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Rennes, France: A demonstrator loses an eye

An incendiary device detonated against the cops in Rennes – April 28th

On Thursday [April 28th] a student of our university lost an eye, simply for having demonstrated. Whilst retreating with all the demonstrators following a CRS charge [riot cops], he was taken freely as a target and hit in the face by a flashball shot. Given that this government has nothing but police violence to bring to the youth as a response, will it take a death for it to cease?

It could of been any one of us. So no, we won’t forget, we won’t forgive, and most of all we won’t give in.
Neither fear nor violence will stop us and Sunday we’ll return to the streets.

We’re all thinking of you Jean-François! Strength.

Pyhäjoki, Finland: The police attacked the ‘Stop Fennovoima camp’ – We need help immediately!

Received April 28th:

Today 28.4. around 3 pm, a riot cops and a police patrol with dogs started to approach the camp. We communicated clearly to the police with a megaphone that they are not welcome, and we don’t want to engage in conflict with them. The police didn’t say anything or answer to any questions.

The police started to shoot people with a projectile / rubber bullet gun and the people at the camp defended themselves by throwing rocks. The police was clearly aiming for the activists heads, backheads and upper bodies with the gun. People got hit several times on the area of their upper bodies. As far as we know, not to the heads though.. The police got hit several times with the rocks, and there was one police car burning up in flames at the area.

After a long struggle with delay tactics, the police managed to move ahead to the camp when the people who were defending the camp disappeared to the forest. In the camp the police shot projectiles towards the kitchen-collective people. The police evacuated all the people from the camp, and took some people into custody.

The police has also threatened to evict another camp location which is still in our use.

We don’t accept giving in to repression and police violence, and the struggle against Fennovoima will continue. Now we’ll need everyone to help build up the camp again, and to continue the fight and actions against Fennovoima.

We invite comrades to this fight where ever you are – let’s aim our actions towards the companies which are working with/for Fennovoima, the embassies of Finland, or the local police.

in German

Zurich: Greek consulate attacked in solidarity with comrades who stand 2nd instance trial in Greece

attack // solidarity greetings

In the night between the 23rd and 24th April, the Greek consulate was attacked in Zurich (Bellerivestrasse 67). The facade was embellished with paint and a waste container burst into flames.

Fire to the prisons and a society that needs them!

If freedom is a crime, let us all turn to crime…

solidarity with all prisoners

German | Greek

The Hague, the Netherlands: Person arrested on suspicion of spreading Anarchist Wallpaper

AmuurkrantLast Sunday night (April 24th) one person was arrested in The Hague (Netherlands) on suspicion of pasting The Anarchist Wallpaper. He is being charged with instigation against authority, inciting violence and pasting of a poster. On Thursday the person who got arrested will be brought in front of the examining judge, who will decide whether to release him or transfer him to preventive detention.

Last week anarchists spread hundreds of Wallpapers in the neighbourhoods Transvaal and Schilderswijk and other places in the city. The first issue of the Wallpaper is about the uprising last year in the area of the Schilderswijk, where thousands of people rebelled for days against the police and the state after the murder on Mitch Henriquez, who was strangled to death by the police. Henriquez was yet another victim of violence by the racist police force of The Hague. Many months after the uprising the police were still hunting the rebels of last summer.

Now that someone is locked up again and it seems that the prosecution is very eager to keep him as long as possible on the suspicion of spreading a poster, expressing our solidarity is the only thing we can do. Solidarity through action.

Stop the repression! Solidarity with the prisoners! Down with the police and the state! Long live anarchy!

Below the main article of the Anarchist Wallpaper:

Down with the cops and the State! Long live the revolt!

On the Schilderswijk revolt

In the summer of 2015 a revolt shook up the Schilderswijk in the Hague. A revolt against the daily repression and racism of the cops. Against the suffocating reality of exploitation and unemployment. A revolt of those who decided to break with the normality of State repression. The tables were turned and the cops were chased off the streets. The murder of Mitch Henriquez, another racist murder by the police, was what sparked the revolt. Let’s not forget, let’s not forgive!

The politicians, media, mosques and all kinds of neighbourhood initiatives depicted the revolt as an everyday riot, as a criminal act of which the perpetrators had to be punished severely. Don’t believe them; those organisations that live off state subsidies, those who want to push forward their own agenda at the costs of the oppressed, those that sell out the oppressed in order to be able to join those in power. That people are oppressed in neighbourhoods like the Schilderswijk is obvious. Not being employed because of your name, or exploited at a meager salary while the bosses, big companies, politicians and banks are only becoming richer.

The scapegoat politics that is integrated in the State is blames people of colour for poverty, housing problems and austerity measures, only to make people distrust each other. But refugees, Moroccan and Surinamese people are not the cause of these problems. The real problem is the State and its politicians that only care for the bosses and big companies, and the police that murders, who wants to protect this at all costs.

