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Athens: Responsibility claim for explosive attack on vehicle of the Koridallos prisons director, in the district of Dafni, on June 7th, 2013

Freedom for anarchists of praxis incarcerated in Italy

i. ‘Return of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire from the ashes’

Only in those moments when our tension for freedom is rejoined with practice do we truly manage to live anarchy, here and now. Unfortunately the dream we carry in our hearts is too great to avoid the risk of finding ourselves up against the monstrous wall of authority raised in defense of the State and Capital. When we really put our life in play, inevitably we end up confronting the hardness there is in the struggle: death and prison.
Nicola Gai, Italian comrade accused in the Olga Cell-FAI case [May 2013]

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-FAI/IRF in collaboration with comrades from the Consciousness Gangs, honouring our old and timeless friendship, blew up the private car of the female director of Koridallos men’s prisons, Maria Stefi, as a display of genuine solidarity with our ten imprisoned brothers and sister, Giorgos P., Olga, Gerasimos, Christos, Michalis, Giorgos, Haris, Theofilos, Panagiotis, Damiano, that have taken responsibility for their participation in the Conspiracy.

After almost two years of silence throughout the Greek territory, the CCF returns. Maintaining a common front with the Consciousness Gangs, the FAI cells (‘Antifascist Front’, ‘Unscathed Cell of Vengeance’, ‘Lone Wolf Cell’, etc.) and the Sect of Revolutionaries, we support and strengthen the international conspiracy of the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front.

The bomb we placed at the vehicle of the director of Koridallos prisons is the first drops before the storm. Or, as it was written in the last communiqué by the CCF against the Greek minister of Justice… Continue reading Athens: Responsibility claim for explosive attack on vehicle of the Koridallos prisons director, in the district of Dafni, on June 7th, 2013

Athens: Explosive attack at Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn offices

Responsibility claim for the bomb which was detonated at the nationalist party’s local headquarters in Aspropyrgos in the early hours of December 4th, 2012:

The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claims responsibility for the planting of a homemade explosive device at the West Attica regional offices of the Golden Dawn in the suburb of Aspropyrgos, at the 17th km of the Athens–Corinth national road. The particular characteristics of the location (an area with hardly any traffic, especially during night hours) gave us the advantage of planting the explosive device without having to make a warning phone call — something that would perhaps prompt the cops to deactivate the clockwork device which we would use, in order to protect the offices of their collaborators and friends, the chrissavgites/goldendawners.

Besides, the comrades who detonated the explosive device had checked the perimeter of the area prior to the attack, so that no random passerby would get injured. It was not our intention to cause damage to a signs-inscriptions shop on the ground floor, since our target was exclusively the Golden Dawn offices on the first floor. But we have to make it clear that those who tolerate being housed in the same building as the fascists are responsible for bringing the problem to their doorstep. Consequently, they should ask for compensation from their dastardly neo-Nazi neighbours. Continue reading Athens: Explosive attack at Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn offices

Greece: “Do not say that we are few; just say that we are determined” –by the R.O. CCF and Theofilos Mavropoulos

Contribution of the nine imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF and anarchist prisoner Theofilos Mavropoulos to an international anarchist meeting convened under the insurrectional perspective (Zurich, 10–13 November 2012)

“Do not say that we are few.. Just say that we are determined..”

The question is not whether we are more or less poor, but whether we live in a way that does not contain us. We do not want to repeat things that have already been said.

We have banished from our minds the idea of central governance, and we do not believe in legends about the phantom of the proletariat. We are thus neither faced with an isolated State, which allegedly gives commands from the palaces of its Power, nor with a society that is waiting to be awakened in order to revolt. Today’s society is a pervasive social factory that produces attitudes, values, ethics and habits.

Today’s society works like a social death machine, which devours time, space, emotions and consciousnesses. The centre of the State and the heart of the system are dispersed in millions of small and large representations of Power in our everyday lives. They lie at the language we speak, the images of advertisements, the architecture of the cities, the virtual reality of technology, the people-centered civilization, the firearms of cops, the national symbols of fascists, the locks of private property, the standards we fall in love with, the walls of prisons.

There are no innocents. We all make part of the social machine of Power. The question is whether we are oil or sand in its gears. Therefore, we reject the notion of the apparent innocence of society. Silence is never innocent. We hate both the hand that holds the whip and the back which passively endures it.

