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[Spain] Anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva released from prison; driven into clandestinity

Gabriel Pombo da Silva has finally been released from prison, but apparently they want him locked up again in 45 days, leaving him with no choice but to go underground.

Gabriel has reaffirmed his anarchist convictions, expressed his gratitude and love to all those who’ve stood by him over the past 30 years, and made it clear he’ll continue the fight against prisons, without ever forgetting libertarian comrades held captive by the Spanish State and many more across the world; particularly Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Claudio Lavazza, and the compañera arrested on April 13th in Barcelona, who now faces extradition to Germany.

Prisoners to the street!

[Spanish prisons] Immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva, without further delay!

Let’s not allow the State to keep rebels in its clutches!

There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva, who has spent more than 30 years in Spanish and German prison cells.

He was extradited from Germany to Spain to serve a sentence of 3 years and 7 months thanks to a European detention order issued by the court of Albacete, which he has just completed following the application of a judicial decree. The same court in Albacete therefore issued an order for his immediate release on May 17th, and comrades went to the prison to meet him on the outside over the days that followed. In vain, however, as he is still behind bars.

The management of the prison where he now finds himself (La Moraleja prison in Dueñas, province of Palencia) and various judicial bodies such as the court of Girona lost no time in submitting a number of dubious procedures to prevent Gabriel’s release. These procedures are aimed at prolonging his imprisonment indefinitely, despite the fact that he has several appeals in course.

The fact that the State makes the laws for its own benefit and is the first to trample them is nothing new, regardless of what those who defend democracy say. It is also no surprise that the State’s cops are prepared to use any means to crush those who refuse to bow down before them.

In Spain, as elsewhere, the tightening of laws and penal codes, the repressive waves against “subversives” and the frenzied brandishing of the “terrorist” threat are ways of straightening out the world and forcing it into accepting a system based on exploitation and domination at any cost. Imprisoning and keeping imprisoned those who, like Gabriel, continue to express their refusal of authority and oppression come wind or high water is a way of kidnapping them and a clear message to those who, one way or another, attack this social order.

Voices from inside the prisons denouncing conditions, the guards’ constant extortions and even enclosure in and of itself, are heard regularly. If repression and prison restructuring have contributed to stopping collective struggles inside momentarily, they haven’t succeeded in completely stamping out revolt, which at times has found echoes beyond the walls. It is this spreading and breaking of atomisation that scares power, against which the State and its lackeys are carrying out a dirty war using physical and psychological pressure in conjunction with the usual judicial and prison based manoeuvres.

The situation of anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva shows clearly that he is still in the sights of the institutions, which want to bury him in their dungeons for what he is, what he thinks and continues to express.

Solidarity is one way of responding to this war being unleashed against rebels.

May each individual express it in the way he or she considers appropriate.

Freedom to all. Immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva!

Anarchists without borders
May 25th 2016

Fax campaign for the immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva

Following the above communiqué, where the situation of kidnapped anarchist Gabriel Pombo da Silva was updated, an international fax campaign was proposed as one way of making pressure for his release.

The idea is to concentrate this form of protest from Wednesday June 8th until Saturday June 11th, coinciding with June 11th, the day of solidarity with long-term prisoners. Continue reading [Spanish prisons] Immediate release of Gabriel Pombo da Silva, without further delay!

Solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Claudio Lavazza

I despise the pity in your gaze that humiliates me. I prefer you look at me with fear as these eyes will see the fall of your civilisation.

That thought is I am here today sitting in a steel and concrete, tomblike cage writing these words to you but sometime in the future it might be you behind prison walls, writing comparable thoughts to the outside.
Harold H. Thompson [1942-2008]

Each day that a comrade spends inside is one more day of hatred and war against those in uniform and their ‘civilised’ society that perpetuates incarceration as a purge; against the prisons and this industry of punishment.

We therefore combat all that sustains prisons, with diffusion, direct actions, self-management and an anarchic search of free lives; solidarity is also our act of war towards the system that doesn’t want anything else but to form a wall of silence around the prisons, isolating the prisoners to corrupt their minds and spirits.

When we go out to carry out this action for long-term prisoners Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Claudio Lavazza, we do so with the certainty that, beyond the dissemination of their cases, we’re overwhelmed by the necessity to send out a gesture to them, that we have them present and furthermore understand that these three anarchist comrades are not the only ones abducted serving a long sentence, confined in isolation regime and many other forms of domination and torture that the state has prepared for those of us who defy their order-society-civilisation. Our action also goes out to all the nameless and those who in their anonymity resist behind the concrete walls. Our solidarity gesture is for them, it goes out to them, our comrades; this kind of solidarity is a weapon that should constantly attack this part of incarceration which becomes so dire: isolation. So, we hope to reach their eyes with this gesture and to keep attacking with utter rage until the total destruction of prisons and the society-civilisation that sustains them.

