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Santiago: Action for World Vegan Day

Other brothers and sisters already said it a couple of years ago, today we reaffirm it. November 1st should be a day of action for animal liberation, hostility towards the enemy, propaganda against domination in all its forms; not a day of festivity for veganism.

In the early morning of November 1st 2016, we put a noise bomb inside a butcher shop in Santiago. We had checked its infrastructure long ago; that place of death of thousands of animals destined for consumption by disgusting humans. A perfect hole served to place our little din of Revenge.

These useless ones know very well why we harass them. The pact between comrades in affinity is already a fact; from here on, the attack won’t stop.


Animal Liberation Front.

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Barcelona: McDonald’s spray-painted in solidarity with US prison strike

In the early hours of September 9th, some anarchists of Barcelona went to McDonald’s on Travessera de Gràcia Street to show our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades on strike in the United States.

A small action with which we intend to manifest that solidarity between the oppressed knows no borders or nations.

We also took advantage of this occasion to point to this multinational as responsible for the assassination and exploitation of countless human and nonhuman beings, making it clear that we won’t allow them to continue their criminal work without encountering resistance from the oppressed.

Against every authority!
Death to the State and its false opponents.

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Athens, Greece: June 11th graffiti and banners by the anarchist group Wild Nature

Against every form of incarceration – Freedom for Marco Camenisch & Marius Mason – June 11th Callout
Against prisons & everything that reproduces them – Strength to all incarcerated anarchists across the planet – June 11th Callout
Against prisons & everything that reproduces them – Strength to all incarcerated anarchists across the planet – June 11th Callout
Against every form of incarceration – Strength to all incarcerated anarchists across the planet – June 11th Callout

June 11th graffiti and banners by the anarchist group Wild Nature; against every type of incarceration; for the support of imprisoned anarchists throughout the planet.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Easter sabotage at meat-markets

On 30/04, we sabotaged the lockers of 18 meat-stores (in 3 of them butchers were locked inside), blocking for a while their preparation for the biggest sale of dead animals for the Easter Sunday.

This action does not only target the transaction of dead animals, but it’s also an attack to the Greek tradition which has some of the most rotten customs. Their basic characteristic is the feast of dead animal bodies for the rising of the national pride and the bloody seal of human’s domination on animals.

Greek tradition is closely linked to Christianity. From the hypocrisy of fasting during the lent (40 days of fasting) which is nothing more than blindly obeying to the church’s rules, until the bloody catharsis of the slaughter of the Easter, the victims are countless animals. Besides the slaughter of lambs in the name of a non-existing god, there is also the invisible exploitation of millions of chickens so the can “provide” their eggs, so they can be used as toys for the tradition.

The religion of the unreasonable demands the procession of the epitaph followed by the faithful zombies, the submissiveness and the deprivation so they can feel like a martyr with the reward of the consumption of infinite flesh in the biggest feast of the year. Finally, the non-real sacrifice by a non-real god-human is symbolized by the genocide that takes place every Easter Sunday.

Until the last butcher is hanged by the guts of the last priest.

Screams of lambs

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Graffiti in remembrance of Javier Recabarren


As of Friday 11th March there’s an international call-out from the Chilean region for agitation in memory of Javier Recabarren, who was sadly hit by a city bus of Transantiago on March 18th last year.

We don’t want to remember him only the day of his death; we want to remember him in every step that we take, in every action that brings us closer to our common ideals – animal liberation, among others.

He was an 11-year-old compa whose vegan nutrition practices and various different motivations for the closure of the Zoo in Santiago de Chile gave strength to many to remain standing!

From the Uruguayan region we send warm hugs to his family, his friends and comrades who continue the fight!

Neither walls nor borders will stop our yearning for freedom!
Until every cage in the entire world is empty!

Marseille, France: Rat Attack – animal liberation and radical ecology gathering this summer

Click here for text as flyer in pdf format

This summer, from the 25th to 31st of July 2016, the first Rat Attack will take place in Marseille, a gathering surrounding animal liberation and radical ecology, to meet each other, share and organise together.

