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[London, UK] Call-out for a unity demonstration against the far right (Oct 13)

received 16.09.18

Large militant antifascist mobilisation in London. October 13.

A coalition of groups including London Antifascists have made a call-out for a unity demonstration against the far right Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA). The far right have proved themselves to be a resurgent threat this year, mobilising a 20,000 strong rally in central London in June and have attacked trade unionists, people of colour and left wing bookshops. Left unchecked they are sure to repeat these outrageous attacks.

Antifascists have started to come together to counter this new threat. In July a militant bloc of around 500 antifascists came together to oppose a #FreeTommy demonstration. Look out for ways you can get involved in building a mass antifascist movement in the coming weeks.

If you are in London please save the date and join the demonstration. If you are outside of London consider organising transport for your friends and comrades. Meet up point TBA.

Defend London from fascist violence!

[UK] Known fascist has car vandalised in Bristol

received 12.08.2018

The guitarist for ‘Queensbury Rules’ (a ‘Blood & Honor’ band) had his car sabotaged in the early hours of the 7th of August.

Wojciech (Woj) Wasilewski, a known fascist had all 4 tyres of his car punctured, the bodywork scratched and a message sprayed which reads: “Woj = Fascist” and on the otherside: “[heart symbol] ANNA YPG”.

The car was parked on Trinity St (New Town) St Philips, sometimes parked on Hassell Drive, both near Trinity Police Station, Bristol. The car is a red Hyundai, reg: EA60TWX

Woj and his Polish friends live above ‘Skin Deep’, a tattooist shop on Old Market (close to where the car was parked). The shop is run by ‘Ozzie’, an old National Fronter from Kingswood, Bristol.

Woj has been seen in a ‘Queensbury Rules’ T-shirt with “Pie and Mash” printed on the back (cockney slang for ‘fash’). It also had the slogan: “Five little words” which means “We go where we want”. But the reality is they don’t, their gigs are very secretive and so we decided to go below the belt and kick him in the bollocks.

There is graffiti near Woj’s flat, which is separate from this attack, that also mentions Anna Cambell: “When you fight fascism, the rules of engagement should be of your own making”

Take ’em on the blind side cell.

in portuguese

Bristol, UK: Sabotage of nationalist politician Ben Walker’s car by Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

received 12.08.2018

Hey Walker, we recently had a nice view of your home from the pedestrian bridge in the small hours of the morning…

… a car and work van belonging to a UKIP candidate and ex-mayor (2012) of Bradley Stoke (Bristol, UK), Ben Walker, was damaged with paint and the tires were slashed on the driveway of his home: 136 Ferndene, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Also done recently…

…cars at Bath Audi and Mercedes car showrooms in Peasedown, Bath (UK) had their bodywork scratched up with broken glass (about 25 vehicles). This option of sabotage was chosen over a noisy one as we didn’t want to wake the sleeping car-transporter guy who was in his cab with the curtains drawn.

With this action a warm firm hand goes out to the street fighters and black bloc who came together to trash the G20 in Hamburg, with bravery against such heavy odds, and to those spreading this fight over other German cities. Some of us are not up to the level of street combat of German cities or to go and engage with your cops, so here in the UK a few of us have been lubricating our rusty joints enough to be able to be active and show our distaste in a style we are more familiar with.

Although we may have different approaches to the same problems, we can pull together on a common thread, learn from each others qualities and mis-givings, and unite the effects of bloc and affinity group.

In the UK, through sabotage, we are trying to show others here that there is a positive path to take anger along while also putting a kick into the ribs of our pigs already low morale.

“All modern war-fighters know that the first step of any conflict is to disrupt the enemy’s communication and control infrastructures” – Adbusters planetary engame (May/June 2017)

Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

in portuguese  / auf deutsch

[UK] Bang Up and Smash: Women’s Prisons, Probation and Bail Hostels

[New book] Bang-up and Smash  is an overview of women’s prisons in the UK, and a political analysis of their physical and ideological construction.

From the moment of arrest, to coming home, Bang-up and Smash critically engages with the procedures, concepts and apparatus the state relies on, and the economics behind the expansion of the prison industrial complex.

Bang-up and Smash is a practical guide to women’s prisons in the UK, and a rallying call to attack. Solidarity is a weapon, and abolition is not enough…

Click here to download the book.

Print version (paper and hardback) available from active distribution.

For more info email asbo.hmp@riseup.net

Copy left. share, discuss, dismiss…. comments welcome.