I despise the pity in your gaze that humiliates me. I prefer you look at me with fear as these eyes will see the fall of your civilisation.

Demolition for prisons. Freedom for long-term prisoners.

From another place in the world…

Savages and rampant

Spain: Solidarity attacks against cash machines for prisoners in struggle

Navarre — ATM sabotaged in Altsasu

We support the struggle of prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and Javi Guerrero.

This is why on February 8th we sabotaged the ATM of Santander bank in Altsasu (Navarre), Basque Country, to be linked with the exploitation of prisoners in the Spanish state. There is no need for a lot of resources; a hammer and a little determination are enough.

Freedom for the comrades immediately.

Death to the state and long live anarchy
Madrid — 113 ATMs rendered unusable

Solidarity action with the three prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez, Xavier Corporales and Javier Guerrero.

With this action we tried to break, even if only for a moment, the cash flow, the normal consumerism of this lobotomised and automaton society.

While the powerful continue to profit from their lives of luxury and privilege, from where they run the open-air prison in which we live, we are constantly monitored by cameras, mobiles and social networks… Each step we make is recorded, engraved, stored on the retina of the eye that sees everything, watching in search of suspects, rebels, immigrants, the poor, anyone who might represent a threat to their status quo, for whom only misery, suffering, prison bars and death are reserved.

But we won’t make their task easy, because while they tighten the rope around the neck, we learn ourselves how to undo the knots again and again, until the last walls fall; until the last of these blood-sucking murderers falls, until, one after another, they disappear from the face of the earth without leaving any trace of exploitation, misery and domination anymore; until we are all free, the struggle is the only path.

We want to wish a welcome home the recently released comrades of Operation Pandora, and send a warm solidarity hug to the incarcerated compas Mónica, Francisco, Gabriel, as well as all the rebels kidnapped by the states wherever they are.

So the revolt extends!

Note (translated and slightly adapted from French):

Now 57 years old, José Antúnez Becerra has spent more than 40 years of his life behind bars. He has participated in numerous struggles and revolts on the inside (since the time of the COPEL: Spanish Prisoners in Struggle Coordinating Committee), and was sentenced to an additional 13 years for taking part in the rebellion of Quatre Camins in 2004. After an initial hunger strike last year after which he obtained nothing, he decided on January 23rd 2015 to begin an indefinite hunger strike until his release.

Imprisoned for 11 years, Javier Guerrero Carvajal declared hunger strike since December 12th 2014, and demands the respect of the prison regulations and human rights in the prison of A Lama. On January 5th, he was admitted to the hospital of Pontevedra because of his state of health.

After more than 20 years in the Spanish jails, Xavier Corporales is due to be released on April 14th 2015. On January 2nd 2015, he went on hunger strike to put an end to the FIES (the prisons within the prisons), for the release of prisoners with incurable illnesses, and against the lack of care in the jails. However, due to health problems, he had to end his hunger strike after 20 days.

Since January solidarity with these three prisoners has manifested in various ways in different parts of Spain: painted slogans, banner drops, gatherings, etc.

On February 2nd, anarchists placed a banner in Altsasu (Navarre) to show solidarity with the struggle of Javi Guerrero, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and José Antúnez Becerra. They also gave revolutionary greetings to comrades held hostage by the various states, in Chile (sending courage to the recently convicted Tamara Sol Farías Vergara), Mexico, Greece, Italy, and to Francisco and Mónica, prisoners of the miserable, murderous and torturous Spanish state.

Later in February, anarchists in Zaragoza spray-painted slogans for anarchists implicated in Operation Pandora, and dropped banners to express their solidarity with the two prisoners still on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra and Javi Guerrero, “because we want them free and alive.”

Madrid: Solidarity event for long-term anarchist prisoners

On Saturday, January 11th, the squatted social centre La Gatonera, located on 9, Amistad Street in the district of Carabanchel, Madrid, hosts an info event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners facing long sentences worldwide.

We meet at 18:30 and begin counter-information talk, with the aim to publicize some of the cases of brothers and sisters who are incarcerated in the democratic dungeons of different States for many years already. Following a presentation of the cases of Claudio Lavazza and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (prisoners in the Spanish State), Marco Camenisch (imprisoned in Switzerland), Thomas Meyer-Falk (captive in Germany), Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (imprisoned in the United States), and José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez (prisoner in Chile), we freely discuss ways to strengthen and extend solidarity ties, also through structures of counter-information and factual support, with prisoners of social war.

The evening includes solidarity cafeta, with vegan sandwiches to kill hunger.

We want to make this meeting an opportunity to break the silence in which they try to bury anarchist prisoners, to diffuse their words, and propagate the fight with all means possible against the prison society and those who sustain it.

By the way, this is a self-organized event so we hope we can count on your support, both in terms of physical presence and active participation, as well as free donation for imprisoned comrades.