We refuse to remain passive faced with this world that has sworn to ensure our misery. When everything’s always rapidly worsening faster, attacks against the earth and the lives that inhabit it are becoming increasingly more violent; while we’re always getting locked up in ever more elaborate ways, with death that spreads even into our hearts.

This misery is also the domestication, exploitation and murder of non-humans which are both ignored and legitimised by those who pretend to be fighting against any form of hierarchy. Yet at the same time, it’s a consequence and a symptom of dominations logic that’s extending all around us. If we refuse the submission imposed upon us, we also refuse to impose it upon others. It’s also why we oppose in any form the fascisation of the antispeciecist movement, from the far-right to their inevitable apolitical apologists who only ever dream of a green capitalism. What they don’t understand, is that the nature of capitalism itself is based on the domestication and exploitation of every being surrounding it.

The rage that consumes us reminds us that it’s every aspect of our lives that are at war. A war against our bodies, our existence and our struggles, making them more necessary than ever. Our hopes have been extinguished, overshadowed by the artificial desires and beacons of capital’s monstrous cities. We’re not waiting for a distant utopia gained by reforms and state requests, we want to transform this entire system into ruins, because there’s nothing to save,from its rotting foundations to its sophisticated tactics to control us.

All of this ignites the fire living inside us and gives us the strength to fight. With you this summer we want to make this fire thrive. So come with your backpack and rage to together build a stronger movement, to share practices and experiences, but also with analysis and info stalls to better understand and fight against our common enemies.

Because we want to build this project collectively we are calling for you to join us, by contacting us to organise workshops and discussions during the camp, as well as support and information events to establish this project.

We certainly won’t be there to reproduce violent situations that we’re already experiencing everyday. Don’t be a scumbag, let’s be mindful of each other so we can be dangerous together.

Contact us at ratattack[at]riseup.net
(our pgp public key available for more security)

in French and German

‘Freeganism is not anarchy, it’s just easy’

Final version received December 23rd:


We are writing this zine to create a discussion about freeganism and whether or not it has any place in the struggle towards total liberation. We (the authors) identify as anarchists, and recognise that human supremacy is one of the most widespread and destructive authoritarian constructs to exist in the shit hole that is industrial society.

Veganism for us is not about dietary or consumer choices but is part of an intersectional approach to living in a non hierarchical way that seeks to actively confront and challenge the structures and ways of life under the various systems of authority.

This zine is directed at people who associate themselves with anarchism and seek to challenge hierarchy in their day to day lives.

If you seriously think that you can vote with your money and that consumer choices will shape the future of human relationships or the wellbeing of the earth and all of its inhabitants, then please put this zine down and continue living in your bubble full of hope. We aim to create a more radical critique of human supremacy than a simple economic-centric catch phrase.

Since the antiglobalisation movement has discovered there is food to be found in dumpsters, people made up this funny word freeganism, and created an anticapitalist critique to go with it, some might even claim it is a lifestyle. This trend is blocking the path towards total liberation since it is blurring the lines between speciesism and anticapitalism[1], creating confusing situations. Such as walking into an anarchist space to find people with ALF patches skinning a rabbit in the middle of the room and preparing a pot of stinking roadkill bone broth, preaching that this is a more natural way of living. Which is exactly the same kind of rhetoric that homophobes and sexists use to defend their stupid shit.

[1] This blurring of lines between anticapitalism and speciesism is problematic, as it is the blending of anticapitalist and ANTI-speciesist critiques that we believe will create a more well rounded anarchist analysis. Since the anticapitalist movement in itself is not free from hierarchy and in many ways is unreflective on the methods and tactics that it uses, anti-speciesism, feminism, and so on are often pushed aside by staunch anticapitalists in order to say that these problems are products of capitalism itself and will be solved automatically when capitalism is removed/reformed (delete as applicable).

We would like to start this discussion by defining veganism, freeganism and anarchism as we interpret them.

To exclude and avoid as much as possible the use, cruelty to and consumption of animals and products derived from animals, for food clothing and entertainment. To view all animals (human and nonhuman alike) as separate individuals each with the desire and will for freedom. Veganism for us is a logical extension of our anarchist thought to recognise the situations faced by all beings under attack by oppression.

Some would say common activities practised world-over for centuries like hopping trains, hitchhiking, shoplifting, table diving as methods to not spend money to live are part of a ‘freegan lifestyle’ for reasons such as carbon footprints, environmental reasons and to ‘make a stand’ against capitalism. The practise of paying lip service to veganism is adopted by some freegans by only eating animal ‘products’ that otherwise would be wasted, as an anticapitalist attempt to combat meat and dairy industries.

A method of working towards dismantling hierarchies and social relations that are built on authoritarian structures, to create moments of freedom where we are not suffocated by oppressive bullshit (i.e. patriarchy, religion, states, racism etc.[2]) by constantly attacking and challenging these vile constructs wherever they may arise with whatever tools available, within each individual’s personal ability.

[2] These constructs are not put in any specific order of importance, nor is it in any way a wholly comprehensive list of the oppressive systems faced by individuals.


Freegan arguments such as using the corpses and secretions of animals that are not directly paid for is better because it does not directly contribute monetarily to these industries or that is more ‘respectful’ to ‘honour’ the dead body by eating it, do nothing to develop a radical critique outside of the narrow lens provided by capitalism itself.

This last argument is inherently speciesist in the sense that no freegan would attempt to eat your dead dog to prevent their corpse from ‘going to waste’, because we are socialised by the capitalist-industrial media to view ‘pet animals’ such as dogs as individuals (to an extent) and not cows, chickens, pigs, fish, sheep, and so on (unless they are viewed as one’s personal property). Even to view these animals and their secretions as ‘waste’ is deeply entrenched in a capitalistic and anthropocentric mindset, since it still sees animals as ‘things’ to be used by humans and not to be reabsorbed into ecosystems as they would naturally.

By eating or wearing the corpses and secretions of animals, we normalise the idea that their sole existence is to serve ‘humanity’ as mere products and resources to be harvested and consumed rather than living individual persons. This plays directly into the hands of the hierarchical, human supremacist ideals which are the foundations[3] of the oppressive capitalist-industrial system that anarchists oppose.

[3] “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us. They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.” This quote (Genesis 1:26) already shows us that the idea of human supremacy and a feeling of entitlement over the lives of other animals (as well as patriarchy, racism, and so on) was and still is fundamental to the development of the global techno-industrial system which is rooted in Christian morality, forced onto the idiot masses by superstition and authoritarian tyranny.


Many freegans would say that their lifestyle is rooted in some idealistic activism and that they try to engage with their political surroundings by aiming to live ‘sustainably’ with a low carbon footprint. They see their spending or rather, non-spending habits as something that interacts with supply and demand, thus creating the illusion that by changing their methods of consumption they have a voice with which they can shape society. The relationship between freegans and the global capitalist system is akin to a sort of personal greenwashing. By taking the ‘waste product’ from dumpsters and roadsides freegans attempt to rid themselves of the guilt of directly contributing to the exploitation of animals and the earth.

Freeganism is often cited as a ‘sustainable answer’ to the wastefulness of society. But there can be no such thing as freeganism without industrialised agriculture and a manufactured dependency on petro-chemicals. In order to mean anything it requires the overproduction of everything. It is merely a symptom of exploitative capitalistic relations rather than an answer to them. A philosophy as empty and limited as the society it’s built upon.

How can anyone call freeganism a sustainable way of living? It is a supposed solution built upon the problem and cannot go beyond the initial problem because it is passive in its nature and does not directly confront the unfair distribution of food, but simply exploits the privilege of living in countries where food[4] is so readily wasted.

This is not to say that we see dumpster-diving as a waste of time in itself, we just do not support the idea that it is a political strategy to affect change. We dumpster dive and shoplift for survival, and to free us from the burden of work so that we have more time to spend hitting cops and breaking things and other subversive projects relevant to anarchism. Continue reading ‘Freeganism is not anarchy, it’s just easy’

Santiago, Chile: Pet shop sabotaged for a Black December


Along with educating and informing, (…) taking yourself out of the laws of the capital system, (…) spraying and sabotaging companies (…) we are not thinking only of the animals but of the whole ecosystem that is getting worse every day. If we should destroy the property of those who support animal exploitation then we will not hesitate to use all our weapons, even burning that evil place.
(“Animal Liberation,” song by comrade Sebastián ‘Angry’ Oversluij)

In the capitalist and authoritarian society, speciesism is one of the pillars on which domination is sustained, materializing in power relations that transform animals into objects for human consumption in the form of food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or as pets under the ownership of a human.

By inserting anti-speciesism as part of the fight against all forms of authority, an everyday life without animal products has as its inevitable complement direct action against the exploiters and merchants of animals.

Thus, rejecting all reformist or victimist logic about animal liberation, we sabotaged the “Exotic” pet shop on the night of December 1st, sealing with liquid steel the padlocks that allow access to the place where animals are sold as merchandise. At the site, located on Departmental Avenue, we left a note so that there was no doubt what our action was about. As the sun rose, the owners could not open their business based on cages and the captivity of non-human individuals; our action fulfilled our goal: to disrupt the normal functioning of the oppression of our lives and that of the animals.

We do not want laws that are more compassionate to animals or larger cages. Our action is an expression of the desire for the destruction of all forms of confinement and domination.

We respond in this way to the invitation made by our compañeros in Greece, Panagiotis Argirou and Nikos Romanos, taking part in a Black December in which we want to intensify the anti-authoritarian transgressive action and the networks of complicity between comrades, seeking to take them beyond a specific moment or month.

To contribute to revitalizing anti-speciesist action in our own territory is also our form of solidarity with the anarchist and vegan prisoner Osman Evcan, on hunger strike since November 10th 2015 in the prisons of the State of Turkey, who risks his life using his body as a weapon demanding the restoration of vegan food in the prison.

So that the anti-speciesist tension is made visible in the offensive anarchic actions through cells of comrades who organize and take action without hierarchies, sharpening convictions combined with creativity, caution and different means and materials to hit multiple points of the network of domination.

Solidarity with Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar and all anarchist prisoners in Chile and throughout the world.

Insurrect memory of the death in combat of comrade Sebastián Oversluij two years ago.

Animal, human, Earth liberation.

Down with the cages of civilized society!
Sabotage, boycott and direct attack against all exploiters!

“Nocturnal Disorder” Cell.
Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/FRI)
Chile – Black December 2015

Spanish | English (slightly edited here) via Bite Back

São Paulo, Brazil: Rabbits rescued from laboratory supplier

An ALF/ELF cell rescued 15 rabbits from a breeding site in São Paulo. According to anonymous information, rabbits from this breeding site are sold to laboratories performing tests on animals in the state of São Paulo (via Bite Back).

Transcription of video:

Beginning of 2015, interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil

The Animal Liberation Front has investigated, for days, one of the largest rabbit breeding sites in the state of São Paulo.

Here, a large number of rabbits held in captivity are used as test subjects in laboratories of the state of São Paulo, where animals are subjected to experiments such as cosmetics toxicity tests, vivisection and other types of atrocities.

This action has been carried out and claimed by one of the thousands of cells of the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front scattered throughout Brazil and the rest of the world.

In memory of Barry Horne (1952-2001), an activist who died in prison, [three years] after his third hunger strike which lasted 68 days, and requested that the British government hold a public inquiry into exploitation of animals in laboratories. Barry was serving an 18-year sentence for fighting for animal liberation.

“If you don’t act then you condone.
If you don’t fight then you don’t win.
And if you don’t win then you are responsible
for the death and suffering that will go on and on.”
Barry Horne, animal rights activist


Spanish State: Rabbits liberated in Barcelona



Over recent years in Spain, specifically in Catalonia, rabbit farming has been severely affected by the crisis, and many farms have closed over the past 5 years.

Several times, as we were watching possible targets, we approached to see the security inside and found out they were abandoned.

Similarly we can also confirm that Animal Liberation actions have decreased in the Spanish State since the crisis began. This is probably due to the lack of resources of those of us who take part in this struggle and because of the migration towards other struggles by many people as well.

But on September 20th 2015 we got out of our temporary lethargy; that night we went to a rabbit farm situated in the province of Barcelona and released 20 animals that were inside.

There were 20 in this action but we hope there are more actions to come, by which we could liberate many more and damage this murderous industry. We believe this is a perfect moment to strike blows and cause an industry which barely survives, for several years now, to fall once and for all.

We are aware that this depends on our organizational capacity and our determination but, as has happened in other places where effective campaigns have been carried out, we can close down the few remaining farms.

We dedicate this action to the anarchists who have been repressed by the operations “Pandora”, “Piñata”, as well the prisoners accused of belonging to “Commando Mateo Morral”.

We also send a warm hug to Evi Statiri, who at the time of writing these lines has ended her hunger strike, because the Greek authorities have accepted her release from prison.


ALF – The Boar family, the Zorrilla and the Owl

in Spanish | Portuguese, Greek

Cyber-world: Vivisection laboratory website defaced by the ALF and taken offline

The 7th September 2015, a vivisection laboratory website was sabotaged by using the technique of “deface”. It was entered to the website server and some of their directories were modified. The result was a more realistic image about what the laboratory does and a message we hope never forgot.

Because we don’t care about the excuses and lies they use to justify their experiments. What really matters is that people see and know what really happens inside the laboratories, and to cause the biggest economic damage as possible.

After few weeks, the website has disappeared. What probably means it has been closed (hopefully permanently). We are proud that the goal of this action has been reached, and we’ll go on until we close all laboratories.



Note from Contra Info: The website referenced is the Chudasama Laboratory of Brain and Behaviour, a part of the McGill University campus in Montreal, Canada, that previously looked like this.

in Spanish

Cyprus: Two dogs liberated from cage

Received on August 17, 2015:

CYPRUS: Two dogs were liberated after they were kept incarcerated by some scumbag on the island in a miserable, filthy cage, in terrible conditions and amid extreme summer heat, without food, with only slight dirty water, condemning them to a slow and painful death. Now they can live out the rest of their lives joyously without fear and pain.

Axes and cutters will always be our allies.

in Greek

Czech Republic: The situation of our comrades in prison – greyness, solitude and hunger

Non-vegan diet, isolation, boredom, hour and a half of daylight. Meeting people through the bars and hardened glass. These are just some of the conditions our comrades experience while imprisoned. In this article we would like to describe the everyday reality of imprisoned anarchists and outline ways to support them. We call for support of all three defendants and, especially Martin, to whom the few next weeks may be critical. We also call for exerting pressure on the Pankrác prison to respect Martin’s vegan diet and towards improving prison conditions in general. More about the case from AntiFenix.czechOperation Fenix, police infiltration and possibly fabricated case

Recently in April 2015, Police of the Czech Republic commenced an operation against the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and animal liberation movement. This operation is known and called Operation Fenix (Phoenix). During the initial stage many individuals have been questioned and interrogated, some arrested and several places raided. Police confiscated servers, computers, flash drives, cameras, mobile phones and other digital devices or data carriers. So far we do not know to what extend the operation goes and how many people are being monitored and what the intentions of the police are. On a number of occasions the police fabricated or purposely concealed important facts in order to obtain permission to search different properties and arrest people.

The closest media attention has so far focused on the affair of ”far left terrorism.” From the original 11 detainees, three individuals remain in custody (Ales, Petr and Martin – “Fenix 3″) where they wait for trial. Petr and Martin are accused of “conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack” and Ales with the offense for illegal arms possession.

Today we know that the entire “action” to attack the train, which the police claimed to prevent by arresting Petr, Martin and two other people (currently investigated without detention), was scheduled and co-planned by (at least) two undercover operatives. Specifically trained undercover police officers infiltrated a group of people and gained their trust to obtain information. After a while, when surveillance of their new “friends” was established, they began to talk more about the necessity of actions more militant in nature and they actively participated in the preparation of such a plan.
Martin’s lawyer mentioned in an interview:

“My defendant considers the whole case as the result of police provocation and he had no intention whatsoever to plan or carry out a terrorist attack. As he stated, if he would not have met the undercover police agents he would most likely never have gotten into the current troubles.”

It was the police themselves who invented the whole event. Without their initiative, the whole affair would not even exist. The aim of the police was most likely to discredit, intimidate and divide the entire anarchist movement and to collect as much information about the groups, activities and individuals as possible. More about police infiltration here.

Fenix 3, prison conditions, loneliness and hunger

So far, no court hearings have been held yet, therefore the accused should be regarded as innocent, however the reality is that not only in the media (from whom we can not expect more than a hunger for sensation), but mainly in prisons the presumption of innocence is somehow forgotten, and defendants are treated as if they were already sentenced.

All three were assigned to various prisons around Czech Republic. Petr is at Ruzyne prison, Martin at Pankrác prison and Ales was recently transferred to prison in Brno. Petr at least had the opportunity to meet with other prisoners, even if only for a few small moments but Ales and Martin were placed in solitary confinement without the slightest possibility of social contact. Petr and Martin are both allowed a visit once every two weeks for 90 minutes limited to 4 people. They are allowed to walk for 90 minutes alone in a restricted area of the prison.

Martin was transferred to Pankrác Prison in Prague in early June and the already unenviable conditions have been aggravated. He was separated from the other prisoners and placed in a solitary confinement. All of his personal belongings were taken from him and no money has been delivered to him yet. Due to this practice it is not possible to deliver a radio that must undergo input check, which is covered from Martin’s money. He met people just over the bars and plexiglass always being handcuffed and he is allowed to walk outside for 90 minutes a day.

The situation of Martin’s diet is outrageous. According to the statutes of Pankrác prison he has the right to eat a vegan diet, but in reality he does not even get a vegetarian diet. Ironically Martin was offered an “alternative” Muslim diet which means an animal product based diet with the absence of pork, so obviously not vegan. Martin is not getting enough food! In addition, Ales and Petr are vegetarians and are allowed to receive a maximum of 5 kg parcels once in three months only and content is tightly regulated. The fact is that basic food intake should be provided by the prison rather than by people from the outside!

We call for support of all three defendants, especially Martin at the moment, who is suffering due to prison authorities disrespecting his vegan diet and refusing to accommodate his dietary habits. Continue reading Czech Republic: The situation of our comrades in prison – greyness, solitude and hunger

ALF Istanbul action for World Vegan Day

(we received this partial translation of an anonymous report:)

November 1st should be an action day for animal liberation, not a partying day for veganism.

On November 1st, 2014, at around 2am, we did a series of actions at the European side of Istanbul: two trucks that transport dead chickens were sabotaged, tires blown, front windows broken, locks glued.

“Viva animal liberation” slogans were also spray-painted in the same neighbourhood. Another fast-food restaurant nearby was attacked, windows smashed. . . .

November 1st should be a day of action, not a day of celebration.

Every day action, every day ALF!

Viva animal liberation!

Down with speciesism!

Everything for our animal friends!

Freedom to animals, humans and the earth!

ALF Turkey Istanbul

Costa Rica: Butcher shop sabotaged in Alajuela

In the early morning of Friday the 24th of October 2014 a butcher shop was attacked in the city of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Its locks were sealed and the message “MEAT IS MURDER” was spray-painted over its walls. This action comes in response to the call-out for Direct Action Days for Animal Liberation [24/10–9/11]. We join the call and invite all antispeciesists who live in these territories and beyond to break with the passivity. Animal liberation will not be won by buying in a supermarket.

Animal Liberation Front – Antispeciesist Action Cell

the communiqué in Spanish

ALF in Istanbul: Further actions in 2014

April 30th, 2014, Istanbul: 18 ducklings and 18 chicks were liberated from a street peddler who was trying to sell them in a tiny box. The action was claimed by the Animal Liberation Front, in solidarity with vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan.

July 28th, 2014, Istanbul: 2 rabbits were freed from a pet shop in Beyoğlu-Taksim area. An ALF cell claimed the action against industry and civilization, stating that being vegan is not enough since animals are being held in cages, tortured and slaughtered all over the world, and this violence should be stopped.

July 30th, 2014, Istanbul: 3 milk trucks were sabotaged in a busy street of a district in the European side of the city. Front tires were slashed, and door locks and load locks were glued. Residents realized what went on, so ALF activists hurriedly moved away. However, while escaping, they threw stones at the windows of a fast food store.

Dark Matter Publications: MFAH, Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model (zine)

New zine released by Dark Matter Publications and hosted by 325: ‘Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH), Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model’. An animal liberationist zine about the fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

You may read it here. Distribute at your own risk.

I claim this opportunity to dedicate this zine to Darko Mathers. A friend & comrade I spent many hours with discussing anarchism, nihilism, and what he coined ‘civil anarchism’. The section on the MFAH is dedicated to him, for his contribution in publishing insurrectionist zines such as “August 2011 Revolt”, as well as his strong conviction in critical analysis.

Person(s) unknown

Sweden: Comrades in Skövde sentenced

On Monday the 7th of April 2014, our comrades in Skövde (Sweden) were sentenced.

The comrade who’s still kept in captivity was sentenced to 2 years and six months in prison.

One of those who were released last week was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

The other one, with the more talkative approach in court who was also released last week, was sentenced to probation.

Two more comrades that were on the outside received suspended sentences.

Even though the prosecutor creep didn’t get their will done, we see no reason to celebrate. Our comrades have spent half a year – more and less – in the disgusting pre-trial isolation cells, and they still have their sentences to either serve or evade.

As long as this society continues to exist, prison is and will be one of the worst weapons in the State’s arsenal. A weapon they are using every day in the social war against us and anybody who doesn’t fit in to their disgusting frames of normality. Prison is however not an end station but a continuation of our struggle against this reality. To maintain a struggle without including the prison and justice system as targets, is to shoot oneself in the foot.

Fire to the prisons! Strength to our comrades!

Write to our comrades: support_mejl_now_4@live.se

-always for the subversion of the existent

Sweden: Repression against comrades in Skövde

Late the 14th and early the 15th of October 2013, five comrades were arrested and imprisoned in Skövde, Sweden, suspected for over twenty different attacks on fur farmers and the fur industry, as well as liberations of minks. Three of the comrades were later considered to be main suspects and the two others were released, however still being suspects. Close upon the trial startup, end of January, yet another person was detained for involvement in some of the suspected attacks but this person was also released, still being a suspect.

During their interrogations the three main suspects kept their mouths shut, besides one comrade who took the responsibility for a suspected arson against a garage belonging to a fur farmer.

Seeing the media potential the disgusting ex-minister of Justice Thomas Bodström, nowadays a populist lawyer, took on himself to represent all the fur farmers in the court process.

As the trial began in the end of January 2014, two of the comrades remained quiet and didn’t answer to any questions in court, just letting the assembled people know their denying position to the accusations through the voice of their defenders. The third person did however choose another approach, claiming his innocence, his aversion towards violence, as well as calling his close ones as witnesses to his advantage in the court process.

