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G20 in Hamburg: These were days of revolt

During the days of the summit of the G20, thousands of people flooded the streets of Hamburg with their anger about the cops` violence and the world that they protect. Already during the week before, there was no uncertainty around the cops’ will to confront every sign of protest or resistance with zero tolerance. During the demo on Thursday evening, they made their position clear once again, attacking the front of the demo from the first minute it started. The cops obviously and viciously embraced the possibility of potentially even lethal injuries, when they pushed and kettled the front block of the demo into a very narrow, canyon-like part of the Hafenstraße, bordered on the sides by brick
walls. They caused panic, hitting, kicking, pepper-spraying, firing tear gas and shooting water canons from the front and the sides. Many people sought to flee over the walls on the sides, a lot of people got hurt – but you could also see impressive moments of solidarity, people helping each other up the wall, whilst others attacked the cops from above and brave and calm front rows defended the demo from the cops attacks, taking a serious beating.

The baton in the face, the knee in your neck, the pepper in the eye are there to remind you who is in charge in this world. During these days, the representatives and leaders of the 20 richest countries of this world met to discuss the mainteneance of this order of misery. Tens of thousands of cops were supposed to protect this spectacle from those who seek to show their open rage, hatred and resistance to those arrogant authorities.

On the night of Friday a lot of people chose to get back a part of the dignity that is being stolen from us on a daily basis, attacking the cops in a lot of different places in the city. Barricades were built and with hammers, stones and fire people put numerous cracks in the facades of a society in which only those who function, consume and obey find their place. The barricades of the night were not yet fully extinguished, as the first cars went up in flames early on Friday morning. At different places across the city, groups were teaming up to make clear that these days are about much more than just an attack on a meeting of state leaders. Amongst other targets, real estate agencies, wealthy cars, the juvenile court, banks and the shiny fassades of the shopping-halls were attacked and also the first cops had to flee under pelting stones and bottles. In a lot of different areas of the city, groups blocked with sit-ins and demonstrations, without people choosing different means got in each others way.

On Friday, the anger erupted with disruptive force that unfortunately is very rare in this context.

To conquer the deadly tranquility of civil life, to break the normality and disrupt the functioning city of the rich and consumerism and to show clearly, that the police state can’t keep us from living is a really strengthening experience.

On Friday, a part of the space, that the authorities have taken with brute force, in order to perform this spectacle of power, has been taken back for a few hours. With burning barricades and steady attacks on the police, people created a space, in which they could finally decide, what they want to do for a few hours, without the states force having any control of influence. A few shops and supermarkets got looted, individuals taking what they need or want, others deciding to destroy symbols of this deadly world of consumption that mortifies every sense of a wild and free life were burned on the streets. The diversity of individuals sharing the streets this day, attacking the police, looting and building barricades was impressive – involving a large number of individuals that probably aren’t part of some kind of protest milieu.

When some self-proclaimed spokesperson for whoever says, that the riot was out of joint, unresponsible and unpolitical, one has to agree. Despite the deep disgust about his fawning opportunism, one has to say, he is right: To wrest a space that is not controlled by the cops is an inevitably violent act and a clear disruption of what is being imposed on us day after day. It indeed hassn’t got anything to do with any political agenda or program of whatever movement or organization – but with the individual, total reappropriation of our lives.

If these moments of disruption create a certain discomfort and even fear of a situation, in which the order that we got used to is indeed out of joint, this is no wonder – these feelings are an enevitable and inherent part of breaking with this reality. In addition to the recognition of this, we have to ask ourselves, whose fear of what or whom we are talking about.

If it is about such a sated and rich society like the one present in this city of consumerism and trade, scared about its property and that finds the looting of goods and the rampaging of shopping districts the most dreadful moments of these days, this society needs to be destroyed. Their fear is a clear sign, that we are hitting at the right spot.

Our domestification in this world of authority is very extensive. The cop in our head is very persistent.

Only a few can imagine, what the absence of authorities actutally means – thats why we have to create moments, in which we can experience their absence. That individuals make decisions, that in the aftermath might seem not right or irresponsible, is no surprise, not in these situations and not in any other situation in life. We will have to talk about these things, no doubt, if we want to come closer to an idea of freedom. But it has to be clear, that there is no objectivity – especially not in revolt. Individual responsibility and initiative of those who want to maintain it are inherent parts of the revolt.

It`s really easy to fall for the imposed discourse of authorities and preservers of this order. Those, that were viciously risking peoples lifes these days were the cops – no doubt about that. Falling for this propaganda and rabble-rousing and letting it control the strengthening and liberating momentum of these days would be a big mistake.

During this weekend, resistance has left the field of politically orchestrated protest – and again it`s getting clear, that in revolt it is about chosing sides. Either you are with those who seek to see this society, this order, this system in ruins – with the idea of a life in freedom and dignity, embracing all the mistakes and triumphs, that are imherent to the revolt.

Or you are with those who recognize, that they feel more comfortable with a tame and calculable protest milieu, that takes place in the safe frame of the totalitarian system – scared of taking steps that might actually lead towards the cold and vast fields of freedom.

anarchists for social revolt
Hamburg, Summer 2017

in German l Portuguese


A first-person report received on October 12th, 2014.
I wanted to share some knowledge about what’s happening and what happened around here.

IS (Islamic State) attacks to Kobane city in Rojava (means West Kurdistan in Kurdish) as everybody knows. But I want to explain why there is this organization Islamic State, how it is founded. So maybe everything can be clearer.

We can say history of ISIS begins with Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who organizes the strongest resistance against USA and Coalition troops in Iraq. Actually he is from Jordan, city called Zarqa, so he took this name “Zarqawi”.

