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Barcelona: McDonald’s spray-painted in solidarity with US prison strike

In the early hours of September 9th, some anarchists of Barcelona went to McDonald’s on Travessera de Gràcia Street to show our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades on strike in the United States.

A small action with which we intend to manifest that solidarity between the oppressed knows no borders or nations.

We also took advantage of this occasion to point to this multinational as responsible for the assassination and exploitation of countless human and nonhuman beings, making it clear that we won’t allow them to continue their criminal work without encountering resistance from the oppressed.

Against every authority!
Death to the State and its false opponents.

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Catalonia: Lleida Chamber of Commerce attacked

On Monday June 27th 2016, the Chamber of Commerce in Lleida woke up with the facade paint-bombed and the front door windows smashed, this being a minimum gesture of solidarity with the comrades in Girona* and the continuity of a daily struggle that doesn’t stop in the face of repression or prosecution.


* based on the title of the original post in Catalan, this was an act of solidarity with the ‘14N strikers’, eight persons who stood trial the same day (27/06) for attempting to read out a statement at Girona Chamber of Commerce during the general strike of November 14th 2012

Barcelona: Attack in solidarity with the comrade arrested on April 13th

In the early hours of June 22nd 2016, we decided to break the routine of the city of Barcelona and show our solidarity with the comrade arrested on April 13th, who will soon be extradited to Germany,* by shattering the windows of the offices of FEDA (German business school) with hammers.

The FEDA German dual business training school, located at Provença Street in the neighbourhood of Clot, is dedicated to training managers, those who aspire to become our future bosses and exploiters, i.e. the capitalist scum. This school is directly linked to the German state, but we don’t forget that the Spanish state and the Mossos d’Escuadra (Catalan police) were the ones that conducted the arrest.

By attacking those offices we send a strong hug to the comrade; we also take this opportunity to encourage everyone to extend solidarity in a multiform manner using direct action. Don’t forget, the nights accompany us, and attack on the structures of Power must multiply.


* the compañera was extradited to Germany the last day of June 2016

Barcelona: Deutsche Bank branch sabotaged

On May 21st 2016, we attacked a branch of Deutsche Bank located at Gran de Sant Andreu Street. All windows and the ATM screen were smashed, and slogans were spray-painted demanding the release of the compañera who was arrested on April 13th, accused of robbing a Vatican bank in the German city of Aachen.

We encourage everyone to continue actions and displays of solidarity with those subjected to imprisonment and reprisals for fighting.

The struggle is the only way.

Barcelona, summer of 2016

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Barcelona: El Corte Inglés travel agency attacked

(picture from Manresa)

During the night of December 28th 2015 – the same day that several people were arrested and taken to the police station to testify concerning pickets that took place against El Corte Inglés – we attacked the offices of this company’s travel agency, located at the premises of Hipercor, near Meridiana Avenue, in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu. All windows of the store were smashed as a direct response to this repressive maneuver, orchestrated by the Information Brigade of Mossos [d’Esquadra; Catalan police] to defend the interests of the mafia business group El Corte Inglés.

The actions of sabotage will continue until the company retracts its demand that civil liability for damage be paid by the two protesters charged for participation in the general strike of March 29th 2012.


Spanish State: Rabbits liberated in Barcelona



Over recent years in Spain, specifically in Catalonia, rabbit farming has been severely affected by the crisis, and many farms have closed over the past 5 years.

Several times, as we were watching possible targets, we approached to see the security inside and found out they were abandoned.

Similarly we can also confirm that Animal Liberation actions have decreased in the Spanish State since the crisis began. This is probably due to the lack of resources of those of us who take part in this struggle and because of the migration towards other struggles by many people as well.

But on September 20th 2015 we got out of our temporary lethargy; that night we went to a rabbit farm situated in the province of Barcelona and released 20 animals that were inside.

There were 20 in this action but we hope there are more actions to come, by which we could liberate many more and damage this murderous industry. We believe this is a perfect moment to strike blows and cause an industry which barely survives, for several years now, to fall once and for all.

We are aware that this depends on our organizational capacity and our determination but, as has happened in other places where effective campaigns have been carried out, we can close down the few remaining farms.

We dedicate this action to the anarchists who have been repressed by the operations “Pandora”, “Piñata”, as well the prisoners accused of belonging to “Commando Mateo Morral”.

