Galicia, Spain: Solidarity from Pontevedra in answer to the 10 propaganda days against repression

Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.
Spread the Revolt.
Institutional Racism. Solidarity with Migrants in Greece.
Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.
Strength to the Mapuche Struggle in Chile.

“Those who want to understand will understand. Now is the time to break the invisible cells that chain each and everyone to his or her pathetic little life. And this does not require solely or necessarily one to attack police stations and torch shopping centres and banks. The time that one deserts his or her couch and the passive contemplation of his or her own life and takes to the streets to talk and to listen, leaving behind anything private, introduces into the field of social relations the destabilising force of a nuclear bomb.”
Fragment of the communiqué from the occupied Athens School of Economics and Business. –December 2008 Insurrection.

Answering to the international call that Contra Info released against repression and for propaganda by the deed, some slogans appeared in the night of August, 8th in Pontevedra, a city located in Galicia, Northwestern Spain. Some walls of the city came to speak with some slogans such as: “SPREAD THE REVOLT! (A)”, “SOLIDARITY WITH ANARCHIST PRISONERS (A)”, “STRENGTH TO THE MAPUCHE STRUGGLE” or “FIRE TO THE BANKS” (the latest one was done on the wall of a branch of the Caixanova bank located in the Paseo de Colón street. Since walls had started to bleed truths, they were not going to stop. The security cameras of the office building designated to the Ministry of Labor and Immigration could not help that the wall ended up painted with the messages: “INSTITUTIONAL RACISM”, “SOLIDARITY WITH MIGRANTS IN GREECE” and “SOCIAL WAR” besides the anarchist symbols, in order to make clear the direct political responsibility of this institution in the oppression of migrant people.

In the case of the slogans against the Ministry of Labor and Immigration, the wish is that they work not only as an answer to the call of Contra Info, but also as a small but warm solidarity gesture with oppressed migrant people. It goes for all those people who suffered the repressive scourge in England and France, before the Olympics, so that cities could look “neat and tidy” and matched the bourgeois interest in this sport event, used as a excuse for racism, gentrification and police brutality. While their shitty newspapers work for making all up as integration and international cooperation migrants are expelled from their houses and tortured in the street and in the detention centers of undocumented foreigners.

It is also dedicated to the 6400 migrant victims of the racist and fascist progrom of the Greek Government. Dedicated to the manteros (migrant men who sell products in the street) who attacked police in Alicante (Spain) and to the 13 innocent migrants who were arrested days later arbitrarily, revengefully and abusively by cops after 2 raids in the city. This is also a retaliation for the death of Noureddin Mohamed, Sudanese refugee, who died in the border town of Calais, in France. His memory is the living and bleeding memory of all those innocent people who, day after day, perish while trying to cross the borders of the European fortress of Capital. Rest in peace [Que la tierra te sea leve], brother…

Dedicated as well to all those folks who are in the fucking slammer or facing repressive processes because of struggling, anywhere around this disgusting world. We won’t name anyone so we won’t fail to mention someone, but we dedicate it to all those fighters behind bars whose consistency and words fill us with pride and give us strength to carry on.

Dedicated to all those who daily and constantly, or from time to time, stand up to that fearsome ghost of repression and challenge the laws of power despite the consequences involved. To all those who are noticing that they are losing the fear and taking advantage of that strength.

Lastly, it is also dedicated to all those people participating in the Contra Info network, because of their commitment in translating and disseminating antagonist information and their work at strengthening dissident informative structures. Cheers, comrades!

From the states of Spain to Italy, France, UK, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Syria, Egypt or USA, beyond oceans, distances, boarders or origins, solidarity among anarchists is more than just a written word. Let’s not stop these slogans here; let’s not leave this action alone. Let’s kill fear and do together a beautiful uncontrollable act from reciprocity and mutual support among comrades who see themselves in common principles and struggles.


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