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Athens: All defendants absolved of charges in Amygdaleza prison riot case

On December 22nd, 2014, the Athens court in Degleri Street unanimously acquitted the 65 migrants from all charges relating to the Amygdaleza prison riot that occurred in August 2013. However, the court dismissed a motion by defense lawyers seeking compensation of several migrants who had been put in pretrial detention on unsustained charges.

source: no lager […]

Attica: Noise demo at Amygdaleza detention centre, 30/11/2014

On Sunday, November 30th, 2014, nearly 70 comrades gathered outside the barbed wires of the Amygdaleza concentration camp. Detained migrants, outside the containers, stood on the other side. We saw them and they saw us, we shouted and they shouted back, at some moments we joined our voices: “FREEDOM”. Then we were able to return […]

Porto Rafti, Attica: Slogans painted in solidarity with the chaotic Nikos Romanos

Nikos Romanos is our brother, an insurgent in prison, our comrade in the street

Strength to hunger striker – since 10/11 – N.Romanos

Strength to Nikolaras [colloquial superlative] Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11

Solidarity means attack | Hunger strike of Nikos Romanos – since 10/11

Hunger strike until […]

Athens: Migrants go on trial for participation in 2013 Amygdaleza detention centre riot

Poster En/Fr – Solidarity Calls 1, 2

Attica, Greece: Revolt in Amygdaleza concentration camp – A brief chronicle

Click image to read the text of “no lager initiative” (August 2013) Greek original here.

Greece: The deadly effect of work

Walls across Attiki (Athens) and the city of Patras were pasted with 2,000 copies of this poster. The reason that kitchen and home delivery workers at ‘pizza fan’ stores (pizza franchise chain in Greece) made this flyposting was to speak about the death of Bulgarian-born Radka Nikolova at work in the Patras pizza fan store […]

Attica: Words of anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos to comrades who gathered in solidarity outside the walls of Avlona youth prison

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 17th, approximately 70 comrades attended the scheduled solidarity gathering in front of Avlona prison, where Nikos Romanos has been locked up since February 11th. Four anti-riot squadrons guarded the prison gates the whole time. Comrades set up a sound system. So, when they managed to have telephone contact with […]

Athens: Explosive attack at Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn offices

Responsibility claim for the bomb which was detonated at the nationalist party’s local headquarters in Aspropyrgos in the early hours of December 4th, 2012:

The Antifascist Front/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) claims responsibility for the planting of a homemade explosive device at the West Attica regional offices of the Golden Dawn […]

Aspropyrgos, Attica: Neo-Nazis ‘support’ the Greek Steelworks strikers, and workers’ spokesmen and several other strikers welcome the scum warmly, instead of kicking their ass

From left to right on the screenshot: Ilias Kasidiaris (Golden Dawn’s henchman), another spokesman of the workers’ union, Ilias Panagiotaros (Golden Dawn’s henchman) and Giorgos Sifonios (president of the workers’ union, completely friendly as it seems with both the Stalinists and the neo-Nazis)

An official article on the webpage of the neo-Nazis reads ‘The […]

Lavreotiki, Attica: Arson burned down the people’s assembly space ‘Aparto Kastro’ (Impregnable Castle) in Keratea

Since January 2011, residents of Keratea built a critical meeting point for their anti-landfill struggle, the ‘Aparto Kastro’, made out of sheet metal and wood, where numerous assemblies, discussions and musical evenings were held. For the past 4.5 months, this self-made space housed once more their need to meet regularly and discuss on the organization […]

Lavreotiki, Attica: One year after the invasion of the State and the Capital in Keratea

Keratea, December 11th, 2011: ‘We resist the unlawfulness and violence of the army occupying our land’

Ovriokastro, Keratea Total time under occupation by police squads (MAT): 128 days & 9 hours (December 11th, 2010, 4am – April 18th, 2011, 12pm) Total of 37 youths detained by the cops

Notes on the resistance in […]

Aspropyrgos, Attica: The ‘Greek Steelworks’ strike continues —closely flirted by authoritarian political forces

On Tuesday, December 13th, workers call for 24hour strike in the entire Thriassio Field (the biggest industrial area in Greece, located in western Attica, 25 kilometres northwest of Athens), in solidarity with the steelworkers’ struggle.

On Saturday, December 10th, a number of solidarity groups spent the day outside the factory gates of the Greek Steelworks (Helliniki […]

The Greek State attempts to break (also) the strike of the municipal workers

Workers in municipalities (POE-OTA) are protesting against the wage cuts and arrangements for the suspension of staff (bound to lead to mass layoff). They have now called for 48hour repeated strikes from Saturday 15/10 until Thursday 20/10 (at least).

On October 14th in Athens, attorney general Eleni Raikou issued a decision against the strike of municipal […]

Athens: Ali Mohammed Rasul, 12-year-old undocumented immigrant, was arrested for scavenging through waste

On October 5th in the neighbourhood of Dafni, in Athens, 12-year-old Ali Mohammed Rasul was arrested by cops while scavenging through a waste bin. He was taken to a local police station and then was transferred to Amygdaleza juvenile detention centre in Thrakomakedones, northwestern Attica, because he didn’t have papers. The 12-year-old boy has another […]

Lavrion, Attica: Anarchist intervention about the economic crisis

On the morning of Thursday, September 1st, in Lavrion’s open-air market, anarchists made an intervention on the economic crisis that was met with a warm response from most of the people. Here is the text that was distributed:


A few thoughts on the […]

Attica: Liberation of Avlaki Beach (Porto Rafti)

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011: The people who participate in the nationwide movement ‘Den Plirono’ (I won’t pay!) have escalated their struggle for free public social commodities, and carried out one more up-to-date action: They liberated the beach Avlaki in Porto Rafti for over three hours. The perimeter fencing of the beach does not allow people […]

The social struggle in Keratea-Lavreotiki

A brief chronicle (11 December–22 March)

Keratea is a town of 16,000 residents in Lavreotiki municipality, situated in southeastern Attica, 40km from Athens, near Lavrion. The site has an ancient history that has left many remains, an amphitheatre, parts of the ancient fortification, etc. As many parts of Attica, it has also a strong Arbanitic tradition, […]


On Tuesday, 8 February, by 4pm, the coordinated attack of junta’s henchmen culminated against the people of Keratea (Attica-Greece). During the last two months, since 11 December, residents and people in solidarity resist strongly against the landfill construction project in Lavreotiki area. People oppose by any means to the plan of their lives’ deterioration […]

Perama, Attica: Carols of the Unemployed

Minister, may you have a bad day, this is our definition, we’re singing at your mansion the carols of the UnemployedThe peoples die today due to hunger and poverty while the banks celebrate loaded with a few more billionsThe parliament gives birth to our black destiny, so we’ll soon go out on the streets as […]