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Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Banner in solidarity with anarchists and antifascists in Russia

Received on 16/11/2018:


Anarchists and Anti-Fascists in Russia have faced a wave of repression from the State following an action carried out by a 17-year-old young anarchist named Mikhail Zhlobitsky who blew himself up at the Arkhangelsk city FSB building on the morning of October 31. After the action some Anarchists and Anti-Fascists were arrested and received continued repression.

We hope for solidarity and strength for all anarchists and anti-fascists in Russia, Indonesia and worldwide.

From the Anarchist Individualist Network of Yogyakarta to comrade Mikhail, all Anarchist and Anti-Fascist in Russia!

Sydney: Solidarity with anarchists in Yogyakarta

Freedom for class war prisoners in Yogyakarta
Freedom for class war prisoners in Yogyakarta

Received on 28/08/2018:

In the context of the annual week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, some anarchists in Sydney visited the Indonesian consulate in Maroubra on Thursday the 23rd of August.

A banner was tied to the fence around the consulate reading: “Bebaskan tahanan perang kelas di Yogya” (Freedom for class war prisoners in Yogyakarta). Dozens of leaflets were also distributed and scattered outside the embassy.

Anarchists in Yogyakarta have faced a wave of repression following the 2018 May Day demonstration, which saw flaming barricades in the streets, a police post torched and a call for the local Sultan to be killed.

Dozens of anarchists and class war comrades were arrested following the demonstration and a number of them are still in prison facing trail.

We wish solidarity and strength to all anarchist and revolutionary prisoners in Indonesia and worldwide.

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Anti-anarchist Repression after March Against Feodalism (May Day)

– Yesterday, 44 of our comrades were arrested accused of property destruction, provocation, and fighting with the police. Night legal team tried to reached them but still cant make it, as they have been isolated (02.05.18)
– One of the Legal Aid was arrested and beaten.
– Until now our 12 comrades are still imprisoned and the police continuing the witch hunt.

International solidarity for arrested comrades whatever means necessary!

More information


Updates (received on 03.05.18)


Although this is an exclusive communique towards Yogyakarta or Indonesians in general, we call for international pressure and solidarity against this rotten feudal system that still exist in this century!

Greetings to the beloved people of Yogyakarta, those who vilify our
demonstration which was intentionally intended to censure the
institution of Kraton in Yogyakarta.

Believe us when we say that we already knew, even since before we
carried out our demonstration, that there would be an antipathy from the public towards our demonstration. It is very understandable. Feudalism creates this belief that kings and the royals are like half-divinebeings; their authority is sacred and self-justified. Somene becomes a ruler in a feudal system because they happened to be born in the right family: the royal family. The whole feudal territory is the property of the king and his royal family, and the people are just occupants who can be evicted any time at the king’s will.

The sytem is perpetuated by, among other things, this irrational belief towards the feudal rule. In Yogyakarta, feudalism is what makes Yogyakarta “special”. Politically, this special status means Yogyakarta is not governed by an elected governer like other provinces in Indonesia. Instead, the region is governed by a governer who is also a Sultan. Socio-culturally, this special status has another meaning; it gives a false sense of pride to the people of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is special because it is ruled by a Sultan, and the people are proud about it.

How is being ruled by someone with an unchecked power something that you can take pride of? What is so proudful from being a subordinate of another human being, solely because they were born in the royal family?
Our demonstration was not meant to draw sympathy. If drawing sy mpathy was what we were aiming, we wouldn’t have done a demonstration that disturbed the reproduction of social values like what we did. No, our demonstration was not intended for that. We are not a political party,  a“leftist” organization, an NGO, or the proponents of the incumbent rulers or their opposistions, who need people’s endorsement and sympathy.


Our demonstration was meant to disturb the circulation of capital in
Yogyakarta. We intentionally want  to create a non-condusive situation  for capital investment, be it national or foreign, that will intensify the development and gentrification that disenfranchise the middle and lower class people in Yogyakarta.

We had guessed that the public would be infuriated by our vandalism and provocative calls.

