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Italy: Homemade bomb placed in front of the Brescia police academy – for a Black December

Responsibility claim & supplementary communiqué,
originally published January 4th 2016:

On the night between the 17th and 18th December 2015, we placed an explosive device (containing 8kg of gunpowder) at the police “school” of Brescia. A symbolic action intended to cause material damage.

We took action at such an hour to avoid harming people indiscriminately.

With this action, we’ve opened up our own projectuality of Anarchist attack, as Anarchist Cell acca (C.A.A.) affined with Black International, and we join the call for action for a BLACK DECEMBER.

We join this path because:

We like the idea of an international coordination of anarchists for direct action.

Our idea of “complicity” goes beyond groups and grouplets.

We use the means we see fit, seeking to increase intensity by paying attention to the smallest details of action. In this regard this act did zero material damage, but it’s important that we arm our selforganisation, and especially now, that we sense a great resignation among anarchists in Italy.

We attacked one of the armed wings of the state. Cops from all over Italy and other states are being trained in this “school”. This is also a small signal against the war.

We stand in solidarity with people who struggle against all states and the Capital.

Our thoughts go to so many comrades who’ve been repressed, locked up, tortured or killed in the present and the past. In solidarity with all prisoners in struggle.

This is a signal of complicity with people who’ve been locked up: Alfredo for having shot Adinolfi; Chiara (NO TAV anarchist) for the attack against the construction site [in Chiomonte]; Nicola Gai, who kneecapped the administrator of Ansaldo [Nucleare] together with Alfredo, and it was the least he deserved; Nico, NO TAV anarchist, ……… .

Monica and Francisco, who resist in Spanish galleys with simplicity and dignity.

Tamara Sol, who showed us how to take revenge for the loss of comrades.

Nikos [Romanos] for his simple and humble contribution to a call for struggle.

The comrades of the CCF.

The comrades who struggle in prison and outside.


A response to the text entitled “Under pressure” [Sotto pressione; originally published on December 18th 2015]:

The main incentive for action is not the pressure that makes one explode, but the unlimited passion that liberates.

This is what made us arm ourselves that night in Brescia: It’s the passion of trying to liberate ourselves from exploitation; it’s the passion for a life worth living; it’s the passion for freedom.

They’re passions and desires transformed into action, some of the most wonderful gestures of life in the face of the pervasive banality of the spectacle. This is the unlimited passion that exploded that night in Brescia.

We ask those who wrote that text these questions:

Don’t the actions speak for themselves?
Why speak now about the actions?

We did not enjoy reading “this is the pressure that exploded into the night in Brescia” with regard to this action, although it was said in “good faith.” We have not lived it like this.

Actions in themselves do not always speak for themselves, and this is the proof.

Anarchist Cell acca

Source: Informa-azione via Croce Nera Anarchica

Note from Contra Info: Their name is Cellula Anarchica acca, where acca is the eighth (silent) letter of the alphabet, /h/, but may also mean “nothing” (nought, zero). We have no clue what it stands for, so we’ve left the word untranslated.

in Greek, Spanish

Athens: Reportback from demo in defense of Epavli Kouvelou squat in Maroussi

On Monday morning (November 9th 2015), at 05:30, the Epavli Kouvelou squat was struck by bomb attack. The result of that murderous attack was that nearby houses and shops suffered heavy material damage, while some damage was caused to the main entrance of the squat itself.

What is shocking, however, is not the material damage caused by the attack but the fact that the perpetrators left the high power explosive device in the middle of the street, acting with complete disregard for the lives of neighbours or passersby.

This attack was not a bolt from the blue; besides, it was not the first one aimed against the squat (recall the 2011 arson, and the golden dawn’s attack on 01/08/2014). It came as a response and intimidation attempt in the face of the dynamic interventions undertaken by people housed in the squat. The perpetrators, who belong to the extreme right-wing milieu, have targeted and struck the squat exactly because they fear these interventions. They fear solidarity with refugees and migrants, they fear the resistance to governmental and memoranda policies, the struggles against employers’ terrorism and against fascism. They fear all of us, who do not serve the interests of our bosses, but instead fight with dignity, putting self-organization and solidarity in the forefront of the struggle.

We do not discriminate against people on the basis of national origin, race and sex, we do not go along with the powerful, nor become their minions; we, therefore, want to reassure the neo-Nazi killers that their attack not only does not terrorise us, but it confirms that our action is directed in the proper direction.

more photos: athens imc

On Monday evening, a gathering was called in the squatted space. A PA system was set up from 18:00, and the above text was read and also distributed in the neighbourhood. At 19:30 we began marching loud and lively in the surrounding area, then moved to the centre of Maroussi, and ended the demonstration at the squat. The slogans chanted were anti-fascist, anti-statist, and in solidarity with refugees/migrants and squats/self-managed spaces. An estimated 250-300 comrades from various neighbourhoods of Athens participated in the demonstration.

We make clear once again that such attacks do not terrorise us but make us more tenacious.

Our struggles are dynamites, not only in Maroussi but everywhere
We erect embankments against fascism

Epavli Kouvelou squat
Dionysou & Solonos St., Maroussi

source: epavli kouvelou

Athens: Strong explosion at Kouvelou squat in Maroussi

Today, Monday November 9th 2015, the Epavli Kouvelou squat in Maroussi (northern suburb of Athens) was attacked at the outer gate with a powerful explosive device. There has been significant damage to neighbouring buildings. The space is currently blocked by cops.

People in solidarity gather at the corner of Dionysou and Chatziantoniou St. to be present in the vicinity of the squat all day.

The fire does not burn us. The fire burns inside us.

Long Live Anarchy

Epavli Kouvelou squat is located 5 minutes
walking distance from Maroussi metro station;
Α8 bus line (IKA Amaroussiou bus stop)

+ Call for gathering at 18:00 (local time) in the Epavli Kouvelou squat.

Mexico: Explosive attack against a Banamex bank branch

Note from Contra Info: We received the following text on March 6th 2015, accompanied by this short introduction that precedes.

The following communiqué has arrived for its dissemination and claims the explosive attack at dawn on March 6th at a bank branch (Banamex) located in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos (in the State of Mexico), in Morelos street, near the corner of 9 de Junio Street, opposite the sports centre Siervo de la Nación. We call for the total destruction of the Capital and all civilisation that’s under its present yoke. Let us fight and act directly for total liberation. We agree that the war socially and against ourselves is here and now. Solidarity with all anarchist comrades imprisoned around the world.


