Germany: Direct action in solidarity with the revolts in Greece
Bielefeld, Germoney, Friday, February 17th

Our hearts beat for freedom. When we look to Greece where thousands, each time more intense, rise in revolts against State, Capital, social cuts, exploitation and oppression and show their anger, they beat even faster.

In solidarity with the revolting we want to take part in spreading the uprising here, in the nearly pacified territory of capitalism.

We stand full of passion for a free, solidaritarian society in which everyone self-determines her_his life and in which money has no role when it comes to the question of (basic) needs.

In deep denial of the ruling system of money, privileges and authority, we took our anger against the windows of a ?Commerz?bank and an ATM in the city of Bielefeld in the night of February 17th.

anarchist group