Prisoners to the streets! Streets for the insurrection!

Contra Info

Athens: Graffiti and flyposting in solidarity with prisoners of anarchist war worldwide

“Strength to comrade José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez, on hunger strike since the 27th of November 2013 – Fire to the prisons!” (José Miguel is incarcerated for nearly two decades in Chile)
“Freedom for Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, solidarity with Valeria Giacomoni, Gerardo Formoso and Rocío Yune, accused of attacks claimed by the Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral” (in Spain)
“Solidarity with Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, prosecuted for the ‘Security’ Case” (imprisoned in Chile)
“We stand beside the comrades Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste Vega and Freddy Fuentevilla, who are remanded in Chile, accused in the ‘Caso Security’ (a bank robbery case, including charges for executing a cop) – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Solidarity with anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai” (imprisoned in Italy)
“«You are chasing a ghost that you cannot lock up in the cramped boxes of your judicial codes. This is because it manifests itself at the instant in which the destructive tensions of those who animate it come together to act, at the moment when free women and men decide to experience anarchy concretely» —Nicola Gai. ~ We stand beside our anarchist comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, Olga Cell FAI/FRI members who assumed responsibility for the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive of nuclear power firm. Lone wolves are not alone. For black anarchy and rage towards destruction – Anarchists for the Dispersion of Chaos”
“Prisoners to the streets!”

Continue reading Athens: Graffiti and flyposting in solidarity with prisoners of anarchist war worldwide

Barcelona: 2013 Expo/Auction for supporting prisoners in struggle

The exhibition/auction for supporting prisoners is an initiative with which we intend to aid all those behind bars through our paintings, drawings or other forms of expression, as much as we wish the extermination of any type of prison.

We are not artists, nor do we like to commodify our ideas. This is an activity that in this case seeks economic benefit to support prisoners. Similarly, we do not forget that nowadays there are a lot of persons who are incarcerated and being tortured.

We greet the prisoners of the 2004 rebellion which took place in the Cuatro Caminos prison in Barcelona, known as ‘motín de 4 Camins’, bearing in mind that trial begins this May for the prison guards that applied cruel torture and ill-treatment on all of those who resisted on the inside against further humiliation and received heavy sentences (accused of being ‘the ringleaders’ of the rebellion, etc.) ever since.

We greet Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, anarchist comrade who was recently transferred from the German prisons to the cages of the Spanish State.

Xosé Tarrío González, indomitable comrade and lover of freedom that never ceased to rebel against all authority until his very last day, is ever present in us.

These are only a few cases of persons incarcerated, but we know that many more are currently locked up, we know that there are people resisting on the inside, and their voices are being silenced. Strength to all of you that continue to struggle in the dark prison cells, and remember: you are not alone!

How does the auction work?

The exhibition will last for a month at the Expropriated Bank in Gracia, Barcelona.

May 3rd, at 7pm: Opening of the exhibition with snacks and music
You will find a notebook on your visit, where you can write down your bid for the artwork you choose, a name, an economic contribution and a way to contact you. You can bid individually, but we also encourage various different collectives to participate.

May 17th, at 7pm: The bidding continues
Info-meeting about the specifics of the trial against the torturers of the Quatre Camins prison mutiny; distribution of material concerning prisoners, communiqués, other texts, and letters from prison.

May 31st, at 8pm: Day of auction.
You may take your painting home!

Spain: Update on Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Anarchist solidarity against Europe of police forces and every authority

On June 13th, 2012, after several different government operations targeting other comrades, the Italian state launched a wave of repression against dozens of anarchists, called ‘operation Ardire,’ consisting of 40 raids, 24 targeted investigations of individuals, and 8 incarcerations. This time, the State wanted to add yet another dimension, and also charged comrades already incarcerated in several European countries, including Greece, Switzerland and Germany. As always, the State claims to see its own authoritarian shadow in the smile of its irreducible enemies, and constructs roles such as ‘chief,’ ‘executive,’ or ‘coordinator’ in the midst of the latest ‘terrorist association,’ where there exists only affinity, correspondence with prisoners, struggles, and the desire to fight.

This is how Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch, both incarcerated for many years, found themselves wrapped up in this investigation, following an international hunger strike in December 2009.

The State is now treating them as ‘symbols and points of reference of a new subversive project,’ of which they would be the ‘idealogues and propellers.’

After 20 years spent in the Spanish dungeons (including 14 during the ongoing FIES regime) that he managed to flee, Gabriel was arrested again in 2004 after a run-in and subsequent shoot-out with the cops in Germany. He served 9 additional years in that country. Extradited to Spain on February 25th, 2013, to finish out the last of a sentence waiting for him there, he was transferred an additional 3 times in less than 2 months.

