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Lisbon, Portugal: Actions in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco – March 2016

On March 24th 2016, at about 17:30, a gathering was held outside the Consulate General of Spain in Lisbon to protest the parody trial against Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, anarchists held captive by the Spanish State since November 2013. The gathering was attended by nearly two dozen antiauthoritarians and anarchists. Texts and leaflets were distributed to passersby, and comrades shouted slogans such as “Neither guilty nor innocent”, “Freedom is the crime they’re persecuting”, “Freedom is inside our hearts; fire to all prisons”, “Parody trial, state terrorism in Spain.”

About three hours later, flyers were dispersed in another area of Lisbon – what was repeated for several days in various squares of Lisbon, until March 30th. That day it also became known that the comrades were sentenced to 12 years in prison each.

In total, several hundred flyers and handouts were distributed to passersby and at various spaces of anarchist or antiauthoritarian culture.

A banner was placed in a tourist area of the centre of Lisbon, reading “Freedom for Mónica and Francisco” in Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, German, Italian, French and English.

Neither guilty nor innocent: simply anarchists.

Strength and freedom to Mónica and Francisco and all prisoners and prosecuted in struggle!

Until the last cage is empty…

Death to the State and long live Anarchy!

Netherlands: Solidarity actions in The Hague with the compañera imprisoned in Spain since April 13th on charges of expropriation

Last Thursday night, June 30th 2016, we carried out actions in solidarity with our comrade who is imprisoned in total isolation in Spain on charges of participation in a bank expropriation in Aachen, Germany two years ago. She is now awaiting extradition to Germany, which will probably happen this week.

In solidarity we spray-painted ‘Freedom for our Spanish comrade’ on the wall of a department of the Spanish embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands and glued the locks.

That same morning during rush hour a banner was hung above the highway, reading: ‘Burn all prisons! Freedom for our Spanish comrade!’

We are not interested in knowing whether the comrade is actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically just and politically legitimate practice, a method of struggle that is part of the history of all revolutionary movements.

Indeed, despite the constant attempts by Power to reduce this method to within the scope of a ‘common crime’ motivated by individual greed, the fact is that the expropriation of places of accumulation of capital is a constant in our history: from the anarcho-syndicalist groups in the early twentieth century who robbed banks to support strikes or help the families of imprisoned comrades, to the various autonomous groups of the 70s and 80s.

We call out to anybody to take action in solidarity with the comrade imprisoned in Madrid! Immediate freedom for the comrade!

Burn all prisons!

In solidarity,
some anarchists

via Autonomen Den Haag

[Greece] ABC Solidarity Cell: Strength to the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák

Update by AntiFénix: Martin has suspended his hunger strike.

Action at the embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens; the banner reads: “Solidarity with the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák – ABC Solidarity Cell”
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens spray-painted: “Freedom to Martin Ignačák – Anarchist Black Cross”
Czech embassy’s entrance spray-painted; flyers thrown in support of incarcerated anarchist Martin Ignačák

In April 2015, the Czech State launched a repressive campaign under the name “Operation Fénix” targeting the anarchist movement that’s active on its territory.

Raids on fighters’ homes, arrests, personal belongings confiscated, relatives and friends of the arrestees harassed, and accusatory dossiers cooked up in police offices. Eleven fighters were arrested as a result of this operation, of whom four were sent to remand prisons of the Czech Republic, while the rest were given restrictive bail conditions. All this has been portrayed in the media as a coordinated effort towards dismantling “terrorist networks”, such as the Network of revolutionary cells (SRB) who’ve claimed responsibility for dozens of incendiary attacks against statist and capitalist targets. Also one of the comrades is charged with participating in another attack that, according to the media, was carried out with Molotov cocktails against the house of the Minister of National Defence.

Martin Ignačák, who is accused of plotting attack on a train transporting military equipment, was in fact trapped by government agents who had infiltrated anarchist circles and indicated the target to Martin along with plans about how to carry out such an attack.

The specific repressive tactic is a strategic doctrine in US counterterrorism policies, which are well known to be basic guidelines on the formation of repressive policies on a global level.