Year 2015.

“… and say that there is no creation without destruction. The very notion of bringing some new beauty into being implies that an old ugliness has been swept away or blown up. Beauty defines itself in part (but precisely) by destroying the ugliness which is not itself.”
Hakim Bey

To all those who are fighting for freedom.

To all our affinities.

To refractory comrades worldwide.

To those who think of wild action more than well-regulated schemes.

Beyond the conventional struggle that is taking place every day in the streets and that fearfully proposes to fight the political system step by step through worn-out and deceptive tactics of “well-behaved” social activists within the framework of legality, we say that the frontal action of combat against the symbols of the Capital is underway at different levels of intensity. We have recognised that we are part of the social war that the state is waging at all levels: from the submission of the student and worker to the imposed conditioning of the social role, to the Capital’s business decisions that consequently cause hunger and poverty; war is here and it is our duty to ourselves to have to confront it as such.

We have the affinity to say that our clandestinity permeates beyond and despite ourselves, since we are not willing to accept doctrinaire thinking and its consequential daily inactivity, waiting for the true organisation of the masses. May positivist science burn to the ground, along with all its categorical imperatives that claim to hold the absolute truth! Specifically, we seek to destroy not only the symbols of the Capital and money, but also those who represent the deontological truth of this society. War is against the institutions of oppression whatever their name is, courts, prisons, schools, research institutes, psychiatric hospitals of the mind, barracks, or the usual places where politicians and businesspeople take refuge.

We do not claim ourselves as role models or icons to follow, our action is here and now, and we don’t idealise progressive historical events that prevent us to strike the real enemy, and even more so, lead us to deal with enemies right next to us, hesitating to think about their annihilation at the appropriate moment. The structure of Power is visible; instead, we remain in the invisibility of the moment, we are here and elsewhere, we are temporal but also permanent, we take the consequent action as far as we take ourselves. We will not repent to inflict the necessary blows, we’ll be annoying, and the ones whom everyone rejects, but we’ll still be those who act under the heaviest oppression. By all means possible we will get to fight for freedom.

We take this opportunity to send solidarity greetings to all the comrades incarcerated in the different prisons of the world. Rest assured that we will avenge your confinement. To compa Nikos Maziotis, Compa Chivo, Tamara Sol, Diego Ríos, Fernando Barcenas, Fernando Sotelo, to all compas in Chile and all the clandestine comrades on the run, especially Felicity Ryder and compa Mario Tripa, to the comrades in Greek and Italian prisons.

Social war and war against ourselves!

For the expansion of chaos and insurrection.

Urban Cell of Immediate Action “Iknoyotl”

[the meaning of iknoyotl in Nahuatl is orphanhood/misery/poverty]

freely translated from Spanish | in French, Greek

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for explosive device placement in the house of Golden Dawn member

On Tuesday night, October 14th, 2014, we made home delivery of an explosive device to the building located on 28, Lahana street (2nd floor) in Thessaloniki, where Golden Dawn member Stathis Valakos lives. The specific fascist was a candidate for municipal council with the “Greek Dawn” in last elections. Scums like Stathis stand no chance of hiding. We will keep finding them and treating them as they deserve.

PS.1. Not only do we not trust or rely on any statist “combating” of fascism, but to the contrary, we are hostile to it. Fascism can only be combated by constant presence on the streets, and fascists can only be fought by continuous visits at their homes, their offices and other occasions of their everyday life.

PS.2 The face of this guy can be found by simply googling his name.

In memory of Shehzad Luqman and Pavlos Fyssas.

We take – and send – strength from those who continue to FIGHT inside and outside the prison walls.

Street group for the diffusion of direct action

Chile: A brief reflection on the September 8th bombing and its media consequences

“(…) Human strike, today, means
refusing to play the role of the victim.
Attacking it.
Reappropriating violence.
Arrogating impunity to ourselves.
Making the paralyzed citizens understand
that whether or not they go to war they are at war anyway.
That when people tell us it’s either you do this or you die, it’s always
do this and die.”
Tiqqun, “How Is It To Be Done?

Having read the Responsibility claim for bombings in Los Dominicos metro station and the Escuela Militar Subcentro underground gallery, we can reflect the following.

We had already suspected it from the official information, that’s why we didn’t want to join the social trial and construction of the persecutory media spectacle, despite the taunts and insults to which we were subjected; we lament the fact that various anarchists have blindly and voluntarily become a part of it, based on what they watched on their television—not for nothing did some amigas call them tele-anarchists—and only ended up showing desperation.

There have already been cases in other countries where people sustained injuries in attacks that were previously warned, something that the authorized channels of information do not say (even if some expect something different), for obvious reasons. This may be something to lament, but to negate it, pass judgment on it, or raise infantile theories so rapidly is a complete mistake; it just shows how mediatized the Chilean anarchism(s) has become.

The executants of various actions of war against the state of things are not worried beforehand—in relation to the actions themselves—about the subsequent improvement of control mechanisms that are typical of panopticism; not because war is not declared on vigilant institutions and agents, but because violent action is perceived to be fully justified and the only thing that makes the deployments of the forces of Power tremble, thus the repressive aggravation of the latter is not at all surprising.

We salute the persecuted and the kidnapped.
Solidarity in the social war.

Source: El Amanecer (September 18th, 2014)

Santiago, Chile: Responsibility claim for bombings in Los Dominicos metro station and the Escuela Militar Subcentro underground gallery

Original communiqué received on September 18th, 2014

“Life is so boring there is nothing to do except spend all our wages on the latest skirt or shirt. Brothers and Sisters, what are your real desires? Sit in the drugstore, look distant, empty, bored, drinking some tasteless coffee? Or perhaps blow it up or burn it down.” (The Angry Brigade)

Our fraction of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) decided to attack the station ‘The Dominicans’ of the Santiago Metro on July 23rd. The deed caused a large-scale political and media frenzy. Bureaucrats and the media coordinated their discourses to say that the attack was aimed at passengers who were traveling at that time, and therefore the use of the antiterrorist law was invoked. This action was planned taking into account the minutes when there would be no passengers, having calculated the moment that the metro would terminate its journey and the carriage would be stored. The driver moved the bag which contained the device to a different wagon of the metro train, under a seat, as in the other place in which it was initially installed; this situation was concealed by the media and agents of the government. We interpret the foregoing as an attempt of the individual to take advantage of the situation, thinking that maybe he’d find valuables inside the bag, but he ran into our surprise, which turned out as expected.

