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Greece: Lets destroy them first! Statement after evictions in Thessaloniki

received August 14th 2016

This is an individual statement after the trial that followed an action against the Orthodox Church in Thessaloniki. Although this statement doesn’t represent anybody except myself and may include an uncompleted picture, I decided that it should be spread. Never trust the media!

Unsurprisingly, the three evictions in Thessaloniki on 27th of July resulted in furious actions. The squats were evicted by a coordinated police operation to do the Church a favor and satisfy their thirst for revenge. The Church is in this case not only an agitator but also responsible for the eviction and demolition of Orfanotrofio squat (a selforganized space and housing squat for immigrants since December 2015).

On 31st July, 25 people in solidarity have been arrested at the Metropolitan Church in the center of Thessaloniki. Thanks to the authorities of the Orthodox Church, everybody had to stand trial on 1st of August, for an action that interrupted the Sunday Mass. Most of the arrested people refused to provide fingerprints, considering the consequence that they will get an additional accusation. During the trial a big crowd expressed their solidarity and full-throated support. After some hours in the court the show was over and only those who didn’t participated in the procedure of fingerprints/photographs got sentenced. Everyone got released, but this trial is just a tiny chapter of the script that the court performs every day. And we know as well that the court fulfills the cruel interests of the state and the bosses.

Apart from that, we do not intend to make the authority by the Church look harmless. The Church has the same pillars as any other institution: obedience, modern serfdom and punishment, among others. Everybody who despise their authoritarian, patriarchal and colonial ideology becomes an enemy. Of course, we are their enemy as well. That the passion for freedom is not compromisable with conservative values and the duty to obey authority should be clear.

When it comes to religion it isn’t very clear for everybody, sometimes not even between those who fight together. To demand free exercise of religion or to dream of an utopia without religious conflicts is not a neutral position. It is a position which is taking for granted that religion is just an idea. Religion is not an idea everybody can create, transform and use, it is an instrument of power. The meanings are given by those who have the power to define values, laws and unwritten laws. It is likely that believers become an agent for their religion, but power is in any case a precondition to reframe the ruling definitions. For centuries the Church is seeking domination without knowing any limits and gained power by expanding their beliefs. Therefore an anarchist perspective must be against religion and not (only) against religion used as a vehicle for propaganda or conflicts motivated by religion.

Anarchy is something that we cannot break down to an ideology or a single idea. That’s why anarchism has many different tendencies, but there are of course practices that we can count as fully contradictory. Support for political parties and elections is for example undermining anarchist basics. We should definitely discuss more about an anarchist approach regarding religion. The indoctrinated habit to question any kind of attack against religion, is something that needs to be reconsidered and understood as belittlement. From my point of view „freedom of religion“ as a law and a concept is just victim blaming.

If we enter the courthouse it becomes obvious that the state and the Church build the same repressive organism. A painting of Jesus Christ (Fuck the Artist!) above the judge and the holy bubblegum in front of the judge symbolize the power of the Church and the strong interconnection with the state institutions. Wherever people pay in to religious beliefs, authorities will try to use them for their adventure of a giant-empire.

It was not the first time that the Church attacked selforganized structures of unconditional solidarity and resistance. Knowing that it was neither the last eviction, as a minimum response we have to confront Syriza with our rage and fight for the continuity of rebellious communities. If the caricatures in the parliament, in the church and in the media want to feed us with lies about humanitarian war-zones/borders/military camps: Lets destroy them first!

Finally, I must say that I refused to give my fingerprints because there are absolutely no reasons why I should help the armed dogs doing their filthy job. I made my decision. It is a decision against the law that represents the state and the capital. Laws that protect fascist murderers and police officers who kill unarmed people. This time we were all successful in the crucial moments, when they wanted to take our fingerprints. While this time they took only fingerprints from few people who agreed in the procedure, there have been many times before, where the police took them by force, being extremely violent.

If they try to break the solidarity between us – Lets destroy them first!
Nothing is over, everything continues!
Fuck charity! Squat the world!

Recently two anarchist comrades, Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas, were arrested in the area of Sparta and beaten by police because they refused to provide fingerprints and photographs.

Strength to Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas!

Latest update concerning M. Seisidis and K. Sakkas here.

Athens: Kleous 96 squat in Exarchia raided by cops; 3 arrested; house re-squatted

“Hands Off Kleous 96 Squat – Immediate Release of the 3 Arrestees”; banner on Alexandras Avenue during gathering outside GADA (Athens police headquarters) in solidarity with the 3 arrested squatters

A privately-owned building located on 96, Themistokleous Street in the neighbourhood of Exarchia was squatted just a few days ago.

On June 14th 2016, the new Kleous 96 squat was raided by cops. Three squatters were arrested and taken to Athens police headquarters.

Later the same day, the building was re-squatted.

Statement by KLEOUS 96 Squat

96 Themistokleous St., Exarchia | Email: Kleous96@riseup.net

We are a group of people from around the globe with a variety of different backgrounds. Some of us with papers and some without. But we are joined through our beliefs and a common desire to build a collective based on principals of self-organised assemblies and self-governance, with the long-term goal of expanding this way of life and being part of a global movement that will overthrow this destructive and barbaric system. A system that creates racist borders in order to defend resources and wealth gained through profiteering and warmongering.

We have chosen to occupy an empty building in the neighbourhood of Exarchia in Athens, which has been vacant for some years and is in need of repairs. Together we plan to bring this old building to life and not only live in it but also open it up to the community and make it into a safe space where nation states, borders and documents are not recognised and self-empowerment and self-development can be achieved through education and creativity.

We believe that private property in general and in particular ownership of land and buildings is an absurd concept, specially at a time when extreme poverty, austerity measures, wars and closed borders are affecting so many lives the world over and human beings are made to live in unacceptable conditions. We simply choose to disregard rules and regulations that do not benefit the majority of the population of the planet.

Furthermore we believe that a space is needed for political dialogue, planning of political action and co-operation between all the different assemblies. Activists from all over the world come to Exarchia and are inspired by the self-organised structure that is in place and the strong ties of solidarity, especially when it comes to defending the neighbourhood against police aggression. We want to be part of this community, to learn and acquire skills in order to go back to our respective countries of origin and spread this way of life and community organising. And we also want to join and help to strengthen this community and to be instrumental in pushing and expanding the boundaries of Exarchia.

