Mexico City: Letter of prisoner Mario González, on hunger strike since October 8th, 2013

To all the ungovernable in the world
To all solidarity organizations
To free media
To the people in general

I have maintained a hunger strike for 51 days, and first I want to thank all those who have shown solidarity in various different ways with the struggle for my freedom. Today, from my isolated room in the Tepepan hospital, I can listen to them shouting slogans for my freedom. Their presence is feeding me and filling me with strength.

On the 26th of November, the judge re-suspended my hearing; it’s obvious that she does not care about my health, and only wants to keep me locked up (although she has no evidence to do so) and let me die here, but that will not be so easy, because all our efforts cannot pass unnoticed, and whether they like it or not, sooner or later we will achieve my release.

The poor minds of officials and politicians cannot even believe that we give our lives for a dream; they think they’re gods supported by their law that restrains our freedom; they want to punish the incorruptible, the incorrigible who will never accept their game, or their rules, or their crumbs.

I am confident that we will soon see each other on the streets; I know I’ll get out of here.

“The revolt continues; there is no turning back from this path!”

Mario González
November 28th, 2013