Nowadays the social machine is being transformed. The economic crisis that’s spreading over the privileged Western societies creates the need for a transformation of the management of Power. A new military-police state, along with the dictatorship of technology, is now shielding every authority. New police security forces, concentration camps for immigrants, reappearance of the army on the streets, further development of surveillance systems, DNA banks and genetic screening experiments lay more and more mines over domains of our lives.

At the same time the social mass has passed from the era of consumerism frenzy to the period where financial promises are broken and agony is being prolonged.

Nowadays this agony takes to the streets and protests, appears indignant, shouts or complains. It is a heterogeneous crowd that reciprocates within its contradictions. A mosaic of people comprised of yellers, democrats, reformists, leftists, non-aligned persons, indignant citizens, university/school students, trade unionists, hooligans, nationalists, anarchists, and so forth.

Therefore, those who see in these new moves against the economic crisis some perspective of liberation and anarchist awareness will soon be disappointed.

A large part of this ‘movement’ is merely nostalgic for the past era of consumerist abundance and does not want a rebellion against any authority. Quite a few indignant persons slept with their purses filled, and have woken up with bankrupt illusions. That’s why they hit the streets claiming their consumerist fantasies back into their lives. Almost no one truly criticizes the former way of life, desiring its diversion towards liberation.

On the contrary, they wish to maintain the previous order of things. Particularly in Greece, some people in fear of economic distress resort to the cowardice of racism and fascist propaganda.

On the other hand, professionals of the ‘revolutionary’ rhetoric, reformists of the Left and their sold-out unionists, are exhausting the widespread social anger into processions-litanies, thus parading the corpse of compromise.

As for a large part of societist anarchists in Greece, they fantasize about picturesque scenarios that speak of a social awakening and a magical time when the objective conditions will have come. But anyone who sleeps with hopes wakes up with nightmares.

To us, who identify ourselves as anarchists of praxis, insurrectionists, nihilists and anti-societists, the insurgency is outside and far from economic demands and objective conditions. We abolish the economy as a social relation between us and define our subjective conditions as a starting point of insurgency. To tell the truth, we are not interested in economic terms and theories, nor share the agony of figures, statistics and financial deficit with the society. We just know how much we are suffocating in the modern world of captivity, either this world is deemed sick from the economic crisis or not.

Nevertheless, we rejoice at the economic crisis. This crisis is to our benefit, as it causes gaps over the territory of sovereignty and helps us promote our own offensive. We abandon the language of domination, as well as the rhetoric of a revolutionary antidote to the economic crisis. We attack because we want to deepen the economic crisis and cause chaos in Western metropolises. Continue reading Greece: “Do not say that we are few; just say that we are determined” –by the R.O. CCF and Theofilos Mavropoulos

Greece: ‘Chaos just around the corner’ –by the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos

(Italy, Mexico, Greece)

On Wednesday, June 13th, the international anti-anarchist campaign under the name ‘operation boldness’ was set up. The Italian antiterrorism forces of ROS and carabiniers were put under the command of the Inquisitor-prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi, and proceeded to arrest eight anarchist comrades. In parallel, investigations are conducted against other comrades as well (among them are the comrades of Edizioni Cerbero).

We neither know the details of the case, nor are we lawyers to speak the language of documentary evidence or not. All we know is that the world’s police want to strike down the new anarchy.

Judges, prosecutors, interrogators and antiterrorism cops want to kneel down and chain in handcuffs the indomitable insurgents that illuminate the nights with their rebellions and paint the cities with the colours of a lasting anarchist insurrection.

However, all we anarchists of praxis, nihilists, chaotics, and antisocialists have definitively crossed the point where any return to the peace of normality is no longer feasible. The new anarchy looks like the tidal outburst overwhelming countries, borders and languages. Comrades that we haven’t ever met with each other, who do not speak the same language, and thousands of miles, barbed wires and prison walls separate us, are laughing and fall into melancholy with our shared joys and sorrows, and our anarchy burns like the light of one thousand suns that erupt in the frosty night of the crowd.

