Besançon, France: Down with the walls of Fortress Europe (and all states)

Saturday 25th April 2015, a few people gathered at place pasteur in response to the death of hundreds of refugees on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea last weekend. A banner saying “Down with the walls of Europe – No Border No Nation” was hung over the barriers of Passages Pasteur and remained for the weekend.

About 40 people briefly marched through the centre shouting “Solidarity with migrants”, “Down with the State, its cops and its borders”, “Stone by stone, wall by wall, we will destroy the detention centres”…

In the early morning of April 25th, various slogans painted on walls could be seen against the deportation machine, Frontex; for the destruction of borders (in French and English), detention centres and Fortress Europe (the tags have not all been photographed, so as to not facilitate the work of the Mayors Office anti-tag brigade…).

This evidently does not make us forget the daily deaths outside the borders of the EU, which are protected by Frontex: who provide technological equipment and coordinate the various policies of the member states in order to repel people fleeing shitty conditions, which they are trying to survive in their own countries (wars, political persecution, environmental and human devastation caused by the Capital, etc.), or those who simply wish to move around and settle freely.

When these refugees don’t die by drowning, they live in constant fear of being rounded up by cops or being herded, locked up and humiliated in transit camps or various prisons in EU states – called lager [concentration camp], detention centre, closed centre, immigrant detention centre … themselves managed by humanitarian and charitable organisations and associations (such as the Red Cross, France Terre d’Asile, CIMADE, Barnardos, etc.).

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