Now in the prison of Valdemoro (Madrid) he appears before the ‘National Audience’ on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013, for the purpose of presenting him with the ‘European Arrest Mandate’ filed against him in March in Italy, within the scope of operation Ardire. Gabriel is determined to refuse this measure. Nevertheless, if this process is validated, he will appear in front of 3 judges about a week after, this time before a public audience.*

It’s clear that this petition against Gabriel is for the purpose of extraditing him to the wing in the prison of Ferrara (Italy), constructed especially for the breaking of anarchists, and where many more comrades are still kept in isolation, but more generally, this is a warning against all. Because the heads have to be down, the mouths gagged and the eyes closed. But this is a warning that we’ll never heed. In the midst of prisoners of this world, we draw our strength also from the refusal to participate, the refusal to submit, the refusal of all the obligations that they invite us to respect and the permanent conflict with all institutions. And we continue to defend that, even if we can’t escape from this reality, we can nevertheless continue to attack it from every angle. Alone or in good company, in day and night, in actions and in words.

Now the Italian State demands that Gabriel Pombo Da Silva be surrendered to them, so as to continue their dirty work. The powerful know well how to align their interests; let’s show them that we too can oppose them with all our weapons, the weapon of solidarity from both sides of the walls, between prisoners of the social war who also know no borders.

Opposition to the transfer of Gabriel to Italy!
Down with all States, their cages, their cops, their courts and their trafficking of prisoners!

Freedom to all!

Some internationalist anarchists
April 13th, 2013

[leaflet written from various public initiatives in support of Gabriel Pombo Da Silva in Spain]

* On April 16th, Gabriel stood before the National Audience (Spanish exceptional high court), refusing to be conformed to the false attributes of legality, innocence or guilt, etc. It appears that the European arrest warrant cannot be executed against him for the time being. The comrade remains firm and strong. By now no date was released for the next court hearing.

Germany & Italy: Anarchist prisoners conduct hunger strike in solidarity with Marco Camenisch, who is still held in the Swiss dungeons


RadioAzione reports that, as of December 15th, imprisoned comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva is on hunger strike in solidarity with anarchist Marco Camenisch, who is facing yet another proceeding starting from scratch regarding his just request for conditional release.

Gabriel will be on strike in the prison of Aachen, Germany, until the 21st of December. Then it will be the turn of comrade Elisa Di Bernardo, who is held in the prison of Rebibbia, Italy. She will conduct hunger strike in the week from the 22nd to the 29th of December. A confirmation of a third round is awaited, which will likely include a strike by comrade Sergio Maria Stefani, incarcerated in the prison of Alessandria, Italy.

As Gabriel already suggested, the solidarity strike can be continued even in January 2013, if fellow prisoners are willing and able to participate in this protest for the immediate liberation of Marco.

Elisa (editor of Culmine, along with prisoner Stefano Gabriele Fosco) as well as Sergio are among the eight comrades who have been remanded in custody in the context of ‘Operation Boldness (Ardire)’. The particular anti-anarchist construct was initiated by the Italian State in June 2012, and implicates Marco and Gabriel, too, among others.

To all the comrades outside the prison walls, who want to feel closeness with Marco and other imprisoned anarchists: you do just that; let solidarity with imprisoned comrades shine.

Strength to prisoners in struggle!

Mexico City: Solidarity intervention across several embassies on September 28th

In the context of the days of mobilization and international solidarity with comrades kidnapped all over the world, from the 21st to the 30th of September, an anti-repression march was called on Friday noon, September 28th in Mexico City.

The anarchist demo paid a visit to embassies of various States where comrades are incarcerated, as well as to the representative body of the Guanajuato government, given that Braulio Durán is imprisoned in León.

A few moments of the anti-prisons action are captured below.

Headquarters of the Guanajuato government representation:

Freedom for Braulio Durán

This is how I express my SOLIDARITY:
– with a firm step that does not retreat before anything, and a bright smile
– with a loving heart that is laid bare before a comrade
– with one tender hand while the other is armed
This is how I express my solidarity: winning in every battle a sum of valued Freedom
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Let prisoners out to the streets!

$hilean embassy:

Freedom for anarchist prisoners – Death to the State

Indonesian embassy: Continue reading Mexico City: Solidarity intervention across several embassies on September 28th

[$hile] Call for international solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted comrades across the world

Read the full text of the call for 10 days of mobilization and international solidarity, from the 21st to the 30th of September, here

The poster reads:


‘They spare no “forms or means”. Why would we? Our moral is not their moral; our violence is not their violence. We are not going to rape men/women, nor will we murder children, or peoples or entire populations. We are not going to pollute the air, the seas, nor mother earth…

Violence? Terrorism?

It is the States that truly practice terrorism (psychological, physical, moral, intellectual) and exercise and have the monopoly of violence.

