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Uruguay: Solidarity action with imprisoned comrades in Chile

Freedom to comrades imprisoned in Chile, Freddy, Marcelo, Juan, Carlos, Sol.

Solidarity with Sol Vergara. We will not rest until we burn the last executioner.

March 25th, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Painted slogans in solidarity with comrades Freddy, Marcelo, Juan, Carlos and Sol.

We send lots of strength and affection to the […]

But still, I roll

I carry Anchises on my back

I carry a stone

I come from nowhere

I go to no place

I come in millions

Watching the sad faces losing the ground under my feet

Being alone being nothing

But still, I roll

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Bad news from Mexico: “Paulina”, your death had a lot of Likes

Or: Why misinformation should concern us all, in our attempt to produce counter-information…

Finally on January 25th, 2014 the infamous by now “” released a text claiming that they (but who are they really?) are sorry to inform everyone they made a mistake by revealing that Maria Paulina Inefavel Lorandi had brutally died; they are sorry […]

Greece: A boy from home

Christmas at home, the fatherly home, as it is known, distinguishing the authority that gives name and meaning to things. I wake up with difficulty from mom’s entreaties, “to eat all together.” I also hear the grandfather’s voice from inside, so I know. I know precisely what I will face. I’ve lived it in almost […]


Syncope is a momentary suspension of the blood flow and the cerebral activity provoking a sudden and temporary blackout. The effects can be irrelevant, limited to momentary discombobulating, but sometimes they can be worse. In some cases, if the interruption of the blood flow in the human organism is extended beyond certain limits, […]

Functioning and dynamics of Athens IMC

Announcement of the Administration assembly of Athens Indymedia by Administration Team 17:38, Sunday, December 29, 2013

Administration on the basis of the Editorial Policy, and not on the basis of anybody’s demands!

Let us repeat the things that have been repeated a thousand times already. Athens Indymedia is an unmediated medium […]

Freedom pursued with a price on her head

A blue bird invades national territory

The army is mobilized the cobwebs of a submarine get cleaned…

On every corner a warning Kill ’em! Don’t let the blue bird escape ’n’ come clean!

Wow, you are illegal too?

One thing all people have in common: We’re illegal

We crush the grass with our feet, we set fire to the forest, we spit on the ground, we throw garbage onto the streets, we cross the road when the red light is on. We buy contraband cigarettes, we construct houses without permits, […]

Plastic World

Freedom was taken for granted advertised on giant screens wrapped in colorful plastic packages and sold as cheap staple good amidst the spectacle of brightly lit glass-palaces where people with RFID chips in their necks were busy to catch it.

Plastic world, inhabited by plastic people with plastic dreams their essence ends up being swimming islands […]

Greece: Announcement of Athens IMC administration crew regarding recent technical problems

2 November 2013

During the last month, Indymedia Athens is facing a plethora of technical problems. These problems range from coordinated DDoS attacks, to problems in networking equipment, which we have no possibility of accessing. The daily ups and downs of the server, which have occurred over the last week, are exclusively related to the latter […]

Greek prisons: Poem of May 1, 2013

He talks in his sleep at night.

Not only is it annoying. The nightly atmosphere in the prison cell gives a mystery dimension to his muttering.

He wakes him up. He tells him: “Brother, you’re talking in your sleep.”

He answers: “I know, brother. At night. The dead visit me in my sleep.”

He says: […]


In these times of woe only the gangs of wild dogs are on their guard

Wearing cowboy boots monocles, redingotes they howl against the death and zero

Four (a poem)

We were born in the blackened metropolis of a society that served us strychnine with baby fruit puree

We breathed cancer in the open air swallowing hypocrisy and delusion feeling the loneliness of urban psychiatric terrain inside our skin

We danced our sorrows onto pedestrian streets filled with grief and reactionism and ran whenever we had to […]

Athens: Fliers for a Black February

In the context of the Black February solidarity campaign, and ahead of the general strike across Greece tomorrow (February 20th), we printed 800 fliers with four different slogans so as to promote an everyday struggle without borders and towards total liberation. Some of them were thrown in the centre of Athens, and there’s more to […]

Santiago, $hile: Banners hung in the context of the call for a Black February

The first banner reads an extract from the text ‘Of individualism and rebellion’ by Renzo Novatore (in Il Proletario, v.4, Pontremoli, September 17th, 1922):

Do you want to judge me? So be it! But you will never judge the real me. Instead you will judge the ‘me’ which you will have invented. […]

Athens: Solidarity action for the Revolutionary Struggle case by anarchist comrades of the assembly for the CCF case

Honour forever to anarchist Lambros Foundas, member of the Revolutionary Struggle group

Solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle members and those prosecuted for the same case

Honour forever to Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas

Solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle members and the co-accused in the same case

[USA] Who are these Riseup birds?

Click on photo to read their message…

Greece: New contact mail for the imprisoned members of the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

The mail for contact with the imprisoned CCF members was moved to’s mail server. From now on, you can communicate at

Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and those prosecuted for the same case/Athens

[$hile] Everything and Nothing (to chaos and love)

-anarchy is the poetry-

The unexpected encounter Violent winds blowing Surprise by assault of sensations setting fire to the interior The muscles, the bones, our heads pouring out yearnings Trying out moments, a concrete instant The fugitive glances Say nothing I already know everything Suddenly a chaos that reveals a crystal […]

One, two… many little piglets

I am a little piglet wallowing in the mud you are a big pig who lives high on the hog reigning over the feeding trough biting off each piglet so that we all remain small and you nice and fat

Looking down on us radiating terror baring your tusks we are running […]

Berlin: Solidarity banner for the prosecuted under the Italian operation Mangiafuoco

The fire of revolt is unquenchable – Solid(A)rity

Banner drop in the district of Mitte, in Berlin, in solidarity with those frisked and investigated for operation Mangiafuoco (‘Fire-Eater’) in Italy and Berlin.


USA: Happy Birthday to Anarchist news dot org

click on photo to read worker’s message

Athens: 4 years of grassroots server ESPIV.NET – DIY live concert and party at Lofos Strefi (Exarchia)

Cybrigade, the collective that administrates the free server in Greece, is now celebrating 4 years of operation and organizes an event for financial aid on June 23rd, 2012. The event will be held on Strefi hill in Exarchia. There will also be Cybrigade distro as well as other texts by undertakings hosted […]

Children of the King Ludd

The children of the King Ludd will pick up handmade hammers and swing them down again and again with fury until they smash Machine for good and neither gear nor pinion remains intact so every little thing each and every event will stop coming out in copies we cease counting in numbers and One becomes […]