We also send a warm hug to Evi Statiri, who at the time of writing these lines has ended her hunger strike, because the Greek authorities have accepted her release from prison.


ALF – The Boar family, the Zorrilla and the Owl

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Barcelona: Cash machine burnt in solidarity with hunger striker José Antúnez Becerra

[March 10th]

A few days before the week of solidarity with hunger striker José Antúnez Becerra, we burnt an ATM in the city of Barcelona.

Antúnez Becerra has spent more than 40 years deprived of freedom in the jails of the state, without ceasing to revolt from within prison walls. He was sentenced to 19 years for taking part in the rebellion of the prison of Quatre Camins in Barcelona in 2004. 19 years for rebelling against the daily imposed torture of prisoners.

We feel rage and a deep disgust against all democratic institutions that seek to make us “live” in constant submission to their shitty laws. We are in active solidarity by rage and fire with the courageous struggle of Antúnez, on hunger strike since January 23rd 2015, saying it’s either freedom or death. We stay on guard and we want him free in the street.

For the intensification of the anarchist offensive against all states, their prisons and their henchmen. So the anti-authoritarian rage explodes into the streets and ignites solidarity.

Prisoners to the streets.
Fire to the prisons.
Against all authority.

Catalonia: Sabotage in solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

In the morning of Friday 30th January, just after the secrecy of the investigation was lifted and the news disseminated of the impending conditional bailing of comrades, we decided to express our solidarity in the streets. We sabotaged the cashpoints and the windows of the following Santander Bank offices:

In Mataró, the branches in the streets of Camí del Mig, Plaza de Granollers, Plaza Santa Anna, Carrer Sant Cugat, Avenida de América, Via Europa. We also sabotaged the branches of the same bank in El Masnou, Vilassar de Mar and Premià de Mar.

We chose the bank Santander because it is the only entity responsible for managing the cash flow in prisons of the Spanish State, generating around 100 million euros per year, according to official figures. Speculating and turning a profit on the basis of this important amount of money, the fruit of suffering and incarceration of thousands of people.

We celebrate the fact that our comrades are again on the outside, but even so, we are well aware that we still have a long and difficult path ahead, and that as long as resistance exists against the domination of the capitalist system, the state and it’s repressive mechanisms will try to put an end to it.

That the flame of solidarity isn’t put out.

Freedom for Mónica and Francisco!

Barcelona: Reportback from demonstration in solidarity with those detained in Operation Pandora

Freedom for prisoners (A)
We do not have fear (A)

On Saturday, December 27th, 2014, at 5pm, demonstrators took to the streets in the city centre of Barcelona in solidarity with anarchists detained in the context of Operation Pandora at the request of Judge-executioner Javier Gómez Bermúdez.

Protesters started to march on broad streets, shouting slogans in solidarity with the detainees, and against the police, prisons and the State. The demonstration ended up in the Gracia area. Upon entering this neighbourhood, hooded comrades uninhibitedly attacked many bank branches, several multinational shops, as well as the 5-star Casa Fuster hotel (which was the Nazi Germany’s consulate in Barcelona in 1936, prior to being the headquarters of the revolution’s defense committee in the spring of 1937, until it was taken by the Falange in 1939, and became a luxury hotel during the Transition, after the associative neighbourhood movement attempted to turn it into social facilities).

Despite several threats from the police to assault demonstrators, a good part of the comrades withstood together to keep attacking the representatives of Capital in the city. We called it a day after disposing the material used for attacks, and then marched in groups away from the area.

No arrests were reported.

Immediate release of our comrades!

Fire to this social peace built on our imprisoned brothers and sisters!

Death to the State and long live anarchy!

Brieva prison, Spain: Mónica Caballero on Operation Pandora

If I were to choose a different life I would not change it for anything

I vividly remember the intoxicating feeling that came over me when I began to question authority; I remember the many contradictions and questions. In this discovery of ideas I found many people that made their ideas into material practices in their libraries, publications, social centres, etc. … in their everyday life … they lived the ideas in the here and now. It did not take long for me to want to do the same.

I remember the anxiety I felt when I heard there were comrades incarcerated for putting their ideas of freedom into practice; sisters of ideas in all corners of the world in the jaws of the panoptic beast. That distressing feeling never changed, but is accompanied by gestures of solidarity.

We are many, the anarchists that find ourselves on the other side of the big wall, and after Tuesday, December 16th, our numbers have grown.

