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[Mexican prisons] Letter from comrade Fernando Bárcenas

To all rebel comrades

I write to all those who build their paths of autonomy, to remember that within these walls we try to apart our vital time from the machinery generating moments of lucidity in a suffocating world… This is how, in those years, there were proposals of resistance, isolated struggles in forgotten areas, lost cry of rebellion in obscurity, collective moments of informal organization in the daily life of the open regime, that is to say, in the [prison] population in general, where, almost three years ago, came up the idea of creating a different space where prisoners could shout that we are enough from all this annihilation.

We know that the prison system is designed to subject our bodies and our minds to the structure of commerce and that is why we are not going to ask them to change, we know that money is the language of the powerful and that is why we do not have any requests, now we want self organize our lives on these walls because we know that what their social rehabilitation programs seek is to create submissive, repentant, and guilty human beings and this is why therefore they accept slave labor in the hands of prison officials.

Thus, the idea of founding an alternative library in the auditorium of the Northern Reclusory came up. But for this project of autonomy to grow and to allow its operation, we need your support and solidarity, because within prison we are more effectively repressed and therefore, this is a call to all those who know we are at war, we need you, only with you can we reach the strength to face the rotten logic of the system…

Do not leave us alone in building another space for autonomy, our struggle is no less important, we are also slaves, children of war, we are poor, called criminals and therefore we are marginalized, but together with you, we will prove that we are capable to live the freedom here and now, even being behind stone walls…

That is why we ask for support to maintain this project, the autonomous library in the North Reclusory.

With love and strength for all.

Fernando Bárcenas


Mail: cna.mex@gmail.com

Translated by tormentasdefogo

in Spanish l Portuguese

Mexican prisons: Fernando Bárcenas, Abraham Cortés, Luis Fernando Sotelo and Miguel Peralta initiated days of anti-prison struggle

Since September 28th 2016, the imprisoned compañeros Fernando Bárcenas, Abraham Cortés (in Mexico City’s Reclusorio Norte) and Luis Fernando Sotelo (in Mexico City’s Reclusorio Sur) have undertaken hunger strike, while Miguel Peralta (in Oaxaca’s Cuicatlán prison) abstains from prison meals.

Their joint struggle, marking three years since the imprisonment of Abraham Cortés (on October 2nd 2013), is also in solidarity with Luis Fernando Sotelo, who was recently sentenced to 33 years and 5 months. It’s also their way of supporting the US prisoner struggle and showing solidarity with African-American compas who experience the drug genocide.

Read a statement by comrades Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés in Spanish & English.

Greece: Solidarity with prison rebels against slavery & white supremacy in America and beyond

On August 4th 2016, an info event was held at Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia (Athens), with the participation of Contra Info translation counter-info network and ABC Solidarity Cell, where a comrade from Portland ABC discussed details about the US wide mobilization against prison slavery and white supremacy on the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison rebellion (September 9th–13th 1971). Check out an interview on Radiofragmata web radio, as well as the recordings of the presentation during that event, here. (You can also hear another conversation, with the same comrade from Portland ABC, aired September 4th 2016 on The Final Straw.)

On August 25th, anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou, currently incarcerated in Koridallos prison (Athens), released a text explaining what September 9th mobilization in the US is all about. Excerpt from his writing: “Since 2010 there have been a number of mobilizations in US prisons, from hunger strikes and work stoppages to rebellions, for either elimination of solitary confinement or betterment of prison conditions, or the improvement of working conditions and remuneration.”

On September 5th, a meeting took place at the Polytechnic School in Exarchia, called for by the Solidarity Assembly for Political Prisoners & Imprisoned and Prosecuted Fighters. A new Athens-based assembly was formed to support the US prison strike. It was decided to release a poster in Greek and English, hold a PA’s gathering outside Koridallos prisons, and make a call for two days of solidarity action across Greece, between 16th and 17th September.

On September 8th, ABC Solidarity Cell published a statement regarding “US Prisons – The Dark Side of Slavery in American Society”. Excerpt from their text: “We are willing to manifest our solidarity in every possible way with US prison inmates throughout the duration of their struggle. In this direction, we call every collective, every cell of Anarchist Black Cross internationally, but also whoever wishes to support in their own way, to coordinate our forces on an International Solidarity Day that will be a point of reference for the international solidarity movement to supporting this struggle and will provide an opportunity for further intensification of our actions in the coming period. We propose this day to be October 1st. We consider the prospects, stakes and legacies that this particular struggle in US prisons may create to be an open challenge for every fighter who wants to contribute to waging an internationalized and coordinated struggle inside and outside prisons against modern slavery and the economic dictatorship of multinationals. Solidarity and strength to the struggle of prisoners in US prisons! Struggle is the only prospect of living with dignity! Fire to the prisons!”

