Besançon, France: Graffiti and eggs for the army recruitment centre

We got wind of the army (air force) these days exposing themselves at the Besançon shopping centre of Chateaufarine, through an exposition entitled “Wings and men”: the butchers in uniform make demonstrations of their playthings which massacre all over the world for their nation, economy and borders… This institution of khaki wearing killers at the same time care for their image in the eyes of the young public and of consumerisms little soldiers, but also attempts to, and above all, expand its ranks to terrorise and massacre populations and rebels, here like everywhere else.

This fact motived us to act. In the night of 17th-18th April, the recruitment centre on Rue Bersoot was pelted with eggs of red paint. The tag (“Assassins”) covered CIRFA’s [Armed Forces Information and Recuitment Centre] welcome sign. The wall in front, and the church next to it, were grafittied with “Down with the army” and “Whether of God or State… Down with all soldiers! (A)”.

Refuse to stay in line! Attack the army!

in German