Although we have all come together through our mutual efforts towards the current refugee crisis, we strongly believe that the real crisis is the system itself. Therefore we will not co-operate or be affiliated with any political parties, government agencies, IGOs or NGOs. We are here in Greece because we believe that the greatest need and also the moment for mobilisation of all oppressed people is here and now.

In general we want to work towards achieving the below goals:

No Racist Borders
No Nations
Women’s Liberation
Abolition of private property i.e. ownership of means of production, capital, land and redistribution of all available resources.
Equity rather than Equality

Whilst in the space we expect everyone to respect the following rules whether they are part of the assembly or just supporters:

No drugs
No alcohol
No language or acts of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism
Physical violence or abusive language will not be tolerated.
No media and no photographs

in Greek

Egaleo, Athens: Benefit gig for arrestees of the 17/09 demo that ended in clashes in Exarchia

Spread the word!

Monday, September 21st 2015, inside the occupied Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens in Egaleoten minute walk from Aghia Marina metro station

Graffiti Festival + Open Mics (bring your spray paints) at 16:00
Rap Live by ‘to miasma’, ‘ex nihilo’, ‘ola denoun’ at 20:30

Assembly of anarchists/antiauthoritarians at the occupied TEI of Athens

Note of Contra Info:

The TEI of Athens has been occupied by comrades since September 13th, putting forward demands such as the immediate granting of educational furloughs to the anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos, the immediate release of the hunger striker Evi Statiri, and the lifting of the restrictive measures imposed on Athena Tsakalou, as well as the necessity of crushing fascism in all its manifestations, of factually supporting refugees/migrants, of sabotaging and attacking every institutional and electoral process.

In the context of the occupation’s activities and info-meetings, this is an event of urgently-needed financial support for legal expenses of arrestees of the antifascist-antistatist-anticapitalist demonstration that took place in central Athens on Thursday 17/09. The particular protest was organised by the ‘Assembly of anarchists against the State, Capital and fascists’ on occasion of the second anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

That night, some 150 anarchists gathered at Canningos Square and took to the streets of Exarchia neighbourhood where clashes erupted, after the local police station on Kallidromiou Street was attacked with Molotov cocktails. Footage: 1, 2 (+ photos and reportback in Spanish).

A total of 9 people were arrested, most of whom were heavily beaten up by cops. Five arrestees (2 adults and 3 minors) are still being held at the Athens police headquarters facing felony charges. The 5 captives are expected to appear before investigating judges at the Evelpidon courts (building 9) on Monday 21/09, at 12:00, and Tuesday 22/09, at 10:00.

No comrade left alone in the hands of the enemy! Solidarity is our weapon!

Toulouse, France: Summary of the arrests, convictions and sentences from recent ZAD demos

“In Toulouse like elsewhere the state imprisons” – Toulouse, May 2012

About the arrestees, convictions and those locked-up from the November and February ZAD demonstrations in Toulouse. A call for solidarity.

Whilst there is currently a campaign of international solidarity and also against the conviction of a single demonstrator from November, it seems important to us to sum up the verdicts and bring forward our modest point of view about the situation. And call widely for solidarity from all.

To recall, the November demonstrations started with the death of a young man [Rémi Fraisse, October 25th 2014]. On the ZAD of Testet there were people saying that one day or another the wild, legal and determined action from the state forces will finish badly. For many the emotion was strong, as we could have been in his place. The identification with him was not the same, when some days earlier, in the centre of Toulouse, a BAC cop [anti-crime brigade] killed a youth during a robbery.

Demonstrations started from Sunday October 25th, but it was only from November 1st that the repression became systematic in Toulouse.

Of what we know, we counted :

1st of November, 16 people arrested;
8th of November, 21 people arrested;
22th of November, 17 arrests, 18 if you count the person arrested the following Tuesday during support gatherings at the court.
21st of February, 13 people charged.

There were a total of at least:

6 people imprisoned of which 4 are still behind bars in Seysses [Toulouse]
47 months of imprisonment
34 months of suspended sentences
860 hours of community service
€5000 of fines
€10,450 of costs for the cops
€2,400 for the cop’s lawyers (February only)
€45,500 of costs for property damage

68 persons in total were arrested during these demos. Some of them were released without charges or conditionally discharged. Without counting the repression against the ZAD and against the demonstrations in Tarn [region of the Sivens ZAD] (where there were 41 arrestees).

(the figures given here are subject to change given the various hearings to come and convictions that will be missed by our monitoring)

We don’t want to fall tempted to the idea that these are new and uncommon acts. We have seen the militarisation of the police, their systematic utilisation in the lower class neighbourhoods, the use of clashes and aggression, that fatally causes mutilation, injury and death. This is not an excess or an accident. This is the consequential logic of social order. We believe we have to organize solidarity and arm our defence, facing the practical problems in our struggles posed to us by the justice system, the police, and its weapons. We have to make the link between the everyday repression of illegal crimes and the repression against our struggles. We have to finish with the idea that the police are doing a good job when not represses us. The police, the justice, the prison are instruments which make social destruction possible.

We have sent (and will continue to send) money to people incarcerated; generally we financially help people accused in these kind of cases. It is a heavy load for us so we call for widespread solidarity. You can help up by sending donations written out to “C.A.J” (nothing else) or CAJ c/o Canal sud 40 rue Alfred Duméril, 31200 Toulouse (France).

Legal Aid Self-Defence Fund Toulouse
Email: caj31[at]riseup.net

in Italian

Brussels: “Anti-terrorist” raids of comrades’ homes and Le Passage

This Wednesday June 10th 2015, just before 6am, different anti-terrorism teams raided four comrades’ houses as well as Le Passage, the local space of struggle against the maxi-prison. These raids were conducted as part of an operation named “Cavale” [On the run].

Six comrades were shipped off to the federal police offices, then released around 1pm after being interviewed… Hearings during which no one had anything to say.