The revolt in the summer of 2015 was not an everyday riot. It was a legitimate revolt against everything that oppresses us. It was a revolt against the police that terrorises us on the streets. Against the incessant control of CCTV, ID-checks and the so-called “zero tolerance” policy that we only see in poor neighbourhoods. It was a revolt by a community that refuses to be divided by political games any longer. For years we have been asking for change but no one wanted to listen; the only option left then is to revolt. For our dignity, for our existence.

Those who revolted and refused to bow down to repression are those who have not lost their dignity. It is precisely these people that offer hope for a different, better future. That this summer may be a hot one!

Down with the cops and the State! Long live the revolt! Long live anarchy!

Autonomen Den Haag

in German

Paris: Hostile traces towards the unions

Delayed report, some photos and a few words on the moment where the CFDT [French Democratic Confederation of Labour] had their facade repainted.

Last Friday 15th April, on leaving Place de la République, 50-60 people took a little tour in the Belleville neighbourhood, shouting slogans against police, work, unionists, and pasting some posters. They arrived in front of the CFDT building and repainted it with a extinguisher (apparently glycerol doesn’t clean off easily), decorated it with a few eggs of paint, whilst leaving the message: COLLABO [collaborator].

A visit that says what we think of the unions, who hand in hand with the government and bosses, negotiate the length of our chains and the temporality of the struggle.

Our revolt isn’t negotiable!
Neither law, nor work!

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Reclaim the Cape action week starts with somebody’s mother peppersprayed and lock-on activist tasered

Received April 24th:

”Somebody’s mom got peppersprayed and detained”Reclaim the Cape action week starts with a piece of genuine police dialogue (see video)

All sorts of opposers of the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke plant project have now gathered to the Hanhikivi peninsula in Pyhäjoki, Finland, nicely close to the Mordor itself. The action week (22/4-1/5) took an early start, with participants starting to show up a good couple of weeks before the official starting day, causing the construction site and nearby region to get riddled with actions and occurrences of an ELF-ish nature.

It’s not ethnic profiling, it’s just randomness
Naturally, all this has attracted the attention of the police. Local newspapers have been presenting nicely constructed propaganda pieces of police representatives going blah-blah-blah on how they wish to ”have a dialogue” with the action week folks.

Thus, well before the start of the action week, the police have done their best in attempting to stop bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers, to have a dialogue of ID check’s and blood tests in an attempt of trying to find someone who could be accused of drunk driving – or whatever their idea is, nobody really fully knows. (Maybe they just love to waste that tax payer’s money almost as efficiently as the nuke construction itself?)

All of this would be more hilarious than inconvenient – we mean, it’s not that difficult of not stopping with that bike or hopping into the woods when a shady van stops next to you – if they would not prioritize the ethnic profiling so high. Individuals with white caucasian features have been succesful in refusing to identify themselves, getting detained for 24 hours and still walking out without giving fingerprints or ID. Logic is different with someone slightly less white. The one international person who refused to identify themselves and got locked up for three full days, threatened with detention center trip and free flight back – well, whatever they would’ve decided as home – was of a little less white caucasian sort.

This, of course, is not police carrying out ethnic profiling: it’s an entirely random coincidence. We’re positively sure.

How about pepper spraying that mother there?
On the morning of 22/4 a some bunch of ten people had planned a bit of an opening ceremony for the action week. Chosen form was to have a go at the construction site with classical methods of non-violent civil disobedience. Whether this group were to use tripods, lock-ons or superglue to join hands in a sticky manner – that we do not know. But we do know, that the group sort of never got to start that ceremony.

One particularly vulnerable spot of the Fennovoima-Rosatom is its traffic. There’s only one road sturdy enough to take the heavy vehicles and landfil deliveries. Thus, this very bunch of people were also aiming to join hands in order to block this entry.

When closing in on the road, the bunch met with a police patrol who could not mentally handle a sight of classical non-violent demonstrators choreographing in. ”Two or three were emptying pepper spray cans at a speed of light, while one decided to just run in circles holding the handle of his gun. A complete case of lost marbles. If this is the way they react to a bunch of hippies, what do they do if meeting an actual heavy weight criminal?”, giggled one participant.

In the process of searching for their marbles, the police managed to pepperspray and detain a mom participating in the action with her daughter. (Citizens, remain calm: nation is being kept safe.)

Taser and a necklock – now, that’s an idea
Sadly, this is not the first case of lost marbles. On 14.4. three international comrades blocked two diggers from working by locking onto them. One of them used a d-lock, attaching themselves from their neck onto the hydraulic pipes of the machine’s arm. After the person refused to move their hands from the d-lock in an attempt to stop the police from cutting it, bluebells decided to taser them – three times. In a row.

