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[USA] Posters for a hot September

Rebellion simmers in the streets and behind the prison walls. This poster series is a small contribution to the current momentum – may insurgents find each other and link up, even if they’re fighting on apparently disparate fronts!

The below files are ready to print and agitate.

Here’s to a hot September!

Freedom: color pdf | b&w pdf for printing

Orchestration: color pdf | b&w pdf for printing

Milwaukee: color pdf for printing

via: zinelibrary | a resource for subversive pdfs

Balkans: Actions in solidarity with the rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In February 2014, anarchists and antifascists from Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Skopje, Sombor, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Rijeka carried out actions in solidarity with the recent rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We support people’s revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We know that a large number of our fellow citizens think the same way. People from both sides of the Drina River are hungry, and we hope that protests in the neighbouring region will shake dormant Serbia. We call people to not subject themselves to sucked-out nationalist stories and dirty propaganda, and to unite against the common enemy: capitalism and the State. Working people, you’re hungry because of them. Because of parasites, bloodsuckers and thieves, and not because of someone from the other side of the river whose name you don’t even know and who is on the same shit like you,” said an antifascist from Niš. (source: blogtipomogo i, ii)

a) For anational liberation of B&H. Against political elites (A).
b) For anational liberation of B&H. Against IMF and World Bank (A).
[B&H = Bosnia and Herzegovina]
  Continue reading Balkans: Actions in solidarity with the rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

İstanbul: Cops stormed Taksim on June 11th

Announcement by the Revolutionary Anarchist Action
(Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet, DAF):

Against the State and police terror: Our rage is growing, so does our struggle!

The ongoing occupation of Taksim Square and Gezi Park was attacked by the police this morning (June 11th, 2013). After the meeting of the council of ministers yesterday, the police came to the square early in the morning, at about 7 o’ clock, and while shooting tear gas the repression forces made announcements that they are not going to attack the park. Hundreds of police officers entered Taksim Square pleading that there will be no attack to the park and saying that only banners will be removed. While the banners on the Atatürk Cultural Centre were moved away, another group of police wanted to remove the tents in the square. People tried to stop this, and police attacked the protesters with tear gas.

While the police attack was underway, many people started to come to the square against this fascist attack. To prevent people from coming, the police fired tear gas into the subway, and Taksim metro station was closed for transportation. Continue reading İstanbul: Cops stormed Taksim on June 11th

Turkey: Fans of three major football teams marched as İstanbul United


On June 8th, in İstanbul, Çarşı group gathered at approximately 7pm in the district of Beşiktaş and marched to Taksim Square.

They have also hanged this banner from the Atatürk Cultural Centre, in Taksim (Optik, pictured on the banner, is a man that formed Çarşı and gave Beşiktaş sport club’s supporters a political perspective). Çarşı group have been very brave and effective during the clashes, and have enormous support from people. Continue reading Turkey: Fans of three major football teams marched as İstanbul United

Dortmund, Germany: Solidarity action with the revolt in Turkey

On the 4th of June an unauthorized anarchist rally took place at the Katharinentreppen, just opposite the main railway station of Dortmund, and a spontaneous demonstration followed on the city’s central commercial street, Westenhellweg.

Around 80 participants were gathered at the rally, which began at 7pm according to schedule. Three militant speeches were read out: the first was the text of a flyer that was given out to hundreds of passers-by during the demo; the second speech did not only mention the riots and police violence in Turkey, but made reference also to the repression during the Blockupy-protests in Frankfurt (a few days ago); the last contribution dealt generally with riots and indicated the possibilities of anarchist activity, making it also clear that violence primarily emanates from the domination and not the rioters. We consciously decided to carry out this action without a loudspeaker truck, in order to be more flexible in case of police attack, and to generate a different combative spirit.

It is also encouraging for us that only one Turkish national flag as well as two flags of the Pirate Party appeared during the gathering, but were not carried during the spontaneous demonstration. After the reading of speeches, the participants decided to take their solidarity to the streets of downtown Dortmund, and a loud demonstration of nearly 70 people, unauthorized and without police presence, reached the Reinolidkirche.

Fliers were passed out and slogans were chanted, such as ‘İsyan, Devrim, Anarşi (Revolt, Revolution, Anarchy)’, ‘Amore, Anarchia, Autonomia (Love, Anarchy, Autonomy)’, ‘Istanbul, das war Mord; Wiederstand an jedem Ort (Istanbul: that was murder; resistance everywhere)’, ‘No Justice, No Peace, Fight the Police,’ and ‘Taksim ist überall, Taksim ist hier (Taksim is everywhere, Taksim is here)’.