UK: End Toxic Prisons Tour Dates & Details

received 09/24/17

Tour Details

Thursday 28th September
7pm, 125 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9RG

Friday 29th September
With IWW Cymru Wales and No Prisons De Cymru
Connect International English Academy, First Floor, 26-28 Churchill Way, CF10 2DY Cardiff

Saturday 30th September
Port Talbot
10.30am, Aberavon Beach Hotel, The Princess Margaret Way, Swansea Bay, Port Talbot, SA12 6QP

With No Prisons De Cymru
7pm, Swansea Environment Centre, SA1 1RY

Sunday 1st October
With Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
7pm, Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Bristol, BS5 6JZ

Monday 2nd October
With Manchester No Prisons
11am, Partisan Collective, 19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY Manchester,

Tuesday 3rd October
With Yorkshire Campaign Against Prisons
Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf St, Leeds LS2 7EQ

Wednesday 4th October
With Leicester Prison Resistance
Venue TBA

Thursday 5th October
With DIT Collective
Space Studio, Swan Lane, Norwich, NR2 1HZ

Friday 6th October
Venue TBA

This Autumn, the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons from the US will be touring the UK with Community Action on Prison Expansion.

All over the world prisons are toxic environments causing social and ecological harm. Folks from the US have been organising resistance at the intersection of mass incarceration and the environment, successfully delaying the only current Federal prison construction for over 2 years!

Through grassroots organizing, advocacy and direct action they have been challenging the prison system which is putting prisoners at risk of dangerous environmental conditions, as well as impacting surrounding communities and ecosystems by their construction and operation. Learn about their strategy and tactics, as well as broader struggles of prison abolition, anti-racism, and environmental justice.

Information will then be shared about resistance to the six new mega-prisons in England and Wales, which themselves are proposed for toxic sites, including radiological contamination and asbestos pollution, as well as habitat destruction at every site. Learn how you can get involved!

Learn more:

Check out a recent article we wrote: Fight Toxic Prions: Mass Incarceration and Ecology –  http://www.prisonabolition.org/fighting-toxic-prisons-mass-incarceration-ecology
Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons – fighttoxicprisons.org
Community Action on Prison Expansion – cape-campaign.org
Empty Cages Collective – prisonabolition.org

Empty Cages Collective


London: Benefit Event in Solidarity with Tasos Theofilou – This Friday

“I am an anarchist communist. I love life and freedom​.​

Let’s fight to tear down the prisons which bury inside them thousands of living people.

Let’s fight for the vision of social liberation.

Let’s fight for the liberation of our class from the authority of the capital”

– Tasos Theofilou

Join us this Friday 23rd of June for a benefit event in solidarity with the anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou, who is currently in prison, after being sentenced on the basis of forged and non existent evidence. He was convicted just because he is an anarchist. He was convicted because he didn’t lose his smile even when the court announced his sentence.

Case updates, projections and phone call interventions from Athens.
​For more info about the case here​.

Starting at 19:00 at L.A.R.C. (62 Fieldgate Street E1 1ES London)
Live music will follow…
Bar will run throughout the evening.
Entry on free donation.

Feel free to spread the word!!!

See you all there!

in German

UK: Fortnight of Action against IPP Sentences 9th – 23rd July 2017

As part of the 2017 Year of Resistance against IPP Sentences, Smash IPP have called for a Fortnight of Action this July 9th – 23rd 2007.

More than 3989 people are serving IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) sentences in British prisons. Five years since the sentence was legally abolished, thousands still languish in jails with no release date. Parole board delays, prison overcrowding, and sheer neglect is leading to unprecedented rates of prisoner suicides and self-harm. 80% are over tariff and desperate to be free. THIS FORTNIGHT IS FOR THEM.

The time is now to escalate and generate unrelenting pressure on the government, prison profiteers and the parole boards who are all complicit in ripping families apart, ruining lives and killing working class young people who have died as a result of the mental strain of being an IPP.