On September 9th, the Urban Guerrilla Cell of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/FRI, namely Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoros and Olga Ekonomidou, anarchists incarcerated in Koridallos prisons, released a revolutionary statement titled “Gentlemen, the Dragon Will Fly Out” in support of the US prison mobilization as of September 9th, and in memory of Jonathan P. Jackson, George L. Jackson, and Attica prison rebels. Excerpt from their writing: “In every part of the Earth, prisons are a monument of people’s enslavement. Prisons are the most concentrated form of tyranny; the face of Power, without any makeup; the punitive nature of democracy; the vengeful sense of its justice. Every attack, every act of rebellion, every mobilization that disturbs the operation of prisons is a kick in the guts of oppression. It challenges its omnipotence, within its own walls. Certainly, the September 9th mobilization against slavery in US prisons may not be the anarchist utopia of freedom we wish for, but it can be a pebble in the pond that creates small ripples in the water. And oftentimes these ripples precede the outbreak of an enormous tide…”

On September 9th, some anarchist prisoners in the 4th wing of Koridallos men’s prison published a collective writing in support of the US prison strike. Excerpt from their text: “We know how hard it is to fight capitalism there where it’s most powerful, in the US; we also know that depriving it of a part of its profits is the only thing that can inflict substantial damage. That’s why this prisoner strike is so important. That’s why we send our solidarity and greetings to the rebellious dignity of prisoners in the US.” (Full text translation here.)

On Friday evening September 9th, the newly formed Assembly of Solidarity with the Struggle of Prisoners against Slavery, alongside other anarchist supporters from Athens, held a noise demo in the proximity of Koridallos prisons to spread the word about the mobilization in US prisons, but also in solidarity with all inmates in Koridallos women’s facility, who are protesting the deplorable prison conditions since August 26th. During the action comrades unfurled banners reading: “Solidarity with the struggle of US prison inmates against slavery” and “From Koridallos to Lucasville, fight against prison slavery”.

On Friday night September 9th, ABC Solidarity Cell hung a banner at the gate of the Polytechnic School, on Patission Street (downtown Athens), reading: “Solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in the US as of September 9th – We are not made by history; we create history”.

In Agrinio (western Greece), comrades of Apertus squat expressed their solidarity with the US prison mobilization, as well as with inmates at Koridallos women’s prison: “(…) resistance to the barbarity of incarceration is an integral part of social and class struggles taking place everywhere; against the restructuring, tightening of security, and privatization of prisons; the road to freedom passes over the debris of every prison.” (Full text translation here.)

Now is the time for uncompromising complicity with prison rebels in the US, Mexico, and all over the world!

Mexico: Anarchist prisoner Fernando Bárcenas calls for revolutionary solidarity with US prison strike

“(…) This is a call for revolutionary solidarity against the slavery and extermination imposed by economic plunder… in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and all other places touched by civilization, know that we are preparing ourselves within Mexican prisons; but that will continue to be demonstrated through actions… To war alongside our imprisoned brothers and sisters, slaves of the United States, who are rising up and coordinating a nationwide strike in North America’s prisons on September 9th 2016, and with all other captives and slaves in the rest of the world… Until we are all free.”
Fernando Bárcenas Castillo.

English full text translation on It’s Going Down

Mexico: Telmex phone booths sabotaged

Received June 19th 2016:

We want to communicate the destruction of 13 telephone booths of the Telmex company. Telmex is a company that builds federal prisons in Mexico. Carlos Slim, its owner, is a businessman who also owns other companies involved in the construction of the “Mexico–Toluca high-speed train” that is destroying forests and aquifers. These acts of sabotage were carried out during the night of June 17th in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico.

This sabotage is in solidarity with the prisoners who’ve rioted in Barrientos prison. It is in support of the compas that “yes” are on the run in Mexico: Chivo, Tripa and “Cobi”; for compa Gustavo R. and for the destruction of prisons.



in Spanish

Cancún, Mexico: Incendiary attack in memory of Mauri

Arson of vehicles in the early hours of Sunday 22nd May:

We decided to attack the vicinity of the National Institute of Migration as a way of remembering the comrade Mauricio Morales, and what better way to do it than to extend the conflict and remind them that attacks won’t stop even after a comrade’s death or the incarceration of so many others that left dialogue and fear behind, and decided to attack directly and roundly the system of domination; we also claim responsibility for the attack as a show of solidarity with the comrade Natalia Collado and Javier Pino [both imprisoned in Chile, and recently convicted in court], who are about to receive their sentence.


Spanish | Greek

Bloomington, Indiana, USA: Banner drop in solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas

Received February 18th:

Solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas – You’re not alone

Responding to the call for solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas, we hung a banner with words of support for our comrade. Fernando is an anarchist imprisoned by the Mexican state for burning a Coca-Cola tree during a demonstration against the rise of Metro ticket prices.

We hope that small gestures like these will accumulate and spread, contributing to an anarchist internationalism that seeks to destroy the walls of borders and prisons alike.

Against all states, against all prisons!
Solidarity with Fernando and all rebellious prisoners!

Mexico City: Actions in solidarity with imprisoned comrades

Received February 3rd along with the image:
On the 31st January we coordinated two actions of solidarity with prisoners. Not solely in solidarity with anarchist prisoners but with all who have been and are incarcerated by the state or who are escaping that vile oppression.

We carried out two simultaneous actions. We dropped banners in Av. Xola and Tlalpan (Mexico City): “Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners” and “Fire To The Prisons and All The Judges”. At the same time, in the south of Mexico City, we set fire to a TELMEX car, which belongs to the billionaire Carlos Slim.

We didn’t return to the sites, and assume our ends were met. These actions came from firey hearts, with love and rage, against the face of the horrific structures that threaten to suppress us all. We hope people see our messages, see the fire; replicate and escalate.