In Jordan he was in a Salafi and jihadist organization and he was imprisoned with his comrades because of this. Why Jordan state doesn’t want a Salafi-jihadist organization? 1- Salafi organizations against Human Laws (Constitution), just the Allah Laws (Quran) must be applied. So also they are against democracy and election. 2- Jihadist organizations against Western Block and Israel. But Jordan is the most domesticated collaborator of the Western Block and Israel.

After he went out from prison he didn’t want to get in the Jordan prisons, so he moved to Afghanistan to train militants. But in 2001 USA invaded Afghanistan so he had to move with his comrades to Iraq to organize a Salafi organization in Iraq.

Slowly slowly they got contacts etc. And on 2003 USA also invaded Iraq and gave power to Shia power, so Shia’s stopped resisting immediately. And Sunni’s resistance started.

Why formed a great hatred between Shia and Sunni? It is not just because of religious practices. It was always different, why now? We need to look to invasion and how USA changed the balances. Who resists most was them (Salafists who come from Sunni regions) and old Baas (Saddam, and also Sunni) soldiers-militants.

For the last 10 years (2004-2014) Sunni cities, villages was bombed by the Coalition; Salafist Sunnis was in the USA prisons like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo… So why now there is this ISIS we have to look to these facts. And why for the last 10 years it turned to a ‘Religious Sect Wars’ between Shia and Sunni.

Zarqawi was a guy full of anger and a militant. He had also this hatred against Shia. He organized lots of bomb attacks in markets of Shia neighbourhoods and mosques. They don’t recognize western values like ‘Humanism’, ‘Civilians’. To critic them, do not critic with these values. Why are they killing-torturing those who are irrelevant to cruelty? Why are they killing irrelevant Ezidi, Christian, Alawi people just because they ARE? This is the problem. Kill who supports the cruelty with his money, weapon or knowledge. Continue reading “Iraq–Syria–Kurdistan”

Porto Alegre, Brazil: Responsibility claim for explosion in the Military Tribunal of the Union, and arson on vehicles of the Military Police

May 22nd, 2014
You get what you give.

We are sure that we did not come too late for the commemorations of April 1st, 1964. So here goes our simple gift to all the militarists and supporters (keeping silence is consent) of the ’64 coup which changes name, or form, but is not over. We brought our contribution to combative memory which does not make peace with either the militarists or democracy.

May these blazes illuminate and bring a sense of solidarity to the people of Haiti, who suffer an occupation by the Brazilian army, the businesspeople, the United Nations for more than a decade.

Among a lot of shit, the process of military dictatorship managed to turn its generations of young people into half-witted assholes through censorship, school, tv, fashions, football, poverty. We are sad to see that they have turned themselves into reactionary or better yet good citizens, who have made their choices. The critics of yesterday have adhered to the system of domination, that is to say totally.

Today, through democracy, it is possible to maintain domination over people with consent, where each person feels like s/he participates in the political game, like s/he decides, no matter if the vote decides nothing, and those who really decide are laughing and having fun.

Modern civilization has reached a huge level of devastation of the earth, waters, and all life that inhabits this planet. It’s the result of this sick logic of understanding that everything exists to serve some human being and be transformed into money: the depths of the earth, each m², the water, the trees and the life of every animal (including yourself). This failure to understand that human beings are just another grain of the complex ecosystem in which they dwell, instead of being the centre, is the root from which an encyclopedia of imbalances derives. So stupid we’ve become, that we crap in our drinking water.

Technology is developed to better serve the interests of this logic. To believe in the neutrality of technology is like believing in the neutrality of a police officer or a judge. Technologies blatantly favor domination, control, profit-making. Hydroelectric plants, industries, agribusinesses, microchips, surveillance cameras, transgenics, biometrics, virtual world of social networks. Will the new generations be even more obedient and manipulable?

The future of technology reeks of science fiction. It would be better, perhaps, if these words did not make sense, but unfortunately they do.

We decided not to stay silent sitting in front of the tv or surfing the social networks, appeased with the miseries of life, tamed by consumption, cowering behind slogans or appearances.

We decided to wage war against those who destroy the earth, those who destroys us.

Attack, torch, sabotage, vandalize, expropriate, do not give up, we all have capabilities, contribute yours.

A salute to some ten hooded ones who stoned the Brazilian consulate in Berlin, as well as to the thousands who have given war on the World Cup, the FIFA, since last year in the streets of Brazil. It was cool to watch an escrache protest against the torturer Pedro Seelig, police agent and head of the DOPS (Department of Political and Social Order, during Operation Condor), at his residence in the ground floor of the building on Barbedo street in the Menino Deus neighbourhood in Porto Alegre.

The arson on ten vehicles in the courtyard of the military police headquarters (on February 24th, 2014) was not “friendly fire”. It was simply laughable to see the military police arresting their own soldiers for 48 hours, accusing them of such an act, and furthermore declaring with arrogance that only a military member could have committed such an act of audacity. We declare that we are not friends of the police. The mysterious arson targeted what the police stand for, and what and whom the police serve.

It’s a flaming taste of revenge for Fabrício Proteus (shot by cops during anti-Cup demonstration in São Paulo on January 25th, 2014); for Rafael Vieira (a homeless man from Rio de Janeiro, incarcerated since June 2013, and convicted at first instance to 5 years and 10 days in prison); for the three activists who were kidnapped by the civil police DRACO (Division of Repression of Organized Criminal Actions) in the state of Goiás in “operation 2.80 reais” (on May 23rd, 2014, in Goiânia, suspected of inciting violent activities); for Amarildo Dias de Souza (resident of a favela in Rio de Janeiro who, in July 2013, was literally kidnapped and murdered by cops, his case being just one among the numerous “disappearances” at the hands of police); for all the anonymous youths from Cruzeiro, Bonja, Maré assassinated or kidnapped yesterday and today.