Beyond computer equipment and phones, the cops’ attention was specially focused on everything propaganda wise (magazines, newspapers, posters…), combed through and often taken.

For what we know at the moment, these arrests follow an investigation opened in 2013 for “incitement to commit terrorist acts” and “participation in a terrorist organisation”. This investigation is being led by the investigating judge De Coster.

The regular opening of Le Passage will be ensured on Wednesday from 5pm, and an info point is planned for 7pm.

Always struggling against prison and the world that goes with it.

La Lime – solidarity fund to saw through the bars of repression

 German | Greek | Spanish

Athens: Protest march in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons followed by clashes in Exarchia

No tolerance to type C prisons and any form of incarceration
Fire to states and prisons – That’s right, that’s right; fire to the parliament to make you come to your senses (A)
War on democracy

delayed report:

During the evening of April 7th 2015, more than a thousand people took to the streets in central Athens in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons.
Outer walls of the Greek parliament were tagged with anti-prison slogans.

The demo ended in front of the occupied building of the rectorate of Athens University in Propylaea, Panepistimiou Street.

Shorty afterwards, clashes erupted in Exarchia, in the vicinity of Athens Polytechnic School and Stournari Street, with Molotov attacks and burning of cars and trash bins. Several people were detained by cops during the night.

more photos


The University of Athens rectorate (Prytaneia EKPA) was occupied by comrades in active solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons since March 30th 2015. The occupation was violently evicted by police on April 17th, when 14 comrades who were still inside the building were arrested and charged with misdemeanors. All are now released, awaiting trial on April 20th.

Solidarity with the antifascist-antiauthoritarian hangout Distomo in Athens

In November 2014, the Distomo steki (an antifascist and antiauthoritarian ‘hangout’) opened its doors in the Athens zone of Aghios Panteleimonas —an area which in recent years has become one of the strongholds of fascists and racists in general, and of the Golden Dawn Nazis in particular, where the scum have often unleashed racist pogroms against the migrant population of the neighbourhood.

On Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, several antifascists paid a visit to the offices of Golden Dawn near Larissis metro station in Athens. Later, in another part of the city and as comrades from the Distomo hangout were exiting the Panepistimio metro station at Propylaea (downtown Athens), they were harassed and detained by cops, accused of attacking the Nazi party’s offices earlier that same evening.

On January 9th and 10th the arrestees (35 adults and one minor) stood before investigators and prosecutors in the Athens courts. They have all been released under restrictive conditions pending trial.
On Friday, January 16th, as a gesture of solidarity with the antifascist-antiauthoritarian hangout Distomo in Athens, the anarchist group Baruti (‘Gunpowder’) hung a banner in the centre of the city of Veria (northern Greece): “Against the state and every fascism. Solidarity with the Distomo hangout. Not a step back.”

Pandora’s box and the hotchpotch of Spanish anti-terrorism

(Anarchists at the Spanish consulate in San Francisco, USA)

The morning of Tuesday the 16th of December has surprised us with a wave of house raids and arrests. Surprised us? We are not going to lie. Let’s start again. The morning of the 16th of December has NOT surprised us. The autonomous Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, and the Guardia Civil and judiciary powers of the Audiencia Nacional stormed more than ten houses and a few anarchist spaces in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid, with house raids, arrests, confiscation of propaganda material and information, to also use the occasion to enter and plunder, with the entire riot police team of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Kasa de la Muntanya, a squatted place that has existed for 25 years.

According to the media, which as usual are proving their role as police spokespersons, the goal of these arrests is to break up “a criminal organisation with terrorist goals and a violent anarchist character”. Although it seems easy to repeat an often used phrase, we will do it anyway: the only criminal organisation that terrorises people with its violent character is the State and its tentacles: the media, the juridical apparatus, its repressive bodies and its politicians, whatever spectre they belong to.

Why did the repressive action not surprise us? Because we were expecting it.

It is not about pretending to be oracles or something, but about being able of reading between the lines, and sometimes literally, the things that happen. As it happened with the arrests of other comrades last year, since a long time they have been busy orchestrating waves like last Tuesday’s against libertarian and anti-authoritarian milieus, and even though the different razzias weren’t that big they do show a prospect of similar situations.

Operation “Italian style”

Since a few decades the anarchist milieu in neighbouring Italy experiences every now and again, and in the past years with more regularity, macro-operations that are similar to the one on Tuesday. Not only because of the format of the spontaneous razzias and house raids in several houses, also because of the use of names that are easy to remember and carry a certain dark humour, as in this operation, called Pandora because this case, as the media repeats after its juridical sources, “was a box that despite the numerous frights it has given us could not be opened”. By “numerous frights” they refer to several actions that took place throughout the entire terrain of the Spanish State in the past years. To come back to the Italian operations, one only has to remember a few names that came up in the past years, such as Operation Thor, referring to the accusation of a series of attacks with hammers on cash machines and other offices; Operation Ixodidae, referring to the technical name of the family of ticks, as the fascists called the communists and anarchists; and others, such as Ardire, Cervantes, Nottetempo, etcetera.

Apart from the procedure and list of names another factor that reminds us of the neighbouring country is the role of the media, which also helped us to see what was coming. Since three years, or perhaps a little longer, the Spanish media have started a campaign to prepare the ground in such a way that operations like these are not only possible but also predictable. Pointing out milieus, and sometimes even spaces or people with their full names, collectives, etcetera, constructing a fairly bizarre caricature of an internal enemy, is indeed nothing new, although in the last years the focus was on a very specific character: the “violent anarchist”, the “insurrectionalist”, the “against-the-system [antisistema] who infiltrates social movements”, etcetera.

The Chilean fiasco

The year 2010 was a glorious year for the Chilean State. Besides Sebastían Piñera, businessman and fourth richest person in the country, being chosen president, it orchestrated a policial, mediatic and juridical operation against the anti-authoritarian milieu resulting in more than a dozen house raids and arrests, known as Operation Salamandra and popularly known as “Caso Bombas”, as it was based on the investigation of a series of attacks with explosives that took place in the preceding years, and through the police imagery the creation of an hierarchical macro-structure of a supposed network that was responsible for all these explosions: a circus that did not only weaken the reputation of the State, besides the fact of rendering it ridiculous, but that also proved the clumsiness of the investigation procedure, like the falsifying of proof, blackmail or pressurizing in order to obtain informants or “repentants”, chance, etcetera. The process ended with the acquittal of all the accused and a desire for revenge of the Chilean State toward the milieu and those under investigation.