Our violence is only a natural response to their violence.’
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, prisoner of social war in the State of Germany

‘Arm yourself and be violent, beautifully violent, until everything explodes. Because remember that any violent action against these promoters of inequality is entirely justified through the centuries of infinite violence that we have been subjected to by them…’
Mauricio Morales (Punky Mauri), anarchist fallen in action on May 22nd, 2009

The poster reads:

Days of agitation and solidarity for the prisoners of social war: September 21st – 30th, 2012

This is a call to express with multiform actions and distinct instruments that our imprisoned comrades are not forgotten. Our solidarity actions evade any surveillance tower and traverse across kilometers of oceans to embrace all unyielding people that position themselves in the struggle inside and outside the prisons!

Discussion: Tuesday, September 25th, at 19.00
Solidarity and consequences of repressive strikes;
from a NON legalist perspective
Cultural Centre Cueto 993, on the corner of Cueto & Andes streets,
in Downtown Santiago

March: Thursday, September 27th, at 19.00
Brazil Square, Cumming metro station, Yungay neighborhood


Greece: ‘Chaos just around the corner’ –by the R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos

(Italy, Mexico, Greece)

On Wednesday, June 13th, the international anti-anarchist campaign under the name ‘operation boldness’ was set up. The Italian antiterrorism forces of ROS and carabiniers were put under the command of the Inquisitor-prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi, and proceeded to arrest eight anarchist comrades. In parallel, investigations are conducted against other comrades as well (among them are the comrades of Edizioni Cerbero).

We neither know the details of the case, nor are we lawyers to speak the language of documentary evidence or not. All we know is that the world’s police want to strike down the new anarchy.

Judges, prosecutors, interrogators and antiterrorism cops want to kneel down and chain in handcuffs the indomitable insurgents that illuminate the nights with their rebellions and paint the cities with the colours of a lasting anarchist insurrection.

However, all we anarchists of praxis, nihilists, chaotics, and antisocialists have definitively crossed the point where any return to the peace of normality is no longer feasible. The new anarchy looks like the tidal outburst overwhelming countries, borders and languages. Comrades that we haven’t ever met with each other, who do not speak the same language, and thousands of miles, barbed wires and prison walls separate us, are laughing and fall into melancholy with our shared joys and sorrows, and our anarchy burns like the light of one thousand suns that erupt in the frosty night of the crowd.

The world’s police want to strike down this very international rebellion. It is no coincidence that, shortly before the ‘operation boldness’, antiterrorist forces in Bolivia proceeded to arrest people in relation to FAI-Bolivia attacks. It is by no coincidence that the ‘operation boldness’, apart from affecting the eight anarchist comrades in Italy, expanded to Germany and Switzerland, setting its sights on the already imprisoned comrades Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch. These alchemies of cops were carried out at the precise moment that our two comrades are on the verge of release after 18 and 21 years in prison, respectively.

But the performance of the prosecutorial marionette M.Comodi does not stop here. With the ‘operation boldness’ six of us, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire comrades, are under judicial investigation due to the correspondence we had with some of the arrested comrades.

Naturally, the wire-pullers of the Greek terror unit did not miss the opportunity to talk about their supposed contribution to the ‘operation boldness’ by alleged information collected from monitoring e-mails between us. Of course, their Italian colleagues never gave a confirmation of that, since the alleged information via e-mails (included in the Italian case file) was translations of political texts that have been published in the anarchist counter-information networks Culmine and ParoleArmate.

But, in order not to leave even one inch of suspicion of legalistic ‘excuses’, we make it clear that: Regardless of the judicial inquiry, we declare that we support all FAI-IRF insurrectionist violent actions with all our rage and heart.

We are wholeheartedly endorsing every word from FAI and carry it within us, seeking ways to make it into praxis from our own hands. FAI-IRF was, is and will be the essence of the lasting anarchist insurrection. We support, promote and participate in the informal anarchist federation–international revolutionary front (FAI-IRF).

However, the enemy’s propaganda and military-police operations, such as the ‘operation boldness’, in addition to arrests, are aimed at constructing a climate of fear. They wish to convey the fear of prison and the image of the all-powerful police, so as to suspend the new anarchy’s warfares against the system.

What’s important to us right now is to fight fear. It is our own way to go first on the counter-attack. “This means to sink the knife further into the heart of the enemy, without fear of the consequences that this entails, with the fury and iconoclastic joy that we always carry with us, in our smiles and in our eyes” (Tomo – Brother Comrade under judicial investigation in the context of the ‘operation boldness’)

We don’t look back, we fix our eyes only straight ahead…

Let those who got afraid, or tired, descend now from the train. There is no return ticket. Neither Delay, nor stopovers… We are clenching our hands into fists and walk against our era, having our comrades as brothers and sisters.

“Enough, enough, enough!
As the poet transforms his lyre into a dagger!
As the philosopher transforms his probe into a bomb!

