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[Mexican prisons] Letter from comrade Fernando Bárcenas

To all rebel comrades

I write to all those who build their paths of autonomy, to remember that within these walls we try to apart our vital time from the machinery generating moments of lucidity in a suffocating world… This is how, in those years, there were proposals of resistance, isolated struggles in forgotten areas, lost […]

Mexico: Libertarian Book and Publication Fair in Tijuana

The poster in Spanish

Mexican prisons: Fernando Bárcenas, Abraham Cortés, Luis Fernando Sotelo and Miguel Peralta initiated days of anti-prison struggle

Since September 28th 2016, the imprisoned compañeros Fernando Bárcenas, Abraham Cortés (in Mexico City’s Reclusorio Norte) and Luis Fernando Sotelo (in Mexico City’s Reclusorio Sur) have undertaken hunger strike, while Miguel Peralta (in Oaxaca’s Cuicatlán prison) abstains from prison meals.

Their joint struggle, marking three years since the imprisonment of Abraham Cortés (on October 2nd 2013), […]

Greece: Solidarity with prison rebels against slavery & white supremacy in America and beyond

On August 4th 2016, an info event was held at Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia (Athens), with the participation of Contra Info translation counter-info network and ABC Solidarity Cell, where a comrade from Portland ABC discussed details about the US wide mobilization against prison slavery and white supremacy on the 45th anniversary of the Attica […]

Mexico: Anarchist prisoner Fernando Bárcenas calls for revolutionary solidarity with US prison strike

“(…) This is a call for revolutionary solidarity against the slavery and extermination imposed by economic plunder… in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and all other places touched by civilization, know that we are preparing ourselves within Mexican prisons; but that will continue to be demonstrated through actions… To war alongside our […]

Mexico: Telmex phone booths sabotaged

Received June 19th 2016: We want to communicate the destruction of 13 telephone booths of the Telmex company. Telmex is a company that builds federal prisons in Mexico. Carlos Slim, its owner, is a businessman who also owns other companies involved in the construction of the “Mexico–Toluca high-speed train” that is destroying forests and aquifers. […]

Cancún, Mexico: Incendiary attack in memory of Mauri

Arson of vehicles in the early hours of Sunday 22nd May:

We decided to attack the vicinity of the National Institute of Migration as a way of remembering the comrade Mauricio Morales, and what better way to do it than to extend the conflict and remind them that attacks won’t stop even after a comrade’s death […]

Mexico City: Explosive attack against the company Sacmag de México

After midnight…

On May 4th 2016, we placed an explosive device comprised of dynamite and gas that detonated in the offices of Sacmag de México. Yes, it was us…

For the diffusion cell of the Informal Feminist Commando of Antiauthoritarian Action (COFIAA) Ana ‘the black butterfly’

Spanish | Greek


Mexico: Regresión, issue 4, is now out in English

Received February 10th via Maldición Eco-extremista:

Click image to read/download PDF.


“For too long man has been degraded and nature denied. The detractors of man, legislators, founders of societies, have made of him a monster. Through their blindness, through their corruption by which that band of barbarians, those devourers of corpses and skeletons reduce the human race […]

Bloomington, Indiana, USA: Banner drop in solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas

Received February 18th:

Solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas – You’re not alone

Responding to the call for solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas, we hung a banner with words of support for our comrade. Fernando is an anarchist imprisoned by the Mexican state for burning a Coca-Cola tree during a demonstration against the rise of Metro ticket […]

Mexico City: Actions in solidarity with imprisoned comrades

Received February 3rd along with the image: On the 31st January we coordinated two actions of solidarity with prisoners. Not solely in solidarity with anarchist prisoners but with all who have been and are incarcerated by the state or who are escaping that vile oppression.

