Mexico City: Solidarity intervention across several embassies on September 28th

In the context of the days of mobilization and international solidarity with comrades kidnapped all over the world, from the 21st to the 30th of September, an anti-repression march was called on Friday noon, September 28th in Mexico City.

The anarchist demo paid a visit to embassies of various States where comrades are incarcerated, as well as to the representative body of the Guanajuato government, given that Braulio Durán is imprisoned in León.

A few moments of the anti-prisons action are captured below.

Headquarters of the Guanajuato government representation:

Freedom for Braulio Durán

This is how I express my SOLIDARITY:
– with a firm step that does not retreat before anything, and a bright smile
– with a loving heart that is laid bare before a comrade
– with one tender hand while the other is armed
This is how I express my solidarity: winning in every battle a sum of valued Freedom
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Let prisoners out to the streets!

$hilean embassy:

Freedom for anarchist prisoners – Death to the State

Indonesian embassy:

Walls and bars will not shush our protests and desires – Solidarity and social revolution

Police entourage:

Swiss embassy:

Freedom for anarchist prisoners

Greek embassy:

Anti-prisons days – Solidarity with anarchist prisoners

Italian embassy:

Free Stefano Fosco

Source/More photos: ABC Mexico via Liberación Total