Yes, dialogue is a fashionable word. While instructing the action week participants to protect themselves from cases of dialogue taking place, by wearing appropriate eye protection and clothes that keep the dialogue from harming the skin, we’d like to make one thing clear.

If police wishes to perform a dialogue based on violence, they might need to reckon one simple rule of human interaction: ”monkey see, monkey do”. As protest campers, it’s not our position to put out anything that could be interpreted as a threat of any sort.

But to some pacifism is a chosen tactic, not a heartfelt ideology.

Besançon, France: Chamber of Commerce and Industry graffitied and windows cracked

April 22nd: As well as the dozen paint marks visible several meters high on the clean white front of the CCI [Chamber of Commerce and Industry], some windows had been cracked by projectiles.

On the wall of the huge building, graffiti read: “On the ashes of the old world, our freedom will be born – Light the fire! (A)”.

Bucharest, Romania: Solidarity banner with anarchist prisoners accused in the CCF case in Greece

”Solidarity with the 22 anarchists from Greece who are tried for the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire case for their struggle against state and capitalism”

On April 23rd, the day for international solidarity with the anarchist prisoners who are tried for the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire case, a group of comrades hanged a banner in Cișmigiu Park, Bucharest.

in Greek

Besançon, France: Graffiti and eggs for the army recruitment centre

We got wind of the army (air force) these days exposing themselves at the Besançon shopping centre of Chateaufarine, through an exposition entitled “Wings and men”: the butchers in uniform make demonstrations of their playthings which massacre all over the world for their nation, economy and borders… This institution of khaki wearing killers at the same time care for their image in the eyes of the young public and of consumerisms little soldiers, but also attempts to, and above all, expand its ranks to terrorise and massacre populations and rebels, here like everywhere else.

This fact motived us to act. In the night of 17th-18th April, the recruitment centre on Rue Bersoot was pelted with eggs of red paint. The tag (“Assassins”) covered CIRFA’s [Armed Forces Information and Recuitment Centre] welcome sign. The wall in front, and the church next to it, were grafittied with “Down with the army” and “Whether of God or State… Down with all soldiers! (A)”.

Refuse to stay in line! Attack the army!

Marseille: A small but pleasant wild night-time demo

After the up all night, a hundred people left as a wild demo at around 2am on Friday 22nd April. On the menu, shouts, some mess, street furniture and a few windows in Saint Fe[rréol] damaged, as well as some bins overturned. Nothing extraordinary, but all the same a beautiful and spontaneous collective energy that again shows nothing is finished.

We’ll find ourselves on the 28th and we won’t give in!

Munich, Germany: Spanish Consulate attacked

Received April 22nd:

Spanish Consulate in Munich hit by several bottles full of paint against the ongoing repression of the Spanish state – international solidarity and attack!

Solidarity with , and the recently arrested comrade in Barcelona!

Lille, France: Profanation of new administrative court

Whilst a certain urvoas*, the new minister of justice, today [April 19th] inaugurated the new administrative court, we came and profaned it by spraying used oil and graffiting it.

These last days, several dozens of people have been beaten up, mutilated and injured by the police, and others sentenced, imprisoned by the judicial system for being definitively opposed to the labour law and the world that generates it. With this action, we support them, by whatever means they use to defend themselves against the state. We will continue to attack all the places of power, as long as the repression rages on and this labour law isn’t repealed.

Big kisses!

*Note: Reference to Jean-Jacques Urvoas

Source: Lille Indymedia

Lille, France: Beginning of revenge against a police station

Today [April 21st], a new mobilisation against the El Khomri law took place in Lille. Following this demonstration, a small block, wanting to get together for the general meeting of struggle at L’Insoumise [Autonmous Space], were charged by BAC [Anti-Crime Brigade] cops. Several people successfully took refuge in the CNT premises located close by. Around a hundred cops then blocked the entrance of the Moulins neighbourhood, then entered by breaking the door of the CNT, ransacking the interior, and arbitrarily arrested two people, not forgetting to gas people of the neighbourhood.

We note and outline an initial response to the repression that we suffered and the police violence. The front of the police station in Lille was redecorated with used oil and a few explicit messages were written.

Support to the accused!

PS: and by the way, we still don’t like the police.

Source: Lille Indymedia | in German

Frankfurt, Germany: Wild demo with an attack on the French consulate

176305Yesterday [April 19th] in the early evening, around 100 people demonstrated in solidarity with the struggling youths in France during a wild demonstration through [the district of] Bockenheim. For weeks now, thousands of people in France take to the streets against the “labour law“.

The youths and rebels are fed up with racist police controls. Lots of people defy the massive expansion of the security apparatus during the alleged state of emergency on it’s way towards an authoritarian police state. They feel the impact of tear gas daily! The Spring movement in France refuses to become harnessed into the labour market. The youth know very well that the neoliberal project benefits no-one – except capital.