The world’s police want to strike down this very international rebellion. It is no coincidence that, shortly before the ‘operation boldness’, antiterrorist forces in Bolivia proceeded to arrest people in relation to FAI-Bolivia attacks. It is by no coincidence that the ‘operation boldness’, apart from affecting the eight anarchist comrades in Italy, expanded to Germany and Switzerland, setting its sights on the already imprisoned comrades Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch. These alchemies of cops were carried out at the precise moment that our two comrades are on the verge of release after 18 and 21 years in prison, respectively.

But the performance of the prosecutorial marionette M.Comodi does not stop here. With the ‘operation boldness’ six of us, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades, are under judicial investigation due to the correspondence we had with some of the arrested comrades.

Naturally, the wire-pullers of the Greek terror unit did not miss the opportunity to talk about their supposed contribution to the ‘operation boldness’ by alleged information collected from monitoring e-mails between us. Of course, their Italian colleagues never gave a confirmation of that, since the alleged information via e-mails (included in the Italian case file) was translations of political texts that have been published in the anarchist counter-information networks Culmine and ParoleArmate.

But, in order not to leave even one inch of suspicion of legalistic ‘excuses’, we make it clear that: Regardless of the judicial inquiry, we declare that we support all FAI-IRF insurrectionist violent actions with all our rage and heart.

We are wholeheartedly endorsing every word from FAI and carry it within us, seeking ways to make it into praxis from our own hands. FAI-IRF was, is and will be the essence of the lasting anarchist insurrection. We support, promote and participate in the informal anarchist federation–international revolutionary front (FAI-IRF).

However, the enemy’s propaganda and military-police operations, such as the ‘operation boldness’, in addition to arrests, are aimed at constructing a climate of fear. They wish to convey the fear of prison and the image of the all-powerful police, so as to suspend the new anarchy’s warfares against the system.

What’s important to us right now is to fight fear. It is our own way to go first on the counter-attack. “This means to sink the knife further into the heart of the enemy, without fear of the consequences that this entails, with the fury and iconoclastic joy that we always carry with us, in our smiles and in our eyes” (Tomo – Brother Comrade under judicial investigation in the context of the ‘operation boldness’)

We don’t look back, we fix our eyes only straight ahead…

Let those who got afraid, or tired, descend now from the train. There is no return ticket. Neither Delay, nor stopovers… We are clenching our hands into fists and walk against our era, having our comrades as brothers and sisters.

“Enough, enough, enough!
As the poet transforms his lyre into a dagger!
As the philosopher transforms his probe into a bomb!

It is time, it is time — it is time!
And society will fall.
The fatherland will fall.
The family will fall.
All will fall after the Free Man is born”

Renzo Novatore

Giuseppe, Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Sergio, Katia, Paola, Giulia

to our brothers Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch

The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase
And anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos


PS. At the time of writing these words, bad news reached our ears. In Mexico, the anarchist comrade Mario López was wounded when an incendiary device he was carrying went off.

Mario López was arrested, while prosecution has been exercised against his companion Felicity Ryder.

Our brother Mario López, in the public letter he released from the hospital where he is being treated, claimed responsibility for transporting this incendiary device, stating that as anarchist he is at constant war with the State and Power.

We hear his voice… A steady, happy, angry voice…

We nihilists, who bear the fire in the icy solitude of the crowd, are the anarchoindividualists that kill the silence of the mute mass; we are the chaotic anarchists of praxis that have the stars in our eyes and hearts. The five arrows of the symbol of the FAI and the Conspiracy show the point where everything becomes real. The point of a lasting anarchist insurrection…


“Never defeated, never repentant!”

please spread with all links included~/the text in Greek

see also Dark Nights #22 and Anti-One, as well as the
Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and
those prosecuted
for the same case/Athens (
contact mail: sal.spf[at]gmail[dot]com)

Solidarity poster for CCF and Theofilos Mavropoulos by the Internationalist Cells of Incendiary Propaganda/IRF

with the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos

On June 27th, 2012, the members of the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos will stand trial for ‘Incitement to Criminal Acts’.

In the social war, no one is alone!

Not one step back. Thousands of steps forward
against the Power and its representatives.