A year after the end of the “Caso Bombas” farce the Spanish and Chilean ministries, judges and cops are working together on a new case, this time on this side of the ocean. Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, both ex-suspects in the “Caso Bombas” case, are arrested in Barcelona, where they are living at that moment, suspected of placing an explosive at the Basílica del Pilar in Zaragoza, planning a similar action and belonging to an alleged terrorist organisation. At this moment these comrades are in preventive detention awaiting a trial of which we do not know when it will take place, and we also do not know whether their proceeding will change due to this new repressive wave.

The situation is more or less known to everyone and if we can be sure of one thing it is that the recent arrests serve to give shape to a case that on its own would not stand.


A few hours before the arrests on Tuesday the Spanish government made known, through its media, that “the ministries of Interior Affairs of Spain and Chile are opening a new phase of enforced collaboration in the struggle against anarchist terrorism”. Last Monday, the 15th of December, the Spanish minister of Interior Affairs Jorge Fernández Díaz was in Chile to meet the vice-president and Chilean minister of Interior Affairs Rodrigo Peñailillo in the La Moneda palace, the government seat in Santiago de Chile. “In the struggle against terrorism, Chile will find a solid ally in Spain”, bragged the Spaniard, whilst being decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of Chile, “the greatest distinction of the country in civil merit” according to the media, a trophy that the Chilean State in this case handed out for the police work and as a reward for the arrests of comrades Mónica and Francisco last year.

Besides praise and rewards, businessman Fernández sold a bit of his own: policial and juridical training, different kinds of repressive material, etcetera.

And what will come…

What is the next repressive step? We don’t know. At this moment not much is known about how our comrades are doing, of what exactly they are being accused, what repressive means they are subjected to, whether they are in preventive detention or not, etcetera.

What is certain is that this operation is not a fact standing on its own, but another shackle in a chain. A repressive chain that at times is cruel, and at times subtle, in which since the new laws (one only has to think of the recent Mordaza law) several things are incorporated; the hunt on people without papers through every time bigger racist razzias, the police brutality, until the aspiration to manage the misery and administrate the repression, which, all things considered, is what the State does, with a pseudo-left (with Podemos at the lead) that more and more becomes a clearer parody of itself. Evictions, beatings, fascism, juridical and punitive hardening of every kind, nationalist and social-democratic illusions, is what today will bring us. Something worse does not have to be expected, the worst has never left.

The array of opportunities of the Spanish anti-terrorism is a hotchpotch in which everything can be put. It is there, in sight, to remind us that for the State, struggle equals terrorism. It functions as a scarecrow. Do we let ourselves be frightened?

The State and its servants say to have opened Pandora’s box. In Greek mythology Pandora is the equivalent of the Biblical Eve. With the characteristic misogyny of both mythologies, Pandora opens her box as Eve eats her apple, liberating all the evil that it contains.

We are capable of creating our own story and ridding ourselves of their shit mythology. Our history is different. The “box” that this repressive operation has opened urges us to act, to be careful, to be alert in regards to what their next step will be. It makes us think, again and again, of the world we want, and the distance of that world to this one. It makes us see the urgency of acting, of going forward.

The locked up comrades are part of different projects, spaces, collectives, etcetera, and it is very important that these do not decline, that the ruin (in every sense) to which these kind of situations lead does not create powerlessness and a feeling of paralysis.

We always say that “the best solidarity is continuing the struggle”. Right, but what does that mean in practice? We also repeat in unison that “when you touch one of us you touch all of us”. This has become clear through the reactions and protests that took place in several places, just like the unconditional warmth of the comrades on the outside.

We can be certain of one thing, and that is that the locked up comrades can feel this warmth which goes through the iron bars and isolation, because it is the same warmth that they knew to give at other occasions.

Barcelona, 18th December 2014

Dutch, German, French, Italian translations

A brief report from the December 6th riot of Helsinki

The banner on the left reads “let’s stop the cuts, collectivize everything” and on the right “class war now”

On the Finnish independence day 6th of December there was a big riot (on local scale) in the capital Helsinki and the police estimates that a 100 000 euros worth on property was destroyed.

December 6th is the national independence day of Finland. It is a day when the nationalists and the elite celebrate “an united Finnish nation” and lost wars in the Presidential Palace in Helsinki on taxpayers money, while the elite and politicians have driven harsh austerity measures for everybody (except for themselves, obviously).

In the past years anarchists and autonomous leftists have organized pretty peaceful demonstrations against these rich people’s bacchanals in front of the Palace. This custom had been going on for over 10 years until the 6th of December last year when the Presidential Palace was under renovation and the rich celebrated in the old working class city of Tampere instead. Local anarchists organized a demonstration against nationalism, which turned out to be the biggest riot of Finland in decades. Though this was hardly a riot on international scale, it gave a huge boost to the anarchist movement and it was the headline of every paper for a week or so. The police was completely unprepared, and the 500 demonstrators fought with them successfully and then went on to the city center smashing windows of malls and banks and other symbols of power and capital.

After the humiliating failure by cops, the parliament issued more money for crowd control gear and the police had trained strategies for riot situations. They have also practised dominating tactics in the demonstrations earlier this year. For example they confiscated anarchists’ and the Left-Youths flags in the May Day demonstrations in Tampere and Helsinki as they were considered as “weapons”. Due to the police actions, nobody expected this year’s demonstration to be anywhere near as successful as last year.

This year’s demonstration was again organized by anarchists and the theme was “from the suburbs to the Palace” and the place of assembly was in Itäkeskus, a suburb in east-Helsinki, which population mainly consists of immigrants and poor people. The start of the demo was very calm, with some 300 people enjoying subversive rap artists and vegan food. The place was well chosen as it managed to attract local hood kids and immigrants and other people who rarely attend to demonstrations.

