Besançon, France: Attacks in solidarity with Sonja Suder

On the night of 14th to 15th of September 2013, the interim agency Randstad, located at the beginning of Carnot Avenue in the city of Besançon, had one of its windows smashed.

This hole was made in the context of an international campaign for the release of Sonja Suder, who has been imprisoned for two years in a high security wing of the Preungesheim prison in Frankfurt, accused for various attacks in the late 70s.

A few nights ago, “Freedom for Sonja Suder” was inscribed on the wall of a nearby sector, and the Crédit Agricole bank branch—opposite the Chaprais cemetery—was attacked with stones, leaving two major impacts on the facade.

For Sonja and all those who refuse to submit themselves to Domination!

An undesirable noctambule