The destruction of one police post and the call to “murder the Sult an!” have massively angered the people of Yogyakarta. The anger is absent when the police repeatedly, with violence, is at the front line of conflicts between people’s interests and the rulers’, on the side of the rulers’ of course, like the one in Temon, Kulonprogo, where there is an on-going process of land-grabbing by the Sultan through the legitimation of Sultan Ground/Pakualaman Ground, a feudal land ownership system, on behalf of the expantion of tourism industry capital. The anger is also absent when the inhabitants of the urban kampungs (informal settlements,slums) have to deal with water shortage, caused by the usage of ground water by hotels and apartments, which construction is being intensified, under the blessing of the Sultan of course.

That call to “murder the Sultan!” that have angered some people of
Yogyakarta, whether we wrote down the call or not, wheter the call was literal or symbolic, has its own importance in ratteling the authority of the Sultan in Yogyakarta, which is seemingly sacred and
unquestionable; a power with no control mechanism because it is
protected by “faith” towards the Sultan’s self-justified authority. This
“faith” is responsisble for the disenfranchisement of the people. Soon er or later, you who are reading this will probably be disenfranchised by the “development” in Yogyakarta too. A “development” for the interests of the Sultan and his cronies; local and national corporations; domestic and foreign invetors.

Yes, the Sultan is one of the main orchestrators of many problems in
Yogyakarta; eviction, land-grabbing, gentrification, and the develo pment that disenfranchise middle and lower class people. The Sultan and his royal family, and also his cronies, are the ones who dominate every economic aspect in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is one of the most economically unequal provinces in
Indonesia. The development in Yogyakarta is not carried out for the
interests of the people, but for the interests of the ruling class: the
capitalists and the feudals. In Yogyakarta, the two vile sytems are
having an affair, while crushing the people under; those who aren’t the royals and are the middle and lower class.

Mothers, aren’t you tired of having to visit your children at prisons,
twice a week, who probably had to steal or rob people just to survive?
And the reason why they are in these overpopulated prisons in Yogyarta is the deeply rooted poverty that is prevalent in Yogyakarta. Does your Sultan care?

And then, are we gonna keep fooling ourselves, thinking to oursevels
that everything is fine? Or even, “special”?
We have no interest in being admired. We are not a political party who need people’s votes on elections.

We are just people who are sick. Sick of everything that is going on
around us and how the people are lulled by this false consciousness,
telling them that everything is fine.

We’re calling to the middle and lower class people, intellectuals,
artists, academics, those who claim to be liberals and moderates, and
others who choose to be “neutral”. Do you remember the historical event that gave birth to the concept of modern nation-state? The period that you call the Enlightment Period, where the kings, queens, and the royals were guillotined at the Place de la Révolution. Didn’t it create what you call as democracy?
We don’t mean to repeat or glorify history. The democracy that you
uphold and sell out is not bringing us anywhere other than to poverty, ecological degradation, and dienfranchisment.

We are the libertarians. We are what you call as anarchists. We dream of a world where people cooperate with each other, work together, rule over themselves, in a horizontal way, without rulers, the royals, political contract, social contract, or the capitalists. We want a life in its truest form, where human’s natural desires are in tune with nature; a life without class, racial, ethtnic, religious, and other false divides.

We are what you call utopists.

We want a free society without oppressors. We want a society where
people can have any beliefs, sexual orientations, or anything without
fearing being persecuted.
Total freedom!

The Anarchists

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Athens: Letter of captive anarchist Spyros Mandylas from Koridallos men’s judicial prison

September 4, 2013

“Others unthinkingly followed the paths learned once and for all, to their work and their home, to their predictable future. For them duty had already become a habit, and habit a duty. They did not see the deficiency of their city. They thought the deficiency of their life was natural. We wanted to break out of this conditioning, (…) in search of new passions.”
Guy Debord

A short chronicle of my arrest

On Thursday night, July 11th, 2013 cops of the anti-terrorist force barged in the anarchist hangout Nadir, in Thessaloniki, once again. I was arrested and immediately transferred to the anti-terrorism headquarters in Athens where I got the news that, three hours prior to my arrest, my comrade and friend Andreas Tsavdaridis was also captured outside his home in the district of Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki. I was asked to give fingerprints, DNA sample and photographs but I refused to collaborate, and they took those by force. Shortly afterwards, they notified me I was being charged with all of the attacks that had occurred in the context of the Phoenix Project until that point (Acts 1, 2, 3, 4). I refused to sign any police paper, or talk about anything. Six days later, I was able to communicate with Andreas, who told me the exact same things had happened to him. What’s more, the police announced that the ten imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire were also charged as instigators in the Phoenix Project case.