We carried out two simultaneous actions. We dropped banners in Av. […]

Mexico: Incendiary device in parking lot of Xochimilco Borough Building (in response to Black December)

The night of December 1st we decided to sneak into their entrails of concrete, penetrate their temples and wander about, filled with love for chaos and the destruction of this ENTIRE world, we left an incendiary device in the parking lot of the Xochimilco borough building likewise we make clear our stance against […]

Black December Everywhere

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Torreón, Mexico: Bank ATMs and CCTV camera sabotaged

They will never succeed in making us part of their routine; their civilisation is a cage for us; their jobs, their laws, their norms of social coexistence only make us feel disgust; we do not care about their success, we are not interested in having cars or fully “accommodated” houses where we can have […]

Mexico: Black December poem from Tijuana

Black December of individualities with the cry of solidarity of new, anarchic, black and direct solidarity solidarity by flaming barricades, Molotov cocktails, bullets, daggers expropriations, explosions, arsons, acts of sabotage pamphlets, banners, verses, texts actions claimed or not multiple anti-hierarchical gestures and an infinity of attacks

Comrade Sebastian Angry Oversluij those bullets that entered your […]

Nuclear Sciences Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Computational Research Centre of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) attacked

Two targets were attacked in Mexico City before the dark moon:

– Monday, October 5th: During the night, we placed a handmade explosive device at the entrance of the Nuclear Sciences Institute (ICN) of the UNAM, right in the middle of the University City. While the guards were listening to cumbia music, we sneaked in the […]

Mexico: Attack on the WEST PLAZA PARK industrial project in Zapopan

Bit by bit we have started to drown in this concrete jungle, provoked by the progress of a decadent system that is driven on by a few individuals who think they own the world. They have been laying waste to it bit by bit, and even now they continue to pillage wild nature in an […]

Mexico: Some answers about the present and NOT about the future

Pachuca, Hidalgo, November 13 2014.

With this statement, some groupuscules of “Savage Reaction” (RS), will respond to the text “Some ideas about the present and the future” from “Ediciones Isumatag” (EI), published on their blog on October 6 of this year [2014].

At the same time, with this writing we demonstrate the existing distinction among critics of […]

Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership

In the early hours of July 5th we left an explosive device underneath a luxury car of the ‘Autosat Satélite’ Mercedes-Benz dealership which is located at México-Querétaro Avenue in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

We do not underestimate any attack against the technological system; the members of Savage Reaction have made use of various […]

Indianapolis, USA: Solidarity action at the Mexican consulate

On July 3rd, there was a solidarity demonstration against repression in Mexico, organized outside the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, USA.

The text of the flyer distributed during the demonstration:

On June 16, 2015, the Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico, an anti-repression organization, released word describing an escalation of the harassment and surveillance they experience at the hands of the […]

Mexico City: Police harassment of members of Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

In the last few years, we have seen how the escalation of repression has intensified around the libertarian and anarchist movement through the strategies used here in Mexico City: Setting very high bond amounts, and applying the same package of charges, always aggravated, without giving much importance to the specific situation, but rather […]

Xalapa, Mexico: Incendiary attack on the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL) for a Black June

Communique on the incendiary attack carried out against SEDESOL for a Black June

To peoples, barrios, and communities To everyone who is organizing and struggling To our comrades To the free media To all Mexicans

You propose scorched earth whether it be cultivated soil or ground laid to waste I will not be the dog who watches […]

Mexico City: Incendiary attack against a Banamex bank branch

June 12th, after midnight.

Using a simple weapon we decided to attack against the Banamex bank branch located at the junction of Sullivan Avenue and the inner-city motorway Circuito Interior, in the heart of the city. We stood right in front of their vigilance system: patrol cars that move around surveilling the avenue one after another, […]

Mexico: Explosive attack against a Banamex bank branch

Note from Contra Info: We received the following text on March 6th 2015, accompanied by this short introduction that precedes.

The following communiqué has arrived for its dissemination and claims the explosive attack at dawn on March 6th at a bank branch (Banamex) located in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos (in the State of Mexico), […]

Mexico City: Telecommunications infrastructure sabotaged in solidarity with the compas in Greece

April 5th. Mexico City.

Today someone will wake up, and as every other morning before anything else they will check their facebook account or some other virtual media developed to exert a major control over us, over our activities; to turn our forms of interaction into mere algorithms used for continuing to feed their capitalist machinery. […]