It is time, it is time — it is time!
And society will fall.
The fatherland will fall.
The family will fall.
All will fall after the Free Man is born”

Renzo Novatore

Giuseppe, Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Sergio, Katia, Paola, Giulia

to our brothers Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch

The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF of the first phase
And anarchist of praxis Theofilos Mavropoulos


PS. At the time of writing these words, bad news reached our ears. In Mexico, the anarchist comrade Mario López was wounded when an incendiary device he was carrying went off.

Mario López was arrested, while prosecution has been exercised against his companion Felicity Ryder.

Our brother Mario López, in the public letter he released from the hospital where he is being treated, claimed responsibility for transporting this incendiary device, stating that as anarchist he is at constant war with the State and Power.

We hear his voice… A steady, happy, angry voice…

We nihilists, who bear the fire in the icy solitude of the crowd, are the anarchoindividualists that kill the silence of the mute mass; we are the chaotic anarchists of praxis that have the stars in our eyes and hearts. The five arrows of the symbol of the FAI and the Conspiracy show the point where everything becomes real. The point of a lasting anarchist insurrection…


“Never defeated, never repentant!”

please spread with all links included~/the text in Greek

see also Dark Nights #22 and Anti-One, as well as the
Assembly of solidarity with the R.O. CCF and
those prosecuted
for the same case/Athens (
contact mail: sal.spf[at]gmail[dot]com)

Switzerland/Germany: Update on Marco Camenisch and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva regarding the Italian ‘operation boldness’

We learn via the International Red Aid that Marco Camenisch and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva—prisoners in Switzerland and Germany, respectively—haven’t yet received any notice whatsoever for additional cautionary measures, international rogatory letters, searches of their prison cells, or anything alike, contrary to what was supposedly ordered by the filmmaker of this repressive machination: the public prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi, an inquisitor in search of exotic ingredients for the topping of the umpteenth investigation for ‘criminal association’ against Italian anarchists.

Updates will follow.

Italy: More updates regarding the ‘operation boldness’; reports on police raids; all prison addresses

The new Inquisition, anarchists hunting

The witch hunt continues!

Just like the inquisitions once, yet this time the victims are not women suspected of witchcraft but anarchists accused of terrorism, word that is very much in vogue for nearly 12 years.

This time, however, the news we receive upset us somewhat more than usual as it also affect us of punk4free.org.

This morning (13/6), at around 4am, the ROS carabiniers raided in over forty Italian households, from north to south, carrying out the so-called ‘ardire’ crackdown against the anarchist movement.

The operation resulted in about a dozen arrest orders, including one in Germany and another in Switzerland, and in as many as 24 investigated people.

The accusations include criminal conspiracy with the intent of terrorism and subversion, association with the intent of international terrorism, as well as charges of single attacks, like the ambush on the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare.

Immediately, like vultures, all the newspapers and nationwide television newscasts have spread the word, releasing (in a cowardly way) names of ‘extremely dangerous’ Informal Anarchists, including one editor of Informa-Azione and two of Culmine, among whom is our very own Sghigno.

We express total solidarity to all the comrades affected by the raids, investigations and arrests!

Free Sghigno! Free them all!

This text was shared out during a spontaneous protest march in Catania on June 13th:

More than 40 house searches, 24 investigation warnings and 10 arrest orders are the interim budget of a repressive operation orchestrated by the public prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi and executed by the ROS carabiniers on June 13th.

Our friends, acquaintances and/or comrades are accused of subversive association with the intent of terrorism. In these hours, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations continue to bombard with news that are sibylline as much as they are alarming, attributing the responsibility of some explosive parcels and various direct actions on them. In this moment of crisis, the State appears to be very preoccupied, but its attentions are not drawn by the high cost of living, the unemployment, the abrupt diminution of purchasing power, the critical situation of social services, the new poor and the disadvantaged. Its fear is rather growing on whether someone might unmask the role and connections that the State and the system of Capital bear in human misery, which is rampant in the existing way of life.

We do not care if the ten arrestees are guilty or not, what we want to make evident is that locked up, deprived of their freedom and their dearest loved ones are ten people who have dedicated effort and all their energy in struggle, without ever sparing anything and without asking anything in return. Their struggles, those against the concentration camps for immigrants and against racism, against the unchallenged dominion of banks that are ruling the economy, those against the arrogant multinationals and their damaging system of production, those against the State and other authorities that are ruling our lives, are also struggles of our own.

Our solidarity goes not only to the arrestees and investigated people but also to all relatives, friends and housemates whom the law enforcement units did not hesitate to inconvenience by harassing, frisking and badgering with the aim of terrorizing and isolating them, in pure mafia-style.

The customary judicial fabrications will not quench the social conflict; detention will not halt the struggle for a world free of hierarchy and exploitation.

Photos of the mess that the ‘dirty operations division’ ROS left behind after yet another house search on June 13th, this time in Florence.

