Besançon, France: Attack against Socialist Party and Red Cross branches

A small gesture in solidarity with undocumented migrants and comrades in between the grubby hands of the state…

At a time when the state entrenches into the constitution the state of emergency and are multiplying draconian laws, deploying blue and camo uniforms onto the streets to ensure peace for the rich and dominant, when it extends to outside the prison walls, where raids and deportations of undocumented migrants are multiplying… it’s time to attack!

That’s why, in the night of the December 23rd to 24th 2015, the PS [Socialist Party] office had its facade covered in black paint. At the same time the Red Cross front door lock was sabotaged with glue, whose premises is located at the start of Gaulard Avenue.

The reasons for this latest attack are obvious: this humanitarian organisation – which has a long history of collaboration with the powers that be (since the second world war and its collaboration with Nazis up until today) – organises raids, manages the flow of migrants alongside police forces and the murderous guards of the FRONTEX agency, administers detention centres… They are entirely responsible over the miserable fate reserved for undocumented migrants.

At the moment, the humanitarian organisation – in perfect step within this world of borders and misery – currently illustrates itself at the French-Italian border of Menton and Ventimiglia, by chartering its trucks in order to transfer migrants into detention centres.

The enemy’s structures are on every street corner .

Given the state of emergency, don’t bow your head!

Against the state, its cops, its borders!

Sabotage the deportation machine!

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