During a brief but crisp demo – following the French example – we made a wild tour around the block. We struggle on the side of all those who, despise the existing society, strive for more. We struggle on the side of those who decided not to tolerate this condition anymore. We decided not to tolerate this anymore.

Our friends in the streets of France know very well that protest must hurt. They know as well that resistance can’t just be articulated in the framework of the authoritarian state‘s law. The Bastille was not stormed by the grace of the king. So we decided not to comply to the constrained framework of German smugness. While the demonstration passed by the French consulate, we decided to express our direct solidarity. Many paint stains and some smashed windows testify to this. Of course, this is nothing compared to the hundreds injured by tear gas, pepper spray and police batons weekly. But it is a distinct signal.

So were our slogans on this early evening in Frankfurt. The police obviously came too late and it was better that they did. We were prepared to defend our demonstration against police attacks. Fortunately, this was not necessary.

We know your lies: This was not a Hit and Run action of “25-30 leftist autonomists” as the cops report it, but a taster of the coming times of common struggles. And don’t pretend that you don’t know the reason for all this.

Youth and insurgent – the world is ours!
A message from your friends

Rémi [Fraisse] et Clément [Méric]

in French

Germany: Update on Aachen repression

In July 2015 our friend and comrade got arrested at a passport control at the Greek-Bulgarian border. The Europe-wide arrest warrant against her had been issued by the prosecution office of Aachen, Germany, on the 24th of June 2015. In Germany she got locked up under the ‘U-haft‘ (Untersuchungshaft) regime in Cologne because of a presumed involvement in an armed bank robbery that had taken place two years earlier (2013). On the 2nd December 2015, after months of investigation the prosecution formally charged her with bank robbery, hostage taking and weapon possession. On the 16th of December, the court called the prison instructing them to release our comrade because all charges were to be dropped, since the “evidence” that months of investigation produced was not sufficient for this case to be brought to court.

When we were writing the above statement concerning the imprisonment and release of our friend, we hoped it would be the last. Unfortunately the German cops did not agree, and decided to appeal against the decision of her release. This resulted in, after first being rejected by the normal court, the higher court’s decision to reopen the case. Concretely this means that, after having spent nearly six months in preventive prison, our friend and comrade is now outside awaiting trial. It is still unclear when the court case will take place. Despite several desperate attempts from the prosecutor’s office to also get a new warrant for her arrest – at the moment we are awaiting the high court’s decision of yet another appeal – she is still outside with us.

However, on Wednesday the 13th of April the same prosecutor’s office ordered a series of house raids in Barcelona that resulted in the arrest of another comrade; she is said to have participated in a bank robbery that was carried out in Aachen in 2014. It is clear that the German and Spanish authorities have decided to join forces in the ongoing project of repression against anarchists in the European territory, supported by the ever obedient dogs of the media.

As expected the media are rubbing their hands together, intertwining “common crimes” with anarchists. This does not come as a surprise, especially in a time that more and more is defined by repressive blows against anything subversive. However, we think it is important to leave the distinction between “common” or “political” crimes to the cops, the prosecutors, the journalists. We do not need to provide the authorities with categories they are only too willing too accept. As has been stated in the communiqué published by comrades of the person arrested in Barcelona, expropriation of banks is “an ethically just and politically legitimate practice, a method of struggle that forms part of the history of every revolutionary movement.” Whether the accused individuals have participated in the robberies or not is not important to us. What is important is that we express our solidarity with those persecuted by the authorities.

While the servants of the State are spawning their assumptions and accusations into the world with a lot of spectacle, we should remember our own perspectives and ideas. These are not times for speculation, neither on the “motives” of the robberies, nor on the presumed innocence or guilt of the arrested. Rather than being a moment for questions, this should be a moment of answers – clear answers directed at those who oppress us. As has been said before, “you touch one of us, you touch all of us”. More than anything this is a time for solidarity, in every possible form it can take.

Freedom for the imprisoned comrade now
Until all prisons and the banks that need them are destroyed

Amsterdam, 19th April 2016

in German

Marseille: Message from friends that were in custody following the Manba squat eviction, rue Bel Air

Without repeating here and right now everything that happened, a short recap, we’ll start by informing you that all 3 people have been freed yesterday [April 14th]. Two amongst us have been summoned to the criminal court on June 10th at 2pm for: destruction/criminal damage/defacement of a building intended for worship, as a group, and refusing DNA.

We narrowly avoided having to sign on at the police station, but regardless are under bail conditions. Another friend received a summons to the police station. The driving license of a mate is still in the hands of the cops…

Raw and personal, without having any analysis within, because we haven’t yet really had the time to do so:

We very very very much thank all the friends/people that mobilised, that raced against time, those aware on the outside, that took care of everything, who waited for court appearances, who waiting at the exit of the court, diffused calls for support, yet we didn’t have any info between our four disgusting jail walls, with the light on permanently and the pressure. We won’t say it was easy when we were inside. We’ll just say that it immensely warmed our hearts to know, when in the end the lawyer intervened, when we saw you when leaving the court, and when we found you later.

