Chile: A brief reflection on the September 8th bombing and its media consequences

“(…) Human strike, today, means
refusing to play the role of the victim.
Attacking it.
Reappropriating violence.
Arrogating impunity to ourselves.
Making the paralyzed citizens understand
that whether or not they go to war they are at war anyway.
That when people tell us it’s either you do this or you die, it’s always
do this and die.”
Tiqqun, “How Is It To Be Done?

Having read the Responsibility claim for bombings in Los Dominicos metro station and the Escuela Militar Subcentro underground gallery, we can reflect the following.

We had already suspected it from the official information, that’s why we didn’t want to join the social trial and construction of the persecutory media spectacle, despite the taunts and insults to which we were subjected; we lament the fact that various anarchists have blindly and voluntarily become a part of it, based on what they watched on their television—not for nothing did some amigas call them tele-anarchists—and only ended up showing desperation.

There have already been cases in other countries where people sustained injuries in attacks that were previously warned, something that the authorized channels of information do not say (even if some expect something different), for obvious reasons. This may be something to lament, but to negate it, pass judgment on it, or raise infantile theories so rapidly is a complete mistake; it just shows how mediatized the Chilean anarchism(s) has become.

The executants of various actions of war against the state of things are not worried beforehand—in relation to the actions themselves—about the subsequent improvement of control mechanisms that are typical of panopticism; not because war is not declared on vigilant institutions and agents, but because violent action is perceived to be fully justified and the only thing that makes the deployments of the forces of Power tremble, thus the repressive aggravation of the latter is not at all surprising.

We salute the persecuted and the kidnapped.
Solidarity in the social war.

Source: El Amanecer (September 18th, 2014)