After the gigs had ended the demonstration started to march towards the local metro station. A lot of people did not expect that cops would let the crowd into the metro, as the station was surrounded with dozens of riot police. To my and others’ amazement they did let us through and the demonstrators packed into the train. The cops were expecting for the demo to get off in the Central Railway Station where they had centered most of the crowd control units. The demo however departed at different station which totally confused the cops. When the demo hit the streets, people started smashing the windows of pretty well chosen businesses, for example the air ventilation of Subway and McDonald’s restaurants was improved. People threw fire crackers and burned flares and were shouting chants like “class war”and “what do the people want? ANARCHY!”. After a while the cops managed to regroup and reached the demo to escort it to a location of their choise. They tried to move the demo to the designated area well away from the Presidential Palace and there were minor confrontations between the demonstrators and the police. The demo managed however to break out from the police escort and it took a good long time for the police to outnumber the demonstrators again.

The demo headed for the upper class parts of the city smashing windows and damaging expensive cars and spray painting slogans. People also tore down Finnish flags and burned a couple of them. After a long while the police managed to surround the demo, but after one unsuccessful attempt of breaking through which led to some arrests, the demonstration managed to escape the siege and went on to one of the richest areas of the city. A lot of property was damaged ranging from traffic signs to jewelry stores.

Finally the police managed to surround the demonstration again. This didn’t calm the rioting though and a lot of people and most of the rioters managed escape for the last time before dispersing through one buildings inner courtyard. Some 100 people couldn’t get away however and they had to stay put for three hours. Finally the police let some of the people go and arrested the rest after filming everybody stating their name and social security and so on.

At the end of the night some 30 people were arrested including reporters and hang-arounds, most of which hadn’t participated in the destruction of property. All the same they were charged with rioting, assaulting and not complying with police’s orders. The police estimated that over 100 000 euros worth of property were damaged or destroyed.

In conclusion the night was a great success on the anarchists’ part and the demo managed attract people who hadn’t been in any kind of demonstrations before. Of course this kind of demonstrations are just a small part of the everyday class struggle, but it gave the participants a great experience and hopefully this tradition continues next year.

More photos from the demonstration here.

Athens: Exarchia riots in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos

During the night between the 2nd and 3rd of December 2014, shortly after an evening demonstration of thousands of people in central Athens in support of the ongoing struggle of anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos and the solidarity hunger strike of his captive brothers Yannis Michailidis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Dimitris Politis, large-scale clashes erupted in the Exarchia area. Many protesters were reportedly injured and arrested by police (at least two arrestees were gravely wounded and needed to be hospitalized).

The footage shows incendiary instances of direct action and moments from the street battle between rioters and cops on Stournari Street, also in defense of the occupied Athens Polytechnic School in Exarchia.

On the same day, solidarity with the anarchist prisoners on hunger strike was manifested in the streets of several other cities in Greece.

Solidarity means attack.

Athens: Second announcement from the occupied Polytechnic School after Exarchia riots, 2/12/2014

On the 2nd of December 2014, a demonstration took place in solidarity with anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos, prisoner on hunger strike since the 10th of November, demanding the granting of educational furloughs. Today’s march saw participation of thousands of people, some of whom later headed for the occupied Polytechnic School.

For us, the occupied ground of the Athens Polytechnic School is not a value in itself. On the contrary, it is yet another piece on the mosaic of dignity and resistance against all those who want to turn society into a graveyard. It is a piece on the mosaic of resistance against the modern-day totalitarianism that spreads its power over our lives; from the anarchists who have gone on a hunger strike, the mobilizations against maximum security prisons, and the hunger strikers from Syria, to all those who are fighting for dignity and freedom across the world.

We call on everyone in struggle to take any necessary initiative towards the vindication of hunger striker Nikos Romanos: from faculty occupations, to production blockades; from breaches of the media omerta, to attacks against the guardians of order.

Let’s rise to the challenge of our time in the face of state repression, contrary to rationales that want us to remain passive spectators and voters. Uncompromising solidarity with Nikos Romanos, who is on hunger strike since 10/11, and hunger strikers in solidarity Yannis Michailidis (since 17/11), Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (since 1/12) and Dimitris Politis (since 1/12).



Assembly of the occupied Polytechnic School
Athens, 2/12/14

Messolonghi, Greece: Police station attacked twice after two plainclothes cops punched and kicked two comrades

October 29, 2014 – Repression without limits in Messolonghi.

The police state has no limits in the town of Messolonghi. In their attempt to hang a banner near the central square, two comrades were physically assaulted by two plainclothes cops. The comrades strongly resisted the brutal assault and were taken to the Messolonghi police station. Shortly afterwards there was a double attack on the police station, and cop cars were smashed. There will be more updates soon.

Solidarity with the arrested comrades.

The coming winter will fall heavily upon you, scumbags.

Paris: Never enough hate for the JCDecaux!

[photo-edit dedicated to all the saboteurs out there]

On the night of May 19th to 20th, 453 Vélib’ bikes had their tires punctured in several districts of Paris; same thing with 5 utility vehicles and 3 trucks of the municipality. This attack is just a drop of water in an average of 8,000 damages they suffer per year.

In the morning of May 18th, ten persons were arrested in the 7th arrondissement of Paris accused of causing damage to Vélib’s. This fills us with even more rage, as much as the exploitation exerted by the JCDecaux on prisoners as well as the slavery imposed on juveniles, which is now public knowledge.

JCDecaux is present everywhere in France. In Lyon with Vélo’v bike hire system, in Besançon with Vélocité, in Marseilles with Le vélo, in Toulouse with Vélôtoulouse, in Mulhouse with Vélocité, in Rouen with Cy’clic, in Amiens with Vélam, in Nantes with Bicloo, in Nancy with Vélostan’lib, in Cergy-Pontoise with Vélo2, in Créteil with Cristolib, and in every place with billboards and street furniture (bus shelters, etc.). So everyone can show their aversion to JCDecaux on every corner.