The tentacles of Power dropped into anarchist spaces, libertarian social centres, squatted houses and residences of several acratists in Catalonia and Madrid. The hunt captured eleven comrades; of these seven have been kept in prison, accused of belonging to an armed gang terrorist in nature. It is no coincidence that the arrestees are part of my immediate circle; indeed, more than half of them frequently visited me in prison. The judicial-policial gavel has punished solidarity.

I cannot keep silent before such misery; the State’s repressive revenge borders delirium. The information media (spokespeople of dominators) talk about chiefs and subordinates; I stress to them and anyone who harbours any doubts: We are anti-authoritarians; no one is above me, nor am I above anyone!

The spaces attacked in Catalonia were not arbitrarily targeted; firstly, the Kasa de la Muntanya is an important symbol of squatting, and having maintained distance from the capitalist logic for 25 years, they have made their contribution to a great many generations of dissidents to this system of terror. The libertarian social centres and anarchist spaces that were struck never hid their ideals, providing a fertile ground for sowing the seeds of freedom.

The costs in this struggle for the reclamation of our lives are very high; nobody said it would be easy, but undoubtedly if I were to choose a different life I would not change it for anything. In this fight against domination no cages or walls can silence our voices, but without you, comrades, our voices are only transformed in echoes.

If any of you, my beloved comrades recently incarcerated, are ever able to read these words, I tell you that I’m certain you will remain incorruptible and rise to the occasion as you always have.

I remember every time I read or heard that solidarity is a necessary weapon for anarchists. Today, I hope that those memories come true … making our ideas into action.

Penitentiary Centre of Brieva, December 2014.

Pandora’s box and the hotchpotch of Spanish anti-terrorism

(Anarchists at the Spanish consulate in San Francisco, USA)

The morning of Tuesday the 16th of December has surprised us with a wave of house raids and arrests. Surprised us? We are not going to lie. Let’s start again. The morning of the 16th of December has NOT surprised us. The autonomous Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, and the Guardia Civil and judiciary powers of the Audiencia Nacional stormed more than ten houses and a few anarchist spaces in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid, with house raids, arrests, confiscation of propaganda material and information, to also use the occasion to enter and plunder, with the entire riot police team of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Kasa de la Muntanya, a squatted place that has existed for 25 years.

According to the media, which as usual are proving their role as police spokespersons, the goal of these arrests is to break up “a criminal organisation with terrorist goals and a violent anarchist character”. Although it seems easy to repeat an often used phrase, we will do it anyway: the only criminal organisation that terrorises people with its violent character is the State and its tentacles: the media, the juridical apparatus, its repressive bodies and its politicians, whatever spectre they belong to.

Why did the repressive action not surprise us? Because we were expecting it.

It is not about pretending to be oracles or something, but about being able of reading between the lines, and sometimes literally, the things that happen. As it happened with the arrests of other comrades last year, since a long time they have been busy orchestrating waves like last Tuesday’s against libertarian and anti-authoritarian milieus, and even though the different razzias weren’t that big they do show a prospect of similar situations.

Operation “Italian style”

Since a few decades the anarchist milieu in neighbouring Italy experiences every now and again, and in the past years with more regularity, macro-operations that are similar to the one on Tuesday. Not only because of the format of the spontaneous razzias and house raids in several houses, also because of the use of names that are easy to remember and carry a certain dark humour, as in this operation, called Pandora because this case, as the media repeats after its juridical sources, “was a box that despite the numerous frights it has given us could not be opened”. By “numerous frights” they refer to several actions that took place throughout the entire terrain of the Spanish State in the past years. To come back to the Italian operations, one only has to remember a few names that came up in the past years, such as Operation Thor, referring to the accusation of a series of attacks with hammers on cash machines and other offices; Operation Ixodidae, referring to the technical name of the family of ticks, as the fascists called the communists and anarchists; and others, such as Ardire, Cervantes, Nottetempo, etcetera.

Apart from the procedure and list of names another factor that reminds us of the neighbouring country is the role of the media, which also helped us to see what was coming. Since three years, or perhaps a little longer, the Spanish media have started a campaign to prepare the ground in such a way that operations like these are not only possible but also predictable. Pointing out milieus, and sometimes even spaces or people with their full names, collectives, etcetera, constructing a fairly bizarre caricature of an internal enemy, is indeed nothing new, although in the last years the focus was on a very specific character: the “violent anarchist”, the “insurrectionalist”, the “against-the-system [antisistema] who infiltrates social movements”, etcetera.