If they piss us off, if they arrest us to do with squats, if they come find us in plainclothes – when entering the house by passing as mates – it’s very much because we annoy them. This isn’t a local politic: recall the 8 no borders arrested in Calais, in a squat, not so long ago? Time spent in preventative custody, all freed by the judge, not guilty… So we’ll be a little bit careful again, and we’ll continue what we’ve done so far. Because we’re not able to do otherwise, because this is in us, because 24, 48 hours of custody, months of prison with or without suspended sentences, fines, harassment, changes nothing. Our determination yesterday was strong, and is only stronger today.

We’ll continue to burn the borders and house refugees, with or without papers.
We won’t give up on this matter, whatever it costs and despite the ever increasing intimidation attempts. We’ll beat these trials that come with it and we’ll hold our heads high.

Open the borders now, we’re not going back!

via Marseille Autonomous Info | in Italian

Koridallos prison: Searches of cells and ‘ghosting’ of dozens of prisoners

April 18th 2016 | Updates via Athens IMC:

Last night, shortly after midnight, the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit and other police forces raided the 1st and the 4th wing of Koridallos men’s prison.

At least 150 cops, along with judicial functionaries and representatives of the justice ministry, conducted raids in the cells of all prisoners in those wings. Inmates were handcuffed behind their backs and didn’t have any visual contact with the cells during the searches, while several prisoners were beaten.

In the early hours of the morning, the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit came back and violently abducted anarchist prisoners Panos Michalakoglou, Panos Aspiotis and Antonis Stamboulos, who were moved to the Prisoner Transfer Division on Petrou Ralli St., Athens. Later, dozens more inmates were ‘ghosted’ as well. The prison remained on lockdown until 11am.

According to latest info, Panos Michalakoglou is to be transferred to Nigrita prison (near Serres, northern Greece); Panos Aspiotis to Nafplion prison; and Antonis Stamboulos to Larissa prison.

Marseille: April 14th demo – No austerity for teargas

Strike breakers – Traitors

A new demonstration in the struggle against the El Khomri Law (but clearly not only) was called for this Thursday April 14th at 10am, in the centre of Marseille, to not give up this dynamic that has been put in place during this month of diverse and varied demonstrations…

Less people than usual, as the calls were not very widely circulated, and a mobilisation in the morning during the week is a bit more difficult to achieve, especially in the quite short time period between the call-outs and the date. But this didn’t stop a lot of people again leaving on a wild demo in the centres streets, after some time hesitating before leaving.

We pass in front of the Medef [Movement of the Enterprises of France], that is still marked from the last encounter with Saturday’s demo, and cops are protecting. This time, they are all smart, completely clean, complete cops, not like their colleagues who don’t know how to look after their uniform. We don’t miss the opportunity to point this out. Next we go back up the streets to kick the ass of the CFDT [French Democratic Confederation of Labour] “unionists” who see nothing wrong with the content of the Labour Law and the world, as it is satisfying. They therefore received lots of paint bombs, and graffiti publicly expressed who they are: strike breakers.

The march carries on, continuing with slogans, with some new little sympathetic attempts: “On the streets? The youth! Under the streets? The cops!” or again “Ah, it’ll be, it’ll be, it’ll be, and the bosses will get it”. The march is fast and mobile, and the cops are generally caught short. We even arrive to the doors of the Prefecture, open, with people in front guarding. At the moment, it’s almost an invitation!

And finally the cops show up, panicking from the moment where we took one step on the road passing in front of the Prefecture. One short one amongst them, runs and comes gassing to no end, while the demonstrators had already arrived until there, with their colleagues throwing teargas grenades pretty much everywhere on the square, even so, nothing special really happen. But their efforts combined with their their quick decision, made them shower the terraces with gas, which the wind sent elsewhere.

From this moment, the demo was stretched a bit and accelerated, the demonstration returned onto Cours Lieutand after abandoning the square of the Prefecture. There, barricades were mounted with bins across the route (and the bins marked out the rest of the route), but they didn’t hold.

None the less , all this caused a nice mess in the traffic, also to allow to slow down the arrival of the police from the station, to therefore protect ourselves, and the march went back up towards Cours Julien, to head to the Canebière.

