Athens: Responsibility claim for explosion at the Kifissia tax office

In the early hours of Thursday, September 26, 2013 we placed an explosive device at the tax office located in Kifissia [a northern suburb of Athens], as a first response to the efforts of the State to be portrayed as the referee and punisher of its Golden-Dawn employees, and its creation of a spectacle that can serve as a smokescreen, aiming to conceal its own fascist style of governance, as well as the murderous new austerity measures. Fascism, just like presidential parliamentary democracy, is a model of Power that’s based on the current economic organization and promotes capitalist interests. The policies which are implemented are those mandated by the free market, interests of which will never be democratic—in reality, we neither see democracy and freedom applied in working environments, nor in everyday life, which is organized by capitalism. Modern totalitarianism is imposed by concentration camps, shootings of migrant farm workers, as happened in Manolada [in the Peloponnese], the shutdown of public hospitals, layoffs, movie-inspired invasions of squats, starvation wages, the imprisonment of fighters, the defamation of leaderless social struggles, the public stigmatization of [alleged] HIV-positive women, tax raids, and the existing and future memoranda with the IMF/ECB/EU Troika.

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas—which caused a torrent of righteous wrath against fascism to break out—has become something to be exploited by the government. The government has weighed the political costs of covering up another fascist assassination, and has artfully put a democratic-antifascist facade on display, highlighting two theories: the theory of two extremes, and that of the democratic arc. As for the first one, it is obvious that they attempt to tar actions against totalitarianism and the actions of the far-right with the same brush. This hard line against the anomie of the Nazis, an approach that is imposed by the current political balance, tends to also include acts of those who revolt, paving the way for a new wave of attacks against people that keep up the struggle. The “democratic arc”—worse still, the “antifascist front”—has the exact same objective. It is yet another political game, which teams up the systemic forces against every “extremism”. We would like to remind those who suddenly discovered the antifascist front that antifascist struggle, which has existed well before the Nazis entered the Greek parliament, is carried out by thousands of people, who have been attacked by fascists, and attacked fascists, for decades. This struggle must grow enormously; in order to do this, an essential requirement is to exclude all forces of the authoritarian spectrum that opportunistically proclaim themselves antifascist. The Golden Dawn, the ruling political parties, and the eternally apologetic and self-victimizing Left are the flies that adorn the turd of Power.

Being on the same wavelength as the government, TV channels alongside the rest of the conservative Press portray themselves as antifascists. The descendants of mavragorites [black marketeers during the Nazi occupation in Greece], costumed in their ministerial positions, hypocritically condemn the fascist stabbings, taking part in a game that is presented as fight against fascism. Well-paid journalists, arm in arm with politicians, thunder “No to fascism”. It is tragically ironic that those petty parrots dare to speak of antifascism when they have promoted the Golden Dawn for decades through systematic propaganda against the “foreign national criminals”, and bolstered national pride after some goals were scored by the national football team. Television, which lightly stupefies its viewers, has played its part in creating voters confident that they originate from the balls of Plato, and that their fate is none other than to accomplish great things because of their “white skin”.

This is how a climate of tolerance towards aggressions and tortures against people, both on the streets and at police stations, was created; even tolerance to murders, such as the fatal stabbing of 26 year old Shehzad Luqman on January 17, 2013 in Petralona by the fascists Christos Stergiopoulos and Dionisis Liakopoulos. The ticket inspector, who killed 19 year old Thanassis Kanaoutis on August 13, 2013 in Peristeri during a bus ticket inspection, is the typical cannibal created by the labour jungle, social insecurity and a tempest in the brain. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the murder of Pavlos Fyssas on September 18, 2013 in Amfiali at hands of Golden Dawn member Giorgos Roupakias, which initiated the chain reaction that the government now attempts to turn to its advantage.

Capital gives birth to fascism, the State raises it, and a critical mass of voters, who are idiots, but responsible all the same, provide the principle fuel. The logic of turning over responsibilities to politicians or trade unionists on the one hand, and the brainwashing by mass-domestication media on the other, has led to the current fascistization of a significant portion of the society. Individuals that live in fear because, even though they stepped over corpses, they did not ascend to the upper class, and hope to be saved by a messiah-leader, are the perfect supporters of a fascist party.

The role of the Golden Dawn has always been, and still is, to do the system’s dirty work, to make up the vanguard of the most extreme policies of the State. Nationalist formations exist to terrorize and enforce discipline on parts of the population, when the fear inflicted by the lawful means of the State doesn’t suffice to keep them away from radical solutions. We should not forget the dozens of attacks with homicidal intent, not only against migrant and local workers, but also more targeted parastatal attacks that for reasons of luck and operational inadequacy failed to deliver the desired (by them) results. The hand grenade which exploded outside the Immigrant Hangout [Steki Metanaston] in Exarchia, during a meeting of the association of conscientious objectors on February 24, 2009, the bomb at the [former] Xenia hotel on Mount Parnitha, which was detected on July 10, 2010, a few days after a two-day event organized by anarchists (a case which resulted to the arrest of henchman Christos Loukopoulos, an associate of the Golden Dawn), are some examples of the far-right action.

Obviously, organizations such as the Golden Dawn and the sort must be confronted accordingly, especially when they themselves raise the level of violence, but this must be done without forgetting that the target is primarily their employers: the State and the bosses, the financial establishment; capitalists such as Bobolas, Vardinogiannis, Kouris, and politicians that support them, and are supported by them, like the political families of Venizelos, Karamanlis, and Mitsotakis, those who hold key positions of the state machinery, consultants and chief executive officials such as Provopoulos [current governor of the Bank of Greece] and Kranidiotis [close advisor to the current prime minister, Antonis Samaras], and the designated scientists and journalists in their service.

Being an antifascist means being against the system that breeds fascism. The only front that will confront fascism is the same that will combat the bosses and the State.

Forces of the Revolutionary Arc

PS. We send our comradely regards, and solidarity, to captive fighters. Strength to those accused of the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani, whose trial begins [in Athens] on November 29, 2013.