As always, any action tending towards attack will be prosecuted and punished by the economic power of businesspeople or members of the bourgeoisie, by the powers of the State with their laws, judges, politicians and cops. The principal function of the State is to protect the interests of the rich and powerful, of the well-off or benefited from this system of exploitation and domination. The metro transports people every day, acquiring huge profits on a daily basis. They transport us through the city that consumes our energy by its mode of life, in which the exploitation of other people’s work sets the pace. We directly and symbolically attacked structures of Power on its own turf, in Las Condes. Normalcy by which the city operates has been the target and will remain so.

For this very reason we decided to attack the sub-centre of the ‘Military School’ metro station on the 8th of September. A shopping centre of the bourgeoisie, located in Las Condes, where businesspeople make their thing to get themselves established and to commercialize their merchandise which traps people in stupefaction of the spectacle and appearances. The society that walks in this direction is what we attacked. The society of domination that pervades all expressions of life. Let it be known that we made warning call to the 133 emergency number over 10 minutes prior to the detonation, waiting for the police to react by evacuating the place, but they ignored this information detonating the device and causing several injuries, which we lament; we make it clear that our target were not the consumers and/or workers, but the structures, properties and minions of Power. Police incompetence and ineffectiveness contributed toward the damage caused to the injured persons. The greatest assassins and terrorists have always been the repressive apparatuses of the State.

We fraternize with all the comrades throughout the world that confront this reality of domination, and employ all means at hand to attack Power.

We send a greeting to all the comrades who are serving sentences in prisons of the world. Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Carlos Gutiérrez, Juan Aliste Vega, Hans Niemeyer, Tamara Sol Farías, Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Alfredo Cospito, Nicola Gai, all the brothers of the CCF around the world, Giorgos Polidoros, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Olga Ekonomidou, Damianos Bolano, Theofilos Mavropoulos. We greet all those who serve a prison sentence for confronting any domination in actual practice. We remember all those who have fallen in the social war, Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij, all those who have dared to act… No one is forgotten.

We make a call to all insurrectionaries to go on the offensive, to attack Power in all its forms of domination

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile)

Greece: Revolutionary Struggle claims responsibility for car bomb explosion in Athens city centre

In the early morning hours of Thursday, April 10th, 2014 —after two warning phone calls to the media— a car bomb with 75kg of explosives was detonated outside one of Bank of Greece’s offices, located at Amerikis Street in Athens, causing extensive material damages in the surrounding area (but no injuries).

Fifteen days later, the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) claimed responsibility for the bombing. Below are just a few excerpts from their lengthy articulate communiqué (a complete translation is always welcome!).

As many of you may recall, three anarchists revealed their membership in the group four years ago, in April 2010: Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, who have gone underground since the summer of 2012 (recently, the government placed a huge bounty on their heads), and Kostas Gournas, who is currently held captive in Koridallos prison.

Responsibility claim by the organization Revolutionary Struggle [25.4.2014]

On the 10th of April 2014, Revolutionary Struggle carried out a bombing attack against the Supervision Directorate of the Bank of Greece at Amerikis Street [Athens], a building which also houses the IMF’s resident representative in Greece, Wes McGrew. Although the blow targeted the Bank of Greece, the head office of Piraeus Bank which is located exactly on the opposite side of the street also suffered damage, what makes the hit even more successful, because the Piraeus Bank has evolved in one of the largest systemic Greek banking institutions after the acquisition of ATEbank, it has benefited from the predatory memorandum-policy applied against the Greek people in recent years, and is one of the financial factors that are jointly responsible for people’s woes.

The attack was carried out with a car bomb containing 75kg of ANFO explosive. Exactly four years after the crackdown against the organization, and while the State alongside many enemies of armed struggle were cheering for the “success of dismantling” the Revolutionary Struggle, this action came to prove them wrong. The bombing against the Bank of Greece is dedicated to anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, a member of the Revolutionary Struggle who was killed in an armed clash with police officers in Dafni on March 10th, 2010, during a preparatory action of the organization. The comrade lost his life during an attempt to expropriate a car which would be used in an action of the Revolutionary Struggle, in the context of the organization’s strategy of that period —a period which marked the beginning of the economic crisis. This strategy was intended to strike and sabotage structures, institutions and persons that hold a central role in the largest, historically, antipopular assault that was to take place with the signing of the first memorandum in May 2010. Lambros Foundas fought and gave his life so that the contemporary junta of economic and political elites would not pass —the junta of the IMF/ECB/EU troika. He fought and gave his life so that the contemporary junta of the Capital and the State would not pass. So that the new totalitarianism imposed all over the planet, on the pretext of the global financial crisis, would not pass. Lambros Foundas gave his life fighting to turn the crisis into an opportunity for social Revolution. The Bank of Greece bombing is to some extent a continuation of that strategy which included the attacks against Citibank, Eurobank and the Athens stock exchange.

Thus, in honor of our comrade, the action against the Bank of Greece bears the signature Commando Lambros Foundas. Besides, the best homage to a comrade who gave his life in struggle is to continue the struggle itself, for which he fell in combat. And this struggle has never had, or will ever have, any other direction but the overthrow of capitalism and the State —social Revolution.

A blow in response to Greece’s return to the markets

As everyone figured out —from the government, the parties, to the Greek and international media— we chose the 10th of April for our attack because this date marks the exit of the Greek State to international financial markets in search of the first long-term loan after four years; the next day, April 11th, the leader of the most powerful European State, protagonist in the enforcement of extreme neoliberal policies and austerity across Europe, and one of the most ideal exponents of the interests of European economic elites, the archi-terrorist German chancellor, Angela Merkel, was scheduled to arrive in Greece for the political and economic capitalization of this “Greek success”. (…)

The “salvation of the country” concerns the big capital, the transnational ruling class and the powerful lenders of the country. It concerns the structures and institutions of globalized capitalism. It is linked to the States, the political staff in Greece and Europe; to all sorts of political lackeys of the establishment, who support this regime at any price. It concerns a disgraceful minority of the Greek society.