On June 13th, at 5am, the Digos (Italian political police) raided activists’ places in Reggio Emilia. In related announcements, the Collettivo AutOrganizzato R60 clarifies that the specific police searches have nothing to do with the so-called operation ‘ardire/against international anarchist terrorism’, despite the fact that they took place on the same day.

First the cops searched the residences of two activists, who are affiliated with the R60 space, and seized personal items of theirs. Then the operation extended to the social space itself. Computers, cameras, memory cards, etc. were confiscated. Both detainees were released by midday. R60 members mention, among others, that the police in Reggio Emilia have been persecuting political activists, and in particular those who engage in struggles against environmental devastation and support self-organization and direct solidarity with earthquake sufferers.

As a first response to the incidents of 13/6 in their city and as a token of solidarity with all arrestees of the ‘operation boldness’, the NO TAV arrestees, the struggle in Susa Valley and other prosecuted comrades, on June 15th the collective held an evening anti-repression rally in Piazza del Monte (Reggio Emilia), and later people gathered in the R60 space to collect materials for earthquake sufferers.

In Emilia Romagna, the party CARC (Committees to Support Resistance-for Communism; nothing to do with anarchism) has also expressed solidarity with the R60 collective, with the NO TAV movement, as well as all comrades arrested and investigated under the ‘operation boldness’.

The poster reads:

Back off, you scoundrels!
Anarchism is not sullied by your aptitude for disgracefulness and neither by the pen of the scribes. It is defended against everything and everyone instead, even when the storm sweeps away all the hard work put into it grain by grain.
—Severino Di Giovanni

Boldness for our revolutionary dignity!
Boldness for conserving the traditions of our history!
Boldness for enhancing our realizer will!
—Severino Di Giovanni

FREEDOM for Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Sergio, Katia, Giuseppe, Paola and Giulia! FREEDOM for Marco and Gabriel!
Radical Ecologist Group ‘Il Silvestre’ & Pisan Anarchist Garage

Given below (last updated: June 15th) are all know prison addresses so you can send letters or telegrams to the eight comrades arrested within the ‘operation boldness’, including imprisoned anarchists Marco and Gabriel, who have also been ‘implicated’ in the case.

Stefano Gabriele Fosco
& Elisa Di Bernardo

Via Don Bosco, 43, IT-56127 Pisa

Alessandro Settepani & Paola Francesca Iozzi
CC Capanne, Via Pievaiola 252, IT-06132 Perugia

Sergio Maria Stefani
CC Regina Coeli, Via Della Lungara, 29, IT-00165 Roma

Katia Di Stefano
CC Rebibbia Femminile, Via Bartolo Longo, IT-00156 Roma

Giuseppe Lo Turco
CC Marassi, Piazzale Marassi, 2, IT-16139 Genova

Giulia Marziale
CC Teramo, Contrada Castrogno, IT-64100 Teramo

Marco Camenisch
Justizvollzugsanstalt Lenzburg, Ziegeleiweg 13, CH-5600 Lenzburg District

Gabriel Pombo da Silva
Justizvollzugsanstalt Aachen, Krefelderstr. 251, DE-52070 Aachen

read also ‘The Triumph of the Destroyer Genius’ by one of the two comrades of Edizioni Cerbero (contact mail: VerticeAbisso@distruzione.org)

a compilation of statements in Italian, in solidarity with the comrades affected by the repressive operation ‘Ardire’, can be found here

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Italy: A few updates regarding the ‘operation boldness’

Informa-Azione receives and transmits:

June 13th: In the context of the operation ‘ardire’, which resulted to arrest warrants against ten comrades this morning, we’d like to mention the raids in homes of three comrades in Naples and one in Spigno Saturnia (Latina). The ROS carabiniers have seized computers, hard disk, usb pens, cell phones, brochures, monthly journals, leaflets and letters of correspondence with prisoners. House searches were carried out against two comrades in the province of Lecce, too, where letters and one computer were confiscated by the police. Also in Rome one comrade’s residence was searched by cops, who seized various electronic and printed materials.

An embrace of solidarity with arrested comrades

June 14th: From the first news we received, we now know that Sergio Maria Stefani is being held in Regina Coeli prisons (Rome) and Katia Di Stefano is being held in Rebibbia (Rome), and these two cannot meet with defense lawyer before the custodial interrogation, which for them is set for Friday (15/6).

Alessandro Settepani is incarcerated in the prisons of Perugia, and until this morning, his meeting with defense lawyer has been confirmed.

Paola Francesca Iozzi is also in Perugia prisons, while Giulia Marziale is being held in the prisons of Teramo.

All are in isolation and cannot receive correspondence.