Some Anarchists <3

German | Spanish

Torreón, Mexico: Bank ATMs and CCTV camera sabotaged

They will never succeed in making us part of their routine; their civilisation is a cage for us; their jobs, their laws, their norms of social coexistence only make us feel disgust; we do not care about their success, we are not interested in having cars or fully “accommodated” houses where we can have our “lovely” family and so lead a “happy” life. That simply causes us nausea… We do not feel part of the social mass, nor are we interested in struggling for any improvement for the sake of them. The mass are living enchained to their telephones with a thousand and one functions, their giant televisions, objects they do not need but go into monumental amounts of debt to obtain them, enchained to their drugs, enchained to their jobs and their studies in order to “be someone in life”… They only feel free on weekends getting drunk unrestrainedly. We totally reject and hate that style of “life” that’s just a life of the walking dead. We do not represent anyone, nor does anyone represent us, we are only chaotic individualities, we are a wild howl, we are a roar that shakes the dawn.

On Monday night, November 23rd 2015, we sabotaged 3 ATMs of Banamex with paint, along with a security camera of the same bank. Additionally, 1 ATM of BanRegio bank was sabotaged with paint. Vandalising their routine life, showing our contempt for their real god, the god of money. Preparing the ground for Black December where our rucksacks with surprises may be anywhere, where our fire may be ignite at any moment, where any telephone may receive some threat, sometimes false, sometimes not.

“Tick tock tick tock” Black December is approaching.

Until their civilisation is brought to an end

For our fallen and incarcerated ones

For anarchy

For Black December

– Anti-social individualities for the fall of civilisation –

in Spanish | Greek

Mexico: Black December poem from Tijuana

Black December of individualities with the cry of solidarity
of new, anarchic, black and direct solidarity
solidarity by flaming barricades, Molotov cocktails, bullets, daggers
expropriations, explosions, arsons, acts of sabotage
pamphlets, banners, verses, texts
actions claimed or not
multiple anti-hierarchical gestures
and an infinity of attacks

Comrade Sebastian Angry Oversluij
those bullets that entered your body will be avenged
Banks, police stations, transnational corporations, churches
courts, laboratories, institutes, and offices, whichever they are
burned down by the flames of the insurrect December

December of new anarchy’s permanent danger
Black December for the freedom of all anarchist prisoners
December for the solidarity with dignified fugitives
December for the memory of comrades fallen in combat
December for the complicity of individuals and indomitable cells
December by all means against domination

The kidnapped, fugitive and fallen comrades will feel
we accompany them with every blow against passivity.

Anarchist prisoners out to the streets!
We want them free and wild!

Some Solidarian Individuality.

Spanish | Greek

Indianapolis, USA: Solidarity action at the Mexican consulate

On July 3rd, there was a solidarity demonstration against repression in Mexico, organized outside the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, USA.

The text of the flyer distributed during the demonstration:

On June 16, 2015, the Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico, an anti-repression organization, released word describing an escalation of the harassment and surveillance they experience at the hands of the Mexican state.

This is just the latest clamp down doled out by the Mexican government:

– In September of 2014, 43 student rebels from a rural teachers college in Guerrero who were involved in educational protests were disappeared, likely by local law enforcement and crime syndicates. Demonstrations in response to the kidnappings have been met with continued violence by the police. Nearly a year later, only one of the bodies has been found.

– At the beginning of June 2015, a militant teacher, Juan Villegas Tenorio, was beaten to death by police during a protest. Two other teachers at the event were beaten by police but survived.

– An increasing number of revolutionaries are facing long prison sentences, including Abraham Cortes, who was recently sentenced to 5 years and 9 months. Other anarchist prisoners currently facing extreme prison sentences include Fernando Barcenas and Fernando Sotelo.

A new hunger strike has been announced in the prisons around Mexico City. The primary demand in this hunger strike is the end of torture in the prisons.

– Since the beginning of June, protests have erupted across Mexico, including a demonstration by 6,000 teachers at the city center in Oaxaca. These protests call for a boycott of the elections: “To Vote Is To Lie.”

With all this repressive violence, the Mexican state hopes to control popular rage, but it’s only succeeding in spreading resistance. We are here at the Mexican consulate today to call attention to these struggles, and to express our solidarity with these diverse rebels, and others who suffer at the hands of the state. We hope this is a small step toward spreading these rebellions.

Down with every border and prison!

in Spanish, Italian

Mexico City: Police harassment of members of Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

In the last few years, we have seen how the escalation of repression has intensified around the libertarian and anarchist movement through the strategies used here in Mexico City: Setting very high bond amounts, and applying the same package of charges, always aggravated, without giving much importance to the specific situation, but rather to what the State dictates. Persecution and finger-pointing in the media as a basic element of their set-up: Noting the names of groups of people or spaces (whether they exist or not), making up relationships that really don’t exist, comparing everyone and everything from a vertical point of view, trying fit us into a schematic of leadership. Of course, this demonstrates a deep ignorance and/or contempt for anarchist ideas, which have nothing to do with this kind of hierarchical logic.

On the other hand, we have the government’s efforts to qualify anarchism or “anarchic conduct” under the judicial classification of terrorism, applying severe charges and operating under maximum security parameters, only to withdraw the charges, with the argument that they lack sufficient evidence – but always leaving the open threat that “investigations continue.” Nonsensical investigations, plagued with arbitrary references to groups and individuals that exist in very different spaces.