Those whom this “salvation” does not concern —and instead they have paid and still pay with their own blood to save the system from the crisis— are the vast majority of people. The 5 million people who are living in conditions of poverty. The 2.5 million people who are living in absolute destitution. The 700,000 poor children who do not even have the basics, who are undernourished, who feel cold, suffer from fainting spells, and end up in institutions for a plate of food. Those who get sick, those who go mad. The ones who lose their home over debts to the banks and the State, those who live without electricity, those who lack the basic survival necessities. The 4,000 people who committed suicide because they were financially ruined. The thousands of homeless people, the ones who are depended on soup kitchens, who are digging through garbage to feed themselves, those who are slowly dying on the sidelines. All of these wretched that went financially and socially bankrupt, and pay the “salvation of the country” with their lives and the lives of their children. All these people have come to understand what it means to see your life go bankrupt, what it means to see your life not worth anything anymore. They have come to understand that the “avoidance of Greece’s bankruptcy” means war against society, social euthanasia. (…)

Social revolution cannot be postponed to an indefinite future, nor be limited to an indistinct projectuality. It requires constant revolutionary action in the present time, and involves the organization and formation of a ground-breaking revolutionary movement that will elaborate and define its strategic steps, and clash with the establishment’s centralized policies. It involves the political process and willingness to put specific revolutionary proposals into practice.

In the present circumstances, a revolutionary platform could be summarized as follows:

-Unilateral termination of payment of the Greek debt.
-Exit from the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the European Union (EU).
-Expropriation of assets of the Capital, large companies, multinational corporations, of all movable and immovable property of the capitalists.
-Abolition of the banking system, erasure of all debts to banks, handover of small possessions that were seized by banks, and socialization of bank assets.
-Expropriation of state property and utilities companies; expropriation of church property.
-Socialization of the means of production, industry, ports, means of transfer and communication, transportation, utilities, hospitals and educational institutions; the workers will engage in their managing.
-Abolition of the State and the bourgeois parliament of professional politicians, to be replaced by a confederal system of popular assemblies and workers’ councils, whose coordination, communication and decision-implementation will be achieved through delegates elected and immediately recallable. At national level, in place of the old representative bourgeois parliament there will be a supreme Confederal People’s Assembly, whose members will be authorized members-delegates elected and immediately recallable by the local popular assemblies and workers’ councils.
-Abolition of the police and the army, to be replaced by an armed popular militia, not a mercenary one.

A discussion and agreement upon a revolutionary platform is a prerequisite for the creation of a revolutionary anticapitalist movement, and as Revolutionary Struggle we wish to see a well-intentioned dialogue opening on this issue. It is necessary that a Revolution overcomes national borders. It is unrealistic to believe that a Revolution will be viable if confined within the national borders of a small country like Greece. However let us make a beginning here, in Greece, for the demolition of the eurozone and the European Union, for the abolition of capitalism and the State. Let us put the armed proletarian counterattack into practice. Let us make a beginning here, in Greece, for an international social Revolution.


Commando Lambros Foundas

Athens: Responsibility claim for explosion at the Kifissia tax office

In the early hours of Thursday, September 26, 2013 we placed an explosive device at the tax office located in Kifissia [a northern suburb of Athens], as a first response to the efforts of the State to be portrayed as the referee and punisher of its Golden-Dawn employees, and its creation of a spectacle that can serve as a smokescreen, aiming to conceal its own fascist style of governance, as well as the murderous new austerity measures. Fascism, just like presidential parliamentary democracy, is a model of Power that’s based on the current economic organization and promotes capitalist interests. The policies which are implemented are those mandated by the free market, interests of which will never be democratic—in reality, we neither see democracy and freedom applied in working environments, nor in everyday life, which is organized by capitalism. Modern totalitarianism is imposed by concentration camps, shootings of migrant farm workers, as happened in Manolada [in the Peloponnese], the shutdown of public hospitals, layoffs, movie-inspired invasions of squats, starvation wages, the imprisonment of fighters, the defamation of leaderless social struggles, the public stigmatization of [alleged] HIV-positive women, tax raids, and the existing and future memoranda with the IMF/ECB/EU Troika.

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas—which caused a torrent of righteous wrath against fascism to break out—has become something to be exploited by the government. The government has weighed the political costs of covering up another fascist assassination, and has artfully put a democratic-antifascist facade on display, highlighting two theories: the theory of two extremes, and that of the democratic arc. As for the first one, it is obvious that they attempt to tar actions against totalitarianism and the actions of the far-right with the same brush. This hard line against the anomie of the Nazis, an approach that is imposed by the current political balance, tends to also include acts of those who revolt, paving the way for a new wave of attacks against people that keep up the struggle. The “democratic arc”—worse still, the “antifascist front”—has the exact same objective. It is yet another political game, which teams up the systemic forces against every “extremism”. We would like to remind those who suddenly discovered the antifascist front that antifascist struggle, which has existed well before the Nazis entered the Greek parliament, is carried out by thousands of people, who have been attacked by fascists, and attacked fascists, for decades. This struggle must grow enormously; in order to do this, an essential requirement is to exclude all forces of the authoritarian spectrum that opportunistically proclaim themselves antifascist. The Golden Dawn, the ruling political parties, and the eternally apologetic and self-victimizing Left are the flies that adorn the turd of Power.

Being on the same wavelength as the government, TV channels alongside the rest of the conservative Press portray themselves as antifascists. The descendants of mavragorites [black marketeers during the Nazi occupation in Greece], costumed in their ministerial positions, hypocritically condemn the fascist stabbings, taking part in a game that is presented as fight against fascism. Well-paid journalists, arm in arm with politicians, thunder “No to fascism”. It is tragically ironic that those petty parrots dare to speak of antifascism when they have promoted the Golden Dawn for decades through systematic propaganda against the “foreign national criminals”, and bolstered national pride after some goals were scored by the national football team. Television, which lightly stupefies its viewers, has played its part in creating voters confident that they originate from the balls of Plato, and that their fate is none other than to accomplish great things because of their “white skin”.

This is how a climate of tolerance towards aggressions and tortures against people, both on the streets and at police stations, was created; even tolerance to murders, such as the fatal stabbing of 26 year old Shehzad Luqman on January 17, 2013 in Petralona by the fascists Christos Stergiopoulos and Dionisis Liakopoulos. The ticket inspector, who killed 19 year old Thanassis Kanaoutis on August 13, 2013 in Peristeri during a bus ticket inspection, is the typical cannibal created by the labour jungle, social insecurity and a tempest in the brain. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the murder of Pavlos Fyssas on September 18, 2013 in Amfiali at hands of Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias, which initiated the chain reaction that the government now attempts to turn to its advantage.