Solidarity with the arrestees and those who underwent investigation and house search

New update (14/6): In Perugia prisons, Alessandro and Paola have already stood the custodial interrogation, have seen their lawyers and can now receive letters. This is their current address: Alessandro Settepani & Paola Francesca Iozzi, casa circondariale Capanne, via Pievaiola 252, 06132 Perugia, Italia/Italy.

Sergio and Katia, locked up in Regina Coeli and Rebibbia prisons respectively, will undergo interrogation tomorrow (15/6), when they will get to see a defense lawyer; in the meantime, they cannot receive correspondence. Also Giulia, imprisoned in Teramo, has not yet been interrogated.

They are all in isolation wings. More info as it comes.

Aracnide/Arachnid – Solidarity fund against repression
Contact the group at aracnide@autistici.org
if you have further confirmed updates.

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Anti-terrorist ‘operation boldness’: Arrests and house searches across Italy

previous related update here

At 4 o’clock in the morning of June 13th, 2012, the carabiniers of the Special Operations Group (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, ROS) raided about forty homes, implementing the so-called ‘operation boldness’ (operazione ardire), a crackdown against people from the anarchist movement ordered by Manuela Comodi, public prosecutor of Perugia. According to the regime’s media, a total of 10 arrest warrants were issued—eight within Italy, one sent to Germany and one sent to Switzerland—while 24 suspects have been put under judicial investigation. The Italian bourgeois Press did not hesitate to connect the arrested with ‘the anarcho-insurrectionist FAI/FRI’.

The eight comrades, who were arrested in Pisa, Roma, Perugia, Genova, Terni and have been remanded in custody, are Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Elisa Di Bernardo, Alessandro Settepani, Sergio Maria Stefani, Katia Di Stefano, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Paola Francesca Iozzi and Giulia Marziale.

As for Germany and Switzerland, the precautionary measures were ordered against two anarchists that have already been kidnapped by the State several years ago, namely Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch.

Among the names of investigated suspects are also those of some imprisoned comrades that are prosecuted for the CCF case in Greece.

Informa-Azione will try to publish the addresses of Italian prisons in which the eight arrestees have been incarcerated, inviting anyone who has relevant information to contact them.

In addition, according to the independent Radio Azione, it is possible that house searches have taken place against three comrades in Naples, too.

Among the raided houses—where the police were officially in search of explosive materials and electronic and printed documents—was the residence of an editor of Informa-Azione; apart from other items, the cops confiscated the editor’s computers that were necessary for updating the website. The homes of comrades from Culmine (who are now under arrest) and ParoleArmate (one of them is under arrest, the other one is investigated) were raided as well.


Chaos is just around the corner… (about the operation ‘ardire’)

The same story repeats itself.

In the context of a maxi-operation (‘operation boldness’… but what the fuck is that name?) against anarchists and arsonists of social peace, at 4am in the night from 12th to 13th June, my house was raided by the ROS units of Perugia and Bologna, backed by a couple of local carabiniers (unlike the last time my house was searched, now they didn’t find anything). They were looking for the same stuff they wanted to find the other time: computers, explosive material, etc.

This time, however, there was a charming surprise: the gentlemen in uniform, following the orders of the renown nun M.Comodi, informed me that I’m now under investigation on the basis of the customary Article 270bis of the Italian Criminal Code.

I would like to clarify that, although I have been currently assigned a duty solicitor, I intend to refuse any legal defense because I do not recognize any authority, be it judiciary or other.

I also want to specify that as an individual at war with society I support the practice of direct action and, therefore, support the actions of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI).

In any case, this was a classic raid in grand style which, among others, led a dozen anarchists under pretrial detention and more than twenty people under judicial investigation, including some comrades of the CCF· nevertheless, it’s still too early to get a general picture of the situation.

What can one say? Needless to point out that, in spite of all the years of imprisonment under which they can bury us, the fire we carry within us is by now unstoppable.

It’s expanding, fierce, and meets the flames of our comrades in affinity everywhere; those who, in a world like this, accept a single position: that of attack.

These wonderful comrades, whose hatred burns like one thousand suns shining in the sky, are the friends and the brothers and sisters with whom we share rage and pain, tears and smiles, doubts and passions that weigh as boulders and whistle as lead; those that threaten society, its laws and its defenders with their very existence; the indomitable rebels that illuminate the nights and paint the cities with colours of destruction and rebellion.

Even from behind prison bars or inside the courts, their gazes, their words and their thoughts are dangerous weapons and become sharpened handy files for escape, despite the fact that judges and public prosecutors attempt to suffocate any glimmer of individual strength in them.

But these human wastes cannot halt the iconoclastic fury that’s spreading like a virus.

We are the infection… and there is no cure; neither for the ‘masters’, nor for the ‘servants’.

Chaos is just around the corner…

A gigantic, incandescent, complicit embrace of fire to you, comrades.





Tomo, June 13th, 2012, dal mio Nulla
… from my Nothing.

sources: informa-azione, parolearmate, feartosleep