Tirúa, $hile: Incendiary attack against tourist resort

We, organs of Lafkenche Territorial Resistance of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, declare before the national and international public opinion the following:

Kiñe: On October 6th, at dawn, we attacked and destroyed the tourist resort of the businessman Pedro Durán Faundez, husband of the governor of Arauco Flor Waisse, located by the shores of Butako Lake.

Epu: We denounce the political and economic engagement between businessmen and government’s political operatives in our Wallmapu.

Küla: We demand the immediate release of our Mapuche political prisoners and the immediate end to national and transnational capitalist investments in our area (forestry, mining, energy, etc.).

We reaffirm our commitment to our Mapuche people, consistent with the resistance to our enemies.

We call the communities to continue recovering the territories and keep on resisting.

With our heroes Leftraru, Pelantaru, Lemún, Catrileo, Collío and others we advance towards Mapuche national liberation.

Organs of Territorial Resistance – Arauco Mapuche Coordinator