For our part, there will be no Cup, there will be revolt.

And as said in an anonymous communiqué from March 2014 titled War is War : “This war did not begin in June 2013, and will not end in the World Cup.”

Strength to the struggle of the Kaingang, who defend their ancestral lands.

Savage Vandal Anti-authoritarians

The dawn of May 22nd be kept alive in our revolt.

Chilean prisons: Having the revolt on the brain!

Letter of comrade José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez for the info event which took place on January 11, 2014 in the squat La Gatonera, in solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners

Brothers and sisters in struggle in Madrid, Spain.

Thinking of the distance that these words will make until they reach you, bringing with them a cry of total emancipation across the globe, I greet every single one of you with my fist raised, to the sound of the revolt, appreciating wholeheartedly the activity held for prisoners serving long sentences, a gesture that revitalizes to continue battling against the prison society and confront Power in all its facets.

In reality I do not know how to start this letter to you; I could not even sleep well these past few days… it must be due to the anxiety I feel for getting closer to the date of completing my conviction (February 27, 2014). I look back and relive beatings, tortures, riots, prison violence, and so on. During the 20 years of my captivity, this has been the constant, and I resisted and gave the battle… and here I am, reminiscing, thinking of so many comrades who will remain incarcerated, and I am filled with sadness to know they will continue to be part of the prison society, a beast whose jaws are eager to devour and subdue warriors.

My thoughts are with all those who will stay in prison, the brothers and sisters in struggle against Power. I send to them all of my affection, strength, courage and respect, reminding them that they will never be alone; our struggle will be their companion and our blows an inducement that will accompany them throughout their incarceration. The commitment that I make to them, before you, is to not let a single day pass without fighting for the destruction of the prison society, not let a single day pass without attacking Power by all means, yet never making truces or compromises.

During my obligatory time in prison, I got to know many penal institutions of this mediocre country called $hile. In every prison, a different system of domination, where you’ll never find a rich person, only poor people, a true mirror of external reality; where state violence stands out in all its rawness, where the prisoner is just another subordinate, where the beatings by prison guards are daily bread and butter… fuck this shit.

Thus, thinking of so many walls and bars, these lines have manifested themselves in this paper, devoting these moments to you, to those who make us feel the fire of rebellion in action through this gesture of solidarity with long-term prisoners. To every brother and sister who hears these words, to you a fraternal embrace, revolutionary affection and a battle cry against everything that’s established.

Having the revolt on the brain.

Fraternally yours,
José Miguel Sánchez Jiménez.
January 10, 2014.
Ex Penitenciaría of Santiago – Calle 9

PS. My greetings, affection, respect and strength to my little brother Francisco Solar (Panchito), Mónica Caballero and all those who are incarcerated in Spain and the whole world.

For the destruction of the prison society
For total emancipation

Mexico City: Letter of prisoner Mario González, on hunger strike since October 8th, 2013

To all the ungovernable in the world
To all solidarity organizations
To free media
To the people in general

I have maintained a hunger strike for 51 days, and first I want to thank all those who have shown solidarity in various different ways with the struggle for my freedom. Today, from my isolated room in the Tepepan hospital, I can listen to them shouting slogans for my freedom. Their presence is feeding me and filling me with strength.

On the 26th of November, the judge re-suspended my hearing; it’s obvious that she does not care about my health, and only wants to keep me locked up (although she has no evidence to do so) and let me die here, but that will not be so easy, because all our efforts cannot pass unnoticed, and whether they like it or not, sooner or later we will achieve my release.

The poor minds of officials and politicians cannot even believe that we give our lives for a dream; they think they’re gods supported by their law that restrains our freedom; they want to punish the incorruptible, the incorrigible who will never accept their game, or their rules, or their crumbs.

I am confident that we will soon see each other on the streets; I know I’ll get out of here.

“The revolt continues; there is no turning back from this path!”

Mario González
November 28th, 2013

Brazil: Announcing the 4th Anarchist Bookfair of Porto Alegre

From 15 to 17 November 2013 – 4th Anarchist Bookfair in Porto Alegre – “There are books that incarcerate minds and others that liberate them”

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of November 2013, the 4th Anarchist Bookfair of Porto Alegre will take place along with the 1st Anarchist Video Screening in the city. On this fourth occasion of the fair, we once again invite all interested persons and collectives to engage themselves in the event, bring their material and participate in the organization, with the aim of strengthening and spreading anarchist practices and ideas.

In times of storm in which revolt took to the streets, strong gusts of actions and ideas can disrupt normalcy. These spaces are increasingly important for the sharing of materials such as books, films and zines, and carrying out interventions, workshops and discussions. It’s time to continue feeding the libertarian ideals, clearly defined by the values of freedom, solidarity, self-management, mutuality and autonomy.

We invite everyone to get to know anarchist ideas and the various different fronts of anarchist activity, in a struggle to overcome prejudices and forms of alienation that are disseminated by means of mass distraction.

To propose activities for the bookfair, or to submit your material for the film exhibition, please contact us via email, flapoa(at)libertar.se, or through we.riseup.net (group 4flapoa). As a practical matter, those interested to send their proposals should mail us until the 20th of October 2013.

Check this site for updates in Portuguese (the exact location of the 4th Anarchist Bookfair in Porto Alegre will be confirmed very soon).

For our lives! Health and anarchy!

Switzerland: Mural in Zurich

The mural reads:

“We are growing old among men and women without dreams, strangers in a present time which leaves us no room for outbursts of generosity. The best this society can offer us (a career, a reputation, a sudden, big win, ‘love’) simply doesn’t interest us. Giving orders disgusts us just as much as obedience. What we are and what we want begins with a no. We are exploited like everyone else and want to put an end to exploitation right away. For us, revolt needs no other justification. Our life is escaping us, and any class discourse that fails to start from this is simply a lie. Revolt needs everything—papers and books, arms and explosives, reflection and blasphemy, poisons, daggers and arsons. The only interesting question is how to combine them.”


