 17th. As is known, Kostas Sakkas is on strike since the 4th of June, and puts himself in the ultimate test of not taking food, fighting against the attempt of Power—targeted against any anarchist militant—to destroy its enemies… The extension of his 30-month pretrial detention shows the audacity of authorities to violate their own laws in order to serve terrorism and abolition of every individual right.

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells!
Solidarity with the hunger striker Kostas Sakkas!

Elias Karadouman
Corfu prison

Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

This is a revolt

Urban transformation projects have long been threatening living spaces of Istanbul residents. First slum demolitions, and then 63 million square meters of forests to be pillaged for the third bridge, shopping malls built one after another, luxury hotels, and while the pedestrianization project continued, next was Gezi Park. Istanbul residents continued to resist all of these projects that threatened life. Until excavators came to Gezi Park and uprooted the trees; until ‘a handful of marginals’ that claimed the trees and their shadows and said ‘Do not uproot trees, do not build a shopping mall into Gezi Park.’ This demonstration was introduced as an ‘ecological and peaceful’ action; until the police unleashed an early morning operation and smothered the park area with gas. The State must have ‘a lot’ to profit since they’re trying to bring this peaceful protest down as hard as they can. Police violence was climbing up in the last few months, and protesters were unexpectedly exposed to it. Deputies of opposition parties and artists came to Gezi Park to protest this and to support resisters, but they also had their share of state terror.

In the first day of demolition, the State could not get what they wanted because of this situation. Protesters stayed in Gezi Park for the night. It’s unknown if they were expecting an attack the next morning, but all protesters were thrown out of the park during the police raid at dawn. The police burned protesters’ tents, blankets and belongings. The videos of protesters exposed to continuous tear gas bombs and violently taken in custody invoked rage in everyone who watched.

Of course, this rage was not a rage for a single demonstration. This rage had been accumulated; accumulated because of the increasing police violence.

It was the attacks with gas bombs, batons and firearms that created this rage. It was the forbidden May 1st, the assault on Dilan Alp, and the deaths of Şerzan Krut, Metin Lokumcu, Aydin Erdem… What created this rage were more than a couple of days. It was the ever-increasing oppression, restrictions, censorship, economic exploitation… What created this rage was the State exercising its power on the people recklessly, relentlessly and without questioning legitimacy.

Those who ascribe ‘People’s Uprising’ as a form of post-modern action should take clear-eyed look at this fact. People came to the streets spontaneously because they felt the social, political and economic oppression heavily. The events are neither about tackling few days’ issues as the blind-deaf mainstream media say, nor are influenced by ‘marginal’ groups as the heads of state power claim.

It is time to raise the curtain thrown over the eyes. This is a revolt. It is the response of people against state terrorism, police violence and capitalist exploitation. This is the end of legitimacy of the new state power that had gained the love of other States, international institutions and global corporations. Continue reading Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

L’Hospitalet, Catalonia: Five banks attacked in solidarity with the 5 prisoners of Sabadell (Barcelona)

We have been active as a group for around a year, during which time we have seen a slight increase in the kind of actions with which we identify. We also have taken similar actions and have decided to make them public through this indymedia, to encourage their replication.

Besides us, there was recently an attempt to frame their actions as part of a “campaign” or similar collection of actions. Afterward, the response was silence from most of the anarchist and nihilist lines in Catalonia (or, at least, nothing was spread on the Internet).

We keep our strategy and political line firm: We see the actions by the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) and other anonymous actions as small winks. We take the opportunity to send a solidarious hug to all those individuals who decided to pass from theory to practice, in relation to direct, material action.

In other communiqués, we have made calls to integrate the strategy of sabotage and/or urban guerrilla warfare in the lives and words that identify with anti-state, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian and anti-domination thinking, which is what some of us see as anarchism and others as anarcho-nihilism.

Today, we call for coherence in regards to the 5 prisoners related to the Sabadell hangout.

Currently, we do not have any direct information from them; only words from persons close to them and their relatives. But it seems that already many people rushed to position themselves on the arrestees. The lack of solidarity or reaction from Barcelona is worrying.

All the gazes turn to anywhere else, whilst these prisoners are in FIES isolation regime. Reading the mass media and the judicial order, the analysis went from whether they’re drug dealers or not, to whether they had snitched or not. It seems like, upon entering the Spanish penal and/or penitentiary system, the story of the imprisoned or prosecuted is put into question on political, moral, sentimental and aesthetic grounds.

In the meanwhile, the State is imprisoning 5 individuals who, apparently, defined themselves as anarchists. This is not about blindly supporting (from anarchism) anyone. But the fact is that they were arrested because of something that affects us all. It seems that, sometimes, coherence vanishes from the anarchist church, mostly when the reality breaks the lines in which we are framed; in this case, our response to the State’s attack on anarchism.