Operation “Armed Joy”

From the moment I was transferred in Athens until the early hours of the next day, cops were conducting a search in Nadir… They confiscated the squat’s server, among other items. However, they focused their attention on the library, as they “discovered” the book Armed Joy with a gun holster depicted on its front cover (a Greek edition of La gioia armata by Alfredo M. Bonanno was published by Nadir squat in June 2013, and the proceeds will go to support imprisoned anarchists). That’s when a large house search began, both in the library and the rest of the squat. They collected fingerprints, cigarette butts for DNA analysis, empty beer bottles and other small objects from the entire library space, in an attempt to find the pistol itself which is depicted on the book cover…

“Covert surveillance”

The Phoenix Project was initiated on June 7th, 2013. It was a call of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/Consciousness Gangs/Sole–Baleno Cell/FAI-IRF for the regeneration and dynamic resurgence of urban guerrilla warfare. From that day to the 12th of July (the day of my formal indictment), various cells of the FAI-IRF network claimed four attacks. Continue reading Athens: Letter of captive anarchist Spyros Mandylas from Koridallos men’s judicial prison

Athens: Letter of captive anarchist Andreas Tsavdaridis from Koridallos men’s judicial prison

September 4, 2013

“To my goal I will go—on my own way; over those who hesitate and lag behind I shall leap. Thus let my going be their going under.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

This open letter is not addressed to the official milieu and its weathered structures. I despise its stereotypes, the putrescent breaths of its fixation. I consider the “anarchist” milieu of bureaucrats to be an enclave of Power, as they reproduce the same authoritarian values. I have no intention to make public relations, nor do I desire any sort of solidarity or unofficial help from dignitaries and subordinates of the antiauthoritarian lifestyle.

I am addressing the minorities; those individualities who show their contempt and mockery of Domination and its servants, and do not hesitate to take the offensive against the essence of contemporary civilization; all those anarchists of praxis who align themselves with the FAI-informal network, and furiously orchestrate their destructive plans, causing vexation in the camp of the enemy.

On the 11th of July I was arrested by a unit of the anti-terrorist force as I was returning home. I was put inside a conventional car of their police service in Thessaloniki, and within a few hours I found myself onto the 12th floor of the Athens police headquarters (GADA). On the 17th of July I was put on remand, and I have been held in Koridallos prisons ever since.

I assume responsibility for sending an incendiary parcel to the former commander of the anti-terrorist force, Dimitris Chorianopoulos, as FAI-IRF cell under the name Commando Mauricio Morales. I remain Unrepentant for my choice. A strike against the security complex is a direct attack on the establishment’s core; a direct attack on the state institutions, which operate independently from the policy formulation of respective governments, and have the perpetuation of Domination over my life as their mission.

I believe that Power is an inspiration for and immediate corollary from the values of society. Power is an idea. It seems like something inaccessible, like a god that overwhelms the thoughts, dreams and feelings of its believers; a modern social religion into which the mass hastens to be inducted. The dominators don’t impose themselves by coups d’état, but through their citizens’ approval. All of the problems of social pathogeny are simply the dark side of a world that wants to live without responsibilities.

I don’t believe in any popular revolution. Anything based on the mass, the herd, carries the seed of slavery within. That mob, whose values are determined by others, is incapable of defining its own life. This resultant force, even if it may be called revolutionary, will crumble after its uprising, no matter the outcome. Its participants seek a more favorable economic system, tailored to their interests. They’re not in the mood for overthrowing the values of civilization; they merely beg for the reforming-restructuring of capitalism by non-institutional means.

I don’t believe in any future social paradise as the alleged inevitable evolution of a metaphysical predominance of justice, which anoints the People a messiah in order to fulfill the societist prophecies. These theories are full of grudge, and degrade the notion of Human to the villainy of their authors and advocates.

Contrary to the zealots of mass mobilizations aimed at the liberation of their social role, I pursue the liberation of my own individual from every social role. My projectuality is constant anarchist insurgency against every system, every society, and every kind of mass morality. My own war has its foundations on my will for force, and I therefore attack on everything that insults my Aesthetics. For me, war is a Dionysian lunacy that cannot be explained by the rationalizations of societist parrots.