The Chilean fiasco

The year 2010 was a glorious year for the Chilean State. Besides Sebastían Piñera, businessman and fourth richest person in the country, being chosen president, it orchestrated a policial, mediatic and juridical operation against the anti-authoritarian milieu resulting in more than a dozen house raids and arrests, known as Operation Salamandra and popularly known as “Caso Bombas”, as it was based on the investigation of a series of attacks with explosives that took place in the preceding years, and through the police imagery the creation of an hierarchical macro-structure of a supposed network that was responsible for all these explosions: a circus that did not only weaken the reputation of the State, besides the fact of rendering it ridiculous, but that also proved the clumsiness of the investigation procedure, like the falsifying of proof, blackmail or pressurizing in order to obtain informants or “repentants”, chance, etcetera. The process ended with the acquittal of all the accused and a desire for revenge of the Chilean State toward the milieu and those under investigation.

A year after the end of the “Caso Bombas” farce the Spanish and Chilean ministries, judges and cops are working together on a new case, this time on this side of the ocean. Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, both ex-suspects in the “Caso Bombas” case, are arrested in Barcelona, where they are living at that moment, suspected of placing an explosive at the Basílica del Pilar in Zaragoza, planning a similar action and belonging to an alleged terrorist organisation. At this moment these comrades are in preventive detention awaiting a trial of which we do not know when it will take place, and we also do not know whether their proceeding will change due to this new repressive wave.

The situation is more or less known to everyone and if we can be sure of one thing it is that the recent arrests serve to give shape to a case that on its own would not stand.


A few hours before the arrests on Tuesday the Spanish government made known, through its media, that “the ministries of Interior Affairs of Spain and Chile are opening a new phase of enforced collaboration in the struggle against anarchist terrorism”. Last Monday, the 15th of December, the Spanish minister of Interior Affairs Jorge Fernández Díaz was in Chile to meet the vice-president and Chilean minister of Interior Affairs Rodrigo Peñailillo in the La Moneda palace, the government seat in Santiago de Chile. “In the struggle against terrorism, Chile will find a solid ally in Spain”, bragged the Spaniard, whilst being decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of Chile, “the greatest distinction of the country in civil merit” according to the media, a trophy that the Chilean State in this case handed out for the police work and as a reward for the arrests of comrades Mónica and Francisco last year.

Besides praise and rewards, businessman Fernández sold a bit of his own: policial and juridical training, different kinds of repressive material, etcetera.

And what will come…

What is the next repressive step? We don’t know. At this moment not much is known about how our comrades are doing, of what exactly they are being accused, what repressive means they are subjected to, whether they are in preventive detention or not, etcetera.

What is certain is that this operation is not a fact standing on its own, but another shackle in a chain. A repressive chain that at times is cruel, and at times subtle, in which since the new laws (one only has to think of the recent Mordaza law) several things are incorporated; the hunt on people without papers through every time bigger racist razzias, the police brutality, until the aspiration to manage the misery and administrate the repression, which, all things considered, is what the State does, with a pseudo-left (with Podemos at the lead) that more and more becomes a clearer parody of itself. Evictions, beatings, fascism, juridical and punitive hardening of every kind, nationalist and social-democratic illusions, is what today will bring us. Something worse does not have to be expected, the worst has never left.

The array of opportunities of the Spanish anti-terrorism is a hotchpotch in which everything can be put. It is there, in sight, to remind us that for the State, struggle equals terrorism. It functions as a scarecrow. Do we let ourselves be frightened?

The State and its servants say to have opened Pandora’s box. In Greek mythology Pandora is the equivalent of the Biblical Eve. With the characteristic misogyny of both mythologies, Pandora opens her box as Eve eats her apple, liberating all the evil that it contains.

We are capable of creating our own story and ridding ourselves of their shit mythology. Our history is different. The “box” that this repressive operation has opened urges us to act, to be careful, to be alert in regards to what their next step will be. It makes us think, again and again, of the world we want, and the distance of that world to this one. It makes us see the urgency of acting, of going forward.

The locked up comrades are part of different projects, spaces, collectives, etcetera, and it is very important that these do not decline, that the ruin (in every sense) to which these kind of situations lead does not create powerlessness and a feeling of paralysis.