Once more, without a lot happening at this moment, the CRS [riot cops] launch gas again in all directions on the Cours Julien descent up until Lieutaud, following the demonstrators, that rushed onto Rue de l’Académie to rejoin Rue de Rome, still followed. Special mention to the teargas shot directly into the bins, that fell onto the feet of the cops that were further ahead. It’s always funny to see. […]

Still followed, what remained of the march redirected towards Cours Julien across Rue Estelle to disperse, which was done calmly. Whilst everyone dispersed, several BAC cars (3?) and police vans (4?) raced towards Cours Julien and organised a type of filtering roadblock around it. […]

The days results, it was still good to maintain the dynamic awaiting the forthcoming return of college and school students, in hoping that the lastest demos that took place will continue with a vengeance! It’s nonetheless a shame that the march didn’t manage to physically protect itself from the cop pursuit, that weren’t so many, which as we saw on previous occasions, can be pushed back by collective energy and cohesion. But this is only a postponement, no doubt that the demonstration to come will guard and surround itself from its troublemakers of struggle. In any case, it’s shouldn’t be funny for them to run around in the sun in their armour, and it’s already pretty nice to make them crazy (which they are).

With the Socialist Party, the Medef and the CFDT, that play their role as the brakes on the struggle, there’s lots left to foresee! Given the collective intelligence and inventiveness of the movement, we will continue onwards. It’s enough to want it. And to organise to do it.

Develop blockades, critique and struggle!

Towards an unlimited general strike!

Thessaloniki, Greece: Poster ahead of the April 20th appeal’s trial

The poster reads:

‘Those waiting on the wooden bench
are the poor, our own people; the strong
are the peasants and the proletarians;
their every word is a glass of wine
a crust of black bread
a tree beside the rock
a window open to the sunlight.

Their fingerprints are not just
impressions on the prison registers;
they are preserved in the archives of history
their fingerprints are dense railroad tracks
that traverse the future.’

(Yannis Ritsos)

Everything for the Community
Armed Struggle Will Bring the Victory (A)

Struggle for the liberation of anarchist & communist prisoners of war

Struggle against the State and capitalism

Manuscripts from the absolute

Saturday 23rd April: Day of solidarity with 22 anarchists that stand trial before the appeals court in Koridallos prison

A few words about the appeal’s trial of 22 anarchists on April 20th 2016

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case – the judicial, legal and repressive moves of the State in regard to this anarchist organisation – spreads over a period of 7 years and is still underway.

As of April 20th 2016, after 7 years (since the first arrests in 2009), 22 anarchist comrades stand trial in the second instance in Koridallos prison, Athens. In the CCF appeal’s trial, other cases will be tried as well – dubbed “CCF cases” by the police-judicial complex, to give gigantic proportions to their judicial coup against anarchists.

The appeal’s trial that starts April 20th concerns the following:
i) the Halandri case (three trials in the first instance);
ii) the sending of parcel bombs in November 2010;
iii) the arrests in Nea Smyrni, Athens in December 2010;
iv) the capture of five CCF members in Volos in March 2011;
v) the shootout with police in Pefki, Athens in May 2011; and
vi) the arrests for the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani in February 2013.

In yet another judicial innovation, not only comrades that were tried in first instance as alleged members of the organisation and the CCF members themselves will undergo the same appeal’s trial, but also the six accused in the Velventos robbery case: Nikos Romanos, Yannis Michailidis, Dimitris Politis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (who’ve claimed responsibility for the double robbery), Argyris Ntalios and Fivos Charisis (who’ve denied their involvement). In the first instance, these six comrades were fully acquitted of alleged involvement in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, so their case doesn’t even fall within the infamous 187A “antiterrorist” law.

But the significance of this police-judicial innovation is not just a simple merging of seemingly and practically unrelated cases. If we take a look at the accusatory dossiers, we can easily understand what’s going on and, most of all, why this is happening.

To defend comrades who’ve been captured for their acts and discourse – as the comrades who’ve claimed responsibility for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – or comrades who’ve been targeted by the State’s repressive operations, is a precondition for continuing and promoting a battle currently underway. In this battle against Power, joint action with comrades who’ve been imprisoned, persecuted or vilified doesn’t only aim at the liberation of hostages and the release of captive comrades from prison. It is, furthermore, a logic of “not leaving anyone behind”, thereby strengthening the integrity of the struggle. So that we fighters bring the prisoners back in our ranks; so that we nourish and intensify the war against the establishment.

A solidarity-based combative stance next to comrades who are incarcerated or prosecuted is yet another field of conflict with the State and its mechanisms.

Solidarity gathering in the courtroom of Koridallos prison
Wednesday 20th April at 9am

International day of solidarity actions with the 22 anarchists that stand trial
Saturday 23rd April

Solidarity Assembly for political prisoners & imprisoned and prosecuted fighters
(Athens, Greece)

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Marseille: Short report-back on the night-time wild demo of April 16th

Pictures of the Action Française [French Action] office on Rue Navarin

After many hours sat down at the Up All Night [Nuit Debout] (?!), a few people spoke to call to leave as a wild demo. A good part of the gathering got up for a little tour in town…

Two hundred people descended Rue Estelle around 11:30pm shouting “strike, blockade, wild demo”, “Marseille, get up, stand up” and “Law, work, withdraw the two”. The demo headed towards the Socialist Party office, that was coated in small messages, whose windows are very well protected. Not a long pause, leaving towards the well-hidden Front National small office, not far from Place Castellane. Shutters closed, and a few nearby passers-by encouraging the demo, even join for a short distance.