Secret services take on the role of thought police, penetrate in subversive movements, single out comrades who support practices of direct action and suggest targets and plans for attacks, only to capture them later, without any action having taken place at all. In the US, there are many such examples of prosecution and imprisonment of fighters from the wider radical movement (from anarchists to activists of ALF and ELF).

Operation Fénix unleashed by the Czech State is its first organised attempt to apply the specific repressive doctrine in order to paralyse a combative anarchist current that has been developed in the Czech Republic in recent years.

Martin has already spent nearly 14 months in prison awaiting trial; nevertheless, the vindictiveness of the state apparatus against the comrade continues, with constant harassment of his relatives, his motions for replacement of pretrial detention with bail conditions denied, and debilitating conditions of imprisonment.

To resist, Martin has undertaken hunger strike since June 9th 2016, using his body as a barricade against the exemption status he’s subjected to.

From our side we stand next to Martin, overcoming the artificial polarity between innocence and guilt, and demand that his requests be met.

International solidarity is an integral part of our processes, as it breaks down the borders that separate us and sends out messages of rebellion and defiance from every location where these are manifested, in every corner of the world, thus diffusing the cracks opened in the authoritarian edifice.

On Friday June 24th 2016, Anarchist Black Cross carried out a solidarity action outside the embassy of the Czech Republic in Palaio Psychiko [one of the wealthiest northern suburbs of Athens]. We hung a banner, spray-painted slogans at the embassy’s entrance, and threw flyers to make evident that we know who will be accountable if our comrade’s health condition deteriorates.

The same day, on Lesvos Island, a banner was hung in the city of Mytilini as a minimum display of solidarity with comrade Martin Ignačák.

PS. In Athens, after leaving the Czech embassy in Palaio Psychiko, cops of DIAS motorcycle police force followed a bus which individuals from the action were aboard. They stopped and stormed the bus on Kifissias Avenue, forced people out, and took them to GADA police headquarters. After two hours, all were released but one, who was released several hours later.

Solidarity isn’t going to become an inward-looking process; our actions won’t be constrained by repression.

Repression doesn’t hold us back.



Anarchist Black Cross – Anarchist Solidarity Cell

Banner in Mytilini (Lesvos Island): “Freedom for the anarchist hunger striker Martin Ignačák – ABC Solidarity Cell”

Greece: June 11th action at Chile’s consulate in Thessaloniki

Today, June 13th 2016, we threw paints and flyers and spray-painted Chile’s consulate on Karolou Diehl Street in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the June 11th callout, day of international solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. As a small gesture, we also dedicate our action to the memory of comrade Mauricio Morales.

“Before Ι go to sleep I embrace chaos as an idea that liberates my body and mind because, after all’s said and done, it makes me feel alive. I don’t want to go in search of the grail that gives off freedom in future societies. My fingers seek the bloody flight towards the destruction of chains, towards the rhythmic fire, towards the near arson of Power and its masters. And my actions upon falling asleep are headed towards breaking with the routine upon waking up tomorrow, towards individual action with my chest like a stone, swollen by the destruction of this and every other society.
Do me a favor: make sure anarchy lives forever.”

[Punky Mauri, Antes de dormir abrazo el caos…]

Greek | Spanish

Greece: June 11th actions at the consulates of Italy and Switzerland in Thessaloniki

In the early hours of Saturday, we carried out interventions with paints and flyers at the entrances of the consulates of Italy and Switzerland on the occasion of June 11th, day of international solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners.

Freedom for anarchist prisoners of war. Arson and fire to every cell.

via Athens IMC

Greece: June 11th action at the U.S. consulate in Thessaloniki

On Saturday June 11th, day of international solidarity with anarchist prisoners, we carried out an intervention at the American Consulate General in Thessaloniki.

During the action, we hung a banner reading: “Until the destruction of every prison, death to the world of submission – Freedom for anarchist prisoners across the world”. We also threw leaflets with the slogans: “June 11th, international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners” and “Until the demolition of the last prison, no one is free – Freedom for anarchist prisoners of war”.