This fortnight of action is dedicated to Charlie Noakes, an IPP prisoner who died on the 23rd July 2016 as a result of prison neglect and the despair of this sentence. Let’s make this an amazing fortnight of action in honour of the life HMP stole.
What You Can Do

Smash IPP is asking people to organise actions in their area. Suggested actions may include:

* Noise demos at prisons where IPP prisoners are imprisoned
* Days of action at local Probation Offices. Find your nearest office in the directory here.
* Organising actions against HMPPS (Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service), the replacement to NOMS (National Offender Management Service)
* Organising communication blockades against the above organisations integral to the prison service continuing this injustice
* Demonstrating at the Houses of Parliament
* Targeting the Justice Secretary who has the power to turn these sentences into determinate sentences and end this nightmare
* Demonstrating and pressuring the Parole Board
* IPP Prisoner letter writing events
* Smash IPP fundraising events
* Organising info nights, workshops & awareness raising events about this brutal sentence
* Doing stalls at local prisons to connect with prisoner families
* Demonstrating in your local town centre to raise awareness about IPPs
* Banner drops
…. The options are endless!

Not connected to anyone locally? Get in touch! Smash IPP may be able to connect you with local contacts and prisoner families.

Know an IPP prisoner who would benefit from some solidarity actions as part of this campaign? Or would like to have letters from people showing support? Let us know!

Smash IPP can help with leaflets, stickers and other materials. We are also available to do talks and workshops about IPP if needed or can link you up with people that can.

Please contact us with your any of your publicly advertised plans so we can help promote them, otherwise don’t forget to send us your action reports.

Contact Us
Email: info@smashipp.org.uk

[Faslane Peace Camp] Lock-on blockade at UK nuke sub base in Scotland

received February 2nd 2017

No freedom of movement for WMD minions

On 2nd of February, starting 06.30 AM, five anti-nuclear activists blocked the pleasantly busy morning traffic at the south gate of Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde (yes, they’re still having this monarchy thing going on) in Faslane, Scotland. South Gate is one of the two main entrances to the base and open under a certain schedule: it doesn’t take all that much to clog up their routines. Base staff did its best to direct the traffic to the North Gate, but soon enough the tailback stretched from the North Gate to a distance of over two miles: we climbed on our caravan roofs and tried to cycle down the line to see the end of the traffic jam, but no chance.

“I can’t believe we still have to protest this shit! It’s a cliché, but true! The struggle against nuke weapons should be as out of fashion as other 80’s monstrosities, but now with the likes of President Trump or Prime Minister Theresa May it seems we’re headed towards a new arms race”, says activist Molly Garfield. “May has stated ‘I think we should defend our country, I think we should play our role in NATO with an independent nuclear deterrent’, so there you go. Nationalism, militarism, WMD’s. Down with all that, I say.”

The lock-on crew was accompanied by three legal supporters and a photographer. The Ministry of Defence police arrived to the scene in some 20 minutes. Around here, the legal supporters are supposed to have the right to snap photos, feed bananas to protestor’s and observe that the cops at least try to behave. This time MoD’s were having a rotten day. PC 470 (they just like to be identified, don’t they?) tried to bully the photographer off by threatening to “smash that camera if you don’t stop taking photos”, while other simply pushed two observers some 20 metres away, well behind a barrier of uniforms.

Not that we would’ve minded much. We were busy being amused by their continuous mishaps. At 07:00 AM, the hobby level cutting team from the base arrived, asking for the suitable camera equipment: only to find out their colleagues couldn’t find any. Next thing you knew was that they’ve managed to get a bolt cutter stuck on somebody’s lock-on, unable to continue. Thus, the traffic jam kept building up and road was nowhere close to get cleared before they managed to bring in the actual cutting team. On their arrival, the photographer was also tossed from the scene and view to locked-on activists blocked with police vehicles.

By 09.20 AM all five activists were arrested and transported to the nearest cop shop. The South Gate was closed for approximately two and a half hours. The action was conducted by hippies from the nearby Faslane Peace Camp: thanks for support, one struggle!

“On times when taking a stand or expressing one’s opinions gets you ridiculed, labelled as a terrorist or lectured how protesting of any sort is futile, do the bloody opposite. Faslane Peace Camp is rolling on to its 35th year, but seemingly the world leaders and arm dealers are not allowing it to retire any time soon. You could imagine that a nuke sub base would a tricky or dangerous location, but this seems more like a sitting duck for anyone up for a little direct action”, Roxy Newton, another activist, emphasises.

The action is the second protest to take place within a short time. Both sparked by the revelation of the Royal Navy misfiring of a Trident II D5 ballistic missile from the HMS Vengeance last June and questions surrounding the cover-up of the test results and general madness of nuke weapons. Activists were also keen to express their solidarity with the Put Down the Sword crew who’ve ably demonstrated that for all the hyperbole espoused by polemic, self-professed Christians, the “Thou Shalt Not Kill” ethos remains the central tenet.