We leave again towards the Plaine, this time via Rue Navarin. And this time, Action Française fash* don’t have the anti-riot cops to protect their office. So the windows aren’t protected, and their door is quickly destroyed, to shouts of “No fash in our neighbourhoods, no neighbourhoods for the fash”, with smiles from the neighbourhoods residents that see everything take place.

Still shouting slogans against the El-Khomry law, work and police, the demo quickly joined the Plaine, then Cours Julien, where the Up All Night is ongoing.

*Note: fash as slang for fascists, similar to ‘fachos’ in French.

Source: Marseille Autonomous Info | in Portuguese

Alabama, USA: It Ain’t Over Yet — by anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble

Friday, March 11, 2016 – Monday, March 14, 2016

What began as a confrontation between prisoners from different regions of Alabama – namely, B’ham and Montgomery, with B’ham being the largest – escalated into two short riots against the pigs. After the prisoners squashed the beef among themselves without any violence, two pigs ran into C-dorm, which houses 114 prisoners and was informed that there was no problem and everything was under control.

One pig (Tate) tried to bogart his way through a crowd of prisoners and was immediately stabbed a number of times. After the two pigs ran out the dorm, one bloodied the warden, Carter Davenport, who has a reputation as an extremely sadistic, disrespectful, and nasty scumfuck fascist, who was recently removed from his post as warden at St. Clair maximum security prison for assaulting a prisoner, and reassigned as warden at Holman in 2015. He was stabbed after entering C-dorm like some kind of god.

Prisoners went on a joyous spree of fucking things up. Windows were bust, mesh wire kicked out, control units seized, keys found in one control unit, dorms opened up to let other prisoners out, fires set, barricades set up. Prisoners in C-dorm started shooting videos on cell phones, calling the media and family.

By Saturday morning, the riot team was on site and preparing to enter with shotguns and in full gear. They eventually entered the prison in riot gear, carrying the shotguns. We have no defense against guns, so everyone returned to their dorms, but the riot team didn’t enter from the front but the back door of C-dorm, shooting their tear gas. Eventually everyone was restrained in plastic cuffs and moved to another building while half of the riot team returned to the dorms to search for knives, cellphones, and those who participated in the rebellion, and to simply trash and destroy our property. They destroyed our locker boxes, threw our property all over the place, confiscated commissary products, plastic bowls, cups, etc. Everyone was eventually moved back to their dorms and made to lay down on steel bunks. Things were quiet until new mesh wire was replaced, new locks replaced. The pigs placed a chain and locks on dorm cell doors to keep us in.

Prisoners started talking about getting their shit together and relating to each other differently. After the riot team left the premises, prisoners in C-dorm started organizing squads to attack those prisoners who were stealing. After beating one prisoner for stealing, the pigs tried to enter the dorm to get those prisoners who did the beating. All the prisoners in C-dorm started throwing whatever they could find at the pigs, and the second riot was underway, with the new mesh wire kicked out, chained door broken open, control units retaken, fires reset, etc.

Again, the riot team re-entered the prison, eventually restraining everyone with plastic cuffs, marched us all outside onto the basketball court while the dorm was searched again. While handcuffed behind our backs with our faces against the fence, the riot team started grabbing us randomly from behind and throwing us on the concrete basketball court and beating us. We were eventually returned to our dorm. We received no medical care, even thought it was obvious that some of us needed medical attention.

Not everyone took part in the riots. As a matter of fact, only one dorm really participated. Two of the dorms, the so-called “Old Folks” dorm (D) and the “New Beginning” dorm (A) vehemently refused to participate and actually threatened some prisoners who tried to open their door. They placed a chain and lock on their dorm door to keep us out. Prisoners in A dorm used their cell phones to call prison officials to notify them that they were not involved in the rebellion.

Subsequently, the media entered the prison with the governor and other officials and attempted to write their own narrative as to why the rebellion took place. They chalk it all up to overcrowding, but prisoners themselves know that the real cause of the rebellion was/is about freedom from domination and control. There is much more to say about the dynamics of the rebellion and will be written by those who participated and not the fascist scumfuck pigs or corporate media.

At the time of this writing, things are quiet, but the prisoners in C-dorm still refuse to allow the pigs to become comfortable and are still rebellious. People have disappeared, one is in a coma, the prison is on lockdown until June it’s reported, and there is still to be more transfers. But right now, the spirit of rebellion continues. It ain’t over yet.

via Anarchy Live! — April 15th 2016

Lille, France: Symbolic attack against two Socialist Party offices

Yesterday evening, while [President] Hollande was vomiting his speech on TV, the Lille PS [Socialist Party] office, as well as PS elected Bernard Roman’s parliamentary surgery, were daubed and gratified in support of the struggle against the “Labour” law.