Even for a while, the march breached the capitalist normality in the commercialized city centre of Dortmund, and several people showed positive reaction to the demo, which ended at the Reinoldikirche. As the comrades dispersed, police car lights could be seen from a distance down the Westenhellweg. In the following minutes tens of patrol cars drove through the city centre, looking for suspicious people. To our knowledge, only a few persons were stopped by police for ID checks hundreds of meters away, in the park north of the railway station.

We consider this rally and demonstration a big success. In Dortmund especially — where everything viewed even remotely as ‘radical-left’ is being suppressed by all means — we managed to ‘do our own thing’; with self-determination and no cops around. It’s been a long time since an anarchist/radical-left demo took place so unmolested. We hope that we have set a signal, not just of solidarity with the struggling people in Turkey but also locally in Dortmund. We are aware that this success was only made possible due to total failure of the police. However, we are optimistic that there can be a self-confident culture of demonstrations in the future, and that the anarchist movement in the Ruhr region will gain more strength.

For more self-determined actions! Be unpredictable for the repression organs!
Freedom to all prisoners in Turkey! Keep the revolt going!
İsyan, Devrim, Anarşi! Revolt, Revolution, Anarchy!

Anarchists from the Ruhr region

Source / in Turkish

İstanbul: Reportback from Beşiktaş and Taksim

The TV channel CNNtürk broadcasted a documentary about penguins at the same time that thousands of people were clashing out on the streets, so somebody made this video to mock them:


In the morning of June 3rd, after two days of heavy clashes in the district of Beşiktaş, police presence there was huge. Cops were deployed in Abbasağa Park and Dolmabahçe in huge numbers, and around the Beşiktaş Square in smaller groups.

In the afternoon, high school students were gathered in the entrance of Çarşı, all dressed in black in order to show their solidarity with Gezi Park resisters. They were chanting slogans, while police kept away from them. At about 9pm, people in all of the surrounding neighbourhoods appeared on windows of the houses and made noise with their metal pots and spoons, or whatever they were able to find to join the noise protest. This went on for maybe half an hour.

Thousands of people assembled in Taksim again, in the 6th day of the occupation of Taksim Gezi Park. Police forces were located on Dolmabahçe Gazhane Road, east of İnönü Stadium. Resisters on İnönü Road (Gümüşsuyu) built new barricades all the way down to the stadium. There were 7 to 8 barricades along that road. Clashes on this avenue continued for hours, starting in the evening and lasting till late at night. Repression squads were using tear gas of course, but this time it was heavier and denser, because even people far away from the area where the tear gas bombs fell were badly affected. Continue reading İstanbul: Reportback from Beşiktaş and Taksim

Turkey: Raw news from the Taksim Gezi Park struggle and ongoing riots

Banner on Lesvos Island (opposite Turkish shores): ‘Solidarity with the rebels in Turkey’

On June 1st we were in Taksim at about 3pm. After clashes that started in the morning, police was forced to leave the area. The cops disappeared for some hours. For two hours there was no police presence in any area in downtown İstanbul (European side). People occupied the Taksim Square and Gezi Park. The number of people was huge. All of the park, square and roads that lead to this area were full of people. All the construction barriers that were closing the west side of the park were destroyed by protesters. Some of the police barriers were removed and were thrown down to the road that goes to the newly constructed underground tunnel. Others were used in the barricades built by protesters. The police hut in the south of the park looking down the square was set on fire and the anti-riot vehicle left there by police was destroyed, too. One police car in the same place was turned over and destroyed as well. People were filled with joy and they were taking souvenir photos in front of the destroyed vehicles and building. North of the Park is Hyatt Regency hotel and at the entrance garden of the hotel there was a police car thrown into the pool. Four public buses were left at the crossroad that is near and were also damaged.



At around 6pm we learned from our comrades that clashes started to take place in Beşiktaş, where the office/house of Tayyip Erdogan is located. People were attacking from four directions: from the Beşiktaş Square (east), Dolmabahçe road (west), Akaretler (northwest) and Ortabahçe road (north). Police was stuck there with four anti-riot vehicles with water cannons and around 150 police officers at the entrance of Hayrettin İskelesi street. At all directions barricades were erected. After some hours police was able to push people, and repression forces expanded. New barricades were set on Mumcu Bakka street and Süleyman Seba road to prevent the police force from entering the Çarşı, which is the bazaar area of Beşiktaş where people hang out. Police used plastic bullets when the people’s attack intensified. Clashes continued till around 1.30am (2/6). Finally police used excessive amount of gas bombs to disperse the crowd, and people left the barricades and took shelter in the shops and bars around, or regrouped in inner streets of Beşiktaş.