Solidarity with anarchist prisoners everywhere in the world…

Strength to anarchists held captive by the U.S. State: Marius Mason, Jeremy Hammond, Justin Solondz, Michael Kimble, Rebecca Rubin, Sean Swain, Bill Dunne, Eric King…

via Athens IMC

Zurich: Greek consulate attacked in solidarity with comrades who stand 2nd instance trial in Greece

attack // solidarity greetings

In the night between the 23rd and 24th April, the Greek consulate was attacked in Zurich (Bellerivestrasse 67). The facade was embellished with paint and a waste container burst into flames.

Fire to the prisons and a society that needs them!

If freedom is a crime, let us all turn to crime…

solidarity with all prisoners

German | Greek

Frankfurt, Germany: Wild demo with an attack on the French consulate

176305Yesterday [April 19th] in the early evening, around 100 people demonstrated in solidarity with the struggling youths in France during a wild demonstration through [the district of] Bockenheim. For weeks now, thousands of people in France take to the streets against the “labour law“.

The youths and rebels are fed up with racist police controls. Lots of people defy the massive expansion of the security apparatus during the alleged state of emergency on it’s way towards an authoritarian police state. They feel the impact of tear gas daily! The Spring movement in France refuses to become harnessed into the labour market. The youth know very well that the neoliberal project benefits no-one – except capital.

During a brief but crisp demo – following the French example – we made a wild tour around the block. We struggle on the side of all those who, despise the existing society, strive for more. We struggle on the side of those who decided not to tolerate this condition anymore. We decided not to tolerate this anymore.

Our friends in the streets of France know very well that protest must hurt. They know as well that resistance can’t just be articulated in the framework of the authoritarian state‘s law. The Bastille was not stormed by the grace of the king. So we decided not to comply to the constrained framework of German smugness. While the demonstration passed by the French consulate, we decided to express our direct solidarity. Many paint stains and some smashed windows testify to this. Of course, this is nothing compared to the hundreds injured by tear gas, pepper spray and police batons weekly. But it is a distinct signal.

So were our slogans on this early evening in Frankfurt. The police obviously came too late and it was better that they did. We were prepared to defend our demonstration against police attacks. Fortunately, this was not necessary.

We know your lies: This was not a Hit and Run action of “25-30 leftist autonomists” as the cops report it, but a taster of the coming times of common struggles. And don’t pretend that you don’t know the reason for all this.

Youth and insurgent – the world is ours!
A message from your friends

Rémi [Fraisse] et Clément [Méric]

in French and Italian

Lisbon, Portugal: Gathering 24/03 at the Spanish consulate in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco


For the State, terrorists are those that endanger its interests. Fed up with this reality of fear, corruption, police abuses, media manipulation, some decide not to give up, and fight. For this they are persecuted.

Thursday 24th March at 17:30
Consulate General of Spain
3, Salitre St., Lisbon

We gather to oppose the parody trial against the anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar.




Athens, 08.03: Action outside the embassy of Spain in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco

On Tuesday evening, March 8th 2016, we went with banners, flyers and sprays outside the Spanish Embassy in Athens (on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, in the Makrygianni district) in a minimum display of solidarity with captive comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who stand trial in Madrid.

The banners read: “All laws are terrorism – Freedom for Mónica and Francisco”; and: “A life of combat – Prisoners to the streets – Freedom for our bodies – Madrid, 8-9-10/3/16”. Walls of the embassy building were tagged with: MONICA Y FRANCISCO LIBRES (“Mónica and Francisco free”). Among the slogans shouted (mostly in Spanish) were the words “Mateo Morral: Presente” – as well as “Javier Recabarren: Presente” in view of the week of actions in Chile in memory of the 11-year-old comrade.

“Against repression, multiform action and internationalist solidarity! Madrid, 8, 9, 10 March 2016: Trial against anarchist prisoners Francisco Solar & Mónica Caballero // So long as misery exists, there will be rebellion! // Freedom for anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, hostages of the Spanish State // No terror-law can stop us – Liberation of those who are in prison cells/cages”

Also, the following text was handed out in Greek and English:

| On the occasion of this year’s 8th March

8th March is widely known to us as women’s day, internationally established as such in the early 20th century.