Down with the JCDecaux, the mayors and all the gaolers!

source: nantes indymedia

Athens: Antifascists arrested after scuffle in Nea Smyrni

The anarchist collective “Vogliamo Tutto e per tutti” reported that on Saturday, May 10th, 2014, at midday, a scuffle took place in the square of Nea Smyrni between antifascists and a local fascist, who was carrying and used two pepper sprays. Cops appeared on the scene during the clash and, at the suggestion of the whiny fascist, arrested three comrades who hang out in the square and are known for their antifascist activity. The three comrades, as well as the fascist involved in the incident, are expected to be brought before prosecutor on Sunday morning in Athens court on Evelpidon Street.

(As soon as there’s an update we’ll post here.)

Athens: Demo in solidarity with migrants arrested on April 8th at ASOEE faculty

In the evening of May 6th, 2014, people held a demonstration in downtown Athens demanding the immediate release of ten migrants who remain in custody since April 8th (two others from the arrestees have been released until the hearing). That day, 12 migrants were caught (alongside a student) in a coordinated raid of plainclothes cops, fascists, DELTA motorcycle police units and MAT anti-riot squadrons outside the ASOEE faculty (Athens University of Economics and Business).

The demo of around 400 protesters, both migrants and people in solidarity, started from ASOEE and moved on Patission, Mythimnis, Ierosolymon, Aristotelous and Heyden streets, walking through neighbourhoods where migrants live, before returning to ASOEE’s building. Multi-language texts, fliers and leaflets were shared out by various collectives from the areas of Kypseli, Aghios Nikolaos, Patissia and the city centre.

The trial of the arrestees is set for June 25th, 2014, after being postponed twice so far.

We continue…
Until the last migrant is freed from concentration camps and police stations.

People in solidarity from neighbourhoods located in the city centre of Athens

Athens: Police crackdown on migrant street vendors and people in solidarity at ASOEE faculty on April 8th, 2014

Antifa banner in Thissio (Athens, 12/4): “Solidarity with the migrant street vendors of ASOEE”

In the last month, the police have unleashed a show of force at the Athens University of Economics and Business, more commonly known as ASOEE (on Patission Street). Every day, all kinds of cops are deployed around the faculty aiming to intimidate us and make us stop selling items on the pavement in front of ASOEE. With the municipal elections approaching, the various candidates are trying to prove who among them will be the most effective in “restoring the order in the city centre” of Athens, who will be tougher against us, the immigrants, who will be harsher against the students and those who struggle everyday standing next to us.

On the 8th of April, the police once again encircled ASOEE’s building. At approximately 11am, a group of twenty with identical appearance and objects in their hands assaulted street vendors, and unsuccessfully attempted to block the entrance to the faculty. A few minutes later, cops stormed the area. At 3.30pm the scene was repeated. This time nearly 40 guys (plainclothes cops and some of the previous group) unleashed another attack, and 2-3 of them blocked the entrance gate to the building. Simultaneously, alongside anti-riots squadrons, DELTA motorcycle police teams drove down surrounding alleys and started to chase, beat and arrest people at random. One male student and twelve immigrants were thus brought to police station. The same afternoon the students association called for an assembly, in which a lot of other people in solidarity participated, and decided to march toward the Kypseli police department where the arrestees were being held. The demonstration was halted by the police; shortly afterwards, a protest gathering took place in Amerikis Square. The next day the arrestees were brought to court on charges of resisting authority, simple assault causing bodily harm, and illegal trade. At the same time, cops invaded houses of the arrested persons without the presence of public prosecutor, but they didn’t find anything of interest. The trial was postponed for the 23rd of April; the student was released, but the twelve immigrants are still being held by decision of the police.

Cops have activated a series of racist administrative laws (presidential decree 113/2013, law 3386/2005), and deemed the arrested immigrants as “dangerous to public order and security.” These are legal provisions under which the police, regardless of the formal decision made by a court, have the power to decide upon detention of any immigrant, even those who have papers. In practice this enables the police to confiscate documents of detained immigrants, to incarcerate them for eighteen months in a concentration camp, and to order their deportation. In other words, the police have the authority to capture immigrants, charge them with anything they want (besides, it’s what they do best…), and thus decide that their arrest makes them “a danger to public order or security of the country,” and allege that there are grounds for their detention and deportation. In case of appeal in the first instance against this decision, the competent authority to issue a decision is once again the police. The last legal option available to detained immigrants is to appeal to an administrative court, where the chances of vindication are virtually non-existent — the judges examine the files by a fast-track procedure (literally a 5-minute proceeding), simply ratifying any prior decision of the police. These provisions were recently used in the case of four immigrants that were arrested in police operation at ASOEE on the 22nd of October 2013, and in the case of one of the eleven arrestees in Victoria Square (downtown Athens) during flyposting against detention centres on the 28th of December 2013.

When we left different countries behind, we believed that we would at least continue to live in freedom. But we have lost our freedom ever since we arrived in Greece, even if migrating to Greece meant that we had to risk losing our lives at sea — like those who drowned off the coast of Farmakonisi Island or, more recently, off the coast of Lesvos island. So when we came here, we found ourselves in a type of prison, a prison without walls. They slander us using racist campaigns of misinformation. According to the media, we are nothing but thieves, murderers, and carriers of diseases. By implementing racist and outdated laws they don’t allow us to work. Cops, fascists and racists hunt us in the streets. And this doesn’t happen only around ASOEE; same is the situation in Monastiraki, Thissio, Omonoia, in all of our neighbourhoods. We live everyday under the threat of imprisonment, either in a police station or in a detention centre. And the detention term is ever growing: in the beginning the period of incarceration was three months, then six, nine, currently eighteen months, and from now on detention can be indefinite (if one refuses cooperation for “voluntary departure from the country”).

And now, by constantly unleashing police operations outside the faculty, they forbid us to sell things on the street, which has been the only way for us to survive. It has been the only way to earn some money, to pay our rent, the water and electricity bills, and to buy some food. What we really wish is to be able to live with dignity by the sweat of our face.

Without papers, we can’t work, we can’t even go outside of our homes, we can’t integrate into society, and we have no access to medical care — why don’t they just burn us alive, then?