On the night of blah blah blah to blah blah blah, we sprayed the blurb for the text at daggers drawn on a wall in a park in Zurich.

Sometimes one does not necessarily need a poster to convey long-form content.

Against the construction of the new police and justice centre (PJZ) in Zurich!

For a world without authority and prisons!

In German. Related references: i, ii, ii.

Brazil: Introduction to Black Bloc

For those who do not understand why black bloc activists use militant tactics to destroy the property of corporations: black bloc activists are not protesters! They are not out there to protest! They are out there to carry out direct action against symbols and mechanisms of oppression. Their actions are aimed at causing material damage against oppressive institutions.

However, even more importantly, they act with performative intent so as to illustrate dramatically that people have the power even when they’re faced with the overwhelming force of a police state; that corporations and institutions are not as powerful as they would like to convince us, and when they try to deter us it’s really in our hands to resist.

Since they insist on attacking us, let us challenge authority and subvert the order and the laws. This does not mean that we should abandon ethics, humanity, or quit supporting one another. These are vital lessons that people should remember now more than ever. The police blatantly disregard the rights of human beings. To them, people are only a docile mass, easily controlled and manipulated.

Most would agree that those in Power should fear the people, and apparently they have lost this healthy fear; thus militant activism is the effort to keep this threat alive—because conducting sit-ins and waving placards never will.

The more we forget we hold the power to rebel against anyone who tries to dominate us, the more they dominate us.

translation demon update: adapted from portuguese | english original text here

Hamburg: Attack on ThyssenKrupp company in solidarity with imprisoned comrades Sonja and Sibylle in Germany, and with the revolt in Turkey

Summer for Sonja and Sibylle!

The night from the 31st July to the 1st August the building of the ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG in Hamburg was attacked. The entrance windows and doors were smashed and around two dozen bottles were thrown at the building to mark it. The street in front of the building was blocked by burning barricades.

ThyssenKrupp is one of the biggest companies producing war machines. They deliver to armies all over the world.

The attack was in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades Sonja and Sibylle, who took a non-compromising stand against the State and its justice. Sonja is accused of attacks and participation in the “Revolutionäre Zellen”/Revolutionary Cells (RZ) in the 70s. Sibylle is imprisoned for her non-cooperation with justice. The trial is still going on.

Also the attack was dedicated to the June revolt in Turkey. Militant greetings to Istanbul, Ankara, Amed, Eskisehir, … to all the prosecuted and imprisoned rebels and in remembrance of the killed.

German communiqué / More info: a, b, c

Turkey: Police crackdown and mass detentions in İstanbul

In the early hours of July 16th, 2013 police raided 100 different places in İstanbul.

At around 5.30am, police stormed many houses simultaneously. According to initial reports, 12 members of Öğrenci Kolektifleri (Students’ Collective) and Liseli Genç Umut (Highschool Young Hope) were detained. 26 persons in the district of Sancaktepe were detained, including readers of magazines such as Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) and Devrimci Demokrasi (Revolutionary Democracy), and members of AKA-DER (Anatolian Cultural and Research Foundation) and HKP (People’s Liberation Party). It’s being reported that managers’ and members’ houses of the TGB (Turkey Youth Union) were also searched. Lawyers informed that the State took the decision of house searches and arrest of 60 people for a 72-hour period (including members of Halkevleri, Öğrenci Kolektifleri, Özgür Gelecek, Devrimci Demokrasi, Aka-Der, HKP and TGB). 56 people are accused for encouraging people to revolt and damaging public property. The case file was classified as confidential, so people still in custody (30 so far) are not allowed to speak with their lawyers for 24 hours. Cops also decided to take saliva samples of detainees.

Few aspects of the ongoing struggle on the streets of Brazil

Finally the Brazilian metropolises are living the moments that they haven’t seen since long ago. Since the beginning of June 2013, hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of dozens of cities in the context of a struggle against a fare hike for public transit, as well as the devastating consequences of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

The protests did not just emerge spontaneously, but are the fruit of a struggle that is nearly ten years old, from the massive demonstrations by the student movement against the fare hike in the bus system in the city of Salvador (in Bahia) in August and September of 2003 (also known as the Buzu Revolt) and the June 2004 protests, with the same goals, in the city of Florianópolis (known as the Tourniquet Revolt).

These 21st century revolts also have historical antecedents, assembled in the end of the 19th century with the popular revolt in Rio de Janeiro between 1879 and 1880 (the Vintém Revolt), when mules still powered the streetcars, or the Boats Revolt that took place on May 22nd, 1959, when the populace burned down buildings attached to the locks that allowed boats passage in the city of Niterói in Rio de Janeiro state, or the student strike of Fall 1979 in the city of São Luís (Maranhão state), which won a 50% reduction in tuition for the students.

This year’s protests confronted police repression from the beginning and, little by little, month by month, they multiplied and intensified, up to the explosion of the last few weeks. Continue reading Few aspects of the ongoing struggle on the streets of Brazil

Berlin: Kreuzberg salutes the people revolting in Turkey

Everyday for the last two weeks people have taken to the streets of Berlin to show their solidarity with the ongoing struggle in Turkey. On the evening of June 7th a short and wild demonstration took place in the centre of the Kreuzberg neighbourhood, when around 50 people marched towards Kottbusser Tor, shouting slogans and lightening fireworks.

Traffic was blocked in every direction by material pulled into the street from construction sites. The cops, who were at that moment attempting a drug raid in Kottbusser Tor, were attacked with stones and firebombs. After this action the mob dispersed.