The same date may remind us the 1921 execution of the Spanish Prime Minister Eduardo Dato by shots of Catalan anarchists in Madrid.

Back to Madrid, in the year 2016:

The 8th of March marks the beginning of the trial against two anarchists from Chile, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who are currently held in the prisons of the Spanish State.

Back in time, in Chile:

In August 2010, following police raids in squatted spaces and houses in Santiago and Valparaíso, Mónica and Francisco were among comrades captured under the anti-terrorism law, in the so-called “bombs case” (caso bombas). Both were remanded for more than 9 months. Then, together with other co-accused, they faced one of the longest trials with their convictions intact.

It’s probably worth mentioning that earlier, in December 2009, the Chilean police had raided squatted spaces to “prevent” an anarchist attack against the then electoral process. One of the houses raided was the squat La Crota, where Mónica Caballero was also living at the time. During the trial of the “bombs case”, the prosecution demonstrated “findings” of that raid, such as posters against the Church, trying to connect Mónica with the placement of an incendiary device against a catholic church in Santiago.

“Each time I sit in the dock I feel dirty being part of this democratic process; I have nothing to prove to any judge; the only opinion that matters to me is that of my accomplices to the crime of fighting for freedom and anarchy; they want to incarcerate me for not kissing the cross of repentance, for not lowering my head…”

| words from Mónica in November 2011

Eventually the sensational trial of the “bombs case” ended in a fiasco, and in June 2012 all of the prosecuted were acquitted of all charges.

About one and a half year later, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Mónica and Francisco were captured again – this time in Barcelona. In November 2013, they were remanded under the anti-terrorism law for actions against the ecclesiastical institution in Spain.

From the first moment of their arrest, the media scum contributed greatly to the anti-anarchist propaganda of cops and judges, while it became clear that Spanish and Chilean repressive mechanisms were in good cooperation.

From the first moment of their arrest, the two comrades – once again – made their stance crystal clear: neither innocent nor guilty.

Mónica and Francisco are charged with placing an explosive device that went off in a cathedral of Zaragoza in October 2013, as well as conspiracy to prepare another attack which was supposed to take place in a monastery of Barcelona. They are accused of alleged membership in ‘Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral’ (a group that has claimed responsibility for the placement of two devices: one at a cathedral in Madrid and another in the aforementioned church of Zaragoza). According to the accusatory dossier, both are also prosecuted for participation in FAI-FRI (Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front) and GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups), although the responsibility claims by ‘Insurrectional Commando Mateo Morral’ make no reference to the specific acronyms.

“We understand solidarity as constantly putting our anarchist ideas into practice, in all their forms, making the enemy understand that nothing ends here, everything continues in the prison or the streets.”

| words from Francisco & Mónica in December 2013

The trial against Francisco and Mónica takes place on 8th, 9th and 10th March 2016 at Audiencia Nacional in Madrid, the highest judicial body that predominantly carries out “terrorism cases.”

The prosecution has already requested a sentence of 44 years in prison for each comrade, namely: 9 years for membership in a terrorist organisation, 18 years for causing serious damage with terrorist intent, 12 years for causing injuries, and 5 years for conspiracy.

This year’s 8th March, date of the scheduled start of the trial against Francisco and Mónica, we send a signal of internationalist complicity to the two anarchist comrades, who remain unrepentant in the Spanish dungeons.


Anarchafeminist initiative in solidarity with Mónica & Francisco

(reportback in Greek)

Athens: Action outside the embassy of Uruguay in the suburb of Kifissia

On Friday afternoon, February 26th 2016, an initiative of individuals from Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia and solidarian comrades – nearly twenty people in total – went outside the embassy of Uruguay in Kifissia (an expensive northern suburb of Athens) in response to the international call for a week of actions against the eviction of the autonomous social centre La Solidaria in Montevideo. We unfolded a banner, threw flyers and chanted slogans in different languages, disrupting even symbolically the bourgeois normalcy of Kifissia, and made it clear to officials of the Uruguayan State that our comrades in Montevideo are not alone.