The Faslane Peace Camp is a permanent protest camp dedicated to campaigning and protesting against nuclear weapons and related madness since 1982. The camp, located next to the HMNB Clyde, is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, and it’s welcoming all interested individuals to participate the fun and games available. No racism, no homophobia, no sexism: just direct action.

e-mail contact: faslanepeacecamp@protonmail.com

in German

London: Info Night Event in Solidarity with the anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou

“Concrete and wires prevail everywhere.
Looking out from the window of my cell, behind the bar,
I see a piece of sky decorated with some barbed wire.”
Tasos Theofilou

Join us on Friday 18th of November for our info night event in solidarity with the anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou who is currently in prison, after being sentenced on the basis of forged and non existent evidence. He was convicted just because he is an anarchist. He was convicted because he didn’t lose his smile even when the court of first instance announced his sentence.

Projections, case updates, phone call interventions and presentation of Tasos’ inspiring writings…
Bring your insurrectionary poetry for our open mic!

Starting at 18:00 sharp at L.A.R.C. (62 Fieldgate Street E1 1ES London)
18:30 Phone call intervention with comrades in Athens, Greece
20:00 Phone call intervention with imprisoned comrade Tasos Theofilou.

Live music will follow, starting at 21:00.
Bar will run throughout the evening. Entry on free donation.

Feel free to spread the word!!!
See you all there!

P.S. Please respect the fact that we do not wish this event to be republished on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Anarchists in Solidarity

Exarchia: Info event with a comrade from London – Athens Polytechnic School 07/07

London: Resistance against Immigration Raids
& Perspectives of Rebellion

DISCUSSION | Thursday July 7th at 20:00, Gini building
Athens Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari St.), Exarchia

Themistokleous 58 squat
& anarchist counter-info sites Rabble LDN and Contra info

Moving towards the next ‘Fire On The Horizon’

To begin with we are not interested in long introductions, we are against over worded texts that reek of posturing and not enough praxis!

The project ‘Fire on the Horizon’ will speak for itself, disseminating counter-info that is about & related to the conflict against the prison island. To incite, to open eyes, to reach out to free thinking minds, making the rage boil over of accomplices who are willing to awaken, to act upon their own individual desires. There is no interest in begging for consensus in order to govern the masses or adhering without critique to false promises of utopias, doctrines, ideologies that reek of any new authority.

What interests us is the continuous conflict, the never ending insurrection, the willingness to leave the cages rather than just sit on top of them, to let wild chaotic anarchy fly free, elevating beyond the nightmare that is the technological metropolis of control & order…

What we move towards is the next fire on the horizon!


“That night we kept our eyes fixed on the horizon and saw many falling stars drawing their own chaotic paths. And we counted them over and over, we made wishes, calculated the odds. We knew that our desire for a free life had to step over all that oppresses us, murders us, destroys us, so we dived into the void just like the shooting stars we were observing. Since then innumerable stars have fallen, perhaps it’s time for our star to fall, who knows? If we had the answers ready, we wouldn’t have become what we are, but selfish bastards who would teach people how to become rodents that eat each other as they do today. At least we still remain implacable and stubborn like the people of our kind. And those of us who closed their eyes in pain and travelled far continue to keep their eyes stuck on that night sky we also observed. And they watch us fall, beautiful and shining stars. Now it’s our turn. Now, without hesitation, we fall.”

UK: 4 new releases from green anarchist zine Return Fire (PDFs)

Just now we’ve sent out the PDF versions of our recent releases, for downloading and printing (for past issues, see 325). To summarise, there’s the full length edition of Return Fire vol.3 (Winter 2015-2016), full of news, theory, poetry and antagonism (download 48MB pdf here; in low-res here); a companion piece consisting of our ‘glossary’ entry for the issue, on Colonisation; an imposed and print-ready version of ‘Smarter Prison?’ as a supplement to vol.3, which we received from ‘Radical Interference’ and released for December of 2015; and lastly, we’ve uploaded one of the feature texts from vol.3, ‘The Veil Drops’, to theanarchistlibrary.org as a separate file for reading and reproduction. Also, there is both colour and black-and-white versions of the cover included, in case some comrades want to do their own printing.

Return Fire vol.3

A continuation of our project to bring incisive anarchic content from around to world to an anglophone readership. New editorial content, reprints of things we’ve found useful, artwork, action listings, foraging information, the usual.