This is all paralleled by police monitoring and surveillance of certain individuals in an attempt to intimidate them, as well as provocations against certain autonomous spaces.

Framed by this strategy, and alongside many other comrades, groups, and collectives, the name of Cruz Negra Anarquista México [Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico] has come to stand out among the notes, “investigations” and political or police declarations.

We believe it is important to make it publicly known that in the past few weeks, individuals who seem to be part of the Mexico City police “investigation” have shown up outside of some of our houses and workplaces, threatening our neighbors and family members and arguing that they are doing security and surveillance work.

Beyond calling for an end to this persecution, we are making this public report as a wake-up call: We know that repression is intrinsic to the state that we have declared as our enemy. We know that its jails and its police are the foundation of its power and its domination. And we know that our work around anti-prison thinking, support, and accompaniment of imprisoned comrades is directly contradictory to this power and domination.


In this context, we ask individuals, collectives, and affinity groups, the comrades we have worked with in the last few years, to be attentive, and to continue to provide the same solidarity that we have received up to this point.

Down with prison walls!

Freedom for everyone!

Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

original in Spanish (June 16, 2015); in Greek

Xalapa, Mexico: Incendiary attack on the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) for a Black June

Communique on the incendiary attack carried out against SEDESOL for a Black June

To peoples, barrios, and communities
To everyone who is organizing and struggling
To our comrades
To the free media
To all Mexicans

You propose scorched earth
whether it be cultivated soil
or ground laid to waste
I will not be the dog who watches your shadow
if you don’t want me to be free
you will have to see me dead.

Ten days from the beginning of Black June the territories have been wrapped in a maelstrom of struggles and battles, burning barricades opening the path to self-determination and building autonomy.

Recalcitrant and warlike since the first hours of Black June, we launched an incendiary attack against the seat of the Federal Ministry of Social Development – SEDESOL – at about 4:40 AM in Jalapa, Veracruz.

The attack was as quick as it was effective, and it was reported that:

“The disaster destroyed the better part of the furniture, papers, office equipment, electrical installations, and digital networks.”

In sum, the place more or less went to hell.


Now, why would we have destroyed SEDESOL with fire and rage?

Well, we have had stories waiting to be told for a while. First, they invented a sickness for us, one that they called “poverty”, and they convinced us that we suffered from it – only to sell, give, and force us to ingest the “cure”: The idea of development.
It cures us in that it exterminates us, and bleeds out life to better entrap us in its game, its idea of life, its social “should be” of citizenship.

Development has meant nothing more than the continuous extermination of forms of life, species of flora and fauna, ways of living and organizing, thinking, loving, speaking, and celebrating.

How many languages, words, or forms have been strangled, asphyxiated by kilometers of concrete and cement? Or flattened with “mandatory, free, and public education”, or “aid” programs? If these are nothing more than cruel and vile forms of counterinsurgency, it is because “public policy” is the name which governments give to their most deadly weapons: Those with which they have and continue to scar the countryside, depopulate territories.. They have displaced, marginalized, and intoxicated.

They have waged this kind of war against us for decades, because they knew beforehand that territories and ecosystems are formidable, strong when life flows through them, and that their inhabitants and defenders resist precisely because they are part of strong ecosystems, and would never submit if they were confronted head on.

They know that to construct their deadly mega-projects (be they subdivisions, ports, highways, hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, mines, or nuclear plants) they need to weaken the territories, imprison their waters, divide the land, run the rivers through pipes, spill cyanide from the mines and toxic fracking liquid into the earth to pollute the aquifers, such that – trapped and without the ability to support life – we would submit to the tyranny of society and money.

Essentially they have spent decades carrying out military maneuvers on our environment, setting loose a kind of total war that we and others call social war. We see social war as all of these conflicts (macro and micro) that are released in order to submit communities, families and groups to the blueprints and dynamics of Society: To the practices and values that have been put in place to constrain us, mutilate us, and suppress us.

We do not understand social war as that which we wage against the system (in the forms of and as a substitute for what fascists of the hammer and sickle insist on calling class war), but as a great offensive employing all types of resources: From public policy, with its “models for national education” to TV series, the internet, etc, with their bombardment of dynamics and stereotypes. In order for these to be reproduced permanently, social war does not try to strike at its enemy or force it to surrender, but to completely erase it, to eliminate any way of thinking or being that does not contribute to the usufruct of capital, of the World Bank, the IMF, and patriarchal logics, however they may be dressed.

In sum, development – whether it is capitalist, socialist, fascist, or Lopez-Obrador-ist, is nothing more than:

War against the native
War against the different
War against the diverse
War against joy

Because we know that their crusades against hunger are wars – crusades, at the end of the day –
against families
to poison diets
to corrode the social fabric

Because we know that selling a watershed to French, Brazilian, or Mexican corporations is a savage war against the livelihood of everyone and everything.

And if they want war, they’ll have it.

And war is what they get. In this communique we also want to emphasize that, ten days in to this Black June, the smell of burned gunpowder, spilled gasoline, and the smoke rising from tires in burning barricades has marked diverse territories in what has been a historic month, where electoral boycotts in villages, neighborhoods, and communities were carried out in an atmosphere that resounded with incendiary attacks, sabotage, and detonations that did not wait, but filled the air with the sweet scent of insurrectionary breezes.