Capital gives birth to fascism, the State raises it, and a critical mass of voters, who are idiots, but responsible all the same, provide the principle fuel. The logic of turning over responsibilities to politicians or trade unionists on the one hand, and the brainwashing by mass-domestication media on the other, has led to the current fascistization of a significant portion of the society. Individuals that live in fear because, even though they stepped over corpses, they did not ascend to the upper class, and hope to be saved by a messiah-leader, are the perfect supporters of a fascist party.

The role of the Golden Dawn has always been, and still is, to do the system’s dirty work, to make up the vanguard of the most extreme policies of the State. Nationalist formations exist to terrorize and enforce discipline on parts of the population, when the fear inflicted by the lawful means of the State doesn’t suffice to keep them away from radical solutions. We should not forget the dozens of attacks with homicidal intent, not only against migrant and local workers, but also more targeted parastatal attacks that for reasons of luck and operational inadequacy failed to deliver the desired (by them) results. The hand grenade which exploded outside the Immigrant Hangout [Steki Metanaston] in Exarchia, during a meeting of the association of conscientious objectors on February 24, 2009, the bomb at the [former] Xenia hotel on Mount Parnitha, which was detected on July 10, 2010, a few days after a two-day event organized by anarchists (a case which resulted to the arrest of henchman Christos Loukopoulos, an associate of the Golden Dawn), are some examples of the far-right action.

Obviously, organizations such as the Golden Dawn and the sort must be confronted accordingly, especially when they themselves raise the level of violence, but this must be done without forgetting that the target is primarily their employers: the State and the bosses, the financial establishment; capitalists such as Bobolas, Vardinogiannis, Kouris, and politicians that support them, and are supported by them, like the political families of Venizelos, Karamanlis, and Mitsotakis, those who hold key positions of the state machinery, consultants and chief executive officials such as Provopoulos [current governor of the Bank of Greece] and Kranidiotis [close advisor to the current prime minister, Antonis Samaras], and the designated scientists and journalists in their service.

Being an antifascist means being against the system that breeds fascism. The only front that will confront fascism is the same that will combat the bosses and the State.

Forces of the Revolutionary Arc

PS. We send our comradely regards, and solidarity, to captive fighters. Strength to those accused of the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani, whose trial begins [in Athens] on November 29, 2013.

Zaragoza, Spanish State: Responsibility claim for explosive attack at El Pilar cathedral

Besides, I have the right to leave the theatre when the comedy becomes odious to me and even to slam the door while leaving, at the risk of disturbing the tranquility of those who are satisfied with it.
Émile Henry

Authority, a basic principle of the society, exercises its dominion through various different institutions; the Church is one of the most important because of its historical complicity with the State-Capital, taking charge of laying the foundations of and perpetuating the current state of patriarchal and heteronormative oppression. The Basilica of the Pillar, in Zaragoza, is one of the most significant temples for the holders of Power. Visited by Franco on several occasions and by Pope John Paul II in 1982 and 1984, this cathedral stands as one of the main symbols and a meeting point of fascism. The Virgin Mary of the Pillar is considered the patroness and queen of Hispanishness; flags of all the States that dominate the Latin-American territory are hung inside the temple as real trophies. The Pillar Square is situated on side of the basilica and features the Hispanishness fountain, which draws the map of Central and South-American continent, taking a great deal of pride in the extermination caused by civilization.

Coupled with all of the above, the Virgin Mary of the Pillar was declared patroness of the college of young guards (the Guardia Civil cadet academy) in September of 1864, and she was proclaimed a patron saint of the gendarmerie assassins on Guardia Civil payroll in 1913. The order was signed by Alfonso XIII, the same one who was targeted by the anarchist that gave name to our group—whose memory we revived in another attack on a symbol of Power in February this year. The comrades killed in action live only through action.

After the triumph of fascism in 1939, the Basilica of the Pillar was declared national temple and sanctuary of the race. It became a prime location for Franco and his entourage, who gave central importance to it in the takeover of Zaragoza and their victory against the Aragon front. This is the temple where the corpse of Juan Soldevila lays, entrepreneur and cardinal killed by the anarchist group Los Solidarios in 1923 for being one of the financiers of the pistoleros hired by bosses. This noxious personage pertains to the history of this location, and he is remembered in every celebration which is emblematic of Power, such as the annual Hispanic Day, on October 12th, when our enemies arrogantly celebrate their colonialist expansion making prayers and pilgrimages in this space of intimacy, passing through its area in total tranquility.

However the habitual calmness was lost on October 2nd, 2013. At approximately 1.15pm, we installed an explosive device consisting of one butane gas bottle filled with two kilos of black powder, including a clockwork mechanism for its activation. This action did not intend to harm any parishioners or tourists, that is why we gave advance warning—ten minutes prior to detonation—to the newspapers El Periódico (Zaragoza) and El Heraldo as well as to the Basilica of the Pillar, so that they could evacuate the temple.

This action is intended to warn their attendees that fascist standards like this one are not and will never be secure locations.

Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral

Madrid: BBVA branch attacked with explosives

In the early morning of April 10th, we placed an explosive device in the BBVA on Paseo de Husares in Madrid. Our objective is to do the most harm possible to these temples of money, in order to destroy everything that divides and represses us.

Our hate is stronger than theirs. Struggle is necessary for the fall of the capitalist system, struggle is necessary so that our political prisoners are freed and are liberated from the torturers.

Direct action is the path! Not a step back against the State!

Madrid Autonomous Group. FAI/FRI

Athens: Responsibility claim for explosive attack on vehicle of the Koridallos prisons director, in the district of Dafni, on June 7th, 2013

Freedom for anarchists of praxis incarcerated in Italy

i. ‘Return of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire from the ashes’

Only in those moments when our tension for freedom is rejoined with practice do we truly manage to live anarchy, here and now. Unfortunately the dream we carry in our hearts is too great to avoid the risk of finding ourselves up against the monstrous wall of authority raised in defense of the State and Capital. When we really put our life in play, inevitably we end up confronting the hardness there is in the struggle: death and prison.
Nicola Gai, Italian comrade accused in the Olga Cell-FAI case [May 2013]

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-FAI/IRF in collaboration with comrades from the Consciousness Gangs, honouring our old and timeless friendship, blew up the private car of the female director of Koridallos men’s prisons, Maria Stefi, as a display of genuine solidarity with our ten imprisoned brothers and sister, Giorgos P., Olga, Gerasimos, Christos, Michalis, Giorgos, Haris, Theofilos, Panagiotis, Damiano, that have taken responsibility for their participation in the Conspiracy.