There’s a few previously-untranslated articles in this issue. For example, one is an extract from the latest cover story of Italy’s eco-insurrectionary periodical Terra Selvaggia, on ‘The Advance of Urbanisation’ and, simultaneously, cracks opening in the concrete which we could utilise… Annie Archet meanwhile tells a life-story of evading identity, in Portrait of the Invisible Woman in Front of Her Mirror. To name some out of the texts we’ve assembled from selections of pre-existing ones, David King looks at the reductionist and patriarchal implications of modern reproductive technologies in ‘Into Her Inner Chambers’, and Nicola Gai speaks to acting within ‘The Maximum That Our Abilities Allow’ (from his contribution to the founding issue of the Croce Nera Anarchica).

The content we have harvested whole includes The Intensification of Independence in Wallmapu, John Severino’s poignant reflections on a project within an indigenous Mapuche community; The ‘Wild’ as Will and Representation, about commodified and alienated approaches in the urgent need for land reconnection, simply signed M.; and Sean Dunohoe’s harrowing (if limited) polemic against the Close Supervision Centres within the British prison system. (We note that this year the organising collective for the June 11 project of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners has called for a focus on such units wherever they are in the world; hence we’d like to dedicate this version in that direction.)

As for our usual columns… We take a retrospective look at some Global Flash-Points of insurgent activity in the months following our last volume. Rebels Behinds Bars covers the State’s aggressions against our comrades, and the latter’s thoughts on topics from surviving incarceration or repression to (anti-)organisation for the attack on authority. ‘To Create & Maintain Their Wealth’ and ‘Sensuality, Magic & Anarchist Violence’ address gendered and speciesist domination through reviews of Silvia Federici, Arthur Evans and Jason Hribal.

The Poems for Love, Loss & War are from Rydra Cosmo, Henry Zegarrundo, Natasha Alvarez and other appreciators of all things feral. For our Memory as a Weapon segment, we’ve used Unsettling America’s spellbinding telling of civilisation’s spread through Europe from the south and beyond, and subsequent trajectory, in The Witch’s Child.

And of course, much more! (All prisoner addresses and also some court-case news is now up to date in the PDF version.)


This time, we ended up printing the ‘glossary’ separately to the main body of the zine. This sizeable essay could be a stand-alone on the subject (one which we feel to be both key and misunderstood by anarchists in much of the world) and distributed as such, but is also relevant to several items in contents of vol.3.

‘Smarter Prison?’

Newly laid out in A5 imposed format, this exploration of the ‘Internet of Things’ and the technological ideology which it advances was first submitted to us during the Black December mobilisation. (We’re happy that since then, Silvia, Billy and Costa, who are referenced in ‘Smarter Prison?’, have been told they will not face trial again for their thwarted attack on the IBM facility.) The struggle against the nano-world continues…

‘The Veil Drops’

This is a reader on counter-insurgency through the lens of ‘crisis’, the social and de-civilising. It’s the longest editorial piece from vol.3, and up on The Anarchist Library for wider accessibility.

Until next time,

UK: Nights Against Borders in South London, starting 17 April

No Border Nights
Films and discussion on struggles against the borders.

3rd Sunday of each month starting 17 April @ The Field, New Cross. 385 Queens Road SE14 5HD.

discussion – music – vegan food – film – reports from the borders

The first in a series of monthly South London socials against borders. Come, share and learn about what’s going on at the borders & find out about inspiring struggles against Fortress Europe.

Every month will have a different focus – from local struggles against detention centres, deportations, and immigration raids in our neighbourhoods – to migrant squats in Greece, solidarity convoys in the Balkans, and anti border protests in Hungary.

The topic of this month’s event will be migrant resistance & solidarity in Greece, and the effects of the EU-Turkey deal. We’ll hear from a speaker recently back from Greece and have a live-link with people currently out there. Plus we’ll also hear about what’s been going on more locally and how you can get involved.

6.30pm: Food
7pm: Talk, film & discussion
9pm-10pm: Music

via Rabble | in German

London: Holding Space – Eviction Resistance at the squatted Hope and Anchor

stopevictions-768x576Squatters in Mornington Crescent successfully resisted a second eviction attempt on Wednesday. In another show of strength and solidarity by London squatters, thirty to forty people turned out against the bailiffs. Banners were dropped opposing the Housing Bill and evictions ‘from London to Calais’ after the recent squat eviction in the French city. Security contractors Clearway Services arrived prematurely to secure the building but were quickly forced back into their van. ‘There’s who-knows how many of them here,’ a contractor reported to his manager, before driving off with the pigs not so far behind.