In my opinion, solidarity towards a prisoner of war should carry forward and reproduce the cause for which s/he was locked up in the first place. Thus the fight for the diffusion of direct anarchist action is the only solidarity I recognize in my particular case.

Before I conclude, I would like to express my solidarity with imprisoned anarchists worldwide; to the CCF comrades, Panagiotis, Giorgos, Makis, Olga, Haris, Christos, Theofilos, Michalis, Damiano, and Giorgos; to the comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito in Italy, who are accused for the Olga Cell’s action; to Gabriel Pompo Da Silva, incarcerated in Spanish prisons; to Marco Camenisch, imprisoned comrade in Switzerland; to the unrepentant Thomas Meyer-Falk (still captive in Germany). To Jock Palfreeman in Bulgaria; to the fighter Hans Niemeyer, as well as the bandits Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste Vega, in Chile. To comrade Henry Zegarrundo in Bolivia, and to anarchist Braulio Durán in Mexico. To fugitives Felicity Ryder and Diego Ríos: hold strong!

Strength to all the FAI cells in Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, Italy, Greece, Spain, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Brazil, and Australia.


PS.1: The “PHOENIX PROJECT” was initiated on the 7th of June 2013 by the comrades of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/Consciousness Gangs/Sole–Baleno Cell/FAI-IRF with an explosive attack on the private car of the Koridallos prison director, toward the regeneration and dynamic resurgence of the new urban guerilla warfare. The project has found accomplices in the face of our brothers and sisters from Indonesia. The Anger Unit/ICR/IRF-FAI and the International Conspiracy for Revenge/FAI-IRF responded to the call, and attacked structures of the Indonesian regime implementing the 3rd and 5th act of the Phoenix Project, respectively. Our brothers and sisters proved that anarchist discourse accompanied by acts can overcome the long distances that keep us apart. We know that, as long as there are comrades who turn their desires into actions, no anarchist prisoner will ever be alone. Brothers and sisters of the ICR/FAI-IRF, your offensive gave us courage. Our hearts are with you. Until we meet! Until the end!

PS.2: My comrade and friend Spyros Mandylas has no involvement whatsoever in the case.

Andreas Tsavdaridis
Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou, A Pteryga, 18110 Koridallos, Athens, Greece.

Source|Translated in collaboration with Parabellum

Volos, Greece: Solidarity with the two anarchists from Thessaloniki that were recently remanded in Koridallos prison on terrorism charges

Freedom for the two comrades Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spyros Mandylas – Fire and arson to all prison cells
Solidarity with the two anarchist from Thessaloniki, Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis, who are charged in relation to the project ‘Phoenix’

Solidarians intervened in the city of Volos with banners for Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis, anarchists from Thessaloniki that are both held in pretrial incarceration, accused for the Phoenix Project.

Andreas, Spyros: hold strong until freedom.

The more sheep will be bleating, the more wolves will be howling.


Greece: Update on the two anarchists arrested in Thessaloniki on 11/7

No Hostage in the Hands of the State

On July 17th, at 10am, a gathering of solidarians took place at the Athens Court of Appeals where the two arrested anarchists appeared before interrogator, who issued a remand order against both of them. Then they were transferred to Koridallos men’s prison. Following an umpteenth anti-anarchist operation, these comrades are being held in pretrial incarceration on multiple charges of terrorism. In addition, all ten imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire are accused of instigating the four direct actions that were claimed as the ‘Phoenix Project’ (three attacks in Greece, and one in Indonesia).

Greece: Two comrades arrested and accused of all the actions that have taken place as the ‘Phoenix Project’

Thessaloniki, night of July 11th, 2013: two anarchists were arrested on charges of terrorism in relation to four responsibility claims for the PHOENIX PROJECT by FAI/FRI direct action groups. Also, the Nadir squat was raided and searched by the anti-terrorist force.

In the same police operation, one person was arrested in the area of Stavroupoli, while the other was caught inside the anarchist hangout Nadir (in the area of 40 Ekklisies, near the campus). The two comrades are facing grave charges and possible remand. On the evening of July 12th, they were transferred to the Athens police headquarters. Both are in good health, and will appear before interrogator on Wednesday, July 17th. More updates as they come.

Sources in Greek: a, b, c – Info in English: a, b, c

Finland: Direct actions against Talvivaara mining company

Thursday 7.3.2013 a group of people gathered in front of Finlandia Hall [in Helsinki] to demonstrate their discontentment against environmental crimes done by Finnish mining company Talvivaara* while the company was having shareholders meeting.