We always say that “the best solidarity is continuing the struggle”. Right, but what does that mean in practice? We also repeat in unison that “when you touch one of us you touch all of us”. This has become clear through the reactions and protests that took place in several places, just like the unconditional warmth of the comrades on the outside.

We can be certain of one thing, and that is that the locked up comrades can feel this warmth which goes through the iron bars and isolation, because it is the same warmth that they knew to give at other occasions.

Barcelona, 18th December 2014

Dutch, German, French, Italian translations

Barcelona: Archdiocesan radio station attacked

In this week’s autonomous actions against the outlawing of abortion (1–7 February 2014), we took to the streets to add our expression of rage. In the early hours of Thursday, February 6th, we attacked the offices of Radio Estel, broadcaster of Barcelona’s Archdiocese, and headquarters of the magazine “Catalunya Cristiana”, located on the corner of Puggarí and Comtes de Bell.lloc streets in the Sants neighbourhood of Barcelona. We decided to act against this radio station because it is a means of communication at the service of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, and as such, attempts to indoctrinate and manipulate by “catechisms” veiled as information, defending the patriarchal, misogynist and normative social model against which we fight. For these reasons, in defense of feminist struggle and as self-defense of our lives, ideas and own bodies, we cracked their glass windows and painted the slogan: “My body, my decision”.

We are disgusted by their rotten Catholic morality as much as we detest the State and its political and legalistic tricks. This new law on abortion makes evident, once again, that there’s a link between both institutions, the Church and the State, in order to maintain their authority, their patriarchal power. They want to take away our autonomy, our capacity to decide, to think for ourselves and act upon what we need or feel. By this anti-abortion law, choosing not to be a mother would become a luxury that only the rich may afford, or a risk to the health and life of those who cannot afford a safe clinic underground.

We are not willing to permit them to turn us into their possessions. We will never let them decide for us, and we’ll keep defending ourselves from those who want us to limit ourselves to being only reproductors of their system.

Neither God, nor State or husband. Death to patriarchy.

source: barcelona indymedia

Barcelona: Sabotage against anti-abortion foundation

In the early hours of February 10th, 2014 we smashed all the glass windows of the Vidal i Barraquer Foundation, located in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood in Barcelona, to indicate their active complicity with the Spanish Episcopal Conference in preventing abortions. We thus join the days of struggle for autonomous feminism against the new anti-abortion law and in favor of free abortion without charge.

We know that an action involving shattered windows alone is not a revolution, but a total of smashed windows this week, and those to come in support of abortion and against the new law, is a clear sign of increasing rage against all those who intend to decide about our bodies, be it political parties, the Church or any related institution.

The Vidal i Barraquer Foundation is one of the institutions “in support of life”, included as diocese in the Episcopal Conference, who busy themselves with manipulating women sent by the Pro-Life Catalonia Foundation into not getting an abortion, supposedly providing “mediation” and “legal advice”.

Their role is part of the oppression gear that condemns many women to be mothers even when they do not want or cannot afford to give birth. Their idea of family perpetuates the patriarchal system, the very same system that causes abuse involving both male and female children as well as subjection to the macho type, with devastating consequences that too often end in deaths… Pro-life?

That’s why we mark them, thinking it’s a good idea to break glass windows as a form of expression. We will not keep quiet.

Social peace is over!

For the radicalization and generalization of expressions of rage, also from a feminist perspective!

For the death of patriarchy in all its forms!

The week of struggle has only just started, to become their nightmare all year long.

Neither God, nor master, neither State, nor husband or party!


Barcelona: Attack on Deutsche Bank central branch

Solidarity, unity and action. And don’t get caught!

On January 17th, 2014 we smashed all of the glass windows of the Deutsche Bank central branch, located in Barcelona’s major avenue Passeig de Gràcia, in solidarity with the struggle of residents in the neighbourhood of Gamonal, in the city of Burgos, and in solidarity with the comrades of the Rote Flora squat in Hamburg, days after it was observed that their struggle and determination gave them a small victory, as the construction works of the new boulevard in Gamonal were cancelled, while the urban development plans in Hamburg that wanted to destroy the anticapitalist social centre Rote Flora were modified, no longer posing threat to the squat. These two examples show us that the struggle of people’s classes can bear fruit, and this act is our little grain of sand towards that direction.