Strength to those who defend La Solidaria squat!
Anarchist struggle everywhere!

(in Spanish)

La Solidaria resists everywhere! Hands off squats!

Hands off La Solidaria!

Marseille, France: Nocturnal surprise at the Spanish Consulate

On February 6th 2014, the guardia civil assassinated several dozen migrants who attempted to enter Spain by swimming. On the occasion of this sad anniversary and following the call for solidarity acts sent from Rabat [Morocco’s capital], a few comrades were motivated to express their disagreement with “fortress europe” and their rage against all the violence produced by the murderous entities that are the nation-states. Therefore the consulate was tagged with “06/02/2014 SPAIN KILLS MIGRANTS” and “KILLER”. The facade and the front door also took a few paint bombs.

Solidarity without limits!
Against borders and the world that produces them!

Source: Marseille Autonomous Info (February 20th 2016)

German | Portuguese

Washington DC: Solidarity Action at Greek Embassy


Hundreds of our brothers and sisters in Greece are currently imprisoned. The reasons why range from dissenting against the oppressive regimes, to simply being a relative of a targeted anarchist.

We speak out not only for their unequivocal release, but also for the dismantling of the state structure which oppresses all people, everywhere.

As anarchists in the occupied territory known as the United States of America, we know that electoral politics will never represent the dreams of the people. The decisions of Syriza have made this abundantly clear. Those in power will never protect the people.

We support not the firing of prison wardens, but of setting fire to the prisons themselves. We do not support the stairs being swept clean from the top to bottom, but for there to be no stairs.

The struggle in Greece is real. It is a struggle that needs to spread across the planet. Our action tonight is a small show of solidarity to our comrades. We hope to awaken our brothers and sisters as you have awoken yours. The only solution is revolution.

in Greek

Indianapolis, USA: Solidarity action at the Mexican consulate

On July 3rd, there was a solidarity demonstration against repression in Mexico, organized outside the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, USA.

The text of the flyer distributed during the demonstration:

On June 16, 2015, the Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico, an anti-repression organization, released word describing an escalation of the harassment and surveillance they experience at the hands of the Mexican state.

This is just the latest clamp down doled out by the Mexican government:

– In September of 2014, 43 student rebels from a rural teachers college in Guerrero who were involved in educational protests were disappeared, likely by local law enforcement and crime syndicates. Demonstrations in response to the kidnappings have been met with continued violence by the police. Nearly a year later, only one of the bodies has been found.

– At the beginning of June 2015, a militant teacher, Juan Villegas Tenorio, was beaten to death by police during a protest. Two other teachers at the event were beaten by police but survived.

– An increasing number of revolutionaries are facing long prison sentences, including Abraham Cortes, who was recently sentenced to 5 years and 9 months. Other anarchist prisoners currently facing extreme prison sentences include Fernando Barcenas and Fernando Sotelo.

A new hunger strike has been announced in the prisons around Mexico City. The primary demand in this hunger strike is the end of torture in the prisons.

– Since the beginning of June, protests have erupted across Mexico, including a demonstration by 6,000 teachers at the city center in Oaxaca. These protests call for a boycott of the elections: “To Vote Is To Lie.”

With all this repressive violence, the Mexican state hopes to control popular rage, but it’s only succeeding in spreading resistance. We are here at the Mexican consulate today to call attention to these struggles, and to express our solidarity with these diverse rebels, and others who suffer at the hands of the state. We hope this is a small step toward spreading these rebellions.

Down with every border and prison!

in Spanish, Italian

Greece: Statement of Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis about the U.S. State Department list of international “terrorists”

In 2009, the anarchist urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) was designated a “foreign terrorist organization” by the U.S. Department of State, in the aftermath of a rocket propelled grenade attack against the U.S. Embassy in Athens in January 2007.

On April 21, 2015, the State Department issued “terrorist designation” against one of the members of Revolutionary Struggle, anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis. The next day, the comrade issued the following statement in response.

“Whoever is not with us is against us”
– from a speech of U.S. President George W. Bush after September 11, 2001

“We are not with you, we are against you”
– from a statement of Nikos Maziotis to the special court in Koridallos prisons on June 11, 2012 regarding the Revolutionary Struggle attack on the U.S. Embassy

The State Department admittedly did me great honor by including me in the list of international “terrorists”. This is the second time that the planetary killers honor me as a Revolutionary Struggle member, since they had placed a one-million-dollar bounty on me along with other members of the organization after the Revolutionary Struggle attack against the U.S. Embassy in Athens in January 2007.

Obviously this move signifies the pressure exerted on the Greek government in response to the recent passing of the justice ministry’s bill, which includes a provision whereby prisoners with disabilities of over 80% like Savvas Xiros, from a point onwards, may be placed under house arrest on electronic monitoring for the remainder of their sentence, what the U.S. ambassador to Greece described as a hostile act.

This move is a sign of lack of confidence towards the Greek government, and sends a strong message; that the U.S. government – which does not recognize any court precedent in another State in case of an attack on U.S. targets – may arrest and prosecute any armed fighter and revolutionary who have attacked U.S. targets anywhere in the world, even if they have stood trial and have been incarcerated in the country where this attack was perpetrated. But the State Department has nothing to worry about. The SYRIZA-led government, despite deviations, will present themselves as consistent with the united front in the war on “terrorism”, just as they are being consistent with their debt repayment obligations to the creditors of the supranational elite. Besides, they stated that they “are doubly sensitive to issues of terrorism, since many attacks were carried out in the name of the Left.”

Regardless of how many years I have to spend in prison, regardless of the price I pay, I will always be filled with joy remembering how we as Revolutionary Struggle humiliated them that morning of January 2007, when we struck the facade of the U.S. Embassy with an anti-tank RPG, and I will always remember with satisfaction the words of the then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who woke the then planetarch George W. Bush, saying: “Mister President, we are under attack in Athens.”

Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle
Domokos prison

Rennes: Solidarity from France against Operation Piñata

The 13-14 squat in Madrid that was raided on March 30th 2015 as part of Operation Piñata

Last night [March 30th] the Spanish Consulate in Rennes, France, was attacked with paint in solidarity with the detainees of Operation Piñata.

“The terrorist is the state”
“Fuck Piñata”
and paint against the car of the consul.

From Granada to Rennes, active solidarity against all forms of repression.

Originally published in Spanish, also in French.

Chile: Solidarity action outside the Greek embassy in Santiago

Solidarity with the imprisoned comrades (Greece) who are on hunger strike until death for the liberation of their family members

On Wednesday April 1st, at 13:00, a group of protesters approached the Greek embassy, located in Santiasko’s bourgeoisified district of Las Condes, to disrupt the social peace in response to the call of International Solidarity with the compañerxs incarcerated by the Greek state who are on Hunger Strike until death since the 2nd of March.

For the immediate release of their incarcerated relatives

Against the legal and repressive regime of exception imposed since the year 2000

For the abolition of type C maximum security prisons

For the abolition of anti-terrorist legislation

For the abolition of anti-hoodie law

For a radical change of methodology in genetic material retrieval and identification

For the release of Savvas Xiros, who is gravely ill and incarcerated since 2002

Against the malicious blackmail of the Greek authority and its laws!!!

Victory to the struggle of the imprisoned hunger strikers!!!

For the destruction of the state, the capital and all forms of authority!!!

(The day ended without anyone being detained.)

in Greek

Buenos Aires: Solidarity action at the Spanish embassy

Freedom for the anarchists arrested in Spain (A)
They’re unable to stop us – Solidarity with the Operation Pandora prisoners (A) – Fire to the prisons – We are everywhere

On Monday, December 29th, 2014, at around 6pm, more than 30 people went to demonstrate in front of the Spanish embassy in Buenos Aires against the incarceration of the 7 anarchists detained in the course of Operation Pandora in Spain.

