Zaragoza, Spanish State: Responsibility claim for explosive attack at El Pilar cathedral

Besides, I have the right to leave the theatre when the comedy becomes odious to me and even to slam the door while leaving, at the risk of disturbing the tranquility of those who are satisfied with it.
Émile Henry

Authority, a basic principle of the society, exercises its dominion through various different institutions; the Church is one of the most important because of its historical complicity with the State-Capital, taking charge of laying the foundations of and perpetuating the current state of patriarchal and heteronormative oppression. The Basilica of the Pillar, in Zaragoza, is one of the most significant temples for the holders of Power. Visited by Franco on several occasions and by Pope John Paul II in 1982 and 1984, this cathedral stands as one of the main symbols and a meeting point of fascism. The Virgin Mary of the Pillar is considered the patroness and queen of Hispanishness; flags of all the States that dominate the Latin-American territory are hung inside the temple as real trophies. The Pillar Square is situated on side of the basilica and features the Hispanishness fountain, which draws the map of Central and South-American continent, taking a great deal of pride in the extermination caused by civilization.

Coupled with all of the above, the Virgin Mary of the Pillar was declared patroness of the college of young guards (the Guardia Civil cadet academy) in September of 1864, and she was proclaimed a patron saint of the gendarmerie assassins on Guardia Civil payroll in 1913. The order was signed by Alfonso XIII, the same one who was targeted by the anarchist that gave name to our group—whose memory we revived in another attack on a symbol of Power in February this year. The comrades killed in action live only through action.

After the triumph of fascism in 1939, the Basilica of the Pillar was declared national temple and sanctuary of the race. It became a prime location for Franco and his entourage, who gave central importance to it in the takeover of Zaragoza and their victory against the Aragon front. This is the temple where the corpse of Juan Soldevila lays, entrepreneur and cardinal killed by the anarchist group Los Solidarios in 1923 for being one of the financiers of the pistoleros hired by bosses. This noxious personage pertains to the history of this location, and he is remembered in every celebration which is emblematic of Power, such as the annual Hispanic Day, on October 12th, when our enemies arrogantly celebrate their colonialist expansion making prayers and pilgrimages in this space of intimacy, passing through its area in total tranquility.

However the habitual calmness was lost on October 2nd, 2013. At approximately 1.15pm, we installed an explosive device consisting of one butane gas bottle filled with two kilos of black powder, including a clockwork mechanism for its activation. This action did not intend to harm any parishioners or tourists, that is why we gave advance warning—ten minutes prior to detonation—to the newspapers El Periódico (Zaragoza) and El Heraldo as well as to the Basilica of the Pillar, so that they could evacuate the temple.

This action is intended to warn their attendees that fascist standards like this one are not and will never be secure locations.

Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral