São Paulo, Brazil: Rabbits rescued from laboratory supplier

An ALF/ELF cell rescued 15 rabbits from a breeding site in São Paulo. According to anonymous information, rabbits from this breeding site are sold to laboratories performing tests on animals in the state of São Paulo (via Bite Back).

Transcription of video:

Beginning of 2015, interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil

The Animal Liberation Front has investigated, for days, one of the largest rabbit breeding sites in the state of São Paulo.

Here, a large number of rabbits held in captivity are used as test subjects in laboratories of the state of São Paulo, where animals are subjected to experiments such as cosmetics toxicity tests, vivisection and other types of atrocities.

This action has been carried out and claimed by one of the thousands of cells of the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front scattered throughout Brazil and the rest of the world.

In memory of Barry Horne (1952-2001), an activist who died in prison, [three years] after his third hunger strike which lasted 68 days, and requested that the British government hold a public inquiry into exploitation of animals in laboratories. Barry was serving an 18-year sentence for fighting for animal liberation.

“If you don’t act then you condone.
If you don’t fight then you don’t win.
And if you don’t win then you are responsible
for the death and suffering that will go on and on.”
Barry Horne, animal rights activist


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