After almost two years of silence throughout the Greek territory, the CCF returns. Maintaining a common front with the Consciousness Gangs, the FAI cells (‘Antifascist Front’, ‘Unscathed Cell of Vengeance’, ‘Lone Wolf Cell’, etc.) and the Sect of Revolutionaries, we support and strengthen the international conspiracy of the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front.

The bomb we placed at the vehicle of the director of Koridallos prisons is the first drops before the storm. Or, as it was written in the last communiqué by the CCF against the Greek minister of Justice… Continue reading Athens: Responsibility claim for explosive attack on vehicle of the Koridallos prisons director, in the district of Dafni, on June 7th, 2013

Barcelona: Explosive device placed at a bank branch at 146 Sarriá Avenue

until we destroy the last of their properties

We placed an explosive device at the branch of Caixabank located at 146 Sarriá Avenue, at 12.45am on Wednesday, April 10th.

Because we understand that the supposed crisis currently taking place is nothing more than a rearrangement of the system of domination, in which Power uses its classic strategies and tools to keep itself up.

Because we understand that this rearrangement is achieved through repressive and preventive militarization of territory.

Because we understand that the State has fused with Capital, extending its oppressive capacity, disguised as an ideology of citizenship.

Because the bankers and all those who hold unjust power are our enemies.

Because we understand that the only solution to our current situation is generalized disorder and the total destruction of all that stands in the way of our freedom.

For these reasons we carried out this action in one of the neighbourhoods that shelters the Catalan bourgeoisie, accustomed to the peace of their broad green spaces, accustomed to luxury and ostentation, to exploitation and humiliation. That is where the ones responsible for this supposed crisis meet, and where its benefits are felt. The Les Tres Torres neighbourhood of the Sarriá-Sant Gervasi district is where Princess Cristina and her close family live their daily lives, hiding the link between the Spanish crown and Isidre Fainé behind her supposed work activities. Fainé is part of Opus Dei, and president of the banking organ that was the object of this attack, as well as vice president of Telefónica, Repsol YPF and AGBAR, one of the most expensive water providers in Europe.

Domination is supported by individuals and, as is evident, Fainé is one of these. He represents the personification of the State’s connection to Capital.

For all the above mentioned reasons, we believe that this attack is completely justified, as part of the diversity of autonomous initiatives that intend to permanently do away with all forms of authority.

Just to leave no room for doubt: the explosive device was composed of a three kilogram butane gas canister filled with two kilos of powder, along with two disposable camping gas canisters.

Affinity Group for Anarchy

Madrid: Responsibility claim for the placement of an explosive device at Almudena Cathedral

The house of god fucked up in Madrid
(Thursday, February 7th, 13.00pm)

We have demonstrated that your sanctified dens are vulnerable. The foundations of your Power have trembled by the kilos of our sacrilegious gunpowder, seeking a breach of your civic peace that has been based upon killings and persons locked up for years in the slammer. This is revenge. We have overcome the barrier of fear.

The target of the explosive attack is clear; to strike the Bourbon monarchy in their sacred sites. All their majestuosity is the fruit of oppression, and we, the oppressed, will end with it through insurrectional revolutionary violence. We won’t fall into the trap of waiting to be given the historical conditions. We believe that the conditions are propitious for attack as long as State, Capital and especially a rotten fascist royal family exist. We are determined. We do not wait. We act.

We do not hold the mistaken idea that we will achieve the destruction of all that oppresses us solely through actions such as this one. We are not fooling ourselves. We are not granting ourselves self-complacency. This is propaganda by the deed, which has existed for more than a century among the seditious and conspirators against Power. It is an appeal to war without limits using all our imagination and energy to end with this rotten world.

Fire to the slammer!
Long live Anarchy!

Insurrectionalist Commando Mateo Morral

$hile: Bombing attack against Agrosuper factory’s headquarters in downtown Santiago


We claim responsibility for the explosive attack at the offices of Agrosuper on January 2nd, 2013 at 23.30pm on the corner of 18 and 10 de Julio streets in the commune of Santiago Centro. Frontal attack on the bourgeoisie and its supporters.

We chose this target because it is the holding company that controls the Chilean agrifood industry, belonging to Gonzalo Vial, a businessman who amassed much of his fortune during the Pinochet dictatorship. We salute the decisive and combative attitude of the people of Freirina, who resist Vial’s capricious pig-city (cerdopolis).

The blast and its splinters are a clear message for you, Vial: “We are watching you closely.”

Five years after the assassination of the Mapuche warrior, weichafe Matías Catrileo; your death is not in vain: Hatred and revenge against the cop murderers!

Freedom for the Caso Security prisoners!

Mauricio Morales Incendiary Brigades

Athens: Explosive attack at Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn offices

Responsibility claim for the bomb which was detonated at the nationalist party’s local headquarters in Aspropyrgos in the early hours of December 4th, 2012:

The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claims responsibility for the planting of a homemade explosive device at the West Attica regional offices of the Golden Dawn in the suburb of Aspropyrgos, at the 17th km of the Athens–Corinth national road. The particular characteristics of the location (an area with hardly any traffic, especially during night hours) gave us the advantage of planting the explosive device without having to make a warning phone call — something that would perhaps prompt the cops to deactivate the clockwork device which we would use, in order to protect the offices of their collaborators and friends, the chrissavgites/goldendawners.

Besides, the comrades who detonated the explosive device had checked the perimeter of the area prior to the attack, so that no random passerby would get injured. It was not our intention to cause damage to a signs-inscriptions shop on the ground floor, since our target was exclusively the Golden Dawn offices on the first floor. But we have to make it clear that those who tolerate being housed in the same building as the fascists are responsible for bringing the problem to their doorstep. Consequently, they should ask for compensation from their dastardly neo-Nazi neighbours. Continue reading Athens: Explosive attack at Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn offices

Toluca, Mexico: Double bombing attack against a branch of the Banorte bank and a bill payment office of the Telmex telecommunications company

We are all Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The CCF is not an organization or just another group. On the contrary, it is the antagonist expression of rage and contempt in the face of Power and its structures. To grasp* what the CCF really is, all you need is petrol, matches and the desire to fight for total liberation.”