During the first day, the prosecutor scum used an interview from the anarchist zine UpprorsBladet no.3 as evidence against one of the comrades, claiming that he was the one being interviewed. His legal defense stated that there is no evidence-based connection between his client and the person being interviewed.

During the planned ten-days long trial the State posed an allegation that one or more of the accused were suffering from mental disorders. This, in the end, resulted in a six-week long psychiatric evaluation for the three of them, before any convictions could be made. On the 27th of March the main scum doctor of the State institution for (captive) psychiatric care declared all of them ”healthy enough to be sentenced to prison.”

Yesterday, the 31th of March, the last day of trial before conviction took place, and two of the comrades were released on bail. The remaining comrade, being the one who took the responsibility for the alleged arson, were to be kept in captivity as there were some aggravating circumstances concerning evidence around the arson and her involvement therein. The accusations of the two released comrades were, according to the court, not enough to motivate the continuation of an already six months long isolation in captivity; this being stated, although they considered the high likeliness of them evading the long arm of the law, continuing their criminal activities or both.

If the prosecutor gets her will done, the more talkative of the three would get 3 to 3,5 years in prison, and the other two at least 6 years in prison.

Besides showing our comrades the greatest of support for their ideas, their actions and their commitment to the liberation of animals, we find it important to comment on the use of our idea-based weapon against us and our comrades. For us, the enemy using our magazine against a comrade like this, is equal to us taking the service pistol of the State lackeys and point the gun barrel right back at them… This is not the first incident as such but this time we won’t let it be unanswered…

Stay updated with the development of the case and remember that there is always ways to communicate without addresses, names and letters!

Solidarity with our comrades in the struggle for Animal Liberation, for an inter-sectional struggle and most importantly – FOR ANARCHY!


– in constant struggle against the existent

in Swedish (April 1st, 2014)

Turkey: ALF liberated 4 rabbits from a pet shop in İstanbul

On March 2, 2014, people gathered in Kadıköy district of İstanbul to protest against the changes in the Animal Protection Law proposed by the government, which includes the exploitation of stray animals as test subjects, and so on.

ALF activists who were among the crowd gathered in front of the Başkent Pet Shop in Kadıköy, where four rabbits condemned to live in very poor conditions were rescued and emancipated.

These living beings who get transferred by luggages get murdered when they’re not sold and their cuteness is over.

This is also a call to direct action, and to ask for support from our friends from the ALF, ELF, activists for the freedom of animals and nature. We dedicate this action to all the species about to be ravaged in the destructions of the Northern Forests of İstanbul.

We vehemently condemn the use of stray animals as test subjects for science and industry, just as we oppose the exile of strays to concentration camps. And if necessary, we will respond violently!

If not now, when?

If not you, who?
source: sosyal savas

Athens: Graffiti and flyposting in solidarity with prisoners of anarchist war worldwide

“Strength to comrade José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez, on hunger strike since the 27th of November 2013 – Fire to the prisons!” (José Miguel is incarcerated for nearly two decades in Chile)
“Freedom for Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, solidarity with Valeria Giacomoni, Gerardo Formoso and Rocío Yune, accused of attacks claimed by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” (in Spain)
“Solidarity with Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, prosecuted for the ‘Security’ Case” (imprisoned in Chile)
“We stand beside the comrades Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, who are remanded in Chile, accused in the ‘Caso Security’ (a bank robbery case, including charges for executing a cop) – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Solidarity with anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai” (imprisoned in Italy)
“«You are chasing a ghost that you cannot lock up in the cramped boxes of your judicial codes. This is because it manifests itself at the instant in which the destructive tensions of those who animate it come together to act, at the moment when free women and men decide to experience anarchy concretely» —Nicola Gai. ~ We stand beside our anarchist comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, Olga Cell FAI/FRI members who assumed responsibility for the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive of nuclear power firm. Lone wolves are not alone. For black anarchy and rage towards destruction – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Prisoners to the streets!”

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