It is indubitable that something has begun, between the deployments and retreats, skirmishes, barricades or battles such as those in Huajuapan (perhaps the most intense we have seen in many years), Tixtla or Juchitán. On June 7, the Mexican State was confronted in many of our towns and territories; from the Chiapan highlands to the Purepecha plateau, passing through the valleys, plains, mountains, and beaches of Oaxaca to the rivers and brush of the Yaqui trenches were opened against the system of electoral democracy, dealing the blow that it should be dealt:

More and more savagely, landing punch after punch to its sides,
barricades on its highways, we might open the wounds and keep digging
trenches of autonomy
barricades of dreams
riots of liberty with which we might have the possibility of deciding how to live
and what we live for

These have been heavy weeks, but we know that we can’t discern an end to this – nor do we pretend that someday we might see it. Autonomy is not given with civic associations, nor is it begged for in negotiating committees, nor is it protected with human rights commissions. It must be fought for savagely – At Daggers Drawn – against the existing system, its defenders, and its false critics.
Because “the system”, the hydra of the world system, Damn Capitalshit or however you want to call it, exists only to the extent that we reproduce its values, attitudes, behaviors, and dynamics.
Capital is not fixed somewhere in heaven
or on earth
It flows through every day and every moment in which we relate or behave ourselves according to its norms, laws, rites or diversions.
The desire to take resources handed down and use them to combat the system
or resort to refuge within institutions
None of this does anything but strengthen the enemy
because they replicate it
because they multiply it
because they internalize it
And they realize it
Not passively, but so that it exists with an insatiable voracity, hoping that we all will eat the same frozen trash, genetically modified shit, drinking the same Coca Cola in Somalia and Patagonia.
Beyond reducing our existence to a cog, nut, or spring, it twists us into the reproduction of the dynamics and attitudes of the machinery that makes capitalist world war possible.

We will say it endlessly: The organizations defending “human rights” are a crucial part of the enemy. Before industrialization, Modernity consecrated its triumph with the universal declaration of human rights; at the moment of writing and reaching agreement on what are and are not “universal rights”, they obliterated any possibility for constructing liberty and autonomy in their western nations with a few strokes of the pen.
We will never tire of shouting that to turn to them is to collaborate with the enemy, in a way that is even more low, horrid, and servile than turning out to the streets to demand “more democracy”, though not as low as promoting citizen candidacies, but a little more than sending signatures to an entity in support of or against some law.

All of this strengthens national institutions – that is, it is nothing more than asking the butcher to put down his crude, dull machete and take up a katana, with a brilliant edge that we ourselves have sharpened. But what’s more, to resort to these instances and methods reproduces logic, modes of being, roles, and dynamics that do not just permit, but make possible the capitalist world war. This war is unleashed against us, as well as everything else, living or not, and is the same thing that scorches children in daycare centers and runs slave camps in OaxaCalifornia.

We don’t want to be included in the national project, we don’t want a larger, stronger Mexico, a winning and transparent Mexico in which corruption has ended. Fuck all that!

Countries are an invention of the 19th century, a deal brought about by an aristocracy unwilling to cede power and a thriving bourgeoisie that hoped to break through the barriers of the ancient regime. Democracy: The frankenstein that they came up with together, faced with the conclusion that “everything must change, so that everything can stay the same.”

As such, Mexico is in turn a collection of systems, institutions, and discourses with which they wage social war.
Mexico is the great idea for whose realization it is necessary to commit permanent ethnocide.
Mexico has been the extermination of languages, ways of thinking, watersheds, wetlands, woods forests and mountains, many of which were put up in front of a firing squad while others were struck down with no more process than a few signatures, with no sound but the closing of a folder.

All with their minutes counted, facing the development of Mexico, facing the development of capitalism, a development that takes place if and only if we reproduce the dynamics that the sons of their bastard fathers have put in place. These dynamics were established deliberately, so that – forced to choose between Chana or Juana – we construct our daily lives in their style. We forge our chains on a daily basis, such that you who read this shit are the chief jailer of your own prison, the prison which you have been weaving with your own life, and in the links that we make between our personal prisons, we together form prisons of flesh and bone – and also of concrete – where they have us submissive, trapped by our fears, tied by values that they have taught us since we were small, demanding more and more
more chains
more democracy
more locks
more development
more extermination

Thus, we need to attack and injure, cause breakages, enlarge those that exist, interrupt the dynamics of daily life that we are submerged in – or that they hope to force us into – because much of their success consists in keeping us always racing this way and that, from this problem to that necessity, only opening spaces when they serve the logic imposed by the exercise of power.
Because of what they are, it is often necessary to burn heaven in order to find a space to sit down and simply coexist, and build together without the intervention of the State. Or even just to contemplate the advance of the capitalist world war. Meanwhile, they prepare more ammunition, always prepared to jump aboard.

It is because of what we have said above – and because it makes us very, very happy – that we came
to place our grain of sand to destroy your country
to burn down your ministries
to boycott your elections
to confront your pigs whenever you send them for us
to end, once and for all, your Pax
your armed peace
your wars of extermination, baptized as “development”

We will not forgive. And no, we never forget.

A strong and very spirited hug to the compas in Cheran, Aquila, Ostula, Uripuchuaro and other Purepecha and Nahuatl villages in the regions of Michoacán, struggling for self-determination with dignity in their chests, arms at hand, and their traditions in mind.

