Barcelona: Cash machine burnt in solidarity with hunger striker José Antúnez Becerra

[March 10th]

A few days before the week of solidarity with hunger striker José Antúnez Becerra, we burnt an ATM in the city of Barcelona.

Antúnez Becerra has spent more than 40 years deprived of freedom in the jails of the state, without ceasing to revolt from within prison walls. He was sentenced to 19 years for taking part in the rebellion of the prison of Quatre Camins in Barcelona in 2004. 19 years for rebelling against the daily imposed torture of prisoners.

We feel rage and a deep disgust against all democratic institutions that seek to make us “live” in constant submission to their shitty laws. We are in active solidarity by rage and fire with the courageous struggle of Antúnez, on hunger strike since January 23rd 2015, saying it’s either freedom or death. We stay on guard and we want him free in the street.

For the intensification of the anarchist offensive against all states, their prisons and their henchmen. So the anti-authoritarian rage explodes into the streets and ignites solidarity.

Prisoners to the streets.
Fire to the prisons.
Against all authority.