Before the demonstrators reached Kottbusser Tor, leaflets were spread in the surrounding area. The text was written in Turkish and German and circulated some days before Friday’s action. Additionally banners were hung reading “Berlin salutes Istanbul – For social revolt worldwide” and “Özgürlük için omuz omuza / Side by side towards freedom!” As the newspapers reported, two people were arrested by the cops and released the next day. We lend our solidarity to them as well, as they are facing the repression of the police and the judicial system.

We will be back: when, where, and how we chose. We take part in demos and actions, and show the rebels that in Berlin too we fight at their side!

Our thoughts are with the families, friends and comrades of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş (İstanbul), Abdullah Cömert (Antakya) and Ethem Sarısülük (Ankara), all killed during the revolt.

Freedom for the prisoners! Shoulder to shoulder towards freedom!

The leaflet that was handed out:

Solidarity with the Rebels!

People storm the streets, barricades are built, cars are set on fire, and everything that’s not nailed down flies in the direction of the police. The sky is clouded by teargas, and a shout for freedom makes its way through the dust.

The planned destruction of one of the last green spaces in Istanbul, in order to replace it with a shopping mall, was the spark that brought thousands of people onto the streets in order to resist. In the meantime, the revolt spread across the country like wildfire.

No matter how different the motivations of everyone involved may be, they burst through the existent, and in doing so, open new spaces of self-organization, solidarity and controversy.

All these things are a rare occurrence in this world. Between school, work, paying rent, keeping a family feed and so on, it often seems as if there is no time to take issue with the destruction of our environment. We approve that all over the wold there are still those who, despite it all, still do something. As has been shown, the small fights of daily life can be the trigger of a general uprising.

We see the smoke signals from the cities and in them we recognize the struggles we fight here: against displacement, degradation, and police violence. Therefore we call for solidarity with the insurgents, so that those on the Bosporus can also see that they are not alone!

Shoulder to shoulder towards freedom! (A)

Fault line of Istanbul – Insurrection notes from Taksim

Actually it was NOT totally unpredictable, but we somehow couldn’t see it was coming. What have people of Turkey being doing until this revolt? Students have beaten up the teachers who gave them grades lower than they deserved. People stabbed doctors who neglected their loved ones. They shot sergeants to run away, and deserted obligatory military service. They crashed police stations and beaten up abusive police officers. After courts gave their verdict, people gave a taste of their own verdict at the hallways of courts. Women brought their own justice to their violators. They committed suicides under the pressure of big exams, credit card debts…



Insurrection of individuals and revolutionary groups finally touched each other and got connected in Gezi Park Resistance (as of May 29 to date). So, we wanted to share some of our observations from behind the barricades with you:

• Roads were blocked, trunks and back seats are checked to see if they secretly sneak gas bombs to police. Because police used ambulances to sneak bombs, people carefully searched them; people stoned fire trucks because they were observed to be carrying water for the water cannons that put out fire barricades.

• ID checks for those who were suspected to be undercover police.

• CCTVs and cameras were dismantled and damaged.

• More than 40 outstanding barricades were set. Pavement stones, billboards, traffic signs, trash cans, whatever is in hand and lying around, were used.

• Banks, ATMs, billboards and bus stop advertisements were destroyed.

• Police containers and police cars were set on fire, OR used for the benefit of public. Continue reading Fault line of Istanbul – Insurrection notes from Taksim

$hile: Greetings from Santiago to the rebels in Turkey

This evening (14/6), at around 6pm, we held a rally in front of the Turkish Embassy. The banner displayed read: “For the expansion of Revolt. Dayanışma bir silahtır – Solidarity is a weapon.” Flyers were distributed with the following text:

Santiago’dan Türkiye’deki isyancılara selam

Fourteen days ago in Istanbul a social crisis exploded, caused by the construction of a shopping centre on top of the last park in the city. After brutal repressive measures were taken against the peaceful movement that opposed the construction of this emblem of capitalism, thousands of people have taken to the streets to both support that movement and take back the park from the hands of the police.

As the days went by, the situation intensified. Night after night the city has been taken over by protesters who have resisted constant police attacks. On the 3rd and 4th days, this repression took the lives of 4 people: all shot by the police, all clearly visible on video. The country’s president gave a speech where he accused the protesters of being terrorists.

As days passed, following the deaths of members of the resistance at Taksim Square, the main square of Istanbul, social tension began to grow, this time spreading through Turkey’s major cities, where the goal was converted from stopping the construction of a shopping centre, to the resignation both president and prime minister of Turkey. Meanwhile those on the streets lived a totally different reality than which was shown on television. The most despicable moment occurred when CNN-Turkey cut short the live transmission from downtown Istanbul during the heaviest moments of the street clashes in order to show a documentary about penguins.

Thousands of people have been arrested, thousands are wounded, and the number of victims is more than 4; the government is hiding the real number of those killed by the cops.

Anarchist comrades are an active part of the demonstrations, and they, as well the courage of all of those who riot, provide us with bravery to continue what we choose to call the struggle for freedom. Therefore we extend our immediate solidarity to all combatants who fight for freedom.

Down with nations and long live anarchy!
Dayanışma bir silahtır / Solidarity is a weapon.

Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

This is a revolt

Urban transformation projects have long been threatening living spaces of Istanbul residents. First slum demolitions, and then 63 million square meters of forests to be pillaged for the third bridge, shopping malls built one after another, luxury hotels, and while the pedestrianization project continued, next was Gezi Park. Istanbul residents continued to resist all of these projects that threatened life. Until excavators came to Gezi Park and uprooted the trees; until ‘a handful of marginals’ that claimed the trees and their shadows and said ‘Do not uproot trees, do not build a shopping mall into Gezi Park.’ This demonstration was introduced as an ‘ecological and peaceful’ action; until the police unleashed an early morning operation and smothered the park area with gas. The State must have ‘a lot’ to profit since they’re trying to bring this peaceful protest down as hard as they can. Police violence was climbing up in the last few months, and protesters were unexpectedly exposed to it. Deputies of opposition parties and artists came to Gezi Park to protest this and to support resisters, but they also had their share of state terror.