With or without a hood, long live the resistance!

Barcelona: Intervention in solidarity with Sonja Suder

Freedom for Sonja Suder, and all of the political prisoners

On the morning of November 12th, 2013 we paid a visit to the German embassy in Barcelona to show our solidarity with our comrade Sonja Suder. We hung a banner outside the embassy and ‘gave out’ hundreds of flyers.

We call for more actions in solidarity with Sonja, waiting for a sentence at the age of 80 years old for acts committed in 1977–8 with the Revolutionary Cells (RZ).


Comrades arrested in Barcelona for the action of the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral

On October 2nd, 2013 the anarchist group “Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” installed an explosive device at an infamous fascist church monument, the Basilica of the Pillar in Zaragoza, Spain. This cathedral is one of the most significant temples for the holders of Power, and stands as one of the main symbols of, and a meeting point for, fascism. This action did not intend to harm any parishioners or tourists; the group gave advance warning to the Basilica of the Pillar authorities as well as to newspapers.

On November 13th, 2013 the cops invaded an apartment and conducted an anti-terrorist operation in the city of Barcelona; five individuals (from Chile, Argentina and Italy) were arrested, accused of the action claimed by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral. We are awaiting updates on the condition of the five arrestees, among whom are Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, anarchists from Chile who were prosecuted and detained in the recent past for the “Caso Bombas”, a judicial fiasco of the Chilean State, for which they were fully acquitted from all charges in 2012.
The poster reads:

“Solidarity and Action with the arrested comrades in Barcelona.
No State, no border will ever be able to halt social war.
May distance get smaller with gestures of solidarity.
May attacks against Power multiply day by day.
Immediate release of Mónica and Francisco!
Prisoners of war out onto the streets!”

Below are excerpts from a statement in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco by some of their co-accused in the infamous Bombs Case.

Extending the bonds of solidarity . . .
Mónica and Francisco were arrested in August 2010 in the so-called Bombs Case. Both faced the proceeding against them with dignity and rebellion, stayed more than 9 months in prison in high and maximum security regimes, refused to accept the prosecutor’s blackmail, carried out a hunger strike alongside the rest of co-accused which lasted over 65 days, confronted one of the longest trials in Chile, and had all their charges dropped with their convictions intact. The police and media accusations that the comrades face today are based on the judicial files of the Bombs Case, a raid that was unleashed against acratist spaces, milieus and individualities. Now the powerful seek to resurrect the Bombs Case corpse, threatening to open new proceedings against us; faced with this, we make it clear that we reject the accusation, but we do not deny who we are, our ideas, our relationships, our past, present and future in the struggle. . . .
Mónica and Francisco are our comrades and we defend them against the media and police campaigns conducted by both the Spanish and the Chilean State.
Because all States are terrorists and all prisons are extermination centres.
Revolutionary solidarity beyond all borders.”

All five of the arrested comrades were supposed to appear before the judge in Madrid on November 15th, but the police extended their incommunicado detention until Sunday (17/11).

Barcelona: Communiqué of the Kasa de la Muntanya squat about dismantled CCTV camera

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
by Edward Everett Hale


In words of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, “kill the exception to confirm the rule”, and so, keep the smooth functioning of the system. The new society of control is here. It is not us who have discovered it, we’ve just suffered it, as everyone else.

A few days ago, the group Stop Control detected a police CCTV camera in the Esperança hospital looking at us, at the Kasa de la Muntanya squat. This group has made a step forward and has decided to go where this vigilance, dominance and espionage device was located. They rendered it useless and, not considering it enough, they made their action public.

We know what it means to confront this system of singular thinking with which they want to impose their power on us, silence us and leave us seething. We also know what its consequences are; we’ve suffered them in first person in the form of repression. But we also know the way that our dignity is taken from us and the manner in which our ideas are invalidated is a cruel way of coercing and oppressing us. This is why we are still taking the streets and fighting, because we are not for sale. Currently, all the signs and everything that we have managed discover indicate that the CCTV camera was installed by the coercive force of Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian cops). We know their information bureau and additionally, we know that the technocrat of Espadaler (the new regional minister of the Interior) has some nerve. Their silence and the silence of their media are not only suspicious, but also enlightening.