Meanwhile resisters in Taksim built huge barricades on the roads and streets around the square and Gezi Park all night. Also, people torched construction vehicles. Buses, cars, construction materials, police barriers, thrash containers, etc. were used as barricades. Continue reading Turkey: Raw news from the Taksim Gezi Park struggle and ongoing riots

Turkey: Few slogans chanted in the streets of İstanbul – Ongoing street protests and police repression on June 1st

solidarity banner at Liontaria square in Heraklion, Crete (Greece)

faşizme karşı omuz omuza / stand shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism

hükümet istifa / government, resign

katil Erdoğan / murderer Erdoğan

Taksim bizim, İstanbul bizim / Taksim is ours, Istanbul is ours

direne direne kazanacağız / we will win by resisting

her yer Taksim, her yer direniş / everywhere is Taksim, resistance is everywhere

sık bakalım, sık bakalım, biber gazı sık bakalım, copunu bırak, kaskını çıkar, delikanlı kim bakalım / shoot it, shoot it, fire the tear gas, drop your baton, take your helmet off, then we see who’s the tough guy

hepiniz orospu çocuğusunuz / you’re all son of bitches [to the police]

orospu çocuğu Tayyip Erdoğan / son of a bitch Tayyip Erdoğan

solidarity banner in Thessaloniki (Greece): ‘Solidarity with the rebels in Turkey. Rebellion now and forever’

There is no official confirmation of the deaths as of yet.

In Istanbul, on 1/6, the cops left the Taksim Gezi Park for a while. Then people gathered to occupy the park again. Soon thereafter, the police stormed the area to remove the protesters.

Recent updates in Turkish : 1, 2, 3

Comrades’ message from the streets of Istanbul at 17:15 (local time): “We did it. Taksim square and Gezi Park occupied. Police pulls back; they’re leaving. People celebrate inside Gezi Park. One police car, with ‘sikik (fucked)’ written on it, was overturned and set on fire…”

İstanbul, Turkey: Raw updates from the occupation at Taksim Gezi Park

Crowd of protesters at Istiklal street, Istanbul

Please contribute info from the streets.

The occupation of Taksim Gezi Park in İstanbul began on May 28th, 2013. Following the police raid in the park area on May 30th, hackers from the RedHack sabotaged the website of the Beyoglu police headquarters in response to the morning attack.

The occupation continued, and thousands of people gathered to resist the government’s plans (to build a shopping centre and destroy the green area). It soon became one of the largest mobilizations for years, with various different participants (from radical activists to NGOs, etc.), resembling the worldwide Occupy movement.

On May 31st, street clashes started from 5am in İstanbul. The resistance grew wider, while the police fired an incredible amount of tear gas bombs. Before yet another crackdown, supporters from three major football teams (Besiktas, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce) took to the streets united. Clashes continued late in the evening. The number of people in the streets was enormous. In every way, thousands were trying to reach Taksim square. After 16 hours of street fighting, the struggle went on. Continue reading İstanbul, Turkey: Raw updates from the occupation at Taksim Gezi Park

Hamburg, Germany: Demonstration in solidarity with struggles in Greece and everywhere

Demonstration on 27.4.2013, starting at 15.00 from Achidi-John-Platz, Rote Flora, in Hamburg

For the social uprising! Solidarity with self-organized struggles in Greece and worldwide! For the destruction of Power!

March against the economic crisis of the system, the rise of neo-fascism, the increased state repression, the eviction of squats and the crackdowns on migrants… but also in solidarity with self-organized struggles and attacks against the State, in solidarity with comrades who continue to fight by all means to destroy the civilization of Power.

We support self-organized projects, squats, imprisoned comrades, and the struggles against the State, Capital and every authority. When we look at Greece, what we share is the ideas against any form of domination as well as the passion for freedom. We want to break the monotony and oppressive normalcy that prevail in these parts, and fight together toward liberation from Power. Our purpose is not the sterile expression of solidarity with struggles taking place 2,000 km away from here. The enemy is common. Our aim is to attack structures that nourish this violent and decayed system; our aim is a social uprising that will overthrow the system.

More info in German: i, ii

Germany: Direct action in solidarity with the revolts in Greece

Bielefeld, Germoney, Friday, February 17th

Our hearts beat for freedom. When we look to Greece where thousands, each time more intense, rise in revolts against State, Capital, social cuts, exploitation and oppression and show their anger, they beat even faster.

In solidarity with the revolting we want to take part in spreading the uprising here, in the nearly pacified territory of capitalism.

We stand full of passion for a free, solidaritarian society in which everyone self-determines her_his life and in which money has no role when it comes to the question of (basic) needs.