In the fragrance of the wet earth we’ve found the inexhaustible processes of resistance that germinate the wild flower of anarchy. In the warmth of other species we’ve discovered the irreducible value of each individual that denies the instituted order and breaks away from fear and inaction. In the informality we’ve found the pleasure of individual revolt which is spontaneously capable of transforming itself into a plague.

We claim ourselves to be violent, rabid, savages, asexual; we are Conspiracy of Cells of Fire waging social war, angry expropriators of individuality. We take responsibility for the two explosive devices that were detonated at daybreak on November 29th, 2012 in the Mexican city of Toluca; the first one at a ‘Banorte’ bank branch and the second one at a ‘Telmex’ bill payment office.

Without much more to write, we let the actions themselves be the lubricant of solidarity; we thus call for an International Direct Action Week in solidarity with the always unyielding Mario Antonio López ‘Tripa’ from the 15th to the 22nd of December; may solidarity among acratists be expressed in a polymorphic manner.

For a Black Christmas!
For the destruction of prison society!

Anticivilization Fraction of the Earth Liberation Front
Affine to the Informal Anarchist Federation


* The FA/FLT/FAI write ‘entender’ (understand, grasp) instead of ‘extender’ (extend, spread) which appears in known versions of the same quote.

Athens: Spectacle of police terrorism against the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos at Evelpidon courts – A communiqué by all of the imprisoned comrades themselves

The trial against the imprisoned CCF members and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos was scheduled for the morning of June 27th at Evelpidon courts, in Athens. In addition to much heavier charges, all ten of them are now prosecuted even for incitement to criminal acts in relation to three texts that had been published online in October–November 2011. The first one was a solidarity text to the anarchist hangout Nadir (in Thessaloniki) and the second one concerned the preliminary investigation due to the text in solidarity with Nadir, both signed by the imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF and Theofilos Mavropoulos. On June 26th, one day before the trial at Evelpidon courts, a solidarity statement concerning this new prosecution against CCF members and Theofilos Mavropoulos was issued by the anarchist hangout Nadir.*

The third among the aforementioned texts that has also been included in the trial brief is not even their own, but it is a responsibility claim for incendiary attack on Studio ATA in Melissia, Athens, signed by the Deviant Behaviours for the Spreading of Revolutionary Terrorism/International Revolutionary Front (the same group that on June 29th, 2012, claimed responsibility for the explosive attack on the Greek headquarters of Microsoft in Maroussi, Athens, an action which was carried out in the early hours of Wednesday, June 27th).

That Wednesday morning, 27/6, a spectacular terror-show was set up by the agents of “citizen protection”. By 8.30am, dark-blue luxury jeeps and blue paddy-wagons of the special terror-unit set off from Koridallos prisons and crossed the city’s streets at high speeds, with flashing sirens wailing like crazy.

Eight of the imprisoned comrades attended the proceeding at Evelpidon courts, while two of them were absent (for non-alarming reasons). Among them was comrade Olga Ekonomidou, who looked well —she had finally come out of the solitary confinement of Diavata prisons and is expected to be transferred to Eleonas–Thebes prisons, given there will be no “unpleasant surprise” on the part of prison authorities.

A small-scale scuffle broke out when the imprisoned comrades were being transferred from the police paddy-wagons into a hellish basement at Building 9, because few thugs from anti-riot squads tried to provoke and push back the gathered people (by that time, nearly over a hundred), and even used police batons against solidaritarians. The incident soon came to an end, with no serious injuries.

The eight prisoners were locked up for approximately five hours in that basement. Numerous random people, and even lawyers passing by, were asking curiously in a whispery voice why were so many repressive forces lined up across the courtyard alleys, evidently terrorized at the sight of not only hooded and fully-armed blue cops but also of a total of five green police squads guarding closely for hours the space between the detention rooms and the solidaritarians.

When the prisoners’ transfer finally began from Building 9 to the courtroom in Building 2, within a distance of nearly 100 metres, it was already expected that the trial would be postponed after the counsel’s respective appeal. Police vehicles were parked close to each other, in order to block any visual contact with the captive comrades. Not more than 80 comrades were present then, what felt at least discouraging, bearing in mind the political importance of this prosecution as an attempted silencing of radical free speech. However, solidarity slogans were chanted lively in the alleys of courtyards, while several of the comrades, friends and relatives managed to accompany the smiling and proud CCF members as well as revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos inside the courtroom, who were all handcuffed and “escorted” tightly by “anti”terrorist hooded macho thugs.

Solidarity words included the following slogans: ‘The anarchist discourse cannot be penalized; cops and judges, go fuck yourselves’, ‘Freedom for the Cells of Fire’, ‘Praxis of anarchist is not just words; freedom for the anarchist comrades’, ‘The States are the only terrorists; solidarity with armed guerrillas’, ‘Only bursts of Kalashnikov would do justice and make you [cops] come to your senses’, ‘The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells’, ‘Rage and consciousness, denial and violence; down with statism, long live anarchy’…

People who stood outside the courtroom at the time were shouting out loud their solidarity and complicity with the accused, when a police squad passed near them; a cop was particularly irritated at the sound of an anti-Nazi slogan, so much as to raise his middle finger. He got the response he deserved—to put it in his ass, of course—but, other than that, comrades stayed calm, moved closer to the courtyard and focused on greeting with their strength and applauses the anarchist prisoners on their way back to the police vans, after the presiding judge had agreed to the postponement of the trial (set for December 2nd, 2013).

Unlike the conditions at the court-martial of Koridallos women’s prisons, where identity cards of visitors are withheld and returned upon exit from the courtroom, no one must give identity card upon entrance through the metal detectors in Evelpidon courts area. Nevertheless, the day was marked by ambushes of plainclothes cops who conducted identity checks of visitors earlier in the morning, as well as verbal provocations by anti-riot cops against attendees who were walking away from Building 2 after the trial process was over, by midday.