We are not thieves, murderers, or rapists. We hear everywhere that the Third World countries are un-civilized. However, in those countries there’s no such hate-frenzy against foreigners, or so many detention centers, or so many border fences, or so many drown by the coast guard police. Greece doesn’t seem to understand that we, the immigrants, are not a problem. We want a world without discriminations, without injustice, without racism, without rich or poor. Every day, we face survival anxiety, police brutality, and the violence of bosses — we are not a problem; but we can become one.

Everyone to Evelpidon courts on Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014 at 12pm
Freedom for the arrestees
Not a single immigrant in detention camps

Communities of struggle by locals and immigrants in ASOEE and everywhere

Assembly of immigrants and solidarians of ASOEE
Every Thursday at 20:00

Finland: Meanwhile, in Tampere…

There’s big news in Finland right now. An estimated 500 people protested the December 6 presidential celebration in Tampere during ice hockey demo against nationalism and capitalism. Banks and department store windows were smashed and cops attacked.

December 6 is Independence Day. It’s also the day of annual elite party organized by the Finnish President. Normally their celebrations are held in the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, but this year the palace was under renovation, so they moved their nationalist and elitist party to the Tampere Hall.

In 1918, Tampere was the stronghold of the Reds during the Civil War. We haven’t forgotten that. In the central square and surrounding areas thousands of revolutionaries were killed. We wanted to show that there are still revolutionaries here, that we haven’t forgotten our past. A demonstration was organized with the all so popular ice hockey theme. The name of course was ‘Ice Hockey Gatecrasher Party’ (Kiakkovierasjuhlat).

“Citizenship is an illusion – Down with the State!”

Some national flags were stolen and trashed by hockey-people; others were taken down by the cops to prevent stealing.

About 500 demonstrators participated; some faithful to the hockey theme, others to pyrotechnics. We didn’t manage to gatecrash the presidential gala, but the reality of class society was heard during the night and the next days in all major newspapers, that appeared shocked about the broken windows and injured cops.

The demonstration went on to side streets after the police stopped us from walking the main street. When most people thought the protest had ended and already left the scene, some participants wanted to get back to the presidential celebration venue. At this point, one arrest was made. After they went back to the fences at the Tampere Hall and managed to provoke and attack the cops one more time, most people gradually left, and police arrested individuals quite randomly.

In total 28 people were arrested. They were let out the next couple of days with minor charges and fines ranging from 60 to 200 euros.

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Comrades arrested in Barcelona for the action of the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral

On October 2nd, 2013 the anarchist group “Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” installed an explosive device at an infamous fascist church monument, the Basilica of the Pillar in Zaragoza, Spain. This cathedral is one of the most significant temples for the holders of Power, and stands as one of the main symbols of, and a meeting point for, fascism. This action did not intend to harm any parishioners or tourists; the group gave advance warning to the Basilica of the Pillar authorities as well as to newspapers.

On November 13th, 2013 the cops invaded an apartment and conducted an anti-terrorist operation in the city of Barcelona; five individuals (from Chile, Argentina and Italy) were arrested, accused of the action claimed by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral. We are awaiting updates on the condition of the five arrestees, among whom are Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, anarchists from Chile who were prosecuted and detained in the recent past for the “Caso Bombas”, a judicial fiasco of the Chilean State, for which they were fully acquitted from all charges in 2012.
The poster reads:

“Solidarity and Action with the arrested comrades in Barcelona.
No State, no border will ever be able to halt social war.
May distance get smaller with gestures of solidarity.
May attacks against Power multiply day by day.
Immediate release of Mónica and Francisco!
Prisoners of war out onto the streets!”

Below are excerpts from a statement in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco by some of their co-accused in the infamous Bombs Case.

Extending the bonds of solidarity . . .
Mónica and Francisco were arrested in August 2010 in the so-called Bombs Case. Both faced the proceeding against them with dignity and rebellion, stayed more than 9 months in prison in high and maximum security regimes, refused to accept the prosecutor’s blackmail, carried out a hunger strike alongside the rest of co-accused which lasted over 65 days, confronted one of the longest trials in Chile, and had all their charges dropped with their convictions intact. The police and media accusations that the comrades face today are based on the judicial files of the Bombs Case, a raid that was unleashed against acratist spaces, milieus and individualities. Now the powerful seek to resurrect the Bombs Case corpse, threatening to open new proceedings against us; faced with this, we make it clear that we reject the accusation, but we do not deny who we are, our ideas, our relationships, our past, present and future in the struggle. . . .
Mónica and Francisco are our comrades and we defend them against the media and police campaigns conducted by both the Spanish and the Chilean State.
Because all States are terrorists and all prisons are extermination centres.
Revolutionary solidarity beyond all borders.”

All five of the arrested comrades were supposed to appear before the judge in Madrid on November 15th, but the police extended their incommunicado detention until Sunday (17/11).

Belgium: Second wave of raids for the “Operation Ashes”

Saturday, September 28, 2013

As a reminder, on May 22, 2013, in the morning, the antiterrorist section of the Belgian federal police conducted a first wave of raids on houses where anarchists and anti-authoritarian comrades live among other people; the anarchist library Acrata was searched as well. The eleven persons present were arrested and led to the offices of the federal police. They were released without having to appear in front of a judge.

As part of this investigation, conducted by the judge Isabelle Panou and called “Opération Cendres” (Operation Ashes), the charges are: membership of a terrorist organization, conspiracy and volunteer arson(s).

During the hearings, it appeared that the investigation focuses on struggles, revolts and activities from 2008 to present days, concerning prisons, the construction of the new detention center for migrants in Steenokkerzeel, public transports (STIB/MIVB), the European institutions and the eurocrats, the development of a regional train network, the NATO, the deportation machine, the bailiffs, and finally the construction of a new maxi-prison in Brussels. Publications such as Hors-Service (“Out-of-Service”) are also targeted, and more generally writings, posters and so on, distributed by anarchists and anti-authoritarians.

This Wednesday, September 25, 2013 the judge strikes back by ordering new searches in 5 houses in Brussels, Leuven and Ghent. At around 6am, the anti-terrorist branch of the federal police seized computers, hard drives, USB sticks, notebooks, leaflets, posters and personal documents. In three out of five places, the persons concerned by the search warrant were absent, and three other persons were arrested for questioning. They were released a few hours later after they refused to cooperate in the hearings.