With this act, we attack the Socialist Party in its entirety, whether its their majority or their left-wing, represented in part by [Martine] Aubry. The PS, like all politicians, are just the managers of our misery.

They can all clear off!

Let’s continue the beginning!

Source: Lille Indymedia | in German

Everyone hates the PS

Marseille: Eviction of third Manba ends with 3 comrades in custody, as well as home raided

Manba 2 that was evicted last week on Rue Chape. The banner reads: Self-managed social centre Manba.

This afternoon April 12th, the latest Manba was evicted by numerous cops, we faced two arrests and police violence. This squat opening followed the eviction of Manba 2 (last week). Article updated (again), April 16th.

Manba was opened a few days ago on Rue Bel Air, in a building empty for several years. The opening allowed the continuation of events at Manba: welcoming migrants, collective workshops, political meetings, freeshop… This place also wanted to be a meeting point between struggles at this time of social movement.

The police turned up on April 12th and stayed for several hours in front of the building, occupied at the time by five comrades (including one arrested the evening of April 12th). An “expert architect” showed up to pretend that the building was dangerous, although it wasn’t sanctioned as dangerous or unfit. The eviction after 48 hours of occupation was therefore an illegal eviction. People came in support against the eviction, around 20-30, who were then violently handled by cops, so the numbers then swelled throughout the confrontation. After pushing back supporters, cops then completely blocked the street and access to the building, which they eventually entered, bringing out the occupants and proceeding to arrest one of them.

The supporters then tried to avert the arrest by blocking the police van at the top of the street, on [the main road] Cours Lietuad, whilst the cops very violently reciprocated with baton blows and gas. The supporters persisted in resisting, notably trying to protect themselves by overturning bins between the cops and themselves, the former then mounted a wave of violence, not hesitating to gas people non-stop whilst also beating them to the ground. Taking advantage of their numbers they then arrested another person, taking them down and violently beating them with several blows of telescopic batons.

The Municipal and National Cops have shown their violence, and very arrogantly, like last week. The 40-50 people who came in support continued up to the Plaine as a wild march, systematically overturning bins on the route and were again gassed by the BAC [Anti-Crime Brigade] cops before dispersing.

So that Manba lives on, again! Some air, some air, open the borders!
Solidarity and support with the arrestees! Freedom for them!

Note from Contra Info: News from the streets is that a number of police bikes were expropriated during the conflict on Cours Lieutaud, cops were also attacked, including a BAC officer being punched in the stomach.

Summary of news on the three arrestees (including a home arrest):

Yesterday April 13th, the cops embarked on a home visit to a person who was present during the eviction on April 12th of the new Manba. She was subsequently placed in custody to appear [in court] accused of ‘criminal damage to a place of worship’.

Update fom 1:40pm, April 14th: The three people arrested following the eviction of Manba 3 will be brought before the prosecution this Thursday 14th April … Following the consecutive evictions of Manba 2 and 3 in recent days by the police, as well as the 3 arrests (one being a home arrest) which have taken place – call-out for a support gathering against evictions of new social spaces and in solidarity with migrants, Saturday 16th April at 10:30am on the Plaine.

April 14th: Two of the three people arrested around the story of the Manba 3 eviction (one the same day and one the next) were released this evening under judicial restrictions, and a summons for a subsequent trial, for ‘criminal damage of a place of worship’ at least. The third person arrested was released from court the same evening after passing before the prosecutor.

All our solidarity!

French | Italian | German

Paris: Our revolt is not civil

In Paris, the revolt and the Up All Night [known as Nuit Debout] are tough to be channelled by citizenists of all kinds, who are yet to manoeuvre however. People are outraged, and wild demos link together. Yesterday evening [April 9th], CCTV cameras, banks and a cop station were targeted. A demo took off in the middle of the night towards the home of [Prime Minister] Manuel Valls, before being pushed back by cops.

Facing this tough-to-control determination, the “leaders” of Up All Night (it’s a movement said to not have a hierarchy, but not without spokespersons and representatives, nor security personnel) ended up calling the cops, quickly revealing what they really aim for: maintain the dissent within the framework of Power, control the anger to divert it towards electioneering logic, as was the case with Syriza and Podemos. While repression has rarely been so intense to break a social struggle, these kind citizens have chosen their side: work with the police.

On the parliamentary chain, two “representatives” of Up All Night even congratulated the police for their know-how and their calm. And this wasn’t irony… Need we remind that, in Paris, there has already been dozens and dozens of arrests, sometimes buses completely filled with people arrested, and as many people injured…

Long live the fire!

Source: Nantes Indymedia | in German