Balkans: Actions in solidarity with the rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In February 2014, anarchists and antifascists from Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Skopje, Sombor, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Rijeka carried out actions in solidarity with the recent rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We support people’s revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We know that a large number of our fellow citizens think the same way. People from both sides of the Drina River are hungry, and we hope that protests in the neighbouring region will shake dormant Serbia. We call people to not subject themselves to sucked-out nationalist stories and dirty propaganda, and to unite against the common enemy: capitalism and the State. Working people, you’re hungry because of them. Because of parasites, bloodsuckers and thieves, and not because of someone from the other side of the river whose name you don’t even know and who is on the same shit like you,” said an antifascist from Niš. (source: blogtipomogo i, ii)

a) For anational liberation of B&H. Against political elites (A).
b) For anational liberation of B&H. Against IMF and World Bank (A).
[B&H = Bosnia and Herzegovina]

Belgrade – lgbt/queer intervention
a) “When law become injustice, resistance becomes duty”.
b) “Don’t you see that it’s not gays who fuck you but capitalism…”
c) “Solidarity against fascism and police terror.”
d) “One love for working B&H”.

a) “Burning, burning…” [reference to popular hip-hop song]
b) “As in Bosnia, so in Ljublj(A)na – against the dictatorship of capital!”
a) “Let revolution shine, on both sides of river Drina – AFA Niš”
b) “Support to popular rebellion in Bosnia! – (A)FA Niš”.
c) “Working class against capitalism. Support to Tuzla – (A)ntifa Niš”.
[AFA = Antifascist action]
Novi Sad
a) “Support to the people of B&H, AFA.”
b) “Support to the working people of B&H, AFANS.”
c) “Rise up, people! Solidarity with people of B&H, AFANS.”
[AFANS = Antifascist Action Novi Sad]

a) “Let B&H be example to us! Rijeka in solidarity.”
b) “Politicians and tycoons, you don’t have reason to sleep calmly.”
c) “Resistance – Rebellion turns slaves into humans.”
a) Banner reads: Solidarity.
b) “Solidarity with people of B&H. Death to nationalism. One Balkan, one struggle.”

“Support to working people of B&H. AFASO.
[AFASO = Antifascist Action Sombor)
a) “Class struggle 2014”
b) “No war between peoples, no peace between classes.”
c) “Freedom is not just club from Tuzla.”
[Freedom = Sloboda; in Tuzla there’s a football club Sloboda]

Also, following a call via social networks, two solidarity gatherings took place in Belgrade and Zagreb with the participation of a few hundred people from various different spectra (anarchists, antifascists, leftists, students, workers…).

Footage from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with scenes from the solidarity gathering in Belgrade, Serbia:

More on events in Bosnia and Herzegovina: CrimethInc i, ii

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