So, from here, from this small antagonist space, we want to thank the group Stop Control, not only for removing a CCTV camera that was continuously recording us and providing the enemy with biometric information, but also and above all we want to thank them forever for having demonstrated with facts that the only path is not to complain and refuse, to feel tired and fed up and disenchanted. On the contrary, there is an alternative to this life of submission: refute and attack.

Let’s organize ourselves and hit back. Let’s get into action, just like other comrades have done before, let’s pass from protest to resistance.

As we once said we are not angels, but this is certainly not paradise.


Kasa de la Muntanya, October 16th, 2013


Girona, Catalonia: Statement of woman activist arrested in the vicinity of Mas Castelló squat

Everyday repression in the context of “No M.A.T.” struggle (against the construction of the very high tension power line)

I was stopped by the police on the path to the gas station. What started as what I thought was a random ID check turned into me being arrested due to false allegations by the police, a night in custody and me now facing trial. The fact that I was not from this area played a big role throughout the confrontation, and resulted in fascist remarks and police violence.

I can only assume that the reason behind this repression is to divide us and to keep the protest local. But it is not local, it is a global struggle that affects us all and therefore shouldn’t be left to address by a small group of people that feels responsible, but by anyone with a social and environmental conscience.

The answer to massive police intimidation and repression cannot be to back down, but to organize and support more strongly on any possible level.

Thank you for all the support and solidarity I have received; I will continue to give mine.

The facts:

On the 16.9.2013 at around 7pm I took the road to the gas station to buy drinks. There was a control by the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian cops), and they asked for my ID. I gave them my passport and they told me to put all my stuff on the front of the car; then the only female officer wanted to search me. I asked why and they said: “because we are police”. I said that’s no reason. They searched me and asked me what I was doing there, and I replied: “I gave my ID. I will not answer your questions”. From this moment on they were very aggressive. At some point one cop said: “take your things and go.” I felt that he didn’t want to let me go, but had to. I said in an ironic way: “Thank you! That’s so nice of you!” Then he spat in my face and I spat right back. He then immediately punched me in the head. I fell down and three cops sat on my back, handcuffed and punched me, and the cop who spat in my face said: “now you understand Catalan” and they took me to the station.

There I told the officer who did the bureaucracy procedure that her colleague had hit me and that I wanted his identification number, but she ignored me. Then they locked me up without telling me what’s going on. The next day they took my fingerprints, they photographed me, questioned me but I refused to say anything. Around noon they took me to the court and following my state-appointed lawyer’s “instructions” I answered the judges’ questions. I was let go until my trial – apparently the cops told the judge I had kicked and punched them, etc. Later, I got in contact with the lawyer who supports the struggle against the M.A.T., who will take care of the future court proceedings.

More information and updates: Torres más altas han caído

Barcelona: Endesa electric company sabotaged

Against the M.A.T. and the world which needs it

On the night of September 16th, we sealed off the locks of the Endesa office in the Gran Via district of Barcelona. Endesa is involved in the construction of the very high tension power line (M.A.T. in Spanish) and other high-voltage power lines that devastate the territory, fortify progress and civilization, and reinforce the domination of the State and capitalism.

Against the M.A.T., the progress, and the world that needs them.
Death to the State and civilization.


Girona, Catalonia: Mas Castelló squatters resisted eviction attempt

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In the context of a late-summer camp against the M.A.T. (very high tension power line) in Fellines, close to the city of Girona, activists squatted an abandoned masía (farmhouse) near Orriols, in order to hold activities related to the resistance camp. The building was occupied in late August, and was finally opened to the public on September 1st, 2013.

That same afternoon, anti-riot cops of the Catalan police arrived on the scene and began to remove barricades erected in the surroundings of the farmhouse. Cops threw rocks at people resisting behind the barricades. At the same time others were resisting from the rooftop of the squat. Solidarians and neighbours started to gather in the area, and eleven people (at first believed to be arrested) had their identities checked by police but later released. During the evening, cops managed to reach the squat once again, and ran another identity check. However, the farmhouse wasn’t evicted.

Resisters have made a call for immediate support, by physical presence or solidarity actions in other places, warning of a possible new eviction attempt. Squatters are determined to continue refurbishment works in the Mas Castelló farmhouse, and their open assembly has planned further action over the next days. Read some more here.

