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Besançon, France: Diverse and varied destruction… but always well targeted!

A few hours before May 1st, a day that was rainy, boring and depressing as hell…

Strolling with eyes wide open enabled me to notice a few traces of hostility towards this world that’s hated to the highest degree.

In Rue Battant, the big window of the real estate management agency “Nicolas” was holed and […]

Besançon, France: Chamber of Commerce and Industry graffitied and windows cracked

April 22nd: As well as the dozen paint marks visible several meters high on the clean white front of the CCI [Chamber of Commerce and Industry], some windows had been cracked by projectiles.

On the wall of the huge building, graffiti read: “On the ashes of the old world, our freedom will be born – Light […]

Besançon, France: Graffiti and eggs for the army recruitment centre

We got wind of the army (air force) these days exposing themselves at the Besançon shopping centre of Chateaufarine, through an exposition entitled “Wings and men”: the butchers in uniform make demonstrations of their playthings which massacre all over the world for their nation, economy and borders… This institution of khaki wearing killers at the same […]

Besançon, France: Solidarity with Mónica and Francisco

Down with the moral order!

Solidarity with Mónica and Francisco

During the weekend of 5th-6th March 2016, La Madeleine church in Besançon, located in the Battant neighbourhood, was tagged in solidarity with the anarchists Mónica and Francisco, who are in the hands of the Spanish state and have already spent too […]

Besançon, France: Fireworks in solidarity with prisoners for the new year transition

In the evening of Thursday 31st December, a little after 10pm, a group of people went to Besançon’s prison known as La Butte [“The Mound”; in the Butte neighbourhood] to express solidarity with the prisoners.

Whilst elsewhere hypocritical wishes for the new year were exchanged, fireworks and firecrackers broke a little of the ambient monotony early […]

Besançon, France: Attack against Socialist Party and Red Cross branches

A small gesture in solidarity with undocumented migrants and comrades in between the grubby hands of the state…

At a time when the state entrenches into the constitution the state of emergency and are multiplying draconian laws, deploying blue and camo uniforms onto the streets to ensure peace for the rich and dominant, when it extends […]

Besançon, France: Mayhem and solidarity

From the streets: Against police occupation – solidarity with the rioters of Planoise and “408”

Communique published May 25th 2015:

During May 2015, mayhem broke out in the streets of Besançon. Flames lit up the nights of several neighbourhoods, which targeted and destroyed company vehicles, schools, various “social” state institutions…

The police occupation in neighbourhoods […]

Besançon, France: Down with the walls of Fortress Europe (and all states)

Saturday 25th April 2015, a few people gathered at place pasteur in response to the death of hundreds of refugees on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea last weekend. A banner saying “Down with the walls of Europe – No Border No Nation” was hung over the barriers of Passages Pasteur and remained for the […]

Besançon, France: A few spokes in the wheels of domination

The night between the 7th and 8th of November 2014, the tires on two utility vehicles (one of the municipality and another of the EDF, France’s main electric utility company) and several VéloCité bicycles were slashed.

Some twenty JCDecaux’s bicycles were rendered useless. A vehicle belonging to the municipality and a utility van of the EDF […]

[Besançon, France] In the face of JCDecaux and its minions… the best solidarity is attack!

Below is a text about the repressive waves following the destruction of JCDecaux advertising boards in the city of Besançon.

On November 18th, 2013 two people were charged with destruction of billboards which took place in Besançon between 2011 and 2013.

After 24 hours of detention and search of their homes, […]

Besançon, France: Attacks in solidarity with Sonja Suder

On the night of 14th to 15th of September 2013, the interim agency Randstad, located at the beginning of Carnot Avenue in the city of Besançon, had one of its windows smashed.

This hole was made in the context of an international campaign for the release of Sonja Suder, who has been imprisoned for two years […]

Besançon, France: Direct action against the police in Battant district (6/2012)

Forwarded by a comrade: On Saturday, June 2nd, at 01.00 two patrol cars of the national police were vandalized in the Marulaz square, in the neighbourhood of Battant, in Besançon. The front and rear windshields of both vehicles were smashed with a cinderblock. No cop was inside because of an intervention due to a night […]