The eviction resistance at the Hope and Anchor comes within a wave of defiance against gentrification in London. On Thursday 31st local Brixtonians occupied the Carnegie library against its planned closure and redevelopment. A squatted community centre has recently opened on the Dollis Valley estate in Barnet. Others squatted a property on Brompton Road for a week’s worth of events against the Housing Bill. In rented places too, resistance against the eviction of social and private tenants has been successful from Kilburn to Lambeth to Stratford. Whether eviction resistance or riotous march, like the upcoming FUCK Parade on Mayday, angry Londoners are holding their homes and streets against the control of developers and police.

From the Housing and Planning Bill to the privatisation of public parks, attacks on the poor and working-class have become more and more about the control of space. The recent house-raids and arrest of SCUM TEK participants and the nearing eviction of council tenants in Camden under plans for HS2 have this control in common. Total redevelopment requires total policing – accumulation through arrest or eviction. It should be no surprise that the Metropolitan Police’s anti-gang drive ‘Operation Kestrel’ has targeted boroughs, such as Lambeth or Hackney, that are slowly beginning to resemble the yuppified streets of Shoreditch.

Holding space against capitalist and state control creates new possibilities through resistance. A squat or occupation holds space against redevelopment and provides space for communal and collective living, organising and convergence. Across London, people are holding space against control and affirming the potential to live without it. At the Hope and Anchor, by midday the police had left. No total policing where the space is ours.

via Freedom News

[UK] Women and Trans* Week of Action Against the Prison Industrial Complex / Aduniad Menywod a Phobl Trans* yn erbyn y cyd-berthynas diwydiannol carchar

Prisons destroy lives. The British Government intend to build 9 new mega prisons by 2020, while more & more women and trans* folk are caged and brutalised in our prison system. The enormous weight of supporting loved ones in prisons is carried by us who emotionally, financially and practically labour to support people in prison while caring for those left behind. The prison industrial complex has been built on white supremacy. It is a racist institution with people of colour vastly over represented with growing racist border controls, raids & more. The prison system is part of the continuous state assault & long history of patriarchy & gender-conformity that we contend with every day.

This week is an attempt to reclaim our lives.

Click here to continue reading the call-out (also in Welsh).


Mae carchardai yn dinistrio bywydau. Bwriad Llywodraeth Prydain yw adeiladu 9 mega garchar newydd erbyn 2020, tra bod mwy o fenywod a phobl thrans yn cael eu caethiwo a’u trin yn giaidd yn ein system garchar. Mae’r pwysau enfawr o gefnogi’r sawl ydym yn eu caru yn y carchar yn disgyn arnom ni sydd yn llafurio’n emosiynol, ariannol ac yn ymarferol i gefnogi pobl sydd wedi eu carcharu tra yn ogystal â hyn rydym yn gofalu am y gweddill sydd wedi eu gadael ar y tu allan. Mae’r cyd-berthynnas diwydiannol carchar yn dwyn ein bywydau gennym. Mae hefyd yn sefydliad hiliol ble mae pobl nad ŷnt yn wyn eu croen yn sicr wedi eu gorgynrychioli. Mae’n rhan o ymosodiad parhaol a hanes hir o batriarchaeth a chydymffurfiaeth-rhywedd yr ydym yn ei frwydro pob dydd.

Mae’r wythnos hon yn ymgais at adennill ein bywydau.

in German

Bristol, UK: Direct action by Avon Gorge sabotage group “Sand In The Gears”

Received March 21st 2016:

Attacking UK’s coal transport system – Severing the lines that feed the machine

Severing the lines that feed the machine is not impossible. When people take up civil uprising in the UK, if people are able to shove their obligations to one side to open up an avenue, they mainly have the ability and possibility to be able to grasp their will for something new. The war is not over when those moments stop, it sparks up in little raptures here and there, showing that we are not crushed, things can be brought to a grinding halt again, even for a split second.

It just takes a few bright spirits and we see it clear, when the smug confidence of authorities is knocked, a few pins get hit out and things can be seen in a different light. Out of synch and off balance, everything no longer appears structurally sound, life feels more up for grabs.

The new horizon peaked through our cloudy day, Sunday 6th March, and we hope this uncomplicated act of sabotage we have undertaken exposes the vulnerability of their complex matrix.

We took a risk assessment and as night just started to close in we entered the 1st railway tunnel, we cut both lines with a portable disc cutter, we didn’t imagine de-railing a locomotive but wrecking disruption and economic damage (time is money). We entered a 2nd and did a further two cuts, marking them all with pink paint, and leaving a banner as a warning.