At the same time we did a solidarity action at Talvivaara headquarters in the city of Espoo.

We throw smoke bombs inside the corridor of the building and decorated the wall with anti-Talvivaara slogan.

Our action was in solidarity with all those who have been suffering of the operations of Talvivaara mine and those who are fighting against the company.

We also want to express our solidarity to smallholder rebellions in Kulon Progo area in Java Island [in Indonesia] and Tukijo that is imprisoned by the Indonesian State.

We are deeply sorry about extra heartbeats we caused for the worker in the corridor.


* Finnish mining company having a huge open-pit mine in North-Eastern Finland. For years local people and activists have brought up the fundamental violation of environmental legislation of Talvivaara. In December 2012 the company had major leak of poisonous waste water into lakes around the mining area causing large-scale pollution and it has still serious problems to “clean” the production line – probably never succeed. Talvivaara is mining mainly nickel and zinc, but uranium as well.

Source: Takku

Indonesia: Anarchist comrade Eat released from prison


In early October 2011, anarchists Reyhart Rumbayan (Eat) and Billy Augustan were arrested and accused of arson on a bank ATM. In addition, an arrest warrant was issued against K., who is still at large —we wish the comrade to stay forever uncaught!

Eat and Billy, untamed and proud members of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell (Informal Anarchist Federation–Indonesia Section), claimed responsibility for the attack. They then underwent trial, and remained imprisoned for a little over a year.

Both comrades are now back onto the streets: Billy was released from prison in November, while Eat got released on probation in December. We wish them all the best.

‘About Eat & Billy’ Solidarity Zine – Read it on 325

Anarchist comrades Tortuga ($hile) and Billy (Indonesia) out onto the streets again

On November 19th, our comrades from ‘Viva La Anarquía’ transmitted that Luciano Pitronello received a definitive sentence of 6 years’ supervised freedom, after the Santiago Court of Appeals rejected the prosecutor’s motion for annulment of the first-instance trial. Therefore, Tortuga is no longer under house arrest, but will be under the supervision of a delegate of the Chilean gendarmerie who will make periodic evaluations of the comrade.

Other sources of this news in Spanish: i, ii.

On November 22nd, our comrades from ‘325’ transmitted that Billy, proud member of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell/FAI, was also released from prison. Freedom now for comrade Eat!

Below are lyrics written by Eat, who is still serving prison time:

No need for you to bow. Silence is just for herds.
We are a pack of angry wolves hunting our prey at night.
We are a pack of angry wolves howling at the moonlit night.
Tear down – the void is always around. Let’s break these walls.
You and me got to be…
The intifada, coming from Gaza – black flags are rising.
Social war is here, civil war is everywhere.
Let’s break these walls. All of us got to be set free.

Mexico City: Solidarity intervention across several embassies on September 28th

In the context of the days of mobilization and international solidarity with comrades kidnapped all over the world, from the 21st to the 30th of September, an anti-repression march was called on Friday noon, September 28th in Mexico City.

The anarchist demo paid a visit to embassies of various States where comrades are incarcerated, as well as to the representative body of the Guanajuato government, given that Braulio Durán is imprisoned in León.

A few moments of the anti-prisons action are captured below.

Headquarters of the Guanajuato government representation:

Freedom for Braulio Durán

This is how I express my SOLIDARITY:
– with a firm step that does not retreat before anything, and a bright smile
– with a loving heart that is laid bare before a comrade
– with one tender hand while the other is armed
This is how I express my solidarity: winning in every battle a sum of valued Freedom
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Let prisoners out to the streets!

$hilean embassy:

Freedom for anarchist prisoners – Death to the State

Indonesian embassy: Continue reading Mexico City: Solidarity intervention across several embassies on September 28th

Greece: Banner over the Aegean Sea, in solidarity with the fisherfolk’s fight in the Manado Bay (Indonesia)

In the context of Contra Info call for propaganda actions against repression, in the first days of August we placed a banner close to a coast and a crossroad on Kalymnos, an island where the traditional way of fishing and sponge diving has been performed for too many decades. This was our small token of solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the Malalayang traditional fisherfolk, who proudly resist a mega-project along the Manado coast, in Indonesia. We thus wanted them to know they are not alone.