To the Yaqui compas who proudly resist and persist.

To the comrades in San Quintín whose subversion has burst into the media, reminding us that you are there, working from sunrise to sunset bringing jitomates to the markets and strawberries to the donuts of the same pigs who strangle them. Many of us can’t see a strawberry without thinking of you, comrades. May the armored vehicles you bashed in with rocks serve as an example for many.

To the comrades of Eloxochitlan, Huautla, Guixhiró, and all the corners of ungovernable Oaxaca, Magón’s cradle and the godmother of insurrection, who have spent the last few days confronting the military, the feds, police, and other sons of bastard fathers who want to force us to govern and be governed.

To the Zapatista comrades of Bachajón and La Realidad, we wish we could stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this moment, but you already know that it’s a hard thing, and they are bringing war to us here as well.

To the other comrades in the jungles and mountains in Chiapas, greetings from one masked face to another, for your great determination and delicious tobacco, this is a demonstration of anarchist solidarity.

To our anarchist comrades, we remind you that the libertarian struggle can’t be done with red arms, to hell with their backstabbing, fuck the dialectic. We shit on their power and the forms they want to present it.

Solidarity with the prisoners of war Abraham Cortés, Fernando Bárcenas and Fernando Sotelo!!

To the black hordes of the gutters:


Ten days into June

Unsigned but with much rage.


original in Spanish

Mexico City: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank branch

June 12th, after midnight.

Using a simple weapon we decided to attack against the Banamex bank branch located at the junction of Sullivan Avenue and the inner-city motorway Circuito Interior, in the heart of the city. We stood right in front of their vigilance system: patrol cars that move around surveilling the avenue one after another, cameras observing us on every street, in every step… living-dead passersby who would trust the cops before any strange incident.

Sullivan Avenue is one of the traditional spots of street prostitution in Mexico City, not to forget of course that our target is located some blocks away from the premises of the Superior Court of Justice for cases of misdemeanors. All in all, this could make us believe that a meeting face to face with the enemy is impossible in a zone like this one, nevertheless with violent joy we experiment in the present the freedom that confronts the order of the status quo.

After the attack the police launched an operation that only managed to demonstrate their inefficacy and stupidity, since we escaped through the streets having the night as an accomplice.

Attacking a bank like Banamex, in the middle of Power’s financial centre was carried out to incite all those in affinity (affinity groups, anarchist individualities), to prove that vigilance in NOT an obstacle – and that the means of attack can be cheap. Acts of sabotage can become really simple and easily reproducible.

They can fill every corner with cameras for all we care; we will attack them from the shadows of the night. Sooner or later the displays of all their temples will be smashed. We don’t wait, we live in the present, and this act is neither the first nor the last in the struggle we have decided to wage against the imposition of Capital over our lives.

In the face of their surveillance measures, we project our networks of safety, complicity and care.

sabotage group “we-hardly-sleep”
Mexico City, 2015.

PS. The bank ended up burnt to a crisp, painting a black tone over the daily life of the city.

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Mexico: Explosive attack against a Banamex bank branch

Note from Contra Info: We received the following text on March 6th 2015, accompanied by this short introduction that precedes.

The following communiqué has arrived for its dissemination and claims the explosive attack at dawn on March 6th at a bank branch (Banamex) located in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos (in the State of Mexico), in Morelos street, near the corner of 9 de Junio Street, opposite the sports centre Siervo de la Nación. We call for the total destruction of the Capital and all civilisation that’s under its present yoke. Let us fight and act directly for total liberation. We agree that the war socially and against ourselves is here and now. Solidarity with all anarchist comrades imprisoned around the world.


Year 2015.

“… and say that there is no creation without destruction. The very notion of bringing some new beauty into being implies that an old ugliness has been swept away or blown up. Beauty defines itself in part (but precisely) by destroying the ugliness which is not itself.”
Hakim Bey

To all those who are fighting for freedom.

To all our affinities.

To refractory comrades worldwide.

To those who think of wild action more than well-regulated schemes.

Beyond the conventional struggle that is taking place every day in the streets and that fearfully proposes to fight the political system step by step through worn-out and deceptive tactics of “well-behaved” social activists within the framework of legality, we say that the frontal action of combat against the symbols of the Capital is underway at different levels of intensity. We have recognised that we are part of the social war that the state is waging at all levels: from the submission of the student and worker to the imposed conditioning of the social role, to the Capital’s business decisions that consequently cause hunger and poverty; war is here and it is our duty to ourselves to have to confront it as such.

We have the affinity to say that our clandestinity permeates beyond and despite ourselves, since we are not willing to accept doctrinaire thinking and its consequential daily inactivity, waiting for the true organisation of the masses. May positivist science burn to the ground, along with all its categorical imperatives that claim to hold the absolute truth! Specifically, we seek to destroy not only the symbols of the Capital and money, but also those who represent the deontological truth of this society. War is against the institutions of oppression whatever their name is, courts, prisons, schools, research institutes, psychiatric hospitals of the mind, barracks, or the usual places where politicians and businesspeople take refuge.

We do not claim ourselves as role models or icons to follow, our action is here and now, and we don’t idealise progressive historical events that prevent us to strike the real enemy, and even more so, lead us to deal with enemies right next to us, hesitating to think about their annihilation at the appropriate moment. The structure of Power is visible; instead, we remain in the invisibility of the moment, we are here and elsewhere, we are temporal but also permanent, we take the consequent action as far as we take ourselves. We will not repent to inflict the necessary blows, we’ll be annoying, and the ones whom everyone rejects, but we’ll still be those who act under the heaviest oppression. By all means possible we will get to fight for freedom.

