Marseille, France: Rat Attack – animal liberation and radical ecology gathering this summer

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This summer, from the 25th to 31st of July 2016, the first Rat Attack will take place in Marseille, a gathering surrounding animal liberation and radical ecology, to meet each other, share and organise together.

We refuse to remain passive faced with this world that has sworn to ensure our misery. When everything’s always rapidly worsening faster, attacks against the earth and the lives that inhabit it are becoming increasingly more violent; while we’re always getting locked up in ever more elaborate ways, with death that spreads even into our hearts.

This misery is also the domestication, exploitation and murder of non-humans which are both ignored and legitimised by those who pretend to be fighting against any form of hierarchy. Yet at the same time, it’s a consequence and a symptom of dominations logic that’s extending all around us. If we refuse the submission imposed upon us, we also refuse to impose it upon others. It’s also why we oppose in any form the fascisation of the antispeciecist movement, from the far-right to their inevitable apolitical apologists who only ever dream of a green capitalism. What they don’t understand, is that the nature of capitalism itself is based on the domestication and exploitation of every being surrounding it.

The rage that consumes us reminds us that it’s every aspect of our lives that are at war. A war against our bodies, our existence and our struggles, making them more necessary than ever. Our hopes have been extinguished, overshadowed by the artificial desires and beacons of capital’s monstrous cities. We’re not waiting for a distant utopia gained by reforms and state requests, we want to transform this entire system into ruins, because there’s nothing to save,from its rotting foundations to its sophisticated tactics to control us.

All of this ignites the fire living inside us and gives us the strength to fight. With you this summer we want to make this fire thrive. So come with your backpack and rage to together build a stronger movement, to share practices and experiences, but also with analysis and info stalls to better understand and fight against our common enemies.

Because we want to build this project collectively we are calling for you to join us, by contacting us to organise workshops and discussions during the camp, as well as support and information events to establish this project.

We certainly won’t be there to reproduce violent situations that we’re already experiencing everyday. Don’t be a scumbag, let’s be mindful of each other so we can be dangerous together.

Contact us at ratattack[at]
(our pgp public key available for more security)

in French and German