In deep denial of the ruling system of money, privileges and authority, we took our anger against the windows of a ?Commerz?bank and an ATM in the city of Bielefeld in the night of February 17th.

anarchist group

Athens: Anarchist posters calling for demonstrations on November 17th

Anarchist posters calling for demonstrations on November 17th, commemorating the Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973 against the Greek military junta (1967–1974):

Faced with economic and political crash we should create the conditions for the revolutionary organization of our class, wherever social and class struggle is daily developed, and crash the mediation mechanisms, syndicalist bureaucracies and political parties’ manipulators.

Demonstration: November 17th, 14.00, Klafthmonos Square

Polytechnio 2011

Faced with the darkness of every tyranny and slavery
we choose the bright way of struggle and humanity
to let the sun of freedom shine

Gathering: Thursday, 17.11.2011, 15.30, Syntagma
Anarchist Archives Group of Athens

“Athens Polytechnic School was evacuated; the army intervened by tanks”

NOW, BY BANKS [2011]
“The government confessed bankruptcy; poll tax and salaries freeze”


November 17th, 1973. The youth revolts, the anti-dictatorship struggle approaches its peak. After 38 years, we see that nothing’s ended. [. . .]

We don’t forget the attacks by police/security forces in major strikes, the terrorism laws, the beatings and arrests, the frame-up trials, the abolition of the university asylum, the training of military units to suppress demonstrations, and of course the political prisoners. The Church cannot escape our criticism; this parasitic institution pushes believers to inaction and wishful thinking, while its property, the power of its bodies and their interests align themselves with the camp of shipping tycoons, big industrialists and bankers. To those who are still lured by the conservative calls of this reactionary mechanism we can only say that change does not come with prayers.

Living — as we all do — in today’s capitalist crisis and wanting to emphasize the timeliness of the Polytechnic uprising, we considered important to invite the local community to a march in the neighbourhoods of Ano Glyfada, Elliniko and Argyroupoli. We thereby open multiple fronts of resistance and conflict, and create relations of solidarity by promoting the idea and the importance of decentralized action.

We reject any kind of racist and fascist attitudes, setting as first target Solidarity and Decentralization.


Local demonstration in Ano Glyfada, Elliniko and Argyroupoli
(southern suburbs of Athens)
Gathering point: November 17th, 16.00, Aghios Tryphonas Square, Ano Glyfada
Anarchist collectivity from Elliniko, Argyroupoli, Ano Glyfada

also —> poster calling to the anarchist block in Heraklion, Crete

No prosecution of the revolted in Greek prisons

On April 2007, an uprising in Koridallos prison was held in solidarity to the detainees in Malandrino prisons, who had revolted after the anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was beaten up [inside the same hellhole]. The revolt in Koridallos prison wings was suppressed by police squads.
On 14 January [2011], 23 prisoners stand trial for ‘disobedience, sedition and inciting attitude’ facing additional penalties of at least 10-year imprisonment.
They stand trial because they claimed their self-evident rights.
The criminal charges against the 23 were filed after the deposits of Koridallos prisons’ officials: Vassilis Lambrakis (chief warden), Panagiotis Panagopoulos (deputy warden), Vassilis Kalogeropoulos (jailer).

Solidarity gathering
14 January, 9.00am
Courts of Piraeus

3-5, Filonos Skouze Str., Piraeus



Struggle for Freedom against the State of Terror. December 6th, 2010

Nationwide report on the demonstrations of December 6th and the unprecedented police aggression. Solidarity actions around the world.


Morning demonstration: Since early this morning spontaneous gatherings and demonstrations of students take place in various neighborhoods of Athens, in order to massively move downtown , rejecting in practice the typical 3-hour absence from classes and going out to the street, responding with total abstinence. Gatherings and demos took place at Peristeri (where an attack to the local police station and the breaking of a police car take place) , Philadelphia,Egaleo (where about 200 students close the main streets and move in a threatening manner against the police station). Also there are strong clashes with police officers, when they try to arrest some of the students. Intensity is also caused in Koridallos, outside prison, where 3 students are arrested. Solidarity march is directly organised to the local police stations with attacks against the riot police(MAT). Demontration of 150 students is directed towards the city center from the district of Psychiko, while parallel demos of students from the nothern suburbs are approaching the center of Athens, closing central highways. Continue reading Struggle for Freedom against the State of Terror. December 6th, 2010

Athens: 17th of November in 1973, The uprising of the Polytechnic

The uprising of the Polytechnic in 1973, was the raging outburst of all the rebels and the fighting spirits, who once more overthrew every stereotype and characteristic attributed to them by the Dominant ideology. It was neither an isolated nor a random incident. It was prepared and pre-announced by organized student demonstrations, labor protests and social strugglers during the years of the military junta.

A record of some major events until the 17th of November, 1973: Continue reading Athens: 17th of November in 1973, The uprising of the Polytechnic