Thessaloniki, Greece: The Orfanotrofio was resquatted and reevicted; mass detentions

(footage from corporate media: 1, 2, 3, 4)

On Saturday morning, September 28th, 2013 a group of comrades reoccupied the evicted Orfanotrofio squat in the district of Toumba, Thessaloniki. Shortly afterwards, they released a collective communiqué about their action, and went out on the rooftop of the building unfolding a banner reading “RESQUATTED.” In the meantime, solidarians on the street were kettled by heavy police force. The squat was eventually raided at midday. All squatters were detained chanting “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons!”

Greece: Keli squat, which was evicted in July, re-squatted in Igoumenitsa

“The Rebels Are Right! Solidarity with All Squats! –Keli squat, against the State, fascists and musclemen”

On September 3, the Keli (Cell of Freedom) squat was reoccupied.* This was our short response to the ongoing state repression against anarchists and squatters.

As we have already said, the fight goes on and will continue.

In addition, three more students occupied the empty dormitory cells at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Igoumenitsa. The housing project continues, and we invite all students who have financial problems to do the same.

Shame on academics for bringing the cops into the TEI premises. Shame on cowards who choose to keep silent when faced with state repression.

Solidarity with evicted squats—Villa Amalias squat, and Skaramaga squat in Athens; Delta squat, and Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki; Maragopouleio squat, Parartima squat, and the self-managed hangout of TEI in Patras; Valveios squat in Messolonghi—as well as with the Nadir anarchist hangout in Thessaloniki, Draka squat in Corfu, radio98fm, indymedia, and the hangout in Xanthi…

Comradely greetings and solidarity to Apertus squat in Agrinio, which was attacked again by fascists some time ago, to all antifascists in the same town, and much strength to resisters at the local park, where many trees have recently been uprooted.

The rebels are right, not the snitches and kowtowers.

Solidarity to all those who don’t chicken out when faced with state repression, but rather resist and rise up.

anarchist antifascists

Banner by the anarchist group Baruti in the city of Veria, in solidarity with the evicted squats in Patras.

* To sum up the latest anti-squatting crackdown across Greece, during the 2013 summer period alone:

July 2: Eviction operation and arrests at the dormitory building inside the TEI of Igoumenitsa, where the (re-squatted) Keli squat is situated.

July 11: Raid on Nadir squat in Thessaloniki during major antiterrorist operation, which led to two pretrial incarcerations.

August 5: Eviction operation and arrests at three squats in Patras, namely Parartima, Maragopouleio, and the self-managed hangout of TEI; the 5 arrestees from Maragopouleio squat were released, scheduled to appear in court on January 22, 2014.

August 17: Raid at the Thessaloniki university campus, where cops allegedly found bottles that could be used as Molotov cocktails.

August 21: Raid and arrests at the Polytechnic School in downtown Athens, where autonomous hangouts are situated.

August 26: Eviction of the Valveios squat (a former library) in the town of Messolonghi; this squatted space was attacked by fascists in June.

August 29: Eviction of the Antiviosi squat in Ioannina; arrests at nearby buildings.

September 2: Eviction operation and arrests at the Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki; the 7 arrestees were released, brought to court on September 6, and acquitted of all charges.

September 4: Eviction of an occupied house on Lofos Strefi in Exarchia, Athens.

Greece: Cops evicted the Orfanotrofio squat in Thessaloniki

In the morning hours of September 2nd, 2013 the Greek police conducted another anti-squatting operation, this time against the Orfanotrofio squat, a former orphanage in the district of Toumba, Thessaloniki.

Seven squatters were arrested inside the building and charged with violating the law regarding occupation of public buildings, as well as weapon possession (an air pistol was allegedly found at the squatted house). All comrades were held in custody, scheduled to appear in the Thessaloniki courts.

Last year, it was announced that the ministry of Health handed over the squatted Orfanotrofio to the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki.

Fuck the State and the Church!
Immediate release of our comrades!

Athens: Bus fare evader dead after scuffle with ticket inspector

In the night of August 13th, a ticker inspector inside a moving trolley bus pressured a 19-year-old to hand over his identity card and pay a fine for not having a ticket, threatening to take him to the nearest police station should he not comply with his authority. After some moments, the bus driver intervened in the argument in favor of the inspector. The passenger resisted the bullying, and there was a scuffle. Then suddenly, the bus door was opened and the young man either jumped off, or (more likely) was shoved out of the vehicle. He was fatally injured from the fall on a sidewalk. Despite the teen’s body lying on the ground covered in blood, the ticket collector went on threatening other passengers who were furious at what just happened, and he even demanded a woman be arrested by the cops.

The following is a communiqué by the open popular assembly in Peristeri district, where the deadly incident occurred:

Monday, 19 August 2013

The State, SS, cops, inspectors take someone’s life for a ticket.

On 14 August 2013, news of the death of Thanassis Kanaoutis caused a spontaneous gathering in Peristeri, where the tragic incident took place. The 19-year-old lost his life during inspection on a trolley bus of route 12, after he was bullied from a ticket inspector because he had no valid ticket —what resulted in the passenger’s fatal leap from the moving vehicle. People who gathered nearby, at Dimarchiou Square, decided to call for a protest march on the same day.

On 16 August 2013, the 19-year-old’s funeral took place at the Peristeri cemetery, and the ceremony soon became a protest in the neighbourhood. More than 2,000 people took to the streets shouting slogans, and factually showed their opposition to the plans of Domination seeking to turn the whole of society into an inspection camp, a jungle where even the loss of human life is treated as collateral damage.

After the burial ceremony, the gathered crowd returned to the place of the fatal incident. When the demonstration arrived in Dimarchiou Square, large numbers of protesters remained there. Approximately 200 people (most of them school students) continued to march toward the Aghios Antonios metro station, expressing their anger with direct actions, erecting barricades and setting dumpsters on fire. Continue reading Athens: Bus fare evader dead after scuffle with ticket inspector