Portugal: Solidarity gathering at the Spanish embassy in Lisbon

“Gag Law is a return to fascism” – “Freedom for Pandora case prisoners”

On December 29th, 2014, at about 6pm, people in solidarity with the anarchists arrested in “Operation Pandora” gathered in front of the Spanish embassy in Lisbon. Cops were present during the action, protecting the building, and several police vans were stationed in a side street. We unfurled banners, and distributed fliers as well as pamphlets regarding the “Gag Law” and the 7 comrades who have been kidnapped by the Spanish State. We also handed out texts about the situation of other anarchists, imprisoned by the Greek State.

About two hours later, we pinned copies of a letter by Mónica Caballero on Operation Pandora to a banner opposite the embassy building, which represents the terrorism of the Spanish State. We then marched towards Rossio Square followed by police vans, which were stuck in heavy traffic. So, we had the chance of “redecorating” the square, and continued to distribute fliers to passers-by.

Freedom for anarchist prisoners!
Down with the walls of all prisons!

İstanbul: DAF and other groups salute comrade Nikos Romanos

“Freedom for Romanos – Long live anarchism – Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)”
police in front of Greece’s consulate

Today, we were in streets for Alexis who was murdered by Greek State and for Nikos Romanos who is in hunger strike for 26 days against the repression of the same state.

Today, we were in streets for our sisters and brothers who has been murdered while resisting in Greece, in Ferguson, in Mexico, in Kobanê.

Today, we were in streets for Berkin, Ali İsmail, Ethem, Arin, Kader, Suphi Nejat.

While states are killing our sisters and brothers in whole over the world; we, revolutionary anarchists were in the streets with our anger to states, capitalists, companies and murderers. Even police held up our way and attacked us with their plastic bullets, gas bombs and batons; they couldn’t achieve to suppress our anger. We resisted with our black flags while rising out our slogans.

This passion for freedom is getting bigger today; the anger for the ones’ that has been murdered by state flare up our riot.

Revolutionary Anarchist Action salutes comrade Nikos Romanos’ and his resistance.


Today, with all the rage against powers that seizes lives, with the conviction to a free world, the black flags are waved all around the world. Against companies that exploit our labour to profit more; against states that murders many of us in the name of the borders they drew; against all powers that fill their pockets with our lives that they destroy, making us poorer and making the rich richer; rebellion is alive in the rage of anarchism. The rage against bosses, companies, murderers and states, is propagating in full flood with the black flags. The sorrow of being neglected, disappeared and murdered, is now turning into anger, and the street are burning with the rage all over.

Exactly 6 years ago, in Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens, murdered because he was an anarchist, at the age of 16, was Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Murdered by a cop, with the bullet from his gun, because he transformed his anger into rebellion and went on the street, calling to account for the lives being seized, because he didn’t obey the powers and he was resisting at all costs for freedom. On the day of December 6, 2008, The bullet that ran into Alexis’ chest turned in the fire of revolt in the streets. Even though the murderers continued their attacks, the rage against the ones that silenced a heart that was beating for freedom, burned the streets into flames in Athens, in Thessaloniki, in Istanbul and everywhere.

Nikos Romanos, who was with Alexis the day he was murdered and who also had the same conviction for a free world, is now captivated because he is an anarchist. Romanos is captivated because he was not silent against injustice, because he didn’t give up despite state oppression, because with the same conviction of his murdered comrade, he kept on the struggle against all powers. The ones who think they can terminate this struggle by murdering Alexis, are now captivating Nikos hoping to stop another heart that is beating with the conviction for anarchism. Just like in 2008, the streets are filled with anger against the state that continue to attack Romanos with all its isolation, oppression and torture. As Romanos continues his hunger strike since 10th of November, other anarchist comrades in captive also start hunger strikes in solidarity; universities are occupied; and the same voice echoes in burning streets, in cells resisting captive: “As long as we are alive and we breathe, long live anarchy!”

The powers that murdered Alexis in 2008 and that captivate Nikos today think that they can silence the rage against injustice that is growing in every part of the world. They continue to captivate, attack and murder under this illusion.