In the first day of demolition, the State could not get what they wanted because of this situation. Protesters stayed in Gezi Park for the night. It’s unknown if they were expecting an attack the next morning, but all protesters were thrown out of the park during the police raid at dawn. The police burned protesters’ tents, blankets and belongings. The videos of protesters exposed to continuous tear gas bombs and violently taken in custody invoked rage in everyone who watched.

Of course, this rage was not a rage for a single demonstration. This rage had been accumulated; accumulated because of the increasing police violence.

It was the attacks with gas bombs, batons and firearms that created this rage. It was the forbidden May 1st, the assault on Dilan Alp, and the deaths of Şerzan Krut, Metin Lokumcu, Aydin Erdem… What created this rage were more than a couple of days. It was the ever-increasing oppression, restrictions, censorship, economic exploitation… What created this rage was the State exercising its power on the people recklessly, relentlessly and without questioning legitimacy.

Those who ascribe ‘People’s Uprising’ as a form of post-modern action should take clear-eyed look at this fact. People came to the streets spontaneously because they felt the social, political and economic oppression heavily. The events are neither about tackling few days’ issues as the blind-deaf mainstream media say, nor are influenced by ‘marginal’ groups as the heads of state power claim.

It is time to raise the curtain thrown over the eyes. This is a revolt. It is the response of people against state terrorism, police violence and capitalist exploitation. This is the end of legitimacy of the new state power that had gained the love of other States, international institutions and global corporations. Continue reading Turkey: This is just the beginning; fight on

Uruguay: Solidarity demo at the Greek embassy in Montevideo

Freedom for the prisoners of Capital! Revenge! For the revolt in Greece and the whole world!

Long live the revolt...
Long live the revolt in Greece…
… freedom for anarchist prisoners from Greece to the whole world!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

In the framework of the international campaign in solidarity with anti-authoritarian struggle in Greek territory, we called a demonstration in front of the embassy in Montevideo as a gesture of complicity with our comrades who have been fighting to subvert this order of misery for years.

Recently, the repressive forces of the State and fascist groups have ratcheted up their constant instigation against anarchist and anti-capitalist groups. The eviction of autonomous-social spaces and detention of their members, the persecution and imprisonment of comrades for acts of sabotage and expropriation, and the repression of everyone who takes an active position within struggles are all part of a repression wave emanating from a system of domination that does not allow itself to be questioned.

We understand that these repressive events are not isolated or confined to a particular context, but rather repeated in every space where the power of the State is threatened. This recipe is used worldwide in efforts to maintain relations of domination and exploitation.

We defend anti-authoritarian struggle and its methods, towards a rupture with the suffocating reality that we are also living here. We do not forget those who, this very moment, are imprisoned, prosecuted or on the run.

Proclamation read at the embassy of Greece:

Once more, we are here at the Greek embassy to express our solidarity with imprisoned comrades in struggle against Capital. Repression against anarchists is the common currency these days. Dozens of comrades are incarcerated as part of a confrontation between those who attempt to put the brakes on this system of oppression and those who hold power.

These days, fascism is on the rise throughout Europe, principally in Greece, where the Nazi party of Golden Dawn is represented in parliament. With this example we see once again that, whoever governs, repression will always be the same. Democracy, just as much as a de facto government is the perfect nest in which future fascist chicks are hatched and raised.

At this moment, repression is not limited to the Greek anarchist movement. Repression is also directed against the organizations of the so-called popular sector.

As a result, repression targets students, direct-action unions, environmental activists, and the Greek squatters’ movement, which, despite suffering fierce repression, grows day by day.

Governments have set repression as a norm, and we do not differentiate between leftist and right-wing governments. In Argentina repression targets those who take and loot supermarkets. In Uruguay the broad-front Left locks up all individuals who oppose the interests of the government. In Brazil thousands are evicted from favelas ahead of the upcoming Olympics. In Peru settlers in the Cajamarca region are shot dead for their opposition to the Conga gold mine project. In Bolivia the growing informal anarchist movement is repressed, and in Mexico political-media scenarios are invented in which anarchist comrades are accused of terrorism. In Chile on one hand repression against anarchists is expanding, but at the same time the offensive against the structures of Capital and repression continues.

These are the reasons why we are here today, to show our solidarity one more time with our comrades in struggle, with those insurrectionary hearts that attack the structures of Capital, and with those who confront the evictions of occupied spaces face to face.

May no imprisoned comrade be forgotten, may every comrade on the run be vindicated as a lover of freedom, and may every squat be a nest of solidarity and action against this asphyxiant world.

Long live the Greek resistance
Active solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrades
Solidarity and action against repression

the blog of the campaign: fightnow.noblogs.org

Greek prisons: Anarchist Andrzej Mazurek, who had been the last prisoner of the December 2008 revolt, was extradited to Poland

Solidarity text by fellow prisoners in Greece

On December 7th, 2012 the last piece of criminal prosecution reserved by the Greek State against the anarchist Andrzej Mazurek was unfolded. Andrzej was arrested in December 2008 for his involvement in the revolt. After four years of incarceration in the Greek prisons, the Greek and Polish authorities have demonstrated remarkable zeal in respective procedures and delivered him to Poland, where he will be held captive as he was found guilty on charges that arose only after his arrest in Athens.

