[Germany/Worldwide] Anti-prison noise demos on New Year’s Eve

An anti-prison poster was pasted in many German cities, which reads:

New Year’s Eve in front of prisons!
Everywhere, from the deportation centres to the penal institutions!

Noise demonstrations in front of prisons during the New Year’s Eve are an ongoing tradition at several places in this world to remember those who are held captive by the State; a way to express solidarity with imprisoned people.

Whether our demos take place outside of prisons or deportation centres—where prisoners face deportation because they have false papers or no documents at all—we want to come together and to break loneliness and isolation.

This prison system is not reformable, because it’s wrong from the ground up, here and everywhere. It doesn’t form better people or contribute to resolving social conflicts. The prevailing coexistence, based on competitive thinking and injustice, locks away people or deports them, on the one hand to get rid of everything it deems problematic, on the other hand to intimidate and make an example of those who are desperately searching for freedom.

Whether people are incarcerated because they’ve probably stolen or destroyed some property, or even dodged the fare, or are sitting in prison because they’ve fled their country of origin due to lack of perspective or in fear of being prosecuted — all this rests on one and the same fact: the existence of prevailing norms which determine what is wrong and what is right, what must be protected and what must be penalized. Laws and rules which are decided by just a few, and in turn others must subjugate to just those. We have to break with this logic of penalization and consequent confinement. That’s why, to us, the abolition of every coercive institution is only possible within a process that shall overthrow the actual existent in its entirety, in order to enable a world without exploitation and oppression.

Regardless of where you are located, meet with each other on New Year’s Eve in front of prisons, make noise and take to the streets to express the idea of a world free of domination and coercion. We want to make use of our solidarity and mutual aid to tear down all of these walls brick by brick.

We want a world without walls and borders.
We will fight together: UNTIL EVERYONE IS FREE!

anarchist and autonomous individuals and groups