Mexico: Explosive attack against a Banamex bank branch

Note from Contra Info: We received the following text on March 6th 2015, accompanied by this short introduction that precedes.

The following communiqué has arrived for its dissemination and claims the explosive attack at dawn on March 6th at a bank branch (Banamex) located in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos (in the State of Mexico), in Morelos street, near the corner of 9 de Junio Street, opposite the sports centre Siervo de la Nación. We call for the total destruction of the Capital and all civilisation that’s under its present yoke. Let us fight and act directly for total liberation. We agree that the war socially and against ourselves is here and now. Solidarity with all anarchist comrades imprisoned around the world.


Year 2015.

“… and say that there is no creation without destruction. The very notion of bringing some new beauty into being implies that an old ugliness has been swept away or blown up. Beauty defines itself in part (but precisely) by destroying the ugliness which is not itself.”
Hakim Bey

To all those who are fighting for freedom.

To all our affinities.

To refractory comrades worldwide.

To those who think of wild action more than well-regulated schemes.

Beyond the conventional struggle that is taking place every day in the streets and that fearfully proposes to fight the political system step by step through worn-out and deceptive tactics of “well-behaved” social activists within the framework of legality, we say that the frontal action of combat against the symbols of the Capital is underway at different levels of intensity. We have recognised that we are part of the social war that the state is waging at all levels: from the submission of the student and worker to the imposed conditioning of the social role, to the Capital’s business decisions that consequently cause hunger and poverty; war is here and it is our duty to ourselves to have to confront it as such.

We have the affinity to say that our clandestinity permeates beyond and despite ourselves, since we are not willing to accept doctrinaire thinking and its consequential daily inactivity, waiting for the true organisation of the masses. May positivist science burn to the ground, along with all its categorical imperatives that claim to hold the absolute truth! Specifically, we seek to destroy not only the symbols of the Capital and money, but also those who represent the deontological truth of this society. War is against the institutions of oppression whatever their name is, courts, prisons, schools, research institutes, psychiatric hospitals of the mind, barracks, or the usual places where politicians and businesspeople take refuge.

We do not claim ourselves as role models or icons to follow, our action is here and now, and we don’t idealise progressive historical events that prevent us to strike the real enemy, and even more so, lead us to deal with enemies right next to us, hesitating to think about their annihilation at the appropriate moment. The structure of Power is visible; instead, we remain in the invisibility of the moment, we are here and elsewhere, we are temporal but also permanent, we take the consequent action as far as we take ourselves. We will not repent to inflict the necessary blows, we’ll be annoying, and the ones whom everyone rejects, but we’ll still be those who act under the heaviest oppression. By all means possible we will get to fight for freedom.

We take this opportunity to send solidarity greetings to all the comrades incarcerated in the different prisons of the world. Rest assured that we will avenge your confinement. To compa Nikos Maziotis, Compa Chivo, Tamara Sol, Diego Ríos, Fernando Barcenas, Fernando Sotelo, to all compas in Chile and all the clandestine comrades on the run, especially Felicity Ryder and compa Mario Tripa, to the comrades in Greek and Italian prisons.

Social war and war against ourselves!

For the expansion of chaos and insurrection.

Urban Cell of Immediate Action “Iknoyotl”

[the meaning of iknoyotl in Nahuatl is orphanhood/misery/poverty]

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