These four years of the comrade’s imprisonment are a practical application of the anti-insurrectional doctrine which the Greek State adopted after the explosive December ’08. The time Andrzej spent in prison was disproportionate in terms of his sentence (which went down to eight years’ imprisonment ever since the ruling of the Court of Appeals) but also compared with the rest of prison sentences that had been imposed and served by participants in the riots. However, this fact also reveals the ardent pursuit of Power to send a clear message both within and outside its territories. Who can ever forget the proclamations of the governmental and journalistic cesspool regarding ‘anarchists who are coming from Europe to destroy Greece,’ statements expressing fear but also a will to crush the international solidarity that had been developed.

Simultaneously, the story of prosecution against Andrzej—which resulted in his extradition by summary procedure—demonstrates the transnational repressive consistency towards the enemy within. At the same time that foreigners remain in some prison or detention centre month after month, awaiting deportation upon the expiry of their sentences, the Polish and Greek authorities have managed to prolong Andrzej’s incarceration following an express procedure. By denying him the first request for conditional release—despite the fact that he had by far completed 2/5 of his sentence—they gnawed at week after week in order to make all necessary steps so that he would not be released from prison even for a single day.

We send him our solidarity and comradely regards to Poland, where he is now a hostage, and repeat his own words:

See you around on the streets, to shatter once again the storefront of social peace…

We cannot leave any comrade alone in the hands of repressive mechanisms


Greek prisons’ inmates:
Babis Tsilianidis, Alexandros Mitroussias, Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Akim Markegai, Vasilis Karandreas, Nikos Evangelou, Panagiotis Koutsopoulos, Nikos Sakkas, Kostas Faltsetas, Elias Karadouman, Marinos Mitsopoulos, Dimitris Giotsas, Charalambos Avramidis, Panagiotis Georgakopoulos, Christos Tsonaros, Yannis Gelitsas, Makis Gerakis, Ergün Mustafa, Michalis Ramadanoglou, Michail Tzoumas, Konstantinos Mamoutis, Vangelis Kalamaras, Panagiotis Hadjigeorgiou, Mitev Georgi, Georgiev Rishi, Angelos Kostopoulos, Spyros Stratoulis, Rami Syrianos

Greek original / related texts in Polish

Austria & Germany: Actions in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos


In Leipzig, a cops’ station was attacked with stones and paints. The communiqué is as follows:

‘During the night from 6.12 to 7.12.12 we attacked with paints and stones the cops’ station which is located in Weißenfelser street in the district of Plagwitz, Leipzig. Thereby we want to remember Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was murdered by cops on 6.12.08 in Exarchia, Athens.

We want to show that there are people in Leipzig who won’t forget any murder by cops nor any victim of repression by the State.

Libertad (A)’

Antifa Mainz unfurled their banner and held a picket in remembrance of Alexandros in front of the local old university, while leaflets were handed out to passersby in the shopping streets of Mainz, arousing some interest and spontaneous discussions.

On the same day comrades carried out another action in Mainz, with a banner raised to commemorate the state murder in Exarchia. The comrades’ communiqué reads among others: ‘Today, four years after the beginning of the uprising, demonstrations, riots and occupations took place once again, in remembrance of the death of Alexis. Also here, in Germany. Also in Mainz. We feel the same anger against the system as our comrades in Greece, Spain, Italy… and our thoughts and actions unite with them. With this action we make a small contribution of worldwide solidarity for the struggle of social revolts.’


In Hamburg, a solidarity banner was also raised: ‘Alexis; this was murder – Resistance in every place’.

Comrades from Vienna, Austria, put up a banner at the squat Pizzeria Anarchia, in order to send their own message:

To remember means to revolt.

summary in Greek

Murcia, Spain: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks on ATMs

On Sunday May 6th, at dawn, we sabotaged ATMs of various banks, like the Banco Santander (well-known for financing the arms industry). On that same night, the precarious and passive youth was spending its time drinking and dancing in the very same city where its ATM-temples were set on fire. We despise the fact that thousands of young people attended a festival like the SOS 4.8, which has been financed by the corrupt Counselor of Culture and sponsored by multinational enterprises.

While the slaves try to avoid looking an uncertain future straight in the eyes, we are organizing ourselves; every night we raise in numbers, as also do their threats and fear each time. We know that we are ungovernable, and that they will not manage to silent us. Those that burn the ATMs are the same that organize themselves in squats, that speak out in the assemblies, and question the authorities’ orders.

Finally, we wrote some slogans on the city’s walls, such as SOÑAMOS, NO MATÉIS NUESTROS SUEÑOS (We dream; don’t kill our dreams), and the names of many comrades who died fighting and thinking (Patricia Heras, Lambros Foundas, Salvador Puig Antich, Alexis Grigoropoulos, and others).

There is no better homage than to keep the fight going.
For the intensification of the revolt.


source: vozcomoarma

Hamburg, Germany: Solidarity with the revolting people in Greece

The crisis is the fucking system!

In Greece, people struggle against the direct results of decisions made by German and other European politicians above their and our heads. The anti-Greece-propaganda of the German Press is disgusting to us.

Our solidarity goes out to those in strike and struggle, who are imprisoned and see themselves confronted with repression. Also, we send solidarity to the Greek revolutionaries of the urban guerrilla group ‘Revolutionary Struggle’, who are confronted with the courts for their ideas and struggles.

During the nights of February, 27th and 28th, we attacked six banks in Hamburg. It’s a small, but clear sign to attack banks in Germoney; for example, we were inspired by an action of solidarity in Bielefeld, and we hope that a lot of people will do the same and send solidarity to the revolting people in Greece and rage and stones against the banks and their system.

May a lot of people get to the streets in Frankfurt and everywhere on March 31st and any other time!

For a hot summer! Freedom!