Read and spread the call for solidarity and resistance against the mega-project of Coastal Reclamation in Manado (June 2012): in English/ Spanish/ Italian/ Indonesian/ Greek

The banner reads in Greek-English-Indonesian:

From Greece to Indonesia, sabotage against Capital/Power
Strength, fisherfolk of Manado
Solidarity with the fight in Manado-Indonesia
Long live sporadic direct action

Indonesia: Counter-information blog Memori Senj[A] was put under police investigation

We received one more bad news from the city of Malang, East Java, about our comrades, brothers and sisters in arms in the war against the State, the Capital and today’s society. A counter-information weblog called Memory Senj[A] (formerly at memorisenja.blogspot.com) can no longer now be accessed because it was put under police investigation.

This happened after four comrades were arrested by the pigs while they were carrying out actions of vandalism as a token of solidarity with the many struggles that occur asymmetrically.

These four comrades were caught on Friday, April 20th, 2012, and underwent a long interrogation for 17 hours. Various items such as solidarity posters, paint pylox, zines and also the diary of one of the comrades were confiscated. Although they were released, all four are called to go back to the police barracks on Monday, April 23rd, for an absurd reason: to undergo further investigation.

No comrade to be left alone!
Every opponent of today’s society today is a brother and sister in arms!
Long live the rebellion!

roughly translated from negasi / get the details from 325

Greece: Poster about FAI/IRF

Do not say that we are few
[A verse by Lee Kwang Su, from the statement by the]
Italian Informal Anarchist Federation

If the acts are the bullets that tear the flesh out of the capitalist world, then the theoretical foundations, thoughts and feelings are the rabid-firing weapons. Acts not accompanied by the meanings that inspired them are inconsistent moments devoid of the possibility of diffusion and appropriation, while thoughts and ideas not applied in practice result in dull discussions inside cafés and degenerate into another ideological sham.

On these foundations, rebellious groups and individuals communicated their attacks forming the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/IRF). The anti-authoritarian in-formalistic international network of insurgent groups and autonomous individualities that applies the direct action and sabotage against the State and the Capital but also the opposition of consciousness to every relation of Power, which is inculcated in all the way to the bottom of the social pyramid and translated into petit-bourgeois competition and possessive envy. The FAI connects the attacks and destructions in Italy, UK, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Holland, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia and Greece, orchestrating the polyphony of nighttime explosions in view of the JOINT revolutionary aspirations and the JOINT struggle for freedom, thus creating an ocean of dialectics and communication in the ranks of the anarchists of the action.


Indonesia: Letter from Eat & Billy, imprisoned comrades of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Indonesian FAI

The anarchist prisoners Eat and Billy are comrades of the Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation, Indonesia Section, who are currently in prison before trial, having taken responsibility for setting fire to a BRI ATM bank in Yogyakarta on 7th of October ’11, by causing an explosion. The action was declared in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga, injured anarchist combatant of Chile, with revolutionary prisoners and fighters in Indonesia and across the world, in complicity with the international clash with capitalism and hierarchy.

Despite isolated conditions and the inevitable harsh and endless interrogations, the comrades never co-operated or collaborated with the repressive apparatus, and the application of the anti-terrorist law has not diminished them. The repressive wave which the Indonesian State and the mainstream media initiated against not only them, but against also autonomous spaces and individuals, and which extends into the continued murderous practices it employs across the islands, has failed to obscure the evident: that the Indonesian State and the corporations operating there are exploiters and terrorists.

This open letter comes alongside a continued call for international solidarity with the environmental, indigenous and anti-capitalist/anti-state struggle in Indonesia, and the imprisoned comrades additionally wanted to focus attention on places like Wera (Bima) where the people are resisting an iron mine, and also the situation of renewed social war in West Papua, as the rebels and the students are escalating the conflict against the police, military and the mafia Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold Inc..

You can read a previous flyer (with multiple language translations) about the general case here (nb. there was another person arrested who was subsequently released), plus a solidarity booklet by Actforfreedomnow/Elephant Editions is here.

Soon there will be a bank account declared for financial aid, and a call for a specific date/period of international solidarity, so it is asked that comrades be aware of the matter. However, solidarity should never wait until the date of any upcoming trial or until any date imposed from above; Eat and Billy expect comrades to act as they have always done, with their hearts and generous warmth together in global struggle against State and Capital.