In Mexico, 43 students resisting politics of the powers seizing their future, had disappeared by the hand of state; and their bodies are found in mass graves after many days. Just because they are black, the people targeted by fascist repression of the power, become the targets of bullets shot by the police; and the ones who resist being taken to custody are strangling and murdered by the police. Many of our brothers like Berkin, Ethem Ali, Ahmet who resisted for their lives, were murdered by the state police. While the ones resisting in Kobanê to create a new life, like Arin, like Suphi Nejat, like Kader, are murdered by the gangs, military and soldiers of the state; the ones who are on the streets in every corner of the region embracing Kobanê resistance, like Hakan, like Mahsun, are the targeted by the murderer police of the same state…

Wherever the ones who call to account for injustice, who resist to win their lives, who struggle with their conviction of freedom are on the streets; there is the address for oppression, torture and massacre. The oppressors who think that they can discourage the ones who don’t obey them by captivating, kidnapping or murdering; a cry of freedom raised in one place is echoed from every direction. From the cells of Athens to Mexico, from the streets of Ferguson to Istanbul, to the free lands of Kobanê, the conviction for a new world is propagating in full flood. Now, this passion for freedom is getting bigger; the rage for the murders is flaring up the fire of revolt in hearts.

This revolt is against the powers that seize our lives, that intend to destroy our freedom, that murder us. This revolt is against capitalism and the states. This revolt is against all kinds of captivity.

With this revolt for freedom in our hearts, anarchism is growing in every part of the world.

And our struggle is growing from one corner of the world to another, carried by the waves of the black flags.

Long live Revolution, long live anarchy!

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)
High School Anarchist Action (LAF)
Anarchist Youth
Anarchist Women

Santiago: Action at the Greek embassy in remembrance of Lambros Foundas and in solidarity with Kostas Gournas

Banner and fliers at the Embassy of Greece
Thursday, July 10th, 2014, Santiago

The Bad Times will be lit ablaze…

On July 10th, 2014 we put up a banner outside the Greek embassy, accompanied by a shower of fliers thrown in the streets (of the Republic) that are always clean and tidy in the district of Las Condes.

We chose this date to commemorate comrade Lambros Foundas, fallen on March 10th, 2010 in a shootout with police. We do not forget, our memory is still intact, and our convictions too.

We also chose this date to remind that three months ago, on April 10th, 2014, the anarchist urban guerrilla of Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) was reactivated when a car bomb was detonated outside the Supervision Directorate of the Bank of Greece in response to the crisis and in memory of comrade Lambros Foundas.

We dedicate this small gesture of solidarity to comrade Kostas Gournas, who is incarcerated in Koridallos prison (Greece) for his membership in the anarchist urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas), but despite all efforts to stifle his ideas and practices, they have not succeeded as he continues to combat Power, the State and Capital with firm conviction.

We also dedicate this to those who are in clandestinity since 2012; we salute and support their difficult but unwavering decision. We hope that our words cross the cold ocean to reach you; from the other side, we send you a tight embrace and all the strength necessary to continue the struggle, always staying out of reach of those who are under the yoke of Power, and persecute, torture and incarcerate without, however, causing the decline of war.

The bad times will be lit ablaze!
Lambros Foundas present!
Freedom for Kostas Gournas!

Revolutionary Struggle Collective (CLR)

NYC solidarity demo with prisoners in struggle in Greece

On July 3rd, 2014, we gathered in front of the Greek consulate in New York City to express our solidarity with the vibrant and dynamic struggle that has erupted throughout the Greek prison system. A hunger strike that began on June 18th quickly spread to every Greek prison facility; uniting over 4000 rebellious prisoners in resistance against the future implementation of a new set of repressive penal measures that have been designed to undermine the growing social antagonism both inside and outside of the prison walls.

We unfurled banners to block the entrance of the consulate; shouted slogans; and distributed counter-information to passersby. Within a local and international context, we understand solidarity to be an active bond that breaks through borders and boundaries presenting the possibility of connecting the various struggles in the prisons in California, Indiana, Texas, and Washington with those that have been continuously developing and strengthening in Greece.

No Hostage Left Behind in the Hands of the State!

Destroy Every Prison, Visible and Invisible!

War Against the War of the State!