Internationalist Cells of Incendiary Propaganda
International Revolutionary Front

Athens: CCF imprisoned member Christos Tsakalos goes on hunger strike from April 8th

When one does not die for the other, then we are already dead’
[Tasos Livaditis]

I am not a humanist and therefore will not talk like a humanist. I place myself on the side of the anarchists of praxis. In the battle for a free life without leaders and minions, often a price to pay is the prison. This price has been imposed on me a year ago, since I am imprisoned–CAPTIVE by the State. Captive but not defeated; because for me, as an anarchist urban guerrilla, prison is a temporary stop but never the terminal. During this whole year, I did not allow prison to tame or to ‘correct’ me, or to subdue my body and my memory through the dead repetition of the time-jailer.

From the very first moment, however, a ceaseless psychological warfare and a special detention regime were launched against all comrades who participate in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Personally, I was led to Grevena prisons, initially ‘placed’ in a protection ward (where I refused to stay and so I was removed), while I have been moved more than 20 times with emergency transfers — with special bulletproof trucks, ΕΚΑΜ (special suppressive antiterrorist units), antiterrorism task forces, special units for prison transfers — during which I was held in the disciplinary ward of Diavata prisons and in Thessaloniki prison transfers department, each time with a twenty member police unit for ‘personal’ custody.

The truth is that I did not expect anything less from the adversary. Once we declared war against the State and its society, we knew the cost of our actions, and we remain unrepentant in our choices. This does not mean, though, that we will remain with folded hands. We owe ourselves one more fight… until the next one.

Thus, I refuse to put life in parentheses. Here, inside the prison, in the land of shadows I remain at loggerheads with the existent, its uniforms and subordinates. In this battle, without risking your life you are not even able to live your life with passion. In nowadays massive society of the State there is neither risk, nor passion. There is only fear and routine. Most people are frightened and alone; but never alive.

When one does not die for the other, then we are already dead. So, today, Sunday, April 8th, I begin hunger strike in factual solidarity with comrades Panagiotis Argirou and Gerasimos Tsakalos, who are carrying out a hunger strike demanding their transfer in Koridallos prisons and the permanent cessation of vengeful transfers from one prison to another. Remaining consistent in our words and choices as Conspiracy, this move is also a first gesture towards the creation of a political collective for symbiosis in prisons.

So, now that the [Easter] holidays are coming, now that everyone does their shopping, or cheats their poverty, in decorated streets and shop windows, we ‘offer’ hunger strike at your festive table. As anyone can understand, the hunger strike is an ultimate means of struggle. It is a battle to the death in slow motion. It is the will to live against resignation and submission. But it is something else as well. It is the mirror of society’s guilt. It is the mirror that reveals society’s silences. It is the mirror of indifference, the mirror of empty values, the mirror of resignation, the mirror of fear, the mirror of the lonely crowd… Behind the mirror there is LIFE. It is enough to break the mirror.

PS. During this same period, a hunger strike is conducted for the release of the anarchist Stella Antoniou and the termination of prosecution proceedings regarding the 250 incendiary and explosive attacks for which the CCF has claimed political responsibility, against individuals who have no association with the Conspiracy.

My support to the above requests is more than obvious.



Christos Tsakalos
Member of the imprisoned cell of CCF/FAI


A flame of solidarity from the R.O. CCF to the brothers and sisters in $hile

When the prison bars stop our hands from throwing the fire of anarchy into the world of power, our words become the sharp rasp of our escape.

We arm them with thoughts, desires, secret plans, new conspiracies, and we turn them into our warmest embrace in our imaginary meeting with the comrades of praxis across the world.

Now we want our voice to reach our brothers and sister in distant Chile; Luciano (Tortuga) who will be prosecuted on November 22nd, and Monica, Felipe, Francisco, Omar, Carlos who will stand trial on November 28th because they are anarchists and enemies of Power.

Of course we do not forget Marcelo, Freddy and Juan, as their trial started on the 11th of this month.*

Comrades, you are so far away and yet you feel so close.

It is the same rage we feel when we hit the State, the same contempt that we show for the silence of the compromised crowd, the same passion with which we are fighting for anarchy, the same hatred of the prisons where they want to keep us captives.