Barcelona: Endesa electric company paint-bombed

Against the M.A.T. and the world which needs it

On Thursday night, August 29th the headquarters of Fecsa–Endesa in Barcelona were paint-bombed. This electricity company is linked to the technological-industrial development, all sorts of harmfulness, and more concretely to high voltage and the very high tension power line (M.A.T. in Spanish).

Against the M.A.T., the progress, and the world that needs them.
Death to the State and capitalism!


Girona, Spain: Call for a camping against the M.A.T. very high tension power line


The very high tension power line (M.A.T.) is an electric motorway which transports at least 400,000 volts. It is being constructed in order to connect European States to each other and also Europe with Africa. It is necessary in order to sell and distribute excess energy produced by nuclear power plants and the so-called alternative sources of energy. At the same time, it is the network which capitalism needs in order to supply the electricity necessary for other projects and infrastructures of death and destruction, such as high-speed railway lines (TAV). Those responsible for all this are always the same ones and the construction companies in question are directly involved in other projects which are destroying lands around the world; companies like Vinci standing out in Europe and Endesa in South America.

So that the last decisive section for the connection between France and Catalonia can not be constructed. So that the energy coming from 6 French nuclear power plants does not cross this land or any other. So as to treat the struggle against the M.A.T. as a starting point for questioning our way of living, which is mainly imposed by the domination of Progress. So as to create on the affected land a space for meeting, information, agitation and action.

After more than 10 years of struggle, we are at a decisive moment. In September expropriations are expected to begin, directed against owners who have refused to sign the sale of land needed for the construction of the M.A.T.’s last pylons in Girona.

It is because of all of this that we are inviting you to participate actively in the camp, in order to share, struggle and resist in a self-run space, without leaders and representatives. We want to create moments of exchange and connection between various struggles, because the M.A.T. affects us all and is not an isolated struggle.



Bring everything that you need for camping.
More information and updates: Torres más altas han caído

Multi-lingual printable fliers on 325

Barcelona: Suspension of the proceeding against the Expropriated Bank in Gracia

July 1st, 2013: Today we’re happy; today we feel strong. Catalunya Caixa has requested the paralyzation of the proceeding against the Expropriated Bank (a squatted former bank branch). Our joy is due in part to this, but what makes us really happy is how we got here: it’s mostly been thanks to all those anonymous individuals who day after day have given support in some way to this project, turning solidarity into something more than a simple word.

We have made it all together, from autonomy, mutual support, disobedience, self-management, and direct action. Without asking for permission, without having to beg any institution, without selling our words to the mass media. This is our victory and this is the way which step by step and stone after stone we desire to continue building.

Catalunya Caixa will keep trying to recover its property. We will keep trying to make this city a place where people are more important than any economic benefit. The Expropriated Bank is only four walls, and we know that Catalunya Caixa has many more branches where life, resistance networks and self-organization could be created. More importantly, this idea has percolated through our neighbourhood, where lots of our neighbours, who dramatically suffer day after day the abuses of economic and political power, have found in this space a place where they don’t feel alone and excluded.

From now on, we want to refocus our efforts on the project of the Expropriated Bank itself, at least until we get news about the judicial process, as Catalunya Caixa has only requested a temporary suspension. This doesn’t mean it has withdrawn the complaint. They can restart the process again at any time, and we will be vigilant and prepared for the moment it happens.

The struggle against Capital continues; see you at the Expropriated Bank and on the streets.

Barcelona: Catalunya Caixa bank branch attacked

On the night of June 26th, 2013 we smashed the front windows of a Catalunya Caixa bank branch in the Cantabria street of the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Martí.

On that night we did not only break some windows but, even for a few seconds, we also broke the social peace and the commodified and authoritarian social relationships, taking control of our lives and destroying the resignation and apathy for a few moments.

We attacked this branch for specially three reasons:
1) For being a capitalist institution.
2) For being, in a more specific context, behind a huge amount of home and squat evictions in this city, such as the current process of eviction against the Expropriated Bank of Gràcia (Catalunya Caixa: you better withdraw the complaint because the fire and stones are more powerful than your crappy windows).
3) Because we just felt like doing it.

We would like to dedicate this modest action to all the rebels, antiauthoritarians and anarchists repressed all around the globe, from the neighborhoods of Barcelona or Madrid to those of Athens or Istanbul. From Jakarta or Minsk to Oakland, Mexico City or Santiago of $hile.

We invite all the refractories to join this social war under the rejection of all authority, and with a sole plan: to attack.

We promise more.