Greece: On a journey that hasn’t ended yet – Polys Georgiadis

Polykarpos (Polys) Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis are two comrades imprisoned since August 2008, accused of accomplice in the kidnapping for ransom of the president (at the time) of northern Greece’s industrialist union Giorgos Mylonas in Thessaloniki by Vassilis Palaiokostas, a prison escapee and widely popular bandit, since “he has never hurt anyone’s life” and used banditry only against thieves such as industrialists, banks, etc. The two comrades refuse any participation in the abduction, but state their solidarity and defend their relationship with the fugitive Palaiokostas, who is accused for the same case. In February 2010, Polys and Vaggelis were sentenced in the first degree to 22 years, based on the testimony of a police-cooperating arrestee. Despite all witnesses failed to recognize or describe them properly during the trial, both are currently serving prison time. Their appeal will be examined in Thessaloniki on February 14th, 2012.

On a journey that hasn’t ended yet – Polys Georgiadis

A few more words on Mylonas’ kidnapping case in view of the upcoming (14-2/2012) Court of Appeals

“Of course I, too, condemn the act through which a man violently and through ruse takes possession of the fruits of someone else’s labor. But it’s precisely because of this that I made war on the rich, thieves of the goods of the poor. I too want to live in a society from which theft is banished. I do not approve of theft. I only used it as the means of revolt most appropriate for combating the most unjust of all thefts: private property.

[…] The struggle will only end when people will put their joys and suffering in common, their labors and their riches… when all will belong to everyone.”

Marius Jacob, anarchist communist, member of the illegalist proletarian group “Night Workers” [Les Travailleurs de la nuit]

When one early-2007 day I received a call from an old friend, asking for my help to hide from the state watchdogs that were after him, I didn’t need to think twice to accept and unconditionally offer to help him. I was fully aware of the risks that came with my decision. For me, my solidarity with Vassilis Palaiokostas was not stemming from the apotheosis of an illegal fetishism, but fulfilled concrete elements of my anti-authoritarian world-view. Continue reading Greece: On a journey that hasn’t ended yet – Polys Georgiadis

Greece: Update on the case of anarchist André Mazurek, prisoner of the December ’08 uprising

Three years later…

Three years after his arrest, the anarchist André Mazurek [of Polish origin] continues to be held in the prisons of the Greek State. The comrade was arrested on December 9th, 2008, in Canningos Square [downtown Athens] during the clashes that followed the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the cops-assassins Korkoneas and Saraliotis.

In a subsequent trial, André was sentenced to 7 years’ incarceration and 4,5 years’ imprisonment for various offenses [misdemeanors and felonies], of which the most serious were possession and use of explosives (Molotov cocktails) and serial attempted homicide of police officers, although nothing incriminating was found on him during his arrest.

What played important role in this turn of events was the fact that the comrade knew no Greek except the fine slogan ‘batsi, gourounia, dolofoni (cops, pigs, murderers)’, so he was convicted without even being aware of the charges or able to defend himself properly. The interpreters from the embassy of Poland, who came in the police headquarters in Athens only after André was beaten and interrogated, were in full alignment with the Greek authorities; thus, knowing in advance the political identity of André, they translated other than what they heard. The same exact practice was repeated in his trial too.

At the moment, André is the only one captive by the state from the revolt of December 2008, while the murderer Vasilis Saraliotis was recently released from prison with the blessings of the Greek justice.

Once again it’s proven that anyone who does not bow his/her head, and fights against the state brutality, is tortured and imprisoned, either with or without evidence. At the moment, André Mazurek is held in the 2nd wing of Larissa prison (in central Greece). The June 11th, 2012, has been set as the day that the Court of Appeals will review his application. There, he will have to face ten cops as prosecution witnesses instead of the two cops who appeared in the first trial. André is also facing possible extradition after serving his prison sentence, as the Polish authorities have already made him their target.

PS. This text was written because we wish to inform comrades on André’s situation and, from inside of prison, make his case one more bet of the fighters inside and outside the walls.

The fellow inmates of André Mazurek
Spyros Stratoulis
Dan Carabulea
Giorgos Karagiannidis
Yannis Gelitsas
Olivio Tzetzeskou
Tasos Boyannis
Elias Karadouman

source: athens.indymedia.org

$hile: Cops raided squats in Valparaíso and Santiago

On Tuesday afternoon, August 23rd, heavy police forces raided TIAO squat (Independent Arts and Crafts Workshop) located at Yungay Street in Valparaíso. TIAO squat has been a hub for autonomous and self-organized projects for the last five years.

Cops fully armed broke the metal doors and the windows and invaded the building causing extensive damages, also to part of the squat’s infrastructure. During the attack, the executioners of the Chilean State handcuffed the comrades who were inside the squat at gunpoint while the crime lab unit was screening the space. In the meantime, strong police forces with water cannons and armoured tear gas vehicles were outside, while patrol and traffic police forces had sealed the surrounding streets making it impossible for people to approach in solidarity.

The police operation lasted for over an hour; the cops invaded without presence of a prosecutor, and the address written on the investigation order didn’t correspond to the actual one. As in most places of the ‘civilized world,’ the repressive mechanisms in $hile do not bother to follow legitimate procedures when it comes to intimidating those who resist and fight against parliamentary democracy and capitalism.

On the same day another cultural squat was also raided in the university district of Santiago. As in the case of TIAO squat, the police went in search of materials used for Molotov cocktails, but in both cases did not find anything related.

These attacks on free social centers remind us of the excessive police operations and the ‘caso bombas‘ frame up one year ago. They took place just a few hours before the 48hour general strike (August 24th-25th), in an attempt to disable the radical social movement that seeks the total overthrow of the regime.

We do not forget our brothers and sisters
who fight against the State and the Capital!


source: liberaciontotal.lahaine.org