The Chilean State and the authorities of the States of the world must know that not one comrade will be left alone. Continue reading A flame of solidarity from the R.O. CCF to the brothers and sisters in $hile

Indonesia: Letter from Eat & Billy, imprisoned comrades of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Indonesian FAI

The anarchist prisoners Eat and Billy are comrades of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesia Section, who are currently in prison before trial, having taken responsibility for setting fire to a BRI ATM bank in Yogyakarta on 7th of October ’11, by causing an explosion. The action was declared in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga, injured anarchist combatant of Chile, with revolutionary prisoners and fighters in Indonesia and across the world, in complicity with the international clash with capitalism and hierarchy.

Despite isolated conditions and the inevitable harsh and endless interrogations, the comrades never co-operated or collaborated with the repressive apparatus, and the application of the anti-terrorist law has not diminished them. The repressive wave which the Indonesian State and the mainstream media initiated against not only them, but against also autonomous spaces and individuals, and which extends into the continued murderous practices it employs across the islands, has failed to obscure the evident: that the Indonesian State and the corporations operating there are exploiters and terrorists.

This open letter comes alongside a continued call for international solidarity with the environmental, indigenous and anti-capitalist/anti-state struggle in Indonesia, and the imprisoned comrades additionally wanted to focus attention on places like Wera (Bima) where the people are resisting an iron mine, and also the situation of renewed social war in West Papua, as the rebels and the students are escalating the conflict against the police, military and the mafia Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold Inc..

You can read a previous flyer (with multiple language translations) about the general case here (nb. there was another person arrested who was subsequently released), plus a solidarity booklet by Actforfreedomnow/Elephant Editions is here.

Soon there will be a bank account declared for financial aid, and a call for a specific date/period of international solidarity, so it is asked that comrades be aware of the matter. However, solidarity should never wait until the date of any upcoming trial or until any date imposed from above; Eat and Billy expect comrades to act as they have always done, with their hearts and generous warmth together in global struggle against State and Capital.


Dear comrades, with respect, love and rage

It’s been 35 days since we were caught and we are sorry for writing this letter too long, as our only possible communication comes only from our friends and lovers who still have the courage to meet us here. Direct letters are impossible.

We’ve been waiting to hear some news from you all and like a strong warm breeze in this climate of repression, we once more regain back our energy and strength to hear the sound of revolutionary solidarity and a warm feeling of comradeship from all combatants and prisoners of freedom around the world – especially when we had the chance to read a newspaper about some recent insurrection in Rome, Italy, it gave us both a warm feeling that comrades are still fighting for a true revolutionary change… and the spirit of insurrectionalism is still in the air like a light of hope – in this dim atmosphere of cages of repression.

We send our hugs to all the FAI members around the world (those who are free and imprisoned) and as well CCF members in Greece, our true revolutionary and warm feelings to all of you.

On a sad note, we are truly disappointed that some of our local comrades are inspired by fear and media sensationalism which make them to retreat from the front line but let’s put this aside, as we are still convinced that they still have the ideas in their heart of resistance… that would light the darkness once more in the glimmering light of passion for rebellion.

Warm hugs and salute to all combatants in Chile, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, and all of the revolutionary anarchists who never back down in the face of repression.

Revolutionary Greetings and Hugs to all of you.

Members of Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Indonesian FAI



source: 325

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for arson attack against ATEbank, in solidarity with CCF members Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou

We more or less know the facts. On Monday, September 12th, comrades Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou after having been transferred to Koridallos prisons for a formal council were transferred back to Domokos prisons. Both refused to undergo the humiliation of inner-body search, and were violently attacked there by humanguards with torturer Kliaris as leader.

Statists use any of their available mechanisms to exterminate people who have struggled with dignity, and continue to struggle dignified behind prison walls; people who were, are and will always be REVOLUTIONARIES.

The instigators and perpetrators of this attack should know that the comrades are undismayed, and that these actions will only make matters worse for them. The hostilities continue.

Thus, on September 19th, we attacked Agrotiki bank in Papafi Street in the district of Toumpa with an incendiary device which consisted of four litres of flammable mixture and three camping-gas cannisters, so as to express our solidarity with the two comrades but also as a minimum response to those who are always ready to attack anyone who struggles.

Strength to the members of the R.O. CCF Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou, and all political prisoners


Insubordinate Cells of Solidarity / International Revolutionary Front /
Informal Anarchist Federation


read+ And remember we are not separated by anything more than a wall