Hamburg, Germany: Demonstration in solidarity with struggles in Greece and everywhere

Demonstration on 27.4.2013, starting at 15.00 from Achidi-John-Platz, Rote Flora, in Hamburg

For the social uprising! Solidarity with self-organized struggles in Greece and worldwide! For the destruction of Power!

March against the economic crisis of the system, the rise of neo-fascism, the increased state repression, the eviction of squats and the crackdowns on migrants… but also in solidarity with self-organized struggles and attacks against the State, in solidarity with comrades who continue to fight by all means to destroy the civilization of Power.

We support self-organized projects, squats, imprisoned comrades, and the struggles against the State, Capital and every authority. When we look at Greece, what we share is the ideas against any form of domination as well as the passion for freedom. We want to break the monotony and oppressive normalcy that prevail in these parts, and fight together toward liberation from Power. Our purpose is not the sterile expression of solidarity with struggles taking place 2,000 km away from here. The enemy is common. Our aim is to attack structures that nourish this violent and decayed system; our aim is a social uprising that will overthrow the system.

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