The jeeps and vans of the terror-unit drove off with sirens wailing once again, headed back to Koridallos prisons. After a while, one police battalion harassed two comrades who were leaving the area, asking for their identity cards. A “law enforcement officer” attempted to punch one of them, who was also chased by the murderers in uniform, but quickly got away. The bullying ended only after the squad’s leader ordered his sheep to come back to the herd.

So, this was not just another day at public courts. To try to put it in other words, it was a low turnout of attendees at the umpteenth trial against comrades, a long waiting within the disgusting environment of the temples of bourgeois justice, where court employees were pushing back and forth shopping trolleys (“expropriated” from supermarkets) laden with piles of trial briefs and judicial documents of countless cases against civilians; and it was a harsh reminder of the ongoing captivity of unrepentant revolutionary fighters, in the context of an overt prosecution of freedom of speech and solidarity.

* On July 2nd the anarchist hangout Nadir was raided once again, in the context of an extensive police operation across the city of Thessaloniki.
Here’s the communiqué by the imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase and anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos concerning the trial farce of June 27th:

[ Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 ]

On June 27th we stand trial charged with incitement to criminal acts in relation to three texts that were released when we found ourselves captives in the State’s prisons. One of these texts is a responsibility claim for arson on vehicle(s) belonging to a television production studio company by the group “Deviant Behaviours…” of the International Revolutionary Front (IRF), and the other two are our own announcements about the cops’ raid in the anarchist hangout Nadir (in Thessaloniki), as well as the interrogation that followed this text…

The phrase in question that annoyed the judicial mafia is “not 1 millimetre back; 9mms in cops’ heads.”

We could have not wasted even a single word about this case. The legal implications of this new prosecution are just a drop in the ocean for us.

We know that we have ahead of us predefined convictions to many decades in prison. How could we be concerned about a few months more, from one misdemeanor charge? But still… an anarchist of praxis cannot think with the legal reasoning of a lawyer.

This prosecution acquires a distinct political value. As already shown, the State, the prosecutorial authorities and police services have repeatedly tried all innovative methods and tactics against the CCF: members of the Conspiracy charged with abetments while being in custody; extension of remand in custody (by an order of new pretrial detention just few hours before the expiry of the 18-month period of the initial pretrial detention) against one of our comrades (Gerasimos Tsakalos) while he was hospitalized as a hunger striker; cooperation of the Italian and Greek authorities for our probable extradition to Italy; further prosecutions in relation to texts, etc.

It is written somewhere that the more your enemy persecutes you, the more it’s proven that you have succeeded hard blows against the enemy.

To us, the charges that fill the thousands of pages of our trial briefs are a title of honour. But we want to stress that, as anarchists of praxis, what we leave behind us unanswered becomes a legacy for the future; to the contrary, what we gain creates our perspective.

The fact that the prison guards can keep for two and a half months comrades locked up in solitary confinement cells, without the aggressive reflexes of anarchist solidarity being activated (with few exceptions), is undoubtedly a defeat.

If the daily attacks by dastard petty fascists and their presence on the street, in the squares and neighbourhoods won’t be met with the corresponding retaliation on our part, with knives, knuckledusters, fires and explosions, then they will mark the retreat of the enemy within.

The recoil of offensive actions from the new anarchist urban guerrilla warfare (with the exception of the anarchists of praxis and the cells of FAI-IRF) against the tension conditions of the social machine is obviously a victory of fear and repression.

We do not want to let fear and defeatism become our shadow. In spite of the times, we remain unrepentantly hardheaded and steadfast. We will not turn down the volume of our discourse or disarm our words.

The fact that we are being accused because of our texts for “inciting others to commit felony offenses” means that our words can still communicate with the doubters and deniers of our era and be transformed into actions. We are proud of it. We never liked hollow words. At the same time we never believed in, nor reconciled with democratic liberties and rights. We have always thought that they serve as a “showcase” for the police state and the social machine.

By the prosecution of our texts, even the last illusions that some people may maintain about democracy are withdrawn. Now the curtain of freedom of speech has been pulled back, and the judicial censorship has been exposed. Yet this is a good thing… Therefore, we will never talk about the “criminalization” of discourse and ideas.

We have always believed that the insurrectionist theory is accompanied by anarchist practices, as well as vice versa.

Logos and praxis (discourse and action) are inseparable concepts. The positive side of our prosecution is polarization. Once illusions are withdrawn from the scene, each and every one takes position. There are no innocents.

We respond to the fear of repression with the momentum of attack. Ignorance and indifference are repealed, and now decisions speak.

The dilemma is clear. Either with the society of the existent or the deniers of our era; either an appeased citizen or oppugning riotmaker; either an eternally indignant protestor or anarchist of praxis; either rule or exception, either now or never.


PS. In court, where we’re called to appear, we disdain the judicial marionettes and disregard the defense of our rights. After all, we have thrown the rights which democracy “grants” to us into fire long ago, along with our legal identities.

Our presence there and our stance are yet another insult and an affront to the laws’ Inquisitors.

It is a small part of the total anarchist war we declare against society of the State.

The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase and anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos

R.O. December 6th: Communiqué for the bomb attack against the ministry of Press in January 2010

On December 21st, 2008, the ‘Revolutionary Organization December 6th’ had fired bullets against Kougias (a well-known lawyer who defended Korkoneas, the cop murderer of Alexis Grigoropoulos) as well as against Pretenteris (a major sold-out TV presenter, one of the most arrogant and filthiest ‘journalists’ of the Greek corporate media). The same urban guerrilla group also claimed responsibility for a bomb attack against the general secretariat (ministry) of Press on January 15th, 2010, via this communiqué:

‘If keep your laws, the worse for you. The violence of the State legitimates the bloodiest of the reprisals and after the stifling voice of arms, you will hear another voice, even louder, the voice of dynamite…’

The armed struggle is one component of a multiform movement. It has its own space and time within the revolutionary history. It is an inevitable part of the struggle, not because the revolted human asks for it out of fetishism or whim, but because it will occur on his path as a result of a chain of incidents (political, social, and economical). In a power armed with uniformed killers, in a mechanism fortressed with jails-white cells, we draw a separative line between us and the enemy. As long as there will be laws that convict us, as long as you will keep burying alive our comrades, the more we will deepen the lines of armed conflict. Continue reading R.O. December 6th: Communiqué for the bomb attack against the ministry of Press in January 2010