The State will not only keep track of how we make our living — this is almost irrelevant — but will try to go after us by hitting where we least expect it trying to generate paranoia, and wherever comrades are more visible hoping to paralyze us.

Lately, it is more and more common for the mass media to point fingers at anarchists, linking them to terrorist groups and people who aim at generating “riots” in the “peaceful” protest movements — such as the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), the 15M ‘Indignados’, etc. Power is testing the waters, preparing the context to strike, and it is doing it publicly, showing “good” and “bad” demonstrators. This is not a new strategy, but we have to be alert and reply in coherence with our statements. Ignoring the situation is not an answer, nor is silence.

Our own reply for the arrestees is the beginning, our struggle is an act of solidarity; the continuation of our attacks is an act of solidarity.

Solidarity with the 5 prisoners!

Facing the State attack to a hangout and to the anarchist movement, we have destroyed 5 banks in the peripheral zone of L’Hospitalet.

Health, anarchy and revolutionary nihilism!
Lobos Negros | Black Wolves

Madrid, Spain: Communiqué by Black Flag Group after the repression in Sabadell (Catalonia)

piraneToday, in the night of May 15th, our group received news from Catalan comrades that the National High Court has delivered several detention warrants, 5 in total. However, while this communiqué is being written, only one is confirmed. The mass media, for its part, has been spreading half truths, non-corroborated information, and different forms of criminalization. Nothing new so far.

Since the name of our group (and the link to our blog) has been extensively spread by mass media and in social networks (where even our seal and graphic allusions to our group have been used), we want to clarify that the Black Flag Group from Madrid, affiliated to the FIJL (Iberian Federation of Libertarian Youth), due to several geographical reasons, has nothing to do with the news of the kidnappings in the morning of Wednesday, May 15th, 2013, that allegedly took place in Sabadell. This is pretty obvious for anyone who decides to minimally check the information, since the area of territorial action of our group is limited to Madrid.

This said, we want to show our solidarity to the arrested person (we insist that we only know of one arrest so far), as well as with the people who manage the Libertarian Ateneo in Sabadell that was raided by the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian cops) on the morning of May 15th, directly ordered by the National High Court. Continue reading Madrid, Spain: Communiqué by Black Flag Group after the repression in Sabadell (Catalonia)

Athens: Roma community threatened with violent eviction by Greek authorities

On Monday, May 13th, Roma residents of the Halandri municipality protested the eviction threat against their settlement that is located on Iridos and Sarantaporou streets, a few metres away from the relatively new metro station ‘Nomismatokopeio’ on Mesogeion Avenue.

Dozens of Roma families have been living in this settlement for over 40 years, since 1971. Over the last months, ‘indignant citizens’ (fascists disguised as random residents in the area) have been harassing Roma people, portraying them as ‘carriers of diseases’ and attacking them in their usual cowardly ways. In addition, on numerous occasions fascists demanded that Roma children should not go to the same schools in Halandri as the ones attended by Greek children. These overtly racist ‘complaints’ against the Roma community further increased ever since the rise of the Golden Dawn and its 2012 entry into the Greek parliament.

State authorities have scheduled the demolition of the particular Roma settlement for Tuesday, May 14th, under the orders of Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, Secretary General of Attica Region. Solidarity presence is needed tomorrow, near the Nomismatokopeio metro station on Mesogeion Avenue, to resist the eviction.

Germany: Solidarity with Sibylle S., Sonja Suder and Christian Gauger

Since September 2012 the trial against Sonja Suder and Christian Gauger is underway at the Frankfurt federal court. In this context, two women are currently imprisoned. Sonja is in custody since September 2011. Sibylle S. was called as a witness in the trial case but firmly denied to give any statements. For this reason, on April 9th, 2013 she was held for contempt of court under coercive detention (Beugehaft) that may last up to six months.

On April 30th in Berlin, during the Walpurgis Night anti-capitalist demo against racism and social exclusion in the district of Wedding, a large solidarity banner was unfolded from the rooftop of a house on the corner of Wiesenstrasse with Pankstrasse as the demonstration passed. While fireworks rose into the sky, the demonstrators could read: ‘Freedom for Sonja, Christian and Sibylle! Fight the coercive detention! Solidarity with the prisoners!’ with a big RZ star in the middle (symbol of the Revolutionary Cells).

Before the banner-action, a text was read out regarding the trial against Sonja and Christian in Frankfurt. Also, fliers were spread concerning the situation of Sibylle, who had refused to testify in the court hearings and was recently put in custody.

The new song by Yok could be heard from a sound system, ‘1,000 reasons for the revolt,’ which addresses the case of Sonja and Christian and ends with the verse: ‘A good life for Sonja and Christian outside the walls!’

Exactly! Freedom and happiness for all!

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