The line in question runs through the Avon Gorge from Royal Portbury Dock over from Avonmouth, it’s freight only (no passengers), 70% of the UK’s imported coal for power generation comes through these docks. This line is a bottle-neck to the country’s dispersal. Most of it from USA where they blow apart mountains to get it out and Russia from the Shor and Teleut ancestral lands laid waste in Siberia, also places like Indonesia which drive back the forests for sprawling mines and plantations. That’s to keep factories running and city lights on, when we’ve got a feeling for escaping the work prisons and regaining the stars. Other loads carried on the line include construction aggregate and new built vehicles on their way to the show room. More high-speed trainlines are coming to the UK, more roads, more ancient woodland and wildlife wiped out in the frenzy of progress.

After seeing the firey activities against the coal flow in the Hambach forest of Germany since New Years – don’t give up the fight!, or the cutting of the coal belt in Scotland some years back by persons unknown when the battles against coal mining raged, we realise we’re not original. It’s not even the first time for eco-sabotage ambushes on that line from Portbury or the troublesome cargo, over the years. We see attacks following attacks on trainlines in different countries, it’s within reach to hinder the circuits powering the giant, we just have to harness our courage, keep an eye peeled for soft spots, maybe starting small but always dreaming big. Right now we’re reading about economic damage this month from trainline saboteurs in the north of Spain, we affirm our solidarity and respect too for the anarchists there with showcase court cases or police attention otherwise, we laugh to hear about the rowdy spirits that keep up when repressed for the fight to reject dominion. Maybe the sparks kicked up in the train tunnels even reflected over the Alps and beyond to light the sky for those in dark cells for trying to stop high-speed capitalism and also its nano-world technologies.

Joining our strength with the near and distant tribes, refusal and attack! Block the flows, up the fighters!

Toward a life that’s wild and free from coal, quarries, cars or cops. Avon Gorge sabotage group “Sand In The Gears”, signing out…..

UK: “Smarter Prison? – call for war on the technology multinationals” publication from Return Fire

Submitted to Return Fire in the last month of 2015, as part of the challenge to create diverse Black December activities. Return Fire take full responsibility for delaying publication while we awaited corrections, which we now amended into the text and formated for release. Big love from our trench to the comrades standing proud in the Turin courts around this very time. Shouts to the fighters who carry on beyond the Black December timeframe and harry the dominators in all corners of our lives. Freedom. R.F.

– solidarity with Silvia, Costa & Billy

August 2015: anonymous arson damages to the nano-technology research centre of the Université Catholique in Louvain, Belgium

Note from Return Fire: We transcribed the following essay, submitted by ‘Radical Interference’, which unfortunately cannot fit into our upcoming Volume 3 (Winter 2015-2016). We are happy to see that the invitation from the Greek dungeons for a Black December campaign (to re-intensify our insurrectionary fervour while not forgetting to exchange experiences and rationales around various topics of struggle) was taken up in this form, so as to broaden and develop the offensive against modern domination. Solidarity and strength to Silvia, Costa, Billy, Marco, Adrián, Nicola and Alfredo, and to the rest of the comrades in our struggle. In the spirit of ‘Avalon’; always present in our memories and active hands. Let’s extend the energy of Black December beyond the New Year, through the trial that starts in January and the proposed week of mobilisation, and onwards on the path of total liberation. Winter Solstice, 2015


At this time, as the wheels of this monstrous society continue to grind on, and the scattered insurgents make to throw what they can beneath the tracks to slow it down in whatever way, we are left with some questions. These are questions that, in our opinion, deserve more thought and provocation than they usually assume in the circles of anarchists, rebels and land-defenders. Namely; it is clear that mobilisations (independent of any timeframe), such as those for our imprisoned or fallen, are a practical necessity in order to constitute diverse forces that are ready to face and understand the consequences of any struggle that materially contests the ruling order; in other words, so that repression lessens in its power to stop us in our own tracks.

However, before the usual propaganda and agitation that takes aim at agents or facades of the state, at the prison-industrial complex and its readily-identifiable mercenaries, the bigger question is: what exactly is captivity, today? What is domination, in its most contemporary sense? What facilitates these abominable things, which naturally our passions are also fully inclined to assault?

