Athens: Explosive attack at Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn offices

Responsibility claim for the bomb which was detonated at the nationalist party’s local headquarters in Aspropyrgos in the early hours of December 4th, 2012:

The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claims responsibility for the planting of a homemade explosive device at the West Attica regional offices of the Golden Dawn in the suburb of Aspropyrgos, at the 17th km of the Athens–Corinth national road. The particular characteristics of the location (an area with hardly any traffic, especially during night hours) gave us the advantage of planting the explosive device without having to make a warning phone call — something that would perhaps prompt the cops to deactivate the clockwork device which we would use, in order to protect the offices of their collaborators and friends, the chrissavgites/goldendawners.

Besides, the comrades who detonated the explosive device had checked the perimeter of the area prior to the attack, so that no random passerby would get injured. It was not our intention to cause damage to a signs-inscriptions shop on the ground floor, since our target was exclusively the Golden Dawn offices on the first floor. But we have to make it clear that those who tolerate being housed in the same building as the fascists are responsible for bringing the problem to their doorstep. Consequently, they should ask for compensation from their dastardly neo-Nazi neighbours.

We chose to strike the Golden Dawn’s offices because we believe that, when it comes to the fascists, one has to strike first as opposed to waiting for them to make the first move. We are not going to sit and wait and do nothing while the serpent is being hatched. We refuse to accept the passivity of public denunciations as well as the role of an eternal victim that cannot find the guts to openly confront the fascists. We detest the humanitarian hypocrisy and the professional respectability of politicians and journalists who demonize the Golden Dawn in order to consecrate the democracy of demagoguery. We get angry with any constitutional appeal to legality as well as the ridiculous plead that ‘the Golden Dawn should be outlawed’.

To us, it’s not even an issue about whether the Golden Dawn should be outlawed or not but rather that it should be extinct. Only then will Elias Kasidiaris — this effeminate kid with the thousand nervous tics [sic] — understand he is making a huge mistake when he states [as the party’s spokesman] that ‘neither bombs nor bullets can stop the Golden Dawn’. Besides, big words never helped anyone.

Of course we are aware that today, apart from some dozens of shaved headed meatballs with a peanut for a brain, the Golden Dawn has an organized party structure (which also implies state funding of millions of euros) and an extended popular footing in a part of society. We are also aware that not everyone among the thousands who voted for them is a neo-Nazi. Their voting body is the quaint mosaic of a conservative mob consisting of fossils such as the monarchy-dictatorship partisans, of dastardly young males marvelling at the goldendawners’ militaristic lifestyle, of disillusioned democrats dazzled by the hardboiled surface and populism of the far-righters, of neopoors whose nationalistic fantasies are the only property they have left, of frightened petty-bourgeois people who have projected their financial dead-end onto the foreigners and turned it into hatred, and of dozens of other grievous social caricatures that are trying to compensate for their misery and cowardice by adopting the pseudo-macho attitude of the Golden Dawn.

The bulk of these voters are not neo-Nazis, yet that doesn’t mean they are innocent. They are just the tail of the serpent. Of course there’s no immunity for them but the head comes first.

Very often the Golden Dawn uses some anti-systemic rhetoric in order to keep this tail intact. The anti-systemic Golden Dawn is the Golden Dawn that receives state funding, that is led by a member of the KYP intelligence service (i.e. Nikolaos Michaloliakos was in the official payroll of the Greek secret agency in its first phase), that consists of ruffians, who snitch on their own former henchmen — as is the case of Haris Kousoumvris [who was then also denounced by the Nazi scum after publishing a book under the title ‘Demolishing the Myth of the Golden Dawn’] — and make deals with the police on give-and-take of intelligence information about their new recruits, so that they can map the ‘far-right scene’. It is also a well known fact that the Golden Dawn party, beyond the staged skirmishes with cops, is in excellent friendly terms with the repressive forces, drawing from the police ranks a great part of its voters. So, having the cops to cover their backs, they go round unperturbed, parading their pseudo-machismo by kicking empty cartons that immigrant street vendors use or by stabbing others…

In an apparent antipode, the professional jesters of the Left are trying to deal with the issue of immigrants by scattering the magical glitter of ‘humanitarianism’. However, dealing with refugees cannot mitigate any scoundrelism. There can be no excuse for anyone who rapes (whether that person is ‘Greek’ or ‘immigrant’), nor any pity for anyone who ties up, gags and tortures other people to steal some money from them instead of going to rob a bank. So, all conservatism and social acceleration of fascism is in fact increased by the leftist and anarchist rhetoric on defense, as expressed in vague generalizations of ‘not guilty’ like the slogan ‘we are all immigrants’.

Ethnicity and diversity can neither be a criterion of guilt, nor a presumption of innocence. Every person must be judged on the basis of his/her choices and actions, not on grounds of race or skin color.

Nowadays the Golden Dawn members and their followers find refuge in the cowardice of patriotism. It’s the era of togetherness among the frightened. The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation is fighting against the regime of fear. Breaking away from bureaucratic platforms, from defense, we go on the attack. We do not expect anything and anyone. There are no excuses. It’s time to end passivity and defeatism. We attack the fascists by any means — with beatings, knives, screwdrivers, fire, bombings and bullets.

We are cartographers charting the goldendawners’ moves, we ambush them, we trash them with punches and kicks, we burn their motorcycles, and we ‘withdraw’ them from their pretentious bullying. Better to cast some of them down to the ground now, before they start believing that they can lift their heads for good. It doesn’t take any militaristic specialization; it takes only consciousness, courage and determination… There is also no need for any lycophilia (spurious friendship) or any adventurism for the sake of opportunistic gain within the ephemeral alliances ‘against the fascist threat’ that highlight the Golden Dawn as a countervailing force to democracy, thus acquitting the parliamentary dictatorship of all its crimes.

However, the most dangerous fascism is not the quaint shaven donuts of the Golden Dawn but the kind of fascism which is not visible to everyone; the fascism which is hidden behind the velvet courtesies of the democratic totalitarianism; the statutory fascism of bosses, multinational companies, courts, of the prison, the army, the police, the sterile knowledge of school, the church, of laws, advertisements, control in everyday life, boredom and loneliness that reign in the modern concentration camps of metropolises. As much as they may hide behind a wall of uniforms and firearms, all these tyrants of our lives will always be in the firing line of the Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation.

The attack against the Golden Dawn is also (albeit prematurely, prior to the announced dates) a salute and an active participation to the call that the Anticivilization Fraction of the Earth Liberation Front (FAI) made through a double bombing attack in Mexico by inviting to an International Direct Action Week for our anarchist brother Mario López, who is imprisoned there.

Comradely regards to all our brothers and sisters who make the Informal Anarchist Federation a reality…

May our insurgency for freedom set fire to our hearts.


Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front

PS. We also send our conspiratorial salutes to everyone who’s attacking the fascists, from Veria to Patras and from Crete and Agrinio to Xanthi. Each and every one of the beatings against goldendawners and the destruction of their offices are part of the antifascist front. Fascism can only really be trashed with deeds, not words…


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