We take this opportunity to send solidarity greetings to all the comrades incarcerated in the different prisons of the world. Rest assured that we will avenge your confinement. To compa Nikos Maziotis, Compa Chivo, Tamara Sol, Diego Ríos, Fernando Barcenas, Fernando Sotelo, to all compas in Chile and all the clandestine comrades on the run, especially Felicity Ryder and compa Mario Tripa, to the comrades in Greek and Italian prisons.

Social war and war against ourselves!

For the expansion of chaos and insurrection.

Urban Cell of Immediate Action “Iknoyotl”

[the meaning of iknoyotl in Nahuatl is orphanhood/misery/poverty]

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Mexico City: Telecommunications infrastructure sabotaged in solidarity with the compas in Greece

April 5th. Mexico City.

Today someone will wake up, and as every other morning before anything else they will check their facebook account or some other virtual media developed to exert a major control over us, over our activities; to turn our forms of interaction into mere algorithms used for continuing to feed their capitalist machinery. Today the vast industry has become essentially financial, and the development of technologies is yet another tool of this big monster to establish greater domination. Today their internet, telephone and television will not emit any signal. This morning will be extended several days, in which the enterprise will try to resolve what was caused by this act of sabotage.

Maybe some will get desperate and start cursing on the monopoly that charges each one of the petty bourgeois, who feed its power, for offering them the possibility to communicate while utilising their dependence to exert control over us. This enterprise is Infinitum-Telmex of the magnate Carlos Slim.

Tonight we decided to carry out an incendiary sabotage against a junction box of this enterprise as a means of rejecting this digitally controlled world, where the majority of people are bound together by cables and their networks in addition to this generalised control that oppresses us.

This attack is a small show of solidarity with the compas in Greece who are on hunger strike since March 2nd, and of course with all anarchic prisoners around the world who lost their freedom for daring to attack the State/Capital. As part of the call for acts of sabotage that the compas in Greece have made since March 2nd, we not only want to show solidarity with their appeal and the political hostages of the State, but also to make a general call to carry out different acts of sabotage against the State, the monopolies and every tentacle that feeds the great machinery of death which they intend to impose upon us. The acts of sabotage can be simple, anonymous and easily reproducible!

Let’s generalise the attacks!

Solidarity and affection to all the comrades involved in the social war.

Fire to the State and all its tentacles.

For freedom and an ardent joy.

Without identity documents, with our lives

For Anarchy

sabotage group “we-hardly-sleep”

in Greek

Mexico: Gesture in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greece

Their struggle is our struggle – FREEDOM for the hostages in prison – SOLIDARITY from Mexico to Greece

The only thing that the state uses as its last strategic resource is to bring poverty and repression against those who rebel. It tries to save its existence by using control over human relations and the economy. Just as the state and capitalism exist, also their enemies continue to exist.

We live for the moment in time when many sparks anywhere in the world will be transformed into fire that will burn them despite their control and surveillance strategies.

We become involved in the global call of active solidarity and attacks for the political prisoners that are on hunger strike in Greek prisons since the 2nd of March. We experience our solidarity to vindicate the demands of the anarchists held hostage by the Greek state.

War on the bosses’ war

So long as prisons exist, no one will be free.

Anarchists in Mexico

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Mexico: A short message to the distant tribes

February 25, 2015
Guanajuato, Mexico

To the group “Uncivilized Conduct”.
To the group “Wild/Terrorist Behaviors”.
To all the “Savage Reaction” groups of action, written dissemination and study.
To all those who feel identified with the tendency opposed to the techno-industrial system and in favor of wild nature.

Artificiality and its yoke upon nature grow broader by the day; the plague of progress has managed to sicken what flies in the air, what lives on the earth, and what swarms in the ocean depths.

Modern civilization is out of its own control; to the point where the technicians who sustain the system create desperate alternatives that make it perpetuate itself with more strength and devastation.

In the face of this summarized situation, a question arises: If technology is growing, why doesn’t resistance to its harmfulness?

Reading the recent communiques transmitted from Argentina and Chile (1) in recent months, we have noticed a surprising affinity bound to these tribes of distant warriors, which greatly encourage us to have greater resolve in terrorist and sabotage action as well as in the development of an anti-technology critique, all toward the important growth of the eco-extremist tendency, which stakes itself on the destabilization of the system and positions itself in favor of the wild.

We know well that in other countries in America, Europe and Asia, there are individualists who feel identified with this tendency, whether anarchists or not, and so we invite them to form part of this whole, with the formation of a group of critique that gives an important contribution to the strengthening of positions, or carefully spreading printed material, or opening blogs, or editing books, or putting out music, or acting anonymously, or living a life free from civilized comfort, or claiming sabotages and terrorist attacks, etc., everyone will know how to do it in their own way and under their own circumstances and responsibilities.

Do not be confused, this is not “solidarity,” it is complicity.

Do not be confused, this is not for the creation of a movement, it is for the constant desire to destabilize this system.