Scratch the surface of everyday life in the (especially Northern-)European metropolis and the territories that feed them, and the material gears that form that ‘Great Cage’ can still be plainly seen if you know where to look; CCTV cameras being only the tip of the technological iceberg. But already, works are underway to make the chains that bind us less immediately perceivable; yet all the more comprehensive.

In this essay, we will be speaking about a project, a threat, that, it must be remembered, has not yet come to pass in its depicted scope. This carries not a few problems; the techno-critical sphere is already frequently wracked by morbid fascination with the most fantastic projections from the mouthpieces of those developers of domination. A potential fault of this over-activity of the imagination is a kind of self-paralysis, and the needless spread of debilitating fear among those with whom we are reaching for through our publications and communiques. Basically, falling for the hype of techno-science, and acting as if the worst were already here, we terrorise ourselves and those who would like to act – often at the expense of adequately assessing the technologies that are already with us, and studying their flaws and openings for disabling. This detrimental habit is augmented by a deleterious hostility towards the critiques of technological-industrial society, that is still sadly shown by many sectors of the more-or-less radical oppositional tendencies of the world.

With this in mind, throughout what follows, the strongest impression we would like to impart would be – cracks still exist in the walls that surround us, and will continue to…. if we seek them out and force them open. As the glut of action from all across the world in this month alone shows, and from a wealth of perspectives and targeting, the attack is not only feasible, but ever-present. The reason we find it important to dedicate this amount of words to the topic in hand is, simply, that these spaces for insurrection and creation are however diminishing, and it is (understandable fear of) the technological apparatus of modernity and its powers of surveillance, regulation and investigation that is largely responsible. In fact, history regularly teaches us that once designed and perfected, it is usually a matter of time before any given innovation in the hands of the ruling order is deployed to its full and repressive potential; to the degree that the rulers can afford and believe they can get away with. The question is when, not if. Continue reading UK: “Smarter Prison? – call for war on the technology multinationals” publication from Return Fire

Scotland: ATMs sabotaged in the wider area of Edinburgh [updated]

Scotland, Edinburgh, 22/12/2015:

At night of the 22/12 I sabotaged 3 ATMs in the wider area of Edinburgh. I used polyurethane foam to block all entrances and exits. This material expands and becomes solid after some time. In this way I attack the walls of my civilized existence. Wildness doesn’t exist in the ghost of Nature. The only thing that exists in something idealistic as this is the alienation of the civilized. Wildness doesn’t have a face, it manifests by the breaching of systematization. The attack doesn’t become effective when we confine ourselves in rigid binaries. The separation Nature – Civilization is evenly civilized. The intangible civilization is even more underhanded than the material one. When anti-civilization is seen only as insurrection against technology and defense of the sacred Nature then it is myopic and a product of societal alienation and not conscious choice.

This sabotage is the externalization of misanthropic feelings. Directed at those that will find in the morning a freezing of their normality even for a few hours and they will judge the perpetrator. The mass is putrid and maybe even more repugnant than those who dominate now, because either they complain cause their ghost of Justice is not satisfied or they just have become automatons of society. Through the mass the master exists, there is no other way. So in this context, with those who are on side of the oppressed I have nothing to say. With everybody else whichever their approach might be, if they haven’t been consumed by a new morality or other chains of the ego, I might have to say enough.

This sabotage is against society and the chains of intangible civilization. Against the ethos of prescribing of speech and action of either a way of thinking of internalization or compulsory rigid internationalization and homogenized purposes of some who make the chains of their culture ideology. The most important part of civilization is its pillars which are no other than the things that have been inscribed in each one of us. To oppose whichever dominant civilization with another still maintains remnants of society. Culture follows its own morals, customs and traditions. It is essentially opposed to the individuality. Individualities are not those who are bound with ideas, but only with their egos. The ego is the only essence that can oppose state, society and civilization. Its diversity is infinite. It has no sacred, no master, no morality. It is the first step towards the complete destruction of the existent.

Actions unfortunately do not speak on their own and the perception needs to be deep like each ones abyss. I know that with this action of mine I don’t change anything that I hate but I change things inside me. It is the outburst inside my own abyss and the responsibility claim inside isolation. Inside the insignificance of existence the only meaningful moments are these that an ego or conscious individualities create for themselves. Anything else is a product for consumption. In my opinion those who consciously fight against the existent never need an excuse to seek coordination and act. They don’t wait for right times, or have the need of the remembrance of specific events to act. I greet the comrades Panagiotis Argyrou and Nikos Romanos who made the call for a Black December from Greece.

Heading towards nothing…

Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience ”Falcon Of Chaos”