Dear comrades, with respect, love and rage

It’s been 35 days since we were caught and we are sorry for writing this letter too long, as our only possible communication comes only from our friends and lovers who still have the courage to meet us here. Direct letters are impossible.

We’ve been waiting to hear some news from you all and like a strong warm breeze in this climate of repression, we once more regain back our energy and strength to hear the sound of revolutionary solidarity and a warm feeling of comradeship from all combatants and prisoners of freedom around the world – especially when we had the chance to read a newspaper about some recent insurrection in Rome, Italy, it gave us both a warm feeling that comrades are still fighting for a true revolutionary change… and the spirit of insurrectionalism is still in the air like a light of hope – in this dim atmosphere of cages of repression.

We send our hugs to all the FAI members around the world (those who are free and imprisoned) and as well CCF members in Greece, our true revolutionary and warm feelings to all of you.

On a sad note, we are truly disappointed that some of our local comrades are inspired by fear and media sensationalism which make them to retreat from the front line but let’s put this aside, as we are still convinced that they still have the ideas in their heart of resistance… that would light the darkness once more in the glimmering light of passion for rebellion.

Warm hugs and salute to all combatants in Chile, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, and all of the revolutionary anarchists who never back down in the face of repression.

Revolutionary Greetings and Hugs to all of you.

Members of Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell / Indonesian FAI



source: 325

Indonesia: Freedom to the farmer Tukijo and the Yogyakarta three rebels

Tukijo, one of the peasant resistance fighters against iron sand mining in coastal Kulon Progo, Indonesia

On October 7th, 2011, at 2 am Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) ATM in Sleman, Yogyakarta, was set on fire. The fire caused an explosion in the unit which destroyed the premises. The sabotage was just one more instance of resistance in a country that is destroying trees, mountains and coastlines for profit whilst oppressing its people.

Now three people are arrested. They are all accused of being involved in damaging the bank. We are not interested in finding out if the prisoners are ‘guilty’ or not, nor of the extent of their ‘crime’. We will leave such speculation to the inquisitors and their servants in the Press. We don’t need to know the details of the entire situation to know that as long as the State and the banks get rich from exploitation, there will always be those who will go against their power and refuse to collaborate. It is enough that these people are imprisoned, to wish that not just their prison, but every prison ceases to exist. ‘Crime’ is no food on the table and the bosses taking the lion’s share. ‘Crime’ is clear-cut forests and mining companies that beat and kill who they like with the help of the police. Freedom is fighting back and reclaiming your life from oppression.

What we know is that Indonesia is a regime which is propped up by Western capitalists and militarists. It is a nation which tortures and massacres its opposition, like every State that can get away with it where it can.

Kulon Progo is a farming area near Yogyakarta, and in 2005 PT Jogja Magasa Mining and IndoMines metal industries wanted to take the land for their industry. The farmers there didn’t give their land to the industrial company because they didn’t want nature to be destroyed. Many times the farmers tried to solve this without any riots, but it’s not working. Now they are ready to defend their lives.

It started when the company paid 300 people to destroy the houses of farmers and all the plants there. It made all the farmers get angry and also lots of other people besides them. Human dignity and nature are just colonized by money, and there will never be any help to let the farmers survive. The police just covered up the people who were attacking the farmers because the company paid off the police; a typical story.

Tukijo was a farmer who was arrested (by Kulon Progo police) and imprisoned just because he was vocal in the demonstrations against this situation. The people in Indonesia have made many activities around this matter: demonstrations, articles, movies, graffiti and property damage against the profiteering companies.

The farmers and the people of Kulon Progo, Pandang Raya, West Papua, Bima and elsewhere are appealing for international solidarity and complicity in their struggle, alongside the anarchists and anti-capitalists who are all against the violent terror of the Indonesian bosses, their paid murderers and corporate backers. Don’t let them fight alone!

In accordance with the wishes of the farmers, we demand the land is given back to the farmers and freedom for our friends who are in prison because of this.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia in Sleman, Yogyakarta

The State–corporations–military–police are the terrorists!
Freedom for Tukijo and those accused of attacking the BRI ATM!

A few anarchists in solidarity

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New: Booklet in solidarity with Kulon Progo,
the Yogyakarta 3 and Tukijo