This is only a small message for all those who perceive these words and take them as their own, we do not want nor are interested in “placing” bases or “regulations” within this tendency, because eco-extremism is made of each individual who has the need to strike back at what is extraneous and has come to invade our lives and environments.

Reacción Salvaje (Savage Reaction)
“Manto de Piel-Coyote” (Coyote-skin Cloak)
“Matar o Morir” (Kill or Die)
“Aborígenes Infames” (Infamous Aboriginals)

1) “First communique from Uncivilized Conduct,” published November 1st, 2014. The text is available [in Spanish] on the blog “El Tlatol”. “First words from Wild/Terrorist Behaviors,” published December 24, 2014. Text available on the same blog and on “Contra Info”.

PS: We give our appreciation to the effort of the translators (of our communiques and claims), through whose effort of diffusion our words have reached countries that we never thought they would reach.

retrieved (and slightly edited) from War On Society
Spanish original

Mexican prisons: Open letter of Amélie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson, February 14, 2015 (corrected)

On February 14 there will be an event in the museo de la tolerancia[*] that aims to raise money for political prisoners and anarchists.

Being in prison we have little information about the event.

We don’t know who is organizing it, but we know our names appear on the list of prisoners for whom the event is done.

We wanted to clarify that it seems strange that people we do not know and with whom we do not share affinities are using our names without notifying us. That we’re in jail doesn’t mean we have no voice. These acts of solidarity where all prisoners are mixed make us think of the blind recuperation of imprisoned people. Whether they are “Political” or “Anarchists”. Since the beginning, we always remained firm in our positions and ruptures. It seems rather strange to see our names beside those of Brian Reyes, Jacqueline Santana and Jamspa at a public event of solidarity. Perhaps their intention is to build relationships between different bands of people. That we understand, but we also know that there are reasons for this lack of relationship. There are very different methods and intentions and probably irreconcilable schisms.

For us the feeling of affinity is primordial in our struggle. We do not consider ourselves as “Political Prisoners” and do not attack the institutions of Power to improve society.

On the other hand, in prison we have relationships with all kinds of people, with whom we do not necessarily share “affinities of struggle”. People who do not care about “politics”, of which most believe in god, and never went to school. With them we also build strengths and live multiple moments of subversion of the existing order. It would be ridiculous to organize only with self-proclaimed “Political Prisoners”. We do not like most political prisoners, and neither most anarchists for that matter. The trick is to start from here with the energy there is. If we separate ourselves from this group that organizes the event it does not mean that we cut off everyone. We separate ourselves from those who identify as authoritarian, political partisans or left-leaning. We also learned that the event will be held at the Museo de la Tolerancia,[*] State Institution.

We want no mediation with the State.

Let it be said, we have no affinities with any of the people mentioned —except Carlos— nor with the people who are organizing the event. They do not consider ruptures that already exist, they only reproduce “presismo”.[**] We do not want to be recuperated. Go ahead with your solidarity events but without our names. Those who support us know why, and share affinities with us.

The best Solidarity is always Attack.
For Total Destruction of the Existent.
Fire to Civilization.
To infinity and beyond.

Fallon and Amelie
Reclusorio de Santa Marta, México DF

Translators notes:
* The event was, in fact, held at a different place called museo “casa de la memoria indómita” as originally scheduled.
** The term “presismo” refers pejoratively to a form of victimization and idealization of “political” prisoners, and of making anti-prison struggle a specific, partial one and in which the main activities are characterized as assistance to “political” prisoners and prison reformism.

Victoria, British Columbia: Benefit gig for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos, imprisoned anarchists in Mexico

We’re doing a solidarity benefit show for anarchist prisoners Amélie, Fallon and Carlos on December 4th, 2014 in Victoria (Occupied Lekwungen Territories). Come out and help support them!

Storm of Sedition – Anti-Civ Anarchist Crust
Azotobacter – Local Punk
Not a Cost – Anarchist Crust

There will also be cheap food and zine distros.

Doors @6PM
No bigots, no assholes. Respect the space!

Ask a punk for the address (storm_sedition@riseup.net)

Mexican prisons: Comrades Amélie, Fallon and Carlos sentenced locally

On November 6th, 2014, in the proceeding under common law, Amélie Trudeau Pelletier, Fallon Poisson Rouiller and Carlos López Marín were sentenced to 2 years, 7 months and 15 days in prison, and ordered to pay damages of 108 thousand pesos, on charges of attacks to public peace and aggravated damages committed by gang.

In the following days the defense will appeal against the sentence. This judgment runs parallel to the sentence of 7 years and 6 months handed down to the comrades on the 31st of October, in the federal case trial, that has already been appealed.

Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!
Solidarity and complicity with Carlos, Amélie and Fallon.

Mexican prisons: Anarchists Amélie, Fallon and Carlos sentenced to 7 years and 6 months by the federal court

On October 31st, 2014 judges handed down sentence in the federal process against Amélie Trudeau Pelletier, Fallon Poisson Rouiller and Carlos López Marín for the offense of damage to others’ property in the form of fire (attack on the Secretariat of Communications and Transport). Our comrades were sentenced to 7 years and 6 months imprisonment.

The lawyers will appeal this sentencing decision within 15 days. The sentence of the local process for attacking public peace and causing damage (attack on a Nissan dealership) has not yet been issued.

Solidarity with Carlos, Amélie and Fallon!
Freedom for Fernando and Abraham!
Down with the prison walls!
Freedom for all!